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information technology dissertation topics

IT Dissertation Topics (26 Examples) For Your Academic Research

Mark Dec 28, 2019 Jun 5, 2020 Information Technology No Comments

We aim to offer a vast collection of IT dissertation topics. You can find a suitable topic from the list of IT dissertation topics presented below. Writing a dissertation on information technology topics has its challenges. However, the evolution in the field of information technology offers a wide scope of research. You can start with […]

IT dissertation topics

We aim to offer a vast collection of IT dissertation topics. Writing a dissertation on information technology topics has its challenges. However, the evolution in the field of information technology offers a wide scope of research. You can find suitable ideas from the list of IT research topics for your project as presented below.

Our team of expert writers can provide quality dissertations on the selected topics. We ensure that our work meets the required standards and deadlines.

A list Of IT dissertaton topics

Studying the technology-enhanced development of autonomous learning in tracking the student’s performance.

Role of e-HR systems in managing employee engagement and satisfaction.

Analysing the history and evolution of touch screen technology.

Exploring the concept of text mining and its pros and cons.

The extent to which social media has influenced the lives of humans in the 21st century.

How information systems are increasing the competencies of SMEs around the world?

How is education supporting the incorporation and development of new technologies?

To study the role of technology in controlling addictions.

The evolution of restaurant management systems and how it is helping restaurants in managing their day-to-day tasks?

Studying the importance of data mining and customer relationship management.

Examining the concept of e-commerce and the network security concerns in the context of SMEs.

Exploring the concept of the vehicle registration system and how it is helping in controlling traffic accidents and thefts.

Studying the threats of phishing email attacks on the online banking systems.

Exploring the opportunities of broadband technologies.

To study the creativity and effective electronic brainstorming concepts.

To find out the suitable methods of requirements modelling for business applications.

Investigating the piracy issues on the internet and how it affects the businesses.

Studying the systems dynamics approach in modelling the internet penetration.

The role of customer query tracker in the B2B models.

To study the best practices of a call intensive support desk and network operations centre.

Studying the impact of the information age on the modern-day society.

Analysing the server-based content adaptation architecture and its benefits.

A literature review on the development of interactive software engineering tools.

Conducting an investigation of cyber-crime based on internet piracy.

Examining the pros and cons of e-commerce solutions related to fashion businesses.

To analyse the impact of poor corporate intranet sites and their effects on staff performance in large enterprises.

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Along with a topic, you will also get;

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology with identification of raw sample size, and data collection method
  • View a sample of topic consultation service

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Dissertation Topics in Information Technology

          Dissertation Topics in Information Technology provides best and successful topics for a dissertation on IT. When writing a dissertation on any topic is quite a challenging task. But our experts have written many dissertations on various domains also for students and also scholars worldwide. We offer dissertation topics in IT also for both undergraduate and also postgraduate students with complete fulfilment.

Our prime intention is to interact with students and produce quality and novel research work for every customer. We also have world-class experts with us who give complete guidance for you 24/7.

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Dissertation Topics

        Dissertation Topics in Information Technology offer a research platform to know about our current research action and also knowledge. Information Technology is one of the vast areas and the fastest-growing field globally, which comprises a set of methodologies, tools, and processes to process and collect information.   Being in the emerging world involves various research areas, including multimedia, telecommunications, office automation, and health informatics.

Some of Our Innovative Way

We also offer a dissertation for a broad spectrum of topics with affiliated formats or your own formats. Today, there are plenty of issues are also come across in information technology that is also uniquely identified by our researchers through some innovative way.

We serve students in various ways and our expert’s expertise on how to handle students’ needs and requirements. We have also provided the top 20 research topics and other research topics for your IT dissertation.

Top 20 Research Topics for Dissertation in IT

  • QoS Parameters Analysis
  • Manual surveillance system
  • IPv6 Core Router
  • Internet privacy
  • Internet Gambling
  • Digital Imaging
  • Computer Crimes Detection
  • Information and also Communication
  • Sustainable Energy Technologies
  • Biomedical engineering
  • High Speed Networks
  • Web technologies
  • Grid computing
  • Intranet/Internet also based on systems
  • Multimedia and also in web technologies
  • Impact factors of IT
  • Simplified Data Processing also based on Modern IT
  • Under Water Acoustic Sensor Network
  • VoIP Security Service against DDoS attack
  • Cyber security and also in cyber security also with auditing

Other Dissertation Titles in IT

  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Security Innovation
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Bio medical mining
  • Internet of Things
  • Neural Networking
  • Amorphous Computing
  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Satellite Communication
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Green and also in Sustainable Computing
  • 4G and 5G Networks
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • E-business/E-governance and also Enterprise Social Networks

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In addition we assist our students and scholars in the following areas

  • Domain selection
  • Introduction/clear knowledge of the particular domain
  • Literature survey
  • Research Methodology (Software tools, algorithms, and also techniques)
  • Data analysis and also in management (qualitative and also quantitative)
  • Results discussion and also in comparative study
  • Editing, formatting and also in proof reading
  • Power point preparation
  • Viva-voce/oral defense
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Technology Dissertation Topics

Published by Carmen Troy at January 9th, 2023 , Revised On August 16, 2023


Trending technology emphasizes a sum of techniques, methods, and skills to accomplish a scientific invention. Trending technology enhances a significant impact on the advancement of science that creates sustainability in the outer world. Technology is the gift of science that interrelates the relationship between past and future. The dissertation on technology focuses on various perspectives, and these topics enhance the progressive prospects of research. The report highlights the most trending topics of technology that give ideas for doing an influential dissertation paper. Each topic’s aim highlights the purpose of each research, and the detailed analysis helps overcome the challenges of the prospects of the technology.

You may also be interested in ideas relating to artificial intelligence and facial recognition .

2022 Technology Research Topics

Topic 1: assessing the significance of ai growth in the evolution of human nature..

Research Aim: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad tool that allows people to reimagine how we can combine info, analyse data and employ the ensuring visions to better decision making and it is already influencing each part of life. In this study, we will investigate the significance of AI growth in the evolution of human nature. It will focus on how AI is changing human nature day by day.

Topic 2: Investigating the impact of illegal offshore finance on the widespread implementation of Blockchain Technology as a World's economic management strategy.

Research Aim: The main aim of this research study is to raise awareness of the critical issue of offshore finance as a means of tax evasion among diverse individuals, public figures, and businesses. The objective of this study is to collect numerous pieces of evidence relating to illegal fraud actions worldwide. It will also focus on providing clear identification of the link of such instances to the government’s lack of interest in implementing blockchain technology as a tool of economic management strategy.

Topic 3: Finding a suitable Methodology for Rationalising Educational Technology at College Level in the United States.

Research Aim: The goal of this study is to find the best way to rationalise educational technology at the college level in the United States. Many previous studies show that there is a lack of data on the ideal approach for rationalizing educational technology at the college level, so this study will find an optimum way for educational technology.

Topic 4: An investigative study on why Google revises its SEO techniques- Is it to improve Search Engine Technology?

Research Aim: This study aims to find the role of SEO is making a website successful. We will study the techniques of Google and why google changes or revises its Strategies often, and how it impacts its Search engine technology.

Topic 5: A Comparative Analysis of the Link Between Technology and Perceptions of Instructional Quality in the UK.

Research Aim: The purpose of this study is to conduct a comparative analysis of the link between technology employed and the perception of instructional quality in the UK. This study will develop an understanding of how students in the UK perceive various kinds of technology utilised by instructors to provide training. It will also determine different technologies such as WWW tools, communication tools, etc., can influence instructional quality reliably.

Technology Dissertation Research Topics

Topic 1: the relevance of technology in social media and its effect on social media.

Research Aim: The research aims to understand the importance of technology and its relationship with social media. The research highlights various arguments that support the perspectives of technology. It focuses on technology shapes the use of social media.

Topic 2: Role of technology for providing electricity in lower-income areas

Research Aim: The purpose of the research fulfills the advancement of technology used in electricity and how it develops low-income areas. It focuses on the progressive aspects of society. The research logically gaps between the demand and use of electricity.

Topic 3: The role of digital education and its sustainable impact on the youth of society

Research Aim: It highlights the accessibility of digital education and its sustainable impact on youth. It focuses on the impact of digital education on the life of the youth. The purpose of the research analyses the importance of digital education.

Topic 4: The role of technology in making a digital classroom for students and its sustainable impact on education.

Research Aim: Technology can recover the gap between students and teachers. The present report focuses on the role of the advancement of technology in making a digital classroom. It analyzes all the modern equipment that use in the contemporary classroom.

Topic 5: The advancement of Wi-Fi can change the lives of people.

Research Aim: The aim is to focus on the uses of the internet for changing the lives of people. It highlights the positive impact of Wi-Fi on the life of people. Wi-Fi is convenient to use in any area, and the research highlights the changing perspectives of Wi-Fi.

Topic 6: Role of technology for promoting agriculture

Research Aim: The research aims to focus on the importance of technology in the area of agricultural development. It understands all the modern equipment that promotes agriculture. It focuses on the area of developmental perspectives that focus on progressive perspectives of human civilisation.

Topic 7: Role of technology for doing online marketing

Research Aim: Online Marketing is the leveraging prospect of using websites on the internet. It focuses on the digital tools that are operating in developing online marketing. It focuses on the relevance of branding for doing online marketing.

Topic 8: Data protection in terms of using artificial intelligence and big data

Research Aim: It highlights the tools that protect data in AI. The research highlights the relevance of data protection and its importance for saving work culture in the organisation.

Topic 9: A detailed exploration of using the advancement of using a computer and the emergence of the hacking system

Research Aim: The purpose of the research is to use a computer and its impact on human civilization’s progression. The aim highlights the importance of using the computer. The detailed exploration of the research highlights the hacking system’s emergence and its pros and cons in human society.

Topic 10: E-tourism and its relation to customer satisfaction

Research Aim: The research aims to highlight the detailed illustration of e-tourism and its relationship with customer satisfaction in terms of their experiences.

Topic 11: The emergence of technology for developing the field of medicines

Research Aim: It focuses on the progressive prospects of technology in the area of medicine. It highlights the use of technical tools like 3d printing, robotic surgery and the merits and demerits of using technical tools.

Topic 12: Medical technology and its Impact on the life of a human being

Research Aim: It focuses on advancing medical technology that creates a life-changing impact on a human being. It focuses on medical technology that has positive sides for making life more comfortable.

Topic 13: Effect of technology on globalisation

Research Aim: It focuses on how does technology has an impact on globalisation. Technical advancement reduces the cost of transportation and others, but it creates pollution. It highlights the effects of globalisation on human society.

Topic 14: Technology and its relationship with mental health

Research Aim: It highlights the impact of using overuses of technology that highlights reducing physical activity. The present research focuses on reducing physical activity creates an impact on mental health. It highlights the increasing risk of depression.

Topic 15: The radiation of Mobile phones and their impact on globalisation

Research Aim: It highlights the radiation of mobile phones creates physical discomfort among human beings. It focuses on the relationship between the radiation of mobile phones and globalisation.

Topic 16: Digital technologies can increase the work performance of an employee.

Research Aim: the research aims to impact digital technology responsible for creating work performance positively. It focuses on the tools of digital technology and its implementation in the workplace. The aim is to measure the performance of an employee.

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How to find technology dissertation topics.

To discover technology dissertation topics:

  • Follow tech news and innovations.
  • Explore emerging fields (AI, cybersecurity, etc.).
  • Identify industry challenges.
  • Consult academic journals.
  • Discuss with professors or experts.
  • Select a topic aligning with your passion and career objectives.

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Information Technology Dissertation Ideas UK

information technology dissertation topics

There is no sector or arena of life which is not based on the importance of technology. Students get Dissertations on technology from their professors. Dissertation topics on Technology are given by the expert dissertation helper to help students in writing these dissertations.

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Those who are not able to find relevant topics on technology for Dissertation writing can go through the following list. Expert’s Best Assignment Help to the students in the form of Dissertation topics for technology is given to the students for free.

Dissertation Ideas on Technology

Research in the field of technology is very important. There are students who have to write their dissertations on Information Technology . Information technology research topics for such students are given by the professional helper. By using the following list of Dissertation topics on technology, a good Dissertation could be written for the purpose of assignments.

  • Which are the new ideas and principles that are incorporated in the field of Technology by scientist to bring major reformation in the arena?
  • How can we lessen the negative impacts of technology on the life of human beings as well as animals?
  • What is the most crucial field of technology that is catching the eyes of scientists and researchers in the current scenario?
  • What could be done through research in the technology sector for the betterment of human life?
  • How can we reduce the impact of globalization on our environment through inventing improved technology and gadgets?

Struggling to Find a Great Dissertation Topic? Take Expert Help

Topics from Information Technology for Dissertation

There are so many interesting information technology topics in the list below. All the topics are suggested by experienced and skillful dissertation writers. Students can freely use these topics as ideal for writing their Dissertation on technology. Good grades could be obtained by the students of technology by following these topics for the Dissertation.

  • Which are the best software development tools that can be used by software engineers?
  • How to develop software that can help people to be panic-free regarding their data in the system?
  • How do ransomware attacks on the computer system convert the entire data into an encrypted form, is there any way to bring it back without paying any ransom?
  • Things that need to be improved in the software development mechanism.
  • Why it is important to use Developers to develop your website or web portal that is associated with the business?

Dissertation Topics on the Importance of Technology

The importance of technology cannot be denied in the life of human beings. The computer technology topics for the importance of technology to write a Dissertation are suggested by the phenomenal and recognized writers. It is very easy to avail these topics to write the best Dissertation for your Ph.D.

  • Why technology is important for the normal survival of human being in the current time?
  • How the health of human beings is very much dependent upon the technologies, which are the major tools and techniques that are used in the healthcare sector based on technology?
  • Role of technology in the growth of the agriculture sector of the world and how biotechnology has given it a pace.
  • What is the role of technology in bringing hybrid and genetically modifies plants to increase the yield of the agricultural crop?
  • Major Fields of technology that are helping humans and life cannot be supposed in these fields without the presence of technology.
  • Importance of technology in the communication sector which is the biggest success of the technology.

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General Topics on Technology for Dissertation

There are some general topics on the technology as well which are given to the students by British writers to write a Dissertation. These topics are mostly based on every contribution of technology in different fields of life. Students can give a brilliant look to their Dissertation by opting for such topics for the Dissertation on technology.

  • How can we see the future of technology in the coming one or two decades, is it going to take us towards mass destruction to a more advanced world.
  • What could be the ultimate success of technology and its development for the sake of humankind and welfare?
  • Is it possible to imagine the development in sectors like Healthcare, Microbiology, Pathology, Biotechnology, etc. without the help of technology?
  • Which are software used for communication purposes according to the latest update in the field of information technology?
  • How can we maintain this success of technology without harming our environments and atmosphere along with the flora and fauna of different geographical regions?

Computer Engineering Technology Dissertation Topic Ideas

The most crucial and important field of technology is  Computer Engineering . People are taking advantage of this field to communicate with their near and dears easily. The recent flourishing of the field is like a historical moment in the arena of technology. Assignments help through the following topics in computer engineering technology is given to the students.

  • Is it possible to replace the central processing unit of the computer with something compact and more authentic?
  • How can we bring changes in the hardware parts of the computer system to make it easier to use?
  • Which is the latest software used by web designers and web developers for easy development and designing of websites?
  • Importance of Computer engineering for research purposes in Botany and microbiology.
  • How computer engineering is playing a significant role to make the lives of humans better?

Get dissertation writing help on the topic of information technology from expert writers!

Studentsassignmenthelp.co.uk gives dissertation writing help UK to the students for writing technology papers. This help is given in the form of writing a dissertation and suggesting crucial and relevant topics for the dissertation. The topics are based on the different spheres of technology.

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You can write research paper online with the help of professionals. You can also hire assignment proofreader UK to ensure your paper is free from all plagiarism.

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  • Project Management Dissertation Ideas for UK’s MBA Students
  • Biomedical Science Dissertation Ideas for UK Students

information technology dissertation topics

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information technology dissertation topics

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IT Dissertations | Computer Science Dissertations


At Study Aids we are proud to offer a vast collection of IT dissertation titles. Below you will find a great range of IT dissertation titles for you to purchase. These IT dissertations are here to help inspire you in creating your own IT dissertation title.

Our sample IT dissertations will prove helpful in formulating your own dissertation topic, objectives, literature review, methodology and analyses. Our sample IT dissertations are an ideal tool for any student struggling to start their own IT dissertation. IT (Information Technology) is an internationally recognised field of study.

There are numerous fields of IT study including programming languages, EPR and its solutions, numerical data handling, networking and IT project delivery. Information Technology is an essential part of any organisation and there are many components of IT. Information Technology and Electronic Commerce can encompass a wide range of topics:

Hardware, Network Security, Information Systems, ERP, Software, ICT, Infrastructure, Programming, Telecommunications, eLearning, eCommerce, Wireless Networks and Systems Analysis.

All dissertations are made available at the fixed price of £55, which represents outstanding value for money.

Each dissertation title is sold at a fixed price of £55 GBP

Ict & e-commerce dissertations, help & advice.

Information Technology Dissertation Topics

information technology dissertation topics

Today, information technology is a very important field of science, and the professionals in this field are in great demand. So, if you are writing an information technology dissertation, you are sure to make a brilliant career.

Anyway, now you have to concentrate on writing your information technology dissertations . Have you already chosen a topic for your information technology dissertation? Do, you have any specific interests within this field? Actually, this sphere is really broad and it can be rather difficult to decide on the topic of your information technology dissertation. Thus, we would like to give you several topics to be disclosed in your work.

  • First, you can choose a topic for the information technology dissertation from some general issues. It can be the history of computing, computer programming, computer languages, and software engineering.
  • An interesting topic for the information technology dissertations can be about information security. Nowadays, information plays a significant role. All the organizations have a huge amount of private information, which can be of great interest to somebody. Thus, it is necessary to be aware of the ways how private information can be protected.
  • Your information technology dissertation can be devoted to the artificial intelligence. The progress of the computer science went so far that it allowed the machines to think. In your work you can consider whether computers can really be more intelligent than people.
  • Another interesting topic for investigation in your information technology dissertation is the history and development of the hardware in the countries of the Soviet Bloc. The history of computing in these countries is a bit different from the West. It should be quite catchy to investigate their computer technologies.

So, there is a great variety of topics that you can cover in your information technology dissertation . Choose something that really attracts you.

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information technology dissertation topics

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Free sociology thesis ideas, ideas for writing a physics thesis, free architecture dissertation topics.

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Dissertations for Information Technology

Abdulrab, shathi, the impact of culture on information technology adoption in yemeni universities, akoma, ahunna margaux, decision-making, information communication technology, and data analysis by school leaders about student achievement, almasri, rana, the use of mobile technology in education by international students in united states universities: perceptions regarding mobile applications for english language learning, alrushiedat, nimer khalaf, anchored asynchronous online discussions: facilitating engagement, collaboration, social learning, and self-efficacy in a blended environment, alvarez xochihua, omar, a mixed-response intelligent tutoring system based on learning from demonstration, anastasiade, jordan v., instructional strategies for developing problem-solving skills: the worked-example effect using ill-structured visual pattern recognition problems, anderson, timothy r., the viability of a software tool to assist students in the review of literature, badawood, ashraf mohammad, a systematic approach to faculty development toward improved capability in tertiary teaching in a blended learning environment, bakke, christine k., perceptions of professional and educational skills learning opportunities made available through k-12 robotics programming, ball, albert l., a comparison of users' personal information sharing awareness, habits, and practices in social networking sites and e-learning systems, barnes, brenda c., use and acceptance of information and communication technology among laboratory science students, bernacki, matthew, the influence of self-regulated learning and prior knowledge on knowledge acquisition in computer-based learning environments, bledsoe, johnny mark, a quantitative study of factors related to adult e-learner's adoption of web 2.0 technology, boileau, timothy, the effect of interactive technology on informal learning and performance in a social setting, bonner, david m., a study of the technological, instructional, and motivational factors affecting phr certification exam outcomes, bowers, kevin westmoreland, constructing the new classroom: college student perceptions of classes using second life, brennan, william vincent, school principals and virtual learning: a catalyst to personal and organizational learning, broberg, loretta l., a grounded theory approach to examining design and usability guidelines for four-year tribal college web sites, brock, martha anne, the effectiveness of distance education for computer application software instruction versus the cost of development and implementation, bush, michael h., digital course materials: a case study of the apple ipad in the academic environment, sign in or register, sign in using email & password.

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Information Technology (IT) Dissertation Topics

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Eric Amankwa

information technology dissertation topics

Ana Filipa Conceição , Cátia Marques Cebola

International Journal of Mobile Communications

Kamya Aggarwal

Doctoral School of Applied Sciences of Wilson University - Higher School of Applied Sciences of Bertoua

Abstract The focus of this publication relies on e-commerce, e-business and e-marketing’s contribution to global GDP (iGDP) of 14 African countries in six sectors: financial services, education, health, retail, agriculture, and government. Results proved that Technology-related productivity gains in these sectors could reach $148 billion to $318 billion by 2025, and large populations stand to benefit as a result. Their contributions are as follows:  Financial services. The Internet will reduce transaction costs and bring financial services to people who may live far from the nearest bank branch or ATM. With digital technology, more than 60 percent of Africans could have access to banking services by 2025, with more than 90 percent using mobile wallets for daily transactions and remittances.  Education. Many schools that currently lack sufficient textbooks could soon access the world’s best educational content on affordable tablets or e books; teachers, too, will benefit from more effective training. The technology-related productivity gains in education could reach $30 billion to almost $70 billion—enabling governments to achieve more with their education budgets and providing millions of students with the foundation for a better future.  Health. Today, Africa has only 1.1 doctors and 2.7 nurses per 1,000 people, and many people travel long distances for care. But the Internet is enabling greater use of remote  diagnosis, treatment, and education. Technology-related benefits in health care could range from $84 billion to $188 billion by 2025—and the broader social and economic impact of improved health outcomes will be far greater.  Retail. E commerce will open up a new shopping experience for Africa’s growing middle class. By 2025, it could account for 10 percent of retail sales in the continent’s largest economies, which will translate into some $75 billion in annual revenue.  Agriculture. Farmers can access expertise and information on everything from weather, crop selection, and pest control to management and finance. It can also improve access to markets, generating better prices for produce.  Government. The Internet is a powerful tool to improve transparency, streamline service delivery, and automate revenue collection, delivering productivity gains of $10 billion to $25 billion. But alongside these opportunities, there are problems associated with the dynamics of this new interactive media. This has a real impact on small to medium enterprises (SMEs), particularly e-commerce, e-marketing and e-business implementation. The paper is also answering the question how can African SMEs scope with E-marketing (EM) as one of the key drivers in sustaining an organization’s competitive advantage? The paper is also reviewing a summarizing methodology ways of estimating Internet GDP (iDGP) contribution’s to global GDP of an economy. The iGDP for the 14 countries we studied is $17.7 billion, which is 1.1 percent of their total GDP. (Since these countries represent 90 percent of Africa’s GDP, they account for the vast majority of its iGDP as well. We estimate iGDP for the entire continent to be in the range of $18 billion to $18.5 billion ). Private consumption of Internet-related services and equipment, including smartphones, accounts for two-thirds of this total. Public expenditure on the Internet, including digitization of education and health services, contributes only 11 percent to iGDP. Private investment in infrastructure and digitization accounts for a further 9 percent, while the remainder is a positive trade balance created by BPO services. In the area of GDP, Africa’s iGDP (which measures the Internet’s contribution to overall GDP) remains low, at 1.1 percent—just over half the levels seen in other emerging economies. But there is significant variation among individual countries. Senegal and Kenya, though not the continent’s largest economies, have Africa’s highest iGDPs, and governments in both countries have made concerted efforts to stimulate Internet demand. By 2025, Africa’s iGDP should grow to at least 5 to 6 percent, matching that of leading economies such as Sweden, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. However, if the Internet achieves the same kind of scale and impact as the spread of mobile phones in Africa, iGDP could account for as much as 10 percent, or $300 billion, of total GDP while producing a leap forward in economic and social development. We also discussed mainly on policy and practices for African SMEs already dealing with digital technology to lay ground on their performance and turn-over. Three aspects are then developed: e-commerce, e-business and e-marketing. The paper has some limits. It is not a study being carried out with hypotheses, but a sample of summarizing studies carried out worldwide by different authors in which Africa SMEs and Countries are just listed. Keywords: McKinsey internet GDP index; Africa SMEs digital technology; e-marketing; e-business; e-commerce; small business; SMEs.

Jude William Genilo

Bangladesh is all set to become the next global ICT hub. For this to happen, it requires more women to participate in the sector in order to maintain its competitive edge in terms of a young, driven and relatively cheap workforce. However, this is easier said than done in light of the negative perceptions of Bangladeshi women against the ICT sector. By examining the cases of female students and professionals in the ICT sector, the paper sought to find out the factors that would attract local women to prepare for and join the profession. It also explored the circumstances that would enable Bangladeshi women to remain and prosper in the said sector.

Camilius Sanga

… , P., Harris, L. y Eckersley, PM, e …

Peter Eckersley

Kingsley Okoye (PhD)

Discovery of worthwhile process models and effective data representation must be performed with due regard to the transformation that needs to be achieved, and the available data processing tools both at the pre-modelling and post-modelling stages. Indeed, such transformations should be aimed at turning data into real value. Presently, the field of process mining has been proven to provide valuable techniques that are used to improve real time processes by extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in many organisations information systems. Practically, there are two main drivers for such growing interest in process mining. On the one hand, more and more events are being recorded, thus, providing detailed information about history of processes as they happen in reality. On the other hand, there is need to improve and support business processes in a competitive and rapidly changing environment. Process mining means extracting valuable, process-related information from event logs about any real time process. Besides, process discovery has been lately seen as the most important and most visible intellectual challenge related to process mining. The arrangement involves automatic construction of process models from event log about any domain process, and describes causal dependencies between the various activities that are performed within the process base i.e, execution enviroment. In principle, one can use process discovery to obtain process models that describes reality. In view of that, the work in this paper presents a Fuzzy-BPMN mining approach that uses a training event log representing 10 different realtime business process executions to provide a method for discovery of useful process models, and then cross-validating the derived models with a set of test event logs in order to measure the performance of the employed discovery method. Our aim is on carrying out a classification task to determine the traces, ie. individual cases, that makes up the test event log to determine which traces that can be replayed by the original model. Thus, we focus on providing a model which is as good in balancing between overfitting and underfitting as it is able to correctly classify the traces that can be replayed (allowed) or non-replayable (disallowed) based on the analysis of the event logs and the discovered processs models. In other words, we show through a series of validation experiments, how given any classified trace (for the test event log) and discovered process model (the training log) in the deployed Fuzzy-BPMN replaying notation, it can be unambiguously determined whether or not the traces found can be replayed on the discovered model. In addition, we discuss the replaying semantics of the process modelling notation that has been employed, and also provide a description of the tools used to discover the process models as well as evaluation of the results of the classification task. Above all, the work looks at the sophistication of the proposed Fuzzy-BPMN mining approach, validation of the classification tasks, and the discovered process models. The outcome of the experimentations and data validation shows that the proposed mining approach has correctly classified 85.5% of the traces in the original process model.

Farhat Jahan

Kanruthai Chanchaichujit , Haywantee Ramkissoon (PhD)

This research aims to explore how and why individuals form emotional bonds with an unvisited destination from user generated content (UGC). Extended photo-elicitation technique and go along interview will be applied to collect data which will be analysed with template analysis. Conceptual framework of the influence of UGC on place affect formation and behavioral intention consequences toward unvisited destinations will be developed. Keywords: user generated content, place affect, unvisited destination, photo-elicitation, destination marketing organisations


Nik Maheran , Noraina Mazuin Sapuan , Salina Daud , Sariwati Mohd Shariff , Sofiah Rahman

carl asante

Prof. Edwin Agwu

Proceedings of the 3rd European academic workshop …

Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä

Jyoti K Chandel

International Journal of Human Resource Management

International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management. 4(5), 107-111

Prof. Akinyomi Oladele John (FCA, FIARSA, ACTI)

Ngboawaji Daniel Nte

Theuns Pelser

Communications of the AIS

François-Xavier de Vaujany , Cécile Romeyer , Sabine Carton

Harshaka Hettiarachchi


Dr. S. K. S. Yadav

International Journal of Public Sector Management

Asghar Afshar Jahanshahi

bharath simha

Dr. Jonathan Cooley 蒋能胜

Abraham Abebe

Dr. Chris Bonau Schmidt

Matteo Rossi , Alkis Thrassou

Bryan Christiansen

Tosin P . Adewumi

Prof. Demetris Vrontis , Evangelos Tsoukatos , Yaakov Weber

Prof. Demetris Vrontis

Yannis Pollalis , Athanassios Vozikis

Dr.khurshed iqbal

Alkis Thrassou

Yannis Pollalis

Mahmud udin

Afizan Amer

Abdullah Bajaber

Malvinder Kaur

Zahid Yousaf

K. Bratanis, D. Dranidis, P. Koktsidis, L. Lazouras, E. Nikolaidou (eds.), Infusing Research and Knowledge in South-East Europe, Proceedings of the 7th Annual South-East European Doctoral Student Conference, South-East European Research Center, Thessaloniki, 2012, pp. 189-201


Muhammad Abi Sofian Abdul Halim

José G. Vargas-Hernández

Andrew Montandon

Dr.Suwandi, SE.MSi

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information technology dissertation topics

99 Business Information Technology Dissertation Topics

By Liam Oct 12, 2023 in Business , Business Information Technology | No Comments

Welcome to this insightful blog post dedicated to exploring a multitude of Dissertation Topics within the realm of Business Information Technology, designed to guide undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral-level students in formulating their thesis. Within the vast landscape of academia, choosing the right Dissertation Topic is a crucial step, in determining the course of your research […]

Dissertation Topics in Business Information Technology

Welcome to this insightful blog post dedicated to exploring a multitude of Dissertation Topics within the realm of Business Information Technology, designed to guide undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral-level students in formulating their thesis. Within the vast landscape of academia, choosing the right Dissertation Topic is a crucial step, in determining the course of your research and the depth of your scholarly contribution. Business Information Technology, often referred to as BIT, amalgamates business strategies with cutting-edge technological advancements, making it a captivating field for those seeking to unravel the evolving dynamics of the digital age.

In this post, we delve into a diverse array of dissertation topics that encapsulate the essence of Business Information Technology, offering a wealth of opportunities to engage in meaningful research and enrich the academic landscape.

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A list of Dissertation topics in Business Information Technology:

Investigating the implications of 5G technology on business operations and strategies.

The use of an integrated information technology approach in procurement and logistics- perspectives from the UK.

The influence of technology on the evolution of marketing communication strategies.

The impact of E-commerce integration on traditional brick-and-mortar retail in the UK.

Evaluating the impact of digital marketing on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The advantage of using IT for supply chain management in the UK- a fresh perspective.

Innovation in Information Technology practices post M&A- an investigation from the UK.

A meta-analysis of cybersecurity frameworks and approaches in safeguarding organizational data.

Evaluating the impact of online advertising and its impact on consumer purchasing behavior.

Evaluating the utilization of blockchain technology in enhancing transparency and security in UK supply chain management.

Evaluating the scope of digital marketing for new business promotion in the UK.

Analyzing the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer attitudes towards E-commerce and online shopping.

Investigating the role of chatbots in enhancing customer service and user experience.

The impact of data breaches on consumer trust and brand reputation.

Customer relationship management: a study of feasibility in the UK.

The influence of technology on the evolution of payment systems and financial transactions.

The Intersection of Cognitive Psychology and Business Information Technology: Enhancing User Experience and Decision-Making.

A comparative study of the effectiveness of different business process automation tools.

The influence of online reviews and ratings on the hospitality industry.

A critical review of technology-driven strategies for talent acquisition and retention in organizations.

Investigating the ethical implications of AI and machine learning in business decision-making.

A meta-synthesis of studies on the role of technology in fostering employee engagement and productivity.

The role of gamification in employee engagement and productivity within the workplace.

A comprehensive review of the evolution of E-commerce and its impact on traditional retail.

An extensive review of the applications and implications of blockchain technology across various industries.

A study on the integration of AI and robotics in warehouse automation.

Evaluating the effectiveness of cyber insurance in mitigating cybersecurity risks.

Assessing the role of digital health technologies in healthcare system resilience post-COVID-19.

A comprehensive review of the impact of social media on consumer purchasing behavior.

The use of technology in business units targeting disaster recovery programs- generating answers from across the globe.

Investigating the use of data analytics in optimizing logistics and transportation operations.

Evaluating the effectiveness of AI-driven customer service applications in UK retail industry.

A comparative study of digital marketing strategies in UK-based small versus large enterprises.

Investigating the adoption and implications of virtual reality in various industries.

Investigating the impact of technology on the transformation of traditional retail stores.

Evaluating the role of technology in disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

The role of IT in high-security firms- the case of the UK.

An analysis of the relationship between organizational culture and successful IT implementation.

An analysis of the factors influencing consumer trust in online transactions.

The role of predictive analytics in demand forecasting and inventory management.

A comparative study of organizational resilience and adaptability strategies post-COVID-19.

Examining the adoption and implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies in UK manufacturing sectors.

Evaluating the role of data mining in customer segmentation and targeted marketing.

Evaluating the impact of technology on the transformation of traditional education systems.

Technology-driven micro-entrepreneurship- evaluating justification of the practice in the UK.

The acceleration of digital transformation in education: A post-COVID-19 perspective.

Evaluating the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on digital payment adoption and usage.

Analyzing the impact of Brexit on UK fintech startups: A technological and regulatory perspective.

The role of technology in managing cross-cultural communication challenges in multinational corporations.

Does culture figure into IT integration and implementation at the workplace? Perspectives through global practices.

Post-pandemic cybersecurity challenges and strategies for the healthcare industry.

Integrating Medicine and Business Information Technology: Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery and Patient Outcomes.

A comprehensive review of the applications of augmented reality and virtual reality in marketing.

Investigating the impact of user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design on website engagement.

The role of technology in promoting sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

The role of technology in optimizing energy management and sustainability in organizations.

An analysis of the effectiveness of technology-driven customer loyalty programs.

An analysis of the influence of technology on the sharing economy and collaborative consumption.

An exploration of the current trends and practices of information technology for business promotion in Africa.

An analysis of the digital divide and its effects on e-government services in rural versus urban areas of the UK.

The integration of technology into private learning institutions in developing countries- exploring current trends and future implications.

The use of IT in private mental health institutions in the developing world- a feasibility study.

Evaluating the role of technology in enhancing corporate training and employee development.

An analysis of the adoption and implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Analyzing the implications of technology on the gig economy and freelance work.

The integration of IoT devices for real-time monitoring and decision-making in supply chain management.

Assessing the need for the use of business information technology for auditing in Europe.

An investigation into the role of AI and machine learning in predicting and preventing financial fraud in UK banking.

Matching IT students’ learning pace and tendencies with their personality types- an investigation from the UK.

Investigating the adoption and impact of artificial intelligence in the human resources function.

How do regulatory policies affect IT integration for small-scale businesses in the UK? Finding the answers.

The impact of social media influencers on brand perception and consumer purchasing behavior.

Are employees in business organizations trained to utilize business IT?

The role of IT structures in business change management environments in the UK.

The role of information technology for students in middle and high schools- explorations from the UK.

The role of technology in streamlining internal communication and collaboration within organizations.

Investigating the challenges and opportunities in implementing wearable technology in the workplace.

The evolution of telemedicine and its long-term impact on healthcare delivery post-COVID-19.

The role of technology in revolutionizing the healthcare industry and patient care.

The role of digital transformation in enhancing supply chain resilience within UK manufacturing firms.

The role of information systems in improving sustainability practices of UK energy companies.

ERP implementation in African banks- current trends and future implications.

A study on the integration of AI in financial investment decision-making.

Evaluating the effectiveness of data visualization in aiding business decision-making.

A systematic review of the challenges and opportunities in implementing artificial intelligence in healthcare.

A critical review of data analytics techniques for effective decision-making in organizations.

Cybersecurity readiness and vulnerabilities in UK financial institutions: A comprehensive assessment.

Investigating the role of cloud computing in enhancing operational efficiency in UK healthcare organizations.

Analyzing the impact of online reviews and ratings on consumer purchasing behavior.

The impact of data analytics in optimizing digital marketing campaigns.

Online banking- what is the safety level for startup businesses in the UK?

A systematic review of cloud computing adoption models and best practices in businesses.

Analyzing the impact of technology on consumer preferences for customization and personalization.

The innovative business enterprise as a direct function of technological diversity- the case of UK.

An assessment of the impact of GDPR on data-driven marketing practices in UK businesses.

An analysis of the integration of AI in human resource management for talent acquisition.

An analysis of the role of technology in revolutionizing the travel and tourism industry.

The role of data analytics in pandemic preparedness and response: Lessons from COVID-19.

There you go. Use the list on business information technology dissertation topics well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics-related blog posts for the future or looking to get help with dissertation writing , send us an email at [email protected] .

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information technology dissertation topics

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130 Information Technology Research Topics And Quick Writing Prompts

Information Technology Research Topics

The field of information technology is one of the most recent developments of the 21st century. Scholars argue that we are living in a technological age. Despite this buzz, however, many students still find it challenging to compose an information technology research topic.

Nonetheless, we are here to show you the way and lead you accordingly. Let us explore professional topics in information technology together then.

Quality Information Technology Topics For Research Paper

  • The effects of Artificial Intelligence on complex and tedious tasks
  • Discuss the development of computational & synthetic biology in research
  • What are the limitations to the study of computer architecture in colleges?
  • Discuss the evolution of animation, computer graphics, and game science
  • Critically analyze how computing is contributing to the development
  • What are the emerging fields of study in computer data science?
  • How to manage data in the age of the 5G technology
  • The impact of human-computer interaction on innovations
  • How is machine learning exposing students to more recent opportunities in life?
  • Evaluate molecular information systems and their role in biotechnology
  • How information technology has contributed to natural language processing
  • What are the latest developments in programming languages and software engineering
  • Analyze emerging opportunities in the field of Robotics

College Research Paper Topics in Information Technology

  • The rising security and privacy concerns with technological advancements
  • What are the considerations when setting up systems and networking?
  • Discuss the theory of computation and its contribution to information technology
  • Why is ubiquitous computing attracting fewer students?
  • The role of wireless and sensor systems in making the world a safe place
  • Reasons, why cloud computing has helped save on space and efficiency
  • Why are most computer students comprised of the male?
  • Discuss the essence of amorphous computing in the 21st century
  • How has biomedical mining impacted the health sector?
  • Can cyborgs relate well with the man?
  • How neural networking is making brain surgery a swift process
  • The role of swarm intelligence in collaboration and brainstorming
  • How are companies maximizing the use of Big Data?

List of Topics For Research Paper in Information Technology

  • Discuss how the Internet of Things is transforming how people conduct their activities
  • Challenges to software-defined networking
  • How are marketers and promoters taking up software as a service?
  • The role of augmented reality and virtual reality in healthcare systems
  • How intelligent apps are making life easier for man
  • The role of information technology in detecting fake news and malicious viral content
  • Long term effects of a technologically oriented world
  • Technological advancements that made it possible for the SpaceX shuttle to land on the International Space Station
  • How technology is making learning more practical and student-centered
  • What role has technology played in the spread of world pandemics?
  • How are governments able to shut down the Internet for their countries during particular events?
  • Does social media make the world a global village or a divided universe?
  • Discuss the implications of technological globalization

Unique Information Technology Research Topics

  • Discuss the areas of life which have been least exploited using technology
  • What are the considerations for setting up an educational curriculum on computer technology?
  • Compare and contrast between different computer processing powers
  • Why is Random Access Memory so crucial to the functioning of a computer?
  • Should computer as a subject be mandatory for all students in college?
  • How information technology has helped keep the world together during the quarantine period
  • Discuss why most hackers manage to break firewalls of banks
  • Are automated teller machine cards a safe way of keeping your bank details?
  • Why should every institution incorporate automated systems in its functions?
  • Who is more intelligent than the other? Man or Computer systems?
  • How is NASA implementing the use of Information technology to explore space?
  • The impact of automated message replies on smartphones.
  • Do mobile phones contain radiations that cause cancer?

IT Research Topics For High School Students

  • How does natural language processing compare with machine learning?
  • What is the role of virtual reality in the entertainment industry?
  • Discuss the application of computer vision technology in autonomous cars
  • How have CCTVs assisted in keeping the world safe?
  • Effects of phishing and spying on relationships
  • Why cyber espionage is on the rise in the face of the 5G technology
  • Compare and contrast between content-based recommendation vs. collaborative filtering
  • Evaluate the interconnection between the Internet of things and artificial intelligence
  • Analyze the amount of data generated from the Internet of things in devices
  • Ethical and legal implications of various technological practices
  • How technology has contributed to the formation of Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Describe in detail the vaccine development process
  • Why nanotechnology may be the only hope left in treating HIV

Hot Topics in IT

  • How companies can incorporate information technologies in their policy management systems
  • The role of IT in enhancing service delivery in customer care centers
  • How IT has made advertising more appealing and authentic to the consumer
  • Discuss the innovation of the Next Generation education systems
  • Why are there fewer Information Technology colleges and universities in developing countries?
  • Discuss WIFI connectivity in developed countries
  • What are the considerations when purchasing a Bandwidth Monitor?
  • How to create an effective Clinic Management System for intensive care
  • Factors that necessitate the development of an Enterprise Level System Information Management
  • Is it possible to develop fully functional Intelligent Car Transportation Systems?
  • Why the world should adopt E-Waste Management systems ASAP
  • Discuss the impact of weather and climate on internet strength and connectivity
  • The role of advanced information technologies preserving classified documents

Interesting Information Technology Topics

  • Human resource information management systems in large organizations
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of online enterprise resource planning
  • A critical analysis of object tracking using radial function networks
  • How has Bluetooth mobile phone technology developed over time?
  • Ethical challenges arising from new media information technologies
  • How the computer has developed over the last decade
  • The role of social media in enhancing communication strategies
  • Why new media technologies have made physical newspapers obsolete
  • The impact of the Internet of news sourcing, production, distribution, and sharing
  • Discuss the structures of various communication structures
  • How social media is making ads easily accessible
  • The impact of social networking sites on personal contact
  • Discuss the latest content marketing ideas in the wake of information technology

Topics Related To Information Technology

  • The impact of media exposure to adolescents and teenagers
  • How mass media is slowly but surely taking over the place of personal socialization
  • How to use the Internet and interactive media as advertising tools
  • Discuss the trends in music marketing in a digital world
  • The use of hype in new media technologies
  • The impact of using YouTube and video blogs in communication messages
  • Discuss the challenges that are arising as a result of new media technologies
  • How to build trustful relationships in virtual communication channels
  • Why it is impossible to maintain privacy in social media
  • Reasons why cyberbullying continues to persist in various communication technologies
  • The change in interpersonal communication with the invention of information technology
  • Is the future of information technologies right?
  • Discuss how sensationalism is persisting in the wake of new media technologies

Research Proposal Topics in Information Technology

  • Is it possible to live in a world without social media?
  • The impact of mass media on morality and decency in the 21st century
  • Advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy sources
  • How effective is hydrogen power over others?
  • An overview of renewable energy technologies
  • The impact of robots in improving food safety
  • How are drones useful in keeping large acres of land secure?
  • The impact of 3D printing on the practice of medicine
  • The effectiveness of having robots in infectious disease units
  • The impact of hydroponic farming
  • How to improve disease control using technology
  • Eliminating poisonous substances in food using technology
  • The effectiveness of robotic surgeries

Hot Topics in Computer Science

  • Distinguish between virtual reality and human perception
  • How are the inventions in the field of computer science transforming the world
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of high-dimensional data modeling
  • Limitations to the field of computer science
  • Are colleges and universities producing competent computer scientists?
  • How ethical hacking has turned out to be worse
  • The essence of having specialized banking systems
  • What is the most effective security measure: A serial code or fingerprint?
  • The development of programming languages
  • The effect of computational thinking on science
  • Is it possible to eliminate stalking?
  • Ways of improving patent rights for technological innovations
  • An overview of the different types of software security

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