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Construction Engineering Masters Dissertation Research Directory

CEM student dissertations merge academic rigour with practical industry knowledge to develop an evidence base to support change in industry practice.

Explore dissertation abstracts, listed below by topic area. Electronic copies of the full dissertations may be requested via the CEM Administrator . Dissertation research since 2011 has focused on the following key areas:

  • Data and digital technologies
  • DfMA - Offsite Manufacturing
  • Finance and investment
  • Health and safety
  • Legal and contracts
  • Performance, productivity and construction and design process
  • Procurement and collaboration
  • Skills, EDI and workplace and education
  • Sustainability


construction management thesis dissertation

   Data and digital technologies 


construction management thesis dissertation

     DfMA - Offsite manufacturing


construction management thesis dissertation


construction management thesis dissertation

   Finance and investment


construction management thesis dissertation

    Health and safety


construction management thesis dissertation



construction management thesis dissertation



construction management thesis dissertation

    Legal and contracts


construction management thesis dissertation

  Performance, productivity, construction and design process


construction management thesis dissertation

   Procurement and collaboration  


construction management thesis dissertation

   Skills, EDI, workplace and education


construction management thesis dissertation


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Contact: [email protected]

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  1. Construction Management Thesis Abstract

    construction management thesis dissertation

  2. (PDF) Safety in construction management thesis

    construction management thesis dissertation

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    construction management thesis dissertation

  4. Construction Management Thesis Abstract

    construction management thesis dissertation

  5. 😂 Construction research paper. List Of Interesting Construction

    construction management thesis dissertation

  6. Dissertation Of Delay Of In Construction

    construction management thesis dissertation


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  1. Construction Management in practice

    This master thesis is the final part of the authors’ education at Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg. It is also our master thesis for a degree from the master pro-gram Design and Construction Project Management. The thesis presented is based on a literature study concerning Construction Management (CM) as a project delivery

  2. Risk Management Practices in a Construction Project a case study

    This master thesis presents an application of risk management in the early stage of a project life cycle of a construction project. In order to examine how risk and risk management process is perceived a case study of a school project was chosen.

  3. Agile in Construction Projects

    This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Project Management (PMGT) at Digital Commons at Harrisburg University. It has been accepted for inclusion in Dissertations and Theses by an authorized administrator of Digital Commons at Harrisburg University. For more information,

  4. Theses and Dissertations

    The construction industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies. Reality capture technologies (RCT), including laser scanning and photogrammetry, have been around for many years; however, the benefits, ... Integrating BIM as a teaching tool in existing construction management curricula: a case study 

  5. Dissertation Research

    Explore dissertation abstracts, listed below by topic area. Electronic copies of the full dissertations may be requested via the CEM Administrator. Dissertation research since 2011 has focused on the following key areas: Data and digital technologies; DfMA - Offsite Manufacturing; Energy; Finance and investment; Health and safety; Housing ...

  6. Theses & Dissertations

    Find dissertations and theses in the UF Catalog. Search by keyword, author, title, or year. You may also limit results by including "thesis" in a keyword search. Browse UF dissertations and theses by department. All dissertations & theses written by students who entered into graduate programs in 2001 or later are only available online.