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Where Can I Get Help Writing My Thesis Online?

phd thesis writing app

You’ve spent years preparing for your master’s degree or PhD. You’ve read, studied and spent hours of time and energy writing papers. Now you’ve arrived at the culmination of all this effort: writing your thesis. There are plenty of compelling stories about the time and energy that students have spent drafting their dissertations and theses.

The good news is that you’re not alone. While you certainly don’t want to hire someone to write your thesis for you, which goes against most institution policies and puts your academic integrity at risk, you can get plenty of help with certain aspects of your thesis online. Whether you’re looking for a little guidance or extensive assistance, various services can make writing or editing your thesis go smoothly.

Dissertation Editor

One of the greatest challenges of writing your thesis can be juggling your family or job responsibilities with your studies. The time that writing takes can add another layer of obligation to your already-packed schedule. Dissertation Editor is a company whose founder is a PhD-educated writer and professor, and it promises to help you complete your thesis or dissertation on time and in compliance with your university’s rules and regulations.

phd thesis writing app

Dissertation Editor’s primary function is to guide you along in the writing process and provide a helping hand in understanding everything you need to take care of. It places you with a writer who specializes in your area of study, and this individual can help you organize and analyze your research while making sure that your thesis fits your writing style and personality. This company also specializes in helping with any statistical analysis that you use in your thesis.

Thesis Helpers

If you’re concerned about using a service to help you write your thesis because you think it’ll be obvious that you hired help, don’t worry. Thesis Helpers puts its team of experienced writers to work for you to help you craft a thesis that finishes your degree on a high note. No matter what level of help you need, from narrowing down a topic to advanced editing and proofreading, they’re available to help.

phd thesis writing app

The writers have advanced degrees in their areas of expertise, and one of the best things about Thesis Helpers is that it gives you ultimate say in the final product of your thesis. This company can help you with revisions and additional research, and you can rest assured that your thesis will meet anti-plagiarism standards.

Best Dissertation

Sometimes when you’re writing a thesis or dissertation, you can get stuck on one section or chapter. You may not need assistance writing the whole thing, but getting some help with the exact portion you’re struggling with can come in handy. That’s one of the strengths of using Best Dissertation . You don’t have to rely on it for help with your entire thesis if it’s not what you need.

phd thesis writing app

Like most of the top thesis-assistance services, Best Dissertation employs writers with advanced degrees who specialize in various fields of study. What truly sets this company apart is the live support that it offers any time of the day or night. It claims to take the stress and strain out of writing your dissertation or thesis.

While some companies place a premium on helping you get your thesis written, others emphasize the editing and proofreading process. If you don’t need help with writing but need a hand with proofreading and editing, Scribbr is a good option for you. Its editors can help you get a grasp on the grammar and tone that are appropriate for academic writing.

phd thesis writing app

Scribbr doesn’t just provide boilerplate feedback that you can find anywhere. It offers personalized feedback aimed at helping you become a better writer in the long run. You can even see examples of how its editors work by looking at the company’s website.

My Assignment Help

Writing a thesis has its own challenges that other academic writing simply doesn’t, which is why the team at My Assignment Help offers its particular brand of expertise. If you need assistance with a dissertation or thesis at the PhD or master’s level, its writers have the level of education and experience to help you write an expertly crafted and edited thesis.

phd thesis writing app

My Assignment Help prides itself on hiring subject matter experts, meaning you can pair up with a helper who already has an advanced degree in your field. They understand the nuances of academic writing that are specific to your area of study, and they can provide advice on everything from making your abstract more unique to crafting a thought-provoking conclusion.


phd thesis writing app

Grad Coach

7 Essential Dissertation Writing Apps & Tools

By: David Phair (PhD) & Kerryn Warren (PhD) | October 2019 (Updated March 2022)

Completing your dissertation or thesis requires a hearty investment of time, effort and hard work. There’s no shortcut on the road to research success, but as with anything, there are ways to optimize the process and work smarter.

In this post, we’ll share with you a handful of apps, software and services that will make your life a little easier throughout the research process.

Overview: Essential Thesis Writing App s

  • Grammarly (language editing)
  • Evernote (note taking & productivity)
  • Otter (dictation/transcription)
  • Dropbox (cloud storage)
  • Canva (graphic design)
  • Mendeley (reference management)
  • Freemind (mind mapping)
  • Bonus – MOOCs (learning & development)

#1: Grammarly Premium

Let’s face it – the spell checker in Microsoft Word just plain sucks. False positives and negatives abound, missed errors, ridiculous suggestions – you’re often better off spell checking yourself. Thankfully, you don’t need to do that, thanks to Grammarly .

Grammarly app for proofreading your dissertation on the fly

Grammarly is  more than just a spelling and grammar checker – it picks up far more complex issues such as:

  • Inconsistent writing style and unclear sentence structure
  • Overuse of specific works and ineffective vocabulary
  • Impolite, insensitive or non-inclusive language
  • Inappropriate tone or formality level

Simply put, Grammarly is the closest thing you’ll get to having a real-time editor and proofreader looking at your work. Of course, it doesn’t replace human-based editing , but its ideal for cleaning up your early drafts prior to submitting them to your supervisor/advisor for feedback. Grammarly integrates directly into Word, Google Docs and Chrome, so it’s extremely versatile.

Grammarly offers both a free and premium version. For dissertation writing purposes, we recommend the premium version as it includes a plagiarism checker , which is very handy. 

#2: Evernote & Penultimate

No doubt, you’ll be taking an endless stream of notes throughout the research process. Some will be written notes, some will be photos, some might even be audio recordings. You’ll need a way to stay on top of it all and keep things organized. Enter Evernote .

Evernote app for taking notes during your thesis

Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app, as it allows you to take notes in various formats, including text (typed and handwritten), photos (snap that workshop slide) and audio (record that interview). You can also attach files of any format (for example, an Excel data set), so absolutely everything stays in one place. The text in any note is fully searchable, and all data is synchronized across your phone, laptop, desktop and tablet.

Writing up a good dissertation or thesis requires a lot of, well, writing. Spending hours upon hours hunched over a keyboard can be really draining (and potentially physically harmful). Imagine you could just speak instead of type. Well, now you can, thanks to Otter.ai


Otter is an app that allows you to simply speak into your smartphone or tablet and it converts that audio into text format . This means you can get your thinking on to paper faster than you usually would and minimize the risk of losing your train of thought. It’s also great for getting work done while you’re sitting in traffic, and it can double as a initial transcribing aid for your interviews (although you should always double-check/edit these transcriptions manually).  

The number of times we’ve seen students lose hours, days or even weeks’ worth of hard work (and even miss the submission deadline) due to corrupted flash drives or hard drives, coffee-soaked laptops, or stolen computers is truly saddening. If you’re not using cloud storage to save your work, you’re running a major risk.

Cloud storage apps for your dissertation backups

If you take only ONE thing from this post , let it be this point. Go sign up for any of the following cloud services (most offer a free version) and save your work there:

  • Google Drive
  • iCloud Drive

Not only will this ensure your work is always safely stored (remember to hit the Save button, though!), it will make working on multiple devices easier, as your files will be automatically synchronized. No need to have multiple versions between your desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. Everything stays in one place. Safe, secure, happy files.

Need a helping hand?

phd thesis writing app

Even the most well-written dissertation or thesis will suffer if the visuals cause retina damage to the reader’s eyes. Sadly, badly designed conceptual frameworks and document visuals are all too common in academic work. This needn’t be the case, thanks to Canva .


Canva is an intuitive, easy to use, fully web-based graphic design service that lets anyone design high-quality graphics . And yes, we mean anyone . You don’t need to have a background in graphic design or visual arts to make good looking graphics with Canva. Just drag and drop . Canva also offers a wide variety of pre-made templates, so it couldn’t be easier to create visuals for your dissertation or thesis.

6: Mendeley

Correctly formatted citations and references are essential to a polished dissertation or thesis. Even the highest quality piece of research will lose credibility (and marks) if the referencing is not on point. It’s such a shame to see students lose marks on this , as its such an easy thing to get right with reference management software like Mendeley .

Mendeley is a free reference management software that takes care of all your citations and references in Word. Simply load up your journal articles in Mendeley and then just drop in your citations as you write up in Word. Mendeley then automatically builds your reference list according to whichever format you choose (e.g. Harvard, APA , etc). Sure, there are many similar pieces of software out there, but personally I find Mendeley to be the most feature-rich. See the video above for a taste of the functionality.

7: Freemind

When you’re undertaking your research, especially your literature review , you’re going to be dealing with a wide-ranging number of theories, models and frameworks, and it can be difficult to see the big picture and connect all the dots. Mind mapping is a highly effective way to visualize (and connect) all the information, but doing it on paper is so old fashioned. Enter Freemind .

Freemind app

8: Udemy & Coursera

Okay, so this is not an app or piece of software, but we couldn’t resist including it…

While you’re undertaking your dissertation, chances are that you’re going to need to learn about some niche topic very quickly in order to complete some part of your research. For example, how to use SPSS or NVivo analysis software, how to develop statistically sound survey scales , how to undertake structured interviews, and so on. However, these sorts of skills are typically not included in the university syllabus and will have a major impact on the quality of your research. Enter Udemy and Coursera .


Udemy and Coursera both provide a wide-ranging variety of super-short, highly digestible online courses.  These courses are a great way to pick up specific skills (especially software skills) in a very short amount of time (many courses are less than 10 hours total).

Recap: Dissertation Apps

And there you have it – 8 apps, software and services that will undoubtedly make your life easier come dissertation time.

Have a suggestion?  We’d love to hear your thoughts. Simply leave a comment below and we’ll consider adding your suggested app to the list.

phd thesis writing app

Psst… there’s more (for free)

This post is part of our dissertation mini-course, which covers everything you need to get started with your dissertation, thesis or research project. 

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It seems some of the apps mentioned are not android capable. It would be nice if you mentioned items that everyone could use.

Derek Jansen

Thanks for the feedback, Gale!


Yet to explore some of your recommended apps. I am glad to commend on one app that I have started using, Mendeley. When it comes to referencing it really helps a lot.

Great to hear that, Maggie 🙂

Haseena Akhtar

I have got Mendeley and it is fantastic. I have equally downloaded Freemind but I am yet to really understand how to navigate through it.

Based on your YouTube lessons,my literature review and the entire research has been simplified and I am enjoying the flow now,more than ever before.

Thank you so much for your recommendations and guide.It’s working a great deal for me.

Remain blessed!

mikael badgett

Thank you for all the amazing help and tutorials. I am in the dissertation research proposal stage having already defended the qualifying paper. I am going to implement some of your advice as I revise chapters 1 & 2 and expand chapter 3 for my research proposal. My question is about the writing– or specifically which software would you recommend. I know MS Word can get glitchy with larger documents. Do the “reference” apps you recommend work with other options such as LaTeX? I understand that for some programs the citations won’t be integrated or automated such as cite while you write etc.. I have a paid version of endnote, and free versions of mendeley and zotero. I have really only used endnote with any fidelity but I’m willing to adapt. What would you advise at this point?

Derek Jansen

Thanks for your comment and for the kind words – glad to hear that the info is useful.

Generally, Word works reasonably well for most research projects and is our first recommendation. As long as one keeps the document clean (i.e. doesn’t paste in loads of different styles, ultra high-res images, etc), it works fine. But I understand that it’s not perfect for absolutely huge projects.

Regarding referencing with Latex, this article covers how to use Mendeley with Latex – https://blog.mendeley.com/2011/10/25/howto-use-mendeley-to-create-citations-using-latex-and-bibtex/ . Perhaps it will be useful. I hesitate to tell you to adopt software X or Y, or to move from Endnote, as each software has its strengths and weaknesses, and performs better in certain contexts. I’m not familiar with your context, so it’s not possible for me to advise responsibly. Mendeley works well for the vast majority of our students, but if there’s a very specific bit of functionality that draws you to Endnote, then it may be best to stick with it. My generic advice would be to give Mendeley a try with some sample references and see if it has the functionality you need.

I hope this helps! Best of luck with your research 🙂


Thank you for your amazing articles and tips. I have MAC laptop, so would Zotero be as good as Mendeley? Thank you

Abdelhamid Jebbouri

Derek would you share with me your email please, I need to talk to you urgently.

Dr Peter Nemaenzhe,PhD

I need a free Turnitin tool for checking plagiarism as for the tools above

Veronica Y. Wallace

I have been going crazy trying to keep my work polished and thesis or dissertation friendly. My mind said there had to be a better way to do literature reviews. Thank God for these applications. Look out world I am on my way.

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phd thesis writing app

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45 Software Tools for Writing Thesis

Boost Your Thesis Writing with Essential Software Tools

Dr. Sowndarya Somasundaram

Software tools for Writing Thesis

Table of contents

1.2 endnote, 1.3 mendeley, 1.4 refworks, 1.7 readcube papers, 1.8 paperpile, 2.1 microsoft word, 2.2 google docs, 2.3 apple pages, 2.3 libreoffice writer, 2.4 wps office writer, 3.2 google scholar, 3.3 ieee xplore.

  • 3.4 ScienceDirect

4.1 Microsoft OneNote

4.2 evernote, 4.5 google keep, 5.1 turnitin, 5.2 grammarly, 5.3 copyscape, 5.4 plagscan, 5.5 duplichecker, 5.6 unicheck, 5.7 quetext, 5.8 plagiarism checkerx, 5.9 writecheck, 6.3 microsoft project, 6.4 todoist, 6.5 evernote, 7.3 tableau, various software tools for writing thesis:.

Writing a thesis is a significant milestone in any academic journey. It demands an immense amount of dedication, research , and organization. To streamline your thesis writing process and ensure a well-crafted and cohesive document, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the right software tools. In this article, iLovePhD will explore some of the most important software tools you need to effectively write your thesis. These tools encompass a range of areas, including research, writing, organization, and productivity. Let’s dive in!

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Discover the must-have software tools for writing a successful thesis. Streamline your research and boost productivity today!

Master Your Thesis Writing with These Essential Software Tools

1. reference management software.

Comprehensive reference management software , such as Zotero, Mendeley, or EndNote, is a must-have tool for any thesis writer. These tools help you organize and manage your references efficiently, generate citations in different formats, and create a bibliography effortlessly. They save time, eliminate the risk of citation errors, and facilitate the seamless integration of references into your thesis. Here is a list of the top ten reference management software tools:

Zotero is a free and open-source reference management tool that helps you collect, organize, and cite research sources. It has a user-friendly interface and offers features like web browser integration and collaboration options.

EndNote is a popular reference management software used by researchers, students, and librarians. It allows you to store, organize, and format bibliographic references, and it offers a wide range of citation styles.

Mendeley is a reference manager and academic social network. It enables you to organize your references, collaborate with others, and discover new research articles. Mendeley offers both free and premium versions.

RefWorks is a web-based reference management tool that helps you store and organize your references. It offers features like citation formatting, collaboration options, and document sharing.

Citavi is a comprehensive reference management and knowledge organization tool. It allows you to manage references, create citations, and organize your research materials. Citavi is commonly used by students and researchers.

JabRef is an open-source reference manager that specializes in handling bibliographies in BibTeX format. It is cross-platform compatible and offers features like customizable citation styles and integration with LaTeX editors.

ReadCube Papers is a reference management tool that focuses on enhancing the reading experience of research papers. It offers features like PDF annotation, article discovery, and cloud-based reference syncing.

Paperpile is a reference manager designed specifically for Google Docs and Google Scholar. It provides seamless integration with Google services and offers features like citation formatting and collaboration tools.

Colwiz is a reference management, collaboration, and research discovery platform. It allows you to organize your references, collaborate with colleagues, and discover new research articles.

Qiqqa is a reference management software that offers features like PDF management, annotation tools, and citation generation. It also includes advanced features like full-text search and note-taking capabilities.

These are just a few of the popular reference management software tools available. Each tool has its own unique features and capabilities, so it’s worth exploring them further to find the one that best suits your needs.

2. Word Processing Software:

While this might seem obvious, using powerful word-processing software is essential. Microsoft Word and Google Docs are popular choices due to their robust features and compatibility. These tools provide a professional writing environment, including features like spell check, grammar correction, formatting options, and word count tracking. Additionally, they offer collaborative features, making it easier to seek feedback from advisors or peers. Here are the top five word-processing software tools:

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular and widely used word-processing software tools. It offers a comprehensive range of features for creating, editing, and formatting documents. It includes a user-friendly interface, collaboration tools, templates, and advanced formatting options.

Google Docs is a web-based word-processing tool offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online, collaborate in real-time, and easily share documents with others. Google Docs also provides cloud storage, offline access, and seamless integration with other Google services.

Pages is the word processing software included in Apple’s iWork suite. It is designed specifically for macOS and iOS devices and offers a clean and intuitive interface. Apple Pages provide a variety of templates, advanced typography tools, collaboration features, and seamless integration with other Apple products.

LibreOffice Writer is a free and open-source word processing software that is part of the larger LibreOffice suite. It offers a range of features comparable to Microsoft Word, including extensive formatting options, styles, templates, and compatibility with various document formats.

WPS Office Writer is a popular word-processing tool that provides a free alternative to Microsoft Word. It offers a familiar interface, supports a wide range of file formats, and includes features such as document collaboration, templates, and extensive formatting options.

Please note that the popularity and preference for word processing software can vary depending on individual needs and preferences.

3. Research Databases and Search Engines:

Conducting thorough research is a cornerstone of thesis writing. Access to reliable research databases , such as PubMed, JSTOR, or IEEE Xplore, is vital. These platforms provide access to a vast array of scholarly articles, journals, books, and conference papers. Additionally, search engines like Google Scholar and Scopus can help you discover relevant literature and enhance your research capabilities. Here are the top five research databases and search engine tools commonly used:

PubMed is a widely used research database in the field of medicine and life sciences. It provides access to a vast collection of biomedical literature, including articles from scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings.

Google Scholar is a freely accessible search engine that indexes scholarly literature across various disciplines. It includes articles, theses, books, conference papers, and more. It provides a convenient way to search for academic resources from multiple sources.

IEEE Xplore is a digital library that focuses on electrical engineering , computer science , and related disciplines. It provides access to a vast collection of technical documents, including journal articles, conference papers, standards, and ebooks.

3.4 ScienceDirec t

ScienceDirect is a leading full-text scientific database offering access to a wide range of scholarly literature in various fields. It covers subjects such as physical sciences, engineering, life sciences, health sciences, and social sciences. ScienceDirect includes journals, books, and conference proceedings.

JSTOR is a digital library that provides access to a vast collection of academic journals, books, and primary sources across multiple disciplines. It covers subjects such as arts, humanities, social sciences, and more. JSTOR is particularly useful for historical research and accessing older publications.

These tools offer comprehensive access to scholarly literature and can be valuable resources for researchers, academics, and students. However, depending on your specific field or research area, there may be other specialized databases and search engines that are more relevant to your needs.

4. Note-Taking Tools

Keeping track of ideas, concepts, and findings is crucial during the research process. Note-taking tools like Evernote, OneNote, or Notion can be immensely helpful. These tools allow you to create and organize digital notes, attach files, insert images, and even collaborate with others. The ability to access your notes across different devices ensures seamless integration with your thesis writing workflow. Here are the top five note-taking tools commonly used in research:

OneNote is a versatile note-taking tool that allows you to create and organize notes in a free-form manner. It offers features such as text formatting, audio and video recording, image embedding, and cross-platform synchronization.

Evernote is a popular note-taking tool that enables users to capture, organize, and search their notes across multiple devices. It offers features like text formatting, web clipping, file attachments, and collaboration options.

Zotero is a powerful research tool specifically designed for academic and research purposes. It allows you to collect, organize, cite, and share research materials such as articles, books, web pages, and more. It also integrates with word processors for easy citation management.

Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool that can be used for note-taking, task management, project planning, and more. It provides a flexible and customizable workspace where you can create and organize notes using a combination of text, tables, lists, media, and more.

Google Keep is a simple and lightweight note-taking tool that integrates well with other Google services. It offers basic note-taking features, including text, voice, and image notes, as well as checklists and reminders. It also syncs across devices and allows for easy collaboration.

These software tools provide various features and functionalities, so it’s worth exploring them to find the one that best fits your specific research needs and preferences.

5. Plagiarism Checkers

Maintaining academic integrity is of utmost importance when writing a thesis. Reference checkers like Grammarly and Turnitin can help ensure proper citation usage, prevent accidental plagiarism, and improve the overall quality of your writing. These tools provide detailed reports on potential issues and suggest corrections, thereby enhancing the credibility and originality of your work. There are several plagiarism checker tools available for researchers to ensure the originality of their work. Here is a list of ten popular plagiarism checker tools used in research :

Turnitin is one of the most widely used plagiarism detection tools, often integrated into educational institutions’ systems. It compares submitted work against a vast database of academic content, publications, and internet sources.

While primarily known as a grammar and writing assistance tool, Grammarly also offers a plagiarism checker feature. It scans the text for similarities against various online sources and provides a detailed report.

Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker used to detect copied content. It searches the web for matching content and provides a list of URLs where the content has been found.

Plagscan is a comprehensive plagiarism checker that compares documents against multiple sources, including academic journals, websites, and its extensive database. It offers a detailed report highlighting potential matches.

DupliChecker is a free online plagiarism checker that scans the text against various online sources and offers a percentage of similarity along with highlighted matches.

Unicheck is a cloud-based plagiarism detection tool specifically designed for educational institutions. It compares submitted documents against a massive database to identify potential instances of plagiarism.

Quetext is an AI-powered plagiarism checker that scans documents for similarities against an extensive database of academic content and web sources. It provides a detailed report with highlighted matches.

Plagiarism CheckerX is a software-based plagiarism detection tool that scans documents against online sources, academic databases, and publications. It offers an easy-to-understand report highlighting similarities.

WriteCheck is a plagiarism checker developed by Turnitin. It allows users to submit their work and receive an originality report, indicating potential matches found in the database.

Viper is a free plagiarism checker that scans documents for similarities against online sources. It provides a detailed report and also offers additional features for academic users.

6. Project Management and Task Tracking software Tools:

Thesis writing involves managing numerous tasks, deadlines, and milestones. Employing project management and task tracking tools like Trello, Asana, or Todoist can greatly aid in staying organized. These tools enable you to create task lists, set deadlines, allocate priorities, and collaborate with others. Visualizing your progress and breaking down the writing process into smaller, manageable tasks boosts productivity and helps you meet your targets effectively. When it comes to project management and task tracking tools for thesis writing, there are several options available. Here are five popular ones:

Trello is a highly visual project management tool that allows you to organize tasks and projects on virtual boards. You can create lists, add cards for individual tasks, set due dates, and collaborate with others. Trello’s flexibility makes it suitable for organizing research materials, outlining chapters, and tracking progress.

Asana is a comprehensive project management tool that helps you track tasks, assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and communicate with your team. It provides features such as task dependencies, subtasks, and file attachments, making it useful for managing complex thesis projects with multiple contributors.

Microsoft Project is a powerful project management software that offers robust features for planning, scheduling, and tracking projects. It allows you to create Gantt charts, set milestones, allocate resources, and monitor progress. While it may have a steeper learning curve compared to other tools, it offers extensive functionality for managing large-scale thesis projects.

Todoist is a simple yet effective task-tracking tool that helps you create and manage to-do lists. It allows you to set due dates, prioritize tasks, and create recurring tasks. You can also collaborate with others by sharing tasks and adding comments. Todoist’s intuitive interface and cross-platform availability make it a popular choice for individual thesis writers.

Although not strictly a project management tool, Evernote is a versatile note-taking application that can be invaluable for thesis writing. It allows you to capture and organize research notes, save web clippings, create to-do lists, and attach files. With its powerful search functionality and synchronization across devices, Evernote helps you stay organized and retrieve information quickly.

The choice of the tool ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. It’s a good idea to try out a few options and see which one aligns best with your workflow and project requirements.

7. Data Analysis and Visualization Tools:

For research involving data analysis, tools like SPSS, R, or Excel can be invaluable. These tools provide powerful statistical analysis capabilities, allowing you to draw meaningful insights from your data. Additionally, visualization tools like Tableau or Python’s Matplotlib can help present your findings in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand manner. There are several popular data analysis and visualization tools used in thesis writing. Here are the top five tools:

R is a widely used open-source programming language for statistical analysis and data visualization. It provides a vast number of packages and libraries specifically designed for data analysis. R allows you to perform various statistical tests, create visualizations, and generate reports, making it a popular choice among researchers.

Python is another powerful programming language commonly used for data analysis and visualization. It offers libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib, which provide efficient data manipulation, analysis, and plotting capabilities. Python’s versatility and ease of use make it a preferred choice for researchers in various domains.

Tableau is a popular data visualization tool that allows users to create interactive and visually appealing charts, graphs, and dashboards. It provides a user-friendly interface for exploring and analyzing data from various sources. Tableau offers advanced features for storytelling and data presentation , making it suitable for thesis writing and research projects.

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a software package widely used in social science research. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for data analysis, including descriptive statistics, regression analysis, and hypothesis testing. SPSS also offers data visualization capabilities to present research findings effectively.

Microsoft Excel is a widely available spreadsheet program that offers basic data analysis and visualization functionalities. It is often used for organizing and manipulating data, performing simple statistical calculations, and creating basic charts. While Excel may not be as powerful as specialized data analysis tools, it remains a popular choice due to its familiarity and ease of use.

These tools provide researchers with a range of options for data analysis and visualization, allowing them to choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences.


Writing a thesis can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. By equipping yourself with the right tools, you can streamline your workflow, enhance your research capabilities, and produce a well-structured thesis. Remember, the tools mentioned in this article are meant to assist and optimize your writing process, but it’s crucial to adapt them to your specific needs and preferences. Embrace these tools, and let them empower you to create a compelling thesis that showcases your academic prowess. Happy writing!

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Dr. Sowndarya Somasundaram

What is a Research Design? Importance and Types

From research scholar to successful scientist, what is the difference between sci, scie and esci journals, email subscription.

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7 Apps to Help You Write Your Thesis

The world of academia can be a little behind the world of technology, but by using just a few of these apps, you can help your thesis along immeasurably. Don’t install them all at once—it can get a bit overwhelming—but test out a couple and see what sticks. All apps listed are free to use.

The Research Phase

This tool is great for the research and reading phase of your thesis process, particularly if you’re reading a lot of online sources. You can save web pages to your  Instapaper  account, where they will be turned into an easy-to-read format that you can read at a later point. You can keep an archive of the useful articles for future reference, and you can even set your account up to send up to 10 articles a day automatically to a Kindle or smartphone (with the free Instapaper app installed).

If you often find yourself with 20 tabs open in your browser, Onetab is for you. With one click it will collapse all your tabs into a single, easy-to-read window, where you can close unwanted tabs and save others for later.

The Drafting Phase

Another Chrome extension, Momentum does a few simple things very well. Each day, you enter your main focus or task. Each time you open a new tab that day, you’re reminded of your main focus and given a different stunning photograph. The idea is that it stops you from typing ‘www.facebook.com’ on autopilot and keeps you on track with your goals. It also tells you the time and the weather, and has a space where you can enter and tick off your to-do list.

7 apps to help you write your thesis

An app that many people find indispensable is  Evernote . It syncs across your devices, so you can update it from your phone and reread your notes later on the computer. You can easily save audio, web pages, notes and images with a clear layout: far easier than using scraps of paper.

Ever need an overview of where you’re at with all your tasks and projects?  Trello  is for you. A project management app, Trello allows you to create a project and designate stages within the project. You create drag and drop cards for your tasks and move them through different columns as they reach different phases of the project. So for instance, you can make each chapter of your thesis a project, and each section within it an individual card; you can even attach the document. You can then track each section’s movement from ‘not written’ to ‘draft’ to ‘send to supervisor’. You can also give your supervisor access to the Trello board.

The Writing Phase

The pomodoro technique.

Tomato Timer

If This, Then That

IFTTT , as web aficionados like to call it, is the big daddy that makes all of these apps run in perfect harmony. It’s about the closest we muggles can get to achieving actual magic. The way it works is a user syncs their accounts (Google Drive, Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, Trello, calendar, social media accounts—even your phone) and then creates a ‘recipe’ or puts an existing recipe in action. A recipe consists of a ‘trigger’ event that causes another thing to happen of its own accord. For instance, you could create a prompt at the end of each day to email yourself the draft of your thesis. You could then set up a recipe that will send that draft to Dropbox, so that you have it backed up in two places. If your parents call while you’re mid-flow, you can organise IFTTT to text back to them, promising to call later.

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Thesis Apps: Best Applications & Software for Graduate Students

The process of writing a thesis requires a lot of time and patience. Custom-writing.org experts are willing to make this task easier for you. We’ve compiled a list of thesis writing apps and software. These tools will help you make plans and self-organize. There are also free apps to improve your productivity, help you carry out the research, boost your vocabulary, and check your work for mistakes.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for 13.00 10.40/page

With the thesis apps on this list, you won’t ever have to wonder how to write a dissertation because you’ll know the answer – it’s easy!

  • 📑 Word Processors
  • ⏰ Time Managers
  • 🚀 Productivity Apps
  • 🎓 Dictionaries
  • 🔬 Research Tools
  • 🔤 Grammar Checkers

1. 📑 Word Processors and Note-Taking Apps

This should be a no-brainer, but writing is one of the essential parts of creating a thesis. So it’s evident that you need to have the best thesis apps to deal with this task effectively.

Here are some apps that you might want to check out.

  • Google docs . This is probably the first app that comes to mind when you think of alternative free word processors. It has all the functionality and capabilities you’ll need to write and format your thesis. It also allows users to work together on the same document in real-time. It’s available for Android, iOS, or as a web app.
  • WPS Office . This multi-platform solution includes not only a word processor. It’s also a full-fledged office suite that allows you to create and work with spreadsheets, presentations, and PDF documents. What else could you need to create a perfect thesis?
  • Office Online . This one is for those who want to get the most out of Microsoft Office for free. This one is as good as it can get — an online version of Office. Enough said.
  • Jarte . This is a free word processor based on the WordPad engine. It has all the necessary functions and provides a comfortable way to work with text—and it’s free. This app also can export your documents to PDF and HTML files.
  • Evernote , Google Keep , and OneNote . The reason why we put these three together? They’re all note-taking apps. Do we know that there are many other similar apps too? Yes, we do. But there’s a reason why these three are so popular. They all offer the same thing – a way to keep all your notes in one place. The difference between them is how it’s all organized, along with some extra features. All of these thesis writing apps are free, too.

2. ⏰ Time-Managing Thesis Apps

With all the steps you need to complete to write a good thesis, it’s not hard to get lost. You can quickly get stuck in one place without knowing what to do and end up making no progress at all.

Or you can use one of the dissertation apps in this category to build a plan and organize your workflow!

  • Pocket . Pocket brings order to the chaos of posts and articles you want to read or use to write your thesis. You can easily save them all in one place and look through them later. Then you can decide whether or not you’ll need a particular piece of information.
  • Todoist . This one is a free time manager (though it also has paid plans with extra features). With this app, you can set deadlines for each stage of your thesis creation process, and it will remind you of them beforehand. This app will help you stay on track of what plans are waiting for you next.
  • Wunderlist . This to-do list app indeed does wonders. It lets you build short- and long-term plans and keep them all in order. You can set notifications to stay on track and always be sure that you’re performing according to your schedule, whether it’s a particular stage of your thesis writing or some other assignment.

3. 🚀 Thesis Apps to Improve Productivity

We all have days when things don’t work, and everything is a distraction. So how can you deal with this all-too-common problem?

There’s a good selection of productivity apps that can help you out. With one of these, you’ll finish writing your thesis in no time.

  • Any.do . This one is a task manager that’ll help you stay on track of whatever your current tasks are. It will help you build a habit of reviewing your tasks and make sure that you know which assignments you need to pay the most attention to at the moment. With this app, you won’t miss deadlines or find yourself wondering what to do next.
  • IFTTT . This tool allows you to create short automation sequences without any coding skills. It will remember every little thing that you tend to forget. On the one hand, you’ll get those things done; on the other—you won’t get distracted by those tasks and will be able to concentrate on what’s important right now. The app supports plenty of services and is easy to use.
  • RescueTime . This app will track the time you spend completing tasks. It will also report all the websites you visit, the apps you use, and breaks you take during the day. By doing so, it helps you create greater self-awareness. As a result, you’ll immediately see whether something is going wrong and keeping you from following your plan.
  • StayFocusd . This Chrome extension helps you stay focused on your current task (which, of course, explains its name). It will block all those distracting sites that tend to get in your way while you’re working. You can set a specific time for blocking or choosing a time limit for a certain time during the day.
  • Write or Die . This one is a web-based tool. It is also available for iOS, with an Android version coming soon. The tool helps you eliminate writer’s block. Within the app, you can set a specific period and the word count you need to reach within this time. It also features stimuli and rewarding images.

4. 🎓 Vocabulary Boosters and Dictionaries

At this stage, dictionaries and vocabulary boosters come into play.

  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary . This is one of the most well-known dictionaries out there. Apart from listing definitions and offering a thesaurus, it also features word games. These word games aim to increase your vocabulary, which will come in handy when writing a thesis. Apart from having a web-based version, there are also apps available for Android and iOS.
  • Cambridge Dictionary . This is another famous dictionary listing almost every aspect and sphere imaginable. In long-term perspective, it’s even more useful than the best thesis statement generator , as it can potentially provide you with knowledge you’ll keep forever. All of the resources are available from the site, widget, or official mobile apps. A wide selection of available dictionaries and thesauruses will surely meet all of your writing needs.
  • The Free Dictionary . There are many things to discover under this simple name. This web service provides dictionaries on a variety of topics. It also features a thesaurus, idioms, acronyms, a grammar book, and encyclopedia articles. What else can you ask for?

5. 🔬 Tools for Conducting Research

Another essential part of writing a thesis is research. Without properly researched sources and data , everything that’s written in your thesis will be highly questionable.

To avoid poorly supported arguments , and to be able to conduct outstanding research, consider using one of the following tools.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

  • Mendeley . Once you try this tool, you won’t believe that you ever researched without it. It will help you complete any type of research, come up with a topic for your paper, organize your literature review , make annotations, and manage your research materials. This multi-platform tool also allows syncing across all your devices.
  • Mindmup , Bubbl.us . Both of these apps are great tools for mind mapping. They’ll help you get all of your thoughts and ideas in order. This organization will significantly help your research, as everything will be neatly organized and accessible. Both of these tools have free plans and web versions. They only differ with their extra features.
  • WolframAlpha . This is a go-to source of expert knowledge on a wide variety of disciplines. This answer engine is also available on mobile platforms. Instead of just giving a list of documents or web pages that may or may not answer your question, it comes up with results from a curated knowledge base in response to your query.

6. 🔤 Grammar Checkers

Everyone makes mistakes. But it’s not a bad idea to make sure that there’s none in your thesis. The apps described below can help you with that.

  • Hemingway Editor . This tool aims to improve your writing style and make it as straightforward as possible. It makes colored highlights to indicate long or very complicated sentences. As a result, you get a clean piece of content that’s understandable and easy to digest.
  • Ginger . This multi-platform solution helps you find and correct all types of grammar mistakes. It also makes it easier to edit text, which improves your overall productivity, as you’ll spend less time correcting errors.
  • Grammarly . This tool has gained so much popularity that it probably doesn’t even require an introduction. It finds and corrects mistakes that no word processor can spot. The tool has a browser extension, offline software, and a premium version with extra features.

Hopefully, you’ll get some thesis help by using these free tools. With these apps at your disposal, you’ll be able to craft a fantastic thesis easily.

Did we miss something? Are there any free thesis apps that you like to use that aren’t on this list? Tell us about them in the comments!

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I need pure thesis

Custom Writing

No matter the task, it’s highly likely that our experts at custom-writing.org are able to address it. Our experts (custom-writing.org) can help you with any task, be that a pure thesis or a simple essay.

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Writing academic papers, whether a PhD thesis or a paper for publication, is very challenging work. But it’s hard for the exact opposite reasons you may think.

Write your thesis faster

Gingko word processor, used to organize and write a physics publication.

Writing research papers is hard not because you don’t know enough, but because you know too much . It doesn’t take a long time because it’s difficult to write; it’s difficult to write because you’ve been working on it so long . When you’re in it, all you can see are all the devilish details.

What if there was a way to write, that forced you to always keep the big picture in view ? So while you write out the details of this particular argument/experiment/result, you can still see how it fits into your whole topic.

What if there was a way that your notes became  your thesis outline? Then your outline became  your thesis and  your publications, at the same time?

Gingko is a new kind of word processor, that lets you work at different levels of detail at the same time. That means you can easily see your whole thesis and one small part of it, and see how they relate.

Because Gingko makes it easier to organize your research, it will be easier to write, and you’ll finish faster .

Go ahead and sign up, now!

phd thesis writing app

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Graduate Student Dissertation & Thesis Camp

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Pomodoro Technique

  • What is is? The tomato or kitchen timer encourages work in 25:00 increments with a 5:00 refresher in between.
  • Online Tomato-Timer -  http://tomato-timer.com/
  • Desktop (Mac or PC) -  http://www.tomighty.org/
  • Search your mobile app shop for "tomato timer" or "pomodoro"
  • http://www.focusboosterapp. com/  (Mac or PC/Windows)
  • Orzesk Timer  http://www.orzeszek.org/dev/ timer/  - Replaced by Hourglass Timer -  https://chris.dziemborowicz.com/apps/hourglass/
  • http://tomatoi.st/ihdw  (Mac)
  • Learn more details about the pomodoro technique
  • A timer that grows a tree when you are productive or kills it when you are not. You use it to define where is OK for you to be spending time on the web when you're working and where it is not.
  • http://www.forestapp.cc/  
  • The settings area has some default sites added but you can add more to customize to your needs
  • Forest does a nice job of putting a popup up when you go to one of those sites saying "Your tree is still growing!" and asks if you want to give up, so you don't inadvertently kill your tree with a habitual news site check.
  • There's a $2 app you can sync with to track your progress in the longer term and actually build forests but if all you want to do is build trees with no record of all your progress, it's great for that. 
  • ​A desktop app that has a free time tracking capability
  • Can act as an automated research and dissertation log
  • Available for nearly any operating system
  • ​Works similarly to Forest
  • Turn on RescueTime and learn how your time is used
  • Specify how much non-productive time you can spend on a given site before it shuts off access.

24 Hour Google Planning Calendar

  • 7 day a week, 24 hour planning calendar
  • Make a copy from the link  to your own Google Drive
  • Food prep and mealtime
  • Family time
  • Dissertation time
  • Health and wellness time
  • LeechBlock NG is a simple productivity tool: a web browser extension designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. (You know: the ones that rhyme with ‘Blue Cube’, ‘Space Hook’, ‘Sticky Media’, ‘Quitter’, and the like.) All you need to do is specify which sites to block and when to block them.
  • Download extensions

Five Tips to Distraction-Proof Your Day (Video, runtime 4'16'')

  • Author Nir Eyal offers tried and true ways to distraction-proof your day.
  • His strategies focus on your internal disrupters, more than those external disrupters we hear about so often
  • BBC Ideas: Five Ways to Distraction-Proof Your Mind

Research Organization

  • Endnote Web is a freely-available web tool you can use to collaborate with colleagues who are EndNote users, or to track your own research.

Writing and Project Management

Accountability Groups and Partnerships

  • Form an Accountability Writing Group - This document was created for the graduate student audience at the University of Notre Dame. While it has programming specific to this student population, there are guidelines that can help anyone who seeks to find support for more productive writing in a group of two or more.
  • National Center for Faculty Diversity and Development (NCFDD) - This member organization is available for Notre Dame faculty and graduate students alike. It focuses on early career development of skills needed to succeed as a researcher and writer.
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Introducing Generative AI for Academics

Paperpal for Students Experience a new era for PhD thesis writing and English editing

Sharpen your academic writing skills and deliver high-quality PhD thesis, dissertation, or essay writing for students

Improve your academic writing skills with Paperpal

Whether you’re a student studying for a doctorate or master’s degree, your lecturer’s priority is enhancing your understanding of a particular research topic or discipline. But what about perfecting the language you use to communicate this knowledge?

Developing the right academic writing skills can be a challenge when you’re struggling with PhD thesis writing or essay writing for students. Some of the most common stumbling blocks include:

Lexical issues and incorrect spelling

Content structure and layout

Grammar and punctuation

Accidental plagiarism

Academic essay writing for students, including doctoral dissertation writing and PhD thesis editing, are basic academic writing skills students are expected to have. Imagine after putting in years of work, how disappointing it would be to be tripped up by avoidable language and grammar issues. We want YOU to succeed. Paperpal, a trusted AI writing assistant, transforms academic writing for students with real-time English editing tips from the first draft itself. Move closer to your goals when you improve your language and grammar, enhance your writing style, and ensure overall clarity with our subject-specific writing and editing recommendations.

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Paperpal is the best AI writing assistant for students

Develops your essential academic writing skills.

Your dissertation or thesis is probably the longest, most challenging piece of content you’ll write as a PhD student. Whether you are aiming for top marks or looking to publish in a reputed journal, developing strong PhD thesis writing skills will lay the foundation for your academic success. But with detailed research and looming deadlines, we also understand how overwhelming PhD thesis writing and proofreading can be. A 2020 Pearson survey of more than 1,700 students found that at least 33% felt they lacked the ability to spot potential errors in their academic writing and struggled to reach out for support when needed. This is where Paperpal for Word comes in with comprehensive grammar, spelling, punctuation, and readability suggestions, giving you the power to improve and speed up the academic writing process as you write. You also get detailed English writing tips that explain errors and how to fix them, which helps you strengthen your academic writing skills over time.

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Reduces time on editing and proofreading for students

It is a well-known adage that PhD thesis writing is 25% writing and 75% revision. It’s not enough to know your subject, conduct research, and reach conclusions; how you showcase your research can be the difference between a mediocre and a great paper! When working on your thesis or dissertation, remember first impressions count. Your grammar, spelling, and structure are just as important as your research question and methodology, so it’s critical to get this right. With subject-specific suggestions to improve your academic writing skills, Paperpal can improve and speed up essay writing for students. The thorough language check and detailed editing recommendations helps to polish your document and further reduces the time spent on proofreading for students. Submitting the best version of your paper can minimize feedback during the evaluation stage and even boost your overall score.

Goes beyond a grammar check to give you better results

Finding an online sentence checker or a basic grammar and language tool is easy. What you really need is a smart AI writing assistant that understands your work and what you’re trying to achieve. Paperpal recognizes the importance of academic writing for graduate students and helps you improve your academic writing skills from the all-important first draft itself. Basic English editing is not enough for budding researchers. This is where Paperpal, tailored to academic writing conventions, is the perfect AI writing assistant for students. Imagine the benefits of having key insights, based on millions of pre- and post-edited manuscripts, right at your fingertips! For instance, using Paperpal for Word for your PhD thesis writing will give you the grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary checks most online tools offer. But Paperpal delves even deeper with suggestions on how to rephrase sentences, improve article structure, and other such edits to polish your writing. This not only takes your academic writing skills up a notch, it saves the countless hours you would otherwise spend editing your work.

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Everyone needs support with academic writing and English editing now and then. Let us help!

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Paperpal for Word

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Paperpal for Web

Experience Paperpal in Word and on Web

Paperpal for Word is free and easy to install, just click on the ‘Paperpal for Word’ button to get started. Those who do not want to deal with our Word add-in will like our easy to use online English language editing tool. Paperpal for Web allows you to write, copy or upload your text into the browser and receive instant language and grammar fixes to polish your thesis or dissertation. Students who are ready with a fully completed article, can check their submission readiness with Paperpal for Manuscript. This handy tool allows you to upload the final draft of your article or PhD thesis and download a Word document with all the relevant corrections and suggestions incorporated in tracked changes. With just a few clicks, you save on the hours of time you would have otherwise spent assessing and revising your article for submission. This trusted AI writing assistant also allows you to revise and check the same article multiple times at no additional cost!

Get the premium editing your paper needs and deserves.

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Kick-start your publishing journey

One study by a Harvard research team (Evans et al., 2018) on the outcomes of psychology doctoral dissertations estimated only 25% of the theses submitted are published in peer-reviewed journals. Converting your PhD dissertation into a journal article is hard work for students. You need to restructure your article and ensure it meets the target journal’s very specific technical requirements, including referencing style and manuscript structure. This is not easy and not everyone gets it right. Journal manuscript submissions often get desk rejected because they don’t pass the basic technical checks. With already lengthy submission turnaround times, desk rejection due to often avoidable issues further delays your journey to publication success. We know how frustrating these delays can be, so we’re inspiring change. Paperpal’s AI tools can help speed up and improve the academic writing, English editing, and journal submission process for students and researchers. Not only can Paperpal refine your academic writing skills, it helps you ensure your article meets the language and technical requirements for publication.

The smartest way to submission readiness

If you’re ready with a research manuscript and are struggling with final checks before you submit, Paperpal for Manuscript can help. All you need to do is upload your paper and Paperpal’s AI will do a thorough check before presenting you with a detailed evaluation with all the issues flagged. For just $29, you can download a comprehensively edited version of your article with all errors marked up, allowing you to review and revise your document in minutes. You can review and accept suggested changes and check your revised manuscript as many times as needed to get it submission ready, at no extra cost.

From PhD thesis writing to getting published in top journals, we’re here to help!

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Want smart tips and practical strategies to help you write and edit better, faster?

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