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thesy surface imdb

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Thesy Surface

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Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA


Margaret McPoyle From Always Sunny Is Gorgeous In Real Life

Thesy Surface

Remember the first time you laid eyes on poor, misunderstood Margaret McPoyle? A recurring character on  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia   since  2006 , McPoyle is distinguished by her  compulsive lip-licking , her propensity for pigtails, and her wholly unfortunate unibrow. In case you've blocked her most famous scene from your mind, we'll jog your memory: In the 2007 episode "The Gang Gets Held Hostage," sleaze merchant Dennis Reynolds (portrayed by Glenn Howerton ) successfully  seduces McPoyle  with the world's nastiest  neg : "You know, your eyebrow drives me crazy... It's so thick, so dark, and so very connected." 

To this day, we don't know a whole lot about McPoyle. As  Uproxx   notes, she's a member of an "inbred, incestuous family" and happens to be "deaf-mute." Other than that, there's one morsel we can share with confidence: The actress who plays McPoyle is absolutely gorgeous in real life. (Even the professional oglers at  Maxim  agree, for what it's worth.)

Meet Thesy Surface, the Chicago-born actress behind the unibrow, the pigtails, the increasingly iconic "Lip Lick." In 2010, she told   TheTVJunkieDotNet  she "grew up in rainy old London," but her ambition eventually led her to Los Angeles to pursue acting. She once described her time on the long-running FX comedy thus: "Working on Sunny is like taking a hike in Cracktown, but a fun Cracktown" (per Spotlight Media Company). Let's take a look at the beauty beneath this perpetually sweaty, occasionally gun-toting beast.

​How she landed the gig

Actors, beware: Following your Hollywood dreams could lure you into a seedy, unibrowed underworld where nothing is as it seems. In a 2012 interview with the Mr. Media podcast, Surface revealed that she was "literally fresh off the bus" to Los Angeles when she landed the plum role of Margaret McPoyle. She first learned of the acting gig through word of mouth, tipped off by "a friend from university" who was interning for director Daniel Attias. (Since 2005, Attias has directed well over a dozen Always Sunny episodes.)

As she told  TheTVJunkieDotNet  in 2010, Surface's friend shared a few important details over the phone: "They're looking for this really tiny role," he said, "and it's like this really sleazy character." Once she caught wind of that fact, Surface thought: "Oh, okay, I'm never going to get this because, you know, I'm too attractive." Her reason for pursuing the part? A fresh-faced newbie to the Hollywood scene, she told the  Mr. Media  podcast that she "just wanted to be on TV."

She evidently didn't realize what she'd signed up for . She certainly "didn't know [Margaret] was going to be that ugly," she told  TheTVJunkieDotNet.  Nevertheless, "two days" after auditioning and landing the role, Surface was sitting on the Always Sunny set "getting all her ugly makeup on." She had officially arrived... or had she?

​She says the unibrow went 'HD'

When Thesy Surface steps into the role of Margaret McPoyle, she makes it seem so effortlessly wretched — but looking that greasy doesn't come easy. According to LAist , Surface "endures a 1 ½ to 2 hour 'uglification' process in order to be transformed" into the slurp-happy , deeply upsetting character. Although her first appearance was meant to be her last, Surface soon received "a call from the casting office" asking about her "availability" the following season. McPoyle became a recurring character, and the makeup process became even more involved. In 2010, Surface enticed  TheTVJunkieDotNet  with an exclusive scoop: "This year, the unibrow becomes HD... because they couldn't just stick a hairy mustache on my forehead."

Instead, makeup artists reportedly went the extra mile, taking great pains to apply tiny individual hairs to her face, creating a unibrow that far surpassed previous efforts. In many regards, Surface felt McPoyle's newly modernized monobrow didn't "look as bad still as the other one... especially all greased up... I'm like, Margaret McPoyle looks better this season." 

Always Sunny  actor, writer, and series  co-creator Rob McElhenney may have been displeased with this development, as he once reportedly told Surface: "You know, we're not a pretty show. We're an ugly show." 

She allegedly had a stalker

Back in 2011, even TMZ had its eye trained on Thesy Surface: One night, the tabloid chronicled her attempt to slip into Los Angeles nightclub Voyeur without any ID. As she smoked outside the club waiting to get a word in with the doorman, a cameraman goaded her with a loaded question: "What's this character you play with the unibrow? Are you like the Ugly Betty?" Surface responded: "She makes Ugly Betty look like a Victoria's Secret model."  

Later that year, the tab had a far less cheering update: Surface had reportedly "turned to police for help" after being harassed by an online stalker, who reportedly "email[ed] her pics of an animated finger spelling the c-word in blood." Documents indicated that police had already unearthed the weirdo's "IP address" and email particulars, tracing the taunting messages "back to a Tumblr account by the name of 'dirtythesy.'" This anonymous creepo sent Surface obscene images and several vicious emails, including a message accusing the actress of being "ugly and untalented."

Surface was truly "spooked" and suspected her "stalker" somehow knew "all her personal information."  TMZ  reported that she was "fully cooperating with the LAPD" in the hopes of finding the culprit. No word on how any of this turned out, but the story acts as a general reminder that the Internet is awful and please never look at it.

​She didn't fear being typecast

In 2012, Thesy Surface sounded certain that portraying Margaret McPoyle would "make a great 'Before They Were Famous' story." In an interview with the Mr. Media   podcast, Surface was asked whether McPoyle had opened any doors for her, career-wise: "You know what it's led to?" she mused. "Hype. ... It's, like, buzz. It's better to be talked about than not." Though the role of McPoyle doesn't provide Surface with a single line of dialogue, she still didn't find the character "limiting in any way." Really, she thought she was at an advantage: She claimed viewers became curious, presumably did a bit of Internet sleuthing, and ultimately found themselves surprised that she "look[ed] totally different" in real life.

Interviewer Bob Andelman was curious whether Surface had any concerns about being typecast. "You're a lovely young woman," he noted, "but you're pretty well covered up." She evidently "wasn't worried" in the slightest: "It's weird, everyone asks me that. It's not that I'm not vain, I am vain." But she found herself drawn to left-of-center characters "whether they're evil, whether they're ugly. ... I'm someone who likes extremes in general," she said. 

For Surface, the important thing was that McPoyle stuck with viewers at the end of the day: "Someone once said... it doesn't matter how big a role you are, just be memorable." And you gotta admit: When Margaret McPoyle stares into space and compulsively licks her upper lip , it definitely stays with you.

How she was directed to play Margaret

What's the best way to tackle a role as perverse and perverted as Margaret McPoyle? Sounds like Thesy Surface was generally left to unlock the character on her own. On the first day of shooting, she says the  Always Sunny  crew "didn't say much" as far as McPoyle was concerned, so she was basically left to fend for herself. Talking to the  Mr. Media  podcast in 2012, Surface claimed the only actorly advice she received was, quite simply: "Don't do too much." She suspected people were "worried that someone so new might have over-acted [the part], because there's definitely that kind of risk."

At first, Surface was unsure how to approach the role. After all, McPoyle "doesn't talk," while Surface describes herself as "very vocally expressive." Ultimately, she decided to act like McPoyle "[saw] the world as, 'Everything's new.' You know, like those babies where they just stare at you because they're just totally fascinated with you?" 

Of course, that imagery works a lot better if you picture the baby with pigtails and a pronounced unibrow.

About that lip lick...

There is one bit of physical comedy that directors have some very strong opinions about: Margaret McPoyle's iconic "Lip Lick." This traumatizing  tic first manifested in Always Sunny 's Season Three episode "The Gang Gets Held Hostage," which featured Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton) memorably seducing McPoyle in a dingy bathroom. "I remember being a little like, 'What kind of lick do you want?'" Thesy Surface told Mr. Media in 2012. She eventually tried out "a few versions of the lick" for Fred Savage, the director of the episode. Eventually she struck gold by trotting out what she calls "The Lizard Lick."

Surface implied Savage was a touch obsessive when it came to getting The Lick just right. He allegedly kept advising her: "Keep on just doing that lick!" and "Okay, just do the lick again!" In 2008, Surface was briefly featured in the music video for "Going Back to Philly," a " promo " for the then-upcoming Season Four , which Savage also directed. Surface also told Mr. Media that Savage's direction boiled down to something like this:  " Do that lip lick! It's the branding part of it ! " and "You ready to make out, Thesy? Ready to make out...?" Hmm. 

Looking back, Surface says the Lip Lick was "one of those things where, it's in the script, but you don't think it's gonna become the famous, you know, The Lip Lick of Margaret McPoyle ."

​Inside THAT kiss with Glenn Howerton

What did Thesy Surface make of her  Always Sunny  castmates? Talking to TheTVJunkieDotNet in 2010, she revealed that Danny DeVito wasn't around on her first day of shooting. Oddly enough, DeVito reportedly "sent an ice cream truck of Ben & Jerry's to set," presumably in his stead. Surface just "sat there" for the better part of the day, eating a bunch of ice cream in her "ugly makeup." Hey, it's nice work if you can get it.

On the somewhat juicier side of things: In 2012, Surface told Mr. Media that she ran into actor Glenn Howerton at a Hollywood party shortly after filming her first episode and before McPoyle "turn[ed] into a recurring character." She reportedly introduced herself, using her finger as a makeshift unibrow in case he didn't recognize her. Howerton allegedly told her she "did a great job," and that was that. When she was subsequently asked to return to the show for the 2007 episode "The Gang Gets Held Hostage," Surface read the script and realized a key scene involved kissing Howerton. Her first thought was: "Poor Glenn has to kiss [Margaret McPoyle]." Upon further inspection, she realized Howerton had co-written the episode in question: "I was like, ' That's interesting. ... He must have not hated the idea so much." 

Surface wondered whether running into Howerton when she "actually looked like a decent human being" influenced the decision to have McPoyle come back. Perhaps.

Advice for all the aspiring McPoyles out there

It might not look like much on paper, but actors can wait their whole lives for a role like Margaret McPoyle to come along. Talking to Mr. Media   in 2012, Surface offered some words of advice that could prove helpful to all those struggling entertainers looking to get a foot in the door: "You just never know what's going to happen," she said, adding: "You might as well show up to everything." Go to "every audition." Keep every appointment. "Just always show up and be open," Surface says.

Surface knows plenty of actors who landed their first big breakout role in a seemingly random way, scoring projects "they thought they'd never in a million years get," all because they happened to be in the right place at the right time.

She also knows actors who just "didn't feel like meeting with that one person," but decided to attend the powwow anyway. "Suddenly the story of their life changed," she says. The takeaway? With a bit of moxie, determination, and blind luck, you too might be cast as a monobrowed creeper furtively skulking around dive-bar  lavatories . You just have to want it enough.

She's more interested in writing these days

Thesy Surface's priorities have changed. As she told the Daily Actor in 2013, screenwriting has become her primary focus in recent years, and she hopes to hone her craft until it's "good enough to be a calling card in itself (however long it takes)." These days, she'd much rather have "the acting ... happen as an offset." Ultimately, she wants her writing to "take [her] to better places" so she's not "standing in line with 50 girls trying to book two lines on an episodic. That's just not fun for me anymore."

But she certainly hasn't given up on acting altogether. In October 2018, Surface was featured  in the live comedy show  Mortified , which features a ragtag, ever-changing group of "adults sharing their most embarrassing childhood artifacts," according to the official website. Meanwhile, we have every reason to believe that her alter ego Margaret McPoyle will make her grand return to  It's  Always Sunny  when we least expect it. 

This isn't over. 

Thesy Surface: 10 Untold Facts About The Actress

Thesy Surface

Thesy Surface

Thesy Surface is a Holly wood actress popular for her portrayal of Margaret McPoyle in the T.V series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2006-2016). Although people have always viewed the actress through the lens of the ugly unibrow lip-licking character she portrayed in Magaret McPoyle, she is impressively beautiful.

The actress was born in Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. She however had a better part of her childhood in London. She has starred in many other movies like Crackpot (2006) and Burying the Ex (2008).

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Personal Profile

  • Full name : Therese Lucile Surface
  • Place of birth : Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Nationality : American/German
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Career : Actress, Writer, Video blogger, and Dancer
  • Education :  Brown University, Godolphin & Latymer high school

Engrossing Details about Thesy Surface You Should Know

1. she was born in chicago.

Thesy was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States. However, her real date of birth and age has been in the shadows for some time now. This is because the actress has not confirmed to sources the actual year she was born.

2. Thesy Surface is Stunning in Real Life

For so many years, Thesy Surface’s portrayal of Margaret McPoyle in It’s Always Sunny in Philaldephia (2006) has made people assume she is a very ugly woman. However, against her compulsive lip-licking personality in the movie, she turns out to be a good-looking and attractive woman in real life.

3. She is also a Dancer

Acting is not the only thing that the talented American born is good at. She is also a good dancer who does several dance performances in L.A. She also danced at numerous Californian venues according to reports.

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4. Surface Chose Acting in High School

Thesy reportedly got inspired to begin acting in high school. She attended Godolphin & Latymer for high school and was notably featured in various theatrical productions in the course of her study. She also impressively participated in theatrical productions at London and Edinburgh Festivals according to reports.

After High school, Surface moved to Brown University, in the USA where she was said to have graduated a year earlier. She also did a summer intensive at NYU’s Tisch School Of Arts before going professional.

Away from acting, Thesy has her personal content and video blog called Beneath the Surface where she writes and uploads videos and pictures about a lot of things and people. The blog has been active since the year 2006. Moroso, Thesy is an ardent reader and writer. Her favorite book is said to be The Count Of Monte Cristo.

5. She is Multi-Lingual

Not many people have the ability to speak multiple languages, especially in a community that is largely unilingual. However, Surface started learning Russian in 2022 at the Russian Language Centre in London. This is in addition to English and German which she is already fluent in.

6. The Actress has Been Harassed by an Online Stalker

In 2011, Surface had reportedly alarmed the police after being harassed by someone online. Sources say the stalker kept sending emails of her pictures with an animated finger spelling the c-word in blood. He also reportedly sent obscene images and several vicious emails to her. Furthermore, the unknown person kept telling the actress that she is ugly and untalented. Reports have it that police were able to unveil the person’s IP and email details to get hot on his trail.

7. Is She Married?

The actress does not appear to be romantically involved with anyone at the moment. She also does not appear to have any kids yet. She always makes her appearances alone. This may however change with the passage of time.

8. How Rich is  Surface?

Several figures have been given as regards the net worth of Surface. Be that as it may, She is likely not going to be below an approximate sum of $1.5 million. The entertainer has over the years been able to make her money as a professional actress, writer, and video blogger.

9. A Quick Look at Her Filmography


  • The Danny Comden Project – 2006
  • Crackpot – 2006
  • Flicka – 2007
  • Burying the Ex – 2008
  • Paul, Playboy of the Popular World – 2008
  • Dead Wife – 2008
  • I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant – 2009
  • Something Borrowed – 2009
  • The Next Morning – 2009
  • Lovely Little Pieces – 2009
  • One Day – 2009 – 2010
  • Big News TV – 2010
  • 86’d – 2010
  • ACME Hollywood Dream Role – 2010
  • Chuck – 2011
  • Spooks – 2011
  • Deeter Egglehard – 2011
  • The Case of the Rutherford Baby – 2012
  • Glory Days – 2014
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 2006 – 2016
  • Walliams & Friend – 2016
  • White Gold – 2017
  • The Host – 2020

10. She Does More Writing than Acting now

Sources have revealed that Thesy Surface’s career priorities have shifted. She told the Daily Actor in 2013 that screenwriting has become her main focus now. She also said that she hopes to hone her craft till it becomes excellent.

According to the actress, she wants her writing to take her to better places so that she does not have to stand in line with 50 girls trying to book two lines on an episodic.

This however does not mean that she has given up on acting totally as Thesy made a few screen appearances in 2018. Her silence now may imply that she is cooking up something big. Let’s just watch out and remain optimistic.

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Thesy Surface Age, Net Worth, Height, Series, Movies, Husband

'  data-src=

Thesy Surface is an American prominent actress fashion model, Writer, Producer, and social media celebrity. She rose to fame as an actress because of her impressive work in a few movies and Tv shows including Danny Comden Project 2006, Crackpot 2006, Flicka (Not the Horse) 2007, Burying the Ex 2008, Paul, Playboy of the Popular World 2008 , and many others.

Apart from this, she is also popular for being the daughter of an American businessman, who is known for his thriller novel “The Legacy”. In addition to this, she has also gained worldwide fame as an exceptional story writer and social media influencer.

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Jeniaahtheegoat Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wiki,…

Thesy Surface Biography, Wiki

She was born to a wealthy and well establish family belonging to Chicago, Illinois, USA. Where she spend the precious days of her childhood along with her friends and family members.

The popular Actress’s Early Education and Qualifications.

As being an at a minor age Thesy was sent to Godolphin & Latymer for her secondary school education. At the same time, she also appeared in various theatrical productions, both in London and at Edinburgh Festival .

She later attended Brown University, in the USA, and graduated a year early, she also completed an additional course in the summer intensive at NYU’s Tisch School Of Arts.

Thesy Surface Age, Birthday

Currently, at this moment the information related to Thesy Surface stands unknown. As we get so we will let you know.

Thesy Surface Height, Weight, and Measurements

Talking about Thesy Surface’s physical appearance, she is about 5 feet 7 inches in height and 55 kg in weight . Her hair color is blonde and her eyes color is brown . She has acquired a stunning and captivating physique. 

Thesy Surface’s early fame and Acting

Thesy while doing various acting and writing stints in and around Los Angeles Thesy performed burlesque dances at numerous Californian venues. Now based mostly in the UK.

Later Thesy goes back to her home country where she forth between London and Los Angeles. Having written her eccentric experiences in Hollywood, under the guise of fiction (yet to be released), she will also be incorporating them in performances of some fun, upcoming, avenging anti-heroes movies.

In 2006, she gave her first appearance in the Hollywood movie industry titled The Danny Comden Project , in which she played the role of a Photographer.

The movie narration was screen played by Ariana Godoy and Eduard Sola and directed by Marçal Forés. For which she achieved worldwide fame and popularity.

Being an exceptional actress and talented film personality she has worked and collaborated in multiple movies and t,v series including Crackpot 2006, Flicka (Not the Horse) 2007, Burying the Ex 2008, Paul, Playboy of the Popular World 2008, Dead Wife 2009, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant 2009, Something Borrowed 2009, Lovely Little Pieces 2009, One Day 2009, and others.

Apart from t.v series she has also worked in multiple short web series including Big News TV 2010, 86’d 2010, ACME Hollywood Dream Role 2010, Spooks 2011, Deeter Egglehard 2011, The Case of the Rutherford Baby 2012, Glory Days 2014, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 2016, and others.

Thesy Surface The Host 2020 Movie

The Host 2020, is the movie in which Thesy was signed as an actress for the role of London Bank Customer. The movie was directed by A ndy Newbery and written by Brendan Bishop, Laurence Lamers, and Finola Geraghty.

The movie story was based on the narration of a London banker who invests his money to leave the mundane behind and start a new life. To take advantage, he unwittingly signs up with a Chinese cartel to transport a briefcase to Amsterdam. But all is not as it seems in a city veiled by dark secrets. In the movie, her performance led her to achieve a huge appreciation from worldwide fans.

Thesy Surface Walliams & Friend 2015, T.v series

In the year 2015, Thesy with her impressive acting in the previous movies and t.v series led her to achieve the role of Party Girl . The series was based on the narration of a comedy sketch show hosted by David Walliams a celebrity guest to form a unique double-act appearing together in a series of skits and sketches.

In the series, she worked and shared the stage with multiple actors and actresses including David Walliams, Vic Waghorn, Morgana Robinson, James Greene, and many others.

Thesy Surface Instagram

As a popular actress, Thesy Surface has also amassed worldwide notoriety by showcasing her amazing and comprehensive photos and videos.

On her Instagram account, she mainly focuses on sharing her amazing modeling, fashion influencing, and product promotions photos and videos including her traveling journey.

With her rising popularity, she was signed by multiple modeling agencies including fashionnova, elitfashion, clothmenia, zarakish, and many others.

Thesy Surface Net Worth and Earnings

As of now the talented actress and social media influencer’s net worth and earnings can be assumed to be about $ 5 million USD.

The major source of her income can be calculated from acting in multiple movies and t.v series and being an exceptional model and fashion influencer.

Thesy Surface Family, Siblings and Relatives

According to our database Thesy Surface was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, To a wealthy family or parents.

Where her father is well known as a prominent businessman and a talented writer and is popular for his novel titled “The Legacy” which was published in Germany in 2015.

And her mother who was a former interior designer attended Parsons School Of Design for achieving her master’s. But unfortunately, the names related to them have not yet been known to us at this moment. As we get so we will let you know.

Thesy Surface Relationship, Boyfriend and Husband

Thesy Surface relationship status as of now in 2022, stands unknown. At this point, she has not yet shared her surreptitious information related to her relationship.

However, we are trying our best to find noteworthy information regarding her love connections. As we get so we will instantly let you know.

Thesy Surface hails from Chicago, Illinois, United States Of America.

  • She is a prominent Actress, Writer, and Producer.
  • Thesy Surface found fame as a 
  • She has racked up thousands of followers on Instagram.
  • Thesy Surface looks stunning, captivating, and attractive.
  • She is an animal lover, especially likes dogs and cats.
  • Her father is American; her mother is German.
  • Her favorite book is “The Count Of Monte Cristo.”
  • She also learned the Russian language in 2022 from the Russian Language Centre in London.

Who is Thesy Surface?

Thesy Surface is an aspiring actress film producer and social media starlet. She gained her early fame by showcasing her amazing acting in multiple movies and t.v series. Furthermore she is also a well known model.

Is Thesy Surface Married?

No at this point related to Thesy Surface relationship status stands unknown.

What is the age of Thesy Surface?

Unfortunately, the information related to her age data stands unavailable.

When is the Birthday of Thesy Surface?

As of now the information related to her birth date or birthday has not yet been known to us.

What is the zodiac sign of Thesy Surface?

Thesy Surface zodiac sign stands unavailable.

How tall is Thesy Surface?

Thesy Surface stands at an average height of 5′ 7” tall.

Where is Thesy Surface from?

How much is the net worth of thesy surface.

Thesy Surface’s net worth in 2022 is thought to be $ 5million USD . The major sources of her income come from acting and social media influence.

'  data-src=

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Thesy Surface Net Worth

Thesy surface net worth 2023, age, height, relationships, married, dating, family, wiki biography.

' src=

Chicago, Illinois, USA More at IMDbPro » $700,000

Chicago, illinois, usa more at imdbpro »

  • Structural Info
  • Filmography

Thesy Surface


Known for movies.

Margaret McPoyle / Poss McPoyle

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 2006-2016 as Margaret McPoyle / Poss McPoyle

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Thesy Surface

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The Surface

The Surface (2014)

Two strangers, both at the end of their rope, suddenly meet in the middle of the unpredictable waters of Lake Michigan. Two strangers, both at the end of their rope, suddenly meet in the middle of the unpredictable waters of Lake Michigan. Two strangers, both at the end of their rope, suddenly meet in the middle of the unpredictable waters of Lake Michigan.

  • Gil Cates Jr.
  • Jeff Gendelman
  • Mimi Rogers
  • Chris Mulkey
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  • 1 Critic review
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  • Bank Manager

Lisa Mihelich

  • Cheering Fan

Jeff Gendelman

  • Factory Worker

Neil Willenson

  • Nelson, Fox TV Cameraman
  • The Waterskier
  • Casey Enright
  • (as Marilyn Feldner)
  • Amanda Enright
  • Bowling Alley Patron
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  • Oct 19, 2015
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  • May 16, 2016 (United States)
  • United States
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  • La superficie
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  • Good Note Productions
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  • Runtime 1 hour 30 minutes

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The Surface (2014)

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  1. Thesy Surface

    Thesy Surface Actress Writer Additional Crew IMDbPro Starmeter See rank Thesy Surface was born in Chicago, USA, but grew up primarily in London. Her father is an American businessman, whose thriller novel "The Legacy" was published in Germany in 2015; her mother is a former interior designer, who attended Parsons School Of Design.

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    Thesy Surface 1 of 15. Thesy Surface. People Thesy Surface. Back to top ...

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    Thesy Surface 4 of 13. Thesy Surface. People Thesy Surface. Back to top ...

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    Browse Thesy Surface movies and TV shows available on Prime Video and begin streaming right away to your favorite device.

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    IMDB profile. Add to favorites. Edit page. Search at Amazon. Tags: Actress (1), Margaret Mcpoyle (1) My tags: Add tags ... View all Thesy Surface TV Movies. 1. The Host (2020) 2 want to see: 2. Glory Days (2014) 0 want to see: 3. Spooks (2011) 0 want to see: Explore Content Lists Reviews Pictures Update feed ...

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    Title. Credit. Year. 94%. 91%. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Margaret McPoyle (Guest Star) 2006-2007 2010 2012. Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of ...

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    Thesy Surface took us on a tour of The Crossroads of the World in Hollywood while telling us how she got the role of Margaret McPoyle on FX's "It's Always Su...

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    When Thesy Surface steps into the role of Margaret McPoyle, she makes it seem so effortlessly wretched — but looking that greasy doesn't come easy. According to LAist, Surface "endures a 1 ½...

  9. Thesy Surface: 10 Untold Facts About The Actress

    Thesy Surface is a Holly wood actress popular for her portrayal of Margaret McPoyle in the T.V series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2006-2016). Although people have always viewed the actress through the lens of the ugly unibrow lip-licking character she portrayed in Magaret McPoyle, she is impressively beautiful.

  10. Thesy Surface

    Guest Star: Thesy SurfaceCast: Jeff Ahern, Dan Billet, Diana Costa, Ruben Dario, Porter Kelly, Bryan Lovell, Tony Rago, Carolyn WilsonDirector: Joseph Limbau...

  11. Thesy Surface Age, Net Worth, Height, Series, Movies, Husband

    Thesy Surface is an American prominent actress fashion model, Writer, Producer, and social media celebrity. She rose to fame as an actress because of her impressive work in a few movies and Tv shows including Danny Comden Project 2006, Crackpot 2006, Flicka (Not the Horse) 2007, Burying the Ex 2008, Paul, Playboy of the Popular World 2008, and many others.

  12. Thesy Surface: Instagram, Marriage, and Everything about her

    Thesy Surface ("Thesy" is pronounced "Daisy" with a "T") was born in Chicago, USA, to her parents, her father an American and her mother a German. She grew up primarily in London with her parents.

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    More at IMDbPro » Thesy was born in Chicago, Illinois, but grew up primarily in London, England. She appeared in various theatrical productions around London and Edinburgh Festival as a child and early teen and attended Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, graduating a year early in Theater Arts.

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    There's an issue and the page could not be loaded. Reload page. 3,053 Followers, 478 Following, 1,753 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Thesy Surface (@thesysurface)

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    Thesy Surface Guest Stars on "Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role" by Charles Riley Fun shot from Huntington Botanical Gardens. Also, taking this moment to point you to some great fellow photogs, artists and friends you should follow here on IG: @JimmyNguyenLA @SueMChung @ThesySurface @SamKalidi @TheyaKozen @DivyaBetaBetaTau @GroupTones by Natalie ...

  18. The Surface (2014)

    The Surface: Directed by Gil Cates Jr.. With Mimi Rogers, Sean Astin, Chris Mulkey, John Emmet Tracy. Two strangers, both at the end of their rope, suddenly meet in the middle of the unpredictable waters of Lake Michigan.

  19. thesy surface imdb

    Thesy Surface is an American actress, and writer, who is best known for The Host (2020), White Gold (2017), and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2006-2016). Born on , , Thesy Surface hails from Chicago, United States.