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Job Promotion Policy Proposal

Job Promotion Policy Proposal

Job Placement Promotion Proposal

Job Placement Promotion Proposal

Sample Job Promotion Proposal

Sample Job Promotion Proposal

Event Management Job Promotion Proposal

Event Management Job Promotion Proposal

Job Promotion Proposal Form

Job Promotion Proposal Form

Job Promotion Request for Proposal

Job Promotion Request for Proposal

Step 1: write the best intro, step 2: make a list of your qualifications, step 3: explain your reasons, step 4: do your math, step 5: close with an opening, share this post on your network, you may also like these articles, 18+ sample workshop training proposal in pdf | ms word.

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FREE 5+ Job Promotion Proposal Samples in PDF

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Making a promotion proposal isn’t as difficult as you would imagine. Most companies are open to discussing the idea of promoting you as long as they have the financial capacity to do so and believe you are deserving of increased responsibility. Although it should be professional-looking and typed, a proposal for your own promotion does not have to follow a specific format. Although it’s normally better to submit the plan to your employer or superiors in person, emailing a copy of the proposal to them may also be appropriate. Many people believe that their manager has complete authority over their promotion. Some good managers will go out of their way to do this for their subordinates. Even the best managers, on the other hand, require their reports to actively engage in and demonstrate an interest in their own development in order to put them in a strong position to be promoted.

Job Promotion Proposal

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While you may believe that highlighting your achievements and explaining why you deserve a new title or raise in pay is the best way to get a promotion, this isn’t always the case. Smart business owners don’t promote employees for the sake of helping them; instead, they promote employees for the sake of helping the company. Create a compelling argument to advance to the next level in your firm by demonstrating how the boss requires your services.

job promotion policy proposal

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job placement promotion proposal

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sample job promotion proposal

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job promotion proposal form

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job promotion request for proposal

Size: 15 KB

  • Write an introduction – Write an introductory paragraph that clearly states your current position as well as your desired position. If the position you want does not exist at your organization, describe what new role you may fill and provide a title for it.
  • List your qualifications – Make a list of your achievements and why you deserve the promotion. These can be in the form of bullet points or paragraphs. Explain how you are not only meeting the standards of your present job title, but also exceeding them, and why you want to be given extra responsibility. Include notable accomplishments such as a large sale or landing a major client. In this section, tell your manager how long you’ve been at your current employment and how far you’ve progressed since you first started. Any business policy on promotions should be cited. For example, your contract may indicate that after a particular number of years in a position, you are eligible for a promotion.
  • Explain your reasons – Make a list of reasons why you believe you are capable of handling the obligations of the new position. If the promotion requires more face time with clients, for example, remind your supervisor of how well you currently do in client meetings or how capable you are at making corporate presentations.
  • Do the math – Any business choice is based on numbers. Include whatever data you have that indicates how promoting you will help the company financially in your proposal. If you’re applying for a sales management post, for example, demonstrating how much sales would likely increase as a result may aid your case.
  • Close with an opening – Include a conclusion paragraph in which you express your want to talk about the topic further in person. Because these types of specifics should be discussed in person with your manager, you can avoid certain inquiries regarding compensation or the date you might receive the promotion.
  • Research phase – The first stage in preparing a proposal for job promotion is to undertake research that demonstrates that your supervisor should be as eager to promote you as you are to be promoted.
  • Preparation phase – List your relevant skills, abilities, experience, and competencies for the new job. Don’t just mention your previous jobs; link what you’ve done to the present one, especially by showcasing accomplishments.
  • Matching the pitch – Begin your promotion presentation by telling him how much you’ve enjoyed working for the company, how you’ve been praised or promoted, and how eager you are to continue working there.
  • Ask questions – During the interview, engage your interviewer in ways that will persuade him to agree with you on the importance of the post and your ability to fill it. Pose questions regarding the role that you’d like answered.

The first step is to increase your awareness about the existing formats. You have to understand the three aspects: framework, people, and timing. Keep track of the questions that might help you with the critical administrative things which can make your process easier to navigate. The second step is to document your growth regularly and intentionally. Lastly, get some feedbacks and share your wins.

It includes scope of role, experience, impact, feedback, sponsors, performance review , time in role, and peers.

If you want to see more samples and formats, check out some job promotion proposal samples and templates provided in the article for your reference.

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How to create a proposal for a promotion.

careertrend article image

Creating a proposal for a promotion isn't as difficult as you may think. Most employers are willing to discuss the possibility of promoting you, as long as they have the resources necessary for compensation and agree that you deserve to take on more responsibilities. A proposal for your own promotion doesn't have to follow a particular format, although it should be professional looking and typed. It's usually best to present the proposal to your boss or superiors in person, although it might be appropriate to e-mail a copy of the proposal to them as well.

Write the Intro

Write an introductory paragraph that clearly defines what position you have now and what position you would like to have. If the position you want does not exist at your company, define what new role you could fulfill and offer a suggested title for the position. For example, if you see there is a need for a public relations coordinator at your company, state this in simple terms.

List Your Qualifications

List the accomplishments and reasons that qualify you for the promotion. These can be in bullet-point form or paragraph form. Explain how you are not only meeting the requirements of your current job title, but how you are exceeding expectations and would like the opportunity to take on more responsibilities. Include noteworthy achievements such as a big sale or winning an important client. In this section, remind your boss how long you have been doing your current job and how you have grown in the position since you started. Cite any company policies about promotions, as well. For example, your contract might state that you're qualified for a promotion after a certain number of years in a position.

Explain Your Reasons

List reasons why you think you can handle the responsibilities of the promotion. For example, if the promotion would require more face time with clients, remind your boss how well you are currently performing in client meetings or how competent you are at giving company presentations.

Acknowledge that you want to become a better asset for the company. Although you may want the promotion for reasons like money or status, it's important to convey that you also want the promotion because you're invested in the welfare of the company. Convey your dedication and commitment to the company's goals and explain how the promotion could help you assist with furthering them.

Do the Math

Numbers carry weight for any business decision. If you have figures to show that promoting you will benefit the company financially, put them in your proposal. For example, if you want a sales management position, showing how much sales will probably increase as a result will help your argument.

Close With an Opening

Include a closing paragraph that indicates your desire to discuss the subject further in person. This allows you to omit certain questions about salary or the date you might receive the promotion, since these types of details should be discussed in person with your boss.

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  • Quint Careers; Moving Up the Ladder: 10 Strategies for Getting Yourself Promoted; Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Mara Tyler is a writer and public relations consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With more than eight years of experience, she specializes in health, nutrition, women's lifestyle and marketing. Tyler holds a Bachelor of Science in public relations.


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How to Make a Proposal to Your Boss About a New Position

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How to Make a Case for Salary Increase

How to write a job proposal for a management position, good interview questions for strategic sourcing managers.

  • How to Bid for Graphic Design Jobs
  • Salary Increases for a Manager Promotion

Making a proposal to your boss for a new position is a bit different from asking for a promotion. Instead, you are proposing an entirely new role that you will fill. To be successful, this undertaking requires research, tact and a well-crafted presentation that makes clear the necessity for the change, and the value you will bring to the role.

Clearly Define the Need

When you are making a proposal to your boss for a new position, you must first clarify why this position is necessary. For example, if you’re proposing a position of travel coordinator, you might note how currently there is no one to oversee corporate travel, which results in uncoordinated travel plans, missed meetings and overpayment of fees. If you are asking for a role as marketing director, you might note the lack of promotional opportunities for the business, the cost of hiring an outside agency or a lack of branding that makes the company less competitive. Your goal should be to convince your boss that the proposed role is a necessity for the business.

Describe the Responsibilities

Once you have successfully convinced your boss the role is necessary, outline what you see as the specific duties and responsibilities associated with the new position. For example, if you propose the position of office manager, the responsibilities might include:

  • Executive appointment setting.
  • Inventory control and ordering.
  • Coordination of vendors and suppliers.
  • Scheduling work for the office and other departments.
  • Overseeing repairs and maintenance.
  • Creating meeting agendas.
  • Overseeing orientation and professional development training programs.

Anything relevant to the position should be part of your proposal. You might also propose a salary for the role. Use figures from a reliable source such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to qualify your figures.

Demonstrate the Benefit

To drive home the value of the new position you are proposing, you must demonstrate a specific benefit to the company. You can discuss the following:

  • Cost savings.
  • Increased earnings.
  • Increased productivity.
  •  Improved organization overall.
  • Larger market-share gain.

Qualify the role in as many ways as possible, using supporting evidence if it's available.

Creating the position of advertising director will decrease outside consulting fees by $75,000 per year, as well as streamline and consolidate branding efforts in-house.

Creating a new sales manager position will eliminate the need for the sales director to oversee and approve contract negotiations, freeing her up to pursue high-profile clients.

Creating a warehouse manager job will help reduce inventory loss, improve invoicing, speed distribution and provide seamless scheduling.

Anytime you can attach proof such as metrics or other analytic evidence, it can bolster your case.

Pitch Yourself

The idea behind proposing a new position is to create a new job for you. The next step in the process is to demonstrate why you are uniquely qualified for the role.

Having worked in the sales division for five years, I have expertise in our current processes and procedures. I am knowledgeable about our products and services, our price structures and our current client portfolio. I also have earned the respect of my peers, and believe I would be highly effective in a management role.

Once you have your proposal outlined, make an appointment with your boss to pitch your idea. Have a written presentation prepared, as well as slides or a PowerPoint. Think of any objections or questions your boss may have in advance, and come fully prepared to make your case.

  • Fox Business: 7 Tips for Talking to the Boss About Changing Positions
  • Forbes: 5 Ways to Position Yourself for a Bigger Job
  • If you are proposing the new position as an employee who would report directly to you in an assistant capacity, provide detailed information that justifies how the role would help you perform your own job more effectively. You should be able to demonstrate the investment in a new role will be repaid to the company in the form of your own enhanced productivity.
  • If you are proposing the new position as a new role for yourself, highlight the elements of your professional background and workplace contributions that you believe qualify you for the role.
  • Choose the right time to make the proposal. If your boss is on a tight deadline, dealing with a major customer complaint or is otherwise preoccupied, your proposal might not come off as well as you would like. Set aside a calm time when you will both have the opportunity to fully discuss the elements of your proposal.
  • If your boss turns down your proposal, ask if you can revisit the topic at a later date. Note his initial objections and look for ways to overcome them before your next meeting.

Lisa McQuerrey has been an award-winning writer and author for more than 25 years. She specializes in business, finance, workplace/career and education. Publications she’s written for include Southwest Exchange and InBusiness Las Vegas.

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Writing a Job Proposal for a New Position

by Marta Kuzma , 6 October 2022

A new position at your company can be a win-win for you and your employer. You can fashion a role that better suits your skills and professional goals while your company benefits from your contributions and years of experience. 

How do you convince your employer to create a new role for you? Write a persuasive, well-planned job proposal. Let us walk you through crafting a top-notch pitch. 

Even if you’re not a current employee, you still can benefit from learning how to write a job proposal for potential employers.

Why You Need a Job Proposal

Pitching an idea for a new gig at your current company can:

Address an unmet need or promising opportunity for the organization

Move your professional career forward faster than waiting on a promotion, job postings, or job offer 

Ensure your job description aligns with your skill set, interests, and setting

Allow you to position yourself as the best candidate for the role

Knowing these potential benefits can help you to write a convincing proposal for work. 

Before You Begin

Here’s the first piece of advice for writing a great job proposal: Do plenty of research beforehand. You’re reading this article, so you’re already off to a great start!

Before diving into writing, take plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the process of proposal creation. Give yourself a generous timeline, with plenty of time to rework and fine-tune the report before you submit it. 

Identify the Need

Your proposal won’t be persuasive if the new job isn’t addressing an urgent or profitable need for the company. Otherwise, how can you convince the employer to pay for the work you’d be doing?

All great job proposals must tackle a current problem or opportunity that plagues the organization. They may not even realize that the issue exists; it’s up to you to bring the need to light.  This may involve enhancing marketing, sales, customer service, training, communication, recordkeeping, web design, SEO, or other facets of operations.

Do Your Homework

Identifying a need in your company is easier said than done! It takes plenty of research to get a solid grasp on how an organization can improve in performance and profitability. That comes with understanding key aspects like:

The internal workings of the organization

Context of the company in the larger industry or market

The company’s overarching business plan and strategic goals

Products and services the business sells

The company’s prior ventures

Spend time studying these before drafting your proposal. Have conversations with current and former employees, especially those who understand the shortcomings of the company’s operations and its products.

What are the steps to writing a proposal?

Step 1: Define the problem

Step 2: Research the situation

Step 3: Assess possible solutions

Step 4: Form your solution

Step 5: Project the impact

Step 6: Write the complete proposal

You can apply these steps whether you’re writing a job proposal, a bid proposal , or any other business pitch.

What Should Be Included in Your Proposal Letter

What does a new job proposal consist of? A new job proposal should include:

A cover letter introducing the proposal

A table of contents

A current challenge for the company

How the new job solves the issue

Financial costs and benefits analysis

A detailed job description

Your qualifications and experience

A recap of the proposal and summary of your recommendation 

An appendix of the data supporting your proposal

Always begin with a cover letter. If it’s missing or written poorly, your supervisor may overlook your report. 

What is a good cover letter for a job proposal? One that succinctly summarizes your relationship to the company, what you’re proposing, and why it’s worth hearing out.

Explanation of the Problem/Opportunity

Consider the employer’s perspective when you present the challenge their company faces. Define the current obstacle that is hindering the company’s growth, profits, or market viability. Use specific data and competitor analyses to support your claim.

Emphasize the situation in a way that makes it feel urgent. In other words, make them feel the hurt that you intend to heal.

Job Description of the New Position

Make sure the employer understands your vision for the role you’re proposing. This is a brand new job that doesn’t currently exist, so it’s important that you describe it thoroughly. This includes listing: 

Daily duties

Overarching responsibilities

Managerial level

Performance objectives/goals

Be sure to specify if it will be a full-time or part-time role, if it’s in-office or remote , and what the official job title could be. Also discuss the implications of the position within the organization’s structure if it will affect the team.

Impacts of the New Position

Clearly demonstrate the value a new position would provide. Be as in-depth as possible by describing specific tasks you will complete and how they will directly resolve the obstacle you defined.

The most compelling way to do this is to project the job’s financial impact, though you can also identify efficiency improvements and operational value. 

Your Qualifications

Now it’s time to sell yourself to your hiring manager. Why are you the best candidate for the role you defined? What makes you more qualified than other employees or freelancers on their roster? 

Talk yourself up by listing your

Professional experience


Performance history


Expertise in the industry

Soft skills

Consider this the job application portion of your proposal. Don’t forget to mention any leadership traits you have. 

Your History with the Company

Use your history with the company to your advantage. Go in-depth on what you’ve already done for the company and how well-versed you are in their vision, policies, and operations. 

Leverage your employment history to make a better case for why it’s in the manager’s best interest to appoint you. It’s something you offer that they won’t find in a new hire.

Summary & Recommendations

Conclude the proposal by summarizing the problem and your solution again briefly to ensure they’re firmly planted in the reader’s mind. Instead of ending on a passive note, inspire urgency in the reader by including a call to action with next-step recommendations that will galvanize the decision-making process.

Mention ways the decision-maker can follow up with you face-to-face, such as a meeting or phone screen interview .

Copies of Relevant Metrics

Your job proposal should include plenty of data to strengthen your case. If these details are too extensive to fit within the body of the proposal, include them at the end in an appendix. You can include full reports, charts, analyses, and other relevant metrics that illustrate the company’s deficiencies and projected profits.

Don’t be afraid to get creative here. If you know of other companies that have benefited from the kinds of changes you hope to make, include their information as case studies.

Best Practices for Writing a Business Proposal

A great job proposal isn’t just what you write; it’s also how you write it. Follow these recommendations to perfect your report for busy readers.

Sell Yourself

Don’t be afraid to paint yourself in an outstanding light. This is your opportunity to shine, so don’t be modest about your strengths and competencies. If you struggle with being too humble, ask some coworkers or friends to help talk you up. This position is your idea, and you want to ensure the company knows you’re ideal candidate.

It’s easy to be too wordy in a job proposal if you’re excited about the possibilities. Strive to be concise in your writing. Edit your draft repeatedly, removing all text that isn’t necessary. 

Remember, if the manager is intrigued by your proposal, you can wrestle over the finer points in greater detail later. For now, respect the reader’s time and only make the pitch long enough to hook them.

Format for Clarity

Make it easy for the reader to follow your line of thought, even if they’re skimming — and you should assume they’ll skim. Use formatting tools like bold text, bullet points, headers, and visual aids to emphasize key points of the proposal.

End with a Thank You

If your reader made it to the end of your proposal, they deserve your thanks. Express your appreciation for the time they spent reviewing your documents and for considering your suggestion. This shows that you value their time and recognize their generosity in hearing you out.

New Job Proposal Example

Here is a sample job proposal letter to help you get started. Due to its short length, it forgoes a cover letter, table of contents, and appendix. 

Dear [Name], 

Because of the recent increase in written tasks that our marketing manager has been given, I believe a dedicated content writer would benefit our company. 

A content writer could provide higher-quality marketing copy at a faster rate. I believe I am the best candidate to fulfill this new position for the company.

[Company] currently employs only one marketing specialist, and they have been saddled with an increasing load of duties to complete every week. This is resulting in rushed, inadequate text on our public-facing channels well after they’re needed. 

Our marketing manager does not have the time to dedicate to creating satisfactory, quality text for our website, print advertising, and social media channels by the necessary deadlines. However, appointing a skilled employee to write this time-sensitive text can solve the problem. 

My research has found that recent sub-par content and a growing backlog of copywriting needs are causing us to miss as much as 25% additional leads every month. Plus, quality content will better represent our company’s competency and professionalism in our industry. 

I am more than qualified to serve as our company’s content writer because I have

served the company for over 6 years

been closely involved in recent advertising projects 

formed a close working relationship with our marketing manager

majored in English and business in college

developed expertise on SEO and content marketing best practices

Thank you for taking the time to consider my proposal for creating a new content editor position in our company. I believe my qualifications make me the top candidate for the role, and I would love to serve our company in a new capacity to help us better achieve our business goals. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or to discuss a content writer role in more detail.


Looking for a New Challenge? 

Now your ready to write a new job proposal and move into a job that fits your skillset. If you’re looking for new ways to put your skills to work and grow your career, don’t forget there are plenty of options outside your current company. MVP Match can help job seekers like you achieve professional fulfillment by connecting freelancers with potential clients.

We have helped many employees make the jump to full-time freelancing . Our freelance network helps people like you find new clients and opportunities in an ever-changing job market. Join us and find your next great gig!

Build amazing products with amazing teams

how to write proposal for job promotion

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How to Write a Job Proposal (and Land the Role You Want)

how to write proposal for job promotion

Use this strategy to pitch yourself to employers

A job proposal is a detailed document, typically three to six pages, that outlines why you’re a good fit for a role. It’s different than a cover letter in that it’s typically not a part of a formal application process.

  • A job proposal is something you write and share with the hiring manager, or another contact you’ve made at the organization, either to get your foot in the door or to secure a job after a round of interviews.
  • You can also use this technique if you already work at a company and want to transition laterally, be promoted, or propose an entirely new role.
  • Your proposal should include: Why you want the role and why you have the skills and experience to add value. It should also signal how deeply you have thought about the organization, its needs, and how to address them.
  • It’s typically best to send it to a direct contact at the organization, either along with your thank-you notes after an interview, or to a recruiter or employee you’ve connected with via LinkedIn.

Years ago, when I was trying to transition from a job as managing editor at my family’s newspaper into the corporate world, I was doing a lot of informational interviews. One executive said to me, “You’re really smart, but there are a lot of smart people out there. How are you, specifically, going to add value to my company?” It was a turning point for me. I realized that employers needed more than a strong resume to hire me. They needed me to show them how I’d add value to their organization and why, together, we would make a good team.

how to write proposal for job promotion

  • JP Julie Pham , PhD is the founder and CEO of CuriosityBased , an organizational development firm, and the author of the best-seller, 7 Forms of Respect: A Guide to Transforming Your Communication and Relationships at Work . She is a sought-after speaker, an award-winning community leader, and was a Gates Cambridge Scholar at Cambridge University and a Haas Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley.

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