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In addition to working papers , the NBER disseminates affiliates’ latest findings through a range of free periodicals — the NBER Reporter , the NBER Digest , the Bulletin on Retirement and Disability , the Bulletin on Health , and the Bulletin on Entrepreneurship  — as well as online conference reports , video lectures , and interviews .

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research topics about economy

After High-Profile Failures, Can Investors Still Trust Credit Ratings?

Rating agencies, such as Standard & Poor’s and Moody's, have been criticized for not warning investors of risks that led to major financial catastrophes. But an analysis of thousands of ratings by Anywhere Sikochi and colleagues suggests that agencies have learned from past mistakes.

research topics about economy

How Much More Would Holiday Shoppers Pay to Wear Something Rare?

Economic worries will make pricing strategy even more critical this holiday season. Research by Chiara Farronato reveals the value that hip consumers see in hard-to-find products. Are companies simply making too many goods?

research topics about economy

Buy Now, Pay Later: How Retail's Hot Feature Hurts Low-Income Shoppers

More consumers may opt to "buy now, pay later" this holiday season, but what happens if they can't make that last payment? Research by Marco Di Maggio and Emily Williams highlights the risks of these financing services, especially for lower-income shoppers.

research topics about economy

Is It Time to Consider Lifting Tariffs on Chinese Imports?

Many of the tariffs levied by the Trump administration on Chinese goods remain in place. James Heskett weighs whether the US should prioritize renegotiating trade agreements with China, and what it would take to move on from the trade war. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

research topics about economy

Have We Seen the Peak of Just-in-Time Inventory Management?

Toyota and other companies have harnessed just-in-time inventory management to cut logistics costs and boost service. That is, until COVID-19 roiled global supply chains. Will we ever get back to the days of tighter inventory control? asks James Heskett. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

research topics about economy

War in Ukraine: Soaring Gas Prices and the Return of Stagflation?

With nothing left to lose, Russia's invasion of Ukraine will likely intensify, roiling energy markets further and raising questions about the future of globalization, says Rawi Abdelal. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

research topics about economy

Why Are Prices So High Right Now—and Will They Ever Return to Normal?

And when will sold-out products return to store shelves? The answers aren't so straightforward. Research by Alberto Cavallo probes the complex interplay of product shortages, prices, and inflation. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

research topics about economy

Can Entrepreneurs and Governments Team Up to Solve Big Problems?

In 2017, Shield AI’s quadcopter, with no pilot and no flight plan, could clear a building and outpace human warfighters by almost five minutes. It was evidence that autonomous robots could help protect civilian and service member lives. But was it also evidence that Shield AI—a startup barely two years past founding—could ask their newest potential customer, the US government, for a large contract for a system of coordinated, exploring robots? Or would it scare them away? Harvard Business School professor Mitch Weiss and Brandon Tseng, Shield AI’s CGO and co-founder, discuss these and other challenges entrepreneurs face when working with the public sector, and how investing in new ideas can enable entrepreneurs and governments to join forces and solve big problems in the case, “Shield AI.” Open for comment; 0 Comments.

research topics about economy

How Four Women Made Miami More Equitable for Startups

A case study by Rosabeth Moss Kanter examines what it takes to break gender barriers and build thriving businesses in an emerging startup hub. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

research topics about economy

The Emergence of Mafia-like Business Systems in China

This study sheds light on the political pathology of fraudulent, illegal, and corrupt business practices. Features of the Chinese system—including regulatory gaps, a lack of formal means of property protection, and pervasive uncertainty—seem to facilitate the rise of mafia systems.

Nonprofits in Good Times and Bad Times

Tax returns from millions of US nonprofits reveal that charities do not expand during bad times, when need is the greatest. Although they are able to smooth the swings of their activities more than for-profit organizations, nonprofits exhibit substantial sensitivity to economic cycles.

research topics about economy

Has the New Economy Finally Arrived?

Economists have long tied low unemployment to inflation. James Heskett considers whether the US economic policy of the past four years has shaken those assumptions. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

Aggregate Advertising Expenditure in the US Economy: What's Up? Is It Real?

We analyze total United States advertising spending from 1960 to 2018. In nominal terms, the elasticity of annual advertising outlays with respect to gross domestic product appears to have increased substantially beginning in the late 1990s, roughly coinciding with the dramatic growth of internet-based advertising.

research topics about economy

Economic Jitters Push Pandemic Job Seekers to Big Companies, Not Startups

Small companies are receiving fewer applications, particularly from experienced professionals, according to research by Shai Bernstein and colleagues. How can startups overcome pandemic fears and compete for talent? Open for comment; 0 Comments.

Party-State Capitalism in China

China’s political economy has evolved from “state capitalism” to a distinctly party-driven incarnation. Party-state capitalism, via enhanced party monitoring and industrial policy, deepens ambiguity between the state and private sectors, and increases pressure on foreign capital, prioritizing the regime’s political survival above all.

research topics about economy

COVID Was Supposed to Increase Bankruptcies. Instead, They've Gone Down.

Down economic cycles and increasing unemployment usually usher in a rise in bankruptcies. Not so in the COVID-19 recession, where just the reverse has happened. Research by Raymond Kluender and colleagues. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

research topics about economy

Financial Meltdowns Are More Predictable Than We Thought

Robin Greenwood and Samuel G. Hanson discuss new research that shows economic crises follow predictable patterns. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

research topics about economy

Capitalism Works Better When I Can See What You're Doing

Lower prices. More innovation. Better government. Transparency fuels the basic principles of competitive business and open government. Well, most of the time. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

Transaction Cost Economics in the Digital Economy: A Research Agenda

The increasing dominance of the digital economy has brought new questions about the interplay of organizations and the market-based ecosystem. Transaction Cost Economics theory is a useful lens to understand firm organization and possibly guide policy and regulation.

research topics about economy

How Countries Use Financial Policy to Fight COVID-19

Developing countries have fewer fiscal tools and policy options to combat COVID-19 damage to their economies, according to research by Alberto Cavallo and colleagues. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

10 Popular Posts on Economic Topics in 2021

What did people most want to know about the economy in 2021?

Inflation and COVID-19’s effects on the economy were top of mind, judging by the popularity of posts on those topics in our On the Economy blog, which offers frequent commentary, analysis and data from our economists and other St. Louis Fed experts. But examinations of longer-run trends, such as employment growth over 20 years, also attracted attention.

For readers of our Open Vault blog, which explains everyday economics and the Fed, the nuts and bolts of topical subjects like central bank digital currency and Fed “tapering” struck a chord, as did a post about the economic concept of externalities, explained with canine and pandemic examples. 

Here’s a look at a few of the posts that were among the favorites published from January through Nov. 30.

Inflation Trends

How covid-19 may be affecting inflation.

The changing of U.S. consumer spending patterns during the pandemic may have affected the measurement of inflation, according to an On the Economy post published in February. The Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers information about prices in the U.S., weights the prices and aggregates them for the consumer price index, or CPI. Inflation is measured as the CPI’s rate of growth over a certain period.

But what happens if a certain category of goods or services becomes a bigger, or smaller, part of consumer spending? Based on spending habits in prior years, the official weights might not be the “true” weights in 2020, when social distancing led to more eating at home and less spending in restaurants.

What Are Risks for Future Inflation?

As U.S. inflation surged in 2021, an October On the Economy post identified some upside and downside risks for future inflation. A follow-up post examined whether higher inflation could “be attributed to a small group of goods and services or whether it is a more generalized event.” Looking at the overall price change over the period of the pandemic, “the role of outliers is greatly diminished, revealing that higher inflation is perhaps a broader phenomenon,” the post said.

Economic and Monetary Policy Explainers

Externalities: it’s what pandemics, pollution and puppies have in common.

Externalities are costs and benefits that impact or spill over to someone other than the producer or the consumer of a good or a service. As a June Open Vault post explained, that applies to everything from pandemics to puppies. In a pandemic, a lack of social distancing by one person creates an externality that is negative: a higher risk of infection for everyone. Puppies that only bark at strangers, meanwhile, could provide a positive externality for neighbors as a warning system.

A June Open Vault blog post highlighted the Economic Lowdown series video “Externalities.” What makes pollution a negative externality is explained in this clip.

Here’s What the Fed Means by Tapering

As anticipation built this fall for a Federal Open Market Committee decision to “taper,” so did curiosity about what tapering is. An Open Vault post answered that question: The Fed can turn to large-scale asset purchases when economic conditions warrant, and tapering means reducing the pace of those purchases. The post, published a week after the Nov. 3 announcement of the FOMC’s decision to start tapering, also explained how tapering works.

What Is the Federal Open Market Committee?

Readers curious about what tapering is could have learned earlier in the year about the committee that makes that and other monetary policy decisions. As a February Open Vault post explained, the FOMC is the main monetary policymaking body of the Federal Reserve and is comprised of leaders from around the Federal Reserve System.

People and Places

Older workers accounted for all net employment growth in past 20 years.

Before there was the “Great Resignation,” there was an employment increase: A February On the Economy post said that a rise in employment of people age 60 and older was responsible for U.S. employment growth of 11.8 million from December 2000 to December 2020. (See chart.) Among those workers, the increase in employment is attributed to the group’s population growth and increased employment-to-population ratio.

Cumulative Net Change in the Number of Employed People since December 2000

Line chart from December 2000 to December 2020 shows employment rising more for people age 60 and older than for those under 60.

House Prices Surpass Housing-Bubble Peak on One Key Measure of Value

The steady increase of a house price-to-rent ratio “would imply increasing overvaluation” of houses, a May On the Economy post said. That was the case in early 2021 (using data available through March), when an index measuring the ratio of house prices to rent in the U.S. had risen rapidly over the course of a year and reached its highest level since at least 1975.

Women in Economics Symposium Logo

Sign up now for the free symposium, which has the theme, “Leading the Way in Challenging Times.” The event will run 6 to 8 p.m. CT on Feb. 23-24. Participants will hear insights from leading economists.

Inspiring Young Women to Pursue Economics

A January Open Vault post previewed a February 2021 event that is “designed to inspire young women and underrepresented minorities who may be interested in econ—and to encourage those pursuing a degree to persist.” The next Women in Economics Symposium is set for Feb. 23-24, 2022.

Money and Finance

Wealth gaps between white, black and hispanic families in 2019.

Across education, family structure and generations, gaps persist between the wealth of white families and that of Black and Hispanic families, the authors of a January On the Economy post found.

For instance, they wrote: “More education was associated with more wealth for all the racial and ethnic groups considered. However, wide gaps remain at every education level, with Black and Hispanic families having less median family wealth than white families with the same education.”

And Black and Hispanic families are less likely than white families to have financial and other assets like homes and businesses, and when they do, those assets were more likely to have lower values.

Navigating the ABCs of CBDCs—Central Bank Digital Currencies

“You’ve likely heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even Dogecoin, but you may not have heard of ‘Fedcoin,’ an informal name some have used for the idea of a digital currency tied to a central bank, namely the Federal Reserve,” a June Open Vault post said. The post highlighted short videos in which a St. Louis Fed economist answered questions on central bank digital currencies, including about possible effects on privacy and bank lending.

Heather Hennerich

Heather Hennerich is a senior editor with the St. Louis Fed External Engagement and Corporate Communications Division.

Related Topics

This blog explains everyday economics, consumer topics and the Fed. It also spotlights the people and programs that make the St. Louis Fed central to America’s economy. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the St. Louis Fed or Federal Reserve System.

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Top 110 Excellent Economics Research Topics

Table of Contents

Economics Research Paper Topics

Economics is a social science subject that deals with the issues that impact financial situations and decisions. Starting from production to consumption, economics focuses on the usage and distribution of the world’s resources among organizations and individuals. In simple terms, economics is a study of scarcity and choice.

If you are pursuing a degree in economics, then as a part of your course, you will have to write an academic paper on any interesting economics topics to score top grades in the final exam. Remember, identifying the research topic is the initial step in the academic writing process.

When writing an economics research paper, first, make sure to choose a unique economics research topic that you are interested in. The topic you choose should be understandable for you and your readers, and it should also have a wide research scope with the necessary information for crafting a comprehensive research paper or essay.

After you have selected a research topic for your economics assignment, sketch an outline with the research ideas that you have gathered. Then, with the help of the essay outline you have prepared, draft the research paper in a well-structured manner by including the essential elements such as introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction paragraph of your research paper should have a catchy opening sentence, brief background information on the topic and a strong thesis statement addressing the purpose of your research paper. After the introduction, in the body paragraphs, you should include innovative topic sentences and explain your arguments with supporting evidence in a way to persuade your reader. Then, you should finally close your research paper with an engaging conclusion that contains a brief summary of the main points.

Economics Research Paper Topic Ideas

You may think that it is easy to choose a research topic for your economics research paper. But actually, it is not. As economics is a complex and broad subject, choosing a perfect research topic from it is a daunting task.

If you are asked to write an economics research paper or essay, then you can prefer to choose a topic from economics research areas such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, behavioral economics, agricultural economics, development economics, financial economics, and so on.

Here, we have sorted different categories of economics topics and have recommended a list of excellent economics research topic ideas for you to consider. Go through the entire list and pick a topic that is ideal for writing academic papers as per your instructor’s requirements.

Economics Research Topics

Agricultural Economics Research Paper Topics

Behavioral Economics Research Paper Topics

Development Economics Research Paper Topics

Environmental Economics Research Topics

Read more: Outstanding Environmental Science Topics for you to Consider

Financial Economics Research Topics

Health Economics Research Topics

Research Paper Topics on International Trade

Macroeconomics Research Topics

Read more: Best Macroeconomics Research Topics and Ideas for Students

Microeconomics Research Topics

Some Microeconomics Research Topics

Final Words

By choosing any topic of your choice from the economics research topics listed in this blog post, you can write a top-quality research paper or essay that will fetch you an A+ grade. It is not necessary that you need to use the topic as it is, you can also modify the research topic and write your economics essay.

In case you are not aware of selecting the right research topic and writing a persuasive economics research paper, immediately reach out to us and get instant Economics assignment help . We have a team of professional writers who are experts in economics to assist you in completing a plagiarism-free, top-scoring research paper on the best economics research paper topics as per your requirements on time.

Without any second thought, avail of our research paper writing service at an affordable rate and get reliable academic assistance.

research topics about economy

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212 Innovative Technology Research Topics To Explore and Write About

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I am an Academic Writer and have affection to share my knowledge through posts’. I do not feel tiredness while research and analyzing the things. Sometime, I write down hundred of research topics as per the students requirements. I want to share solution oriented content to the students.

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About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts .

The Study Blog : Research topics

50+ Economics research Topics and Topic Ideas for dissertation

The ultimate goal of economic science is to improve the living conditions of people in everyday lives. Economists study how to utilize the available scarce resources to maximize value and thus profits. The concerns of economics today are largely focused on issues such as opportunity cost, consumption and production, borrowing, saving, investments, occupations and employment, trades markets, pricing and human behavior concerning making economic decisions.

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Given that economics covers a lot of issues in society today coupled with the multitude of research studies within the existing literature, many economics students find it difficult to find the most suitable economic research topic for their undergraduate project, master’s thesis, and dissertations. Technological advancement has also increased the pace of transformation and globalization creating new areas in economics that are worth research. Our economics experts have curated a list of research paper topics in economics that you can use to get the perfect research paper topic.

research topics about economy

Micro-Economics Research Topics

Microeconomics deals with the economic behavior of individual isolated units of the economy like an individual, a household, a company, and industry. Micro-economists study factors that influence economic choices, markets and their key elements such as demand and supply and analyze markets and determine the prices for goods and services that best allocate the available limited resources. Some of the best research topics in microeconomics that you can use for your thesis or dissertation include:

1. The effect of income changes on consumer choices

2. The effect of labor force participation on the economy and budget – A comparison

3. The impact of marital status on the labor force composition: A case of [your country] economy

4. The difference in the consumption attitude in [your country] over the last decade – Critical analysis of consumer behavior trends

5. The relationship between salary levels and ‘economic convergence’ in [your country]?

6. Analyzing salary inequalities in [your country] and the forces behind such inequalities.

7. The evolution of consumption in [your country] over the last 10 years: Trends and consumer behavior.

8. Dynamics of the Gini index as a reflection of the problem of inequality in income 

9. Cashless economy: The impact of demonetization on small and medium businesses

10 Privatization of Public Enterprises and its implications on economic policy and development

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research topics about economy

Macroeconomics Research Topics

1. The relationship between economic growth and unemployment in [your country]

2. Global recession and factors that contribute to it.

3. Impact of government expenditure on economic growth in [country]

4. The impact of company income tax revenue on the developing economies- A comparative analysis of Kenya, India, and Nigeria

5. The relationship between common stock prices and inflation in [your country]

6. The relationship between inflation and government spending in [your country] economy.

7. The effect of currency devaluation on small and medium firms- A case study of selected multinationals in [your country]

8. The relationship between internet connectivity and productivity in the workplace 

9. The evolution of the stock market in [your country]: Causes and consequences

10 Unemployment and regional mobility of labor in [your country]

11 A comparison of the United States unemployment to the rest of the world

Research Topics on International Trade

1. The relationship between economic growth and international trade

2. To what extent does a currency union affect trade: A case of the United States

3. What are the gains and losses of international trade for developing countries?

4. Foreign direct investment in the United States: Determinants and impact

5. The effects of the banana crisis on the Jamaican and British economies

6. The impact of Brexit on small and middle businesses in the UK

7. The relationship between foreign direct investment and wages- A comparative analysis of USA and China

8. The roles of exchange rate and exchange rate regime in the US export

9. The importance of international trade in developing countries

10 To what extent are the gains of less developed countries from tradeliberalization exaggerated?

Environmental economics research paper topics

Economic activities such as production have a significant impact on the environment such as pollution and depletion of natural resources. Environmental economics studies these impacts and other environmental issues. Below are some of the best research paper topics in environmental economics.

1. An economic examination of waste disposal programs in the United States

2. Man-made environmental disasters: who bears the economic liability?

3. The economics of land- a comparative analysis of land sharing and land sparing in the United States

4. The impact of waste disposal programs to America’s Environmental Policy: An economic evaluation

5. Water management and conservation policies in the United States and the UK- a comparative analysis

6. The economic implications of climate policy changes because of different climate change assessment mechanisms

7. Investigating the cost of organizational environmental analysis in the United States

8. What are the determinants of climate policy formulation in the United States? An economic scrutiny

9. The economic perspectives of distribution of natural resources across boundaries

10 The impact of technological innovation for clean and green products on the environment

11 The impact of work-life balance on social eco-systems: perspectives from the United States

12 The relationship between financial subsidies and generation of eco-friendly products

Research Paper Topics on Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics examines the psychology behind economic activities and economic decision making. It examines the limitation of the assumption that individuals are perfectly normal. Good behavioral economics topics cover subjects such as bounded rationality, irrational exuberance, and choice architecture. 

1. Inducing choice paralysis: how retailers bury customers in an avalanche of options

2. The behavioral economics of discounting- A case study of amazon

3. Pricing and the decoy effect; how corporations ‘nudge’ consumers to spend more

4. Big data and implications for behavioral economics

5. A study of how the United States market benefitted from behavioral economics theory

6. How has behavioral economics influenced the real-world context? A case of online purchase behavior

7. Weight management through behavioral economics: use of incentives

8. What motivates consumers? A behavioral economics perspective

9. Using behavioral economics to help in reducing substance abuse

10 Addressing lifestyle management for diabetes through behavioral analysis- insights from the US healthcare sector

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Development Economics research paper topics

1. The impact of multinational commodity trading through the development economic perspective

2. The impact of globalization on income distribution in emerging economies

3. Investigating the relationship between migration and development economics

4. Budgeting and decision making by low-income earners in emerging economics

5. Investigating the relationship between family planning, labor force, and income fluctuations

6. The impact of natural disasters on development in emerging economies

7. The impact of population growth on development economics- review of India

8. The determinants of high performing institutions in emerging economies

9. Comparative economic patterns of villages across Virginia

10 Aid and economic growth of developing economies- a review

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research topics about economy

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130 Best Economic Research Topics For Students

The choice of economic research topics depends on the topic that students want to study. You can write about microeconomic or macroeconomic factors, or describe the current problems of countries and individual enterprises. There are also many interesting sections on agriculture, industry and foreign economic relations.

In any case, economics topics are a chance to consider the main nuances of international countries' success or the peculiarities of a particular region's economy. Such studies require not only the search for reliable sources of information but also the authoritative research of economists. This will help you use the valuable economics papers topics in the context of your research activities.

After you have considered all economics research paper topics, you can proceed to the stage of preparation. It is worth taking real research, facts, and statistics as a basis. However, you need to be original and make your emphases in your research paper.

In some cases, you need the advice of experienced educators or watch interviews with the world's leading economists. Sometimes you can change the subject if you think you can't cope with the task at hand. There is nothing shameful about that.

After you do your research and empirical calculations, you can collect a scientific database and prepare a draft version. Once it's finished, you can clean up your materials and create a tentative bibliography. It is important in the context of the study of the chosen topic.

There is also a need to create strong theses and a definite purpose for your research work. You should answer the basic questions in your research paper that address a specific problem and its solution. Also, do not forget about the formatting that is relevant to your school. Economics research topics list lets you choose what works best for you.

Microeconomics Research Topics

Such research paper topics in economics are especially relevant because they allow us to consider the global processes of the financial well-being of many countries and the world trade. Students can prepare expert papers based on many studies and get high marks for considering microeconomic effects.

Macroeconomics Research Topics

Choosing the economics thesis topic, you must be ready to consider the main issues of macroeconomics in the context of a particular state, company, or individual organization. This is a good example of how you can choose a narrow direction to study certain economic environment factors and relationships.

Economic History Topics

The choice of economics research topics for undergraduates may be related to the student's desire to study certain historical spheres of influence of countries and the moments of their formation on the world stage. It is also a good opportunity to study world trade and foreign economic research. A historical topic allows you to consider the structure of galloping inflation in developing countries and to study in detail the specifics of economic stagnation.

Research Topics on International Trade

International trade is a good option to write a research paper. The fact is that this section includes many historical and current aspects of the interaction between countries and individual organizations. Such economic research paper topics are very popular among students because everyone can find reliable information and verified facts.

Environmental Economics Research Paper Topics

Environmental economics is full of interesting areas for your research papers. In particular, this applies to different countries and continents. Using economics term paper topics, you can create truly expert material that will get a high mark. A significant advantage is the relevance of the topic and many scientific studies that you can use as a basis.

Research Paper Topics on Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics structures knowledge about many aspects of the interaction of countries and individual nations. You can use existing scientific research to trace people's behavioral patterns that affect the unemployment rate, fluctuations in the currency exchange, and other nuances. It is worth noting that economics research topics are very relevant in modern times since the information space contributes to the regular change in behavioral factors.

Law And Economics Paper Topics

Choosing such economics research topics for students, you can rely on many countries' legal framework and the relationship with economic sectors. This will be especially interesting in the context of the United States or any other large state that conducts foreign trade and affects certain moments in the world. Legislation has a ton of interesting facts that you can explore in your paperwork.

Labor Economics Research Topics

Such a topic allows you to explore the nuances of labor law, taxation, and the reasons for demonstration in disadvantaged countries. This format allows you to maximize economic research geography and consider the main nuances of economic crises or new rounds of development.

Basic Economics Topics

Sometimes basic topics for economic research papers can be much better than narrow learning segments. The fact is that choosing such a free topic does not limit you to certain aspects, and you can consider the nuances of the economy in a broad sense. For example, your custom research paper may be about foreign trade, the risks of economic stagnation, or other nuances that apply to many countries.

Other Economics Topics

Such a list cannot be attributed to a specific segment or division of the economy. You can choose this option if you have no idea at all about what your research paper should look like. In fact, it allows you to prepare and get a good grade without taking too long practical research. So, you can check these economic research paper topics ideas.

How to Write a Good Economics Research Paper?

You should adhere to all the technical guidelines and requirements of your high school or college. Don't forget about the formatting and proper structure of your research papers. You should browse the Internet and head to your local library to find the information you need as a basis for future research. It is worth noting that not all economic topics for research papers can be found quickly in printed books.

Sometimes it is better to search for reputable scientific papers on the Internet, as this reduces the preparation time. Next, you need to make a plan, a strong introduction, and a clear message along with the main message you want to convey in your research paper. You should also rely on facts and figures to get a good estimate. Unfortunately, choosing a good economics essay topic is not always associated with a successful completion.

If you can't do it on your own, then it is easier and more profitable for students to delegate work to someone else. Our company can help any person who is in a difficult situation and cannot cope with the research paper on their own. Our team of specialists has enough experience to prepare a high-quality paper for you.

The Research Topics in Economics Inspiration List:

Thesis Helpers

research topics about economy

Find the best tips and advice to improve your writing. Or, have a top expert write your paper.

Top 50 Economic Topics For Your Research Paper Or Thesis

economic topics

Choosing the best economics research topics is a major challenge for most learners pursuing economics studies. Economics entails the study of how humans use scarce resources in the production of valuables. Learners pursuing economics programs analyze how valuables are eventually distributed among society members after production.

Before learners are given economics research paper assignments, they are taught many elements that affect the economy. This enables them to understand real-life economies, as well as, daily expenditures and expenses. Such elements include medicine, politics, race, trade, unemployment, poverty, religion, and war among others.

As such, economics research topics for undergraduates should show their understanding of these issues and how they affect the economy. But, many learners have difficulties understanding different aspects of economics research. This makes choosing topics for their papers and essays difficult.

Tricks for Choosing the Best Economics Research Topics

Choosing research paper topics in economics is undoubtedly not easy for most students. That’s because a learner should choose a narrow topic so that they can delve deeper in analyzing and discussing it in their paper. But, if the topic is too narrow, it can be limiting. And, if it is too broad, the learner might not cover it exhaustively.

However, learners can still select the best economics research paper topics by following these guidelines:

Understand the subject matter and figure out whether the topic’s context is within your study field and writing ability. Select a topic that you find interesting and suitable for your understanding. Evaluate the scope of the topic to ensure that you can find the necessary information to write a comprehensive paper or essay about it. Consider the instructions provided by the instructor or professor in terms of topic selection

Before you start the actual writing of a paper or essay, brainstorm for ideas around several topics. That means you can have an economics research topics list from which to choose what to write about. Topics in this study field can be classified into different categories as follows.

Undergraduates Economics Topics for Research

Many students panic when asked to write undergraduate papers and essays. That’s because they don’t know how to choose the best economics topics for research paper. If you’re among students that are troubled by the thought of choosing a topic, here are examples presetned by our academic writers that you can choose from.

These are great topics for economics research paper for undergraduate students. However, they still require in-depth research to come up with a coherent and comprehensive document.

Health Economics Research Topics

The health of citizens influences the economy of a country, though this might be unclear to some learners at first. Health research topics for economics lead to the production of papers and essays that are quite interesting to read. Here are sample topics in this category. You can also check our nursing research topics .

Interesting Behavioral Economics Research Topics

Some learners might not know about it but behavioral economics exists. And, some topics in this category are quite interesting to write about. Here are examples of topics that students in different study levels can write about in this category.

Microeconomics Topics

Microeconomics studies revolve around trade between people. It’s trading at an individual level. This covers the basics of demand and supply. This is the category where some learners find simple research topics in economics. Here are examples of topics in this category.

Cool Environmental Economics Research Topics

The environment has more effects on an economy more than most people think. Ocean pollution can global warming are some of the environmental changes that affect the economy seriously. Here are some of the economics research topics for students to explore in this category.

Students at different study levels have many research topics in economics to choose from. However, the research topic in economics that a learner chooses should be suitable for them based on their interests and academic goals. That’s because some topics are cumbersome to write about. They also require extensive knowledge and familiarity with different economic concepts to come up with a comprehensive document. Thus, they are ideal for students that are pursuing advanced studies. Nevertheless, every topic highlighted here requires in-depth economics research to come up with a concrete paper or essay.

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