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How To Do a Proper Thesis Defense Using the Right PowerPoint Presentation

sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

Writing a thesis is stressful, but preparing an oral defense can be even more painful. But it doesn’t have to be; with proper preparation and a good presentation, you will be able to better equip yourself comes time to present your thesis defense.

But what makes a good thesis defense?

A proper presentation helps you with your thesis defense because it helps you capture the panels’ attention and gives you cues and reminders on what to say as well.

It also helps keep your data organized while visually looking good and provides a flow structure for the rest of your presentation.

In today’s article, we will be giving you The Right PowerPoint Templates for Your Thesis Defense and a powerful outline composed of best practices and layouts specifically designed to help you defend your thesis in both written and oral presentations.

In the next segments of this article, we’ll walk you through the most feasible process on how to ace this kind of presentation.

Let’s dive into the outline of what makes a great thesis defense.

Thesis Defense Overview


  • Type of Degree

Thesis and Dissertation Distinction Varies on Location

Three most common thesis defense myths, how to use chatgpt to structure your thesis.

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Acknowledgements
  • Questions and Answers
  • Contact Information
  • Tips During Your Oral Defense
  • More Quick Tips on How to Present

A thesis defense is composed of two parts – a thesis and a defense.

The thesis, according to Grad School Hub , represents a student’s collective understanding of his or her program and major.

Universities often include a thesis in every course as one of the final requirements to earn a particular graduate or postgraduate degree.

The thesis, however, isn’t just a mere requirement.

It helps the students to grow out of their shell from their respective discipline and give them the opportunity to present all the findings of their study.

Moreover, some people think a thesis is just a long essay, but it’s not. Unlike an essay, a thesis needs to assert something.

This can be considered one of the most crucial research documents that a student makes during their academic schooling .

On the other hand, defense is the presentation of the pieces of evidence to support and prove your research.

It’s the most essential part of the thesis process.

Your presentation has to be prepared to answer questions from members of the committee and any other panel present, and it’s your job to convince them and defend your thesis with ample proof.

Prior to presenting, you have to carefully determine what appropriate evidence should be presented before the panel, depending on what thesis you have to defend.

Thesis and Dissertation Distinguished

A thesis or dissertation is usually required to complete a particular graduate degree. These two words are often used interchangeably by most students when referring to research studies.

But while being almost similar in format or structure, it’s worth noting that they have significant differences that set them apart from each other.

The very reason why thesis and dissertation are treated the same is that these two are both extensive papers. Not just merely long essays like what others are claiming.

Both of these papers are extensive. This is why students are given ample time, usually the entire last semester of the last year of study, to complete all the requirements and finally acquire their degree.

With regards to structure, both papers are very similar with few differences.

Differences Between Thesis and Dissertation

One of the significant differences between the two is to whom the paper is assigned. A thesis is usually required for those students earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree. While a dissertation is for those, who want to obtain a doctorate degree.

However, not all students taking a master’s degree are required to make a thesis. Prior to their enrollment, they have been given a choice of whether they’ll go for a non-thesis program or with a thesis.

Those who have a plan to escalate their degree to a doctorate eventually should take the path of a thesis. This is to prepare themselves for a more extensive dissertation requirement as doctorate students. Otherwise, they will be only limited to earning a master’s degree.

paths to degrees diagram

But above all, the most significant difference between the two papers is the purpose for which it is written.

A thesis, like what has been mentioned above, is being done by students obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree and has the purpose of testing their understanding of the discipline they’re engaged with.

A thesis is focused on obtaining technical expertise.

On the other hand, a dissertation is made for students to come up with an original study that other researchers haven’t already studied.

Path to a Doctoral Degree

USA: In the United States of America, they consider a thesis shorter than a dissertation. In fact, aside from being a requirement to graduate in college, a thesis is now also inculcated in master’s degree programs. And since the dissertation is more extensive, the thesis is treated as preliminary in gaining a doctorate degree.

Europe: The distinction between the two papers is almost opposite to that of the USA. In Europe, a dissertation is only a broader research study from a post-graduate program and not the making of original research. Instead, educational systems in the said continent treat the doctoral thesis as a more elaborate paper writing.

PPT Template Thesis vs Dissertation

The difference between a thesis and a dissertation might not seem that big, but it’s important that we know what makes them different.

If your upcoming defense gives you pressure and uneasiness, it could be cause you are not sure what to expect. Today we will dispel three common thesis defense myths that will help you be more confident in your presentation.

“Answer all the questions correctly. Otherwise, your thesis won’t get approved.”

You are expected to have a focus on your research.

That being said, you have to study each part of your thesis, every detail, and even your sources.

You have to study and practice how to effectively deliver your presentation.

But don’t overthink to the extent that you’re stressing yourself to know everything perfectly.

Don’t overstress if you can’t answer one of the questions, this doesn’t necessarily mean the committee won’t approve your thesis.

You should know that research is a continuous study.

So you should expect that your committee will always be able to find a gap in your study to fill in future related research .

So in times you don’t exactly know the answer, admit it, and you’ll learn as they give their sides or suggestions.

Making up an answer will only displease your committee, so it’s to be upfront, honest, and transparent.

“The committee is just there to find holes in your study. They don’t care about you.”

One of the typical descriptions students have of the committee is that they are just there to poke holes in your thesis.

Going in with this perspective makes standing before them a nerve-wracking experience.

They’re not your enemy.

In fact, they are there to help you polish your study.

They might challenge you with difficult suggestions and tricky questions.

In the end, they will walk you through the process to come up with better results that won’t only benefit you but also your research.

They care about you and your study, and they’re ultimately there to make your thesis and the research better.  Separate yourself from your work look at it objectively, and don’t take their comments personally .

“If your thesis defense isn’t successful, you have to start your thesis all over again”

An unsuccessful defense is one of the worst-case fears most students have.

One thing that you should be aware of is when you aren’t able to please your committee, you don’t need to start a new thesis again or go back to square one with your existing paper.

It’s unusual that your committee will ask you to change your topic and start from scratch again.

The fact that you’ve been permitted to defend your study means your research is almost complete.

They might suggest further details or ask you for minor revisions, and that’s normal.

But overall, you need to go into this defense thinking that your presentation will be successful. Otherwise, you are already setting yourself up for failure with the wrong mindset.

Remember that positive thoughts attract positive results.

Thesis Defense Presentation Structure and Slides Content

We can use language learning models like ChatGPT to help us curate the structure of our thesis presentation. Let’s see a step-by-step solution on how to apply this.

Step 1: Define the thesis topic and research questions

You can set the environment for ChatGPT to work by explaining what your thesis is going to cover and which specific questions you aim to address through the course of that document. This gives ChatGPT the context from which it shall formulate the structure. A prompt can be written like this:

“Take the role of an academic professional who shall help me to write my thesis. This thesis is going to cover the topic of (insert topic), and through its course, I want to answer these questions: Question 1 – Question 2 – Question 3 – Consider this information as the starting point for this chat.”

Step 2: Ask for an outline

With the previously provided information, ask ChatGPT to generate an outline for your presentation. If some of the points listed in the output don’t convince you, then chat with the interface until you reach a final outline. Then, ask to elaborate on each specific point for information or cues you may have overlooked.

Step 3: Ask ChatGPT which content should you place per slide

Instead of debating how are you going to trim your thesis into a presentation format, ask ChatGPT to do the decision process for you. You can be as specific as asking how many words per slide, how many slides should the presentation have, if you need any visual element, etc.

N.B.: We don’t recommend using ChatGPT to retrieve academic references as, in some cases, it can provide faulty results. You can ask if any facts on this presentation need to be checked or similar questions. ChatGPT is a powerful tool, but it shouldn’t be considered a bible, so be extra cautious about grabbing content directly from its outputs.

1. Title Page

This slide should contain the information that is provided on the title page of your hard copy . Here is an example of title page or cover slide for your title defense or thesis presentation.

PPT Template Thesis Title - title defense example - Example of Title Slide in a Thesis Defense Presentation

  • The title of your research paper
  • Where you are studying
  • Name and details of your course
  • Name of Adviser

2. Introduction Slide

Your introduction slide should provide the committee with an idea of the following:

PPT Template Introduction Slide - Example of Introduction Slide in a Thesis Defense

  • What is the topic area that you are investigating ?
  • What are the specific research questions that you set out to answer?
  • Why is this question important to answer?
  • What were the objectives of your research?

3. Literature Review Slide

It’s not necessary to cover everything that’s currently understood in the available literature. You may want to present the following content under a Literature Review slide:

Literature Review Thesis PPT Template

  • Relevant current research that is close to your topic
  • Different theories that may apply to your specific area of research
  • Areas of weakness that are currently highlighted

4. Methodology Slide

Make sure to touch the factors below within your process, and include the following in the Methodology slide:

PPT Template Methodology Slide - Example of Methodology Slide in a Thesis Defense

  • The type of study you have conducted: qualitative, quantitative, or mixed
  • The methods that you chose and why
  • Details of the population, sampling methods, and other information
  • Provide information regarding how you have analyzed the data that you have collected

5. Results Slide

This part should give the committee/audience a good understanding of what you’ve discovered during your research. The statistics & results slide could include the final results of your analysis, here is an example:

Thesis Results PPT Template Slide

  • An overall description of the data that you collected during your research
  • The results of the analysis that you have done on that data
  • What were the most significant findings from your data

6. Discussion Slide

Highlight here the meaning of the findings in relation to your discipline program and the research that you have done:

Thesis Discussion PPT Template Slide - Example of Discussion Slide for a Thesis Defense presentation

  • What are the major findings, and what do they mean with regard to your research
  • How do these findings relate to what others have found in the past
  • How can you explain any unusual or surprising result

7. Conclusions Slide

You have to end your presentation with a conclusion summarizing all that you have found within your research. Here is an example of a Conclusion slide in a Thesis presentation:

Conclusions Thesis PowerPoint Template

  • Restate your research questions
  • Show how your results answer these questions
  • Show what contribution you have made
  • State any limitations to the work you have done
  • Suggest future research
  • Make any recommendations

See Also: How to Create a Great Investors Pitch Deck and Close the Deal

8. Acknowledgements Slide

Express gratitude to your advisor, committee members, peers, and others who supported your research journey. This slide provides a moment to acknowledge the collaborative nature of academic work.

9. Questions and Answers Slide

Dedicate a slide for audience questions at the end of your presentation.

Encourage engagement by inviting questions from the audience.

Be prepared to provide clear and concise responses to inquiries.

10. References Slide

Include a slide listing your cited sources throughout your presentation.

Use a consistent citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

The References slide demonstrates your thorough engagement with existing literature.

11. Contact Information Slide

If you’re open to further inquiries or collaborations, consider adding your contact information.

Include your email address or relevant professional social media handles.

Tips During Your Oral Defense!

Review your materials.

Even if you already feel confident with your upcoming presentation, you still need to review your materials.

You can bring the hard copy of your thesis with you during the defense, but you don’t want to get lost in your presentation when you forget some specific details and have to scan your papers.

You should know your paper in and out.

Rehearse Your Presentation

It’s not wrong if it sounds like a script when you speak in your oral defense. It’s expected and understandable.

You need to practice your presentation, especially when there’s a time restriction given to every presenter.

You only need to prepare enough slides that would fit your time limit. A hundred slides aren’t suitable for a 15 to 20-minute presentation, nor 10 slides for an hour of defense.

Your rehearsal will be more effective if you practice it in front of an audience.

Note: You will experience complete silence in the defense room. You might feel awkward because, most of the time, you’re the only one speaking out loud.  This is completely fine, and it’s something you should practice in rehearsal should you be afraid.

Narrow the Presentation of Ideas

Regarding your slides, you don’t have to include everything that’s in your paper. You should narrow down your ideas to the main points and the most important details, such as the statistics and findings.

If the members of your committee think you lack details or they want to hear a further explanation, they won’t hesitate to ask you.

Prepare for the Unexpected Questions

The panel tends to challenge the presenters, usually through some hard questions.

Its aim is how well do you you have done your research and how prepared you are.

But as long as you know the ins and outs of your paper, you shouldn’t lose your confidence regardless of which questions they ask.

Just keep in mind that what you’re saying in your oral defense is not in conflict with what is written on the hard copy you provided them.

What To Do When You Don’t Know the Answer

If the committee asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, don’t make up a baseless answer.

Baseless means out-of-context answers or something without proof or backup.

How To Deal With The Nervousness

The committee expects you to be nervous. Of course, it’s normal.

However, one effect of being nervous is the changes in your behavior.

There’s a tendency for you’ll talk fast, which will make it hard for the committee to understand you.

It might also cause you to have a mental block.

So try to slow down. Take a deep breath.

Inhale, exhale.  Remember to breathe!

It’s OK to pause, and it’s OK to take your time; it’s more important that the committee clearly understands what you are trying to articulate.

More Quick Tips on How to Present!

  • Introduce yourself at the beginning
  • Introduce the title of the presentation
  • Don’t read your notes if possible
  • Don’t speak too fast
  • Put an emphasis on what you’re saying so you don’t sound monotonous
  • Look at your adviser once in a while for possible signs
  • Stand on the right of the white screen if you are right-handed so you can easily refer to the slide without giving your back to the committee
  • Face the audience when you talk
  • Keep an eye contact
  • Make sure to keep attention to the reactions of the committee and don’t forget to react in turn

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to do a proper thesis defense and how to best prepare for one using proven tips and techniques to help you get through this.  Hopefully, after your defense, you will be set as the one in your class to deliver an inspiring graduation speech for your peers. If you have value, please remember to share this article. We also recommend you read these Thesis Statement Examples for inspiration to create your own professionally.

1. MasterDoc PowerPoint Template

Cover Image for MasterDoc PowerPoint templates

Creating a Thesis presentation should be a straight forward task; based on your thesis document and following the tips described above you have a high level structure already outlined. The MasterDoc PowerPoint template provides professional layouts with texts and image placeholders; so you can create document like slides using your thesis defense as your content. This template is ideal for a highly detailed documents, where visuals and words unite to illustrate one concept per page. The result is an asset that can be read and digested more quickly than either your thesis document or a presentation created for assisting a speech. A document created with the MasterDoc PowerPoint templates is meant to be printed or distributed, read on screen without the accompaniment of a presenter or used in an e-learning platform as pure learning content.

Use This Template

2. Thesis Presentation PowerPoint Template

sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

You had invested a considerable time researching, testing hypothesis and confirming your thesis. Craft your thesis presentation with the same level of detail you applied in your work. Using the Thesis Presentation PowerPoint Template you will focus only in your content and your message. The layouts, images,design and structure will be taken care by the template.

3. Master Thesis PowerPoint Template

sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

The Master Thesis PowerPoint Template is a professional document designed for postgraduate degrees presentations. It provides simple sections that follow  the structure and best practices of traditional research thesis presentations. Starting with the introduction to the theory and state of the art scenario; following with hypothesis research and its findings and concluding with the confirmation or negation of the initial thesis statement.

4. Essay Outline PowerPoint Template

sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

Your thesis defense can be accompanied by an essay, that states your thesis and argues about it using several supporting paragraphs. This kind of document is ideal to be an intermediate step between reading assisting to the thesis presentation and reading the complete thesis documentation. It has more information that your thesis defense abstract, but does summarizes the supporting evidence and examples that allows the argument of each idea behind the thesis. You can use the Essay Outline Template to present your Essay outline and create an essay linked to your thesis defense documentation.

sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

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sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

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What’s a thesis defense presentation?

As you approach the end of grad or postgrad studies, you’ll probably be required to deliver a thesis defense presentation. This takes place during the final semester and involves speaking about your thesis or dissertation in front of a committee of professors. 

The word “defend” might sound intimidating, but it simply means answering questions about your work. Examiners want to see how knowledgeable you are about your field and if you can back up your arguments with solid and original research. Some departments invite students to a pre-defense, which is like a dress rehearsal for the main event. 

If you’re defending your doctoral thesis or dissertation, the event will be more formal than at Master’s level. In some universities, this is called a PhD viva, which comes from the Latin viva voce, meaning “by live voice”. Basically, it’s time to speak about the 80 thousand words you’ve written! As well as your supervisor, the panel will usually include visiting academics from other institutions. If it’s an “open defense” it will be open to other students and members of the public.

The format varies between different universities, but a thesis defense usually starts with the candidate delivering a short presentation accompanied by slides. This is followed by a question and answer session with the panel. 

How do I design slides for my thesis defense?

The secret to a good thesis defense presentation is a well-designed slide deck. This will act as a visual aid and starting point for the conversation. Structuring your points and illustrating them on the screen will help you present more confidently. 

If the prospect of creating a thesis presentation from scratch is daunting, check out Genially’s free thesis defense templates. Each design has been created by professional graphic designers in collaboration with students and academic experts. 

Choose from hundreds of examples with preset color palettes and easy-to-edit slides. In a few minutes you can outline the content of your thesis in an impressive visual format. No artistic skills required!

How should I structure a thesis presentation?

When you create a thesis defense presentation, the first thing to remember is that it should be short and concise. There’s no need to rewrite your thesis on the slides. Members of the committee will already be familiar with your work, having read the document prior to the event. 

A thesis defense is a conversational, person-to-person event. Examiners don’t want to read large blocks of text on the screen. They want to hear you talking about your research with passion and insight.

With this in mind, your presentation should serve as a starting point or prompt for discussion. Think of your slides as cue cards: use short titles and keywords to remind you of what you want to say. 

Make a good first impression by using a professional thesis defense presentation template with a consistent theme and attractive visuals. Go for a calm color palette and neutral style. The aim is to illustrate your points while keeping the committee focused on what you’re saying. 

A thesis defense usually begins with an introductory presentation lasting 15 to 20 minutes, followed by discussion time. For a 20 minute presentation we recommend a series of about 10 slides. 

Make sure to include an introduction slide or title page that lays out what you’re going to talk about. Next, move on to each part of your thesis. Outline the problem, background and literature review, your research question, methodology and objectives, findings, conclusions, and areas for future research. 

A great thesis presentation should provide the panel with a summary of your research. For that reason, try to avoid dumping too much data or information onto your slides. Use Genially’s interactive infographics, diagrams and charts to highlight the most important points in an eye-catching visual format.

When it comes to the big day and defending your thesis, try to keep calm. Take a deep breath, introduce yourself to the committee and let your slides guide you. Your examiners will come armed with a list of questions, so the formal presentation will flow naturally into a Q&A.

How do I make a good final year project presentation?

If you’re an undergrad, you might be required to deliver a final year project presentation or dissertation presentation. It’s less formal than a graduate degree thesis defense, but the format is similar. You will be asked to present your research findings to faculty and peers with the help of slides. Your performance may count towards your final grade when you’re awarded your Bachelor’s degree.

A good presentation for a final year project should start with a title slide. At this point you should introduce your research question and explain why you chose the topic. If it’s a collaborative project, include a slide that introduces your teammates. 

The core part of your presentation should cover your methodology, findings, conclusions, and scope for future research. Wrap things up by thanking your contributors and invite your audience to ask questions.   

If you’re not sure how to make a final year project presentation, check out Genially’s free presentation slides for students. Choose from hundreds of professional templates that can be customized to any undergraduate or graduate project. With animated graphics and beautiful data visualizations, you can make standout slides in a matter of minutes.

If you’re submitting your presentation to your professor, try including interactive elements. Genially’s presentation builder allows you to embed online data, videos, audio, maps, PDFs, and hyperlinks in your slides. This can be a useful way to provide supporting evidence, sources, and additional documentation. 


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Must-Have Thesis Defense Templates with Examples and Samples

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Recent research by HigherEd Insights found that 90% of students who utilized well-designed thesis defense templates expressed enhanced confidenc e. These templates, carefully designed to highlight your research process, will save you time while presenting and add visual polish to your message.

Remember, your story has to amaze, educate, and convince the audience. Here is when the power of SlideTeam's Thesis Defense Templates becomes apparent. SlideTeam's templates will turn your study into an exciting narrative . When you use striking images that virtually jump off the screen with eye-catching statistics and bullet points, your presentation will be remembered as an unforgettable adventure.

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Deck 1: Sample PPT For Thesis Defense Presentation Slides

Template 1: prepare agenda for thesis .

This PPT Slide will serve as a map to help you and your audience navigate the complex terrain of your thesis. This slide serves as your presentation's road map, covering key points and concepts in a way that's both concise and thorough. By laying out your arguments logically, you may both wow your reviewers and avoid getting off track. This PPT Layout is perfect for any presenter since it eliminates any potential for error and sets the tone for a convincing defense of the argument.



Template 2: Thesis Presentation Outline: Guiding Your Narrative with Precision

This slide maps out your journey, from the grand curtain-raiser (Title Slide) to unveiling the behind-the-scenes mechanics (Methods), spotlighting your discoveries (Results), and culminating in a crescendo of insights (Conclusions). By offering a straightforward study design encompassing introduction, purpose, statistical analysis, discussions, and reference slides, this versatile slide empowers presenters of all disciplines to lead their audience through an immersive, well-structured thesis narrative.

Thesis Presentation Outline

Template 3: Title Slide to Fascinate First Impressions

This PPT Template includes your name, the qualifications of your thesis adviser, and your academic accomplishments, and it sums up the substance of your work. This slide is more than a formality; it's an introduction to your study that will captivate your audience. This slide may be used by presenters in any discipline to immediately establish authority, make an indelible impression, and communicate the value of their research. Put your best foot forward academically, and in life, by letting your title slide do the talking.

Title Slide

Template 4: Data-Driven Insights from a Statistical Analysis of the Thesis

This slide displays the results of careful data analysis, procedure processing which shine a light on the significant questions of your research. This PowerPoint Presentation can help anybody understand complicated results, whether scientists, economists, or social scientists. It's a visual representation of your analytical skills that will impress both data enthusiasts and quality assurance specialists.

Check out our blog on top thesis timeline templates to make your thesis more effective.

Statistical Analysis

Template 5: Constraints on Your Research: Find Limitations

The limitations of your study are discussed here, whether they are related to the research's technique, data collecting, or overall scope. This presentation has a dual purpose: to show you understand where you might improve and start conversations about how to do so. This slide is helpful for all speakers, from novice academics to seasoned researchers, since it encourages honesty and demonstrates the speaker's ability to handle the complexity of their topic with modesty and understanding.

Limitations Of Your Study

Deck 2: Thesis Defense Roadmap Individual Researcher Strategy Presentation

Template 6: do's and don’ts to defend content on thesis.

Examine the priceless "Dos and Don'ts to Defend Content" slide, your one-stop-shop for prevailing in the thesis defense. Here you'll learn tactical strategies (Do) to articulate your ideas with assurance, interact with reviewers, and provide considered responses to questions. This slide is a guidepost for students and academics alike; it will help you get through the tough examination of a thesis defense and flourish by giving you the tools you need to make your topic sparkle and persuade your audience at every turn.

Dos and Don'ts to Defend Content of Thesis

Template 7: Five-Year Roadmap for preparing thesis defense report

Use the "Five Year Roadmap" slide as a roadmap to efficiently organize your efforts leading up to the defense of your thesis. This well-crafted schedule covers everything from choosing a subject and completing literature reviews to honing your methods, analyzing your data, and writing up your findings. This slide serves as a map for students on academic adventures, outlining a path they may take to defend their theses successfully.

Five Year Roadmap for preparing Thesis Defense Report

Template 8: Key Preparation Tips for Thesis Defense

Inside you'll discover a treasure trove of helpful tips, including how to dress for success, handle anxiety, delegate effectively, think ahead, and prepare answers to probable inquiries. To ensure a professional, composed, and confident presentation that makes an indelible impression, this slide is not only for students; it is a compass for everyone ready to convey their thoughts convincingly. 

Key Preparation Tips for Thesis Defense

Template 9: Percentage of code-switching used by participants in Thesis Defense

This slide offers a graphical depiction of the Participant demographic's use of code-switching (the fluent mixing of languages) in their defense. This slide is useful for anyone studying language, culture, and education and for teachers looking to better their students' presenting abilities across languages. Get it from the link below.

Read our blogs on top one-pager templates available to prepare a thesis quickly and best. 

Percentage of Code Switching used by Participants in Thesis Defense

Template 10: Thesis Defense Invitation Form with Required Documents

This slide provides a one-stop shop for organizing your thesis defense invitations. Date, time, and location are all included for the benefit of the speakers and the reviewers. This slide is more than just an invitation; it serves as a literature review that details the thesis topic, required materials, the extent of the research, and even a preview of what's to come. This slide is ideal for universities, academics, and presenters since it guarantees a well-prepared and organized defense.

Thesis Defense Invitation Form with Required Documents

Prepare a Thrilling Thesis with Us!

Let SlideTeam be the maestro behind the scenes of your exciting thesis defense symphony. Our essential Thesis Defense Templates will ensure your presentation is symphony in style and design. Raise the bar on your defense and leave your assessors in wonder. Use SlideTeam's potency to your advantage and start directing your future now. This is the station where you may tune in to greatness; each slide is a work of art.

FAQs on Thesis Defense

What is usually asked in thesis defense.

You may find everything you need to organize invitations for your thesis defense on the "Invitation Form with Required Documents" slide. The speakers and reviewers will appreciate the inclusion of the date, time, and venue. This slide is more than an introduction; it's a road map that lays out the thesis's subject, resources needed, research scope, and even a sneak peek at what's coming. Academic institutions, public speakers, and presenters may all benefit from this slide since it ensures a well-prepared and coordinated defense.

How do you prepare for a thesis defense?

Using a preexisting thesis as a starting point has several advantages when preparing for your thesis defense. Using a template is a great way to ensure that the formatting and style of your documents are consistent from beginning to end. They allow you to devote more time to writing and less on formatting. Templates adhere to strict academic guidelines, making them appropriate for use in the classroom and lending an air of professionalism to any assignment. Charts and diagrams may be easily included to enhance reading and comprehension. Also, with a good template, adjusting things is a breeze. As a result of their ability to streamline the writing process, enhance the paper's aesthetic appeal, and contribute to a polished, cohesive final product, thesis templates are an essential tool for effective and successful thesis preparation.

How do you start a thesis defense?

The first part of a thesis defense lays the groundwork for a strong presentation. Start by saying hello and thanking them for the chance. Introduce your topic with an attention-grabbing title slide, then go on to a summary of your study aims. Provide background information and describe your research topic or hypothesis explicitly. Create an outline of your presentation, emphasizing the most critical points. Get people interested by discussing the importance and applicability of your findings. Create a connection with the reviewers via brief, intriguing introductions. To provide an effective and confident defense of your thesis, you need to start well.

Why Use Thesis Templates?

There are several benefits to using a thesis template. Using a template as a starting point, you may maintain uniformity in your document's formatting and style. They help you concentrate on content rather than design, which saves time. Academic standards are followed by templates, making them suitable for use at universities and adding a touch of professionalism to any project. Integrating visual aids like charts and diagrams is simple, which improves readability and understanding. In addition, modifications may be made quickly and easily using a template.

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Must-have Product Handout Templates with Samples and Examples

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Meet our team representing in circular format

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Mebit Mitiku MSc. Thesis

Sep 14, 2014

4.36k likes | 7.18k Views

Evaluation of the Level of Service Rendered by Functioning Rural Water Supply Schemes: Case of Farta woreda, Amhara Region Ethiopia. Mebit Mitiku MSc. Thesis. Community-led accelerated WaSH (COWASH). Presentation outline. Introduction Problem statement Research objective Methodology

  • water supply
  • water points
  • service level
  • rural water supply
  • water supply service quality


Presentation Transcript

Evaluation of the Level of Service Rendered by Functioning Rural Water Supply Schemes: Case of Farta woreda, Amhara Region Ethiopia Mebit Mitiku MSc. Thesis Community-led accelerated WaSH (COWASH)

Presentation outline • Introduction • Problem statement • Research objective • Methodology • Findings • Conclusion and recommendation

Introduction • According to MoWE(2013): access to water supply in Ethiopia reaches 61.6% at national level in 2012/13. • The revised UAP targets to achieve 98% access to rural water supply at the end of 2015 • COWASH project established to facilitate the implementation of CMP to accelerate the achievement of UAP • CMP related researches confirm: the approach reach 98% rate of functionality

Problem statement • Based on early result of NWI: the non-functionality rate have been improved from 33% to 24.47% • does it really due to the impact of a certain intervention or due to addition of newly constructed water point? • Accelerated implementation of water supply schemes alone couldn’t ensure water supply service in a given area • Evaluation of water supply service level by functional water supply schemes had not been studied

Research objective • To evaluate the level of service delivered by functioning water supply points developed through CMP and other project approaches implemented in Farta Woreda of Amhara Region. • Specific objectives: • Examine service level • Investigate determinant factors affecting functionality and service level • Compare service quality (other project approaches against CMP)

Methodology • Conducted in Farta woreda: • RWSEP/COWASH implementing more water points using CMP approach • CARE Ethiopia supported by donors implementing large number of water supply schemes for long period in the woreda • The study used cross-sectional method with qualitative and quantitative data collected using : questionnaire, focused group discussion, key informant interview and observation.

Sampling method • Water points (76WP) • A sample frame of 359 FCWP (2003/04 to 2009/10) were established • Representative sampling techniques used • Household (442HH) • Number of HH/WP established as sample frame • 20% (Gay and Diehl, 1992) of HH of each WP • Kebele (17) • Kebele having more than 10FCWP (2003/04 to 2009/10)

Map of visited water points

Data entry and analysis • After relevant data collected: • Quantitative data were coded and processed using SPSS version 20 • The result reported using tables and graphs • Qualitative data were analysed using MS-excel and word and used for triangulation

Findings: Feature of implementers: RWSEP and CARE

Findings: Design variation of water points Hand dug wells: CARE: use vertical deformed bar but 4 quintals of cement for head work RWSEP: no vertical deformed bar but 7 to 8 quintals of cement for head work RWSEP: distribution point at the storage tank Distribution point separate from storage tank

Findings: Water supply service quality • Water supply service quality • Quantity : water usage of sampled households • Quality : beneficiaries perception and sanitary inspection • Accessibility : Crowding, time spent to collect water and users satisfaction on service operator • Reliability: water shortage and service interruption

Cont’… • Average daily collection of a household= QTotal /7= QAvg.(litres/HH) • Average per capita water usage = QAvg /family size=q (lpcd) • The same calculation done for time spent (round trip including time of queue)

Findings: Summarised water supply service quality

Findings:Comparison of water supply service quality: RWSEP and CARE • Percentage of beneficiaries who met the national target of water quantity small in RWSEP compared to CARE: • Woreda staffs not appropriately supervise during construction • Lack of cohesion b/n WASHCOs and beneficiaries

Conclusion and recommendation • Only 1/4th of sampled HHs met the national target water quantity • Prevalent water shortage: • Design problems • Monitoring and supervision problem during construction • Provision of water point though it doesn’t yield sufficient water • Decrease in pump efficiency • Lack of community cohesion in CMP implementation kebeles • Environmental degradation and climate change

Recommendations • There should be appropriate design consideration during construction • Clear guidelines must be established on O&M responsibility • Government should solve problems with spare part supply chain • Consideration to alternative mechanisms of water fee collection • As per dime rate is motivation factor for woreda staffs all WASH projects should use similar and reasonable per dime rate • Refreshment training for WASHCOs

Cont’d… • Further study • Communities economic characteristics and appropriate financing mechanisms for O&M • Water supply service quality: across various Areas, Approaches, Technology options, and socio-cultural settings • Comparison of water consumption, need and service criteria

Thank you for your attention Communities collecting water from pond due to pipe failure that connect storage tank to distribution point to the right

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MSc Thesis Department of Computer Science

MSc Thesis Department of Computer Science

MSc Thesis Department of Computer Science. Gerth Stølting Brodal gerth@cs .au.dk. September 2018 (original April 2014, Anders Møller). M y background. Chair of the Education Committee Department of Computer Science Research group Algorithms and Data Structures

761 views • 35 slides

June 4, 2007, MSc Thesis in Computer Science

June 4, 2007, MSc Thesis in Computer Science

Document Engineering of Complex Software Specifications Mehrdad Nojoumian Supervisor: Professor T. C. Lethbridge University of Ottawa School of Information Technology and Engineering. June 4, 2007, MSc Thesis in Computer Science. Motivation and Goal. Problems triggering our motivation:

314 views • 14 slides

MSc Thesis Project - Aisling Mannion

MSc Thesis Project - Aisling Mannion

Green Infrastructure in Birmingham city centre. MSc Thesis Project - Aisling Mannion. Aims. The aims of this project are to: Map the existing green infrastructure (GI) Plan potential future GI Assess the benefits of GI. The study area. Canal. Town Hall. Birmingham Cathedral.

700 views • 23 slides



254 views • 8 slides

How to Write a Good MSc Thesis

How to Write a Good MSc Thesis

How to Write a Good MSc Thesis. George Fletcher and Mykola Pechenizkiy. 2ID95 WE Seminar 8 January 2014 TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Outline. Examples of different kinds of projects/thesis A summary on different research methods Why should someone write a good thesis ?

863 views • 54 slides

Mitiku Ashebir Director Division of Refugee Assistance

Mitiku Ashebir Director Division of Refugee Assistance

Office of Refugee Resettlement Administration for Children and Families U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ORR Update June 2013. Mitiku Ashebir Director Division of Refugee Assistance. Current General Resettlement Factors . Refugee flow is steady.

558 views • 16 slides

MSc / BSc Thesis Topics 2012

MSc / BSc Thesis Topics 2012

MSc / BSc Thesis Topics 2012. Atmospheric Chemistry Group 7 potential topics. Topic 1: Sensitivity of model simulations to horizontal and vertical resolution . Temperature T42 – T31. Key questions:

287 views • 10 slides

Guidelines for writing a successful MSc Thesis Proposal

Guidelines for writing a successful MSc Thesis Proposal

Guidelines for writing a successful MSc Thesis Proposal. Dr. Maha Al- Sulaimani. Why are thesis proposals necessary?. The Purpose of having thesis proposals is threefold: First , it is to ensure that you are prepared to undertake the work you are proposing.

589 views • 35 slides




413 views • 25 slides

Mitiku Haile

Mitiku Haile

The impact of North South University Collaboration:The Case of Mekelle University 13 February,2014 Leuven,Belguim. Mitiku Haile. BACKGROUND

628 views • 33 slides


MSC. Structuring MSCs Using Message Sequence Charts for real systems. Features. Inline expressions – for alternatives, loops, exceptions and options MSC references – such that MSCs may be referenced within other MSCs

357 views • 22 slides



Agi le Mon itoring Ad herence E nvironment. MSc Thesis MONITORING OF COMPONENT-BASED APPLICATIONS. author: Eryk Ciepiela supervisor: Marian Bubak, PhD consultation: Maciej Malawski, MSc. Outline. Introduction MSc Thesis Goals Technologies to Be Addressed State of the Art

330 views • 17 slides

Detailed experiments of Vicky Tziovara’s MSc thesis

Detailed experiments of Vicky Tziovara’s MSc thesis

Detailed experiments of Vicky Tziovara’s MSc thesis. 03-11-2007. Line experiment. Number of nodes: 9 Time to discover optimal scenario: 6 sec Number of generated signatures: 81. Line: top signatures. Line: sorter overhead. Line: selectivity impact. Lines: cost / data volume.

504 views • 41 slides

MSc Thesis presentation: Rethinking the design of infiltration facilities

MSc Thesis presentation: Rethinking the design of infiltration facilities

MSc Thesis presentation: Rethinking the design of infiltration facilities. Leon Valkenburg. Welcome!. Introducing my committee: Prof.dr.ir. Nick van de Giesen Dr.ir. Frans van de Ven Ir. Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis Ir. Emil Hartman (DHV). Outline. Urban drainage problems

440 views • 28 slides


MSC. growth factors (bFGF,TGF b ). secretion and autoregulation. CCN-proteins. migration, adhesion, cell- communication, tissue repair. endothelial cell. improve tissue engineering. angiogenesis.

147 views • 1 slides

Alfredo Montana, Msc. Thesis @ INAOE

Alfredo Montana, Msc. Thesis @ INAOE

Simulations of the millimeter sky Alpha meeting @ Durham May 21, 2004 E.Gaztañaga I nstitut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya, IEEC/CSIC. INAOE - Barcelona Durham - Barcelona (Alfa, RAS-CSIC, IBM Earth-Simulator).

176 views • 10 slides

MSc thesis presentation

MSc thesis presentation

Slide of my master thesis project presentation

475 views • 41 slides

Mebit Mitiku MSc. Thesis

502 views • 19 slides


196 views • 17 slides

June 4, 2007, MSc Thesis in Computer Science

200 views • 14 slides

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Thesis Defense Presentation templates

If you are ready to defend your dissertation, our free thesis defense ppt templates and google slides themes are a great tool for you to impress the committee and get that desired degree you have always wanted..

World War I Military Strategy Thesis Defense presentation template

World War I Military Strategy Thesis Defense

The First World War was a trench war, where battles were fought in such a way that armies could advance mere meters. Weapons and tactics were very different compared to present day. Have you completed a thesis about World War I and the military strategies employed during that period? Get...

Chemistry Thesis presentation template

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Chemistry Thesis

Everything in this world is composed of atoms and, within science, chemistry is what studies these. Thanks to chemists we can understand what our universe is made of. As a graduate student who has chosen this career path, you’re about to finish your master’s program, but only the thesis defense...

Simple Style Thesis Defense presentation template

Simple Style Thesis Defense

We know how much work involves completing a thesis, and that is why it is also important that you get to impress the committee when making your final presentation. If you are looking for something simple but at the same time formal, take a look at this proposal from Slidesgo....

Scientific Research Thesis Defense presentation template

Scientific Research Thesis Defense

There are many theses in the world about almost all fields of study. Math? Physics? Chemistry? Biology? Humanities? But wait, how about a thesis about... scientific research? It's like a thesis on how to do a thesis! For the curious minds, we've got this editable template, filled with different sections...

Art Thesis presentation template

After months or even years of researching about art and a lot of hard work, you’ve at last finished your master’s thesis. Now it’s time for the crucial part: the defense. Impress the committee and get that degree with the help of Slidesgo!

East Asian Studies Thesis presentation template

East Asian Studies Thesis

There’s an academic discipline that covers the history, language, culture and other aspects of countries such as China, Japan or Korea. Are you studying a master’s in East Asian Studies and need help with the presentation for the thesis defense? Try our education template!

Effects of Deforestation Thesis Defense presentation template

Effects of Deforestation Thesis Defense

Present your research on the effects of deforestation with this fully customizable Google Slides and PowerPoint template. It is an invaluable resource for making a serious impact with your work in an informative, enthusiastic and approachable way. The design is green with pre-arranged spaces for presenting your problem statement, hypothesis,...

Egyptian History Thesis presentation template

Egyptian History Thesis

Egyptian history is always a fascinating topic, full of mysteries and secrets. If your thesis is about this and you’re looking for a good way to present your findings clearly, why don’t you give this great template by Slidesgo a try?

Elegant Black & White Thesis Defense presentation template

Elegant Black & White Thesis Defense

Present your research findings with grace and assertiveness through this template. Available for Google Slides and PowerPoint, this design set offers minimalistic charm with its simple, gray scale elegance. The template not only provides a polished platform to showcase your thesis but also ensures seamless and efficient delivery of your...

Formal Research Paper Slideshow presentation template

Formal Research Paper Slideshow

Have you seen these slides? They are perfect for presenting your research paper! First of all, because we have included all the necessary sections of this type of work, such as hypothesis, objectives, methodology, analysis and the conclusions of the paper. The second reason is that the formal style will...

Child Care Thesis presentation template

Child Care Thesis

Taking care of kids is not an easy task at times, but it’s quite rewarding! In fact, doing research on how to take care of them will be key for a better future. Present your thesis on child care with this lovely free template!

Basic Customizable PhD Dissertation presentation template

Basic Customizable PhD Dissertation

Being formal and creative can be your main highlights when presenting your phD if you use this modern presentation template for your defense. The design is like a canvas you can use to give life to your investigation and your results because it’s completely editable. Adapt the slides to the...

Minimalist Thesis Defense presentation template

Minimalist Thesis Defense

Get rid of all that nervousness and enter the room full of confidence and willing to impress everyone in your thesis defense. Wait, first you must customize this new template so that your presentation is ready! Nothing feels as boring to the assessment committee than overcrowded slides, so our proposal...

Business Law Thesis Defense presentation template

Business Law Thesis Defense

Academic rigor meets sleek design in this template for a thesis defense. Tailored for Google Slides and PowerPoint, this layout boasts a simplistic elegance with artful brown hues that exude a sense of authority. Grasp your audience’s attention with a variety of presentation tools such as charts, graphics, and tables....

Elegant Bachelor Thesis presentation template

Elegant Bachelor Thesis

Present your Bachelor Thesis in style with this elegant presentation template. It's simple, minimalist design makes it perfect for any kind of academic presentation. With an array of features such as section dividers, images, infographics and more, you can easily create a professional and creative presentation that stands out from...

Psychological Perspective of the Devil Thesis Defense presentation template

Psychological Perspective of the Devil Thesis Defense

From an outset, the devil can feel like a figure shrouded in mystery and darkness. When we turn to psychology to explore this infamous entity, a fascinating web of beliefs, fears, and cultural myths emerge. What's all this smoke...? What's going to happen? This template for thesis defenses is giving...

Forensic Science Thesis Defense presentation template

Forensic Science Thesis Defense

After years of research, gathering evidence, and countless hours in the lab, the day of your thesis defense has finally arrived. And you're very excited, as it's about forensic science, a field of study that only the bravest can digest! After following the hints, you arrived in here and found...

Descartes' Method of Doubt Thesis Defense presentation template

Descartes' Method of Doubt Thesis Defense

Have you ever doubted everything, without exception? Well, that's exactly what René Descartes did with his famous method of doubt. He questioned all his beliefs and examined every single one of them, until he finally concluded that the only thing he could be sure of was his own existence. If...

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Sample PPT Presentation Template for Thesis Defense

sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

GSO has created a sample powerpoint presentation template for your thesis defense.

Disclaimer: this template shows what a thesis defense presentation should normally address. your thesis advisor will let you know what to actually include in your presentation. , note: this sample template is for njit students only. in order to access it, you need to be logged in with your njit ucid., link to the sample ppt presentation template  .


  1. sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt in ethiopia

    sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

  2. sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt in ethiopia

    sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

  3. sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt in ethiopia

    sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

  4. Thesis Presentation Ppt Ethiopia

    sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

  5. Master Thesis Defense Powerpoint Template

    sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia

  6. Master Thesis Defense Powerpoint Template

    sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt ethiopia


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    BEHAILU DEFENCE PPT (final 4) 1. Masters Thesis Defense Assessment of food security status of PSNP beneficiary households in Ethiopia: The case of Libokemkem woreda, south Gondar zone. Supervisor of thesis: Dr.Temesgen Tilahun Behailu Shewangizaw September, 2015. 2.

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    In today's article, we will be giving you The Right PowerPoint Templates for Your Thesis Defense and a powerful outline composed of best practices and layouts specifically designed to help you defend your thesis in both written and oral presentations.

  3. (PDF) Masters Thesis Defense Presentation Slides

    Defense of PhD Thesis at Mendel University: Presentation. Drawing on the work of Jeremy Bentham, we can forward a parity thesis concerning formal and substantive legal invalidity. Formal and ...

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    Master Thesis Defense Structure Powerpoint Presentation Slides Want a sample masters thesis defense presentation? Do not look any futher as our team of experts have come up with 49 slides ready-made Master Thesis Defense Structure Powerpoint Presentation Slides.

  5. Free thesis defense presentation templates

    Bring your research to life and impress the examining committee with a professional Thesis Defense Presentation template. Defend your final year project, Master's thesis, or PhD dissertation with the help of free slides designed especially for students and academics. Templates Presentations Thesis defense All presentations Business Education

  6. Masters Thesis Defense Presentation [Customizable]

    Start a project [Free & Fully Customizable]. We've created this masters thesis defense presentation template. It covers everything from the outline of your thesis, to your theories and goals.

  7. How to Start a Thesis Defense Presentation

    The organization is the key to success. Establishing some previous steps before any project or work is essential for the result to be very positive. And the defense of a thesis could not be less. Below, we will develop all the necessary steps to make a thesis defense presentation and we will give you some tips on how to carry them out. Content

  8. Addis Ababa University Thesis Defense Goes Online and face-to-face

    June 1, 2020 News Addis Ababa University disclosed earlier that the teaching-learning activities for MA and PhD programs went online and face-to-face in large meeting rooms mantling social distancing in response to the Corona virus pandemic.

  9. Must-Have Thesis Defense Templates with Examples and Samples

    Deck 1: Sample PPT For Thesis Defense Presentation Slides Template 1: Prepare Agenda for Thesis This PPT Slide will serve as a map to help you and your audience navigate the complex terrain of your thesis. This slide serves as your presentation's road map, covering key points and concepts in a way that's both concise and thorough.

  10. How to Make a Thesis Defense Presentation That Will Impress Your

    12 Free presentation templates for a Thesis Defense Define your signature idea Your thesis has a focus. A goal. A core concept. And this should be incorporated into your thesis defense presentation's design in every respect. A strong design will help to engage the committee and reinforce your expert understanding of your research area.

  11. PPT

    Thesis PowerPoint Presentation, free download - ID:4358526 Presentation 1 / 19 Download Presentation >> Mebit Mitiku MSc. Thesis Sep 14, 2014 4.36k likes | 7.16k Views Evaluation of the Level of Service Rendered by Functioning Rural Water Supply Schemes: Case of Farta woreda, Amhara Region Ethiopia. Mebit Mitiku MSc. Thesis.

  12. (PDF) Thesis Defense PowerPoint Presentation

    Rebecca Montsion. Powerpoint presentation given at thesis defense on July 12, 2017 at the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada in partial fulfillment of a Masters of Science in Earth Science ...

  13. Free Thesis Defense Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates

    Ecological Impact of Coral Reefs Thesis Defense. Uphold your claims with absolute confidence during your thesis defense with this comprehensive presentation template on the ecological impact of coral reefs. This Google Slides and PowerPoint design is fully customizable and thematically integrates salmon and turquoise hues with mesmerizing ...

  14. Sample PPT Presentation Template for Thesis Defense

    GSO has created a sample powerpoint presentation template for your thesis defense. Disclaimer: This template shows what a thesis defense presentation should normally address. Your thesis advisor will let you know what to actually include in your presentation. Note: This sample template is for NJIT students only.

  15. Get the free thesis presentation ppt ethiopia form

    01 Start by opening the formsis presentation ppt ethiopia on your computer. 02 Read through the instructions carefully to understand the requirements and objectives of the presentation. 03 Begin by entering the title of your presentation in the designated area. 04 Follow the prompts to add content such as text, images, and videos to each slide. 05

  16. Powerpoint presentation M.A. Thesis Defence

    Thesis Powerpoint neha47. 376.1K views• 54 slides. Proposal Defense Power Point jamathompson. 185.8K views• 22 slides. Dissertation oral defense presentation Dr. Naomi Mangatu. 355.6K views• 28 slides. Oral proposaldefense mfinkenberg. 48.6K views• 19 slides. Dissertation proposal defense slideshow; phenomenology, qualitative Corey ...

  17. (PDF) Masters Thesis Defense PPT

    Masters Thesis Defense PPT Authors: Nuruddin Ahmed Masud Huzhou University Abstract This presentation is about my Masters Thesis Defence entitle is, International Students'...

  18. Master Thesis Defense Structure Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Complete

    Features of these PowerPoint presentation slides: This is a master thesis defense structure ppt PowerPoint presentation complete deck with slides. This is a one stage process. The stages in this process are master thesis, business, person, presentation, structure. Be the expert you truly are.

  19. Thesis Presentation PPT Ethiopia Form

    How it works Open the sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt and follow the instructions Easily sign the thesis defense presentation sample pdf with your finger Send filled & signed sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt pdf or save What makes the sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt legally binding?

  20. Thesis Powerpoint

    Thesis Powerpoint - Download as a PDF or view online for free. Thesis Powerpoint - Download as a PDF or view online for free ... Research proposal sample Vanessa Cuesta. 241.3K views • 24 slides. Thesis Defense Presentation JamesDavie. 24.2K views • 34 slides. What's hot (20) Masters Thesis Defense Presentation.

  21. PDF Sample masters thesis defense presentation ppt in ethiopia

    Go for a calm color palette and neutral style. The aim is to illustrate your points while keeping the committee focused on what you're saying. A thesis defense usually begins with an introductory presentation lasting 15 to we recommend a series of about 10 slides.


    ETHIOPIAN RESEARCH PRESENTATIONSI am so proud of my students. They are so talented and bright.Watch the magic of a Dr. Kenny D finance class come alive. I w...

  23. Master Thesis Defense PowerPoint Template

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