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dissertation examples politics

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Recent Submissions

Taking a ‘leap of faith’ to migrate: exploring uk approaches to anti-human trafficking , inclusion de-moderation hypothesis: egyptian secularists in democratization , bound to lead china's role in climate change governance between perception, conception, and behaviour , pro deo et patria: unfolding the hybrid governance and political participation of religious institutions in the democratic republic of congo (drc) , new adaptation or the same old script political elites' national role conceptions and domestic role contestation in the uk and germany during the european 'migrant crisis' , securitizing isolationism: nixon and the construction of us history and identity during the vietnam war , symbolic struggle for the arab spring: political fields and foreign policy in the middle east , emancipatory imperative: a critical theory of social transformation , villages, politics and the everyday statemaking of post independent zimbabwe , redefining the great powers: the revisionist model and the emergence of a global regulatory regime for cross-border tax intermediation , pumping potentiality: studying the socio-material politics of solar irrigation pumps in rural india , b/order work: recomposing relations in the seamful carescapes of health and social care integration in scotland , advocacy coalition framework analysis of local government drilling application , it's not what you know...: europeanization and informal networks in former yugoslavia , privacy attitudes - behaviour and political culture: a comparative study of millennials in mexico and spain , towards a more just refuge regime: quotas, markets and a fair share , within and against the national doxa: on the historical emergence of (pro-)refugee politics in the federal republic of germany, 1980-1993 , no return to the borders of the past cross-border nationalism and european integration in times of crises , making sense of mexico's place in the world: a role theoretical analysis of mexico's foreign policy , future of work and global governance: international organisations in the fourth industrial revolution .

dissertation examples politics

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Prize-Winning Thesis and Dissertation Examples

Published on September 9, 2022 by Tegan George . Revised on November 11, 2022.

It can be difficult to know where to start when writing your thesis or dissertation . One way to come up with some ideas or maybe even combat writer’s block is to check out previous work done by other students on a similar thesis or dissertation topic to yours.

This article collects a list of undergraduate, master’s, and PhD theses and dissertations that have won prizes for their high-quality research.

Table of contents

Award-winning undergraduate theses, award-winning master’s theses, award-winning ph.d. dissertations.

University : University of Pennsylvania Faculty : History Author : Suchait Kahlon Award : 2021 Hilary Conroy Prize for Best Honors Thesis in World History Title : “Abolition, Africans, and Abstraction: the Influence of the “Noble Savage” on British and French Antislavery Thought, 1787-1807”

University : Columbia University Faculty : History Author : Julien Saint Reiman Award : 2018 Charles A. Beard Senior Thesis Prize Title : “A Starving Man Helping Another Starving Man”: UNRRA, India, and the Genesis of Global Relief, 1943-1947

University: University College London Faculty: Geography Author: Anna Knowles-Smith Award:  2017 Royal Geographical Society Undergraduate Dissertation Prize Title:  Refugees and theatre: an exploration of the basis of self-representation

University: University of Washington Faculty:  Computer Science & Engineering Author: Nick J. Martindell Award: 2014 Best Senior Thesis Award Title:  DCDN: Distributed content delivery for the modern web

University:  University of Edinburgh Faculty:  Informatics Author:  Christopher Sipola Award:  2018 Social Responsibility & Sustainability Dissertation Prize Title:  Summarizing electricity usage with a neural network

University:  University of Ottawa Faculty:  Education Author:  Matthew Brillinger Award:  2017 Commission on Graduate Studies in the Humanities Prize Title:  Educational Park Planning in Berkeley, California, 1965-1968

University:  University of Ottawa Faculty: Social Sciences Author:  Heather Martin Award:  2015 Joseph De Koninck Prize Title:  An Analysis of Sexual Assault Support Services for Women who have a Developmental Disability

University : University of Ottawa Faculty : Physics Author : Guillaume Thekkadath Award : 2017 Commission on Graduate Studies in the Sciences Prize Title : Joint measurements of complementary properties of quantum systems

University:  London School of Economics Faculty: International Development Author: Lajos Kossuth Award:  2016 Winner of the Prize for Best Overall Performance Title:  Shiny Happy People: A study of the effects income relative to a reference group exerts on life satisfaction

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dissertation examples politics

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University : Stanford University Faculty : English Author : Nathan Wainstein Award : 2021 Alden Prize Title : “Unformed Art: Bad Writing in the Modernist Novel”

University : University of Massachusetts at Amherst Faculty : Molecular and Cellular Biology Author : Nils Pilotte Award : 2021 Byron Prize for Best Ph.D. Dissertation Title : “Improved Molecular Diagnostics for Soil-Transmitted Molecular Diagnostics for Soil-Transmitted Helminths”

University:  Utrecht University Faculty:  Linguistics Author:  Hans Rutger Bosker Award: 2014 AVT/Anéla Dissertation Prize Title:  The processing and evaluation of fluency in native and non-native speech

University: California Institute of Technology Faculty: Physics Author: Michael P. Mendenhall Award: 2015 Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics Title: Measurement of the neutron beta decay asymmetry using ultracold neutrons

University:  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Faculty: Computer Science Author:  John Criswell Award:  2014 Doctoral Dissertation Award Title:   Secure Virtual Architecture: Security for Commodity Software Systems

University:  Stanford University Faculty: Management Science and Engineering Author:  Shayan O. Gharan Award:  Doctoral Dissertation Award 2013 Title:   New Rounding Techniques for the Design and Analysis of Approximation Algorithms

University: University of Minnesota Faculty: Chemical Engineering Author: Eric A. Vandre Award:  2014 Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award in Fluid Dynamics Title: Onset of Dynamics Wetting Failure: The Mechanics of High-speed Fluid Displacement

University: Erasmus University Rotterdam Faculty: Marketing Author: Ezgi Akpinar Award: McKinsey Marketing Dissertation Award 2014 Title: Consumer Information Sharing: Understanding Psychological Drivers of Social Transmission

University: University of Washington Faculty: Computer Science & Engineering Author: Keith N. Snavely Award:  2009 Doctoral Dissertation Award Title: Scene Reconstruction and Visualization from Internet Photo Collections

University:  University of Ottawa Faculty:  Social Work Author:  Susannah Taylor Award: 2018 Joseph De Koninck Prize Title:  Effacing and Obscuring Autonomy: the Effects of Structural Violence on the Transition to Adulthood of Street Involved Youth

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George, T. (2022, November 11). Prize-Winning Thesis and Dissertation Examples. Scribbr. Retrieved February 21, 2023, from https://www.scribbr.com/dissertation/examples/

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Tegan George

Tegan George

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Dissertation examples

Listed below are some of the best examples of research projects and dissertations from undergraduate and taught postgraduate students at the University of Leeds We have not been able to gather examples from all schools. The module requirements for research projects may have changed since these examples were written. Refer to your module guidelines to make sure that you address all of the current assessment criteria. Some of the examples below are only available to access on campus.

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Award Winning Theses

The following theses are recent examples of outstanding work:.

Janda PRIZE for DISTINGUISHED Honors Thesis REcipients

The Kenneth F. Janda Prize for Distinguished Honors Thesis in Political Science  is awarded annually for the best undergraduate Honors thesis of the year.

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Politics Dissertations Samples For Students

63 samples of this type

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Bilateral Vs the Multilateral Dissertation Example

Furthermore, in my notes I asked for certain points in the Jordanian case to be included like past relationships with Israel and the Faisal/Weizmann agreement. Moreover the US role both agreements has to be highlighted as the main factor that pushed the agreement forward. and in the Jordanian agreement part you've mentioned something about Hezbollah . How is that relevant? and in the conclusion you've mentioned a point about Arabism vs. Islamic brotherhood, could you please elaborate on that?

Gulf War Of 1991 And Invasion Of Iraq In 2003 Dissertations Example

Free dissertation about sino-saudi relations, political implications of sino-saudi relations to the us and regional affairs.

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Naics Code Identification Dissertation

Conclusion on pest analysis, free public relations practice in jordan: image management during crisis dissertation sample, good dissertation about asia pacific region, executive summary, free dissertation about the importance of the uk government investing in the uk construction, related literature, the future role of the british armed forces in international conflict dissertation, introduction, free dissertation about cross-cultural management in finland, statement of purpose and academic motivation, good theoretical context dissertation example, impact of different methods of privatization on performance of enterprises in transition states, free dissertation on effect on the dispute between thailand and cambodia, investigation of the united nations (unesco) world heritage convention.

Over the Temple of Preah Vihear ABSTRACT

Free Dissertation On Health and Safety Legislation

‘health and safety legislation imposes an unnecessary financial burden on business’, example of a critical discourse analysis approach dissertation, interpreter’s subjectivity in business english negotiations, free electronic medical system dissertation example, nigerias gas system dissertation samples, department of children and family services dissertation samples, niger delta dissertation examples, good muslim faith schools in london dissertation example.

This paper intends to present a detailed analysis concerning the Muslim faith school in London. An attempt is made to understand the historical and socio-cultural factors impacting the issue of Muslim faith school. The various issues faced by the Muslim faith schools have been touché upon. The case for and against Muslim faith school in context of its implication of social cohesion and unity has been analysed. Muslim faith schools have been analysed in the context of various theories like liberalism, communitarian, multi-culturist and the case for and against Muslim school has been presented in this paper.

Role Of Smes In Developing Economies Dissertation Example

China is a very attractive gaming destination in the Asia Pacific region. This city attracts a large number of tourists and international visitors. It has also seen a rapid growth in the establishment of large gaming companies, ever since liberalization for gaming operators in 2002. This must have actually spurred economic growth, and boosted SMEs, which are the economic growth power engines. This paper explores the role of SMEs in an emerging economies, the role of manpower in SMEs, as well as understanding the key success factors of the SMEs in China.

Accounting Standards Dissertation

- Introduction

1.1 Background developments

Free funding for new business dissertation sample, example of marketing computer games between three countries: us v. uk v. china dissertation.

face-to-face, by phone or email, etc. There are two main roles of personal selling in the promotional mix. First of all, it is used to link the company with its customers. Because salespeople represent the company, to most of customers the salesperson is the company, therefore, customers may become loyal to the salespeople and company. Meanwhile, salespeople represent the customers to the company, which means company could understand customer needs through salespeople and provide more valuable products and services to gain more advantage relationship between customer and company.

Example Of Dissertation On Situational Analysis: Royal Bank Of Canada

Section 1.0 executive summary, good example of dissertation on ownership structure and firms performance, acknowledgement.

Executive Summary The relationship between ownership structure and firm performance has gained substantial attention of in the finance literature. The present study investigates the ownership structure of firms as a corporate mechanism and its impact on firm’s performance. An empirical analysis of the firms listed on NYSE and NASDAQ belonging to different sectors has been conducted to investigate the relationship between ownership structure and firms performance. The objective of the research is to identify how the corporate governance and corporate identity influence firm’s performance on the basis of three research questions provided in the following.

Free Cross Cultural Management And A Globally Connected Kazakhstan Dissertation Example

Acknowledgements, list of figures.

List of Tables

1.0 Chapter One: Introduction Chapter 1 introduces the concept of cross-cultural management in reference to the situation in Kazakhstan. The history of the region is briefly introduced with reference to the phenomena of globalization. The framework of the research is based on the seven organization constraints. The seven organizational constraints are listed and briefly defined. Research questions are listed with the research objectives. The rationale for the research is offered.

Appraisal System And Its Effect On Employee Morale Dissertations Example

Work based assessment in construction management dissertation examples, good example of black boys and underachievement: myth or reality dissertation, black boys and underachievement: myth or reality, sample dissertation on how does the wider view of corporate social responsibility (csr) influence operations, sample dissertation on marketing computer games between three countries, - introduction to relevant literature, business network security dissertation examples, section 1: foundation of the study, insider threats dissertations example.

This chapter gives an analysis of the results of the study to derive insights on why insider threats remains to be one of the leading and challenging security issues to deal with. The results of the study present a vague picture of what motivates insider threats in private organizations. The questions of why, what and how will be answered with references to the data obtained from the study. This section also demonstrates the actions taken by organizations and tries to link it with theoretical frameworks and pool of knowledge developed by earlier scholars.

Computer Assisted Instruction and Traditional Instruction Method Problem Dissertation

Sample dissertation on art & architecture, eighteenth century how to become an icon in the history of fashion and influence our life, sample dissertation on motivational factors of attendance for fifa world cups, the relationship between acculturative stress and alcohol abuse among male international dissertation examples, international and global operations in heineken inc dissertation sample, what is the impact of effective formulation and implementation of strategies for venturing in international and global operations in heineken inc, good executive pay disclosure of charities in the uk dissertation example, good example of risk in the new york stock exchange dissertation, sample dissertation on the influence of pop art on modern art and design, research question and aims dissertations example, good dissertation on definitions of success, virgin group, good example of japan staffing industry analysis dissertation, good example of provision of support for people suffering from workplace stress dissertation, a comparison between uk and india, organizational culture and innovation dissertation examples, organizational context dissertation samples, chapter # 1 introduction, diversity in the airline industry dissertation sample, dissertation on 2014/15, undergraduate dissertation.

Consumer Decision Making, in Relation to Brand Image in Today’s Airline Industry Presented for (Business management) This dissertation is entirely the original work of student registration number 1210025. Where material is obtained from published or unpublished works, this has been fully acknowledged by citation

A Descriptive Phenomenological Approach To Understanding ‘warm Demanding’: Evidence From Public School Teachers Dissertations Example

Concept paper.

Graduate Faculty of the School of Education Requirements for the Degree of

Chapter 1: Introduction 1

Statement of the Problem 2 Purpose of the Study 4 Research Questions 4 Coding and Theoretical Framework 5 Definition of Key Terms 7 Chapter 2: Literature Review 8 Summary 12

References 14

Good example of aim dissertation, identifying the psychological barriers towards taking up and sustaining physical activity in older people with type ii diabetes, information and communications technology dissertation examples, example of black american males and falaes in higher education dissertation, free chinese students dissertation example, evaluation of traditional safety and proposed impact of behavioral safety to uk dissertation examples, introduction:, free dissertation on transformational leadership in hospital administration, good example of dissertation on appraisal system and its effect on employee morale, dissertation on healthcare delivery at arms-length, good dissertation about financial reporting, dissertation on classroom management: effective teachers and instructional practices in public schools, annotated bibliography, gibson in his thesis explains dissertation, vernacular architecture – hassan fathy.

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Blog / Best Politics Dissertation Topics in 2023

Best politics dissertation topics in 2023.

dissertation examples politics

Politics Dissertation Topics : In the time of globalization, where the market economy is getting increasingly slanted towards exchange progression, it is getting fundamental for legislatures of nations over the globe to fall back on the standards and structure of big government. Consequently, as politics dissertation topics, the tendency towards setting up a nearby relationship between private enterprise and majority rule government ought to be given a lot of significance.

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Table of Contents

Best dissertation topics on politics for college students

A dissertation on politics could involve a variety of topics, depending on your specific interests and the focus of your research. Some possible topics for a politics dissertation might include:

Good Politics Dissertation Topics

Trending Politics Dissertation Topics

Hot Dissertation Topics on Politics

Customise Politics Dissertation Topics Brief Service

Recent Posts

Dissertation Topic Brief

You will get the topics first as per the given requirements, and then the brief which includes:

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Politics Dissertation Topics

Published by Carmen Troy at January 9th, 2023 , Revised On January 9, 2023


Politics is such a vast phenomenon that several dissertation topics can be selected from political issues. However, that selection must have some strong basis and importance in the practical field. Another fact to be kept in mind when choosing a dissertation topic is that some political issues are highly controversial, and they may not be of much value in terms of research and writing.

It should be noted that it is important that the researcher thoroughly enjoys the dissertation topic they are working on.  A boring and dry topic can later trouble them, and they might feel like regretting their selection. The following description enlists some of the dissertation topics that the researcher can select as their politics dissertation topic.

PhD qualified writers of our team have developed these topics, so you can trust to use these topics for drafting your dissertation.

You may also want to start your dissertation by requesting  a brief research proposal  from our writers on any of these topics, which includes an  introduction  to the problem,  research questions , aim and objectives ,  literature review  along with the proposed  methodology  of research to be conducted.  Let us know  if you need any help in getting started.

Check our  example dissertations  to get an idea of  how to structure your dissertation .

You can review step by step guide on how to write your dissertation  here.

View our free dissertation topics database.

2022 Politics Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: politics in a digital age- assessing the impact of social media on public participation and political campaigns..

Research Aim: This study aims to find how the public has utilised social media during elections or political campaigns. This study will also focus on the impact of social networking sites on popular participation in the electoral vote and political debate. This research study will also investigate the effects of new technologies and the digital era on media and political party campaigns and media activities during elections.

Topic 2: Investigating the reasons for the Central African Republic's Rebellion.

Research Aim: This study aims to find the reasons for the central African republic conflicts and different historical factors involved in this conflict. Furthermore, it will also focus on the dynamics of the conflict and how it has resulted in violent clashes between different religious parties. This study will conduct an in-depth analysis of this conflict to give a better understanding.

Topic 3: Investigating the influence of politics on Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality.

Research Aim: This study will provide us with a detailed evaluation of the present state of gender equality and women empowerment in developing nations and the influence of politics. It will also provide an understanding of how men, women, politicians, and other powerful individuals view gender equality and women empowerment.

Topic 4: Investigating the Impact of Neo-Fascism on Twentieth-century Europe.

Research Aim: The present study will analyse the impact of neo-fascism on twentieth-century Europe. We will also focus on the history, crisis, various proposals, and methods. We will also analyse how it has helped reproduced their ideologies and formed different legislation in Europe.

Topic 5: Assessing the change in Americans Political perspectives from Trump to Biden Eras.

Research Aim: The election of Joe Biden as a president of the US has resulted in a drastic shift in US’s foreign image. This study aims to investigate the change in the political perspective of people from the Trump to Biden eras. This study will focus on many things, including social, political, and economic factors, to help understand the perspectives of people, and will also look into the country’s situations during these both eras.

Covid-19 Politics Research Topics

Topic 1: impacts of covid-19 on global politics.

Research Aim: This study will highlight the impacts of Coronavirus on international politics.

Topic 2: Politics during Coronavirus pandemic

Research Aim: This study will focus on providing a deep insight into the political agendas during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Topic 3: Indian religious politics during Coronavirus pandemic

Research Aim: The research aims to analyse how the Indian media provoked a religious conflict amid the Coronavirus pandemic and the role of the government in overcoming it.

Topic 4: The role of the UK government or any country of your choice during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Research Aim: This study will identify the contributions of government across the world in combatting COVID-19.

Politics Research Topics 2021

Topic:1: evaluating outcomes of the 2007 procurement act transparency of officers in public service of state (abc).

Research Aim: This research will explore the connection between corporate governance and business efficiency. The dynamic collection of relationships between a business and its Board of Directors, managers, owners, employees, customers, creditors is analysed through analysis processes and how effective corporate management can benefit an organisation.

Topic 2: Management intergovernmental ties on local governance in country ABC

Research Aim: This research aims to analyse corporate governance’s compatibility in the state’s local government tiers.

Topic 3: Financing problems and opportunities in the delta state (a case study of ABC local government areas)

Research Aim: this project aims to explore the challenges and opportunities in the funding of Delta State Local government accounts, cost management, and income problems of local governments.

Topic 4: The effect of corporate governance on the competitiveness of a business of corporate management

Research Aim: This study is intended to examine corporate governance compatibility at the state’s local government levels.

Topic 5: Analysis of youth service corps (NYSC) United States effective leadership and success organisational

Research Aim: The research will assess successful leadership’s influence on organizational success in Nigeria through the Kogi State Office of the National Youth Service Corps.

Topic 6: The introduction of e-governance in country ABC

Research Aim: This research aims to introduce E-governance in not only the pandemic conditions but also in the daily governance operation to ease the system of governance of Country ABC.

Dissertation Topics: Impacts of 9/11 on World Politics

The 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center are an unforgettable phenomenon in the history of politics. It contributed immensely to strengthening relationships between some countries and making bonds weaker between the others.

Dissertation topics can be based on the events related to these attacks because this discussion has always been influential and surely can provide a sound basis for your research. Some of the dissertation topics that can be extracted out of the 9/11 terrorism catastrophe are listed as follows:

Review Our Best Dissertation Topics complete list.

Dissertation Topics: Problems Related to Africa

Contradictions in the policies and politics of Africa can be subjected to various dissertation topics. The researcher can find a focus point on which the dissertation can be based. Some dissertation topics related to the politics of Africa are listed below:

How Can Research Prospect Help?

Find 100s of dissertation topics for other research areas. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service!

China Politics Dissertation Topics

It is a known fact that China’s laws and policies are quite different from the rest of the world. Still, this fact twisted later in the 21st century when China started incorporating Western thoughts and views in technology and other areas related to economic development and increasing urbanization.

Some dissertation topics with regards to the incorporation of Western ideas into Chinese politics are listed as follows:

Also Read: Project Management Dissertation Topics

Relationship between the Arabs and the Israelis: Dissertation Topics

The Arabs and the Israelis have such complexity and problems in their relationship, primarily focused upon the Palestinian state. Their journey over the last sixty years also paved difficulties in relationships with other countries.

So, in this context, a researcher can find various issues to investigate in detail as a research topic. Following is the list of some of the suggestions for dissertation topics regarding this phenomenon of politics.

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“British Foreign Policy”: Dissertation Topics

The image of a country in different parts of the world is also dependent on its foreign policy and how efficiently it is maintained. There are many issues from British foreign policy that can make for an interesting topic for your politics dissertation.

Relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan: Dissertation Topics

Pakistan and Afghanistan share so much in common based on their history, faith, and heritage. In the war against Soviet occupation, Pakistan supported 3.5 million Afghans because it shared certain interests with Afghanistan, but recently the settlement of Afghan refugees in various parts of Pakistan has been considered an undesirable phenomenon due to the increasing threat of terrorism and crime.

In Islamabad, actions are being taken to demolish the illegal Afghan settlements in response to the increasing threat of violence, crime, and terrorism. It is believed that the people involved in various illegal acts settle in these areas and carry out their violent acts from safe heavens. So, this phenomenon has a strong political basis, and certain dissertations can be based on it. Here’s a list of some of the dissertation topics in this regard:

Politics and Media Dissertation Topics

Modern media is a powerful weapon in communicating what is happening throughout the world to people around the globe. Media has a strong influence on people perceiving different scenarios, which might actually not even be true.

There are certain politics involved in what media has to show and deliver to the people behind the screens. Depending on various external factors, media can either positively or negatively portray different scenarios and facts. Below is the list of some of the suggested dissertation topics if you would like to base your dissertation on media and politics.

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Political Parties Dissertation Topics

Political parties have always been one of the major elements of the development of politics. Any comparison between two or more parties can be worked upon by the researcher, or any other issue in this regard can be studied. Political parties of any country can be selected, and a dissertation can be based on their differences and similarities.

For instance, the two famous political parties of the UK- the Labor Party and the Conservative Party can be compared or individually studied by the researcher. The following are some interesting dissertation topics from this area of politics.

US Foreign Policy Dissertation Topics

The US is the most powerful country globally and has a considerable influence on the world’s politics. The following are some of the dissertation topics related to US foreign policy.

Also Read: History Dissertation Topics

Politics and Religion: Dissertation Topics

Religion and politics are two separate entities, but they also impact each other, especially in today’s world. Below is a list of the topics related to politics and religion that the researcher can opt to aim his or her dissertation on:

Important Notes:

As a student of politics looking to get good grades, it is essential to develop new ideas and experiment on existing politics theories – i.e., to add value and interest in your research topic.

The field of politics is vast and interrelated to so many other academic disciplines like civil engineering ,  construction ,  law , engineering management , healthcare , mental health , artificial intelligence , tourism , physiotherapy , sociology , management , marketing and nursing . That is why it is imperative to create a project management dissertation topic that is articular, sound, and actually solves a practical problem that may be rampant in the field.

We can’t stress how important it is to develop a logical research topic; it is the basis of your entire research. There are several significant downfalls to getting your topic wrong; your supervisor may not be interested in working on it, the topic has no academic creditability, the research may not make logical sense, there is a possibility that the study is not viable.

This impacts your time and efforts in writing your dissertation as you may end up in the cycle of rejection at the very initial stage of the dissertation. That is why we recommend reviewing existing research to develop a topic, taking advice from your supervisor, and even asking for help in this particular stage of your dissertation.

While developing a research topic, keeping our advice in mind will allow you to pick one of the best politics dissertation topics that fulfil your requirement of writing a research paper and add to the body of knowledge.

Therefore, it is recommended that when finalizing your dissertation topic, you read recently published literature to identify gaps in the research that you may help fill.

Remember- dissertation topics need to be unique, solve an identified problem, be logical, and can also be practically implemented. Take a look at some of our sample politics dissertation topics to get an idea for your own dissertation.

How to Structure your Politics Dissertation

A well-structured dissertation can help students to achieve a high overall academic grade.

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Need more Topics.?

Review Our Best Dissertation Topics 2021 complete list.

Free Dissertation Topic

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Academic Subject

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As the field of forensic psychology is still relatively new, there are numerous research issues to address. Investigate how psychology has been used to support certain legal theories.

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Engaging Politics Dissertation Topics

The selection of a topic is the first and most crucial step when writing any dissertation paper . There are many politics dissertation topics that you can work on. But how will you know which one will be the best to work with? 

Your choice will be the only thing that can make this dissertation writing experience a breeze. If you choose the wrong one, you’ll end up regretting it immensely. Here, you’ll find the topics that are the most popular among professors and students worldwide. As long as you pick anything from here, your dissertation is bound to move in the right direction.

Topics For Politics Dissertation

Latest Politics Dissertation Topics

No one wants to read about politics dissertation topics that are outdated. Your professors have probably read papers of the same kind hundreds of times. There is a low chance that they will bother reading your entire research seriously. This will undoubtedly lower your chances of securing a good grade.

The only way to overcome this hurdle is to choose a politics dissertation topic  that is relevant in the current political scenario. Let’s look at some of these topics for you to work with.

These latest politics dissertation topics are the easiest way to capture your professor’s attention and keep them engaged with your paper.

Most Recommended Politics Dissertation Topics

Due to circumstances, you might not want to take huge risks when choosing your politics dissertation topics. Therefore, choosing any one of the most recommended topics ensures you can write an excellent dissertation paper quickly.

Professors highly recommend these politics dissertation topics   because of their relevancy in the modern political atmosphere. You can choose any one of these that seems interesting to you.

5 Best Politics Dissertation Topics For College Students

As college students, the professors will expect you to develop some politics dissertation topics that will showcase your research and analytical skills. You can choose from the following dissertation topics curated specially for college students.

These politics dissertation topics for college students will help you write a well-researched paper. You’ll find plenty of research materials on them if you search online.

5 Most Engaging University Politics Dissertation Topics

Professors expect a lot more from university students regarding their dissertation papers. Here, you have to carefully select your politics dissertation topic to showcase your growth as an academic writer. Let’s look at five exciting dissertation topics that you can explore:

You’ll need to spend some time on these politics dissertation topics if you want to write an excellent paper. Consulting online resources is a perfect way to start with any of these.

Politics Dissertation Topics That Require Good Research

If you have a lot of time to work on your dissertation paper , then it might be best to select one where you can showcase your research abilities. Many students try to avoid these politics dissertation topics because of how time-consuming they can be. However, choosing any one of these will leave a good impression on your professor and positively impact your grades.

You should always maintain a list of references when you’re writing on topics like these that require a lot of research. It will make it easier for you to write your citations.

Dissertation Topics Related To Politics And Media

You can feel the global impact of media in all spheres of life as more people access the internet. The power of social media also has a tremendous effect on international politics. You can explore this through the following topics:

These politics dissertation topics can help you write an extremely high-quality paper if you provide all the recent examples of the impact of media on politics.

Explore 5 Easy Political Essay Dissertation Topics

Sometimes, you might have to complete your dissertation within a strict deadline. It will be impossible for you to go into in-depth research for any topic. It is best to choose a manageable dissertation topic during such emergencies for which you’ll never lack any research material.

You won’t have to spend weeks and months on these political dissertation topics .  Just go through your reading material and academic articles, and you’ll find enough material to write a decent dissertation paper.

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Do You Still Want More Politics Dissertation Topic Ideas For Your Paper?

Our experts will give you the best recommendations.

Selecting a good topic for your politics dissertation paper is crucial if you want to get good grades . You have to keep factors like the deadline, the number of resources, and the readily available research material in mind when picking your politics dissertation topic. It can be challenging for a student to figure out all these details.

In such times, our assignment writers are the best possible solution. After assessing your writing capabilities and all other factors, our subject matter experts can recommend the topics you can write to ensure the best grades possible.

If you’re not confident about writing the paper yourself, you can easily hire one of our expert assignment writers who will take care of everything for you.

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Political Science Subject Guide: Literature Reviews

More Literature Review Writing Tips

Books on the Literature Review

dissertation examples politics

What is a literature review?

"A literature review is an account of what has been published on a topic by accredited scholars and researchers. [...] In writing the literature review, your purpose is to convey to your reader what knowledge and ideas have been established on a topic, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. As a piece of writing, the literature review must be defined by a guiding concept (e.g., your research objective, the problem or issue you are discussing, or your argumentative thesis). It is not just a descriptive list of the material available, or a set of summaries."

(from "The Literature Review: A Few Tips on Writing It," http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/specific-types-of-writing/literature-review )

Strategies for conducting your own literature review

1. Use this guide as a starting point. Begin your search with the resources linked from the political science subject guide. These library catalogs and databases will help you identify what's been published on your topic.

2. What came first? Try bibliographic tracing. As you're finding sources, pay attention to what and whom these authors cite. Their footnotes and bibliographies will point you in the direction of additional scholarship on your topic.

3. What comes next? Look for reviews and citation reports. What did scholars think about that book when it was published in 2003? Has anyone cited that article since 1971? Reviews and citation analysis tools can help you determine if you've found the seminal works on your topic--so that you can be confident that you haven't missed anything important, and that you've kept up with the debates in your field. You'll find book reviews in JSTOR and other databases. Google Scholar has some citation metrics; you can use Web of Science ( Social Sciences Citation Index ) for more robust citation reports.

4. Stay current. Get familiar with the top journals in your field, and set up alerts for new articles. If you don't know where to begin, APSA and other scholarly associations often maintain lists of journals, broken out by subfield . In many databases (and in Google Scholar), you can also set up search alerts, which will notify you when additional items have been added that meet your search criteria.

5. Stay organized. A citation management tool--e.g., RefWorks, Endnote, Zotero, Mendeley--will help you store your citations, generate a bibliography, and cite your sources while you write. Some of these tools are also useful for file storage, if you'd like to keep PDFs of the articles you've found. To get started with citation management tools, check out this guide . 

How to find existing literature reviews

1. Consult Annual Reviews.  The Annual Review of Political Science consists of thorough literature review essays in all areas of political science, written by noted scholars. The library also subscribes to Annual Reviews in economics, law and social science, sociology, and many other disciplines.

2. Turn to handbooks, bibliographies, and other reference sources. Resources like Oxford Bibliographies Online and assorted handbooks ( Oxford Handbook of Comparative Politics , Oxford Handbook of American Elections and Political Behavior , etc.) are great ways to get a substantive introduction to a topic, subject area, debate, or issue. Not exactly literature reviews, but they do provide significant reference to and commentary on the relevant literature--like a heavily footnoted encyclopedia for specialists in a discipline. 

3. Search databases and Google Scholar.   Use the recommended databases in the "Articles & Databases" tab of this guide and try a search that includes the phrase "literature review."

4. Search in journals for literature review articles.  Once you've identified the important journals in your field as suggested in the section above, you can target these journals and search for review articles. 

5. Find book reviews.  These reviews can often contain useful contextual information about the concerns and debates of a field. Worldwide Political Science Abstracts is a good source for book reviews, as is JSTOR . To get to book reviews in JSTOR, select the advanced search option, use the title of the book as your search phrase, and narrow by item type: reviews. You can also narrow your search further by discipline.

6. Cast a wide net--don't forget dissertations.  Dissertations and theses often include literature review sections. While these aren't necessarily authoritative, definitive literature reviews (you'll want to check in Annual Reviews for those), they can provide helpful suggestions for sources to consider.

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What Is A Dissertation

Dissertation Examples

Last updated on: Jan 2, 2023

Dissertation Examples for Different Academic Levels & Fields

By: Cathy A.

Reviewed By: Rylee W.

Published on: Jan 3, 2023

Dissertation Examples

A  dissertation writing  is an academic assignment written to complete an undergraduate or graduate degree. It is mainly written to assess the research and writing skills of the students.

This important task is based on extensive research work where multiple sections are drafted for success. The dissertation will be effective if the information is properly structured and organized.

Moreover, the dissertation is the longest piece of writing that students have to do in their academic careers.

Some students get stuck when they write a dissertation for the first time. However, worry not. Here, we have provided the students with dissertation examples for different academic levels and fields. Read on the blog to learn how to write a dissertation professionally.

Dissertation Examples

On this Page

Dissertation Examples for Different Academic Levels

The dissertation is usually written for undergraduates, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs. However, the writing steps may differ accordingly.

Here we have provided some examples for you for different academic levels. These will help you get a detailed idea of the writing process.

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Undergraduate Dissertation Example

Typically, undergraduates write dissertations to highlight the important issues and significance in the field area. Have a look at the following example to understand the  dissertation methodology  and structure.

Masters Dissertation Example

The master’s dissertation requires a student to present expertise in the research study and field. Moreover, each section must be properly organized and written to be effective. Check out the below example to get the best help for your master’s dissertation.

PhD. Dissertation Example

A PhD dissertation is also known as a doctoral thesis. It is a final research project mandatory for the students to complete their doctoral degrees. The length can vary from degree to degree, but it usually can take up to 80,000 words. This word limit includes the reference list and appendices.

Here is an example for you to understand the detailed writing process of a Phd dissertation.

MBA Dissertation Example

The goal of an MBA dissertation is for students to explore new ideas and research in their field. Develop a clear argument about what they have found out by reading academic papers or conducting interviews with experts.

Below is an example that you can use for your help.

Dissertation Examples for Different Fields

A dissertation can be written for any field of study, but it should provide advanced knowledge of the topic. The following are some of the best dissertation examples in different fields and disciplines. Refer to these to comprehend the writing process with complete structure.

Dissertation Example in Education (PDF)

Dissertation Example in Psychology (PDF)

Dissertation Example in Nursing (PDF)

Dissertation Example in Criminology (PDF)

Dissertation Example in Biomedical Science (PDF)

Dissertation Example in Politics (PDF)

English Literature Dissertation Example (PDF)

Law Dissertation Example (PDF)

Business Dissertation Example (PDF)

History Dissertation Example (PDF)

Biomedical Science Dissertation Example (PDF)

If you are assigned to draft a dissertation for any of these subject areas, ensure to take the necessary writing steps. Nevertheless, your understanding of a dissertation topic must be authentic, so you must conduct extensive research.

Dissertation Examples for Different Methodologies

After deciding on a  dissertation topic , a writer chooses a methodology to collect data. It is an essential step because it explains the techniques through which the data will be gathered.

There are two different methods to collect information, depending on the field and subject of the dissertation. These include qualitative and quantitative research. However, it is important to identify the methodology to get the best results for your research study.

Qualitative Dissertation Example

Qualitative research includes methods like interviews, surveys, and focus groups to collect the information for the dissertation. An example of the qualitative dissertation is given below for you to get an idea.

Quantitative Dissertation Example

Quantitative research includes sampling and experiments to collect information. It is required for the subjects that include concrete data in the form of numbers. Here is a sample dissertation for quantitative research to understand better.

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Dissertation Writing Tips

Below are the professional tips that will help you write a perfect dissertation on time.

Follow these tips to make the writing process easier for you. If you are still confused or unsure about your writing skills, get professional help from  GradSchoolGenius.com . The writers provide the best  dissertation writing services  to guide students.

They have advanced qualifications, knowledge, and expertise to make your writing tasks less complex and daunting. Just specify your requirements, and we will help you achieve top grades.

Simply hire a professional expert and get an affordable and plagiarism-free dissertation now.

Cathy A.

Natural Sciences, Life Sciences

Cathy has been been working as an author on our platform for over five years now. She has a Masters degree in mass communication and is well-versed in the art of writing. Cathy is a professional who takes her work seriously and is widely appreciated by clients for her excellent writing skills.

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Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Examples

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TheDissertation - Dissertation Examples - Political science

Political science Dissertation Examples For Free Download

The environment and climate change, the european union legitimacy crisis: causes and solutions.

Words: 11000

Social workers and motivation

Words: 1100

Kerala Contaminated water issue

The people of kerala and water issue.

Words: 1375

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Does Northern Ireland Peace Process offer a Model for Resolving Conflicts in Africa?

Words: 1650

Student work

We are proud of our students and the fantastic work they do with us while they are here.

When students do particularly good work, we want to tell the world about it. Below are some examples of some of the best pieces of work that some of students have produced over the past few years. Well done to all of them.

Sample Dissertations

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dissertation examples politics

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dissertation examples politics

Academic Library

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What Data Should be Included in Politics Dissertation?

politics dissertation

Politics Dissertation Examples

dissertation examples politics

Journalism Dissertation Topics

dissertation examples politics

If you are a student interested in pursuing a dissertation in the field of politics, this blog post is for you. Here, we will provide a general overview of what a politics dissertation entails and offer a successful example of a political dissertation for reference. Whether you are just considering writing a politics dissertation or are already in the process, this post will provide valuable information and inspiration to help guide your efforts with politics dissertation examples . It is our hope that this post will help you understand the requirements and expectations of a politics dissertation with examples and give you some ideas on how to approach your own research and writing.

Politics papers are an important form of communication in the world of academia and politics. They are used to communicate information, decisions, ideas, and opinions on various topics. It is essential that these papers include accurate data and valid evidence to support the claims made. So, what kind of data should be included in a politics dissertation?

Data Sources for your Politics Dissertation 

Doing research for political dissertation research can be done in various ways. 

Check this blog for rightly choosing the right data sources for your politics dissertation .

Primary Sources

Primary sources are documents or records created at the time under study. These can include diaries, letters, eyewitness accounts, interviews, speeches, government documents and statistical data. When researching a political topic, primary sources are very helpful in understanding different perspectives on the issue.

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources provide critical analysis or interpretation of primary sources or other secondary sources. Examples include books, magazine articles, encyclopedias and journal articles written by experts on the topic being studied. These sources provide an overview of the topic and research from reliable sources that can inform your argument or opinion about it.

Statistical Data

Statistics provide quantitative information about an event or process that can help provide context for your paper’s argument and can help make sure you stay on point with your claims and opinions regarding the subject matter you’re researching. When using statistics in a political dissertation, it is important to make sure they are from reliable sources such as governmental agencies or published studies from renowned universities and organizations with expertise in the field being discussed.

Public Opinion Polls

One of the most critical pieces of data when writing a paper on politics should come from public opinion polls. These polls provide invaluable insight into how the population feels about a particular issue or policy. Understanding this information allows you to draw conclusions and make arguments based on facts rather than opinions.

However, it’s important to remember that not all polls are created equal; some may have more reliable results than others, depending on their methodologies. When using public opinion polls, be sure to include only those that reputable organizations with sound practices conduct.

Economic Data

Another type of data that should be included in political papers is economic data. It includes things like GDP growth rates, unemployment figures, inflation rates, and other economic metrics. Economic performance is often used to indicate how well a government is performing its duties; thus, it’s important to include these metrics in any political paper you write.

Additionally, this type of data can also help support or refute arguments made in your paper regarding the effectiveness of various policies or programs implemented by governing bodies.

Historical Context

Finally, a key component of any politics dissertation should include historical context. That means looking back at past events and drawing parallels between those events and the current issues discussed in the paper.

Doing so allows readers to see how certain topics have evolved and provides evidence for why certain decisions have been made or why certain policies have been implemented (or not). It also provides context for potential solutions or alternative approaches that could potentially solve current problems being discussed in your paper.

Structuring your Politics Dissertation Data

Data formatting tips.

When formatting your dissertation data, there are several key points to keep in mind.

Organizing Your Data

Once you’ve formulated your research question(s), it’s time to begin organizing your data into logical categories by topic or theme. Start by identifying major themes or topics related to your research questions and break them down into smaller subthemes or categories as necessary. These categories can then be further broken down into specific topics related to the original research question(s).

As you organize this information, be sure to create supporting evidence for each point by citing reputable sources from peer-reviewed journals or other reliable sources such as government documents or news reports. It will help strengthen your argument and demonstrate that you have thoroughly researched the topic at hand.

Get a Dissertation Proposal – Get Going!

Dissertation Proposal Lays Down the Outline of Your Final Dissertation

Get a Dissertation Proposal that matches your requirements, which includes the topic title, research aim and objective, research questions, research gap, literature review, methodology and list of reference papers. The Dissertation Proposal will be foundation of your final dissertation. It is very important to get this done perfectly to avoid any problems!

Analyzing Your Data

When analyzing your data, it’s important to consider how different pieces of information fit together and how they may support or contradict one another. It is also helpful to consider any underlying assumptions or biases present in the data being analyzed to identify any potential flaws or inaccuracies in the presented argument.

When writing up this analysis section of your paper, try using visual aids such as graphs, tables, and diagrams whenever possible – these can help communicate complex ideas clearly while also helping readers better understand what is being discussed.

Check this blog for data analysis in your dissertation .

How to structure politics dissertation

Here are some tips on how to structure your politics dissertation.

Understand Your Requirements

Before you start writing, it is essential that you understand what is expected of you by your professor or university. Pay close attention to any instructions or guidelines they provide, such as word count, formatting style, and so on. It will help ensure that your dissertation meets all its requirements and expectations.

Choose a Topic

Once you understand what is required, it's time to choose a topic for your dissertation. Consider topics that are relevant to current events or issues in politics. You may also want to think about topics that haven't been explored thoroughly yet by other researchers—this could give you an opportunity to make an original contribution to the field of political science.

Research and Develop Your Argument

Now that you've chosen your topic, it's time to start researching! Make sure you use reliable sources—such as scholarly journals and books—and take detailed notes so that everything is organized clearly in front of you when it comes time to write your dissertation.

Once you have gathered enough information on the topic, begin developing your argument or thesis statement for the paper—this should be one clear sentence which summarizes what position or conclusion your paper will reach by the end.

Create an Outline

Once you have developed your argument or thesis statement, create an outline for how each section of your paper will flow logically from one paragraph to the next until it all culminates with a conclusion supporting your thesis statement from earlier in the paper.

This outline should include the main points and arguments for each section and any evidence or research data which backs them up (such as quotes from experts). This outline will serve as a roadmap for when it comes time to write out each section of your dissertation in full sentences and paragraphs.

Write Your Dissertation

Now that all the preliminary work has been done—you know what's required of you, have chosen an interesting topic, gathered research materials and developed an outline—it's finally time to begin writing out each section of your dissertation!

Start with an engaging introduction which introduces readers to both the main points/arguments which will be discussed throughout the paper as well as provides background information on why this particular topic was chosen for discussion in this particular piece of writing (you can also include some personal reflections here if applicable).

Then move on to each body paragraph, where specific points/arguments are discussed more deeply before concluding with a strong conclusion.

In conclusion, when writing a politics dissertation, using accurate data and valid evidence to support your claims and opinions about the topic being discussed is important. All these resources should be used together to create an informed opinion based on facts rather than just conjecture or opinion alone. Doing so will ensure that your dissertation is taken seriously by academics and those working in politics!

Contact Premier Dissertations for a stellar politics dissertation or politics dissertation examples .

More resources on politics dissertation section writing are shared below.

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Disclaimer: This dissertation topic or title was produced by one of our dissertation writers to help university students with their studies.

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Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this dissertation topic or title are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UKDiss.com.

Politics Dissertation Topics

Info: 3725 words (15 pages) Dissertation Topic Published: 16th Aug 2021 in Dissertation Topic

Reference this

Tagged: Politics

We have provided a selection of example politics dissertation topics below to help and inspire you.

British Politics

You may want to take a look at British politics for your dissertation. This is a topic with lots of research available and could be an interesting avenue to take. Take a look at our examples below:

Example British politics dissertation topic 1:

A critical analysis of New Labour’s ‘Third Way’ on social policy

The rejection of Clause Four and the rebranding of the Labour Party as ‘New Labour’ was prefaced by the suggestion that the new Government would, if elected, adopt a ‘Third Way’ to managing the economy and the welfare state. There would be no return to ‘Old Labour’ whilst the unchecked monetarism of the Thatcher era would be softened. Central to the image that secured election and the ideology underpinning the new Government’s approach to social policy was the work of Gidden’s ‘The Third Way’. It is now over five years since Tony Blair left office and three years since the New Labour project was proclaimed ‘dead’. Accordingly this dissertation reviews Labour’s use of the ‘Third Way’ in office and seeks to assess the extent to which the ‘Third Way’ has created a lasting legacy within both British social policy and party politics.

Suggested initial topic reading:

Example British politics dissertation topic 2:

Governing without government: An exploration of the effects of policy networks on the governance of the UK post-Major

The arrival of Blair in Downing Street in May 2010 was seen by many political commentators (such as Hennessey and Riddle) to usher in a new system of governance. This dissertation explores the interlinking concepts of ‘core executive’, ‘policy networks’ and ‘governance’ and questions the extent to which a series of informal networks and cross departmental initiatives changes the face of Whitehall during the Blair premiership. It also questions the extent to which such modes of government were foreshadowed by the co-ordinating initiatives developed by Heseltine and Major and through so doing seeks to question the assumption that Blair’s approach was revolutionary, proposing instead that it represented a further evolution of that which had gone before.

Example British politics dissertation topic 3:

Elected mayors: a reinvigoration of local government? A comparative study of Hartlepool and Middlesbrough

Though the primary constitutional reforms of the Blair years are seen to centre upon the GLC and devolution, it was also a period in which elected mayors were introduced to a number of British cities. In the case of Hartlepool, H’Angus the Monkey (the mascot of the local football team) was not only elected but subsequently re-elected. Such an election confounded traditional party political expectations of elections at a local level and was repeated by the election of an independent mayor in Middlesbrough (a further traditional Labour heartland). This study uses primary and secondary data to assess the extent to which the election of these two mayors has reinvigorated democracy and local accountability in the traditional labour heartland and what lessons their elections may hold for further mayoral contests nationwide.

Example British politics dissertation topic 4:

‘A bulwark against effective regionalism’ – a discussion of the place of county councils within English local government

The present administrative county councils of England date back to the Local Government Act of 1888. Though they have been altered (notably in the 1974 Local Government Act), with some being abolished and thereafter restored (for example, Rutland), they have, as an instrument of local governance remained virtually unaltered (in size) for over 100 years. In contrast, urban and rural district councils, municipal boroughs and non-municipal boroughs along with single tier governments for conurbations have come and gone; to be replaced by, amongst other forms, district and borough councils. Given the plethora of innovations within the lower tier of regional government and the continued failure to establish convenient and elected regional bodies across England, this dissertation asks how county councils have managed to maintain their position within local government for so long when so much around them has altered.

Example British politics dissertation topic 5:

Regional government for the north: A ‘post-recession’ rejoinder

The plan for devolution for the north as espoused by John Prescott when Deputy Prime Minister was overwhelmingly rejected by voters in the north. Nevertheless, a decade later and faced with a seemingly ever-widening gulf between the economics of the north and south of England, a growing body of academic opinion within the north has called for the question to be re-opened. It is perhaps no coincidence that this call has come at a time when not only is the Scottish Parliament is asking for more devolved powers but also that ‘life over the border’ for those within the English borderlands seems relatively more appealing given policies relating to prescriptions, elderly care and tuition fees. This dissertation charts not only the rise and fall of the Prescott plan for northern devolution but asks whether the time is now right for the question to be put to the public again.

Example British politics dissertation topic 6:

The case for an English Parliament

The clamour for greater devolved powers for Scotland, a revitalised Welsh assembly and a Tory majority within English parliamentary constituencies has once again given rise to the question of whether the English should have their own parliament. In addition, the steady rise of alternative political parties suggests that issues of English nationalism need to be addressed by the ‘big three’ political parties. Set within a context of voter apathy and devolution this dissertation not only addresses the conceptual theories that underpin the suggestions that England should have its own parliament but also asks what effects such a body would have upon the state of the union.

Example British politics dissertation topic 7:

Engaging with community stakeholders in local government: A case study of flood prevention strategies in Doncaster and the role of community volunteers

This dissertation evaluates the effectiveness of the existing flood prevention awareness schemes undertaken by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council in conjunction with local stakeholder groups. In so doing, it undertakes primary research in three distinct manners First, house to house surveys with flood victims will be conducted. Secondly, interviews with risk management and local government experts and practitioners will be undertaken. Thirdly, a forum will be held with the local flood awareness groups within the Borough. In so doing it highlights ways in which Doncaster’s existing policies can be further enhanced and also proffers the suggestion that Doncaster could be a role model for other local authorities faced with surface water flooding problems.

Example British politics dissertation topic 8:

An analysis of the Boundary Commission’s proposals for the future parliamentary electoral divisions of England

The systematic review of England’s parliamentary constituency boundaries has resulted in a number of recommendations. Chief amongst these are a reduction in the number of seats so as to enable a closer assimilation in numbers of electors per constituency. This has resulted in the proposed creation, in areas such as Northumberland, of ‘super constituencies’ in terms of acreage. This dissertation questions, given rising levels of voter apathy and a perceived growing gulf between voters and politicians whether the creation of larger constituencies is desirable in such a political environment.

Example British politics dissertation topic 9:

Beyond traditional party politics – a review of the rise of the Respect Party under George Galloway

The election of George Galloway in Bradford has been described as ‘the Bradford Spring’ and resulted in the maverick MP being returned to power. Given the socio-economic characteristics of the constituency and the ethnic diversity of the constituency, this dissertation charts not only the rise of the Respect Party but also seeks to understand what it is about the party (beyond Galloway himself) that appeals to voters. Consequently this dissertation will gather an array of primary source data from the constituency itself as well as grounding the study in perceived academic knowledge through a thorough review of existing literature upon issues affecting voting intentions and behaviour.

Example British politics dissertation topic 10:

Geoffrey Howe, Michael Heseltine and Liverpool – a review of Conservative Government Policy with especial reference to primary sources

The dispatch of Michael Heseltine to inner-city Liverpool in the early 1980s brought with it an urban regeneration policy the effects of which are still felt today. At the same time, however, recently disclosed papers from the National Archive at Kew, suggests that there was a contrary opinion within cabinet that the declining traditional industrial areas of Britain should be left to decay. This dissertation reviews minutes, policy initiatives and public perceptions of the effects of both to present a discursive analysis of the Conservative Government’s policies towards in the inner-cities in the Thatcher years.

Political Parties

Maybe you would like to concentrate on a specific political party for your dissertation! If so, take a look at some of our examples below for inspiration.

Example political parties dissertation topic 1:

History teaches us that, when faced with the political wilderness, the Conservative Party is the most radical when it comes to electoral reform. Does this still hold true?

The Reform Act introduced by Disraeli was more radical than that introduced in 1832. In a similar way, the Catholic Emancipation Act introduced by Peel and Wellington was designed not only to protect Tory interests but also to outflank their political opponents. Now, as part of a coalition and with an SNP majority government in Edinburgh, the Conservative Party faces the opportunity once more to show its radicalism with regards to the constitution and issues of electoral reform.

Example political parties dissertation topic 2:

Does the election of David Cameron as both Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister suggest that the party has returned to its roots in the nature of who it chooses to lead itself?

The election of David Cameron as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister has restored the lineage of old Etonians to the top job in British politics. Moreover, not since before Macmillan’s ‘night of the long knives’ have so many Old Etonians served in either Cabinet or ministerial positions. This dissertation accordingly evaluates the changing nature of the candidates for ‘Leader of the Party’ from Macmillan to date and asks whether the election of Cameron marks a retrograde step or the renewed continuance of a longer-standing tradition within Conservative Party politics.

Example political parties politics dissertation topic 3:

‘A man for all seasons’ – a study of the changing policy positions of Nick Clegg from Leader of the Liberal Democrats to Deputy Prime Minister

In opposition the Liberal democrats were vociferous in their attacks upon the proposed increase in tuition fees. The Liberal democrats were also vehement in their demands for electoral reform. In power they voted for the former whilst, faced with public apathy and rejection, no further proposals for electoral reform have been mooted. Moreover, as the most Europhile of the main three political parties the Liberal Democrats are in power at a time when the single currency seems doomed to failure. The change from opposition to power has been a difficult one for both Nick Clegg and his party. Reviewing policy documents, conference papers, voting records and actual legislation passed this dissertation asks whether or not there is coherence within the policy positions adopted by the Liberal democrats within power and, if not, what it may tell us as to their future likely electoral strength.

US Politics

If you are more interested in US politics, it would be a good idea to focus on that for your dissertation. If you are not sure how to narrow down your topic, these examples may be useful:

Example US politics dissertation topic 1:

Only in foreign policy does the President enjoy primacy of action – a critical review

With a divided Congress, presidential elections in the offing and battle over budget deficit reduction programmes as well as welfare initiatives, this dissertation contrasts the seeming lack of power that the US president exhibits in the domestic political arena against his powers in foreign matters. Contrasting his relationship with Congress to his powers relating to the signing of treaties and the War Powers resolution this dissertation reviews the presidencies of Clinton, Bush and Obama using a range of secondary sources as well as interviews with key political players of each administration.

EU Politics

Maybe EU politics is more your thing? If so, take a look at some of these examples to see if they can help you with your own dissertation topic:

Example EU politics dissertation topic 1:

Increasingly detached from the public – what the fall of governments in Spain, France and Greece tells us as to nature of present day political engagement with political leadership in the mature democracies of Western Europe

Contemporary voter dissatisfaction with the political elites of Western Europe is self-evident. This dissertation charts the rise of the movement against the governments in Greece, Spain and France and asks three questions. First, what does their removal tell us of the nature of political participation in the three countries? Secondly, what does it imply as to the state of European integration from a voter (rather than professional politician’s) perspective? Thirdly, what do the answers to these questions suggest will happen to the Coalition as Britain enters a double dip recession?

For further guidance on dissertation topics see our guide on  how to choose a dissertation topic .

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