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How to Create an Effective Thesis Statement in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a thesis statement can be a daunting task. It’s one of the most important sentences in your paper, and it needs to be done right. But don’t worry — with these five easy steps, you’ll be able to create an effective thesis statement in no time.

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

The first step is to brainstorm ideas for your paper. Think about what you want to say and write down any ideas that come to mind. This will help you narrow down your focus and make it easier to create your thesis statement.

Step 2: Research Your Topic

Once you have some ideas, it’s time to do some research on your topic. Look for sources that support your ideas and provide evidence for the points you want to make. This will help you refine your argument and make it more convincing.

Step 3: Formulate Your Argument

Now that you have done some research, it’s time to formulate your argument. Take the points you want to make and put them into one or two sentences that clearly state what your paper is about. This will be the basis of your thesis statement.

Step 4: Refine Your Thesis Statement

Once you have formulated your argument, it’s time to refine your thesis statement. Make sure that it is clear, concise, and specific. It should also be arguable so that readers can disagree with it if they choose.

Step 5: Test Your Thesis Statement

The last step is to test your thesis statement. Does it accurately reflect the points you want to make? Is it clear and concise? Does it make an arguable point? If not, go back and refine it until it meets all of these criteria.

Creating an effective thesis statement doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these five easy steps, you can create a strong thesis statement in no time at all.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


law dissertation titles

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law dissertation titles

99 Law Dissertation Topics | Research Ideas

By Adam Oct 15, 2023 in Law , Topics | No Comments

In this first of our series of law dissertation topics lists, we focus on giving you currently interesting topics related to four areas of law research: criminal law, business law, employment law, and EU law. We also tell you how to go about picking out a successful law dissertation title.

law dissertation topics

Law, often called legal studies or jurisprudence, forms the bedrock of societies worldwide, shaping norms, upholding justice, and safeguarding the rights and responsibilities of individuals and institutions. Synonyms such as legal studies and jurisprudence underscore the breadth and significance of this field, encompassing everything from criminal justice and human rights to international law and environmental regulations. For students embarking on a scholarly journey at the undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral levels, law dissertation topics offer a vast landscape of possibilities, each a gateway to unraveling the complexities of legal systems, principles, and policies. Whether you’re captivated by the intricacies of constitutional law, the ethical challenges of corporate governance, the difficulties of intellectual property rights, or the dynamics of international relations, the realm of law provides an array of captivating subjects to explore.

In this blog post, we’ll guide aspiring legal scholars through an extensive array of law dissertation topics, each offering a chance to contribute to the ongoing discourse about the evolving and multifaceted world of law. As the synonyms suggest, the study of law is vital and dynamic, touching every aspect of society and human interaction. Your dissertation journey in this field promises intellectual growth, practical relevance, and an opportunity to shape the future of legal thought and practice.

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Law Dissertation Topics of Different Fields:

This post on Law topics is a mixture of topics from different fields of Law. By keeping the need for topics in a particular field of Law, we have drafted posts on each field separately. Following is the list of posts on different fields of law to find the research topics in the specific law field.

  • Agriculture Law
  • Banking Law
  • Business Law
  • Competition Law
  • Construction Law
  • Contract Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Employment Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • International Commercial Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Medical Law
  • Property Law

List of Law Dissertation Topics:

The topics given in this list are examples. If you want to use any of these, make sure you make improvements in them to turn them into titles that are closer to your area of interest and seem original. If you copy these titles as they are, you’ll be running the risk of coming across other dissertations with the exact same research question, and that can’t be a good thing.

Abuse at the workplace and what is being done about it?

Tracing the historical components of common law.

Law of omissions liability and its evolution: A literature review.

Terrorism and human rights: How can security measures be balanced with civil liberties?

Understanding the relationship between employment laws and criminal offenses in the UK.

How important is it for SME managers to be cognizant of local business laws? An investigation.

Are current antitrust laws adequate to address monopolistic practices in the tech industry?

Establishing a relationship between criminal law and domestic violence.

Application of employment laws and factors for dismissal in the UK.

The role of international courts in resolving territorial disputes: A case-based analysis.

The legal implications of genetic testing in employment: Privacy and discrimination concerns.

International humanitarian law: Does it adequately address non-state armed groups?

Legal implications of artificial intelligence in healthcare: Balancing innovation and patient rights.

The importance of burden of proof in a Court of Law.

Exploring the legal dimensions of environmental migration: Protecting climate refugees.

An evaluation of the requirements for causation in different situations.

Artificial intelligence in legal practice: Implications for the legal profession’s future.

International laws in relation to loot boxes- an extended essay.

Maritime piracy and international law: Strategies for combating modern piracy.

Understanding international business transactions and implications for national laws.

To what extent does family law protect the rights and interests of children in custody disputes?

The employment contract and its unique features in the English banking sector.

Legal aspects of refugee protection: Assessing the efficacy of international agreements.

Benefits to international business contracts: A comparison of English sales law and the CISG.

Valuation of ethics by bankers in business law?

Developing an understanding for employment protection legislation in the UK.

Influence of unions on employment contracts: A critical study of the Britain.

A poison called Brexit: Critical analysis of the UK’s separation from the EU.

Corporate liability for environmental damage: Strengthening legal accountability.

Environmental justice and minority communities: Does the law offer adequate protection?

Data privacy regulations in the digital age: Are they effective in safeguarding individual rights?

An exploration of the important ethical considerations in Business law in the UK.

Environmental compliance in international trade: Ensuring sustainable practices.

Legal aspects of cultural heritage preservation: Protecting artifacts in conflict zones.

Legal challenges in protecting cultural heritage in post-conflict reconstruction.

The right to education for refugees: Legal challenges and access barriers.

Economic sanctions and international law: Do they achieve their intended objectives?

Legal aspects of copyright in the digital age: Balancing protection and access.

Mental health and employment laws across Europe- generating a rationalised understanding.

Climate change adaptation and legal obligations: Evaluating the Paris Agreement.

Examining the role of intellectual property laws in fostering innovation and creativity.

Exploring legal mechanisms for addressing police brutality: Accountability and reform.

The legal framework of indigenous land rights: A comparative study of nations.

Legal implications of cybersecurity threats on corporate governance: A comprehensive analysis?

Legal challenges in protecting endangered species: Balancing conservation and development.

An exploration of substantive laws in the EU.

Cross-border data transfers: Legal and ethical considerations in a globalized world.

Legal aspects of food safety and consumer protection: Ensuring quality and transparency.

Legal challenges in ensuring fair and equal access to healthcare services.

Legal aspects of sustainable fisheries management: Protecting marine ecosystems.

Consumer rights, cartels and the EU- an evaluation.

The legal framework of disaster response and recovery: Ensuring effective aid delivery.

What types of economic crises have influenced EU law modifications? An investigation.

Mapping the structural changes for business ethics in EU law.

A study of dismissal laws in the UK and business practices.

Legal aspects of blockchain technology: Challenges and opportunities.

Can environmental laws keep pace with the challenges of climate change? A critical evaluation.

How has digital technology impacted domestic violence?

Regulating artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles: Who bears legal responsibility in accidents?

Gender equality laws: Are they effective in combating discrimination in the workplace?

The need for and importance of international law and procedure- a review.

How is EU law rationalizing employee rights to privacy in the digital environment?

Investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms: Do they undermine national sovereignty?

An analysis of criminal and business law in the EU context, international law and national law.

Is international law sufficient to address transboundary water conflicts?

Brexit and EU economy: How has the UK’s decision affected EU trade.

Human rights and multinational corporations: Corporate accountability under international law.

The legal framework of internet freedom: Can it protect against online censorship?

Privacy laws and biometric data: Can they safeguard personal information in the age of technology?

What does the law in the UK guide about employees’ rights to wellbeing in the workplace?

Regulating e-waste management: Legal approaches to tackling electronic waste.

A critical analysis of discrimination policies in English firms.

Global effects of the War on Terror on criminal law.

Defamation laws in the age of social media: Protecting reputations in the digital sphere.

Climate change litigation: Can courts effectively address environmental challenges?

The legal impacts of British colonial rule on local administration within the colonies.

Legal nudges and SME managers- an exploration.

The language of causation and implications for the layman.

The role of international law in combating cyberattacks: Attribution and accountability.

Burden of proof in Quarantine- is there a difference?

Corporate social responsibility and the law: Can it be enforced effectively?

Animal rights and the law: Do current regulations ensure ethical treatment of animals?

Legal challenges in regulating cryptocurrencies: A comparative analysis.

An exploration of opportunities in international laws for business corruption.

Legal challenges in combating cyberterrorism: Strategies and international cooperation.

Legal implications of genetic privacy: Balancing research and individual rights.

Freedom of the press and national security: Balancing journalistic rights and government interests.

Regulating autonomous weapons: Can international law keep up with technological advancements?

Legal implications of genetic editing: Ethical concerns and regulatory frameworks.

The legal framework of human rights in armed conflict: Does it ensure accountability for perpetrators?

Citizenship law and the EU- clearing out ambiguities.

The right to privacy vs. national security: Striking a balance in surveillance laws.

Uniting for Division: Effects of EU formation on member states’ parliaments.

The role of international criminal law in prosecuting war crimes: A critical analysis.

Exploring the legal framework for space mining: Rights, regulations, and responsibilities.

The impact of international trade agreements on labor laws: A comparative analysis.

The right to privacy in the workplace: Balancing employee rights and employer interests.

Exploring the role of international law in addressing global cybersecurity concerns.

Exploring legal frameworks for space debris remediation and cleanup.

There you go. Use the list on law dissertation topics well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics-related blog posts for the future or want help with dissertation writing;  send us an email at [email protected] .

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law dissertation titles

200+ Best Law Dissertation Topics and Research Ideas

Find some of the Best Law Dissertation Topics in one article. Are You in a Bit of a Quandary Over the Law Dissertation Topics & Law Dissertation Titles? If that is the problem then your qualitative solution is here, this writing will give some law dissertation topics and title ideas to help you reflect on […]

Law Dissertation Topics

Find some of the Best Law Dissertation Topics in one article.

Are you in a bit of a quandary over the law dissertation topics & law dissertation titles.

If that is the problem then your qualitative solution is here, this writing will give some law dissertation topics and title ideas to help you reflect on the core issues and interests. These ideas will surely give a boost in planning your topics as well as the title for a law dissertation. The following are some of the Law research topics which are provided in this article:

  • Criminal law dissertation
  • Medical law dissertation
  • Environmental law dissertation
  • Family law dissertation
  • Construction law dissertation
  • Employment Law Dissertation

These are the most commonly chosen trades in-law dissertations, as they have been worked comprehensively in the past, whereas there are loads of data that can be found both on the internet and in the law-designated libraries. Case histories also play an important role to make up the mind for deciding on law research topics to win the competition in law dissertations.

Best Law Dissertation Topics or Titles for master’s and Undergraduate College students

Law dissertation example on law dissertation titles.

Examples of Law dissertations can be used, depending on the area you need to concentrate in. Laws have been encased with great care. You, therefore, have to be systematic in choosing a topic. As the subject is huge, you can establish yourself in any area of your choice. Law dissertations  are the ideal platform for you to set up your expertise in a particular field.

Model Titles

  • Whether or not to resuscitate criminals like Ian Huntley when they try to commit suicide – there must be lots of legal questions on that topic, especially for the lawyers on both sides of the question.
  • Look at the increasing use (over-use) of ASBOs and the proposal to allow Police Forces to issue them without the need to go to court.
  • Principles of English commercial contracts, international commercial contracts, and European contract law – a comparative analysis
  • TUPE – Does it adequately protect the rights of employees?

An Illustrated Example to Write a Law Dissertation

  • A  law dissertation  requires a straightforward staging of facts.
  • Information from past cases is compared to the facts gathered for the present exposition.
  • The comparison draws out the differences or similarities of both studies.
  • It is important that the resulting analyses should be explained in a logical sequence.
  • A law paper generally follows the process of legal research.
  • This may require the researcher to figure out what the case is all about.
  • Facts have to be thoroughly examined before any   law dissertation  question can be framed.
  • It is also important to locate sources for relevant cases, statutes, and regulations in order to carefully dissect the issue.
  • There is a timeframe to be observed when working on a paper; so, timelines should be allotted realistically for research, analysis, writing, reviewing, and revising the paper.

Law dissertation topics  and  examples of some of the titles  may face confrontation while selecting suitable legal authorities and appropriate legal terms, whether in print or online. However, one can write thesis papers after carefully checking facts and the accuracy of the disputes to convince the readers or other researchers.

More Hot Law Dissertation Topics

  • The impact of Brexit on EU law
  • An analysis of the role of human rights in international criminal law
  • The evolution of cybercrime law
  • A comparative study of contract law in the UK and China
  • An examination of the rights of indigenous peoples in international law
  • The role of corporate social responsibility in business law
  • A critique of the effectiveness of anti-money laundering laws
  • An analysis of the legal framework for the protection of whistleblowers
  • A study of the impact of artificial intelligence on employment law
  • An examination of the legal challenges posed by autonomous vehicles.
  • A comparative analysis of criminal law in the US and Canada
  • A study of the role of traditional legal systems in contemporary Africa
  • An examination of the legal challenges of regulating the gig economy
  • A study of the rights of refugees in international law
  • An analysis of the legal framework for the protection of intellectual property rights
  • A study of the impact of climate change on environmental law
  • An examination of the legal challenges posed by the rise of digital currencies.
  • A study of the role of customary law in the Pacific Islands
  • An analysis of the legal framework for the regulation of gene editing
  • A study of the rights of children in international law
  • An examination of the legal challenges posed by the use of drones.
  • A study of the role of the International Criminal Court in promoting accountability for war crimes
  • An analysis of the legal framework for the protection of privacy rights
  • A study of the impact of globalization on trade law
  • An examination of the legal challenges posed by the sharing economy.
  • A study of the rights of persons with disabilities in international law
  • An analysis of the legal framework for the regulation of surrogacy
  • A study of the role of human rights in conflict resolution
  • An examination of the legal challenges posed by the use of social media.
  • A study of the rights of women in international law
  • An analysis of the legal framework for the regulation of genetically modified organisms
  • A study of the impact of the internet on intellectual property law
  • An examination of the legal challenges posed by the rise of fake news.
  • A study of the role of international law in promoting human rights
  • An analysis of the legal framework for the regulation of cyberbullying
  • A study of the impact of technology on employment law
  • An examination of the legal challenges posed by the use of data mining.
  • A study of the rights of minorities in international law
  • An analysis of the legal framework for the regulation of cyberstalking
  • A study of the impact of social media on defamation law
  • An examination of the legal challenges posed by the use of virtual reality.
  • A study of the role of human rights in the fight against terrorism
  • An analysis of the legal framework for the regulation of online harassment
  • A study of the impact of the internet on privacy law
  • An examination of the legal challenges posed by the rise of cybercrime .

Legal Jurisprudence Topics

  • Exploring the Role of Precedent and Stare Decisis in Modern Legal Systems
  • The Influence of Cultural Values on Legal Interpretation and Application
  • Rethinking Legal Positivism: A Critical Analysis of Legal Obligations
  • Jurisprudence of Human Rights: Balancing Individual Liberties and Collective Responsibilities
  • Beyond the Written Law: Uncovering Implicit Assumptions in Judicial Decision-Making

International Human Rights Law Topics

  • The Impact of Regional Human Rights Courts on Domestic Legal Systems
  • Transitional Justice Mechanisms: Evaluating Truth Commissions and War Crimes Tribunals
  • Corporate Accountability for Human Rights Violations: Bridging the Enforcement Gap
  • Addressing Climate Change as a Human Rights Issue: Responsibilities and Challenges
  • Cultural Relativism and Universal Human Rights: A Delicate Balancing Act

Constitutional Law and Democracy

  • Constitutional Amendments and Shifting Societal Values: An Analysis of Erosion or Evolution?
  • Judicial Review and the Balance of Power: Assessing the Impact on Democracy
  • Federalism and Regional Autonomy: Strengthening or Threatening National Unity?
  • Freedom of Speech in the Digital Age: Tensions Between Expression and Online Regulation
  • Beyond Majority Rule: Protecting Minority Rights in Democratic Systems

Criminal Justice System

  • Racial Disparities in Criminal Sentencing: A Multifaceted Examination
  • Reformation vs. Retribution: The Efficacy of Rehabilitation Programs in Prisons
  • Plea Bargaining and Access to Justice: Ensuring Fairness in Criminal Proceedings
  • The Insanity Defense: Balancing Mental Health and Criminal Responsibility
  • Policing the Police: Accountability and Oversight in Law Enforcement

Intellectual Property Law

  • Patent Trolling and Innovation: Addressing Abuses in the Patent System
  • Digital Copyright in the Internet Era: Fair Use, Transformative Works, and Remix Culture
  • Biotechnology and Gene Patents: Ethical Considerations in a Rapidly Advancing Field
  • Trademark Protection in the Global Market: Harmonization or Divergence?
  • Open Access and Creative Commons Licensing: Navigating the Future of Intellectual Property Rights

Environmental Law and Sustainability

  • Environmental Justice: Analyzing the Disproportionate Burden on Marginalized Communities
  • Climate Litigation and the Quest for Corporate Accountability: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Wildlife Conservation and Legal Approaches to Biodiversity Protection
  • Navigating the Green Economy: Legal Frameworks for Sustainable Development
  • Balancing Economic Growth and Environmental Protection: The Role of Environmental Impact Assessments

Cyber Law and Technology

  • Cybersecurity Governance and Regulatory Challenges in the Digital Age
  • Data Privacy in the Era of Big Data: Striking a Balance Between Innovation and Protection
  • Artificial Intelligence and Legal Liability: Who Is Responsible for AI’s Actions?
  • Online Disinformation and the Law: Combating Misinformation in a Polarized World
  • Cyber Warfare and International Law: Addressing the Challenges of a New Battlefield

Family Law and Children’s Rights

  • The Best Interests of the Child: Evaluating the Legal Standards in Custody and Adoption Cases
  • Same-Sex Parenting and Legal Recognition: A Comparative Analysis of Global Perspectives
  • Child Marriage and International Human Rights: Eradicating Harmful Practices through Law
  • Parental Alienation and Custody Disputes: Legal Interventions for High-Conflict Families
  • Surrogacy and Reproductive Rights: Ethical and Legal Considerations in Assisted Reproduction

Employment Law and Labor Rights

  • Gig Economy and Worker Protections: Reimagining Labor Laws for the Modern Workforce
  • Workplace Discrimination in the #MeToo Era: Legal Responses and Institutional Changes
  • Collective Bargaining in a Globalized World: Challenges for Labor Unions in Multinational Corporations
  • Remote Work and Employment Regulations: Adapting Labor Laws to Telecommuting Trends
  • Automation and Job Displacement: Legal Strategies for Protecting Workers’ Livelihoods

Tort Law and Civil Liability

  • Medical Malpractice and Patient Safety: Legal Approaches to Reducing Medical Errors
  • Strict Liability in Product Liability Cases: Evaluating the Impact on Consumer Safety
  • Environmental Pollution and Tort Claims: Holding Corporations Accountable for Harm
  • Defamation in the Age of social media: Balancing Free Speech and Reputation Protection
  • Proving Emotional Distress: Psychological and Legal Aspects of Tort Damages

Health Law and Medical Ethics

  • Right to Die: Analyzing Assisted Suicide Laws and Ethical Dilemmas in End-of-Life Care
  • Access to Essential Medicines: Patent Rights, Pricing, and Global Health Equity
  • Medical Data Privacy and Confidentiality: Balancing Patient Autonomy and Public Health Interests
  • Organ Transplantation and Allocation Policies: Legal and Ethical Implications
  • Mental Health Law Reform: Addressing Stigma and Ensuring Access to Treatment

Corporate Governance and Business Law

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Legal Mandates: From Voluntary Initiatives to Regulatory Frameworks
  • Shareholder Activism and Corporate Governance: Reshaping the Balance of Power
  • Insider Trading and Market Manipulation: Strengthening Regulatory Mechanisms
  • Blockchain Technology and Corporate Law: Implications for Transparency and Accountability
  • Antitrust Regulation in the Digital Age: Examining Market Dominance and Monopolistic Practices

Immigration and Asylum Law

  • Border Policies and Human Rights: Legal Challenges in Managing Migration
  • Refugee Status Determination: Ensuring Fairness and Efficiency in Asylum Processes
  • Deportation and Family Separation: The Impact on Immigrant Communities
  • Climate Refugees and Legal Protection: Recognizing New Challenges in Migration Law
  • Detention of Asylum Seekers: Assessing Human Rights Violations in Immigration Facilities

Media Law and Freedom of Expression

  • Online Censorship and Freedom of Speech: Striking the Right Balance in Content Regulation
  • Media Ownership Concentration: Antitrust Measures to Preserve Pluralism and Democracy
  • Journalism Ethics and the Law: Navigating the Intersection of Professional Standards and Legal Liability
  • Internet Shutdowns and Digital Rights: Examining Government Control in the Online Sphere
  • Deepfakes and Misinformation: Legal Responses to the Threats to Media Integrity

Indigenous Rights and Cultural Heritage

  • Indigenous Land Rights and Extractive Industries: The Role of International Law in Protecting Indigenous Territories
  • Cultural Appropriation and Intellectual Property: Legal Frameworks for Preserving Indigenous Heritage
  • Indigenous Languages and Legal Recognition: Strengthening Linguistic Rights and Revitalization Efforts
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent: Challenges in Development Projects
  • Sacred Sites and Environmental Protection: Legal Mechanisms for Safeguarding Cultural Heritage

Privacy Law and Data Protection

  • The Right to be Forgotten: Balancing Personal Privacy and Freedom of Information
  • Biometric Data and Privacy Rights: Ethical and Legal Implications of Biometric Surveillance
  • Privacy on the Internet of Things (IoT) Era: Challenges and Regulatory Approaches
  • Data Breaches and Corporate Accountability: Legal Responses to Cybersecurity Incidents
  • Privacy by Design: Integrating Privacy Principles in Technology and Service Development

International Trade Law

  • Trade Wars and Global Economic Stability: Assessing the Legality of Trade Retaliation Measures
  • Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) Mechanisms: Evaluating their Impact on State Sovereignty
  • Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade: Legal Frameworks for Addressing Technical Barriers and Sanitary Measures
  • Trade and Labor Rights: Analyzing the Intersection of Economic Growth and Worker Protections
  • Intellectual Property and International Trade: The Role of Trade Agreements in Balancing Rights and Access

Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflicts

  • Autonomous Weapons and International Humanitarian Law: Challenges in Regulating Lethal Technologies
  • Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflicts: Legal Obligations and Accountability Mechanisms
  • Cultural Property Protection during War: Assessing Legal Strategies to Preserve Heritage
  • Hybrid Warfare and Legal Definitions: Addressing Ambiguities in Modern Conflict Scenarios
  • The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Doctrine: Implementing the Norm in Practice

Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

  • Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Access to Justice: Enhancing Dispute Resolution in the Digital Era
  • Investor-State Arbitration and Public Interest: Balancing Sovereign Decision-Making and Investor Rights
  • Mediation in International Conflicts: Legal Frameworks for ADR in Diplomatic Negotiations
  • Sports Arbitration and Fair Play: Examining the Role of CAS in Resolving Sports-Related Disputes
  • Commercial Arbitration and Confidentiality: Ensuring Transparency and Confidentiality in Arbitral Proceedings

Gender and the Law

  • Gender Quotas in Politics and Corporate Boards: Assessing their Impact on Gender Equality
  • Violence Against Women and Legal Responses: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Protective Laws
  • Masculinities and Criminal Justice: Examining Gender Bias in Sentencing and Conviction Rates
  • Gender Identity and Legal Recognition: Advancing Transgender Rights in Law and Society
  • Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality: Legal Interventions to Support Workforce Equity

Criminal Law and Criminology

  • The Insanity Defense and Mental Health Treatment: Reforming Criminal Responsibility Standards
  • Cybercrime and Legal Challenges: Analyzing the Global Response to Online Offenses
  • Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Youth Offender Programs
  • The Death Penalty Debate: Revisiting Capital Punishment’s Role in Modern Criminal Justice Systems
  • White-Collar Crime and Corporate Fraud: Strengthening Legal Measures for Financial Accountability

Administrative Law and Government Accountability

  • Regulatory Capture and Administrative Agencies: Preserving Independence and Public Interest
  • Open Government Initiatives and Transparency: Assessing Progress in Government Accountability
  • Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions: Striking a Balance Between Courts and Agencies
  • Whistleblower Protection and Government Accountability: Legal Safeguards for Reporting Wrongdoing
  • Administrative Law in the Age of Privatization: Balancing Public Interests and Private Contracts

Discrimination and Equality Law

  • Intersectionality and Discrimination: Analyzing Overlapping Forms of Oppression in Legal Contexts
  • Affirmative Action Policies and Equal Opportunity: Reconciling Competing Claims of Fairness
  • Age Discrimination and Employment: Legal Protections for Older Workers in the Labor Market
  • Disability Rights and Accessibility: Evaluating Compliance with Disability Discrimination Laws
  • Religion, Secularism, and Human Rights: Balancing Freedom of Religion and Non-Discrimination

Land Law and Property Rights

  • Eminent Domain and Public Interest: Navigating the Balance Between Private Property Rights and Community Development
  • Indigenous Land Tenure and Legal Recognition: Preserving Cultural Heritage and Sovereignty
  • Urban Development and Gentrification: Examining the Legal Impact on Displaced Communities
  • Intellectual Property and Digital Content: Copyright Law and User Rights in the Digital Age
  • Historic Preservation and Property Rights: Protecting Cultural Heritage in a Changing Landscape

Taxation Law and Fiscal Policy

  • Tax Havens and Global Tax Avoidance: Assessing the Legality and Consequences of Offshore Practices
  • Wealth Inequality and Progressive Taxation: The Role of Tax Policy in Promoting Economic Justice
  • Carbon Taxes and Climate Change Mitigation: Legal Strategies for Environmental Fiscal Reform
  • Digital Economy and Tax Challenges: Regulating Cross-Border E-Commerce Transactions
  • Taxation of Cryptocurrencies: Legal and Regulatory Implications for Virtual Currencies

Above are the best dissertation topics in law, if you are still looking for some help fill out the form below and get a custom topic brief on the law dissertation topics.

Paid Topic Mini Proposal (500 Words)

You will get the topics first and then the mini proposal which includes:

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
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  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology including raw sample size and data collection method
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Law Dissertation Topics

Published by Owen Ingram at January 9th, 2023 , Revised On October 5, 2023


Law dissertations can be demanding because of the need to find relevant regulations, cases, and data to address the research problem successfully. It is of utmost importance to critically examine facts before framing the  research questions .

Selection of the most appropriate legal terms and legal authorities, whether online or in print, can be challenging especially if you have not tackled a law dissertation project before.

To help you select an intriguing law  dissertation  topic,  our expert writers have suggested some issues in various areas of law, including trust law, EU law, family law, employment and equality law, public law, tort law, intellectual property rights, commercial law, evidence, and criminal law, and human rights and immigration law.

These topics have been developed by PhD-qualified writers of our team , so you can trust to use these topics for drafting your dissertation.

Review step by step guide on how to write your own dissertation  here.

You may also want to start your dissertation by requesting  a brief research proposal  from our writers on any of these topics, which includes an  introduction  to the topic,  research question , aim and objectives ,  literature review  along with the proposed  methodology  of research to be conducted.  Let us know  if you need any help in getting started.

Check our  dissertation examples to get an idea of  how to structure your dissertation .

Review the full list of dissertation topics for 2022 here.

2022 Law Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: the role of international criminal laws in reducing global genocide.

Research Aim: This study aims to find the role of international criminal laws in reducing global genocide. It will be an exploratory study identifying the explicit and implicit effects of international criminal laws on the worldwide genocide. It will analyse different incidents of international genocide and find out how international criminal laws played a positive role to reduce these incidents. Lastly, it will recommend possible changes in the international criminal laws to effectively mitigate global genocide. And it will be done by comparing criminal laws of world-leading powers to reduce genocide.

Topic 2: Impact of Anti-Racism Employment Laws on Organisational Culture- A Comparative Study on the Anti-Racism Employment Laws in the US and Canada

Research Aim: This research aims to find the impact of anti-racism employment laws on the organisational culture in the US and Canada in a comparative analysis. It will identify the change in employees’ behaviour after implementing anti-racism laws. Moreover, it will find whether employees gleefully welcomed these laws or showed resistance. And how do these laws affect the organisations’ performance that strictly implemented them?

Topic 3: Globalization, international business transactions, and commercial law- A perspective from literature.

Research Aim: Students and practitioners can find the law of international business transactions as a subfield within a broader field of international commercial law to be somewhat amorphous.

This study will explain the impact of globalization on international business transactions and commercial law by establishing some necessary links between the study of transnational business law and related fields of international studies. This study also aims to address theories about foreign business regulation, such as the idea that it is free of power politics. For the collection of data existing literature will be studied. And the methodology of this research will rely on existing previous literature.

Topic 4: Investigating the impact of competition law on the businesses in the UK- Post Brexit

Research Aim: This study aims to investigate the impact of competition laws on businesses in the Post-Brexit UK. The proposed study will not only analyze the performance of the businesses with the current competition laws. But also analyze the impact of possible changes in competition laws on the businesses in the post-Brexit UK. And it will also incorporate the possible difference of changes in competition laws in deal, no-deal, hard deal, and soft deal scenarios. This way of individually analyzing the difference of competition laws due to the status of the UK’s deal with the EU will give better insights into how businesses will be affected by these laws in the post-Brexit UK.

Topic 5: A comparison between Islamic and contemporary laws against rape. Which law is the most effective in preventing this horrific crime?

Research Aim: Since several years, marital and non-marital relations in Muslim majority countries have been a source of controversy. Under Islamic law, it is strictly forbidden for a Muslim, or even non-Muslim to engage in illicit sexual relations with the opposite gender under any situation. The current study will help us understand the concepts presented in Islamic laws about rape cases. In this context, a comparative analysis of Islamic and contemporary law will be explained. It will also identify efficient and effective strategies to prevent this horrific crime.

Law Dissertation Topics 2021

Topic 1: the legal implications of the covid-19 pandemic on canadian immigration and the way forward..

Research Aim: This study will focus on how the Canadian government benefits from resources accrued from immigration, the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian Immigration, the current legislation on immigration, the effects of COVID-19 on the immigration law, the possible amendments that could help cushion the impact and the way forward.

Topic 2: Effect of COVID-19 on the United States Immigration policies; an assessment of International Legal agreements governing pandemic disease control and the way forward.

Research Aim: This research will focus on the pandemic’s effect on immigration policies in the United States. It also suggests the required steps based on the laws that regulate government acts during an outbreak of a pandemic.

Topic 3: Creating legal policies in preparedness for the global pandemic; lessons from COVID-19 on Canadian immigration policies.

Research Aim: This research will focus on how the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and how most countries seemed unprepared. Historical background of the flu pandemic can also be made to assess how the world overcame the pandemic. And the need for the Canadian government or any other country you wish to choose can prepare for a global pandemic by creating legal policies that could help prepare ahead for such a period, such as policies on scientific research and funding.

Topic 4: The need for uniformity of competition law and policy in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries; An approach to the European Union standard.

Research Aim: This research will focus on the Gulf Cooperation Countries and their current legislation on competition law and its implications. Countries under the European Union’s competition law, the legal implications, and the need to consider such a part.

Topic 5: The need for competition law and policy enforcement; An analysis of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries.

Research Aim: This research focuses on the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries’ competition laws and their enforceability. It analyses the benefits of enforcing the competition law and looks at the European Union uniformed laws and its benefits. It looks into the various countries, how the competition law currently works, and how it can affect each country’s economy in a better way or adequately enforced.

Topic 6: Provisions of the law on rape, the need to expand its coverage on the misuse of its provisions, and false accusations.

Research Aim: This research will focus on the law’s present provisions on rape and rape victims and the recent false accusations.

Topic 7: Summary dismissal of workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the legal implications under the labour law, and the way forward. The case study of Nigeria

Research Aim: This research will focus on the statistics of people who were summarily dismissed during the COVID-19 pandemic based on natural occurrences, provisions of the law against summary dismissal, and its enforcement, and how this can be cushioned against future events. The need to expand the labour law to cover similar situations for the protection of workers.

Topic 8: A legal assessment of the settlement of international disputes through the peaceful process and its effectiveness

Research Aim: This research focuses on the mode of dispute settlement in the international community, assessment of international laws and treaties on peaceful settlement of conflicts among countries of member states, the methods of dispute settlements, its strengths and weaknesses, and the need to improve the current mechanisms of peaceful settlement in the international community.

Topic 9: The protection of minority shareholders and the majority shareholders' power in Companies, a critical analysis of the Nigerian Companies and Allied Matters Act provisions.

Research Aim: This research will focus on the law’s provisions on protecting minority shareholders in companies and the majority shareholders’ power. How effective are these provisions in protecting the minorities against the management of the majority shareholders and the way forward

COVID-19 Law Research Topics

Topic 1: law during the time of the coronavirus crisis.

Research Aim:  This study will analyse the role of law and order during COVID-19.

Topic 2: Legal policies and issues during COVID-19

Research Aim: This study will focus on the legal policies issued during the COVID-19 across the world. Challenges faced by the public and government during the lockdown will also be addressed.

Topic 3: The role of cops during COVID-19

Research Question: This study will highlight the role of cops in combatting COVID-19 and ensuring public health safety. It’ll also focus on the risk and challenges they come across and how to overcome those challenges.

Topic 4: Justice during COVID-19

Research Aim: The entire world has been paused during the lockdown situation. This study will investigate the mode of trials, court sessions, and justice during the coronavirus pandemic.

Topic 5: Health guidelines and social distancing

Research Aim: This study will reveal the WHO’s health and safety guidelines.

Topic 6: Guidelines for transport, educational institutions, business sectors, and hospitals during the Coronavirus pandemic

Research Aim: This study will focus on reviewing the guidelines issued by the government for various public gathering places such as transport, educational institutions, business sectors, and hospitals during the Coronavirus pandemics.

Topic 1: World Bank developmental projects and greater accountability

Research Aim: Examine communities impacted by development operations under the World Bank Development project schemes using the project law model to understand the lack of participation and successful influence of these communities to improve accountability and good governance.

Topic 2: The right to bear arms: Rethinking the second amendment

Research Aim: Gun control and the right to bear arms has been an ever-evolving web discourse in the United States. The research aims at analysing how gun control laws have changed in the USA since specifically focusing on the 2nd Amendment and its original framework.

Topic 3: Rethinking the international legal framework protecting journalists in war and conflict zones.

Research Question: Is the current legal framework still appropriate for protecting journalists in today’s conflict zones? Research Aim: The primary body of law that is set out to protect journalists includes the Geneva Conventions and their additional Protocols. However, since the time they have been drafted and decades after, there have been conspicuous changes to the way warfare is conducted. It is imperative to examine this body of law in order to improve it as journalists have now become prime targets in war zones and conflict areas because of their profession.

Topic 4: A critical analysis of employment law of disabled individuals in the UK and what new policies can be integrated to increase its efficiency.

Research Aim: Employment or labour law has always been under the limelight. Many critiques and researchers have proposed different amendments to the existing law pertaining to labour and employee. The main aim of the research is to critically analyse the employment law of disabled individuals in the UK along with effective recommendations that need to be made in order to make the existing law more efficient and effective.

Topic 5: A critical evaluation of racial discrimination laws in developed countries and how it impacts the workplace environment

Research Aim: Racial discrimination has always been a controversial issue in almost every part of the World. However, many developed countries (companies) face severe racial discrimination issues that directly impact their name and brand value. Therefore, this research provides a critical evaluation of the racial discrimination laws, particularly in developed countries. Moreover, the research will be focusing on how racial discrimination laws are impacting the workplace environment.

Topic 6: A comparative analysis of legislation, policy, and guidelines of domestic abuse between UK and USA.

Research Aim: Domestic laws basically deal with and provide criminal rules for punishing individuals who have physically or emotionally harmed their own family members. It has been found out that many domestic cases of abuse are not reported to the concerned authority. Due to this reason, the main focus of the research is to conduct a comparative analysis of legislation, policy, and guidelines of domestic abuse between the UK and the USA and how effective both the countries have been to minimise domestic abuse.

Topic 7: Analyzing the negative impact of technology in protecting the intellectual property rights of corporations.

Research Aim: Intellectual property has gained significant importance after the emergence of counterfeit products coming from different parts of the world. It has been found out that many factors have motivated the sale of counterfeit products. Therefore, this research aims at analysing the negative impact of technology in protecting the intellectual property rights of products and corporations.

Topic 8: A critical assessment of the terrorism act of 2010 and its impact on Muslims living around the globe.

Research Aim: Since the incident of 9/11, the entire world has been under the pressure of terrorism activities, especially Muslims living around the world. Therefore, this research intends to critically assess the terrorism act of 2010 and its impact on Muslims living around the globe.

Trust Law Dissertation Topics

The trust law requires the settler to meet the three certainties, including the object, intention, and subject matter. As posted to a moral obligation or mere gift, confidence of choice can be best described as clarity of purpose. Some interesting dissertation topics in the field of trust law  are listed below:

  • To investigate the attitude of the courts to trusts supporting political agendas.
  • To identify and discuss principles on which half-secret and full secret trusts are enforced? Does a literature review highlight circumstances where it is essential to consider whether such beliefs are constructive and express?
  • The role and impact of trust law as asset portioning and fiduciary governance
  • From law to faith: Letting go of secret trusts
  • Critical analysis of the statement “Traditionally, equity and the law of trusts have been concerned with providing justice to balance out the rigour of the common law” regarding modern equity development/operation.
  • Should the assumption of resulting trusts and progression be abolished in this modern age? A critical review of the literature
  • A critical examination of the courts’ concern of financial reward in the context of “trustee powers of investment”
  • Does the doctrine of cypress do justice to the intentions of the testator?
  • The impact of the decision of Harrison v Gibson on the law of the clarity of intention?
  • The approval of trustees in the Zimbabwean law of trusts

Want more?   Read this.

How Can Research Prospect Help?

Research Prospect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service!

European Law Dissertation Topics

European law has recently attracted wide attention from the academic world, thanks to the growing influence of European Law on administrative law in EU members. It should be noted that every aspect of life in European states is significantly affected by European law, and therefore this area of research has gained tremendous popularity. Some exciting and specific research areas are given below:

  • A critical review of the European anti-discrimination Law
  • To investigate the economics and history of European Law.
  • An investigation of the European human rights law
  • Investigating the impact of “Freedom of Speech” on the German economy
  • Investigating the impact of immigration laws on the German economy
  • How the French parliamentary sovereignty has been affected by the European Union
  • Uniform interpretation of European patent law with a unique view on the creation of a standard patent court
  • The impact of European consensus in the jurisprudence of the European court of human rights
  • The impact of the European convention on human rights on the international human rights law
  • A critical analysis of the tensions between European trade and social policy
  • To investigate the European Union’s enforcement actions and policies against member countries.
  • European Laws amidst the Brexit process

Read this Article.

Family Law Dissertation Topics

A wide range of topics are covered under the field of family law and the law of children. Essentially, this area of law takes into consideration the registration of marriages, statutory rights concerning marriage, the effects of a decree, void and voidable marriages, the impact of the Human Rights Act, the legal stature of unmarried and married individuals, and the case for reform of UK family law . Other research areas include enforcing financial responsibilities in the Magistrates court, enforcing the arrears of maintenance payments, the award of maintenance, enforcing financial obligations to children or a child, financial orders for children, and the Child Support Act. An extremely intriguing area of law that has gained tremendous popularity in the modern era, some specific  dissertation topics  in this area of law studies are listed below:

  • Investigating therapeutic and theoretical approaches to deal with spouse abuse in light of the UK government’s latest research on domestic violence
  • Unmarried fathers’ access to parental responsibility – Does the current law enforce rights and responsibilities towards children?
  • To study the criminal justice process involving a child witness.
  • The children’s right to participation – Rhetoric or Reality? – A critical review of literature from the past two decades
  • To study the position of unmarried fathers in the UK.
  • Does the UK Family law need a major reform?
  • A critical review of the rights of married women in real estate
  • Child welfare and the role of local authorities
  • To study the legal and social foundations of parenting, civil partnership, and marriage.
  • To examine whether the Child Support Act has positively influenced child maintenance?

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Employment Law Dissertation Topics

Employment and equality law governs the relationship between the government, trade unions, employers, and employees.  Employment and equality law in the UK is a body of law that prevents bias and negative attitudes towards someone based on their ethnicity or race rather than work skills and experience. Some interesting dissertation topics  in this area of law are below:

  • A critical investigation of the right to fair labor practices in the United Kingdom
  • To determine the job’s inherent requirements as a defence to unfair discrimination or a claim – A comparison between the United Kingdom and Canada.
  • The role of the South African Labour Relations Act in providing unhappy staff sufficient protection against unfair dismissals and discrimination at the workplace
  • To investigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on employees’ lives with a focus on unfair dismissal and discrimination.
  • To assess ethnic discrimination in the European Union: Derogations from the ban on discrimination – Sexual harassment – Equal pay for equal value work.
  • To study the international employment contract – Regulation, perception, and reality.
  • To identify and discuss challenges associated with equality at work.
  • A study of the legal aspects of the relationship between employer and employee
  • How influential is the role of trade unions in English employment law?
  • A critical review of discrimination policies in the UK

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Commercial Law Dissertation Topics

Commercial law, also known as business law, is the whole body of substantive jurisprudence applicable to the conduct, relations, and rights of sales, trade, merchandising, and businesses and persons associated with commerce. Important issues of law covered by commercial law include real estate, secured transactions, credit transactions, bankruptcy, banking, and contracts. An intriguing area of law within the UK, specific topics for your law dissertation are listed below:

  • The impact of legislation for the regulation of investments services with EU economic area on the EU financial services market
  • Handling regulatory involvement incorporates organisational structure and strategy.
  • A study of convergence and complementarities concerning international corporate governance
  • How drafting and diffusion of uniform norms can help to harmonise the law of international commercial arbitration?
  • Convergence and adaption in corporate governance to transnational standards in India
  • A critical review of the international commercial arbitration system
  • Analysing the international commercial law on risk transfer
  • The role of the tripartite financial system in the UK on economic development
  • A comparative analysis of European contract law, international commercial contracts law, and English commercial contracts law
  • Is the European contracts law meeting the needs of the commercial community?
  • A critical review of anti-corruption legislation in the UK
  • The problems of director accountability in the UK and the impact of soft and hard law on corporate governance

Criminal and Evidence Law Dissertation Topics

Criminal law  can be defined as a system of law dealing with the punishment of criminals. Criminal evidence, on the other hand, concerns evidence/testimony presented in relation to criminal charges. Evidence can be presented in various forms in order to prove and establish crimes. A wide array of topics can be covered in this subject area. To help you narrow down your research focus, some  interesting topics  are suggested below:

  • The politics of criminal law reform with a focus on lower-court decision making
  • To understand and establish the historical relationship between human rights and Islamic criminal law
  • Investigating the rights of victims in internal criminal courts
  • The efficacy of the law of rape in order to prevent misuse by bogus victims and to protect rightful victims
  • To assess the criminal law’s approach to Omissions
  • To investigate the issues associated with the identification of the distribution, extent, and nature of the crime
  • A critical review of the Bad Samaritan laws and the law of omissions liability
  • How international criminal law has been significant influenced by the “war on terrors”?
  • The efficacy of modern approaches to the definition of intention in International criminal law
  • The efficacy of the law of corporate manslaughter

Company Law Dissertation Topics

Company law, also known as the  law of business associations , is the body of law that deals with business organisations and their formation, registration, incorporation, governance, dissolution, and administration. Some suggestions for company law dissertation topics are listed below:

  • Developing equity markets in growing economies and the importance of corporate law
  • A critical review of English company law and its effects on member workers and creditors
  • To investigate the essential aspects of corporate law.
  • To study business responsibilities for human rights.
  • Identifying disparities in corporate governance – Theories and Realities
  • The external relations of company groups in Zambian Corporate law
  • To study corporate governance practices concerning the minority stakeholders.
  • Establishing and evaluating arguments for and against “stakeholder theory.”
  • The importance of non-executive directors in the British corporate legal system
  • Investigating the regulation of the UK public company

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Intellectual Property and Tort Law Dissertation topics

All forms of legal injury are dealt with under the subject area of tort law. Essentially, tort law helps to establish the circumstances whereby a person may be held responsible for another person’s injury caused by either accident on intentional acts. On the other hand, intellectual property covers areas of law such as copyright, patents, and trademark. Trademark dissertation topics trademarks directive, trademarks act, infringement of trademarks such as revocation, invalidity, and the use of similar marks. Some interesting dissertation ideas and topics  of tort law and intellectual property are suggested below to help your law studies.

  • The efficacy of intellectual property rights in the UK under influence of European Law
  • The efficacy of UK copyright law concerning the needs of rights users and holders
  • The impact of intellectual property right on economic development
  • To investigate the right of confidence in the UK
  • Does the trademark law ensure sufficient protection in England?
  • The impact of European Law on intellectual property rights in the UK
  • The end of the road for loss of a chance?
  • To assess the success ratio of psychiatric injury claims in the UK
  • Should a no-fault system be implemented into UK law or should the law of negligence apply to personal injury claims?
  • A critical review of economic loss in 21 st century tort law

Human Rights and Immigration Law

The primary objective of human rights and immigration law is to ensure and protect human rights at domestic, regional, and international levels. With the world becoming a global village, human rights and immigration laws have attracted significant attention from academicians and policymakers. Some interesting law dissertation topics in this subject area are suggested below:

  • To assess the efficacy of the common European Asylum system in terms of immigration detention.
  • A historical analysis of Britain’s immigration and asylum policies
  • A critical analysis of immigration policy in Britain since 1990
  • A critical analysis of the right of the police and the public right to protest under PACE 1984
  • The right of prisoners to vote under the European law of human rights
  • Arguments for and against the death penalty in English Law with a focus on human rights treatise
  • A critical analysis of the right to private life and family for failed asylum seekers
  • The impact of UK immigration policies on the current education industry
  • How beneficial the points system has really been in regards to create a cap in the British immigration system
  • To study the impact of privatisation on immigration detention and related functions in the UK.

More Human Rights Law Dissertation Topics

Pandemic Law Dissertation Topics

Coronavirus, also known as the Covid-19, has become the most trending topic in the world since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that started in China. Here are some interesting Corona Virus or Covid 19 Pandemic Law topics that you can consider for your law dissertation.

  • Co-parenting in the coronavirus pandemic: A family law scholar’s advice
  • How San Diego law enforcement operated amid Coronavirus pandemic
  • Pandemic preparedness in the workplace and the British with disabilities act
  • Why In a pandemic, rumors of martial Law fly despite reassurances
  • Investigating About the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and COVID-19
  • Resources to support workers in the UK during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic:
  • A legal perspective
  • Navigating the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) and employment laws in the UK going forward
  • Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) and employment laws in the US going forward
  • Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) and employment laws in Australia going forward

More Law Dissertation Topics

  • A critical analysis of the employment law of disabled individuals in the UK and what new policies can be integrated to increase its efficiency
  • A critical evaluation of racial discrimination laws in developed countries and how it impacts the workplace environment
  • A comparative analysis of domestic abuse with the legislation, policy, and domestic abuse guidelines between the UK and USA.
  • Analysing the negative impact of technology in protecting the intellectual property rights of corporations.
  • A critical assessment of the terrorism act of 2010 and its impact on Muslims living around the Globe.

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As a law dissertation student looking to get good grades, it is essential to develop new ideas and experiment with existing law dissertation theories – i.e., to add value and interest in the topic of your research.

The field of law dissertation is vast and interrelated to many other academic disciplines like civil engineering ,  construction ,  project management , engineering management , healthcare , mental health , artificial intelligence , tourism , physiotherapy , sociology , management , project management , and nursing . That is why it is imperative to create a project management dissertation topic that is articular, sound, and actually solves a practical problem that may be rampant in the field.

We can’t stress how important it is to develop a logical research topic based on your fundamental research. There are several significant downfalls to getting your case wrong; your supervisor may not be interested in working on it, the topic has no academic creditability, the research may not make logical sense, and there is a possibility that the study is not viable.

This impacts your time and efforts in writing your dissertation as you may end up in the cycle of rejection at the initial stage of the dissertation. That is why we recommend reviewing existing research to develop a topic, taking advice from your supervisor, and even asking for help in this particular stage of your dissertation.

While developing a research topic, keeping our advice in mind will allow you to pick one of the best law dissertation topics that fulfill your requirement of writing a research paper and add to the body of knowledge.

Therefore, it is recommended that when finalising your dissertation topic, you read recently published literature to identify gaps in the research that you may help fill.

Remember- dissertation topics need to be unique, solve an identified problem, be logical, and be practically implemented. Please look at some of our sample law dissertation topics to get an idea for your dissertation.

How to Structure your Law Dissertation

A well-structured dissertation can help students to achieve a high overall academic grade.

  • A Title Page
  • Acknowledgements
  • Declaration
  • Abstract: A summary of the research completed
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction : This chapter includes project rationale, research background, key research aims and objectives, and the research problems. An outline of the structure of a dissertation can also be added to this chapter.
  • Literature Review : This chapter presents relevant theories and frameworks by analysing published and unpublished literature available on the chosen research topic to address research questions . The purpose is to highlight and discuss the selected research area’s relative weaknesses and strengths while identifying any research gaps. Break down the topic, and binding terms can positively impact your dissertation and your tutor.
  • Methodology : The data collection and analysis methods and techniques employed by the researcher are presented in the Methodology chapter which usually includes research design , research philosophy, research limitations, code of conduct, ethical consideration, data collection methods and data analysis strategy .
  • Findings and Analysis : Findings of the research are analysed in detail under the Findings and Analysis chapter. All key findings/results are outlined in this chapter without interpreting the data or drawing any conclusions. It can be useful to include graphs, charts and tables in this chapter to identify meaningful trends and relationships.
  • Discussion and Conclusion : The researcher presents his interpretation of the results in this chapter, and states whether the research hypothesis has been verified or not. An essential aspect of this section is establishing the link between the products and evidence from the literature. Recommendations with regards to implications of the findings and directions for future may also be provided. Finally, a summary of the overall research, along with final judgments, opinions, and comments, must be included in the form of suggestions for improvement.
  • References : Make sure to complete this by your University’s requirements
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices : Any additional information, diagrams, and graphs used to complete the dissertation but not part of the dissertation should be included in the Appendices chapter. Essentially, the purpose is to expand the information/data.

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  • Analyze gaps in existing literature.
  • Consider societal or technological influences.
  • Consult professors and peers.
  • Select a topic aligning with your passion and career aspirations.

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Dissertation Topics in Law for LLM Students

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  • Updated on  
  • May 9, 2023

Dissertation Topics in Law for LLM Students-03 (1)

The last academic challenge before the completion of your postgraduate degree is a dissertation or thesis. Many students pursuing LLM are often confused while deciding the correct topic for the dissertation as it requires a lot of research. To help you with the dissertation this blog contains ideal law dissertation topics for LLM in India. Keep reading to know more!

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How to choose the best dissertation topic, advantages of choosing a good dissertation topic, criminal law dissertation topics, international law dissertation topics, family law dissertation topics, employment law dissertation topics, international commercial law dissertation topics, law dissertation topics india, intellectual property law topics in dissertation, constitutional law topics in dissertation, sports law topics in dissertation, medical law topics in dissertation, commercial law dissertation topics, company law dissertation topics, tort law dissertation topics, eu law dissertation topics, the english legal system and constitutional and administrative law dissertation topics.

A lot of research and hard work is required to decide what is a correct and valuable topic for the dissertation or thesis. It is seen in various students that before graduation the dissertation is the last hurdle in the way. It is advised to pursue a topic after valuable research and most importantly that goes with the student’s interests.

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There are an array of benefits when you choose a good and valuable dissertation topic. These advantages include:

  • This helps you in the analysis of the topic and deep research.
  • Present you with a program to enhance your investigative skills.
  • In explaining your subject option, you should be prepared to show how your previous research experiences ended up with great knowledge. 
  • You can find a degree of education useful for postgraduate research.

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Criminal law is the body of law regulating crime and criminal activities in India. This proves to be an important topic and is interesting as well. Some of the criminal law dissertation topics are:

  • A Significant Study of Struggle against Girls in India
  • Case Debate on business trial in India
  • An Analysis on Terrorism and Lawlessness Against Infants in India
  • A survey on Legislation against private terrorism in India
  • Significant Evaluation Of Death Cost In India
  • An Analysis of Juvenile Justice System and Order in India
  • The appearance of the group is in the criminal law process
  • The Root Elements of the Infant Mergers
  • White-Collar Crime Law in India
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice

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International law dissertation is another amazing topic where you can add your relevant thoughts. Some of the unique international law dissertation topics are:

  • What are the significant aspects of collective civil obligations in now’s global order?
  • What are the causes that cause application of foreign order at the state standard also complex?
  • Figure out the very important issues encountered by establishing universal rules.
  • What are the effects of accelerated market restraints on people? Can such a thing be explained?
  • What are global challenges encountered by international businessmen, when installing service projects in third group societies?
  • What are the effects of letting offenders continue to their native land for action?
  • How seeing abuse as a foreign war case will change the position of African people?
  • What are the important challenges encountered by companies that are coming in the global travel industry from the ocean.
  • What universal rules regulate copy? How should this case be corrected?
  • Which governmental law of the UK is sufficiently sufficient to be carried out universally?

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Some of the most important and unique family law dissertation topics are:

  • Separation case for father and female representatives of the group, makes it favour any particular gender or is it merely a sense
  • Matrimonial Act and how it affects women who join without their permission. What is the attitude of decisions about made mergers and how can one explain it in the court of decision
  • Residential part by stepmothers and offspring, how goes on the case provide everybody has their got right and place
  • Youth insurance problems in the unified kingdom, which of the state shows to have very trouble with such arguments and why is it so
  • Adolescent abuse-is it important to discipline your children and youths? What is the perimeter between youth abuse and correcting your children for setting their limits
  • Internal disorder and its effect on the boy and female representatives personally, which of them picks up a greater claim in the mind of order and how can we get rid of that biasness
  • Protection problems for separated mothers, how goes on it go and what goes on the statute have to do about the protection of the child for each mother
  • How looks at the proper form thing if a man is incapable to provide and provide his house owing to lack or scarcity of means
  • Long-distance communications and their fair significance cut off from the spiritual and artistic attitudes
  • Minor job- what are we looking at to abolish it and how goes on our constitutional process set limits and provide that they are found

Employment law dissertation enables you to craft perfect research on your thesis or dissertation. Some of the employment law dissertation topics are:

  • The link between trade and morality in the UK. An academic context.
  • A study of the relationship between sports departments and their service contracts.
  • The effect of variation in the business decisions of the UK after starting the EU.
  • The task of infant employment regulations in the UK. How does the judiciary remain fighting developing youth employment?
  • The influence of civil responsibility service in UK regulations.
  • A study of the market association in the UK study of the business requirements and principles.
  • A provisional review of business decisions in the station waggon part of the UK and EU. Who gets the first job benefit and rights insurance systems?
  • An in-depth study of justice fees in the validities of UK legislation.

Some of the international commercial law dissertations you can choose from are:

  • An assessment of the enemy-pollution bill in the UK. Its origins and effects on the state leaders.
  • A strategic study of the joint cloak and how the decision can pass through it.
  • The performance of UK legislation in affecting joint difficulties while preserving major human rights.
  • A symposium on the differences enveloping the purview of field 33 groups do 2006 in the UK
  • The effects of setting reasonable requirements for the principal’s needs. How does the organisation do well under this?
  • An in-depth assessment of economic regulation programs at attending institutions in the UK.
  • The effect of UNCITRAL’s performance on the unification of universal economic legislation in the UK.

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Some of the Indian legal topics you can choose for your dissertation are:

  • Handgun Case in India: Provision of a Different Structure
  •  Animal investigation: Order in India
  • Wire advertising and constitutional structure
  •  Joint Civil Power and change
  • Moral Orders and Cases in producing societies
  • Men Investigations and Indian constitutional practice
  •  Improvement of infants and proper conflict

Some of the catchy and interesting dissertation topics that you can choose as a dissertation topic for law assignment:

  • Scientific advances and present IP rule in India
  • IP rules and the safety of/on Internet
  •  New patent statutes and digitalisation

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Here are some of the finest dissertation or thesis topics for constitutional law dissertation topics are:

  • Accident plans in India: A study
  • Legal exploitation and its interest: An assessment
  • Application of International Cases in Indian Legal Structure
  • Able expression in virtual life and Indian Custom

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A constantly fascinating subject, sports provides a large range of fields and issues to judge from to create your analysis report. It can deal with universal order, national order, carrying out parties, power, and often better.

Here are some of the finest dissertation (thesis)points on Sports law:

  • Doping and Sports: National and International fair innuendo
  • Legalisation of speculating in India: Law and Cons
  • Handling sports organisations and their constitutional ramifications
  • Transgender animals and Indian Custom

Medical law dissertation is another great topic you can choose from, some of the medical law dissertation topics are:

  • Member retention: Fair experts and cons
  • Miscarriage in India: A global review
  • Made fertilisation: Provision of primary training to find out these matters
  • Supported suicide: Fair, honest and therapeutic ethics
  • Animal torture: A fair claim research

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Commercial Law is one such topic where a wide area of study is to be covered because it cannot be described within a single legal jurisdiction. A commercial law dissertation often involves comparisons with other countries. Listed below are some topics for Commercial Law Dissertation:

  • A critical assessment of the international commercial arbitration system as a cost-effective and efficient means to administer justice in commercial disputes
  • An assessment of security over personal property when it comes to the matter of possessory and non-possessory forms of security and other legal devices
  • An investigation of the emergence of new manifestations of international commercial law
  • A critical assessment of the passing of risk in the commercial law in England and Wales
  • A critical assessment of the Future of consumer protection in England and Wales in the post-Brexit era

There is a great scope of producing an effective Company Law Dissertation as it provides you with potential sources. From the Companies Act 2006 to corporate governance, you have a lot of options to choose from. Listed below are some great Company Law Dissertation Topics:

  • A critical analysis of the shareholder versus stakeholder basis of corporate governance
  • Arguments for and against ‘stakeholder theory’ and to what extent are they still valid?
  • Should the OECD’s Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital 2010 be ratified into UK Law?
  • To what extent has Environmental Law merged together Vicarious and Corporate Liability
  • Is the English maintenance of the “internal management” model failing to bring company law in the 21st Century?

The word Tort comes from the Latin term torture which means “Wrong”. In simple terms, Tort Law is supposed to address the civil wrongs done to a person, accidentally or incidentally. The victim/injured/aggrieved party is provided with compensation for the damages.

This area of law is one of the most important aspects of law study as it demonstrates the circumstances through which an individual is held accountable for another party’s injury either done intentionally or omissions or even by accident. Listed below are some topics for a Tort Law Dissertation to make it easier for you to draft an effective dissertation:

  • Importance of foreseeability and policy in establishing a duty of care
  • Analysis of the rules regarding the recovery of economic losses in tortious actions
  • When it comes to matters of occupiers’ liability under the Occupiers Liability Acts of 1957 and 1984 respectively, when is a trespasser, not a trespasser?
  • Wrongful Restraint of a man’s Liberty: Meaning, Defense and Remedy
  • Why might the duty of care afforded to children be considered to be a step too far regarding the recognition of tortious liability?

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EU Law is considered as an expandable area of academic interest, particularly due to the UK’s recent Brexit from the Union. There is a wide range of dissertation topics you can consider for an EU Law Dissertation, from UK’s Brexit to the superiority of EU Law. Listed below are some great dissertation topics to start with your EU Law Dissertation:

  • Critical Analysis of the UK’s Separation from the EU.
  • Brexit and EU economy: How the UK’s decision has affected EU trade.
  • An argument: Is EU Law actually superior?
  • Importance of the enforcement actions against EU Member States as part of the European law-making process.
  • How has the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950 contributed to the recognition of human rights internationally?

The English Legal System and Constitutional and Administrative Law may be classified into 3 key areas-

  • The nature of the Constitution may be considered in areas including, but not limited to, the recognition and application of conventions and the rule of law. 
  • Evaluation of the roles of the legislature, executive and parliament in the context of the recognition of the separation of powers, which could include legislation’s passage through Parliament, the delegation of legislation, the relationship between Parliament, the crown and the Royal Prerogative, and the executive, legislative and judiciary’s relationship.
  • Judicial Review includes the basis for intervention, such as ultra vires and illegality, procedural irregularity, irrationality, proportionality, and the nemo judex rule.

A number of areas can be covered in this dissertation as the English Legal System and Constitutional and Administrative Law is quite different from other legal systems as the role of the judge differs in an adversarial system. The major difference is in how a trial is pursued. Some topics for an English Legal System and Constitutional and Administrative Law Dissertation are as mentioned below:

  • The Role of natural justice  in the UK Constitution
  • Are conventions still a valid part of the UK Constitution?
  • Is the Royal Prerogative an essential part of the British Constitution?
  • Are the current models of statutory interpretation fit for purpose, especially as the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) infer a more active approach for judges?
  • In what ways will the relationship between constitutional and administrative law in England and Wales be affected by Brexit?

The following are the popular law universities in the world: Harvard University Columbia University Stanford University

Here are some of the finest dissertation or thesis topics for constitutional law dissertation topics are: Accident plans in India: A study Legal exploitation and its interest: An assessment Application of International Cases in the Indian Legal Structure Able expression in virtual life and Indian Custom

The average salary of a lawyer in India is 3.5 Lakh per year.

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160+ Outstanding Law Dissertation Topics for Students

law thesis topics

If you are a university student studying law, you would know that it is both, exciting and stressful to work on dissertations because law dissertation topics or help with dissertation are not easy to select.

While students can pick a topic that interests them, good thesis topics for law, students would be the ones that offer ample scope for research and study. It is vital to keep in mind that dissertations tend to get lengthy; therefore, your topic should also be a subject you can manage to finish working on within the time you have at hand. Given below are some exciting topics that you can explore for your law school thesis.

Business Law Dissertation Topics

Business law, also known as commercial law, focuses on the legal aspects of the conduct, rights, and relations of individuals or organizations that engage in commerce, trade, and merchandising activities. Therefore, commercial law masters thesis topics have a broad scope as they revolve around important and relatable aspects guiding society and trade. Here are some exciting business law topics to write about. Take a look:

  • Business laws against corruption within firms — an in-depth evaluation
  • Commercial Law and its effectiveness in supporting commercial transactions.
  • Copyright Infringement – Understanding the difference between online and offline law enforcement.
  • Business partnerships: Threats, legal remedies, and results
  • Commercial laws guiding energy projects within the country and a comparison with top countries globally.
  • Online advertising – working within the framework and guidelines of Advertising Law
  • US commercial laws: A review on what needs to change
  • Legal framework guiding unfair advertising and marketing practices – a case study analysis
  • Business wills — application, significance, and role in translations of Business Law
  • Domestic vs International commercial laws of five countries
  • Pre-incorporation contracts – a thorough analysis
  • International commercial law programs: An assessment of their effectiveness as part of the University curriculum
  • Importance of investigating a business’s application for Copyright and Trademark
  • Arbitration under commercial law: In-depth analysis and evaluation of policy practice
  • Evaluating anti-corruption regulations for businesses through a relevant case study
  • Laws governing Corporate Social Responsibility for businesses and their evaluation
  • Termination agreements — application, significance, and role in business transactions
  • The Law of Contracts — Interpretations and Role in Business Transactions
  • Director’s Guarantee – Its role in Business law and the Structure of Transactions
  • What is the role of a Business Entity concerning Commercial Law – An analysis
  • Contract Laws and an evaluation of the application of Verbal or Nonverbal Agreements
  • The role of Commercial Law in establishing a business framework within the society
  • The legislature and its role in the interpretation and working of contracts
  • Commercial Vs RegularLease – Analysing the pros and cons for the businesses
  • Commercial lease – Significance, difficulties, and importance for business owners

International Law Thesis Topics

International law is an important area of interest when it comes to thesis writing. You can focus on studying the legal aspects of economic trade, businesses during the war, global pandemics, and more. Ethics and human rights play a significant role in international matters. Here are some excellent international law research topics to explore:

  • Hearings on cases in International Human Rights Court — What precedence says
  • Challenges faced by parties involved in contracts related to the International Sale of Goods (CISG) when the Vienna Convention is applied.
  • What do the future hold for internet legislation and digital laws
  • Are International Tribunals effective in taking action against war crimes?
  • An in-depth analysis of various conditions under which international intervention in trade or matters of general affairs of a country is permitted by law
  • International criminal laws — an assessment of the underlying principles and need for change
  • Human rights law: An international perspective on gaps that need to be addressed
  • Violation of Laws and Human Rights when the US got involved in matters of Iraq – An analysis
  • Enforcement of international laws in developing countries – Issues, justification, and remedies
  • Military cooperation between the UK and the US to address terror — A historical perspective and future analysis
  • What are the civil liberties in International law and how do they impact public safety
  • Post-Brexit era — where does consumer protection stand?
  • Laws ensuring the protection of civilians against unlawful communication during armed conflicts between countries
  • International laws governing rescue and protection of human rights of refugees at sea
  • International civil jurisdiction on transborder disputes related to the infringement of intellectual property rights — a comprehensive study

Criminal law thesis topics

The study of Criminal law comprises understanding the laws that govern the prosecution of individuals who have committed crimes as defined by law. When you select law master thesis topics based on criminal law, you can choose law enforcement topics related to drug dealing, manslaughter, kidnapping, and more. Some examples are shared below:

  • Female and male rape legislations: An in-depth evaluation of critical differences
  • Using lie detectors _ an assessment of their efficacy in criminal justice
  • Are manslaughter laws possible to misuse — what are the remedies to protect such victims?
  • A detailed analysis of crime-related factors best not presented in the court of law and why?
  • Witness protection – laws, guidelines, and measures against retaliation
  • Death Penalty – History, justification, and analysis
  • Criminal theory – A thematic review to explore the connection between morality and crime
  • Challenges in identification of the nature of crime and its distribution — an in-depth analysis based on a case study
  • Is anatomy justified in lawsuits related to sexual offenses — evaluating the rights of the victim and the defendant
  • Legal rights — striking a balance between the rights of the victim and the defendant during the lawsuit
  • What are the implications of the war against terror — Enforcement of criminal law and its implications
  • A case study analysis of the war against terror
  • A case study analysis of racial prejudice in prison
  • Religious laws and crimes in developing nations
  • Police interrogations – Principles, legal framework, and human rights

Child in conflict with the law thesis topics

These topics are related to the study of issues and laws concerning children who conflict with the law due to committing juvenile crimes.

  • Legal protection and rights of children in cases of a child in conflict with the law
  • Children in conflict with the law in metro cities and the legal framework guiding the handling of such cases
  • Improving the legal protection available for children in conflict with the law
  • An in-depth study of the measures available to reintegrate children in conflict with the law into the society
  • Laws to facilitate the rehabilitation of children in conflict with the law
  • Exploitation and abuse of children in conflict with the law and remedies to prevent it
  • Procedures in court for children in conflict with the law
  • Violence and exploitation leading children into conflict with the law – Case study analysis
  • Human rights and laws supporting children affected by illegal migration
  • Analyzing children’s rights against harmful work and economic exploitation

Controversial law topics

As a college student, there will be umpteen issues that will spark debates and encourage you to take a stance either for or against. These may include constitutional law paper topics or laws on sensitive matters that have triggered global emotions. Here are some such topics to explore:

  • Reviewing the need for the Gun Law
  • Abortion – Pro-choice or pro-life the legal angles
  • Understanding religious freedom by law and the freedom of choice to deny service based on religion
  • Prescription of addictive opioids as legal painkillers — the justification and after effects
  • The legal framework guiding animal research
  • Vaccine administration from the perspective of legal implications, compliance and non-compliance, herd immunity, and parental duty
  • Right to privacy – the conflict between individual privacy Vs public safety
  • Freemarket capitalization – government regulations vs free trade
  • Environment support policies, government regulations, and economic costs
  • Uniform minimum wage system — controversy, legal parameters, and remedies
  • White supremacy — a political ideology that affects the legal and economic framework
  • Legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational usage
  • Capital punishment and its legal justification
  • The Marriage Equality Act – Rights and responsibilities in same-sex marriages
  • Black lives matter — an insight into the lack of political or legal repercussions for death in custody
  • Immigration restrictions and reforms – scope for improvement and change
  • The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and upholding deportation protection
  • Temporary blocking of international students during the Corona Virus Pandemic – Legal implications
  • Transgender rights — Remedies against discrimination and injustice caused by inequality
  • Islamic Criminal law vis a vis Human Rights — an analysis.

Sports law topics

Sport is an ever-intriguing subject, and it offers some interesting legal topics for dissertation writing. Your topic can cover international sports laws, rules and regulations guiding sports, sporting bodies, their jurisdiction, and more.

  • Cheerleading teams — negligence across different case studies
  • Sports law implications on cases of doping in international events
  • Legal aspects of international sporting events and the role of social media
  • The transnational perspective of sports management – an overview
  • Bosman Rulings – The EU Sports law and its international implications
  • The management of club sports in the UK and related laws
  • Match-fixing in football and sports laws governing the same
  • Match-fixing in cricket and international sports laws governing the same
  • Sportspersons marketing – Reviewing legal issues and influences
  • Sports promotion aids in the UK, US, and EU — legal implications
  • Legal aspects related to governance and monitoring of sports organizations
  • Sports laws on lifestyle sports – a review
  • National governing bodies of sports and their legal stance
  • The role and impact of labor contracts concerning UK sporting bodies
  • Policies and practices of the US sports law
  • Visa systems for international sportspersons and problems faced by them
  • Constitutional rights of student-athletes
  • Sexual harassment in sports and laws against it
  • Policies aiding the promotion and protection of rights of transgender athletes
  • Coaches’ contract and employment laws

Hot thesis topics in employment law

Employment law offers some very interesting law topics to work on. Under this, you can write your dissertation on labor laws, worker compensation, immigration laws, minimum wages, wrongful termination, and many such research topics in law.

  • How employment laws convergence with religion in the US
  • UK employment laws — A before and after comparison after exiting the EU
  • UK Trade Unions and their impact — challenges and successes
  • A review of unfair dismissal laws in the UK
  • Employment laws in the UK and US automobile industry — A comparative study
  • Employment contracts in the UK manufacturing industry — A comprehensive study of job satisfaction
  • Issues with application and enforcement of laws in international firms: A case study
  • Agency workers — employment rights and legal status in firms
  • US ‘Fire at will’ employment ability and should it be made possible in the UK.
  • Social work employment — Reviewing all legal aspects through a case study
  • Employee dismissal — a comparison of UK and EU laws.
  • Working parents and the benefits of Flexibility Working Regulations 2002
  • Gender differences in employment laws and regulations across the US and the UK.
  • Analyzing the efficacy of sexual harassment laws in the workplace
  • Employee mobility across EU countries — a legal overview.
  • Employment laws concerning the disabled in the UK — policies, and practices
  • Equality Act 2010 and the rights of disabled
  • A comprehensive study of the right to fair labor practices in the UK
  • Unfair Vs Wrongful — what offers greater protection under employment laws
  • Zero-hour contracts — significance and ways to improve

Medical law and ethics thesis topics

Medical law focuses on the rights and responsibilities of patients and medical professionals. Some exciting areas of medical law that you can focus on include patient confidentiality, patient consent, negligence, professional malpractice, failure in diagnosing, treatment malpractices leading to injury or death, and patient defamation among other topics.

  • Laws governing organ retention — pros and cons
  • Organ transplantation — A comprehensive study of governing laws in the US.
  • Abortion — A comprehensive study of governing laws and stages when abortion is allowed or forbidden in the UK.
  • Do judges handling medical disputes need special education to ensure fact-based judgments?
  • Forced sterilization — laws, implementation, and who is to be targeted?
  • Laws governing medical research — a comprehensive study
  • Disputes arising due to medical complications during surgeries — legal implications
  • Unregistered medical intervention — Legal implications in the US
  • Electronic fetal monitoring and concerning laws.
  • Medical ethics in practice concerning medical law
  • Assisted suicide — the legal, ethical, and medical perspectives
  • Lawsuits and their effect on the commitment and dedication of medical practitioners
  • Biobanks — The associated legal and ethical challenges
  • Is it possible for medical practitioners to treat mental disorders without bias?
  • Laws against animal cruelty during medical research — a case study

Family law thesis topics

Besides marriage, divorce, custody, compensation, and alimony, you can cover several other interesting aspects of family law in your dissertation. Given below are some examples of topics you can explore:

  • UK Family Law — Changes over the past five decades.
  • Human rights in countries following religious family laws
  • Family lawsuits and how they are impacted by culture
  • Domestic violence and its effects on men Vs women
  • Deciding custody in divorce cases and the importance of the child’s desire in influencing the court’s decision
  • Divorce law and how it has impacted the number of divorces
  • Child neglect and its legal implications in the US
  • Child justice Vs family justice: Evaluating the compatibility
  • What are the factors that prevent couples from seeking a divorce?
  • US family law — is it due for reforms?
  • Family law and its provisions when a divorced parent wishes to move abroad with the child
  • Cohabitation Law in the US and is it due for reforms
  • Divorce laws — are they gender-biased or is it only a perception
  • Custody rights when the child has learning disabilities — a comprehensive overview
  • Do Islamic traditions impact family laws of UK-based Muslims
  • UK family laws governing financial decisions in cases of dementia and forced separation
  • Rights of children to have a family life in non-marital families
  • Family laws governing marriage and divorce in transgender people — a comparison of US and UK
  • Legal implications of non-consensual adoption in the US
  • The role of grandparents in the social fabric and provisions in the Family law

The topics mentioned above are great examples of what you can write on. However, if you are still confused, are running against time, have too much on your platter, or are simply unsure how to proceed to feel free to take law thesis help from some of the best-rated writers we have on board.

Feel free to ask for a sample from the professional you shortlist, and we will be happy to assist you all the way. Get in touch with us online or call us for help with a research paper. We have a team of experienced writers who offer high-quality, original work done to perfection. Our services are available at cheap and affordable rates as we are aware that we are assisting college students. So go ahead and connect with us for quality assistance to get you good grades and a stress-free time to focus on your academic commitments.

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237 Law Dissertation Topics To Impress Your Professor

237 Law Dissertation Topics

For every PhD or Masters student of law, the dissertation is the last stride. The fear it breeds in many students is because of the complexity involved in writing the dissertation or thesis. A dissertation is an academic document that shows your career expertise and research capacity.

While it is difficult to write, it is more difficult to develop dissertation topics. There are different categories of law, and you may be faced with the challenge of creating something knowledgeable to show you’re educated and fit to earn your certificate.

Dissertations must be unique, and this content is a post of undergraduate dissertation topics that will blow your professor’s mind. Go through the list and choose a topic you can afford to research and write like experts. Before you do that, how do you go about your law dissertation structure?

Law Dissertation Structure

While the structure of your research depends on what you’re writing on and the general expectations from your professor or supervisor, a structure looks like this:

The Title Page This is where you write your topic as well as your name. The Abstract This is a concise overview of everything your research is about. It must not be more than 300 words, and it should be written after you complete the project. This is because you need to integrate what you set out to do and what you found out during research and writing in your abstract. Table of Content This is a proper structure of each title and subtitles discussed in your dissertation. Introduction This is sometimes a summary of what you need to discuss in the dissertation. However, it integrates the background of the study and many other things that will be discussed below. Research Methodology This is a clarification of your intended method for research. It is an overview of how you’ll conduct the research and the form of research it will be. You may choose to use both qualitative and quantitative research method, or either of the two. Literature Review This is perhaps the most dreaded part of dissertations. Your literature review is important as it shows your understanding of previous discussions on your chosen topic. It demonstrates that you’re educated and willing to undergo thorough research to create an impeccable dissertation.You only need to review about eight to ten of the literature to provide an interesting argument on your topic. Your literature review must be profound, and it must assess almost every detail your dissertation topic is centered around. Results or Evidence This is generally the presentation of your arguments and the provision of facts to back them up. You must discuss the problem you investigated and the findings you have. You should use the chapters and the subheadings to create the best dissertation anyone in your class or graduate school could ever write. Conclusion This is the part where you draw the curtain on your ideas. At this juncture, you carefully write a concise overview of everything you’ve written to repeat everything at a glance. Recommendations This is where you suggest opinions that readers with authority can consider to improve on what you’ve discussed. If there are complexities, your recommendations are pointers to correcting them.

Now that you know these, attempt any of these interesting custom law dissertation topics for your university dissertation. However, if you have better since to do than wasting your time on a boring paper, buy dissertation from our expert helpers and feel free to perform any activities you want.

Law Dissertation Ideas

Dissertations require your profound reflection on the reality of the issues posed at you. You need to consider pre-existing debates on a concept and add your voice to the arguments. You can subject your dissertation to any of these law topics:

  • Argue a new framework for gun laws in the US
  • Examine the essentiality of new healthcare policies
  • The source of the judicial power in the UK is much different from the US, discuss
  • How does the international court infringe on the judiciary system of any country of your choice?
  • Comment on any of the war crimes trials of any leader in the past
  • Comment on the duty of care for children and how it could seem like a liability
  • Citing three examples, what necessitates the need for reforms?
  • How did the UK government reform its political structure?
  • How did the US meet up with the global requirements for judiciary structure?
  • What is heh legal framework of online advertisement?
  • What are the laws biding privacy in social media?
  • The recent trends on privacy issues citing Facebook.
  • What would be the alternative if Facebook and Google don’t “exploit” user data to provide the feeds that matter most to their users?
  • The legal framework for web3
  • Reactions from leading authorities on the worry over Bitcoin
  • How can web3 change the legal atmosphere?
  • Police interrogations and the American legal system: comment
  • The Indian police and human rights issues: discuss
  • The Afghanistan or Taliban soldier and the place of the judiciary amid violence
  • Importance of corporate social responsibility in public firms
  • The provision for UNHCR and the nature of their work
  • The Chinese police, in comparison with Russian police
  • A legal study of isolated North Korea
  • A legal examination of Switzerland
  • How children rehabilitation could end the conflict
  • Religious laws are against legal thoughts: discuss
  • What is the place of state extremism in law?
  • The Indian Constitution and the establishment of free speech
  • The concerns about the American constitution
  • A critical analysis of emergency provisions in the France constitution.

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

Crime is a common thing in contemporary society. It is punishable by law, and criminal law is defined by the laws governing the punishments for all crimes. If you’d devote your dissertation to criminal law, you can choose from this best list of topics:

  • The overwhelming nature of the death penalty
  • Racial prejudice and consequences in Poland
  • The Switz bank and the challenges with crime
  • Racial crimes in India and the provisions
  • Racial crimes in South Africa and the provisions for justice
  • Why every country should have provisions for racial crimes
  • How the police launch an investigation into a rape case
  • Critically evaluate the challenges of the Russian police
  • Assess the movie Money Heist, in concert with any country’s legal provisions for crime
  • Analyze recent discoveries on sexual offenses act from any country of your choice
  • Give a comprehensive review of the difference between a male or female victim of rape
  • Evaluate the factors that can affecting the proceedings of a defendant in court
  • Why is a defendant always advised not to take the stand?
  • How credible can lie detectors be?
  • Investigate crime and morality and the existing thin line
  • The war on terror and US global policing: comment
  • Assess the violence in cracking down protests in any country of your choice
  • Implications of war on terrors in the UK
  • An overview of human rights and Islamic provisions
  • Gang and crime: difference to individual crime.

Family Law Dissertation Topics

There are major issues families face. These are what family law devotes attention to, and the issue of divorce and child custody are some of the most pressing issues. You can choose any of these good topics for your dissertation:

  • Citing any country in Latin America, what are the event changes in family law?
  • The persistence of domestic violence in any country of your choice
  • The American government provides for victims of domestic abuse: how?
  • The essence of social and legal foundations in the security of marriage
  • Resolving conflict in the home without affecting kids
  • How do partners account for weaknesses?
  • How family laws negate contemporary laws
  • The influence of divorce on the reformation of family law
  • What are the parameters that ascertain who takes child custody?
  • Examine the literature review on child justice
  • Cite the case of a child living with a disability and the challenges parents face
  • Comment on the legal framework of parenting
  • Defend why physical corrections or assaults are illegal in the US
  • The rising questions about the status of the US family law structure
  • Child maintenance act: review any three countries provisions
  • Laws relating to divorce in the UK
  • The exceptions for divorce
  • Child welfare: secondary or primary to family law?
  • Domestic violence: compare and contrast male and female experiences
  • Partnership and parenting are the same: discuss.

Medical Law Dissertation Topics

These are dissertation topics that deal with the duties and the rights of both patients and medical personnel. You can choose to demonstrate how law safeguards these individuals through any of these law topics:

  • Law binding organ donors
  • The world should rethink euthanasia
  • Law binding IVF treatment
  • Law binding abortion rights
  • Why marijuana should be adopted in medical care
  • Why doctors should face the consequences for failed surgeries
  • Ethics in the medical profession
  • Patients can be allowed to take their life
  • Should incarcerated criminals be treated when sick?
  • In what cases can doctors release confidential medical reports of their clients?
  • Laws on egg donation should be reviewed
  • Is surrogacy ethical?
  • Who is responsible for complications during surgeries and why?
  • What are the ethics in medicine?
  • What is the meeting point for law and medicine?
  • Laws guiding high mental disorders
  • Lawsuits affect medical practices: comment
  • Law and animal cruelty
  • Law on assisted suicide
  • The law on unregistered medical intervention.

Human Rights Law Dissertation Topics

You may consider focusing on the fundamental law for all humans. Human rights laws guide everyone without prejudice to any specific biases. You can then choose to elaborate on any of these good dissertation topics — law:

  • Life imprisonment and how it changes people
  • European Convention on Human Rights and provisions on life imprisonment
  • Same-sex marriage and human rights: evaluate
  • Human rights and society unity: discuss
  • The complex nature of human rights and permission to abortion
  • The life and death penalty and the exceptions
  • What are the pointers to achieving human rights at the workplace
  • How international human rights bodies can help states without human rights
  • Human rights and social media
  • The international bodies role in achieving human rights in Asia
  • The intervention of first world countries in achieving human rights in third world countries
  • The academic approach to human rights and law
  • Women are more prioritized than men: comment
  • Human rights are overrated: discuss
  • Strong institutions and wealth are essential to achieving human rights
  • Workplace bullying contradicts human rights laws: discuss
  • Human right is a luxury
  • Data protection policies do not work
  • A special constitution on human rights should be created
  • What is the place of torture in human rights law?

Employment Law Dissertation Topics

The relationship between employers and employees is examined in employment law. It also encompasses employment security, labor activities, wages, trade unions, and more. You can attempt any of these topics:

  • A comprehensive overview of job security provisions
  • How gender difference is a determinant of job recruitment
  • The trade unions are as important as the employees
  • An overview of discrimination law in any Scandinavian country
  • An overview of the laws for disabled people
  • The relationship between the work environment in the US and Germany
  • The challenges of human rights protection at the workplace
  • The chaos of employees regulations act in any country of your choice
  • Citing proper case studies, evaluate the role played by trade unions
  • Role, challenges, and prospects of trade unions in India
  • Role and challenges of trade unions in China
  • Review the human rights section of an international firm and spot errors
  • Social work in conjunction with employment law: comment
  • How do remote job contracts work in the US?
  • Evaluate how airlines relate with their employees
  • Compare and contrast the US and UK Employment laws
  • Discuss employment mobility in India
  • How contractor relationships with employees become learned
  • The challenges in the UK after exit from Brexit
  • The efficiency of human rights in pursuing and getting equal wages.

Company Law Dissertation Topics

These topics discuss incorporation benefits, assets of limited liability, capital, gaining investors, and many other laws that encircle company activities. You can choose to elaborate on any of the best custom law topics:

  • Why non-executive directors are essential
  • How companies promote corporate governance
  • Corporate governance is essential over corporate social responsibility: discuss
  • The minority is not important while making company decisions since the majority love it: discuss
  • How minority shareholder rights are prioritized
  • What are the best practices for corporate governance?
  • The consequence of the 2008 financial crisis in the companies responsible
  • How companies take responsibility for mass errors: cite three cases
  • Corporate laws in African markets
  • Corporate laws in Chinese markets
  • How do companies protect their interest outside the home country
  • How do improve corporate performance of s company through law
  • The principle of corporate governance and the practical models
  • The thin line between corporate governance and social responsibility
  • How does corporate governance influence the line of actions in Switzerland?
  • The challenges in establishing corporate governance policies
  • Compare and contrast Islamic shariah and corporate governance law
  • How governments influence corporate governance
  • A study of the laws ensuring multinational organizations pay tax
  • The challenge of underdeveloped economies in achieving true social responsibility to the public.

International Law Dissertation Topics

You may choose to express your education on the laws that guide how sovereign states relate in the international space. These are dissertation topics that express how states are treated across borders. Consider these:

  • Relationship between international law and domestic law
  • How does the UK address terrors?
  • How does the US address terror?
  • How does Russia address terror just as it’s doing with Ukraine?
  • How does South Africa assess pressure or terror and react?
  • How does China react and act to pressure?
  • What binds any country to obey international laws?
  • Brexit: what does it mean for the world?
  • What is the role of the US in maintaining global order
  • The challenges in enforcing international law
  • Human rights issues in India
  • How nationals of other countries may commit a crime and escape it
  • The provision for digital crimes
  • The provision safeguarding trading on cryptocurrency
  • What are the attempts to protect international human rights in the face of undue pressure from marginalized persons
  • What are the biggest odds for corporate social responsibility?
  • What do fast-rising cities mean for international migration and human rights?
  • What does terrorism mean to human rights?
  • How does a nation attain credibility as a safe country to live in?
  • How can rape as an international crime be acknowledged in countries where the military rules?
  • The future of the Arab Israeli crisis
  • Can it be rightly said that the elongation of the crisis is because of the intervention of superpowers?
  • Safe travel into Jerusalem: discuss
  • Safety in the international community: a facade
  • Prospects for the Ukrainian and Russian crisis
  • Prospects of fast-rising third world countries and commitment to international human rights
  • How wars can hamper human rights
  • Human rights and attainment of weapons of war, what’s more important?
  • Challenges of investors in the global market
  • How renewable energy is still a distant dream in the international space

Commercial Law Dissertation Topics

You can decide to write on the topics relating to legal practice in trade, commerce, sales, environmental regulations, real estate regulations, etc. Consider these active topics:

  • Predatory pricing: a case study of China
  • Trade policies of China
  • Compare and contrast the trade policies of China and India
  • Compare and contrast the trade policies of members of the EU
  • Assess the conclusion of the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods and what it means for the world
  • Assess the role of international commercial companies in promoting exploitation
  • The challenge of investing in real estate and the law that protects the investment
  • How does a country’s trading law affect multinational companies?
  • Examine how Pre-incorporation contract means and how it works
  • How to meditate corporate social responsibility
  • Effects of Chinese laws on MNCs
  • A case study of Tesla: how did Tesla gain Mary edge in China
  • Evaluate commercial law in Wales and the UK
  • Commercial law, compare and contrast USA and Switzerland
  • Choose two countries in Latin America and assess the relationship of MNCs there
  • Africa is dumping yard for European products: discuss
  • Critically assess the emergence of international law
  • Investigate how sufficient a country can be without MNCs, using their case studies
  • The consequences of international commercial laws in Mexico
  • Evaluate corporate social responsibility in India

Intellectual Property Law Dissertation Topics

Intellectual property lawyers deal with the rights of artistic works and intangible assets. You can find your dissertation on topics like:

  • How technology affects intellectual property rights
  • How technology helps with the manipulation of copyright
  • How protected are trademarks in Europe?
  • How protected are trademarks in India?
  • How protected are intellectual property rights: compare and contrast the UK and the US
  • Is there a concern about trademarks in China?
  • Emerging technologies and intellectual property rights
  • Copyright laws: discuss
  • How do painters protect their work?
  • How artists stay secure even on the internet
  • Compare and contrast intellectual property in China and India
  • Evaluate the patterns to latent models
  • How to secure ideas with intellectual property rights
  • Is file-sharing against intellectual property rights?
  • How rephrasing violates intellectual property rights
  • Intellectual property rights in Russia
  • Patent lawsuits: cite three lawsuits on patent protection
  • How laws on copyright are improved
  • How laws on patent protection can be improved
  • EU and America: compare and contrast intellectual property laws
  • How can intellectual property rights be safeguarded permanently?
  • The policies of YouTube on copyright
  • The policies of Spotify on copyright and how it follows it up
  • The policies of Netflix on copyright and how it follows it up
  • The challenges of copyrights in banned books
  • The digitization of the media and copyright issues
  • Intellectual property rights in the Middle East.

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Law Dissertation Topics And Research Ideas

Date Modified March 7 2023 by Stella Carter

Law is an umbrella term that encompasses many subjects under its domain. Its subcategory subjects are the majors you choose during your LLB or LLM degree. During your academic career as a lawyer, you will be challenged to produce a unique dissertation. This would require you to choose a compelling law dissertation topic. If you are one of those who prefer to focus on personal development and outsourcing your dissertation writing, then you are in the right place!

Table of Contents

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List of Best Law Dissertation Topics UK For An Enticing Research!

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Research Aim and Objectives

Since decades, it has been known that UK has a firm history related to the protection of rights of consumers. Notwithstanding the fact, consumers in UK have been relying on laws which significantly focuses on protecting the buyers of services and products. The current research aims to evaluate the law protecting the future consumer rights in the United Kingdom. Since, the application of UK consumers’ protection laws at the national, as well as, international level are still a matter of concern. Although, several studies have focused on the reforms related to protection of consumers’ rights but after Brexit, changes have been brought about in the UK laws thus, this study has focused on those laws to assess the significance of their implementation in future for the UK consumers. In line with this aim, some vital research objectives have been formulated and enlisted as follows;

  • To determine the changes in the UK law, in the context of consumer goods and services.
  • To evaluate the significance of novel UK laws in the protection of rights of consumers, in future.

To compare and contrast between the EU and UK laws, in the context of their significance in improving the lives of consumers.

Since ages, it has been observed that the manifestation of gender-based sexual violence have immensely violated the human rights, being imposed, all across the world. In UK, pervasive sexual violence during wartime has been a matter of concern. Although, a number of legislations have been proposed related to the protection of human rights in the UK but, the country has failed to successfully adopt or implement those laws. Other than this, previous studies have debated about the sexual violence during wartime but they have not discussed whether such violence should be taken into consideration in war crimes or not. In addition to this, researchers have not yet discussed about the male and female rape cases extensively. Thus, the current study aims to explore about the male and female rape cases during the war, as well as, to identify if these cases need to be included in war crimes. Following are some of the research objectives which have been addressed in the current research, to meet the aim of the research.

  • To investigate the rate of male and female rape cases during the wartime.
  • To determine the association between rape cases and war crimes.
  • To acquire knowledge and understanding about the implementation of human rights in relation to war crimes including, male and female rape cases, in future.

Although, researchers believe that human rights and fundamental rights of citizens are completely different from each other but, the human right laws significantly contribute in protecting the fundamental rights of citizens, as well. Notwithstanding the fact, researchers have not yet developed understanding related to the relationship between the human rights law and fundamental rights, along with the significance of their combined implementation, in terms of protecting the citizens’ rights to freedom. Other than this, several studies have identified that human rights law have failed to protect the fundamental rights of every citizen however, obstacles that are causing the human rights law to fail have not been identified. Thus, the current study reviews human rights law that plays significant role in protecting the fundamental rights of every citizen, along with certain obstacles which are causing it to fail. With reference to this aim, few research objectives have been drafted to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding to readers related to respective subject area. These research objectives are enlisted as follows;

  • To determine the relationship between human rights law and fundamental rights of citizens.
  • To identify the role of human rights law to the freedom of citizens.
  • To detect obstacles causing the implementation of human rights law in relation to the protection of fundamental rights of citizens, to fail.

In the recent era, the legality of nuclear weapons, is considered to be one of the potentially sensitive, and controversial problem, at the international level. At the core of the legal debate, the questions are if the use of nuclear weapons is legal and under what conditions, as well as, if threatening the use of nuclear weapons is legal or not. Other than this, past researchers have not yet been able to determine if it is legal to involve in certain activities associated with the use of nuclear weapons including, supply of nuclear weapons, development, possession, manufacture, deployment, testing, as well as, emplacement of such weapons. Therefore, the current research has been conducted to review about relevant legal principles and laws with a prime emphasis on the use of nuclear weapons all across the world, along with the laws for safeguarding citizens and their surroundings. In line with this aim, few important research objectives have been formulated which need to be addressed in this study to provide extensive knowledge about the relevant study area. Following are the research objectives;

  • To identify the legalities of nuclear weapons under international law, all across the world.
  • To understand certain circumstances in which the use of nuclear weapons is lawful.
  • To determine the relationship between the laws for using nuclear weapons and laws for the protection of citizens.

 In UK, a number of multinational organizations are observed to have been playing significant role in increasing the economic development of the country. Although, essential labor laws have been proposed and enforced in the UK but, their relation with the performance of workforces have not been researched in depth. Notwithstanding the fact, researchers believed that workforce have been the major factors that influence the productivity of national, as well as, foreign firms. Extensive studies have been proposed which had demonstrated the significance of labor laws at several areas within different organizations. However, this study has been presented with the aim to determine the impact of labor laws, specifically on the performance of sales, within multinational firms, in the United Kingdom. With reference to this aim, certain research objectives have been outlined to bridge the identified research gaps and problems;

  • To detect the significance of labor laws in organizations in UK.
  • To analyse the influence of labor laws in enhancing the performance of sales in multinational firms.
  • To assess ways for the implementation of labor laws in UK local, as well as, international firms for improving the productivity of sales department.

In the recent decades, the subject of death penalty in the UK has gained a significantly historic attention. The criminal justice bills, along with human rights conventions have been enforced to put an end to capital punishment. However, the issue of death sentencing in the UK has still been a matter of concern due to the fact that, most of the people believed it to be completely unjustified and unlawful. While, solid justifications have not yet been proposed to develop an understanding related to the legality of death sentencing in the UK. In addition to this, a slight increase in the events of death sentencing in the UK has been observed however, negligible attention has been paid by legislative bodies towards this issue. The current study thereby critically analyzes death sentencing in the UK law, and attempts to provide justification related to the legalities of death sentencing events by focusing on current rules and legislations, as well as, discussions carried out by past researchers. Following are some of the key research objectives which have been used to achieve the aim of this study;

  • To analyse the rate of death sentencing events in the UK.
  • To determine the role of death sentencing in the UK law.
  • To detect if this punishment is justified to be used to punish criminals or not.

The current research article has examined the experiences of rape victims who look for post assault help from mental health, legal, as well as, medical systems, in order to, analyze the impact of rape on the mental well-being of the victim. In addition to this, this research has evaluated if punishment allotted for the rape criminals is justified and significant enough to prevent further events of rape.  A number of past studies have taken into consideration the causes and consequences of rape events however, negligible focus has been put on the mental, as well as, physical stability of the rape victim. Other than this, the implementation of punishments devised for rape criminals has been observed to have negligible impact on the rate and frequency of rape cases. With regards to this aim, essential research objectives have been formulated, which are as follows;

  • To determine the quality of medical care being provided to rape victims in the mental health care centers.
  • To analyse the growing concerns related to the response of community towards rape.
  • To assess intervention programs being used by healthcare professionals to help improve the mental state of rape victims.

The matrimonial, as well as, non matrimonial relationships in the Muslim world states have been a subject of debate since several years. Under Islamic law, it is completely deniable for a Muslim and even non-Muslim to have an illegal sexual intercourse with the opposite gender, under any circumstances. Past researches have significantly focused on the punishments being enforced in the criminal law to punish an individual found to be involved in the unlawful adultery intercourse. Because of the inadequate practice in the European, as well as, Asian countries, in the prosecution for rape or adultery intercourse has been a specified subject. Thus, the current study has comparatively analysed modern laws, as well as, Islamic laws against rape. The relevant research objectives which have been addressed in this study are as follows;

  • To understand the concepts given in Islamic law related to rape cases and adultery intercourse.
  • To compare and contrast between Islam laws and modern laws, in the context of rape.
  • To determine efficient and effective methods for the prevention of this heinous act.

In the current years, a number of military interventions has been observed, mainly if African continent, in which the Untied States was found to be playing a prime role. International intervention has been recognized as a failing concept, in the context of resolving international conflicts. Under the UK and USA laws, the implementation of this approach has been a matter of concern for certain countries, as they believe that, such intervention has disrupted their system. The current review has however, provided evidence to justify if intervening in the affairs of other countries is legal in the eyes of law or not. With regards to this aim, following are some of the essential research objectives;

  • To identify the role of intervention approach in the current affairs.
  • To determine the efficiency of this approach in the law.

To focus on ways to control intervention in the affairs of other countries.

The current study has critically evaluated human rights law regulating against the situation of Palestine. In accordance to several studies, human rights law significantly depends on action taken against the political dominance of one state over another. In Palestine, it could be seen that the use of human rights law has been distorted due to political power of other countries over Palestine and thus, it has been suffering from immense destruction. Notwithstanding the fact, researchers have not paid significant concern over the distortion of human rights law in Palestine, along with the implementation of novel regulatory bodies, thus, this study has proposed certain research objectives to meet the study aim and bridge the research gaps.

  • To determine human rights law regulating bodies for improving the situation in Palestine.
  • To outline strategies which could help in the growth and development of Palestine, in terms of political dominance.
  • To recommend the enforcement of some of regulating bodies to prevent Palestine from devastating acts.

It has been known since ages that the influence of political affairs in the UK is substantial and which observes to have disrupted the system of state. However, researchers have not been able to reveal the truth related to political intervention in the legislature, along with its benefit in intervening in such affairs. To uncover the truth, the current study has analyzed the political influence on laws of the UK, to provide better understanding and knowledge to readers related to alterations in the laws, in line with the political interventions. With respect to this aim, significant research objectives have been proposed in the following paragraph, which were addressed in the study to answer the proposed research question and achieve reliable research outcomes.

  • To determine the impact of political practices on the rules and legislations of the UK.
  • To identify interventions to prevent political influence on the law enforcement.

In the recent affairs, the invasion of Iraq has been identified to be the most momentous, as well as, controversial international policy decision. Researchers have long debated over explanations for the war. In comparison to other wars, a significant cleavage has been observed towards the war justifications. The current study has explored the United States invasion in Iraq, as well as, attempted to justify if the invasion is legal in the eyes of international laws or not. Following are some of the research objectives, proposed to achieve the desired aim and answer the relevant research question by acquiring valid and reliable research outcomes. These research objectives include;

  • To investigate the invasion of US in Iraq.
  • To determine the impact of invasion on the lives of citizens.
  • To identify the role of US invasion under the international law.

Aim and Objectives

In the recently manipulated world, the act of bureaucracy has significantly increased in almost every organizations or legal authorities. The governing bodies are observed to have been involved substantially in acquiring personal benefits by manipulating rules and regulations. Notwithstanding the fact, previous studies have found that, manipulation of laws for personal gains have deteriorated the operating system of political forums. Therefore, a number of loopholes could be observed in the legal system of several states. Despite of deterioration in the legal system, it was observed that judiciary system have not been paying significant attention towards the prevention of manipulation of laws for personal benefits. The current study has been thereby, conducted to assess the impact of manipulating the law for personal gains. Along with it, this study has aimed to determine ways that can be used by judiciary bodies to prevent loopholes in the legal system. Although, a number of researches has been proposed with respect to bureaucracy and nepotism in the legal forums but, its impact on the functionality of the state, as well as, role of judiciary in this concern, has not been identified yet. To meet the study requirements, following research objectives have been proposed.

  • To identify the effect of bureaucracy on the operations of legal forums.

To understand the role of judiciary bodies in preventing bureaucracy and nepotism in the legal system.

Since the 18 th century, the jury system has been operated in Britain while, the role of jury were observed to have changed over decades. In the modern era, the role of juries in the criminal trials are observed to have substantially increased whereas, they tend to act as witness in the courtrooms. Studies have shown that the decision of judges related to any case essentially relies on the verdict of jury i.e. if the criminal is found guilty by jury then only judges could be able to allege imprisonment. Although, it is widely known that, both judges and jury are of equal importance in the courtroom but, it could be recently observed that, jury has been of immense importance, in comparison to judges, in the courtroom. However, very little attention has been towards the importance of jury and judges. Thus, the current study has aimed to assess the role of jury in the courtroom, as well as, determine if the authorities of the judge have been taken away by jury, in the modern judiciary system. With respect to this aim, some significant research objectives have been outlined in the current study, which are as follows;

  • To determine the role of jury in the courtroom.
  • To compare and contrast between the significance of jury and judges in the courtroom.

Historically, it has been known that, law enforcement agencies play significant role to safeguard civilians from any harm or violence. However, several international law scholars have argued that the law enforcement agencies focus only on safeguarding military and civilians from physical violence during armed conflicts. Other than this, most of the scholars, as well as, a number of countries, across the world, believe that, police, justice components and certain other law enforcement agencies play essential role in peace operations. In addition to this, it has been observed that the police department significantly contributes in maintaining peace            within the state by working with other law enforcement agencies. Studies have also found that law enforcement agencies generally work in collaboration with United Nations. However, the current study has been proposed to critically analyze the role of law enforcement agencies in maintaining peace within the country. To achieve the study aim, few research objectives have been formulated and enlisted as follows;

  • To develop understanding about the law enforcement agencies.
  • To analyze the significance of law enforcement agencies in peace-making strategies within the country.
  • To determine the measures taken by law enforcement agencies to prevent military from physical violence, during armed conflicts.

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List Of Law Dissertation Ideas For 2020

If you are planning to wake up one day with an excellent law dissertation idea, then you are wrong. Generating thesis topics for law students is a brain-wrecking task. It requires students to sit in the company of highly educated people and brainstorm with them. However, if you are willing to avoid the hassle, you can benefit from our list of best law dissertation ideas for 2020.

It could be seen in the UK that despite several laws, the country has not yet been able to help labors enjoy their rights and work efficiently in both national and multinational firms. Notwithstanding the fact, the UK government has been trying to enforce strict labor laws in the country since ages, it has failed to do so. Prior to the exit of Brexit, labors in the UK faced several challenges due to which certain companies dealt with immensely adverse consequences. Other than this, studies have depicted that legal authorities including government bodies have been formulating strategies for the implementation of labor laws in the UK, after the Brexit. Knowing the fact that, United Nations has been a vital challenge for citizens and labors, the implementation of labor laws is still observed to be a challenging task for UK government due to certain political obstacles. However, the current research has identified certain important political obstacles which are encountered by UK government in enforcing strict labor laws. With respect to this aim, few research objectives are formulated, which have been addressed in the following section of this study. These objectives include;

  • To determine important labor laws proposed by UK government after Brexit.
  • To identify political obstacles faced by government when enforcing labor laws.

To recommend certain measures that can be used by UK government to culminate political obstacles and enforce strict labor laws.

Within the academic circles, a relatively little attention has been paid towards the concept of religion and secularism in the United Kingdom. Religious discrimination has been observed in the UK legal system which has led to serious conflicts between people living in the country. Notwithstanding the fact, due to religious discrimination employees and students face serious issues despite, the enforcement of human rights in UK. A number of studies have focused on different types of UK laws but, the concept of religious discrimination and secularism have been a matter of concern. In addition to this, it has been observed that UK government has never debated or emphasized over the religious or cultural discrimination during law enforcement practices and thus, the religious leaders are found to have not gained significant attention in UK. The current research has however, crucially analyzed the role of religious leaders in directing the laws in the UK. The research objectives which have been addressed in this study are enlisted below.

  • To determine the concept of religion and secularism in the UK.
  • To assess the role of religious leaders in structuring laws in the UK.
  • To evaluate the implementation of equality and human rights in relation to belief or religion in different sectors in UK.

In the past two decades, the law of self-defense has gained enormous attention. In the English law, it has been observed that, self-defense generally applies when the defendant is found to have used reasonable, proportionate and necessary forces to either defend themselves or others from any assault. It could be completely used in defending to all non-sexual offences. Notwithstanding the fact, it was determined that the principle of self-defense has been often misused due to which victim had to go through serious challenges. Several studies have focused on the law of self-defense but, it was found that most of the cases have not completely resolved till date because of the reason that self-defense has not been justified. However, the current study has emphasized on the laws of self-defense to determine ways by the use of which a defendant can justify self-defense in the courtroom against violence such as murder. Certain objectives which need to be addressed in this study to meet the aim of the research are as follows;

  • To understand the concept of self-defense and assess related laws.
  • To determine how self-defense could be justified in the courtroom.
  • To assess if self-defense could be used as an excuse for murder.

With respect to false rape accusations, it is an uncertain phenomenon that this spectre has essentially affected the formulation, as well as, enforcement of legal doctrine. In order to justify evidential rules, the fear of false accusations has been used mainly in cases which include sexual offences including, retention of marital rape, corroboration warning that affect the decision-making of prosecutorial and police. In accordance to the findings of several studies, the issue of false rape accusations has been a matter of concern and dangerous due to the fact that it would give rise to societal myths about women. Other than this, scholars believed that the spectre of false accusations could influence the perspective of people about rape. In addition to this, it has been believed by police officers that most of the rape accusations are false. Moreover, it has been observed that, police officers and legal authorities generally pay negligible attentions towards rape accusations. The current study has thereby, explored actions which could be taken into consideration against false accusation of rape. Some of the research objectives which have been addressed in this study are as follows;

  • To discuss about the issue of false accusations of rape in the modern era.
  • To investigate measures used against false allegations of rape.
  • To determine if false allegations of rape has defamed the legal system or not.

Numerous issues related to social, political, and economic development have been faced by third world countries, after their development into more industrialized countries. Most of the third world counties are observed to have integrated the concept of state equality, principles of non-intervention, non-aggression, as well as, state of sovereignty, in order to, acquire position in the model of international law. Nevertheless, most of the third world countries are still looking for their related places in the universal economy. Most of the developing countries are more likely to go around with developmental patterns which rely primarily on the use of natural resources. As a consequence, certain developing countries have immensely disrupted their ecosystems. The current research has been conducted with the aim to determine the problems occurred in the implementation of international laws in third world countries. With respect to this aim, some of the research objectives have been formulated and enlisted below.

  • To determine the changes brought about in third world countries.
  • To assess the integration of international laws in third world countries.

To investigate obstacles which occur during the enforcement and implementation of international laws in third world countries.

In all three constituent legal systems, the right to freedom of religion in the United Kingdom have been provided by national, international, devolved and European treaty or law. It has been observed that, the Equity Act 2010 has prohibited the act of discrimination against individuals from different religious and cultural background. It has been believed by international scholars that, religion plays significant role in the development of nation. Religious beliefs however, significantly help in structuring the economic, as well as, political institutions and thus, could either limit or accelerate the entire development of nation. Also, previous studies have not debated over the integration of religious beliefs in the formulation of laws for a nation. Thus, the current research has been conducted to assess the role played by religious leaders in setting up laws for a nation. The research objectives outlined with respect to this aim are as follows;

  • To determine the influence of religious discrimination in the country.
  • To identify the impact of religion in the formulation of laws for a nation.
  • To assess the consequences of integration of religious beliefs in the national laws.

Cyber security plays significant role in the provision of protection from cyber-attacks. It could be seen that with emerging world, information technology has also rapidly emerged and thus, gained significant attention. Cyber law has gained immense significance in the modern era, as it could be used via internet-related technologies. Notwithstanding the fact, cyber laws have essentially been used to maintain justice and peace in the current advanced era. Other than this, cyber laws have acquired attention because of the increased rate of crime through technological tools such as, mobiles, computers, online applications, etc. The current study however, aims to explain the importance of cyber laws in the modern world along with their need in maintaining peace and justice. Based on this aim, following research objectives have been proposed.

  • To develop knowledge about cyber-crimes and cyber laws.
  • To determine the significance of cyber laws in the current era.
  • To assess the need stressed upon the implementation of cyber laws.

The attitude of public towards civil rights are generally chime and relatively illiberal with the existing route of public policy, mainly in relation to the role of government in safeguarding the nation. Nevertheless, the public is found to be comparatively divided on various issues, related to the rights of extremists, freedom of conscience, as well as, behaviors which have not directed towards persistent way since last few decades. However, levels of support vary across several sections of society, the public is commonly supportive of activities carried out by government in the area of national security. The current research has critically evaluated the relationship between civil liberties, and public safety in international laws of the United Kingdom. In line with this aim, few important research objectives have been proposed which are as follows;

  • To identify the regulations for public safety in the laws of UK.
  • To determine the role of civil liberties within the nation.
  • To analyze the association of civil liberties with public safety.

It is one of the most significant area which is rapidly developing in English law, taking into consideration the legal rights possess by an individual related to informational privacy. This has been assessed as the most significant part of criminal law. Other than this, explicit right has been provided to respect the private life. The current study has however, evaluated the significance of preceding in the eyes of general public, with respect to regulations given in English law. The perspective of European Convention with respect to privacy have also been discussed in this research. Some of the research objectives formulated in this study include;

  • To assess the role of privacy in UK.
  • To analyze the significance of preceding.

To identify the perspective of general public in this concern

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