43+ Research Paper Examples

Students studying at higher levels, especially in high school and college are likely to write research papers . These types of documents are mostly required and demanded by their teachers and professors in various courses and programs. Everyone who gets to engage themselves in writing effective research templates shall follow a correct and appropriate format.

research paper examples

Free Research Paper Example

free research paper example

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Sample Of Research Paper

research proposal white paper template

Published Research Papers

clinical research white paper template

Ready Made Research Paper Template

market research white paper template

Research Assignment Example

research design white paper template

How To Write A Research Paper Sample

research paper table of contents template

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Short Research Paper Template

research paper apa format essay template

Example Of Research Paper With Complete Parts

research paper for college essay template

Simple Research Paper Template

career research paper essay template

Printable Covid 19 Research Paper Essay Template

covid 19 research paper essay template

Research Paper Example For Students Template

essay outline for research paper template

Student Research Paper Templates

Free research paper example for students template.

best student research paper

Research Paper for Graduate High School Student Project

research paper for graduate student

Free Apa Style Research Paper Format Example

apa style research paper format

Professional Student Conference Research Paper

student conference research paper

Free MLA Format Research Paper Writing Example

mla research paper

Parts of a Research Paper

Statement of the problem –, background of the study –, significance of the study –, scope and limitations –, methodology –, summary of findings –, recommendations –, medical research paper templates, journal paper example.

research paper for medical assistant

Medical Functions Research Paper Template

medical functions research paper

Free Medical Review Research Paper Template

medical review research paper

Academic Research Paper Samples

Basic rough academic english research paper.

basic academic research paper

Academic Performance Research Paper Template

academic performance research paper

Research Paper Outline Templates

Argumentative research paper outline template.

argumentative research paper outline

Quantitative Research Paper with Conclusion in PDF

outline for quantitative research paper

Steps in Research Paper Writing

Pick a topic., make time for consultations., test the feasibility of your research., come up with a preliminary outline., finalize your paper., start gathering more data., then, data analysis will come in., make your conclusion and recommendations., literary citation in research paper template.

literary citation in research paper

Career Research Paper Outline Template

career research paper outline

History Research Paper Templates

Basic draft history topic research paper template.

basic history research paper

History Research Paper Outline Template

history research paper outline

Music History Research Paper Template

music history research paper

Library Biography Research Paper Template

library research paper

Career Research Paper Templates

Research paper for student career template.

research paper for student career

Career Development Research Paper Template

career development research paper

Planning a Research Paper

Research topic, possible sources, outline matters, 4th grade research paper reference template.

th grade research paper

Career Planning Research Paper Template

career planning research paper

Business Research Paper Templates

Business ethics research paper with abstract.

business ethics research paper

Free Business Law Research Paper Template

business law research paper

Business Intelligence Research Paper Template

business intelligence research paper

Sample College Research Paper Template

college research paper

Science Executive Summary Research Paper Template

science executive summary research paper

Finance Research Paper Templates

Research paper for international finance template.

research paper for international finance

Maths Research Paper Thesis Template

maths research paper

Public Finance Research Paper Template

public finance research paper

Marketing Research Paper Samples

Marketing strategy research paper template.

marketing strategy research paper

Free Research Paper for Marketing Plan Template

research paper for marketing plan

Marketing Management Research Paper Template

marketing management research paper

Sociology Methodology Research Paper Outline

sociology methodology research paper

Importance of Research Papers

Research paper promotes knowledge-building., not just for compliance., research papers support business ventures., more in paper templates.


Orientation Speech Template By Teacher


Quantitative Research Checklist Template


Interview Essay in APA Documentation Style Template


Job Interview Essay Report with Introduction Template


Professional Student Interview Essay Template


Biography Essay Template


Business Comparative Research Template


Comparative Market Research Template


Comparative Research Outline Template


Comparative Research Study Template

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FREE 27+ Research Paper Formats in PDF

sample research paper

Ever had the experience where you woke up one day and realize the deadline for your research paper was the next day? Then you had no choice but to make the  Last-Minute Research Paper  and hope that your sample paper has done it right. Well, thanks to the research paper formats available here, you can easily make a research paper without worrying about the format at all. The process  of having to make a research paper can be simplified by something as simple as having the format ready.

Research Paper Format

Sample research paper - 5+ documents in pdf, sample research paper proposal template - 9+ free documents in ..., sample research paper outline - 6+ documents in pdf, word.

Writing a paper   or a research  project can be quite challenging but can be just as rewarding when done right. The purpose of a research paper has always been to “create information” that other people can use in their daily activities.

Scientific Research Papers

The structure of scientific revolutions.

scientific revolution research

Size: 723 KB

The Scientific Method

scientific method paper1

Size: 102 KB

Business Research Papers

Management of business.

business management research2

Business Law and Practice

business law

Size: 284 KB

What Is a Research Paper Format?

The format of a research paper is standardized and is usually following a certain set of format. You can use the  research paper PDF sample  as a reference, however, the outline  of the format usually contains the same:

  • Font Size – Font size is always standardized to be a size 12. This is to allow readers to read the paper easily while allowing for a greater volume of text per page.
  • Font – The font most instructors prefer would be a Times New Roman font; however, every instructor has their preferences. Times New Roman is preferred by many because of its formal and clean look.
  • Spacing – When writing a research paper, the instructor would tell the student to double space the distance between lines. This is done to allow readers to distinguish lines from one another.
  • Justified – This is a preferred choice by most instructors due to it being able to accommodate more words per page.
  • Page Numbering – This is to keep track of how many pages a research paper has.

What Are the Parts of a Research Paper?

Parts of a Research Paper vary depending on what format the research paper will be made to, however, the parts of a research paper will always remain the same so as to allow the organizing of the papers to be done easily. The parts of a research paper are:

  • Acknowledgment letter (with signatures)
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter I Statement of the Problem
  • Chapter II Review of Related Literature
  • Chapter III Research Methodology
  • Chapter IV Data Analysis
  • Chapter V Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Curriculum Vitae

Engineering Research Papers

Research review civil engineering.

civil engineering paper

Size: 387 KB

Genetic Engineering

genetic engineering

Size: 383 KB

Chemical Engineering Research

chemical engineering research

Size: 338 KB

Empirical Research Papers

Empirical studies.

empirical study paper

Size: 992 KB

Empirical Investigation

empirical investigation

Size: 308 KB

Graduate Research Paper

Graduate-level paper.

graduate level paper

Size: 259 KB

What Are the Benefits of Writing a Research Paper?

The benefit of writing a research paper would be that the information gathered or shared will be unique or First  to be cataloged and would be then be used by other future research paper writers as a frame of reference or as a reading material to learn from. Writing a research paper by making your own format or just using a  research paper example  found on this site would be an easier way to write a research paper giving you more time to be able to obtain or collect data about your research topic, thus, allowing you to learn new facts and ideas from the information given to you by your research respondents. It will also teach or rather motivate the maker of the researcher paper to interact with people more often so as to be able to gather more information.

What Are the Advantages of Publishing a Research Paper?

You may think that all your effort in the process  of making a research paper may be irrelevant, but once you publish your research paper, there are advantages to publishing it, whether you used a research paper sample or made one yourself. The advantages to publishing them are:

  • You will be contributing “new” information into society.
  • You will raise awareness about the topic of your research paper.
  • In some cases, you will become well known.
  • You will have created materials that would be used by future generations of research paper writers.

Library Research Papers

Library & information science research.

library science research

Size: 115 KB

Library Management

library management2

Size: 233 KB

Library Systems

library system paper

Medical Research Papers

Medical assistant research.

medical assistant research1

Size: 941 KB

Structure of Medical Research Paper

medical field paper

Size: 210 KB

Analysis of Medical Image Processing

medical imaging research1

Marketing Research Papers

Marketing plan.

marketing plan paper

Size: 485 KB

Marketing Strategy Research

marketing strategy research

Size: 156 KB

Marketing Management

marketing management1

Size: 83 KB

Nursing Research Papers

Nursing career research.

nursing career3

Size: 135 KB

Nursing Informatics

nursing informatics

Size: 176 KB

What Is the Importance of Writing a Research Paper?

Writing a research paper is a very important task a student would need to do. Aside from it being a requirement for most of the students’ academic years, they have other importance as well. The effort we put into creating the  research paper outline ,   the content, the information, it helps  improve  the conditions of some people, namely the people who are related to the topic. Other reasons writing a research paper is important is because of the following:

  • They will motivate others to share information.
  • They will teach the writers how to interact with other people.
  • It will improve  our skills in analysis.
  • It can help generate a sense of accomplishment.

How to Start a Research Paper

A  Professional  writer of a research paper will always tell you the best way to start a research paper is not to pick the topic you already know, but rather pick the topic you have no knowledge of. This is done so as to be able to ask the right questions and to learn something new as they are making a research paper. You could make your own research paper format or you could use  Research Paper Templates  found online. However, the best way to start a research paper is to simply ask, “Why?”

Qualitative Research Papers

Qualitative research methods.

qualitative methods paper

Size: 111 KB

Qualitative & Quantitative Research Design

qualitative research design

Size: 517 KB

Research Proposal Paper

Research study proposal.

research study proposal

Size: 481 KB

Research Analysis Papers

Quantitative research analysis.

quantitative research analysis

Size: 163 KB

Nursing Analysis Paper

nursing analysis paper

Size: 278 KB

Project Research Papers

Project management.

project management1

Size: 197 KB

Science Project & Research Paper Timeline

science project research

Size: 242 KB

Guidelines for Making a Research Paper

Now writing a research paper is a  step-by-step  process in most cases. This is done for a reason, that reason being that when you do anything in a certain order, you will less likely create or make a mistake. You can make your own research papers and learn, or you can use our  Free Research Papers  to reduce the load of creating its format. Here are some guidelines:

  • Data should be unique.
  • List of respondents must be made.
  • Appreciation letter should be written to each respondent and to the instructor.
  • Never plagiarize.
  • Gather data from more than one source.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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IJSRP Research Paper Format

Research papers must be drafted in double column standard paper format (.doc/.docx) . In case paper have technical equations and not possible to format in double column format, you can format in Single Column format. Download the IJSRP paper format (MS-Word) template and submit your research paper for review/final publishing.

In case it is not possible to send paper in word format, you can send research paper in PDF or LATEX format. Kindly mention in paper submission email that paper is in Latex format.

Download Research Paper Format Template:

sample research paper download

To download the research paper format, right-click the above link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the sample document to your computer. Paper must be send in .doc/.docx or PDF/LATEX format only.

sample research paper download

Research paper

Research paper is a written report which contains the results of original scientific research (primary research article) or the review of published scientific papers on one or several science topics (review article). In primary research articles, the authors give vital information about the research that allows other members of the scientific community to evaluate it, reproduce science experiments, and also to assess the reasoning and conclusions drawn from them. Review articles are designed to analyze, evaluate, summarize or synthesize research already conducted in primary academic sources. Quite often, a science article combines these two types of scientific text, including the overview and original parts.

Currently, the number of scientific articles in open access is growing fast, but all of them are spread on numerous science websites on the Internet, and therefore it is hard for a researcher to find the necessary information for new science discoveries or download PDF due to the unreliability of websites.

CyberLeninka is intended to solve this problem. We provide platform, which aggregates a lot of free articles from various open access peer-reviewed journals . And our global goal is to build new research infrastructure for academia.

Directory of open access articles based on OECD fields of science and technology

  • Medical and Health sciences
  • Basic medicine
  • Clinical medicine
  • Health sciences
  • Health biotechnology
  • Natural sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Computer and information sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Chemical sciences
  • Earth and related environmental sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • Medical engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Environmental biotechnology
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Nano technology
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries
  • Animal and dairy science
  • Veterinary science
  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Social sciences
  • Economics and business
  • Educational sciences
  • Political science
  • Social and economic geography
  • Media and communications
  • History and archaeology
  • Languages and literature
  • Philosophy, ethics and religion
  • Arts, history of arts, performing arts, music

Association "Open Science"


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