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the phd diet

How it Works

The phd weight loss approach, unlock the healthiest version of yourself with the phd weight loss approach.

the phd diet

A revolutionary method for effective weight loss without hunger, starvation, chronic exercise or medications.

We believe in challenging the status quo. our unique approach provides a customized method to efficient and successful long-term weight loss with lifelong follow-through, to help guide and support you to the achievement of your ultimate health goals. the phd approach not only focuses on optimal nutrition for each individual, but also on the mind and body as a whole. we understand that change can be a challenging journey, but an exciting one that we will help you navigate, authenticity.

Our team is honest and sincere. We proceed in directions of what we know will work for you and what it will take for you to create a whole body transformation.

We stand for you, always providing services of utmost value and worth, nothing less.

We admire you and your decision to change your life. We respect you, your unique needs and your life values.

The PHD Philosophy & Practice Principles

Our team will help guide you along this journey of life change. We are compassionate, encouraging, have experienced our own journeys of health improvement, and are expertly trained in the PHD Weight Loss Approach. We are certified PHD consultants, certified health coaches, certified life coaches, addiction recovery specialists, nutritionists, registered dietitians, and passionate advocates for living the best life possible. We are trained and supported by Dr. Ashley Lucas, and the PHD Advisory Board which includes physicians and doctors. Our team practices by three primary principles: Authenticity, Integrity and Respect.

Initial Consultation

Share your story with us! We really want to get to know you, your history, goals, and frustrations. During your initial meeting with one of our Certified PHD Consultants, we learn more about you and also discuss your results from our medical grade body composition scales. From our time together, we design a program tailored to your lifestyle, metabolism, and unique body.

the phd diet

We create your customized meal plan and teach you how to implement our simplified protocol into your daily life. We provide convenient and great tasting food to help make the process of slimming down more simple and reliable. You may always opt to utilize all of your own foods, but our food is free to you. It’s always your choice. No matter what, we don’t count calories and we don’t restrict them.

You have weekly one-on-one coaching and accountability sessions with our compassionate team. We discuss nutrition based on science, not on conventional dietary wisdom, create and continuously modify your customized meal plan, analyze your food record and most importantly focus on behavioral modification to create sustainable change.

This is a transformation and our team is here to support you.

the phd diet

Customizable Technologies

You participate in weekly behavioral modification taped audio sessions and lymphatic therapy to help speed weight loss and improve joint health.


Once you achieve your unique healthy body composition, we provide you with long term support for FREE, FOREVER! We never leave your side as we understand the journey of weight maintenance is the most important one.

the phd diet

The Value of PHD

How much does it cost.

Our program is customized to each individual therefore cost really varies depending upon your unique body and current health conditions. When you consider the services we provide, along with our free maintenance program, you will likely find that we are the lowest cost option out there.

We find that the biggest cost of all is the cost of inaction. PHD is true Health Care. We aren’t fixing a problem with surgeries or drugs, we are solving the problem with simple eating, behavior change, and never-ending support.

PHD is a game changer for your health and your finances.

Your health is the most valuable thing you have. Not only will you be improving your health, but you will likely find that you save money through the process! Many PHD clients save money through:

  • Reducing health care costs
  • No longer needing to pay for medications
  • Reducing food costs by minimizing food waste with our team’s assistance in meal planning, prepping, shopping, and assistance with healthy and low cost dining out.

We would love to answer any questions you might have.  Give us a call anytime: 800-674-8991

Why PHD? It was recommended by two of my physicians. Additionally, I looked at several nationally advertised weight loss programs and decided that 1) they would take far longer and the total cost of the longer programs would not be significantly less than PHD; and 2) PHD is not just about eating different foods (ATKINS on steroids), it is about changing your life style, so that you not only lose the weight, but keep it off.”

I had to ask myself what my HEALTH was worth… the impact PHD has made on my life is priceless!!”

We sleep better and we have so much more energy. We are less stressed and happier. And, we are convinced – we can sustain this new way of life long after we meet our goals. I highly recommend PHD. You will reduce your food related expenses by 50% or more not to mention all of the other ways you will save through decreasing health related expenses, improving your health and reducing your health risks. The support, coaching and results are worth every penny. Do it! It will change your life!!!!!”


Asheville, nc, charlotte. nc, greenville, sc, durango, co, lake norman, nc, can’t reach us at one of our locations try our at-home program, complete the form below to claim your free digital copy of 5 steps to reset the scale, your information will be kept strictly confidential., complete the form below to claim your free* copy of 5 steps to reset the scale.

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Diet Whey Powders

Diet Whey Powders

If you’re looking to fuel your training with high-quality protein with less than 100 calories per serving, our Diet Whey Protein is the perfect solution for a leaner physique. Containing a variety of protein sources to deliver a rich profile of amino acids, PhD Diet Whey comes in 13 delicious flavours to satiate your appetite and satisfy your sweet tooth!

  • Post-Workout (6)
  • Belgian Chocolate (2)
  • Chocolate Mint (1)
  • Chocolate Peanut (1)
  • Cookies & Cream (1)
  • Double Chocolate (1)
  • Salted Caramel (3)
  • Strawberries & Cream (1)
  • Strawberry (2)
  • Strawberry Cheesecake (1)
  • Vanilla Creme (2)
  • White Chocolate (1)
  • White Chocolate & Raspberry (2)
  • Dairy Free (1)
  • Gluten Free (1)
  • GMO Free (7)
  • Palm Oil Free (7)
  • Vegetarian (7)
  • Caffeine Free (2)
  • Contains Caffeine (3)
  • Pre-workout (0)
  • Post-workout (0)
  • Intra-workout (0)

PhD - Diet Whey - 1kg - 40 servings - white chocolate flavour

Diet Whey Protein

Low in both sugar and fat, our Diet Whey protein will support you on your weight loss journey and help to drive your efforts. From protein powder to meal replacements and snack bars, for curbing those mid-morning cravings, the PhD diet protein range is packed with products to support your wellbeing goals.


High in fibre and packed with vitamins and minerals, Diet Whey meal replacement is a tasty meal replacement shake that will not only keep you fuller for longer, but contains under 210 calories per serving! Enjoy all of the nutrients you would typically get from a well-balanced meal, with L-Carnitine and matcha tea to support sustainable weight loss.


  When you’re constantly on the move, it can be difficult to grab a quick snack that doesn’t derail your diet plan. The PhD Diet Whey range has something for those on-the-go days, with our selection of tasty and convenient snack bars. Power your training regime and support your weight loss with protein-packed, low-calorie snack bars . 


Once you’ve sampled all 11 of our delicious diet whey protein flavours, it’ll be tricky to choose your favourite! With 17g of protein per serving and less than 100 calories, our Diet Whey protein is ideal for fueling your training. It can support your recovery and help you to work towards a leaner physique. For low in sugar, low in fat, and great tasting protein, try PhD Diet Whey today.


From protein powders to shakes and snacks, our wide range of protein products have been expertly engineered to keep your body strong and healthy. To build a leaner look, discover the benefits of Diet Whey.

Looking to boost your overall health and wellbeing? Our extensive range of sports nutrition products also includes multi-vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling and performing at your best.

PhD Unlimited Just £9.99 For A Year Of Next Day Delivery!

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the phd diet

Omega-3 Premium (USA)

the phd diet

Omega-3 900 mg + Vitamin D3 2000 IU

the phd diet


the phd diet


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