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Law: Legal essay

Four tips on how to write a good law essay.

An essay is a common type of assessment in a law degree. This resource offers tips and resources to help you plan and write law essays. There are usually two types of law essays: the theoretical based essay and the problem-style essay.

The theoretical based essay may ask you to critically discuss a new piece of legislation or a recent case in relation to existing laws or legal principles. You may also be asked to take a side in an argument or discuss the wider societal implications of a legal outcome.

Problem-style essays require you to advise a party based on the analysis of a scenario or given problem. You will be required to identify the legal issues and apply relevant law. See more on legal problem-solving in this resource . This resource will focus on theoretical based law essays. There are a number of strategies that may help you in starting, structuring and presenting a law essay.

1. Starting your answer

The first step to a successful law essay is understanding the question. One of the most effective ways of breaking down the question is to identify the direction, content, and scope or limiting words.

For example, look at the following essay question:

Direction Words : Critically analyse.

Content Words: tort of negligence; tort of battery; consenting to medical treatment; patient’s right (autonomous decision).

Scope/Limiting Words: the extent to which, protect.

  • In this case, we need to critically analyse an area of law.
  • Here, we need to research the torts of negligence and battery and the issues of consent in medical treatments and patients’ rights .
  • Here we should critically analyse how well (the extent to which) the aforementioned torts do or do not protect patients’ rights in the context of medical consent .

You may also find it useful to look at the rubric to help you interpret your examiner’s expectations.

2. Planning your argument

When reading a case, journal article, book chapter or online article, it can be hard to know exactly how to use the source in an essay. This is where taking good notes while reading critically is helpful. Take a look at our other resources to help you Read critically and Read difficult material .

The next step is to take notes that help you understand different arguments and issues, or information and context, and refer back to your assignment question to keep you on track.

Writing a very short summary of each source is a great way to start. For example, for each journal article you read, try to summarise the author's main points in a few lines. This will help you to articulate the meaning in your own words.

Then, expand on this summary with some key points. Be sure that when taking notes, you make a note of the source and the pinpoint reference or page number, so that you can correctly cite the source in your essay.

Planning strategies

Understanding arguments.

Think about how you will use your resources. You may use a primary or secondary resource to:

  • to support your argument with evidence
  • to demonstrate a range of issues and opinions (remember, it’s OK if you don’t agree with all your sources! Show where these contrasting arguments fit into your discussion)

It may be helpful to ask:

  • How does this source contribute to my argument?
  • Do I agree or disagree with the author’s argument?

See our resource Master the art of note-making and Brainstorming and mind mapping for more tips.

Integrating resources into your essay

It is important to use your research well. One way to do this is to plan the main points of your essay, and how you will use your primary and secondary resources (such as journal articles, books, case law, legislation, websites) to support one or more of those points.

3. Structuring your answer

A key element of successful law essays is the structure. A good structure will enable you to communicate your ideas fluently and efficiently. This is an important and highly valued skill not only in law school, but in practice as well.

Usually, your essay requires an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Generally, you should have one idea per paragraph. This may mean shorter paragraphs than what you would ordinarily write in high school or other faculties. Concision is key in law. Therefore, we recommend a short paragraph which efficiently addresses an issue over a long and winding exploration of many different issues.

Remember to use subheadings to provide structure to your writing. It is a good idea to come up with your subheadings before you start writing so that you have a structure to follow. The subheadings should act as a series of subtopics which reflect the arguments needed to substantiate your thesis statement.

Below we have an overview of the working components of good law essays. Examiners expect you to use all of these in your writing. The samples come from Julie Cassidy, ‘Hollow Avowals of Human Rights Protection: Time for an Australian Federal Bill of Rights?’ (2008) 13 Deakin Law Review 131.

NB: This is an illustrative example only. It is not concise enough for an undergraduate research essay and you would be expected to remove phrases like “In the course of, it is suggested that, in regard to.”

4. Presenting your ideas

In order to do well, you must also present your essay so that it reflects academic standards. This includes correct citation practices, subheadings, Plain English, and grammar and spelling.

Examiners highly value closely edited and proofed work. First-year students commonly rely too much on passive constructions and embellished language. Good lawyers write in clear and concise English that is easily understood.

  • Correct Citation
  • Subheadings
  • Plain English
  • Grammar and Spelling

Your essay must adhere to the AGLC4 rules , including appropriate pinpoint footnotes and bibliography.

A comprehensive guide to AGLC4 is provided by the Library.

Law essays use subheadings frequently, but judiciously. This may be different to what you are used to.

Subheadings also help provide a structure. See the previous section for more advice.

In accordance with AGLC 4, the first word of your heading must be capitalised.

Examiners do not want to see the full extent of your vocabulary. They prefer to see complex arguments rendered in simple language.

This, surprisingly, is not easy. We tend to think through writing. That is, our ideas come to us as we are writing. This leaves a lot of writing which is repetitive, vague, or contradictory as our ideas evolve.

Use the editing worksheet to learn which words you can easily swap out to improve readability and strategies to avoid long-winded constructions.

Do not leave your assignment to the last minute. Not only will this create undue stress, but you will not have adequate time to proofread your assignment.

When we work intensively on a piece of writing, we need a period of time away, or distance, in order to re-read our work objectively. Give yourself 2-3 days before the due date so you can print your text and edit it carefully to remove any typos or grammatical errors.

Services like Grammarly may help to pick up errors that are missed by Microsoft Word.

Further resources

Legal essay strategies, legal essay strategies accordion.

  • Writing a Law essay mind map Take a look at this useful mind map to see the steps involved and the questions you should ask yourself when writing a law essay.
  • Melbourne Law School: Research essay guide / Legal essay checklist
  • Professor Steven Vaughan (University College London): How to write better law essays ( Prezi slides )
  • Associate Professor Douglas Guilfoyle (University of New South Wales): Plain Legal English ( YouTube playlist )
  • Professor James Lee (King’s College London): #FreeLawRevision Guides (see especially Essay Technique Parts 1, 2 and 3) ( YouTube playlist )
  • Strategies for Essay Writing - Harvard College Writing Center See particularly, the section on Counterargument.

Examples and language

  • University of Western Australia Law School: Examples of legal writing
  • Columbia Law School: Writing in plain English
  • Dr Patrick Goold (City, University of London): ‘It’s a subject where words matter’: how to write the perfect law essay ( The Guardian )
  • 'Don't just vomit on the page': how to write a legal essay Law lecturer Steven Vaughan (University College, London) explains why the best essays take discipline, editing, and teamwork.

Effective Legal Writing: A Practical Approach

Corbett-Jarvis and Grigg

How to write better law essays : tools and techniques for success in exams and assignments

Steve Foster

How to write law essays and exams

Stacie Strong

Legal Writing

Lisa Webley

Level Up Your Essays: How to get better grades at university

Inger Mewburn, Shaun Lehmann, and Katherine Firth

Your feedback matters

We want to hear from you! Let us know what you found most useful or share your suggestions for improving this resource.

Digital Commons @ University of Georgia School of Law

Home > Student Works & Orgs > LLM Theses and Essays

LLM Theses and Essays

Submissions from 2013 2013.

Some Important Causes for Settlement in American Civil Litigation , Felipe Forte Cobo

Submissions from 2011 2011

TO REVEAL OR CONCEAL?—AN ISP’S DILEMMA, Presenting a New “Anonymous Public Concern Test” for Evaluating ISP Subpoenas in Online Defamation Suits , Cayce Myers

Submissions from 2008 2008

Infrastructure Development in Emerging Economies and the Roles Played by Multilateral Institutions , Amjad Ahasan Basheer

Universal Human Rights and Threat to International Peace and Security: The United Nations' Obligation to Intervene , Godfrey Mhlanga

Submissions from 2007 2007

Applicable Law Provisions in International Uniform Commercial Law Conventions , Paolo E. Conci

Licenses, Leases and Other Contractual Arrangements for the Exploration and Production of Petroleum A Comparative Study Between Nigeria and the United States , Omolara Elumelu

Judicial Review of International Commercial Arbitral Awards by National Courts in the United States and India , Aparna D. JUJJAVARAPU

Ethiopia's Sovereign Right of Access to the Sea under International Law , Abebe T. Kahsay

Comfort Women: Human Rights of Women from Then to Present , Jinyang Koh

Imports or Made-in-China: Comparison of Two Constitutional Cases in China and the United States , Xiao Li

Taxing Emotional Distress Recoveries: Does Murphy Show the Way? , Kaushal P. Mahaseth

The Land of the Free: Human Rights Violations at Immigration Detention Facilities in America , Caitlin J. Mitchel

International Legal Standards Governing the Use of Child Soldiers , Dorcas B. Mulira

Corporate Restrictions in Mexico and the United States , Dennis Rios

Regulating Transnational Corporation for Environmental Damage , Sonal Sahu

The Need for a Transnational Appellate Arbitral Review Body , Priya Sampath

A Consumption Tax versus a Federal Income Tax in the United States , Shelly-Ann R. Tomlinson

Financial Holding Company System and Relevant Legislation , Ye Wang

Submissions from 2006 2006

The Hamburg Rules , Kweku G. Ainuson

Tourism in Antarctica: History, Current Challenges and Proposals for Regulation , Juan Y. Harcha

Reconsidering the Medical Expert Witness System , Yunwei Jiang

A Comparative Study of the Legal Responses to Domestic Violence in the United States and Hungary , Adam Keri

Enforcement of Human Rights under Regional Mechanisms: a Comparative Analysis , Fekadeselassie F. Kidanemariam

Shareholders' Agreements in Close Corporations and Their Enforcement , Ricardo Molano Leon

A Comparative Study on the Trade Barriers Regulation and Foreign Trade Barriers Investigation Rules , Junrong Song

How to Deal with Multi-party Nominations of Arbitrators in International Commercial Arbitration - a Comparative Study of Appointment Procedures with Emphasis on U.S.-European Commerce between Private Entities , Marie-Beatrix Tupy

Balancing Regulations and Incentives for Foreign Direct Investment: a Case Study of Mexico and Kazakhstan , Dauren B. Tynybekov

Submissions from 2005 2005

The Legality of Humanitarian Intervention , Eric Adjei

A Comparative Assessment of U.S. Direct Investment in China and India , Kalpana Arjunan

Pre-contractual Obligations in France and the United States , Florence Caterini

Comparative Law: Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Jurisprudence from the United States to Korea , Hyun J. Cho

Commercial Speech in the United States and Europe , Oxana Valeryevna Gassy-Wright

Accountability of Transnational Corporations under International Standards , Lea Hanakova

Protection of "Persona" in the EU and in the US: a Comparative Analysis , Anna E. Helling

Income Tax Preferences to Foreign Investment in China since the Late 1970s , Xiaoyang Hou

Role of the World Bank and IMF in Issuing Loans to Russia: Responsibility, Tricks, Corruption, Mafia, and Important Use of Legal Enforcement , Elmira A. Makova

Governance and Responsibility of Multinational Enterprises: the Use of Codes of Conduct and Litigation to Change Multinational Enterprises' Behavior , Maria Fernanda Matach

Free Movement of Goods: a Comparative Analysis of the European Community Treaty and the North American Free Trade Agreement , Pedro A. Perichart

The Drafting Process For a Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Judgements with Special Consideration of Intellectual Property and E-Commerce , Knut Woestehoff

The Drafting Process for a Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Judgments with Special Consideration of Intellectual Property and E-commerce , Knut Woestehoff

Trade-related Environmental Measures and GATT: the Conflict between Trade Libralization and Environmental Protection , Fang Zheng

Submissions from 2004 2004

The Question of Non-trade Issues in the WTO from a Developing Country Perspective , Cecilia Alzamora

Cybercrime , Karissa Ayala

Protection of Children from Exploitation in West Africa: Illusion or Reality? , Afua Brown-Eyeson

Legal Structures of European Security and Defense Policy and War Powers under the U.S. Constitution , Heiko Buesing

U.S. Antidumping Law and Practices against Korean Exports , Jinwook Choi

Regulation of Hate Speech , Haiping Deng

The Institutional Framework of the European Union for the Conduct of Foreign Affairs , Frederic Eggermont

Comparison of New Zealand and United States Securities Markets through the Looking Glass of the Efficient Market Hypothesis , Carla Natalia Gargiulo

Private Party Participation in the World Trade Organizations , Taehyung Im

Issues Regarding the Most Effective Tool of U.S. Bankruptcy Law , Zeenat Kera

Contracts and Electronic Agents , Sabrina Kis

Historical Aspects of State Arbitration Policy , Elton R. Lanier

Regulating Non-territorial Commercial Environments in Territorial-based Legal Systems , Pedro Martin G. Less Andrade

Unilateral Refusals to Deal in Intellectual Property as Monopolistic Conduct , Bolanle Meshida

Comparative Analysis of Federal Income Tax Imposed on U.S. C Corporations and Russian Joint Stock Companies , Alina Y. Mitskevich

Legislation and Implementation of International Environmental Law by African Countries: a Case Study of Ghana , Brigitte L. Okley

The Challenges of Tax Collection in Developing Economies (with Special Reference to India) , Pramod K. Rai

Family Businesses, Choices of Legal Entity , Martina L. Rojo

Sound Record Producers' Rights and the Problem of Sound Recording Piracy , Stanislava N. Staykova

The Change of Corporate Governance Structure in the United States and Taiwan , Yifan Tseng

Fiduciary Duties of Directors in the Context of Going-private Transactions to the Minority Shareholders under Delaware Law , Yuan Wang

Recognition and Enforcement of International Commercial Arbitration Awards , Shouhua Yu

Submissions from 2003 2003

Interim Measures in International Commercial Arbitration: Past, Present and Future , Sandeep Adhipathi

Reservations, Human Rights Treaties in the 21st century: from Universality to Integrity , Pierrick Devidal

Technological Advances Leading to the Diminishing of Privacy Rights , Anabelle Maria D'Souza

Protection of Consumer Privacy in E-commerce , Choong L. Ha

Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe: Analysis of EC Competition Regulations , YoungJun Lee

Security Interests in Intellectual Property Rights: the Time Has Come for the Enactment of New Laws , Esteban Mazzucco

The Convergence of Trade and Environment and the Relative Role of WTO , Xiaoxi Meng

The Main Characteristics of State's Jurisdiction to Tax in International Dimension , Alfred Nizamiev

U.S. Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries: a Case Study of Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa , Abenaa A. Oti-Prempeh

Free movement of goods: A comparative analysis of the European community treaty and the north American free trade agreement , Pedro A. Perichart

A Historical View of Intellectual Property Rights in the Palestinian Territories , Ihab G. Samaan

Submissions from 2002 2002

An Analysis of the Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith: Precontractual Liability and Preliminary Agreement , Aarti Arunachalam

Multinational Corporations Facing the Varying Concepts of Jurisdiction : "forum non-conveniens", Contrasts between the Anglo-American and the European Law Systems , Sandrine Buttin

Minority Shareholders and Oppression in Close Corporations: Contracting as an Effective Protection Device , Marcella Machado Carneiro

Freedom of Speech, Cinema and Censorship: a Comparative Analysis of Issues of Freedom of Speech Violations as a Result of the Rating Regulation Authorities in the Motion Picture Industry in France and the United States , Stephanie Grenier

International Corporate Governance Practices and Their Implications on Investors , Namwandi Hamanyanga

Current Problems of International Taxation of Electronic Commerce , Nuran G. Kerimov

An End to the Political Question Doctrine in Korea?: A Comparative Analysis , Myeong-Sik Kim

The Evolution of the Law's Treatment of the Confessions of Mentally Disabled Criminal Suspects , John E. Knight

Public and Private Interests in Copyright Law: Creativity, Science and Democracy vs. Property and Market , Daryana I. Kotzeva

The Intra-enterprise Conspiracy Doctrine as Applied to Affiliated Corporations under Section 1 of the Sherman Act , Michael B. Menz

Privacy and Personal Data Protection in the Information Age: A Comparative Evaluation , Emeka B. Obasi

The Right to Freedom of Religion vis a vis Religious Intolerance in the New Millennium , Buihe P. Okenu

Conflict of Laws in the Enforcement of Foreign Awards and Foreign Judgments: the Public Policy Defense and Practice in U.S. Courts , Anupama Parameshwaran

Balancing Interests: Statute of Limitations and Repose in Medical Malpractice Cases , Laurie L. Paterson

A Comparison of Environmental Impact Assessment Process between the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) and the Basic Environmental Protection Act (BEPA) , V An Rhee

Offshore Investments , Ana Maura M. Safrin

Lawyers' Value in Mergers and Acquisitions under the New World of Multidisciplinary Practices , Yunling Wu

Submissions from 2001 2001



David vs. Goliath (2001): An Analysis of the OECD Harmful Tax Competition Policy , Truman Butler

Transfer Pricing: A Comparative Study of the French and U.S. Legal Systems , Valerie Ciancia



Foreign Direct Investment in Colombia , Juliana Gomez


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Be prepared to submit a writing sample, but only when requested by the employer.

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  • an excerpt from a research paper written for a law school class
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  • If you use a document prepared for a previous employer, you must obtain permission from your employer before using such a sample, and be careful not to breach any confidences or attorney-client privileges.  You may redact names and other identifying information from the document, but consider whether you need to explain the reason for the redaction in the cover page.
  • A writing sample must be your own work.  You should feel free to edit and improve the document before using it as a writing sample, but only if the edits and improvements are solely your work.
  • Adhere to any page limit requirements set by the employer.
  • If no page limit is specified, as a general rule a 5-10 page document is ideal.  You may use an excerpt from a longer document.  If you do, be certain to explain on the cover page (1) the context of the larger document, and (2) any facts necessary for a full understanding of the excerpted portions.
  • If you omit internal sections of a document in order to shorten it, make this clear to the reader so they do not assume that your original document failed to address an important element of the analysis.  For example, if you are using a memo or brief that has separate sections, you could omit the text of the section but leave its title.
  • Always attach a cover page to your writing sample.  Use this page to explain (1) when and why you wrote the document, if not clear from the document itself, and (2) the context of the larger document, if you are submitting an excerpt.
  • Sample Cover Page for Memorandum
  • Sample Cover Page for Brief
  • Sample Cover Page for Legal Journal Note
  • Sample Cover Page for Martin-Carnes Competition


  • You should submit a writing sample that is free from errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, spacing and formatting. 
  • Print the document for proofreading.  You will catch more errors if you review it on paper, as opposed to on the computer screen.

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How to Structure & Write A First-Class Law Essay: Key Tips

Writing a law essay can be a challenging task. As a law student, you’ll be expected to analyse complex legal issues and apply legal principles to real-world scenarios. At the same time, you’ll need to be able to communicate your ideas clearly and persuasively. In this article, we’ll cover some top tips to guide you through the process of planning, researching, structuring and writing a first-class law essay. By the end of this article, you’ll be better equipped to tackle your next writing assignment with confidence!

1. Start In Advance

Give yourself plenty of time to plan, research and write your law essay. Always aim to start your law essay as soon as you have the question. Leaving it until the last minute does not only create unnecessary stress, but it also leaves you insufficient time to write, reference and perfect your work.

2. Understand The Question

Do not begin until you fully comprehend the question. Take the time to read the question carefully and make sure that you understand what it’s asking you to do. Highlight key terms and annotate the question with definitions of key concepts and any questions that you have have. Think about how the question links back to what you’ve learned during your lectures or through your readings.

3. Conduct Thorough Research

Conducting thorough research around your topic is one of the most fundamental parts of the essay writing process. You should aim to use a range of relevant sources, such as cases, academic articles, books and any other legal materials. Ensure that the information you collect is taken from relevant, reliable and up to date sources. Use primary over secondary material as much as possible.

Avoid using outdated laws and obscure blog posts as sources of information. Always aim to choose authoritative sources from experts within the field, such as academics, politicians, lawyers and judges. Using high-quality and authoritative sources and demonstrating profound and critical insight into your topic are what will earn you top marks.

Start writing like a lawyer! Read our tips:

4. write a detailed plan.

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to plan your essay. When writing your plan, you’ll need to create an outline that clearly identifies the main points that you wish to make throughout your article. Try to write down what you wish to achieve in each paragraph, what concepts you want to discuss and arguments you want to make.

Your outline should be organised in a clear, coherent and logical manner to ensure that the person grading your essay can follow your line of thought and arguments easily.  You may also wish to include headings and subheadings to structure your essay effectively This makes it easier when it comes to writing the essay as starting without a plan can get messy. The essay must answer the question and nothing but the question so ensure all of your points relate to it.

5. Write A Compelling Introduction

A great introduction should, firstly, outline the research topic.  The introduction is one of the most crucial parts of the law essay as it sets the tone for the rest of the paper. It should capture the readers attention and provide the background context on the topic. Most importantly, it should state the thesis of your essay.

When writing your introduction, avoid simply repeating the given question. Secondly, create a road map for the reader, letting them know how the essay will approach the question. Your introduction must be concise. The main body of the essay is where you will go into detail.

6. Include A Strong Thesis Statement

Your thesis should clearly set out the argument you are going to be making throughout your essay and should normally go in the introduction. Your thesis should adopt a clear stance rather than being overly general or wishy-washy. To obtain the best grades, you’ll need to show a unique perspective based upon a critical analysis of the topic rather than adopting the most obvious point of view.

Once you’ve conducted your research and had a chance to reflect on your topic, ask yourself whether you can prove your argument within the given word count or whether you would need to adopt a more modest position for your paper. Always have a clear idea of what your thesis statement is before you begin writing the content of your essay. 

7. Present the Counter-argument

To demonstrate your deeper understanding of the topic, it’s important to show your ability to consider the counter-arguments and address them in a careful and reasoned manner. When presenting your counterarguments, aim to depict them in the best possible light, aiming to be fair and reasonable before moving on to your rebuttal. To ensure that your essay is convincing, you will need to have a strong rebuttal that explains why your argument is stronger and more persuasive. This will demonstrate your capacity for critical analysis, showing the reader that you have carefully considered differing perspectives before coming to a well-supported conclusion.

8. End With A Strong Conclusion

Your conclusion is your opportunity to summarise the key points made throughout your essay and to restate the thesis statement in a clear and concise manner.  Avoid simply repeating what has already been mentioned in the body of the essay. For top grades, you should use the conclusion as an opportunity to provide critical reflection and analysis on the topic. You may also wish to share any further insights or recommendations into alternative avenues to consider or implications for further research that could add value to the topic. 

9. Review The Content Of Your Essay

Make sure you factor in time to edit the content of your essay.  Once you’ve finished your first draft, come back to it the next day. Re-read your essay with a critical perspective. Do your arguments make sense? Do your paragraphs flow in a logical manner? You may also consider asking someone to read your paper and give you critical feedback. They may be able to add another perspective you haven’t considered or suggest another research paper that could add value to your essay. 

10. Proofread For Grammatical Mistakes

Once you’re happy with the content of your essay, the last step is to thoroughly proofread your essay for any grammatical errors. Ensure that you take time to ensure that there are no grammar, spelling or punctuation errors as these can be one of the easiest ways to lose marks. You can ask anyone to proofread your paper, as they would not necessarily need to have a legal background – just strong grammar and spelling skills! 

11. Check Submission Guidelines

Before submitting, ensure that your paper conforms with the style, referencing and presentation guidelines set out by your university. This includes the correct font, font size and line spacing as well as elements such as page numbers, table of content etc. Referencing is also incredibly important as you’ll need to make sure that you are following the correct referencing system chosen by your university. Check your university’s guidelines about what the word count is and whether you need to include your student identification number in your essay as well. Be thorough and don’t lose marks for minor reasons!

12. Use Legal Terms Accurately

Always make sure that you are using legal terms accurately throughout your essay. Check an authoritative resource if you are unsure of any definitions. While being sophisticated is great, legal jargon if not used correctly or appropriately can weaken your essay. Aim to be concise and to stick to the point. Don’t use ten words when only two will do.

12. Create a Vocabulary Bank

One recurring piece of advice from seasoned law students is to take note of phrases from books and articles, key definitions or concepts and even quotes from your professors. When it comes to writing your law essay, you will have a whole range of ideas and vocabulary that will help you to develop your understanding and thoughts on a given topic. This will make writing your law essay even easier!

13. Finally, Take Care of Yourself

Last but certainly not least, looking after your health can improve your attitude towards writing your law essay your coursework in general. Sleep, eat, drink and exercise appropriately. Take regular breaks and try not to stress. Do not forget to enjoy writing the essay!

Write like a lawyer! Read our tips:

Legal writing: start writing like a lawyer.

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I have always cherished a dream to become a lawyer and the very idea to be able to raise a voice for the ones who choose to instil blind faith in people in this profession, compelled me to work towards this dream. The inquisitiveness in me since childhood prompted me to think and raise questions like “Does everybody get justice?” and “Who decides whether the ones offered justice, deserve it?”. Since my childhood, I was attracted towards the uniform my father […]

About the Death Penalty

The death penalty has been a method used as far back as the Eighteenth century B.C. The use of the death penalty was for punishing people for committing relentless crimes. The severity of the punishment were much more inferior in comparison to modern day. These inferior punishments included boiling live bodies, burning at the stake, hanging, and extensive use of the guillotine to decapitate criminals. In the ancient days no laws were established to dictate and regulate the type of […]

Chicago’s Gun Laws

Year after year, Chicago has had an increase in gun crimes. Chicago has gun laws that seem to be ineffective, therefore there are high crimes rates in the city. Since I have a personal experience that involves having a gun to my head, I believe that gun laws need to be changed to be made stricter because it can traumatize a person. There needs to be a restriction on who is capable of purchasing these times of weapons. In Chicago, […]

Internet Censorship Laws in Saudi Arabia

"The thought of not being able to express oneself through the internet without repercussions might seem implausible; however, it is an ongoing problem in countries like Saudi Arabia. Currently, Saudi Arabia holds a score of 73 out of 100 for its Internet Freedom Score, which sets it as “not free” (“Saudi Arabia Internet Score”). Citizens are prohibited from visiting and accessing many parts of the web due to governmental restrictions based on immoral and “radically” opinionated content. This limits their […]

Andrew Jackson VS Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were both presidents but both had different views on how to run the country. They both had different achievements and challenges. Thomas Jefferson was the third president, he was elected in 1801. Jefferson believed that the best government was the one that governed least. He was a Democratic Republican, he favored states rights. He did not like special privileges for the wealthy, he was more concerned about the common farmers. Jefferson wanted to lessen the […]

Collaborative Law Assignment Help

Usually, students who are pursuing specialized programs at the university often face a range of issues in completing their academic assignments. There are various writing services available that primarily offer extensive services to students all over the world. These are considered to be the global and comparative family law assignment essay help online, which often assists students who have chosen to excel in their respective fields. However, the international and comparative family law assignment essay help online experts analyze specific […]

Why should we have Gun Control Laws?

Gun should be controlled Reason: Guns should be controlled if we want our family, our people, our home to be safe. Since the Second Amendment has declare to give people rights to have a gun, it was one of the big mistakes they've ever done to us in the presents. At the past in America, we only had handguns to be used to defend ourselves from terrorists attacks. Now, we have military weapons like ak-47, AR-15, etc. This should be […]

Does the U.S. Need Tougher Gun-Control Laws?

The United States holds the title of having one of the highest rate of gun-related deaths in the world. As that number continues to rise, and with the benefits that reap from implementing gun control in America outweighing the so called negative effects, it is no surprise that more and more people have become pro-gun control. Legislation should be passed to permit gun control laws and more regulations on guns to be put in place. What exactly is gun control? […]

The Change in Relationship between Law Enforcement and the Black Community

The relationship between law enforcement and African Americans has always been tricky, but what complicates this relationship even more is police brutality. Over the course of many years, police have become more harsh and violent, even to the point where some might describe them as militarized. This police brutality has also mainly been targeted towards minorities, especially African Americans. These acts of police brutality that still happen today show the amount of racism and discrimination and racism that exists towards […]

Police Brutality and Racism

The Declaration of Independence was created to protect the inalienable rights that all Americans receive at birth, yet police brutality continues to threaten the rights of African Americans everywhere. Police everywhere need to be given mandatory psychological tests in order to gain awareness of racial bias in law enforcement and allow citizens to slowly gain trust for the officers in law enforcement. No one wants a child to grow up in a world filled with hate. As Martin Luther King […]

Why America Needs Stricter Gun Control Laws

Gun Control is one of the many divisive issues in the United States, controversially embedded in the Constitution, and it isn’t the right solutions for the problems that are occurring. While America does indeed have leading amounts of gun-related violence, these incidents are still a very low volume to the US population. Gun control is commonly a very emotional topic from either side, making it an ineffective argument. Gun violence has skyrocketed over the past years, which has caused Americans […]

The Flaws of Mandatory Sentencing in the Criminal Justice System

The Criminal Justice System (CJS) of the US is very flawed. Recidivism, as defined by the criminal justice system, is the tendency for past offenders to relapse into criminal behavior. This is often a result of their inability to reintegrate back into society after being incarcerated. Some arguments that have been made is that recidivism is a product of mandatory sentencing. Mandatory sentencing is the required minimum amount of time for criminal offenders who meet certain criteria. This requires that […]

Rethinking Gun Laws in the United States: a Urgent Call to Action

Just from this year, there have been over three hundred shootings in the United States just this year. Having stricter gun laws could reduce the crime rate we have in the United States and the gun violence in not only schools and universities, but also in everyday life. The fact that some Americans aren't concerned with our current gun control laws worries me and is ridiculous that people aren't doing anything about it even after all the shootings. The purpose […]

Death Penalty and Justice

By now, many of us are familiar with the statement, "an eye for an eye," which came from the bible, so it should be followed as holy writ. Then there was Gandhi, who inspired thousands and said, "an eye for an eye will leave us all blind." This begs the question, which option do we pick to be a good moral agent, in the terms of justice that is. Some states in America practice the death penalty, where some states […]

Evaluating the Effectiveness of US Hate Crime Laws

*Hate crime laws have been used since 1968. Hate Crimes seem to be a problem in today’s world. In 2017, according to the FBI, 49 percent of hate crimes are by African American Bias. Roughly 58 percent of religious hate crimes were against Jewish believers. For sexual orientation, roughly 58 percent of hate crimes are committed against gay males. Forty five percent of hates crime were committed based on intimation and 78 percent were directed at an individual only. (site) […]

Criminal Law’s Impact Areas of Law Enf

Our criminal justice system is violating our values as a people. A nation that savors liberty now incarcerates more human beings than any other nation on the planet. Like in any other system, it always needs adjustments. We need to have a Criminal Justice System that is effective and that prosecutes individuals in a fair way to ensure that we as a society are able to maintain peace, order, and security. The outcome of a case I read about a […]

Women in Law Enforcement

In the past few years, women in law enforcement have been facing many challenges in their job. They have had to undergo discrimination, unfairness, and sexual harassment. This was exposed by the #MeToo movement that was spread across social media. Women experienced an increase in representation as full-time sworn law enforcement officers during the 1980s and 1990s, growth has slowed down in recent years, but women continue to be underrepresented in law enforcement (Sexual Harassment, 2018). Why has the growth […]

Position Paper: same Sex Marriage

As time goes on, laws and our society changes gradually. If America were to stay the same and never change, imagine where we as a society would be. Over the course of the years, people fought for their civil right’s. From 1954–1968, African American’s protested and earned their freedom after slavery ended in the Civil Right’s movement, fighting Jim Crow laws. Another passion filled movement is the Women’s Right’s movement, which began in 1848 and is still developing to this […]

The Three Strikes Law Analysis

Is the "Three Strikes" law too harsh for petty criminals who are non-violent? What should be done with violators? Since the beginning of time there have been rules or laws that people abide by as members of past and present societies. Those rules or laws were put in place to keep people safe and to be fair to the community those rules or laws were put in place for, but to also be fair to the perpetrator. Many people live […]

America’s Gun Laws and Regulations

Introduction One of the major reasons for the founding of the U.S. was to enable people to live freely in order they can pursue happiness and their purposes in life. As a civilized country, however, there was a necessity to enact laws and regulations to shield every American citizen. For more than two centuries, the Bill of Rights as well as the American Constitution have permitted the different city states to practice or enforce the gun laws without infringing on […]

The Constitution of America and Laws

The constitution of America established fundamental laws and guaranteed certain rights for its citizens. It was written in 1787 that replaced the Articles Of Confederation which had been governing character of the United States. The law of the United States was predominantly gotten from the precedent based law arrangement of English Law. Nonetheless, U.S. law was drawn significantly from its English ancestors both as far as substance and method. It has fused various common law developments. It had proven a […]

Corruption of the Criminal Justice System

There is a long history report of police violence against civilians in the United States which has resulted in creating laws by the government so that citizens may find a way to find a possible solution when their rights are violated. Section 242 of the constitution allows police officers to be fined or even imprisoned for any law enforcer who deprives a person of their rights on the basis of their colour or race (Kevin). The corruption investigations done by […]

Cons Police Discretion

Discretion Discretion is a legal power that certain government officials such as judges, prosecutors, and police officers use to make certain decision based on their own judgment, to decide the best course of action. In theory, the criminal justice official considers the totality of circumstances before determining whether or not legal action should be taken against an individual(s). And, to what kind and degree that action will be taken (Walker & Katz, 2005), for example; issuing a warning, or actually arresting […]

First Amendment Values

Americans value the First Amendment as much as a teenage girl values her cell phone. Life just wouldn't be the same without it. Thanks to the authors of the Constitution America has established the fundamental laws, government, and basic rights for American citizens. The document was signed on September 17, 1787, in Philadelphia. Later, Madison introduced 19 amendments, 12 of which were adopted. Ten of them were ratified and became the Bill of Rights on December 10, 1791. The First […]

The Negro Speaks of Rivers

What is freedom? Is our understanding of this word correct? A lot of us believe that they have a comprehension of this word. I can say that it is among those terms that we come to know at an early age because we all at the end of the day seek freedom. Do we have a comprehensive understanding of what freedom in America truly means? We think that we are free, but the reality is that we are far from […]

Additional Example Essays

  • Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized for Medical and Societal Benefits
  • Social Responsibility of Media: Realization Rights for Social Media Posts
  • Influence of Social Media on Murder: Exploring Connection and Implications
  • Gun Control vs Gun Rights
  • Why the Death Penalty is Wrong and Ineffective
  • Child Labor In The 21st Century
  • The Pros of the Death Penalty: Deterrence and Consequence for Major Crimes
  • Mental Health in the Black Community: Crisis & Prioritizing Well-being
  • Marijuana Should Be Illegal: Countering the Trend
  • Mental Illness and Gun Control
  • Solutions to Gun Violence
  • Discrimination in Workplace

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Comparing the Human Rights Violations in “Night” and the Cambodian Genocide

To Adolf Hitler, the Jews were the biggest problem in the way of his perfect society. He had to take them out, and the only way to do that was by death. Adolf Hitler and their collaborators were responsible for the deaths of over six million people and made even daily life harder for those […]

Legal Implications for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a program set forth in June 2012 that lowers deportation priority for illegal immigrants, mostly children. The set requirements to meet the deferred action (the government allows for two years) are to have arrived in the U.S. before age sixteen, lived continuously in the U.S. for five years, be […]

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Two Main Causes of Street Crime in Cambodia

Street crime is considered to be a common theft act that usually happens in many countries around the world. In Cambodia, on the other hand, street crime is one among many other different kinds of crime that remain a concern to city dwellers and local residents. It is seen that crime in Cambodia is reported […]

An Analysis of the Similarities and Differences of Al Capone

In the 1920s, American lifestyles changed dramatically. Prohibition became a very big deal in America, which led to an uprising in crime. Illegal businesses, including bootlegging, gambling, prostitution, and being hit men, were big-time money-makers. The uprising of organized crime, led by mobsters, ran the show when it came to these illegal activities. This organized […]

A Short Biography of America’s Famous Gangster, Al Capone

Al Capone was born on January 17, 1899, in Brooklyn, New York, to an immigrant family. Capone dropped out of school after the sixth grade and became involved with many of the city’s notorious gangs. Al Capone was famous for being America’s best-known gangster and the single greatest symbol of the collapse of law and […]

Bootlegging during the 1920s and Al Capone Activity

Prohibition caused much controversy during the 1920s. The 18th Amendment was passed on January 16, 1920. In Title II, Section 3, the National Prohibition Act states that “no person shall, on or after the date when the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States goes into effect, manufacture, sell, barter, transport, import, export, […]

Schindler’s List and the Eight Stages of Genocide

Steven Spielberg’s 1994 film Schindler’s List deals with the story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saved more than a thousand Jewish people during the Holocaust. The Holocaust is one of the most relevant accounts of the eight stages of genocide: classification, symbolization, dehumanization, organization, polarization, identification, extermination, and denial. This film accurately represents […]

An Overview of the Pro-Choice Arguments Regarding the Topic of Abortion

Regardless of anyone’s feelings about an embryo’s or fetus’ rights, about women’s rights, about sex and responsibility, about God, about Karma, or about the Bible, one cannot ignore the fact that women have always used abortion to prevent childbirth and always will. No matter what others think, women will turn to abortion as a last […]

A Look at the Supporters of the Pro-Choice Movement in the Abortion Debate

Abortion has been called one of America’s longest-running arguments, the issue that won’t go away. I chose to write on abortion because I firmly support the pro-choice movement. While I haven’t been through it, I have helped finance some of my friends. I believe in a woman’s right to freedom of choice. I am firmly […]

An Analysis of Juvenile Justice System

How does the Juvenile Justice system (or the Education System) define the ‘norm’ for mainstream youth? What does its treatment of young people (as opposed to its treatment of adults) say about our society’s concepts of youth? We live in a society in which the ‘norm’ is enforced by respected professions such as education and […]

The Softness of the Juvenile Justice System in the United States

The Juvenile Justice System is not extreme sufficient … Did you understand that juveniles accounted for practically half the arrests for severe crimes in the United States in 1974 and also for less than one-third in 1983? Did you recognize that recent trends reveal a rise in arrests of teenagers for attack, murder, and also […]

A Report on the Violent Youth Crime and the Juvenile Justice System in the United States of America

More violent crimes are being committed by young, poor and disadvantage teens. These teenagers have developed a very observed behavior toward the real world and resort to violence and killings to settle their faults. (Barrett 17) Gang violence and the availability of guns has caused a big increase of the young children who are injured […]

An Analysis of Deviant Behavior of the Youth and the Juvenile Justice System in the US

The term deviance and also deviant actions describes any kind of actions that departs, or drifts, from an approved requirement or norm. Norms have be created and also preserved by individuals in every culture throughout history as an established way to act. Specific actions are considered acceptable when they stay in lines with the guidelines, […]

A History of the Juvenile Justice System in the United States

The adolescent justice system was developed in the late 1800s. And also was designated to punish young people culprits (History of America’s adolescent justice system, 2008). The early adolescent court system had distinctive procedures, specifically: Decreased criminal duty of juveniles, described as absence of their mental and also physical maturation, which brought assumption of them […]

The Changes in the Juvenile Justice System of America

As late as the 19th century, crimes committed by juveniles were handled in the grown-up courts. By the late 1800’s, reforms in this area began, causing a separation of adolescent as well as grown-up courts. The state of Illinois developed the very first juvenile court in 1899. Prior to 1899, youngsters would go to trial […]

A Study on the American Juvenile Justice System

Juvenile Justice System Advancement In the United States, the adolescent court structure was developed more than ten years prior to the main court establishment in 1899 in Illinois. Prior to its development, all youngsters were taken into consideration as grownups or grownup where they were punished in comparable means as grownups. In the middle of […]

The Choice between Treatment and Punishment in the Juvenile Justice System

“When considering social justice and juvenile justice, treatment as well as penalty stand at either end of the continuum. The juvenile justice system has actually oscillated in between these two principles over the years”(Listwan). When the juvenile justice system was first executed, it focused on trial and also penalty parallel to the grown-up system. With […]

An Analysis of Gender in the Juvenile Justice System

Juvenile delinquency is a legal term that describes the behavior of children and adolescents that would be considered criminal of adults. What people consider to be juveniles varies throughout the United States. In some places the maximum age for a juvenile is 14 while in others places it is 21. Juveniles between the ages of […]

An Analysis of the Challenges Juveniles Face in the Juvenile Justice System

Since we started our first day at UIC College Prep, making a favorable multi- generational change on the planet has actually been a primary top priority in our lives, yet I never ever understood where as well as how to begin. Unexpectedly, I made a positive multi-generational adjustment by signing up with a program called […]

The Roles of the Individuals in the Juvenile Justice System

1. Who are the individuals involved in the Juvenile Justice System, and what are their roles? How and why does this differ from the adult justice system? There are many individuals involved in the Juvenile Justice System that are not present in its adult counterpart. These individuals have been given their roles based on the […]

The Effectiveness of the Juvenile Justice System

Abstract The juvenile justice system has been controversial since its beginning. However, there are many studies that have shown that juveniles are better off in juvenile facilities than adult prisons or jails. When a juvenile is suspected of a crime, they are tried in a juvenile court, unless a judge passes the case over to […]

The Controversial Age of Criminal Responsibility in the Juvenile Justice System

Much discussion has actually been made over the appropriate age in which Children are considered to be criminally responsible. This consists of the idea of doli incapax, meaning that the individual can not clearly comprehend that their actions was seriously incorrect. Throughout the Australian legal systems, kids under the age of ten are considered to […]

The Different Changes in the Juvenile Justice System

The Evolution of the Juvenile Justice System The juvenile court system is implied to resolve court cases that include people that are under the age of eighteen-years-old. Started at the start of the 19th century, the system is over one hundred years old. When the system began, there was an emphasis that the law ought […]

Tiger Woods, Ted Bundy and Bernie Madoff: the Three Twentieth Century Individuals Dante Alighieri would Doom to the Inferno for their Ungodly Sins

Dante’s Inferno is a horrible, lurid, and repulsive place manifested by Dante Alighieri, author of the epic the Inferno from The Divine Comedy. Dante’s abyss is particularly developed for non-repentive sinners who have committed sins versus humanity. Via using artistic license, Dante handles to ruin individuals from his time period to particular circles within the […]

Serial Killers Ted Bundy, Aileen Pittman and the Social Control Theory

Serial Killers can be thought of as among the globes “flaws”. Why they kill? It is not known as well as there are no reasons for it yet there are individuals that have actually developed their own concepts for that response. It might be a Social trouble or a Psychological issue; this essay will clarify […]

An Analysis of Serial Killers Ted Bundy and other and their Crimes in the Different Articles

Introduction: Serial killings differ from other types of homicides, as homicides are crimes committed in the moment, and are acts of anger and passion, where as serial killings are motivated by the psychological mind and past experience of the killer. The distinctions in motivation behind serial killings from a regular homicide are important to analyze […]

An Analysis of what Causes Individuals (Ted Bundy) to Become Serial Killers

Serial killings are a different concept than instances of homicide. They are often more violent, brutal, and complicated. Serial killings do not just happen once; theyare murders of two or more people, by the same individualin separate events, over a period of time, and the motive is not precisely clear or rational. That is why it […]

A Study on Serial Killers Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper and their History

INTRODUCTION Allow’s play a quick game of catchphrase – guess words. My phrase is 2 words, and explains an individual. Charles Manson. Ted Bundy. Jack the Ripper. Serial awesome – serial meaning “arranged in a straight line or sequence” (“) and killer significance “one that kills, or any kind of representative used to reduce the […]

An Overview of the Different Notorious Killers Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper Etc in History

Good day class and Mrs Cronje, today you may find my speech very shocking but informative. I shall be doing my speech on famous serial killers over history that have done truly horrific acts to other humans. The killers that I will be speaking about are Jack the Ripper, Belle Sorenson Gunness, Jane Toppan, Ted […]

Reasons why People Like Ted Bundy Commit Homocide Crimes

Introduction There are many reasons why people kill one another. However, there are thousands of reasons why people commit homicide crimes. These types of homicide crimes are domestic violence, gang violence, a drug war, police shooting, terrorism, etc., there are many reasons why murders are committed, although there is one crime that brings a lot […]

The Essential Components of the Outstanding Law Essay

What is the law essay, the most important elements of the legal essay, use our database of the law essays as examples.

Every student is familiar with the necessity of tackling a law essay as part of studies during school. Even if you possess good analytical and argumentative skills, it’s not always easy to articulate your understanding of a subject in writing. That’s where a law essay example happens to be really helpful as it gives you a fair idea of what constitutes a good assignment. Here is a guide that would help you know which elements make a paper outstanding.

A student should expect to receive legal essays on two basic topics, i.e., criminal and civil law as part of a class assignment. At an advanced level, learners would be assigned papers on business, taxation, employment, commercial, and Tort law, etc. If you have just started writing, and have some confusion about your topic, style or structure, you should go through a law essay sample.

A paper of discernable quality should contain these ten elements:

  • Adequate Awareness

Develop an awareness and deeper knowledge on the subject at hand. Also, establish an appreciation of the problem and context. If you go through the most relevant and current material and sources, your understanding of the subject and topic would get strengthened. Thomson Reuters Westlaw and LexisNexis are two premier online legal research services you can use to stay updated. The former gives free access to students to informative legal essays, a lot of which is in HTML or PDF form.

  • A Solid Intro

The introduction sets the stage for the rest of the work. Therefore, start your work by sketching a powerful introduction. The introduction needs to be generalized but solid and must contain the thesis statement.

  • Methodical Analysis

Analyze the case from different angles through employing your reasoning skills. Develop your argument in a coherent, natural, and methodical manner by analyzing the facts. Go through law essays examples to see how it is done.

  • Structure and Organize Neatly

Split the matter into points. Develop these points into separate clear subheadings or paragraphs, and then write down the descriptions.  Sound written work usually has solid structures, so one attempting to write a paper should go through a few.

  • Be Cognizant with the Issues

When tackling a case analysis-based task, the student must be attentive enough to find major issues related to the case. Also, the minor issues should be taken into account. Refer to an example of law essay and try to recognize the issues focused upon in it.

  • Understand the Relevant Legal Clauses

Understand which legal clause applies to the case. The justice system is constantly evolving so make sure that you refer to the current position on a specific issue.  Tackle each problem in the light of what the rule says specifically about it.

  • Apply the Rule

Merely knowing the jurisprudence and stating it doesn’t cut it. You need to demonstrate your understanding practically. This means that you need to apply the rules on the issue at hand and develop answers that have legal standing.

  • Reference Properly

Back your statements and arguments through giving references.  Failure to properly reference your sources weakens your argument. Likewise, strengthen your analysis further through quoting properly referenced cases. You don’t need to write down lengthy details related to a case but cite them in a summarized form.

  • Conclude Succulently

A conclusion is the most important part of your paper as it neatly ties all the points above and argumentation.  It must readdress the question posed in the very start, amalgamate the various strands of analysis into one and arrive at a logical conclusion. The conclusion has to be brief but succulent.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Lend Your Personal Voice

Jurisprudence essays are not just about doing factual analysis and citing references in an impersonal manner, they are about making an intuitive analysis, giving a personalized spin to your argument, putting forth an opinion backed through data and facts. A levelheaded approach and sound and informed opinion can help you make an impression on your teacher and help you get higher marks.

Jurisprudence assignments are quite tough, and it’s even tougher to ace them, but since jurisprudence is a subjective and interpretive area, it is applied flexibly. This also means that there is a lot of room in an assignment for a student to play and impress the teacher through a display of his or her logical reasoning and analytical skills.

We have a huge database containing all types of articles that cover lots of topics such as criminal, civil, business, taxation, employment, commercial, Tort, and the European Union law.  Legal essay example from each genre on varied topics would help you see the differences among each of these types. There is enough material here to give you inspiration and confidence to tackle your own work.

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Three Strikes Law Research Paper

Three strikes law in American legislation turned into a very contraversary issue in American society and in legislature of separate states as it created an excellent soil for a number of political speculations on the hand with serious issues in criminology and court practices. Three strikes law is a category of statutes, which demand from courts compulsory and extended terms of incarceration, to those criminals who have convicted in serious crimes of 3 or more separate occasions. These statutes are also known among lawyers as habitual offender laws . Continue reading →

Essay on Ethical Aspect of Unauthorized File-sharing

Digital technologies progress with every day and thus change people use electronic goods and entertainment. The development of this sphere has caused tension between copyright holders and consumers of digital goods or services. The perfection of digital technology has shifted the importance of time and location for the digital entertainment. This is why the industry of entertainment has lost its ability to fully control the distribution of digital goods. Continue reading →

Essay on Racial Issues Concerning Traffic Stops by Patrol Officers

The problem of racism has always been one of the key problems of multinational societies. In this respect, American society seems to be particularly noteworthy because it is traditionally defined as highly democratic and progressive, including racial issues. In such a situation there should not be any problems related to racial issues, especially concerning official representatives of the US government and people, such as patrol officers. Continue reading →

Essay: The Trial by Jury – Should it be Retained? The Advantages and Aisadvantages of the System and its Further Perspectives

The jury trial is often considered to be one of the most controversial elements of the criminal justice system in UK and Wales. Although for many people trial by jury seems to be the fairest and the most unbiased way of establishing the person’s guilt or innocence, the practice shows that this method has many disadvantages and may cause serious concerns in the society. In this small research we shall try to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the jury trial and describe further perspectives of using it in criminal cases. Continue reading →

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Sean Combs accused of rape, sex trafficking by R&B singer Cassie

Sean Combs, the hip-hop mogul who helped define the genre’s sound, is facing accusations of rape, sex trafficking and physical abuse by his former romantic partner Cassie, an R&B singer who was once signed to his Bad Boy record label.

Cassie, whose legal name is Casandra Ventura, filed a lawsuit against the influential music producer in Manhattan’s District Court on Thursday. According to the suit, the abuse began soon after the then-19-year-old singer joined the label in 2005.

The Style section

The suit describes Combs, who was 37 when they met, as a “vicious, cruel and controlling man” who lured Cassie into a romantic relationship and “almost immediately assert[ed] possession and control over her.”

She “was held down by Mr. Combs and endured over a decade of his violent behavior and disturbed demands,” reads the lawsuit, which includes a trigger warning for “highly graphic information of a sexual nature, including sexual assault.”

According to the lawsuit, during the course of their relationship, Combs introduced Cassie to “a lifestyle of excessive alcohol and substance abuse,” frequently beat her, forced her to engage in sex acts with male sex workers called “freak offs” and raped the singer when she attempted to leave him.

Cassie tried to escape the abuse multiple times, the complaint stated, but Combs’s control over her personal and professional life and his influence in the music industry made it difficult: “Ms. Ventura felt that saying ‘no’ to Mr. Combs would cost her something — her family, her friends, her career, or even her life.”

In one alleged incident from 2012, Combs became enraged by Cassie’s brief relationship with rapper Kid Cudi and threatened to blow up Cudi’s car during Paris Fashion Week. The lawsuit claims that the car exploded in Cudi’s driveway around that time — an event that the New York Times reported was confirmed by a spokeswoman for Cudi, though his representatives didn’t respond to The Washington Post’s requests for comment.

“Mr. Combs vehemently denies these offensive and outrageous allegations,” said Ben Brafman, an attorney for Combs. “For the past 6 months, Mr. Combs, has been subjected to Ms. Ventura’s persistent demand of $30 million, under the threat of writing a damaging book about their relationship, which was unequivocally rejected as blatant blackmail. Despite withdrawing her initial threat, Ms. Ventura has now resorted to filing a lawsuit riddled with baseless and outrageous lies, aiming to tarnish Mr. Combs’ reputation and seeking a payday.”

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“After years in silence and darkness, I am finally ready to tell my story, and to speak up on behalf of myself and for the benefit of other women who face violence and abuse in their relationships,” Ventura said in a statement.

The lawsuit was made possible by the Adult Survivors’ Act, a New York law that allows people who say they were sexually assaulted as adults to file civil suits within a one-year time frame, regardless of how long ago the alleged abuse occurred.

Ventura’s attorney, Douglas Wigdor, said in a statement: “No human should have to endure what Ms. Ventura has endured. Her ability and willingness to speak up against the abuse she suffered, and seeking to hold accountable her abuser and those who enabled the abuse, is a testament to her strength and resilience. We are honored to represent this brave victim in her pursuit of justice.”

Wigdor also responded to Brafman’s statement, saying: “Mr. Combs offered Ms. Ventura eight figures to silence her and prevent the filing of this lawsuit. She rejected his efforts and decided to give a voice to all woman who suffer in silence. Ms. Ventura should be applauded for her bravery.”

This story has been updated.

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