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Urdu (Reading and Writing) assignment tutors

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Sayed Rafatswalehati image

Assalamualaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu. My name is Sayed Rafat swalehati Hope you are doing well, I'm from India. I am a teacher of Arabic language and tajweed rules for native and non-native speakers.I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in teaching specialist Arabic language and Islamic studies from Jamea tus swalehat University of...

Sabra Anjum image

My name is Sabra Anjum. I am an alimah.I have completed my Quran madarsa Khadijatul lil banat and I have completed my graduation from it “I believe a strong foundation creates a significant impact in a student’s journey to learn Islam and it is a journey that is like none other than an explorer whose journey never ends” Mrs Sabra Anjum...

Muhammad Nadeem Noor image

Hi, Dr Nadeem here, graduate of King Edward Medical University Lahore, the highest merit institution in Pakistan, passed USMLE step 1and preparing for step 2. I am available for online tutoring for both step 1 and 2. I have distinctions in various subjects and have a gold medal, 2nd position in SSC, 4th position in FSc in all over...

Imtiaz Ali image

HI, i am Imtiaz Ali, CCNA & CCNP,MCSA.MCSE and IELTS certified and have done MSC computer Sci from UK, working as Network Engineer, having working/Teaching,Computer,Networking,CCNA,CCNP,MCSE,English and IELTS experience about 7 years.  Free DEMO on this before starting any course.  FREE Exam preparations  One time FREE Course Revision...

Mohammad Sadiq image

" In Learning You Will Teach, And In Teaching You Will Learn." Asslamu Alaikum! I am Mufti Mohammad Sadiq from Delhi, India. My Qualifications : ➡️Hifz : (From Delhi) ➡️Aalmiyat : ( From Nadwa Tul Ulama Lko ) ➡️Ifta. : ( From Nadwa Tul Ulama Lko) ➡️Graduation : ( From Lucknow University) ➡️D.El.Ed : ( From Jamia Millia Islamia...

Mohammad Shadab Hasan image

I have two years of teaching experience and still I'm learning to be better version of myself and I hope you guys get best of me coz i'm trying my best to elaborate things.. And you guys can know best about me by contacting me.... I teach in easy manner that everybody can relate and understand well. It's important for me to take care about every...

Fatima image

Being a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator, I, Fatima Amir ( M.Phil. English Literature ), am here to offer my expertise as an online tutor with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child/student. I have a vast teaching experience at school, college and at university level. My...

I am online teacher۔I teach English language and urdu۔I aso teach the Holy Quran۔I am punctual in my work۔I take regular online classes۔ I am friendly with students۔I take reasonable fee۔I also teach education subjects ۔I have 8 years experience in online teaching۔I take regular classes in 7 days۔whenever I miss my class I take extra classes to...

Kaleemuddin image

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh I hope you are well. I'm kaleemuddin, an Aalim. Graduated from DarulUloom Deoband in the year of 2018. alhamdulillah I've good teaching experience, Using easy ways for understanding. Teaching is my hobby. want to share my knowledge with others۔ Our prophet Mohammed ﷺ Said that خَيْرُكُمْ...

Molana Maroof image

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته Myself Molana Qari Mohammad Maroof I'm Hafiz and Qari, I have the Ijazah of tajweed o Qiraat from Asia,s most popular islamic University Jamia Darul Uloom Deoband india. I have learned tajweed Rules and Recitation from india,s best teachers Alhamdulillah. I am very passionate to teach Quran, Arabic and tajweed. I...

I am very hard work teacher . I have a capability to make difficult questions easy .I want to give my 100% to students. You will find me much you thought inshallah . I can teach Arabic, English,usool e fiqh, Quran,Tarjama e Quran as I mentioned earlier. I will teach these things from authentic books .you can ask questions about what we learn via...

Md Muntazir Alam Nadvi image

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. Myself Mohd Muntazir Alam Nadwi. I am Hafiz e Quran, Aalim, Graduate in Arabic. Iam having B. Ed degree. Iam a good teacher and expert in Hifz, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Hadith and language translation(Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and English) and I have 3 years experience in teaching. I can teach students by...

Syeda Khadija image

"The best among you (Muslim) are those who learn the quran and teach it." I have been teaching online Quran for 4 years..My teaching style is very different and untraditional. My timing and packages are very flexible. Students will definitely enjoy learning with me. The result of my teaching is in a short time students will able to read next...

I teach Quran online. I have Aalima degree from Jamia Al Furqan with principles of Tajweed I am experienced in one-on-one tutoring and group instruction. Committed to professional ethics, standards of practice and the care and education of young children. 6 years experience in teaching natural sciences, quran, social, arabic, urdu. I am...

Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa brakatuh. I hope you are well. I'm Mohd Ibraheem. I did Alimat, Fazilat and Tajweed w Qirat from Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama Lucknow. And I did graduation from Aligarh Muslim University and post graduation from Lucknow University. I've been teaching online and offline for five years. I teach The Quran with...

Online Teacher: Graded student work, and maintained daily contact with students and parents via email, phone, or web cam • Maintained current and accurate records of students' grades, attendance, and course placement. • Determined course placement for students based on courses completed and academic performance and...

Mujeeb Sir image

. Mathematics And physics . High school level maths . Jr college level physics . Problem solving method . Tutored class 1 to 12 .worked as a private tutor for student staying a variety of maths and science courses and standardized maths and science exam . Tutored High school level mathematic ( Algebra, Geometry) and physics ....

Dear students myself Nadiya khan .I have completed my aalmiyat degree from the famous University of Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama and I also hold degree of MA from Maulana Azad National Urdu University..I am keen interest in teaching...I have teaching experience of 6+ years ..my major language are Urdu ( reading and writing)and parsian and I am...

Pervaz Akhtar image

As.salam-o-alaikum. My name is Pervaz Akhtar from Punjab, Pakistan. My opinion is, A good teacher is one who is educated as well as highly trained, recognizes the strengths and achievements of the students and to whom the students express their sincere ideas. A teacher with a compassionate heart who stays in the background but presents his...

Amina Gull image

I can work and teach online by engaging my students through activities and fun so that my students don't get bored and enjoy learning new things. I've 6 years of teaching experience at school and 2 years of online teaching. I have good teaching skills as I can teach English, History, Islamic studies,Urdu reading and writing and Arabic reading with...

Write Urdu | Online Urdu editor - Write Urdu in English - Urdu typing online

Write Urdu online

Best online english to urdu typing tool.

Online Quran Classes

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assignment writing in urdu writing

assignment writing in urdu writing

assignment writing in urdu writing

assignment writing in urdu writing

assignment writing in urdu writing

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Aasan Urdu Writing Nastaleeq Book 1,2,3

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1.2 Billion Surnames and Passwords: The New Target for Hackers

1.2 Billion Surnames and Passwords: The New Target for Hackers

Cybercafé is on the rise. As companies try to protect their customers PI, criminals are trying to get it. Phenomenon Institute did a survey of how the information was affecting larger companies. Unfortunately the hackers are using the information to ruin their credit. Russian hackers obtained 1. 2 billion surnames and passwords. Well the best remedy would be to use cash for everything and keep off of databases.

It is easier said than done. As long as there is information available, for hackers to steal, then they will attempt to obtain it. Financial information especially has the hackers’ attention. The reason it is so appealing, especially a large corporation, there is an abundant of funds available. Not only is the information available, but they have gotten good at finding it. By the time it is noticeable that monies are being spent on the account, they move to another one. That is why financial information is so valuable to organized crime.

They an extort an exuberant amount of money not from one account, but also offer the information up for sale. If the people would not have so much information available, there would not be a market for it. The private information that should remain private is easily obtained. Therefore making it seem acceptable to organized crime to profit from it. They have graduated from other vicious crimes, like murder, to embezzling money from unsuspecting victims.

This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly . Don’t submit it as your own as it will be considered plagiarism.

Choose skilled expert on your subject and get original paper with free plagiarism report

1.2 Billion Surnames and Passwords: The New Target for Hackers. (2018, Jul 04). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/assignment-writing-tips-in-urdu/

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assignment writing in urdu writing

Hi, my name is Amy 👋

In case you can't find a relevant example, our professional writers are ready to help you write a unique paper. Just talk to our smart assistant Amy and she'll connect you with the best match.

How To Write Urdu In MS Word

Details about How To Write Urdu In MS Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 are given here. With the latest enhancement in technology, Microsoft Word has also introduced an Urdu typing feature for its users. Most people find it difficult to write in the Inpage Urdu and find another way to type Urdu without using Inpage. For all those and many others, we have brought here all the procedures by which you can write Urdu in your MS Office. This will help you to write Urdu easily in MS Word if you follow the following simple steps to write Urdu in your MS Office and especially in your Docx documents. All the procedure to how to write Urdu in MS word for all the versions of the office is available here on this page.

How To Write Urdu In MS Word 2007, 2010, 2013

This will make you enable to create your assignments, presentations, and the document that takes hours in just a few minutes in the Urdu language. All the details of writing Urdu in MS Word are available down to this.

Procedure Write Urdu In MS Word 2007, 2010, 2013:

Download Urdu Phonetic

Also Get: How to Write Urdu In Photoshop

So this is the answer to your question How To Write Urdu In MS Word 2007, 2010, 2013. Now hope your MS word is writing in Urdu also and you will acquire with this procedure. If you are using Word 2013 then you can also check how to write Urdu in MS Word 2013. So, that’s all. Give your feedback in the comment box.

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About the author, one response.

Hi i am using a design application and wanted to suggest them that they should support urdu language as well. I uploaded ttf urdu fonts and tried to type but text does not appear although they already are supporting right to left languages, what should i suggest them.

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Urdu Keyboard - اردو کی بورڈ

Click or type it... copy it... and paste it... done.

Select All Copy Undo Redo Clear All Save Text - + Send Email Tweet in Urdu Google in Urdu Google Translate

This Urdu Keyboard enables you to easily type Urdu online without installing Urdu keyboard . You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Urdu letters with this online keyboard.

Pressing Esc on the Urdu keyboard layout will toggle the mouse input between virtual QWERTY keyboard and virtual Urdu keyboard. The key will also turn on/off your keyboard input conversion. Pressing Esc on your keyboard has the same function.

Press Shift for additional Urdu letters that are not visible on the keyboard.

For mobile phones and tablets, touch and hold inside the text area to copy the text. You can then paste the text in any app such as Facebook, Twitter, email, or search app.


Written assignment meanings in Urdu

Written assignment meanings in Urdu is تحریری اسائنمنٹ Written assignment in Urdu. More meanings of written assignment, it's definitions, example sentences, related words, idioms and quotations.


Written assignment Definitions

Please find 1 English and definitions related to the word Written assignment.

Next to Written assignment Written communication ”
Previous to Written assignment Written agreement ”

What are the meanings of Written assignment in Urdu?

Meanings of the word Written assignment in Urdu are . To understand how would you translate the word Written assignment in Urdu, you can take help from words closely related to Written assignment or it’s Urdu translations. Some of these words can also be considered Written assignment synonyms. In case you want even more details, you can also consider checking out all of the definitions of the word Written assignment. If there is a match we also include idioms & quotations that either use this word or its translations in them or use any of the related words in English or Urdu translations. These idioms or quotations can also be taken as a literary example of how to use Written assignment in a sentence. If you have trouble reading in Urdu we have also provided these meanings in Roman Urdu.

We have tried our level best to provide you as much detail on how to say Written assignment in Urdu as possible so you could understand its correct English to Urdu translation. We encourage everyone to contribute in adding more meanings to MeaningIn Dictionary by adding English to Urdu translations, Urdu to Roman Urdu transliterations and Urdu to English Translations. This will improve our English to Urdu Dictionary, Urdu to English dictionary, English to Urdu Idioms translation and Urdu to English Idioms translations. Although we have added all of the meanings of Written assignment with utmost care but there could be human errors in the translation. So if you encounter any problem in our translation service please feel free to correct it at the spot. All you have to do is to click here and submit your correction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you mean by written assignment.

تحریری اسائنمنٹ

Whats the definition of written assignment?

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assignment writing in urdu writing

Common Writing Assignments

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These OWL resources will help you understand and complete specific types of writing assignments, such as annotated bibliographies, book reports, and research papers. This section also includes resources on writing academic proposals for conference presentations, journal articles, and books.

Understanding Writing Assignments

This resource describes some steps you can take to better understand the requirements of your writing assignments. This resource works for either in-class, teacher-led discussion or for personal use.

Argument Papers

This resource outlines the generally accepted structure for introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions in an academic argument paper. Keep in mind that this resource contains guidelines and not strict rules about organization. Your structure needs to be flexible enough to meet the requirements of your purpose and audience.

Research Papers

This handout provides detailed information about how to write research papers including discussing research papers as a genre, choosing topics, and finding sources.

Exploratory Papers

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This handout provides suggestions and examples for writing definitions.

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While most OWL resources recommend a longer writing process (start early, revise often, conduct thorough research, etc.), sometimes you just have to write quickly in test situations. However, these exam essays can be no less important pieces of writing than research papers because they can influence final grades for courses, and/or they can mean the difference between getting into an academic program (GED, SAT, GRE). To that end, this resource will help you prepare and write essays for exams.

Book Review

This resource discusses book reviews and how to write them.

Academic Proposals

This resource will help undergraduate, graduate, and professional scholars write proposals for academic conferences, articles, and books.


Online Urdu Editor

Type urdu online - online urdu keyboard with inpage online easy urdu typing.

Urdu Keyboard is used for easy typing and writing the Urdu language. With Urdu Point's online Urdu Keyboard, you can type Urdu text online without installing a keyboard or fonts on smartphones or PCs. You can type directly into the terminal and save or copy the text for typing Urdu for all your personal or official documents. InPage online Urdu typing allows you to design in almost any Perso-Arabic script, including Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Pushto. There is seamless compatibility with InPage MS Word add-in by UrduPoint, and publishing is easy.

Online tool or Text Editor Online, such as Urdu editor, has become very popular among Urdu writers. Besides creating ease in typing, it can also be used online anywhere with internet access. Typing Urdu online using an Urdu keyboard online or Urdu Text Editor Online has become essential for avoiding any hassle.

Furthermore, in the past, people used to operate Type Urdu Online Google translator applications for this purpose. A keyboard layout with Urdu keys is the best tool to use for editing Urdu online on Inpage. InPage allows the user to Type Urdu Online Noori Nastaleeq font with ease. Besides, the Urdu language message facility enables the users to Type Urdu Calligraphy Online.

What Is Inpage Online?

Inpage is an Online Urdu Editor application that is used for Urdu Typing Online. Online Inpage File Editor or you may call Online Inpage Software, allow Urdu Text Design Online for its users. In addition, this Inpage Online Viewer is commonly known as Inpage Online Converter. For this reason, users are drawn to this free on-screen Online Urdu Writing Software, or you may call it an Urdu keyboard.

Also, some are unaware of this ultimate facility and use Google translator for Urdu as the only source for Urdu writing online. If you need to translate an Urdu word to English, it is also helpful to find its meaning and write it in Urdu.

Uses of online urdu editor

You can now type English to Urdu with this online Urdu composing keyboard or the Urdu Text Generator. However, the Urdu language is easily typed through the regular keyboard using different devices such as smartphones, desktop computers, and laptops. Further, you can type in Urdu on tablets, iPads, PCs, and mobile devices, either Android and iPhone, with the online keyboard for free.

To copy the text from a tablet or mobile phone, there is a simple process that everyone knows how to operate. All you have to do is simply touch and hold within the text area. Now, paste the data to the destination or the place where you wanted that data to be copied.

Besides, you can copy your data to your Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or an e-mail application without any hassle.

In the past, typing in Urdu or Type Urdu Nastaleeq Online was a challenging task, and not everyone knows how to do it. But with the help of this straightforward application or Urdu Typing Software, now you can type with a free online easy Urdu typing editor or use an online keyboard to type in Urdu.

Benefits of online urdu keyboard

Urdu Point has developed this new Urdu Editor. Writing in Urdu is made easier with this tool. With this intuitive Urdu typing and editing platform, you can now type and edit Urdu in no time. Without installing an Urdu keyboard, you can type Urdu online quickly with this Urdu Keyboard.

The online keyboard allows you to type Urdu letters from your computer keyboard. Content can also be edited using this simple Urdu keyboard. An accessible Urdu keyboard makes this PC Urdu Editor easy to use. The Urdu Editor is available to all of you so that you can write Urdu online.

If you would like to write Urdu text on your computer in the form of a word document, you can copy and paste it into your file. Further, you can paste this simulated data to any messenger application and prepare your very own Urdu-language message.

There is an application designated for writing Pakistani Urdu, and the name of that application is Inpage. Moreover, Urdu lovers residing in the United States, UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and India will simultaneously find this application very useful and helpful.


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Higher Modern Languages

Updates and announcements, subject updates.

Course modifications 2022-23 (18/08/22)

National Course modification summary: Modern Languages   

Alternative certification model

The alternative certification model is how National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses will be resulted this year, following the cancellation of the 2021 exams. It involves five different stages.

View the alternative certification model and see what will happen at each stage.

Essential Information

Course specification.

Explains the structure of the Course, including its purpose and aims and information on the skills, knowledge and understanding that will be developed.

2022 revision support for learners ( Mar 2022 )

We have updated this document to provide information on the modifications made to course assessments (coursework and exams) at the start of academic year 2021-22.

Past Papers and Marking Instructions

Access all past papers by subject/level

Additional question papers resources

Illustrates the standard, structure and requirements of the question papers candidates will sit (includes marking instructions).

Gaelic (Learners)

There were no exams in 2021. The 2020-21 question paper resources are, for most subjects, modified papers which reflect the modifications put in place for session 2020-21

Higher Cantonese question paper - listening (212 KB) Higher Cantonese question paper - reading (334 KB) Higher Cantonese question paper - writing (260 KB)

Higher Cantonese listening transcript (270 KB) Higher Cantonese listening audio (22.56 MB)

Higher Cantonese listening marking instructions (131 KB) Higher Cantonese reading marking instructions (136 KB) Higher Cantonese writing marking instructions (125 KB)

Higher French question paper - listening (212 KB) Higher French question paper - reading (334 KB) Higher French question paper - writing (260 KB)

Higher French listening transcript (270 KB) Higher French 25% listening audio  (18.07 MB) Higher French listening audio (12.87 MB)

Higher French listening marking instructions (131 KB) Higher French reading marking instructions (136 KB) Higher French writing marking instructions (125 KB)

Higher Gaelic (Learners) question paper - listening  (239 KB) Higher Gaelic (Learners) question paper - reading (677 KB) Higher Gaelic (Learners) question paper - writing (230 KB)

Higher Gaelic (Learners) listening transcript (199 KB) Higher Gaelic (Learners) listening audio (17.14 MB) Higher Gaelic (Learners) 25% listening audio (23.07 MB)

Higher Gaelic (Learners) marking instructions - listening (132 KB) Higher Gaelic (Learners) marking instructions - reading (140 KB) Higher Gaelic (Learners) marking instructions - writing (133 KB)

Higher German question paper - listening (212 KB) Higher German question paper - reading (334 KB) Higher German question paper - writing (260 KB)

Higher German listening transcript (270 KB) Higher German 25% listening audio (17.20 MB) Higher German listening audio (22.56 MB)

Higher German listening marking instructions (131 KB) Higher German reading marking instructions (136 KB) Higher German writing marking instructions (125 KB)

Higher Italian question paper - listening (212 KB) Higher Italian question paper - reading (334 KB) Higher Italian question paper - writing (298 KB)

Higher Italian listening transcript (270 KB) Higher Italian 25% listening audio (14.93 MB) Higher Italian listening audio (22.56 MB)

Higher Italian listening marking instructions (131 KB) Higher Italian reading marking instructions (136 KB) Higher Italian writing marking instructions (125 KB)

Higher Mandarin-Simplified question paper - listening (212 KB) Higher Mandarin-Simplified question paper - reading (334 KB) Higher Mandarin-Simplified question paper - writing (260 KB)

Higher Mandarin-Simplified listening transcript (263 KB) (270 KB) Higher Mandarin listening audio (21.63 MB)

Higher Mandarin-Simplified listening marking instructions (131 KB) Higher Mandarin-Simplified reading marking instructions (136 KB) Higher Mandarin-Simplified writing marking instructions (125 KB)

Higher Mandarin-Traditional question paper - listening (212 KB) Higher Mandarin-Traditional question paper - reading (334 KB) Higher Mandarin-Traditional question paper - writing (260 KB)

Higher Mandarin-Traditional listening transcript (270 KB) Higher Mandarin listening audio (21.63 MB)

Higher Mandarin-Traditional listening marking instructions (131 KB) Higher Mandarin-Traditional reading marking instructions (136 KB) Higher Mandarin-Traditional writing marking instructions (125 KB)

Higher Spanish question paper - listening (212 KB) Higher Spanish question paper - reading (334 KB) Higher Spanish question paper - writing (260 KB)

Higher Spanish listening transcript (270 KB) Higher Spanish 25% listening audio (23.48 MB) Higher Spanish listening audio (22.56 MB)

Higher Spanish listening marking instructions (131 KB) Higher Spanish reading marking instructions (136 KB) Higher Spanish writing marking instructions (125 KB)

Higher Urdu question paper - listening (212 KB) Higher Urdu question paper - reading (334 KB) Higher Urdu question paper - writing (260 KB)

Higher Urdu listening transcript (270 KB) Higher Urdu listening audio (22.56 MB)

Higher Urdu listening marking instructions (131 KB) Higher Urdu reading marking instructions (136 KB) Higher Urdu writing marking instructions (125 KB)

This section provides information on marking instructions and/or the coursework assessment task(s). It includes information that centres need to administer coursework and must be read in conjunction with the course specification.

Versions of the Answer Booklet PDF have been created for electronic completion of these workbooks. Please note, and candidates must be made aware, that the answer text boxes in these PDFs are a fixed size. If these are over-filled with text, the text reduces in size. Movement between pages requires the tab key to be used or by right-clicking on the next page.

Coursework assessment tasks for Higher Modern Languages

Information on the production and submission of SQA-assessed coursework for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

Understanding Standards ( Oct 2022 )

Please note: For session 2022-23 there are modifications to this course. Understanding Standards materials should therefore be viewed along with the National Course modification summary available in the Course information 2022-23 section.

Examples of candidate evidence with commentaries

Examples of candidate evidence and commentaries for the talking performance assessment can be found on SQA's secure website and you can access these through your SQA co-ordinator.

Course assessment overview

Video overview of course assessment from session 2018-19.

Changes to understanding standards materials

Please note: Understanding Standards materials are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain up to date.

Additional resources session 2021-22

Please note: Additional Understanding Standards resources published during sessions 2020-2022 are currently under review.        

New  - new materials not previously published

Updated  - published in 2020/21 but amended for 2021/22

Carried forward  - published in 2020/21 carried forward to 2021/22

Course reports ( 27/10/2022 )

Provides information on the performance of candidates - which is useful to teachers, lecturers and assessors in their preparation of candidates for future assessment.

Course Reports

Chinese Languages

2021 Key Messages

The Alternative Certification Model included a national quality assurance activity, carried out in May 2021.

This report provides information on any common themes and key points from the evidence submitted.

Verification Reports

Additional CPD support

Where any particular areas of concern are identified, which are not addressed by our Understanding Standards events or support materials, we will offer free continuing professional development (CPD) training, subject to request. CPD support is subject-specific and can be tailored to cover one or more qualification level. To find out more about this service visit our CPD page .

Course Support ( 15/02/2023 )

Assessment resources summary - Higher Modern Languages session 2022-2023 (50 KB)

Understanding Standards Modern Languages: Gathering evidence (15.07 MB)

Ushare open learning resources

Where can you take this course?

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Username or Email Address

Remember Me

MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Resources for Teachers: Creating Writing Assignments

This page contains four specific areas:

Creating Effective Assignments

Checking the assignment, sequencing writing assignments, selecting an effective writing assignment format.

Research has shown that the more detailed a writing assignment is, the better the student papers are in response to that assignment. Instructors can often help students write more effective papers by giving students written instructions about that assignment. Explicit descriptions of assignments on the syllabus or on an “assignment sheet” tend to produce the best results. These instructions might make explicit the process or steps necessary to complete the assignment. Assignment sheets should detail:

Providing questions or needed data in the assignment helps students get started. For instance, some questions can suggest a mode of organization to the students. Other questions might suggest a procedure to follow. The questions posed should require that students assert a thesis.

The following areas should help you create effective writing assignments.

Examining your goals for the assignment

Defining the writing task

Defining the audience for the paper

Defining the writer’s role

Defining your evaluative criteria

1. If possible, explain the relative weight in grading assigned to the quality of writing and the assignment’s content:

Here’s a checklist for writing assignments:

There are several benefits of sequencing writing assignments:

The concept of sequencing writing assignments also allows for a wide range of options in creating the assignment. It is often beneficial to have students submit the components suggested below to your course’s STELLAR web site.

Use the writing process itself. In its simplest form, “sequencing an assignment” can mean establishing some sort of “official” check of the prewriting and drafting steps in the writing process. This step guarantees that students will not write the whole paper in one sitting and also gives students more time to let their ideas develop. This check might be something as informal as having students work on their prewriting or draft for a few minutes at the end of class. Or it might be something more formal such as collecting the prewriting and giving a few suggestions and comments.

Have students submit drafts. You might ask students to submit a first draft in order to receive your quick responses to its content, or have them submit written questions about the content and scope of their projects after they have completed their first draft.

Establish small groups. Set up small writing groups of three-five students from the class. Allow them to meet for a few minutes in class or have them arrange a meeting outside of class to comment constructively on each other’s drafts. The students do not need to be writing on the same topic.

Require consultations. Have students consult with someone in the Writing and Communication Center about their prewriting and/or drafts. The Center has yellow forms that we can give to students to inform you that such a visit was made.

Explore a subject in increasingly complex ways. A series of reading and writing assignments may be linked by the same subject matter or topic. Students encounter new perspectives and competing ideas with each new reading, and thus must evaluate and balance various views and adopt a position that considers the various points of view.

Change modes of discourse. In this approach, students’ assignments move from less complex to more complex modes of discourse (e.g., from expressive to analytic to argumentative; or from lab report to position paper to research article).

Change audiences. In this approach, students create drafts for different audiences, moving from personal to public (e.g., from self-reflection to an audience of peers to an audience of specialists). Each change would require different tasks and more extensive knowledge.

Change perspective through time. In this approach, students might write a statement of their understanding of a subject or issue at the beginning of a course and then return at the end of the semester to write an analysis of that original stance in the light of the experiences and knowledge gained in the course.

Use a natural sequence. A different approach to sequencing is to create a series of assignments culminating in a final writing project. In scientific and technical writing, for example, students could write a proposal requesting approval of a particular topic. The next assignment might be a progress report (or a series of progress reports), and the final assignment could be the report or document itself. For humanities and social science courses, students might write a proposal requesting approval of a particular topic, then hand in an annotated bibliography, and then a draft, and then the final version of the paper.

Have students submit sections. A variation of the previous approach is to have students submit various sections of their final document throughout the semester (e.g., their bibliography, review of the literature, methods section).

In addition to the standard essay and report formats, several other formats exist that might give students a different slant on the course material or allow them to use slightly different writing skills. Here are some suggestions:

Journals. Journals have become a popular format in recent years for courses that require some writing. In-class journal entries can spark discussions and reveal gaps in students’ understanding of the material. Having students write an in-class entry summarizing the material covered that day can aid the learning process and also reveal concepts that require more elaboration. Out-of-class entries involve short summaries or analyses of texts, or are a testing ground for ideas for student papers and reports. Although journals may seem to add a huge burden for instructors to correct, in fact many instructors either spot-check journals (looking at a few particular key entries) or grade them based on the number of entries completed. Journals are usually not graded for their prose style. STELLAR forums work well for out-of-class entries.

Letters. Students can define and defend a position on an issue in a letter written to someone in authority. They can also explain a concept or a process to someone in need of that particular information. They can write a letter to a friend explaining their concerns about an upcoming paper assignment or explaining their ideas for an upcoming paper assignment. If you wish to add a creative element to the writing assignment, you might have students adopt the persona of an important person discussed in your course (e.g., an historical figure) and write a letter explaining his/her actions, process, or theory to an interested person (e.g., “pretend that you are John Wilkes Booth and write a letter to the Congress justifying your assassination of Abraham Lincoln,” or “pretend you are Henry VIII writing to Thomas More explaining your break from the Catholic Church”).

Editorials . Students can define and defend a position on a controversial issue in the format of an editorial for the campus or local newspaper or for a national journal.

Cases . Students might create a case study particular to the course’s subject matter.

Position Papers . Students can define and defend a position, perhaps as a preliminary step in the creation of a formal research paper or essay.

Imitation of a Text . Students can create a new document “in the style of” a particular writer (e.g., “Create a government document the way Woody Allen might write it” or “Write your own ‘Modest Proposal’ about a modern issue”).

Instruction Manuals . Students write a step-by-step explanation of a process.

Dialogues . Students create a dialogue between two major figures studied in which they not only reveal those people’s theories or thoughts but also explore areas of possible disagreement (e.g., “Write a dialogue between Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock about the nature and uses of art”).

Collaborative projects . Students work together to create such works as reports, questions, and critiques.

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