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sfu thesis submission deadline

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sfu thesis submission deadline

Keep track of academic dates and deadlines by consulting the tables per term below. Bookmark this page to find the most up-to-date information.

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Spring 2024, summer 2023.

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Simon Fraser University Engaging the World

School of engineering science.

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Thesis and Defence

Keep in mind to submit any forms in the correct signature convention . 

On this Page

  • Exam Committee

Defence Process

  • Thesis Publication Postponement
  • Archived Thesis at SFU Library

Composition of   Exam Committee

Exam Committee is not equivalent to Supervisory Committee .

According to General Graduate Regulation  1.2 , supervisory committee helps the student define and develop a program of studies and reports on the student’s progress to the graduate program committee. The supervisory committee forms  part of  the student’s final examination committee.

The examining committee is to ensure that the student receives a fair and rigorous examination and that the University's policies and requirements are met. 

Please ensure you have updated your supervisory committee by  submitting the paperwork  before requesting for defence. Any inconsistency of the exam committee with the supervisory committee WILL CAUSE DELAY in processing the defence request.

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Masters defence exam committee.

According to General Graduate Regulation 1.9.1 , The masters examining committee for examinations shall have the following minimum composition :

  • A non-voting chair who is a faculty member at SFU, while is not a member of the student’s supervisory committee.
  • All members of the student’s supervisory committee.
  • An examiner who is a member of faculty, or a person suitably qualified, who is not a member of the student's supervisory committee. 

PhD Defence Exam Committee

According to General Graduate Regulation  1.9.3 , the PhD examining committee for examinations shall have the following  minimum composition :

  • A  non-voting chair  who is a faculty member at SFU, while is not a member of the student’s supervisory committee.
  • All members  of the student’s supervisory committee.
  • An external examiner who shall be specifically qualified in the field of the thesis and not be a faculty member at SFU.

The minimum composition for the supervisory committee consists  the supervisor (or co-supervisors)  and  at least one committee member  chosen in consultation with the student. The committee member must be internal to Simon Fraser University serving as a faculty member, adjunct professor or research associate. A suitably qualified individual who is not in those positions (eg. professors external to SFU) may be eligible to serve as an additional committee member (i.e. you must have an internal committee member to include an external committee member) . 

Scheduling defence is a rigorous process with lots of deadlines. Please allow at least 3 business days of turnaround time for the graduate program committee chair's signature for any forms. Therefore, we encourage you to include the turnaround time into the deadlines mentioned in this section, or submit any finalized paperwork and forms as soon as they are ready. 


If you wish to defend, discuss with your supervisor and the following documents should be  submitted by your supervisor on behalf of you. 

  • Form for Masters Defence 
  • Form for PhD Defence
  • Finalized Version of Student's Thesis for PhD, or Thesis Abstract for MASc
  • A full, comprehensive external examiner CV if the examiner is not from SFU; or
  • A bio for non-faculty committee members being added
  • All research plans involving human or animal subjects must receive ethics approval. Read more on GS' website .
  • A project will be scheduled for Research Ethics Board (REB) review only when the Office of Research Ethics (ORE) determines that the information and materials submitted are sufficient to enable the REB to make an informed review of the ethical acceptability of the research.
  • The letter should expire after proposed defence date, or else the request will not be approved. 

For MASc students, completed paperwork must be provided to the Graduate Program Assistant  a minimum of 4 weeks  prior to your defence. 

For PhD students, completed paperwork and your thesis must be provided to the Graduate Program Assistant  a minimum of 6 weeks  prior to your defence.

*The deadline for PhD defence is a HARD DEADLINE ; we will need to allow as much time as possible for the external examiner to review the thesis since their participation is voluntary. 

There is no guarantee your request will be approved if the request is submitted less than 4 - 6 weeks prior to your proposed defence date. We encourage you to submit the paperwork early for admirative processing. For more information, please visit GS’s website:  Masters Defence    PhD Defence .

Do not forget to  apply for graduation . The deadline to apply for graduation can be found on  GS's website .


The request will follow the process below:

  • Graduate Studies (GS) will the review and approve the request and confirm the thesis is ready to be defended.
  • The Graduate Program Assistant will proceed with room booking if the defence is held in-person.
  • For PhD defences, GS will distribute the thesis to the exam committee. 
  • For MASc defence, the supervisor should distribute the thesis. 
  • Graduate Program Assistant will send reminder to exam committee and advertise the defence to the School one week prior to the defence. 


  • You will revise your thesis and get approval from your supervisor about the revision completion.
  • Your supervisor will sign the  Results, Approval & Degree Recommendation (RAD)  from and return the form to the Graduate Program Assistant for the Graduate program Committee chair's signature. The assistant will send a copy of the signed form to you afterwards.
  • You will submit the finalized version of your thesis to the library's  Thesis Registration System by   deadline , along with the RAD form. For the Fall term, the deadline is the last working day before the holiday closure (usually December 23 or 24) at 12 noon (PST). 


  • The RAD form will be prepared and send to the exam committee chair by the Graduate Program Assistant prior to the defence.
  • The student completed the defence. The exam committee shall provide comments to the student thesis and vote for the result.
  • The  exam committee chair shall collect the signatures of all exam committee members  during the defence on the RAD form "examination result" section, then  return the signed form to student's supervisor . 
  • The  supervisor  shall sign under "approval & degree recommendation" section and send the RAD to Graduate Program Assistant at  [email protected] .
  • The Graduate Program Assistant will return the RAD form signed by the graduate program committee chair to the supervisor and the student.
  • The student makes the subsequent changes to the thesis with the exam committee's comments and submit the finalized thesis.

As per the Library and Graduate Studies' update, the graduate program committee chair's signature is NOW REQUIRED upon students' thesis submission. 

For assistance with defence procedures, please email the Graduate Program Assistant at  [email protected] .

Thesis publication postponement 

A  postponement  will delay the inclusion of a thesis in the institutional repository for a period of 12 months from the end of the term in which the thesis is submitted to the Library, in order to protect confidential commercial information, patentable material, pending application, or where immediate commercial publication in a restrictive venue is anticipated. 

A postponement request should be made in writing at least 30 days  prior  to submission of the thesis to the Library.  The submission process and timeline remains the same, however, a copy of the thesis or project shall not be made available in the Library institutional repository during the restricted period.

In order to receive a postponement, please complete the  Thesis postponement of publication request form  and email it to  [email protected] . If approved, this form needs to be included in your submission to the library thesis registration system and “Postponement being requested” must be selected to “yes.” Please also email  [email protected]  with your approved postponement form attached so that the library can set the postponement.

Note: If these steps are not followed, your thesis will be published and accessible online.

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Document Submission And Deadlines

My application to do list is requesting for a high school transcript. can i submit this by email, how can i submit my documents, how do i self-report my grades, when can i apply, how long is my ielts or toefl score valid for, have you received my ielts results, have you received my documents, when can i receive an update on my application status, how much does it cost to apply, where can i apply to sfu, related topics.

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  • Application Status Update 0
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sfu thesis submission deadline

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sfu thesis submission deadline

Dates & Deadlines

  • Admission/Scholarships
  • Academic dates
  • Summer 2022
  • Spring 2022

Dates & Deadlines

Fall term courses start September 6, 2023; last day of exams is December 18, 2023.

For comprehensive term dates, see Calendar of academic dates .

Classes: add/swap/change tutorial

Classes: drop/withdraw/extenuating circumstances (WE). See also Fees for REFUNDS/MONTHLY INTEREST CHARGES

Fees: payment and refunds/interest charges

NOTE: If you request a refund related to scholarships or bursaries, see Fees: Refunds: Dates: #bursaries .

Cards: Library ID card and U-Pass BC

Financial aid and awards

Grades online

Graduation application/cancellation

See previous deadlines

Main Content

Our family is growing.

Post University welcomes the addition of American Sentinel’s fully online advanced nursing and healthcare programs to our current portfolio of program offerings as the American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Sciences at Post University.

“The addition of American Sentinel’s programs, administration, faculty and infrastructure as a division of Post University will allow the leveraging of strengths and talents to create additional educational opportunities for current and future students. We feel there are already so many great synergies such as affordability, a commitment to innovation in online education and technology, as well as offering unmatched personalized student support. We are excited for the future.” –   CEO & President, John L. Hopkins

sfu thesis submission deadline

Accelerated Courses

Accelerated courses that allow you to earn your Bachelor’s degree in just over 3 years or your Master’s degree in 14 to 24 months.

Student Services

"The possibilities are endless here in the College of Education. Picture yourself as a change agent, motivator, leader, innovator and educator!" Allyson Watson, PhD, Dean and Professor | FAMU College of Education

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sfu thesis submission deadline

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Whether you're looking to study Russian language and culture at undergraduate, masters, or PhD level, there is an option for you at the University of Sheffield's School of Languages and Cultures.

Undergraduate study

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Postgraduate study

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Languages for all

Interested in taking up a language, but not as part of a languages degree? Languages for all is a university-wide scheme that allows you to do just that.

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Studying Russian at Sheffield will prepare you for a diverse range of rewarding and profitable careers. 

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Get in touch with the department with your general enquiries or admissions questions.

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The Thesis Submission Process [Online]: 2023-01-19

red thesis banner

This workshop is in the past and registrations are unavailable.

All times are Pacific Time Zone (Vancouver, BC, Canada).

About the workshop

After you have defended, the final step for graduation eligibility is submitting your thesis, project, or extended essay(s) to the Library. This workshop will walk you through the thesis submission process .

You will learn:

  • How to log into the Thesis Registration System (TRS)
  • What required documents you need to upload to the TRS
  • What “if applicable” documents you need to upload to the TRS
  • What happens after you have submitted

Note: A good time to take this workshop is sometime during the semester that you’ll be defending or sometime after you know when your defence date is.

Import this workshop into a calendar


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  1. Submitting your thesis: Deadline dates

    Home Help Publish Thesis Thesis submission Submitting your thesis: Deadline dates Your thesis, supporting materials, and documentation must be submitted to the Library's Thesis Registration System before 11:59 pm PST on the day of the thesis submission deadline.

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    Last revised: 2023-09-08

  3. Dates + Deadlines

    Spring 2024 Summer 2023

  4. The Thesis Submission Process

    Home Help Publish Thesis Help with writing + submitting thesis The Thesis Submission Process After you have defended, the final step for graduation eligibility is submitting your thesis, project, or extended essay (s) to the Library. This workshop will walk you through the thesis submission process.

  5. Thesis regulations, policies, and forms

    Introduction. As part of the thesis submission process, the University mandates that you must submit the following forms and be aware of the following regulations: print and sign, (when applicable), each of these forms. scan each of the signed forms to create a PDF copy. upload the scanned PDF of each signed form to the Thesis Registration System.

  6. After you have submitted your thesis to the Library

    After thesis submission After you have submitted your thesis to the Library On this page Requirements for graduation as they pertain to thesis submission Intake stage Audit/approval stage I found an error in my thesis. Can I correct it? Obtaining a credential completion letter Early completion/submission tuition fee refund Thesis binding

  7. Graduation

    Graduation Checklist. You're nearing degree completion and ready to graduate. Use this checklist to see what your next steps are on the road to convocation. Check your Academic Progress. Apply to Graduate. Defend your thesis/project. Submit to the library (if applicable) Proof of completion. Updating your email address and mailing address.

  8. Thesis defence guidelines

    1. Proofread and email thesis handout prepared by the Graduate Secretary. 2. Confirm information on thesis approval page. Post defence. 1. Ask supervisor to confirm by email that the student has completed all required revisions. 2. Review thesis submission instructions and submit to the Library by the posted deadline.

  9. Thesis Defence

    Deadlines for Library thesis submission. Summer 2023: Early deadline* End of term: 31 May 2023 @11:59 pm (PST) 31 August 2023 @ 11:59 pm (PST) Fall 2023: Early deadline* ... Simon Fraser University respectfully acknowledges the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish), səlilwətaɬ (Tsleil-Waututh), q̓íc̓əy̓ ...

  10. Dates + Deadlines

    Western Deans and CAGS Mobility Agreements. Individualized Joint PhD/ Cotutelle. Non-degree Student. Awards + Funding. Internal + Donor Funded Awards. External & Government Funded Awards. Thesis Dissertation Awards + Convocation Medals. Roles + Responsibilities. Undergraduate Student Research Awards.

  11. Thesis and Defence

    In order to receive a postponement, please complete the Thesis postponement of publication request form and email it to [email protected]. If approved, this form needs to be included in your submission to the library thesis registration system and "Postponement being requested" must be selected to "yes.".

  12. Finding SFU theses and projects

    The Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby) has print, microform, and web-based copies of SFU PhD and Masters theses, final projects, and extended essays for programs that are required or have chosen to submit them to the Library. Undergraduate honours theses are not available in the Library.

  13. SSHRC's CGS + Doctoral Awards

    Deadline to Apply: Extended to: October 12, 2023 (4:30 pm) due to SSHRC's technical difficulties. CGSD Award Value: $35,000 per year for up to three years. SSHRC DF Award Value: $20,000 per year for up to four years. Candidate Eligibility: Canadian citizens. Permanent residents of Canada.

  14. Offer of Admission

    Offer of Admission. Your offer of admission and funding (if applicable) is valid for 21 days from the date of the offer, unless otherwise specified one offer of admission. Should you be unable to follow the specified timeline to accept your offer of admission, please contact the academic unit offering admission to discuss your options.

  15. Document Submission And Deadlines

    8888 University Drive Burnaby, B.C. Canada V5A 1S6 . Phone 778.782.6930 Stay Connected

  16. Fall

    Enrolment for Fall 2023 classes begin - By appointment only. Check your enrolment appointment on goSFU, the student information system. Monday, July 24. Enrolment for Fall 2023 classes - Open to all students at 8 AM. Classes: add/swap/change tutorial. Wednesday, September 6. Fall term classes start. Tuesday, September 12.

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    Simon Fraser University Engaging the World. School of engineering science. A-Z directory; Thesis and Defence. Keep in mind to submit any forms in the correct signature convention

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  21. Russian

    Whether you're looking to study Russian language and culture at undergraduate, masters, or PhD level, there is an option for you at the University of Sheffield's School of Languages and Cultures.

  22. The Thesis Submission Process [Online]: 2023-01-19

    The Simon Fraser University Library supports teaching, learning, and research at SFU.