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How to Create an Effective Thesis Statement in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a thesis statement can be a daunting task. It’s one of the most important sentences in your paper, and it needs to be done right. But don’t worry — with these five easy steps, you’ll be able to create an effective thesis statement in no time.

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

The first step is to brainstorm ideas for your paper. Think about what you want to say and write down any ideas that come to mind. This will help you narrow down your focus and make it easier to create your thesis statement.

Step 2: Research Your Topic

Once you have some ideas, it’s time to do some research on your topic. Look for sources that support your ideas and provide evidence for the points you want to make. This will help you refine your argument and make it more convincing.

Step 3: Formulate Your Argument

Now that you have done some research, it’s time to formulate your argument. Take the points you want to make and put them into one or two sentences that clearly state what your paper is about. This will be the basis of your thesis statement.

Step 4: Refine Your Thesis Statement

Once you have formulated your argument, it’s time to refine your thesis statement. Make sure that it is clear, concise, and specific. It should also be arguable so that readers can disagree with it if they choose.

Step 5: Test Your Thesis Statement

The last step is to test your thesis statement. Does it accurately reflect the points you want to make? Is it clear and concise? Does it make an arguable point? If not, go back and refine it until it meets all of these criteria.

Creating an effective thesis statement doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these five easy steps, you can create a strong thesis statement in no time at all.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


thesis statement on child trafficking


Human Trafficking Thesis Statement

Human trafficking produces billions of dollars in profit every year, it is right behind drug trafficking as the most lucrative form of crime throughout the world. (DHS website). Victims of human trafficking rarely come forward due to the threats of murder, threats of killing their loved ones/friends, as well as having nowhere else to go because they have been ostracized from their own family and their “pimp” is their family. Another issue of why victims do not come forward is that they are afraid of law enforcement so they may go to jail, etc. (DHS website) Thesis Statement When people think of human trafficking, many people think of just sex trafficking, but human trafficking also includes labor trafficking, which means being forced to …show more content…

In the United States, human trafficking has taken on different forms than what is normally thought of as human trafficking. It can range from a migrant laborer wanting to get a job to be able to support his family to survive who is then forced into manipulative work to a child running away to get away from abuse that is happening at home and the person that is helping the child get away from the abusive situation at home turns out to be exploiting him or her to make a profit (Farrell et al, 2014). According the International Labour Organization has estimated that 20.9 million people are involved in human trafficking in the whole world, with 1.5 million victims are in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. In 2011, there were 3,969 convictions worldwide, and there were only 151 convictions in the United States. There is belief that the reason why for the low convictions of human trafficking in the United States is because the new requirements of federal and state human trafficking laws are not being enforced, but others are saying that the numbers of human trafficking are overstated and that there are fewer victims than estimated. The low numbers of victims could also be a result of professionals not being able to identify human trafficking victims when they interact with the

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Annotated Bibliography On Sex Trafficking

This book discusses the flaws that America has when talking about human trafficking, as well as the shortcomings within the Justice System regarding procedures, policies, and prosecution, and outcomes for human trafficking victims. The book opens with stating the amount of money made within human trafficking and then continues to add on from this topic about the amount of people being trafficked. These two factors then let the author continue to discuss the errors and inequities within the Justice System as well as the overall lack of intervention and support to help people who are being trafficked.

Tessa's Story: Human Trafficking In America By Venus Rodriguez

There will be no solution to the growing problem of human trafficking until more people are aware of how human trafficking takes place, until states begin to deter human trafficking more effectively, and until more individuals take an active role in reporting possible acts of trafficking to the proper authorities. Therefore human trafficking cannot be defined as any one particular crime; it is not simply sexual exploitation. Other forms of human trafficking are labor trafficking, slavery and in some cases human trafficking consist of the removal of organs. It is much more than that because human trafficking has many different characteristics. In the article "Hidden in Plain Sight: Human Trafficking in the United States,” Hepburn and Simon state that “. . .

Human Trafficking Research Paper

Katie Lane Mrs. Brooks English II Honors 24 November 2014 Solutions to the Global Controversy of Human Trafficking The crime of human trafficking indisputably extends to the farthest boundaries of the world, a transgression that occurs in the most advanced countries as well as the least advanced countries. Human trafficking is exploitation of the human body with more than twenty-seven million victims across the world. Trafficking victims may suffer from sexual as well as labor related exploitation, resulting in sexually transmitted diseases, physical abuse, and unwanted pregnancy. This is a conundrum that does not just affect the United States.

Human Trafficking Victims Protection Act

Human trafficking is a heartless and inhumane treatment of our fellow humans in this life’s journey. There are many different perspectives and definitions for human trafficking because there are many different organizations and groups that are interested in this unfortunate occurrence. However, human trafficking, according to the United Nations trafficking protocol (2001:2), is defined as “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat of use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, or fraud, of deceptions, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability, or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person,

Human Trafficking: Snatched From Behind

Trafficking: Snatched from Behind Human trafficking brings in a staggering 32 billion dollars each year, making it the second largest criminal industry worldwide (“End Trafficking” 1). Imagine the things that this money could be used for, such as paying off national debt, donating to organizations, or circulating back into the economy. However, this problem was not always so big; It is tremendously increasing around the globe at an insane rate (Poulin 3).

Reaction Paper About Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is a major issue in the world and people often overlook the fact that it can be an issue in the most modern and advanced first world countries. This is the modern term for slavery of people for purposes including forced sex and labor. Sex trafficking is one of the most exclusive and most advanced types of slavery and is often gone unseen or unnoticed. This problem can cause many people to have low self-esteem and problems with their health. The low self-esteem is often caused because the people are raised or built to understand that they have no worth and that they are meant for nothing but to be raped and to do work without pay.

Human trafficking is one of the largest and most prevalent issues that affects all walks of life both domestically and internationally. Human trafficking is not only a horrendous crime but a major human rights violation, impacting public health. “Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery” . Human trafficking is the taking of a person with the intent to exploit them through, sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery/servitude, or the removal of organs.

Human Trafficking In India

ABSTRACT Human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for the purpose of slavery, forced labor, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others. This unjustified trade and exploitation of human beings in the 21st century reflects a sad state of affairs which confirms that the greatest ethical challenge facing the globe today is human trafficking. It portrays a contrasting picture of inequality among equals with regard to the right of every individual over his or her life, since trafficked victims are compelled to sell their inherent freedom. Their cry for help is drowned in the sea of constant oppression and general sense of apathy which has been continuing for centuries. Human trafficking can occur within a country

The Consequences Of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is happening all over the world. Since human trafficking is world wide, it should make strickers consequences. Human trafficking is when o Human trafficking is happening all over the world. Since human trafficking is world wide, it should make strickers consequences. Human trafficking is when someone transport a person from one place to another and sell them for money, sex, drugs, ETC.

Different Forms Of Human Trafficking

There are different forms of trafficking like: sex trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation of children in tourism, trafficking for tissue cells and organs, and trafficking for forced labor. Human trafficking remains as one of the most brutal and widespread human rights violations in the world today. UNICEF says that 1.2 million children are being trafficked around the world each year. It is the third largest source of income for organized crime and is estimated that annual profits generated from human trafficking could be as high as $32 billion per year. Because of the high dollars made in the sex trafficking industry, it is the fastest growing illegal business in America today.

How Does Human Trafficking Affect Society

THE IMPACT OF TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS Human trafficking today is a global phenomenon, affecting men, women and children in over 130 countries of the world. Trafficking is a crime against individuals. As such, the consequences are most directly felt by trafficked persons. As well documented, trafficking activities contravene fundamental human rights, denying people basic and broadly accepted individual freedoms. Trafficking also has broad economic, social and cultural consequences.

Human Trafficking Literature Review

While research on sex trafficking is criticized for being ideological, there is very little attempt to analyse labour trafficking through the development of a theoretical framework for understanding this phenomena. Labour trafficking. While victims of trafficking for labour may be forced into domestic servitude or industrial labour. One crucial component in labour trafficking is migration.

Essay On Human Trafficking

We are living in a world where one person has an absolute power over another. The groundless trade of human beings in today’s world shows a deteriorated state of affairs which confirms that the greatest moral challenge facing the globe today is human trafficking. It refers to illegal sale or trade of people for sexual abuse or forced labor through coercion or abducting people. Our world is facing from many obstacles created by natural and manmade disasters which further results in problems in every country’s economy and social welfare of every person is jeopardized and one of the problems faced by majority of the nations of this world due to economic downfall is human trafficking. It is one of the most atrocious human rights infringements commonly

Human Trafficking Speech

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything”-Albert Einstein Human Trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labour, organs removal, commercial sex exploitation and economic exploitation. Normally, trafficking is done by threat, compulsion, abduction, fraud, misleading, abuse of power, vulnerability, giving payments or benefits to a person in control of the victim .Trafficking in person is a serious crime and dignified violation of human rights . Most of people nowadays do not know that human slavery still exists; after it was abolished 150 years ago, its proven when there is an auction of young women intended for sexual slavery occurred publicly in Britain highly policed location and another auction even took place in front of a café at Greenwich Airport, Britain (News by BBC UK, 4 June 2006, 14.31 GMT). These crimes have been booming and become a global phenomenon when victims from at least 153 countries were detected in 124 countries worldwide between 2010 and 2012.

How To Write A Speech About Human Trafficking

The three forms add up to a total of 20.9 million victims in 2012. 2) Most people cannot trace and did not realize the illegal activity of human trafficking within their country or in another country because traffickers know well how to deal with this matter. (Transition: Let’s see the effects of human trafficking.) II. Human trafficking will not have any positive effect on the victims who are exploited, their families, communities and states of origin.

More about Human Trafficking Thesis Statement


Thesis Statement On Human Trafficking

Research paper on human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the modernized version of slavery that involves force, fraud, and/or a type of labor in a sexual act. The United States government defines it to be “In which a sex act is forced in which the person induced has not yet been attained eighteen years of age” (National Institute of Justice). Human trafficking is a threat to all nations and promotes breakdown of families and can support organized crime. Trafficking can occur everywhere. Human trafficking and human smuggling are related to one another, but different crimes. The difference between smuggling and trafficking is that smuggling is the illegal movement of someone across a border while trafficking is the illegal exploitation of a person.

The Horrors of Human Trafficking

  • 18 Works Cited

Globally, about 20 to 30 million people are involved in the human trafficking system, and of those, 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked in the United States every year. Human trafficking is more prevalent today then ever before. It is the third largest crime internationally. People are abused and taken advantage of. According to the article, “11 Facts About Human Trafficking,” on average, a person is forced into the system around age 9, and the majority of victims are women and girls, with a small percentage of men and boys. In addition, the human trafficking system is a $32 billion dollar industry. Human trafficking can be defined as the selling and trade of human beings, ranging anywhere from children to adults, for the purpose of

Criminological Theories Of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a crime that is vast and ever-growing. It is also hard to identify and prevent, which attributes to the growing industry associated with this crime. There have been researchers who have examined the current data on human trafficking through literature reviews. Unfortunately, there will be limitations to this research because one cannot properly assess all cases of human trafficking; especially because there are many occurrences that go undetected. There have also been researchers who have linked human trafficking with particular criminological theories, in attempt to explain both why traffickers partake in this crime, and how individuals become victimized. This paper will examine 2 of the literature reviews completed, the limitations of those reviews, and 2 theories that may be used in explaining how one may become a victim and trafficker of human trafficking.

How Technology Has Affected Human Sex Trafficking

Traffickers and pimps are looking for vulnerable, “at risk” young girls to come join the black market of sex trafficking. Whether this means the girls are in a foster care system, a group home, an already abusive home situation, or simply living in a family below the poverty line and struggling to make ends meet. These types of victims are easy to convince that a life of prostitution which seemingly offers protection and opportunities is what they deserve. Before the widespread use of the internet, traffickers had to send out pimps to “scope out” their potential victims, gather information, and determine whether or not they fit the criteria of the black market. But with the rise of the technological era and easily accessible personal info, traffickers simply require their pimps to scour online profiles, find vulnerable targets, and send out a message or set up an online ad that appeals to their

Sex Trafficking Persuasive Speech

Sex trafficking is becoming more of a problem as time moves on. Sex trafficking is the recruitment, harbouring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act, in which the commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion [Internet Safety 101]. Sex trafficking is increasing due to the evolution of modern day social services and sources. From safety sources, it is the second fastest growing criminal industry, [Internet Safety 101]. Increasingly, sex trafficking is coming about due to the evolution of the internet and the improved ability of GPS tracking. On social media, many people find other people and try to be their friend, even if they don't know who they are. This provides opportunities for fake people to create more of a problem. The internet is providing different advertising places that can increase the effect of sex trafficking and lure in citizens to becoming victims. Sex trafficking has to come to an end for the safety of citizens, for the safety of their pride and dignity.

Inside The World Of Human Trafficking Essay

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery in which traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to control victims for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts or labor services against his/her will. (“Human Trafficking.”) Differing definitions of sex trafficking in state laws make it difficult to know if the studies on sex trafficking are including consensual, adult sex workers, who are not victims of trafficking under federal or international law in their numbers. Vulnerable Native American women and youth are targeted by traffickers more than any other ethnic group. The data collected for the “Shattered Hearts” report from 95 Native women and girls suggest that the trafficking of Native girls into prostitution is a significant, though rarely discussed as a problem. Still, the studies do suggest that sex trafficking of Native women and girls, specifically, is present in the United States. (“Shattered Hearts.”)

Exploratory Paper About Human Trafficking

This research is exploratory because the researchers attempt to point out social trends that play a role in becoming a human trafficking victim. It goes beyond the mere description of human trafficking its causes and effects, the information that the researcher provide might be able to prevent the crime. Or at very least, educate potential victims. This is pure research because the researchers want to expand the body of knowledge of human trafficking. There has been substantial research in regards to victims of human trafficking, this particular study lists a few previous research components.

The Causation Of The Modern Slave Trade

“Globalization influences human trafficking as traffickers take advantage of new transparent borders, broadband communication, and economic upheaval to prey on those most vulnerable … people are largely defined by their economic worth, and since the most vulnerable have only their bodies to sell (labor … sex) … human beings become commodities and victims” (Burke 2013). Additionally, chapter four defines population and migration as an explanation for human trafficking. As the world’s population increases dramatically, there are many poor and vulnerable individuals who are forced to find a way to survive. “Traffickers are resourceful, inventive, and opportunistic, and can find a way to manipulate … population growth … there is an increase in the supply of potential victims who traffickers can exploit and from whom they can profit” (Burke 2013). Victims are driven into human trafficking because they are unable to sustain themselves living in poverty, or are vulnerable as an immigrant or refugee.

Slavery in the Past vs. Human Trafficking in the Modern World

Over the last several years, the issue of human trafficking has been compared with the slave trade. This is because both are focused on taking someone against their will and forcing them to engage in demeaning activities. Yet, the practices of modern traffickers are different from slave traders. To fully understand the similarities and disparities requires contrasting them with one another. The combination of these factors will provide specific insights about the two. (Bales, 2010)

What Is Human Trafficking In The United States

Human trafficking is in every state of this nation and in every country across the world. It’s in cities, suburbs, and rural areas; being hidden in plain view; unseen by so many. In 2015, 17,500 cases of sex trafficking were reported in the United States (Chawla). This is only the cases that were reported. It is estimated that there were about 20.9 million cases across the world that never got reported in 2015 (Lize). There are more human slaves in the world today than ever before in history (Straker). The purpose of this paper is to educate the reader on human trafficking in the United States and in the World, and prove how bad it has become.

Julia Muraszkiewicz's Can Apps Prevent Human Trafficking

As I began to review the article, I began to reflect on other ways technology can potentially prevent human trafficking. The first method, which came to my mind, was by using snap chat. Snap chat uses a facial recognition program to place filters on our faces when snapping friends and family. However, I’m now wondering why can’t this facial recognition on snap chat then should be used to search for the faces of human traffickers. Majority of individuals throughout the world use the app. Thus, the potential of finding suspected human traffickers might be greatly increased. Muraszkiewicz article caused me to desire to research more information regarding the topic. I discovered on “gozoe.org”, an estimated 20.9 million people at any given time are victims of human trafficking; furthermore, 55% of those victims being women and 26% being children. In the United States alone, “an estimated 14,500 to 17,500 are trafficked” (gozoe.org). With such exponential statistics, it’s utterly unacceptable more action has not been conducted towards solving this detrimental social issue. Withal, these statistics also prove using apps is worth the attempt even if it will only assist the cause in the slightest way, because some relief is vastly greater than none at

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery Essay

  • 9 Works Cited

Human Trafficking is a horrendous crime that takes advantage of people through the illegal trading of human beings for purposes of forced labor, and commercial sexual/child exploitation. Traffickers tend to prey on the vulnerable, those who want a better life, have little or no employment opportunities, very unstable, and have a history of sexual abuse. With this being popular in society, anyone can easily become a victim. By being an undocumented immigrant, runaway and homeless youth, and a victim of trauma and abuse, you have already put a target on your back. The most popular victims are the undocumented immigrants due to the lack of legal status, language barriers, limited employment options, and social isolation. ("The Victims.")

Essay on Human Trafficking: Modern-Day Slavery

  • 10 Works Cited

Slavery is a modern, pervasive problem. Human trafficking has been found in every state in America (humantrafficking.org). It seems that most Americans likely live within a comfortable drive of someone who is being exploited through human trafficking. There is a growing trend in human trafficking toward sexual exploitation (Bennetts, 2011). The Information Age has helped to create new opportunities for sex trafficking to flourish.

Human Trafficking: Otherwise Known as Modern Slavery Essay

More specifically then human trafficking, there is child trafficking. Child trafficking is today’s version of slavery that involves transferring a child for the purpose of abuse or illegal activities. According to the U.S. Department of State, “Child/Human Trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world and is the world’s second largest criminal enterprise, after drugs. Child trafficking happens in every single country, including the United States. When people think of trafficking of people, most think of women, but children are also being sold as slaves all across the world. Children who are most likely to become victims are those who come from low income homes, have limited access to education and are

Human Trafficking And Its Effects On Society Essay

Human Trafficking is one of the many horrors that occur across the world that is not spoken about enough in society. Human trafficking can include organ trafficking, prostitution, child pornography, forced labor, debt bondage, child labor and child soldiers. In all cases of human trafficking, human beings are controlled and exposed for profit the most common type of profit being money. People who are victims of human trafficking can be found working in a myriad of places such as massage parlors, sweatshops, brothels, fields, online escort services, and even in private homes. This horrific crime occurs all over the world. Many people never know that this is highly prevalent in the United States as well. Traffickers often have a separate language that they use when discussing their “business”. For example, some words can include bottom, cathouse, daddy, circuit, branding, pimp, trap queen, seasoning, john, madam, queen pin, stroll and trick.

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Thesis Statement For Child Trafficking

thesis statement on child trafficking

Show More INTRODUCTION Background The child trafficking is the illegal commerce with bad purposes. The most common victims in Colombia and statistics. Thesis Statement It is important to create awareness about what are the mechanisms of the children traffickers, the different kinds of child traffic, how to prevent it and how parents act to change this reality. FIRST ARGUMENT First point of your claim The Internet is so appropriate for traffickers for all the features that it offers. Provide Support According to BBC newspaper, the internet is the first method to get children for traffickers. SECOND ARGUMENT Second point of your claim Currently, exist seven kinds of child trafficking and you could be exposed. Provide Support Wikipedia shows the most

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Human trafficking definition.

Human trafficking, a global phenomenon that exploits impoverished, abused, and vulnerable men, women, and children, violates the fundamental right to life. Trafficked women and children for purposes of sexual exploitation increase annually with 2 million new victims, generating an estimated 7 billion to 12 billion dollars a year (Denisova). Human trafficking manifests in different forms, such as brothels, sex trafficking, mail order brides, sex tourism, pornography, prostitution, stropping, lap dancing, and phone sex companies; whereas, the sexual exploitation of children is most commonly seen through child pornography and child sex tourism (“Commercial Sexual Exploitation”). There are numerous contributing factors that lead to human trafficking,…

Sex Trafficking Thesis

Unfortunately, these children often fall vulnerable to a traffickers’ tactics as they are often on the run due to difficult situations at home and many have been exposed to physical, sexual, emotional, and/ or extreme poverty (Adelson, 2008). There are multiple factors that may make a child vulnerable to becoming a victim of sex trafficking: age, poverty, sexual abuse, family substance abuse and physical abuse, individual substance abuse, learning disabilities, loss of a parent or caregiver, runaway, sexual identity issues, and lack of a support system (Clawson, Dutch, Solomon, & Grace, 2009). One common characteristic for a sexually exploited girl is a history of childhood sexual abuse. According to the research of Raphael (2004), through the investigation of 20 studies of adult women who were victims of sex trafficking the percentage of those who had been sexually abused as children ranged from 33% to…

Human Trafficking In 'Where Are You Going Where Have'

"Traffickers can be lone individuals or extensive criminal networks. Pimps, gangs, family members, labor brokers, employers of domestic servants, small business owners, and large factory owners have all been found guilty of human trafficking. Their common thread is a willingness to exploit other human beings for profit" (Human Trafficking, Polaris). Poverty and lack of economic opportunity make women and children potential victims of traffickers associated with international criminal organizations. They are vulnerable to false promises of job opportunities in other countries.…

Sex Trafficking In America

Including educational based articles nevertheless because the authors argue and talks about the importance of getting help and aims for the discourse of the trade itself. Anyone who takes part in sex trafficking is just as credible as the trafficker. Looking into the numbers of sex traffickers daily Force4Compassion has stated that there are “3,287 people are sold or kidnapped and forced into trafficking every day.” In reported cases that is 136 an hour. Protecting children and women from violence, exploitation and abuse is the same thing as protecting their freedom to survive, grow, and develop.…

Sociology Paper On Human Trafficking

The traffickers take victims that they think no one will miss. 15.4 (74%) million victims are over the age of 18. There are 5.5 (26%) millions of children under the age 18 are victims of human trafficking…

Human Trafficking: Child Prostitution In The United States

Introduction The term “Human Trafficking” conjure’s up a number of different images depending upon your geographic location, culture, or interest. What most people don't think about is children, children are trafficked just as often as adults are around the globe. The United States is one of the top three destinations in the world for human sex trafficking. Men, women, and children forced into the illegal sex trade each year (Tomes, 2013).…

Child Trafficking In America

Child trafficking is more prevalent overseas in countries where poverty rates are high rather than those countries who have low poverty rates, although it is not uncommon. ...estimated 600,000 to 800,000 men, women, and children trafficked across international borders each year, approximately 80 percent are women and girls and up to 50 percent are minors. The data also illustrate that the majority of transnational victims are trafficked into commercial sexual exploitation. With a focus on transnational trafficking in persons, however, these data fail to include millions of victims around the world who are trafficked within their own national borders (I). If people were to think about the amount of children being trafficked they would probably cringe in disgust.…

Human Trafficking Of Juveniles

Research The human trafficking of juveniles is a nationwide issue and effects children of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. Although the number of juveniles exploited for sex continues to rise in the United States, the research is fairly new, so there is a lack of evidence for interventions (Sapiro, 2016, p. 100). Gathering precise data is difficult for multiple reasons, but what is known about the thousands of youths that are trafficked each year in the Unites States is that the average age of a victim is fourteen years old (Boxill, 2007, p. 140). Human trafficking has a revenue that varies between fourteen to twenty billion dollars a year and many victims are hesitant to come forward and seek help because they believe their life…

Persuasive Essay On Stop Human Trafficking

The first step in fighting human trafficking and exploitation of children is by raising awareness within the community, educating people on what they could do to protect themselves and their children. UNICEF reported that nearly 1.2 million children are trafficked globally every year, and for me that is one too many. In the twenty-first century, human trafficking should have been a thing of the past, and should definitely not be gaining strength. The second thing our society should do is to prosecute those involved in these crimes more ferociously. Sunrise For Children, yet another organization that fights against child slavery, states that for every 800 people, only 1 person is convicted.…

Persuasive Essay On Sex Trafficking

Although sex trafficking has been going on for centuries it has dramatically increased in the past decade. The way the people end up in sex trafficking varies, because every story is different. But sadly some of the girls have actually been sold by their parents into trafficking, only for their parents to profit an average of $90 due to the poor economy. Children sold into slavery are normally sold between the ages of 12-14 years and sadly an estimated 2.4 million are involved in trafficking worldwide.…

Sex Trafficking In Brazil Essay

Sex/human trafficking is a growing problem that is happening in Brazil. Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or a commercial sex act. Since 2013 the sex trafficking in Brazil has grown 1,500 percent according to the government, which means that increased awareness of crime, this indicates that it's a major problem. The hotspot city for sex tourism is in Fortaleza in the northern corner of Brazil, it was also one of the world cup host cities I chose this topic because it's a very serious problem that is happening all around the world, but I chose Brazil because since the world cup it has become a major problem now and I want to know more about this problem. Due to the large scale of poverty in Fortaleza,Brazil children and adults are being forced into the sex/human trafficking unfortunately growing business.…

Child Prostitution Facts

Child trafficking is a massive problem happening all around the world. There are an estimated 27 million adults and 13 million children around the world who are victims of human trafficking.(Random Facts). Many organizations are trying to stop child trafficking. Unfortunately child trafficking is becoming a huge problem, people need to focus on the problems of prostitution, child labor, forced marriage, and forced adoption that is be happening right outside your door. Child Prostitution is the act of selling/buying children for sexual labor.…

Child Trafficking In Colombia

According to an article in the BBC newspaper published on 22nd of January 2015, the internet is the first method that traffickers use to get children. Some traffickers create fake profiles using young people image, getting the attention of our children. A number of international organizations have connected child trafficking to poverty because a life in poverty increases the vulnerability of children. Child on social networks can be approached easily by strangers most of the traffickers use social networks, chats, partner search and work offers in false model agencies. It permits getting important information of us.…

Argumentative Essay On Modern Day Slavery

  • 11 Works Cited

Sex Trafficking: The Global Market in Woman and Children. New York: Worth, 2005. Print.…

Problem Solution Essay About Human Trafficking

I will find out the cause for this issue and explore the possible solution. Human trafficking means trading people for benefits and it usually runs by highly organized business. Most of the victims have abused experiences and live in unstable circumstances. Victims are trafficked within…

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Human Trafficking Thesis

Blake Stephens Mrs. Gallos English 3, 3rd 21 November 2017 Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a form of slavery, forcing victims to engage in sexual activities and labors against their will. These activities can be taken place through force, fraud, or constraint. Human trafficking is not just affecting one group of people, it is a worldwide issue, affecting all different ages, genders, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. Human trafficking is such an immense problem, apprehending the true size, knowing how to help, and how to keep the issue from reoccurring. Human trafficking is and is still becoming such a serious issue that something needs to be done about. It is not easy to accurately determine the true size of human trafficking …show more content…

Physical violence is used by traffickers to control their victims. Commonly victims end up with broken bones, concussions, burns, and even possibly brain injuries. These victims often feel as if what has happened to them is their fault. The National Institute of Health states, “Human traffickers can use drugs as “bait” to recruit people who have a substance use disorder. Or they can use drugs to force a victim to obey their orders, or work harder or for longer hours.” (Human Trafficking). These traffickers using drugs to get these victims to do things opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. Psychologically these victims are abused, and will have to go through life everyday, living with what has been done to them. These traffickers have a greater effect on these victims lives than they will ever …show more content…

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In this essay, the author

  • Summarizes soroptimist's "facts on human trafficking and sex slavery".
  • States that spruce, hannah, "methods of human trafficking: modern slavery guidance." high speed training hub.
  • Describes the statistics on human trafficking of children in ark of hope for children.
  • Explains that 70 percent of child sex trafficking victims are sold online.
  • Explains that human trafficking is a form of slavery, forcing victims to engage in sexual activities and labors against their will.

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Human Trafficking Essay

Many people believe that slavery has been a worldwide issue that was left in the past, however, it is still a part of society today and is now known as human trafficking. Human trafficking is defined as a hidden crime understate, federal and international law that involves the exploitation of a person through the use of fraud, coercion or mental and physical abuse (DEF). Throughout the world, many human beings are being trafficked across countries. According to the Washington Post, there are about 30 million slaves in the world and 60,000 in the US (EVD). Human trafficking is more pervasive in Ending Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking in Nineteenth Century France

Pubantz, Jerry, and John Allphin Moore Jr. "Human Trafficking." Encyclopedia of the United Nations. 2nd ed. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Facts on File,Inc., 2008. Web. 4 May 2014.

Polaris Project

"Sex Trafficking in the U.S." Sex Trafficking in the U.S. | Polaris Project | Combating Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery. Polaris Project, n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2013.

Human Trafficking in the United States

Kara, Siddharth. Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery. New York: Columbia UP, 2009. 5. Print.

Sex Trafficking Essay

In order to understand how sex trafficking affects its victims, one must first know the severity of sex trafficking and what it is. The issue of sex trafficking affects 2.5 million people at any given time (Abas et al., 2013). The form of sex slavery affects many women and children across the world. Even though both males and females are sexually trafficked and exploited, there is a deep emphasis on the sexual exploitation of women and children. This is due to gender discrimination (Miller, 2006). This is because women and children are more vulnerable and appeal to the larger populations of brothels and the so-called “clients” since the majority are men. Ecclestone (2013) stated that children as young as age three are trafficked. Sex trafficking has changed over time; “Today, the business of human sex trafficking is much more organized and violent. These women and young girls are sold to traffickers, locked up in rooms or brothels for weeks or months, drugged, terrorized, and raped repeatedly” (Walker-Rodriguez & Hill, 2011). It is found that many of the victims of sex trafficking are abducted, recruited, transported and forced into involuntary “sex work”. These sexual acts include prostitution, exotic dancing, pornography, and sexual escort services (McClain & Garrity, 2011). What happens to these sex trafficking victims is extremely traumatizing.

Analysis of Human Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking generally possesses most of the same characteristics all over the world, although here in the U.S. individuals appear to be working willingly, independently, and out in the open, but in fact they are victims of sex trafficking. They solicit on the streets, hotels and truck stops, and advertise on the i...

Most Common Types of Human Trafficking in the US

"Sex Trafficking Statistics & Source Documentation." The Covering House RSS. N.p., 2014. Web. 23 Mar. 2014.

Human Trafficking

Laczko, Frank and Elzbieta Gozdziak, eds. “Data and research on human trafficking: a global survey.” International Organization for Migration 43, no. 1/2 (2005).

Understanding Human Trafficking and its Impact

What is human trafficking? Human trafficking, according the dictionary.com’s definition, is the illegal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. However there are many different forms of human trafficking and one that has caught my eye is the form called sex trafficking. This is very important because many young teenage girls around my age are affected by it the most and they grow up being a sex slave. Although majority of the victims are young girls, human trafficking affects everyone: male, female, young, and old. There are very few people out here hearing their cry. We are very blind to this topic in the United States because its not very well-known and also because it’s such a big

Sex Trafficking: A Global Crisis of Modern Slavery

Sex trafficking is a global issue that involves a form of coerced sexual exploitation, which is not limited to prostitution. Victims of sex trafficking are stripped of their basic human rights and forced to live a life of modern slavery. The U.S. State Department (Stop Child Trafficking Now, 2012) has stated that human trafficking is “one of the fastest growing crimes in the world.” It it hard to put a number on how on many people are living inside the sex trafficking industry for many reasons, one being that not all victims come forward. It is estimated by the U.S. State Department (Stop Child Trafficking Now, 2012) that every year “600,00-800,000 people will be trafficked across international borders, 80% being women and children.” This

Child Abuse in America

Walker-Rodriguez, Amanda, J.D., and Rodney Hill, J.D. "Human Sex Trafficking." Glendale Community College. N.p., Mar. 2011. Web. 2 Apr. 2014. .

Persuasive Speech A Speech On Human Trafficking

Summary: We see that there are many different aspects and types of human trafficking that everyone should be made aware of. As a whole human trafficking is a lucrative industry raking in $150 BILLION globally. The impact that this industry has on its victims is

"SEX TRAFFICKING IN THE U.S." Sex Trafficking in the U.S. – July 2012 – CharitySub. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2013.

Human Trafficking Violates Human Rights

"What Is Human Trafficking?" United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. UNODC, n.d. Web. 09 Mar. 2014. .

Essay On Causes Of Human Trafficking

On the news and all over the world you hear the term human trafficking. What exactly is human trafficking? “Human trafficking is essentially modern-day slave trading, which ensnares millions of people in debt bondage or forced conditions.” (Siddharth).As many know today human trafficking has become a phenomenon all over the country. Human Trafficking is a global activity where women and young girls are being traded and used as sexual exploitation. As Siddharth stated that human trafficking is slowly becoming one of the most involved criminal activities all over the world. Two causes and two effects on how strongly our human beings are encouraged to take action.

More about Human Trafficking Thesis

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A-Level Thesis Statement On Child Sex Trafficking In South Asia For Free Use

Type of paper: Thesis Statement

Topic: Trafficking , Asia , South , Human , Children , Slavery , South Asia , Migration

Published: 03/08/2023


Despite increased global policy attention on human issues over the past decades, human trafficking remains not only widespread but also deeply entrenched in most countries throughout the world (International Organization for Migration [IOM]). In South Asian countries, however, human trafficking is a plague. Whereas this problem can take several forms such as forced labor, servitude, peonage, bondage, and child trading in other parts of the world, in South Asia women and children sex trafficking is the most problematic, entrenched, and the most prevalent (IOM). Several factors have been shown to cause, influence, and sustain child sex trafficking in South Asia. However, IOM observes that poverty and the increased demand for labor in the high octane economies of this region in areas such as the industrial and tourism sectors are the lead driving factors. New findings show that of the 36 million victims transferred globally over the past decade; about two-thirds were from Asia (Curtis and Enos). Today, in the US alone, an estimated 45-50,000 people from South-East Asia are shipped in annually (IOM). The victims, a mix of impoverished, underage, and poverty-struck women and children (Larsen). While trafficking women and children for sexual exploitation is both a high-profit and a low-risk trade in this region, thanks to relaxed preventive measures, its effect on the millions of victims preyed upon, abused, and prostituted in this slave-like global syndicate is detrimental. It has significant health consequences to the affected and causes severe damage to their human rights. Nevertheless, this trade is conducted throughout South Asia with near impunity and is one of the worldwide plagues that promises to worsen unless the necessary and collective preventive actions are undertaken. This paper, therefore, looks at human trafficking in South Asia with particular attention to countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and the Maldives, offering a discussion and possible policy considerations on the same.

Works Cited

Curtis, Lisa, and Olivia Enos. "Combating Human Trafficking in Asia Requires U.S. Leadership." The Heritage Foundation. N.p., 26 Feb. 2016. Web. 6 Apr. 2016. <http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2015/02/combating-human-trafficking-in-asia-requires-us-leadership>. International Organization for Migration (IOM). Combating Trafficking in South-East Asia A Review of Policy and Programme Responses. Geneva: International Organization for Migration (IOM), 2000. Print. 6 Apr. 2016. <http://www.unesco.org/most/migration/ctsea.pdf>. Larsen, Jacqueline J. The trafficking of children in the Asia–Pacific: Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice no. 415. Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, 2011. Australian Institute of Criminology. Web. 6 Apr. 2016. <http://www.aic.gov.au/publications/current%20series/tandi/401-420/tandi415.html>.


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Child trafficking : an international problem

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Essay on Child Trafficking for Children and Students

Table of Contents

Child Trafficking refers to illegal transportation of children for forced labor, slavery or any other kind of exploitation. Child trafficking is a crime banned under law in every nation of the world; still the practice continues in poor and developing nations. Even trafficking children for the purpose of adoption is a crime. According to the data provided by the International Labour Organization (ILO), nearly 1.2 million children are trafficked every year. The crime of child trafficking has serious human rights implications and results in mental and physical trauma for the children.

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Long and Short Essay on Child Trafficking in English

We have provided below short and long essay on child trafficking in English for your information and knowledge.

These Child Trafficking essay written in simple yet effective English for you to make it easy to remember and present when needed.

After reading these essays on Child Trafficking you will know about the meaning of child trafficking, what impact does it has on the society and the children; how child trafficking impedes growth; what steps have been taken by the government to curtail child trafficking etc.

The essays will be helpful in school/college events wherein you are required to write essays, give speech or take part in debate competition.

Child Trafficking Essay 1 (200 words)

The action of illegally hiring or selling, delivering, receiving or sheltering children for the purpose of any kind of exploitation is child trafficking. Children are kidnapped, work as bonded labors or are forced for early marriages. The victims are also recruited to manufacture drugs and weapons.

There are a large number of children subjected to forced labor, begging and sexual exploitation. Innocent children, boys and girls are exposed to the vulnerable conditions, violence and sexual abuse. It is the violation of human rights and children are deprived freedom. It breaches the child’s mental and physical ability which is primary to every child’s growth. Children lose their childhood because of the ill-practice of child trafficking. The basic rights of children, irrespective of economic status, caste or gender, are robbed from them.

Traffickers are aware of the fact that children have less developed mental ability to understand wrong and right and are less capable to voice their trauma compared to the adults. Thus, they are an easy target. This practice deprives the child of proper growth with love and care of the family. He/ she is exposed to violence, abuse and traumatic conditions.

There is a need to create awareness and educate people about child trafficking. There should be appropriate laws in order to prevent child trafficking and these laws should be implemented effectively.

Child Trafficking Essay 2 (300 words)


Child trafficking is to seek a child for exploitation. Thousands of children trafficked every year from rural, tribal as well as urban areas in India. Victims bought and sold like commodities.

Different Stages of Child Trafficking

  • Recruitment : Recruiting takes place in different ways. It may be voluntary if a child wants to support his/her family’s poor economic condition. Children may even kidnapped or sold to the recruiter directly.
  • Movement : Movement might occur locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally through various modes of transportation.
  • Exploitation : After the victim is transferred to the final destination, traffickers exploit them in various ways like child labor, sexual assault, begging, or making them domestic slaves etc.

Child Trafficking: Supply and Demand

  • Supply : Those who are trafficked compose the supply. The various supply factors are poverty, natural disasters, unemployment, domestic violence etc.
  • Demand : The traffickers and those who benefit from the child exploitation provide the demand. The most common demand factors are migrations, demand for cheap labor, organ trade, sex tourism, brothels, organized crime etc.

Child Trafficking in India

Child trafficking is the fastest growing and the third largest organized crime in India. According to UNICEF 12.6 million children engaged in unsafe occupations. NHRC of INDIA 40,000 children adducted each year out of which 11,000 are untraced. According to The Global Slavery Index, existing figure of slaves is 18.3 million in India. Every 8 minutes, a child is missing in India.

Child trafficking a fast growing network and has to be stopped. Government has to work with the help of NGO’s to develop, evaluate and implement laws and provisions to stop the crime. The exploiters have to punished rather than the exploited. Creating awareness and educating people is important. We need to stop supporting the act by refraining from giving donation to the beggars on the street as helping them encourages the crime even more.

Child trafficking Essay 3 (400 Words)

Child trafficking is the illegal activity of acquiring or moving people below the age of 18 for exploitation. Traffickers apply new methods every day to trick children and draw them away from home and sell them for certain amount or force them for labour, sex and other illegal activities. The various forms of child trafficking include child labour, early marriages, sexual assault, begging and organ trade etc. They isolated from happiness and constantly tortured.

Effects of Child Trafficking

Let us have a look at the effects of child trafficking in detail:

Children trafficked moved away from the family environment and departed from the shield of love, care and protection by parents. They have to work under hazardous conditions and exploited in several ways. Child trafficking is child abuse and has shattering and traumatic impact on a child. There is no one they can turn up to in such trauma.

Most of the children trafficked are from poor and uneducated families where children support their families for income, they hardly ever go to school. Such children tricked by traffickers for the lure of high wages and transported to other destinations to work in industries for cheap wages or sold for some amount. Young Girls forced in to prostitution and the work environment in the sex organizations is such that restricts child’s mental growth. Girls sexually assaulted and not encouraged for education.

Physical Health:

Child trafficking victims experience inhumane living conditions, Poor diet and hygiene, physical abuse and beating and deprived from the basic health care rights. Some of them used for organ trade, others get injured at workplace. Children sexually assaulted are at the risk of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, infections and abortions. Acid poured into the eyes of some children to blind them for begging as they make more money. The life of the victims is always in danger in such working conditions.

Victims of child trafficking have adverse behaviour signs. Their voices shut and hearts wounded which affects their relationship with others. Some might isolate themselves and cause harm and pain to oneself physically. They might get panic and anxiety attacks. Some may also excuse the reality by taking drugs and alcohol. Victims may loss interest in life and might try to escape away or commit suicide.

Psychology could play vital role in recovery and healing the mental health of victims. The victims need to undergo proper healing process in the rehabilitation centres. Once rescued should nurtured with love and care by the communities. The victims should reunited with their families.

The consequences of child trafficking are dreadful. Improving and implementing prevention programs is critical. Creating awareness and educating people is vital. Forming different strategies and executing them to eliminate child trafficking groups and criminals should constant effort made by government with the help of society.

Child Trafficking Essay 4 (500 Words)

Child trafficking is the heart breaking truth chronic especially in India. The vital causes of child trafficking in India are lack of education, poor functioning of law, unemployment and poverty. Influenced by the society to have children despite poverty and scarcity of food, parents often find selling their children more profitable than nurturing them. Other children kidnapped or tricked for employment by the traffickers or have to work as bonded labours to pay family debts.

Causes of Child Trafficking

Let’s have a look at some vital causes in detail:

  • Girls as the Object of Desire:

Girls seen as the objects of desire and demand from customers for young girls in prostitution is much higher, as a result female children bought and sold for the purpose of prostitution and sexual exploitation.


Unemployment rate in India is high due to which there are less financial opportunities. In order to support family needs or under pressure of family members children bound to work. Often they tricked for work and subjected to slavery, begging and sexual exploitation. Children from rural areas in poor condition trafficked to cities for employment in industries such as spinning mills, hotels, restaurants, and construction for little or no pay at all. They often physically and mentally exploited by the employers and have to work under hazardous conditions.

  • Bonded Labour:

Bonded labour also known as debt labour. Some parents sell their children as bonded labour for cash or bound by debt to force their children to work as a bonded labour. Children forced to work as bonded labors or do domestic work in order to pay family debts.

Lack of Education and Awareness:

Lack of education is the major reason for lack of awareness which makes families surrender to traffickers. Each year millions of children are born without any birth registration making it impossible to track in any system. These children become the easy target for child traffickers.

Poor Function of Laws:

Child trafficking in India has also increased due to poor functioning of the law. Child traffickers at lower risk as there no serious action taken against them.

Natural Disasters:

Natural disasters like earthquake or flood in a particular state or city is the time when traffickers attracted. Traffickers can act as a relief worker and trick children by offering food, work or shelter. They exploit the children under extremely vulnerable condition. Children who lose their families in natural disasters bound or forced by traffickers to take uncertain decisions.

Child Marriages:

Many girls forced by families or sold by traffickers for child marriage. In most cases the condition of girls in early marriages is like slaves. They exploited physically and mentally.

There are several constitutional and legislative provisions in India like, Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006, Bonded Labour System Act 1986, Child Labour Act 1986, Transplantation of human organs Act 1994, The Immoral Traffic Act 1956. Proper implementation of the provisions required with the help of government and NGOs to end the root causes.

Child Trafficking Essay 5 (600 words)

The illicit act of forcefully acquiring or transferring children for the purpose of labour or sexual exploitation known as child trafficking.

Children deprived from the family environment and forced to work in the sectors where working conditions and the approach of employers towards them violate the human rights and freedom of the children. Children used for illegal activities like prostitution, begging, pickpocketing, drug couriering, early marriages, and organ transplants. The working environments are dangerous and harmful for child’s mental and physical health.

Types of Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking has been classified into different categories. Here is a look at some types of child trafficking in detail:

  • Domestic slave

Child Labour

Bonded labour, sexual exploitation, illegal activities.

  • Trafficking of Organs

Child Soldiers

Domestic slave.

Children and their families in the rural areas often tricked for the lure of higher wages in the cities. In reality the children sold for certain amount and forced to work as house help for no wages at all. In most of the child marriages young females exploited as domestic slave and sexually assaulted. Such crimes hardly ever exposed as they take place in private homes.

Children from rural areas often migrate or trafficked for employment in industries like hotels and restaurants, construction industries, spinning mills etc. Victims are also physically and mentally exploited. They forced to work for very low or no wages at all under threatening conditions.

Bonded labors the labours that forced to pay the family debt. Parents give away their children when they are unable to pay debts. Also children sold for some amount due to poverty and lack of basic resources.

Sexual Exploitation is the bitter truth in rural as well as urban areas in India. Young females trafficked and forced to work as prostitute. Children also exploited for commercial sex for the exchange of drugs, food, shelter etc. Unwanted pregnancy, HIV, STD’s and even deaths are the common after-effects faced by these victims.

Children also trafficked for illegal activities such as begging and organ trade as they more sympathized by people as weak. Therefore in some unfortunate conditions, their body parts damaged or cut off by the criminals as those injured make more money.

Trafficking for Organs

Demand for organs is higher than supply. This results in the illegal trade of organs and trafficking. Organs such as eyes and kidneys in particular are high in demand. There are criminal groups that exploit children for personal profits. Child organ trafficking is the dark reality in today’s world.

Many children under the age group of 18 are trafficked and are being exploited as child soldiers . Other children also forced to work as guards, cooks, servants etc. The children forced to work hard as a result they deprived from the childhood, love and care of their families.

The society and government needs to focus on Prevention, Prosecution and Protection. The government should adopt proper measures to prevent severe kind of child trafficking. Awareness in the society has to created by educating and informing people and the victims of child trafficking about the causes and effects of the different forms of child trafficking. The government needs to redefine laws and make sure the laws implemented efficiently. Government needs to make continuous efforts with the help of NGOs and society to abolish all forms of child trafficking. Serious action needs to taken against the trafficking chain and everyone involved in the crime must punished by law.

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