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good research topics for international business

60 Exceptional International Business Topics To Score High

international business topics

International business is today one of the most eyed professions in the world. As businesses continue to invest globally, it becomes necessary to explore markets in other parts of the world. But i t is not easy to write a research paper for a high grade.  With that in mind, we explore global business topics to help you complete your business paper in no time.

What Is International Business?

It is an academic field that gives students an understanding of globalization in the different business management practices found worldwide. International business also prepares the students for graduate careers working abroad or in organizations engaged in business on a global scale.

How To Write International Business Topics

To outsmart your peers in such a paper, following the guidelines below in choosing a top-notch topic:

Have a topic that you have an interest in Avoiding picking narrow or broad-based topics Choose one that is based on the current affairs in the world of business Explore annual reports, periodicals, and news articles for unique topic ideas Ensure that the topic has sufficient sources

The structure of your topic will also determine whether it is viable or not. Reading previous international business topics will also give you an idea of coming up with a top-rated topic. However, we have 60 impressive ideas to jumpstart your international business paper.

Captivating International Business Topics

  • Why do most international companies prefer candidates with a Master’s degree?
  • The role of digitization in enhancing international businesses
  • How the coronavirus has made the international business a risky venture
  • Considerations when choosing to invest in developing countries
  • How e-commerce has made international business more accessible and manageable
  • Market segmentation as a factor in international business ventures

International Business Research Paper Topics For College Students

  • The impact of off-shore business accounts in combating corruption
  • How terrorism affects international businesses
  • The role of modern technologies in enhancing international businesses
  • What is the implication of the stock market exchange in international business?
  • How to strategically manage global business ventures in the technological age
  • How does cultural imperialism affect the effectiveness of the business in the international arena?

International Business Research Topics For High School Students

  • Discuss the impact of political upheavals in international business
  • Discuss the ethical dilemmas in conducting businesses globally
  • Why is Coca-Cola making inroads in the international world of business?
  • Evaluate the best HR management strategies for global businesses
  • Legislations and policies among countries that inhibit the performance of global companies
  • Does the presence of international companies on social media have an impact on their market?

Top Trending International Business Paper Topics

  • The role of different geographical locations in affecting consumer behavior
  • How can international companies’ best identify the needs of their global clients?
  • Conduct a consumer behavior analysis for international and local businesses
  • Factors that affect the hiring of employees for international companies
  • How language and a cultural understanding are critical tenets of international businesses
  • How employees from different cultures, race, and languages can collaborate on an international business venture

Business Topics For Research Paper in Digital Marketing

  • The role of digital marketing in flourishing international businesses
  • Designing business strategies for international digital marketing
  • The impact of search engine optimization in increasing the online presence of international businesses
  • What is the effectiveness of email marketing for international businesses
  • The rise of site, video, and game advertising in international business marketing techniques.
  • The aggressiveness of paid reviews or articles and hiring influencers in digital advertising

Current Topics in International Business

  • How are mergers and acquisitions transforming international businesses?
  • Supply chain management and logistics in international companies – a case study of the risks involved
  • Training and development strategies in developing economies
  • Risks associated with global banking systems
  • How are regional trade blocks instrumental in international businesses?
  • How the World Bank and IMF are essential in facilitating international business ventures

International Business Research Papers For Master’s Students

  • How organizational culture is essential in innovation management
  • Impacts of employee turnover and measures of addressing them
  • How intercultural differences affect consumption patterns
  • How emerging small and medium business enterprises can get funding
  • Analysis of the Coca-Cola marketing strategy
  • The running of international non-governmental organizations: A case study of Red Cross

International Business Topics For Projects

  • Marketing strategies that have made KFC a global brand
  • The role of corporate leadership in international companies
  • How governments impact international trade
  • Impact of pandemics on international businesses
  • Effects of corruption on global business ventures
  • The success of Amazon as a global internet company

Hot Global Business Topics

  • Penetration of Chinese investors in Africa
  • An overview of the horticulture Industry
  • The rise of mask production companies
  • Impacts of crypto-currencies on international businesses
  • Who assesses the quality of products in the international markets?
  • The effect of BREXIT on global markets

International Business Research Topics List

  • Impact of war on global businesses
  • Economic consequences of Trump’s administration
  • How does artificial intelligence take part in the global market
  • A case analysis of companies that have succeeded and failed in the global arena
  • How labeling the country of origin on products affects its sales
  • Impacts of legislation on tobacco and marijuana globally

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business research topics

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International Business Research Paper Topics - For College Papers

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Creative International Business research Topic Ideas

One thing that is surely hard for students is choosing the right international business research paper topics.  Irrefutably, given the depth and breadth of business research papers, most students end up with shallow topics. It is the same thing when writing a business essay, business report, or business dissertation .

We aim to equip you with the knowledge of generating topic ideas for your international business research papers. From international management to international marketing, we have professional writers to help with all your essays. Undeniably, hurriedly choosing a topic can be very tempting.

Some of the focus areas for international business essays include expansion and entry modes of MNCs, international strategic management, tariffs and subsidies, exports and imports, etc.

Some professors will require you to write about the capitalism concepts, which leads to an analysis of Reaganomics in the 80s. Whatever the case, always know that you have a team behind

Most college students wonder about rocket science behind choosing the best research paper topics. Choosing a research paper topic for your international business term paper, research paper, essay, or proposal maters. Here is how to choose the best topics for your research paper:

  • Even when the professor has assigned you topics, choose among those the ones that you have an interest in. Boring topics lead to poorly written research papers.
  • Do not choose narrow or too general topics for your international business research paper. Sometimes broad topics are very tricky and tedious to handle. But, on the other hand, do not end up with a boring paper.
  • Use current events in the global business environment to guide your choice.
  • You can use Google Search to look up articles such as Top 100 topic ideas for a research paper, How to find the best research paper topics, or International marketing research paper topics.
  • Peruse books, periodicals, reports, annual reports, and news articles to choose the most appropriate topic for your international business research papers.
  • Go for a topic that has much information online.

When assigned international business research paper topics, you should begin by planning your research paper.  Planning helps you choose the topic to adopt for the research paper, report, business proposal, or term paper. Here is how to plan:

  • Determine the credible and scholarly materials to use. Fundamentally, if they are websites, try to avoid Wikipedia. Therefore, only use websites that end with .org, .edu, .gov, among others. If you must use .com websites, ensure they are credible of the companies mentioned in the paper.
  • Seek help from the supervisor after writing a working bibliography. Sometimes, you will write an annotated bibliography to culminate your business research paper. Take that chance to perfect your writing.
  • Collect the data for your research paper, given the topic.
  • Revise your working bibliography to ascertain the quality of the list.
  • The age of your sources should be within 5 or 10 years. Typically, this depends on the lecturer or professor. Thus, consult on the age of the sources to include.
  • Write an outline and structure of your international business research paper.
  • Begin writing a plagiarism-free research paper.
  • Edit and proofread the paper before submitting it.

Before we delve into the hot or recent business topics, if you need help, do not hesitate to click the button below.

Order international Business Paper Help

Apparently, we can only be nothing but mean if we do not give you a sample of research paper topics for international business papers:

  • Apple's Internationalization Strategy for its products.
  • Localization or Adaptation? Which is the best Internationalization Strategy?
  • The impact of Ethics and CSR on MNCs. A Case Study of Proctor and Gamble.
  • The Success Factors of Carrefour in China.
  • The most popular mistakes startups make today.
  • Understanding the Foreign Exchange Markets
  • What factors determine the location of production plants?
  • Analysis of the strategy used by GM and Toyota.
  • The Entry Mode of Coca-Cola in Cuba.
  • The Impact of Terrorism on the Economy of a country.
  • The role of government in international trade.
  • The Impact of Brexit on the Economy of the EU.
  • How Brexit affects the Economy of Dubai.
  • Understanding the strategy used by leading airlines.
  • Which companies should pay for healthcare budgets?
  • The impacts of legislation on Tobacco production and marketing.
  • Do the government profit from war?
  • Companies that have succeeded nationally and failed internationally.
  • Understanding the international IT market and industry.
  • Impacts of artificial intelligence on the workforce.
  • Globalization yesterday and today: what is the difference?
  • The impacts of the US government shutdown on business.
  • Does the country of origin labeling affect sales internationally?
  • Economic consequences of nuclear power in the EU.
  • The impacts of patent cases on Apple's sales.
  • Analysis of Google Inc.
  • Does Digital marketing have a place in the global market?
  • The impacts of technology on supply chain management and logistics.
  • Women in business: Is there a link between feminism and entrepreneurship?
  • The impact of capping lawyers' fees on their income.
  • Employee training and development: The new source of competitive advantage.
  • Corporate Ethics and Profits: A Case Study of General Electric.
  • Understanding the success of global non-profit
  • How has the invention and innovation affected the book publishing industry?
  • Frugal innovation and its impact on business.
  • Discrimination at the workplace: A case study of the construction industry in UAE.
  • The role of Ethics in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Big Pharma: Business or Consumer interest First?
  • The glass ceiling: Understanding the impacts of gender bias in the contemporary workplace.
  • Factors affecting the choice of Foreign Direct Investments.

Check out some of the most extensive and comprehensive topics for your research paper .

You will finally face a dissertation or a thesis as you do your MBA or a global business degree.

As someone who has gone through college and had the chance to choose an MBA dissertation topic for my international business dissertation, we can surely affirm that the process is arduous.

You can focus your topics on many issues, including:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Workplace diversity
  • Corporate culture
  • Leadership and management
  • Intellectual capital
  • Innovation management
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Business ethics
  • International business laws
  • Outsourcing
  • Supply chain management and logistics
  • Risk management
  • Workplace safety
  • Strategic planning
  • Training and development
  • Consumer culture

Now, while choosing an international business dissertation or thesis topic depends on you, you should tie it to the course contents.

If you are taking an MBA in Leadership, make sure you choose a leadership topic that addresses international business.

  • The application of Institutional-based view of business strategy by MNCs
  • Impacts of Coronavirus epidemic on international business processes
  • Resource-based interview and international business
  • Factors influencing MNCs choice of corporate political strategy in emerging economies
  • Impacts of globalization of international business operations of MNCs
  • Impacts of culture on MNCs
  • Impacts of the changing global legal landscape on MNCs
  • Modes of entry by MNCs in the emerging markets
  • Total Quality Management by Toyota
  • Security challenges affecting the global banking system
  • Factors affecting the performance of regional businesses
  • The role of regional trade blocs
  • Impacts of social media marketing on Apple
  • Lessons from the businesses that have failed in the international market
  • Impacts of employee motivation on firm performance
  • Impacts of corruption on MNCs
  • Effective business communication channels when internationalizing
  • Impacts of organizational culture on innovation management
  • Causes of employee turnover and how to address them
  • Intercultural differences in consumption patterns: The implication it has for MNCs
  • Forms of financing available for emerging small and medium business enterprises
  • Analysis of American Express Organization
  • Management of International Non-Governmental Organization (Red Cross)
  • The importance of the IMF and the World Bank in the global economy
  • Role of international relations in facilitation international business
  • Toyota's internationalization strategy
  • Business ethics of Coca Cola
  • Market value and Sustainability of Coca-cola
  • Knowledge management at Coca Cola
  • Internationalization strategy of Samsung Company
  • Critical Success Factors for Carrefour in the global market landscape
  • Diversity Audit at Apple
  • Role of technology in an internationalization strategy
  • Ethical crisis at Coca Cola
  • Coca Cola as an international Market Leader
  • Localization strategies used by Coca Cola
  • Corporate Social Responsibility comparison of Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft
  • The annex between corporate governance and globalization strategy
  • Country of Origin and internationalization strategy
  • Analysis of the international furniture market
  • Impacts of organizational structure on business performance : A case of Toyota
  • Leadership and Succession planning at Google
  • Impacts of McDonaldization of the Society
  • Factors to consider when doing business in the UAE
  • The factors influencing the success of construction companies in the UAE
  • Value chain model of Coca Cola
  • International business case study for Zara Company
  • Role of social media marketing for Ford company
  • The entry of Disney into the Chinese market
  • What made Walmart successful globally?
  • Internationalization of IKEA operations
  • Applying the competitive advantage theory to McDonald's
  • The factors that have made KFC successful globally
  • Importance of corporate leadership in international business
  • Role of governments in international trade
  • How foreign exchange rates affect overseas business operations of MNCs
  • Corruption by MNCs operating overseas
  • Analysis of Amazon as a successful Internet global company
  • Acquisition of Jaguar and Landover by TATA company
  • Challenges and promises of expatriate employees in an international strategy
  • Importance of English as an international business language
  • Why Chinese companies win projects in Africa
  • An overview of the Canadian Honey Industry
  • The rise of the Auto Industry in the US during the Trump Administration
  • Impacts of fake honey on the global honey industry
  • Quality management in the international markets
  • Impacts of BREXIT and Coronavirus on the global aviation industry
  • Impacts of privatization of businesses in the international markets
  • Role of branding in the international tourism industry

If you have a topic, you can order a research proposal from our website and we will help you develop it. Hire a professional proposal writer today and increase your chances of completing your dissertation or thesis easily. 

As a college student, you will be assigned different international business research paper topics. Mainly, your choice should be based on your passion, information availability, and interest.

Related: Social issues to consider for essay/research topics.

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good research topics for international business

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International Business Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

good research topics for international business

Graduates of business studies are supposed to write their research papers in different areas. International business is one of these fields in which college students have to write their research papers. A free list of international business topics for research is suggested here by the My Research Topics as research paper topics help. There are myriads of graduates who fail to research unique global business topics for their research on international business. That is why this research paper topic help is fruitful to them. All types of research papers can be completed by college and university students by using international business project ideas. For instance, a persuasive research paper, critical research paper, an argumentative research paper can be written by following the enlisted research topics on international business.

International business research topics on Consumer behavior

Below are few international business paper topics for projects

  • How the geographical changes play a significant role in consumer behavior in business?
  • What are the major barriers to knowing the requirement of your international customers?
  • Role of language and understanding of culture to attract your customer more appropriately.
  • Importance of consumer behavior analysis in the international establishment of a new business.
  • Why it is always a wise step to hire local employees for your business set up abroad?
  • What are the different aspects and factors of consumer behavior analysis for international business?
  • The difference in the way of consumer behavior analysis for local and international businesses.

Research topics in international business management

  • Difficulties in handling international business and good relations among the employees of different cultures.
  • Why it is important to have a good bond between your local and international employees?
  • Role of digital marketing in international business growth.
  • Do we have hindrances from topographical and cultural aspects in setting business in the international sphere through online marketing?
  • Important things to keep in mind regarding human resource management in an international business setup.
  • What are the roles of a human resource management team in the management of the business on the foreign territory?
  • Top 10 countries to open small businesses in 2020.
  • How do entrepreneurship and ICT influence small-sized businesses?
  • Problems of financing international trade
  • Impact of containerization in international purchasing
  • Top 5 countries to invest money in 2020.
  • Impact of Covid -19 on international trade.
  • Coronavirus and its influence on international trade.
  • How will Coronavirus Affects World economy?

International business brand management research ideas

Some  international business topics for presentation are :

  • What are the major problems that every businessman experience in setting up a new international business?
  • Difficulties in the way of developing a brand on the international market for new businessmen.
  • Role of a good business logo in setting a good image of your brand among overseas customers.
  • Is it mandatory to provide quality services to people once your brand gets established in the foreign market?
  • How you can ensure the success of your business on international boundaries with the help of knowing your business rivals’ policies?
  • What should be done to catch the attention of your customers at the primary level when you just embark upon a new business?

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Topics for research paper on Digital marketing in international business

Here are few topics related to international business.

  • How digital marketing plays a significant role in helping you to grow and flourish your business internationally?
  • Effect of newsletters and email marketing in the growth of the international business.
  • What strategies should be followed by the businessmen in the international business administration?
  • What are the major benefits of digital marketing and online business about the low budget business?
  • What are the different modes of online promotion of your business and how it is best when compared to the traditional method?

The above expertly suggested international business research paper topics are going to add a big score to your research paper grades. But there are still many students who might be in a state of limbo to start writing their business research papers . Lack of experience in doing research and writing a thesis statement or for that matter research paper outline , compel them towards taking research paper writing services. Those who are sailing on the same boat and cannot start their research paper on international business can ask My Research Topics to write my research paper. That is how you will be capable of submitting plagiarism-free research papers to your professors on time. Also, research paper editing help is provided to the graduates for free of cost by the quality editors.

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good research topics for international business

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good research topics for international business

Recent Research Topic Idea for 2023

good research topics for international business

Sports Management Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

good research topics for international business

Marketing Research Topics & Project Ideas 2023

good research topics for international business

Human Resource Management Research Topics & Ideas 2023

good research topics for international business

Business Intelligence and Analytics Research Topics & Ideas 2023

good research topics for international business

Business Management Research Topics & Ideas 2023

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good research topics for international business

My Research Topics is provides assistance since 2004 to Research Students Globally. We help PhD, Psyd, MD, Mphil, Undergrad, High school, College, Masters students to compete their research paper & Dissertations. Our Step by step mentorship helps students to understand the research paper making process.

Research Topics & Ideas

Research guide.

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  • Types of Validity in Research – Explained With Examples
  • Schizophrenia Sample Research Paper
  • Quantitative Research Methods – Definitive Guide
  • Research Paper On Homelessness For College Students
  • How to Study for Biology Final Examination
  • Textual Analysis in Research / Methods of Analyzing Text

Disclaimer: The Reference papers provided by the serve as model and sample papers for students and are not to be submitted as it is. These papers are intended to be used for reference and research purposes only.

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Home » Blog » Dissertation » Topics » Business » International Business » International Business Dissertation Topics (28 Examples) For Research

good research topics for international business

International Business Dissertation Topics (28 Examples) For Research

Mark May 31, 2020 Jun 5, 2020 Business , International Business No Comments

With time, the business world has evolved, and globalisation has contributed to bringing revolutionary changes in the field of business. With the increasing internationalisation, the scope and area for research in the field of international business have increased. We have listed down some very interesting and unique international business dissertation topics to help you in […]

international business dissertation topics

With time, the business world has evolved, and globalisation has contributed to bringing revolutionary changes in the field of business. With the increasing internationalisation, the scope and area for research in the field of international business have increased.

We have listed down some very interesting and unique international business dissertation topics to help you in choosing a workable topic. The following list of research topics on international business are developed to help students in finding the best topic for their research project.

You can also check our other business related topics posts to have further options.

  • Business Management Research Topics
  • Research Topics on Business
  • Business Administration Research Topics

List of International business dissertation topics

An analysis of global migrants studying the implications for international business and management.

An overview of the recent trends and future challenges in international business, cities, and competitiveness.

Exploring the international business in the information and digital age.

A systematic review of the issues of international entrepreneurship.

Exploring the competitive advantage strategies based on network analysis.

Studying the internationalisation of African firms based on opportunities, challenges and risks.

An investigation of the changing retail trends: emerging opportunities and challenges in Asian countries.

A review of protectionism, state discrimination, and international studies onset of the global financial crisis.

Examining the evolution of entrepreneurial finance in the last 10 years.

A study of the emergence of impacts of mobile commerce – an exploratory study.

Evaluation of the emergence and evolution of blue ocean strategy through the lens of management fashion theory.

Studying the impact of organisational performance on the emergence of Asian American leaders.

The importance of designing a closed-loop supply chain for improving the sustainability of global business practices.

A literature review of strategies for winning and competing in the global market.

Exploring the concepts of populism and the economics of globalisation.

An analysis of how effective leadership can contribute to facilitating change in the international business context.

Studying the influence of cross-cultural differences on international marketing.

Analysing the implications of domestic reforms and international relations on international businesses.

A review of the effects of globalisation on Asian international retailing taking the case of IKEA.

An analysis of technology trends and their impact on the internationalisation of businesses.

A study of emerging trends in global business and its implications for economies.

Identifying the five major trends that are dramatically changing work and the workplace in this era.

The emergence of corporate social responsibilities and its importance for international businesses.

An analysis of the trade challenges at the world trade organisations .

Analysing the strategic challenges of outsourcing innovation in the global market.

Studying the evolving global strategic trends.

Exploring the policy challenges from closer international trade and financial integration.

Why do businesses internationalise? – a review of factor influencing the decisions to internationalise.

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Along with a topic, you will also get;

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology with identification of raw sample size, and data collection method
  • View a sample of topic consultation service

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Original Business Research Topics for Academic Success

Updated Aug 2021 ​Business research papers are vital for aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs pursuing a business degree. They can help you better understand basic economic principles, various markets, financial management, operational logistics, worldwide events and their effects on the global economy, and more.

However, writing a business research paper can be a cumbersome process, as there’s a whole universe of business fields and topics. There are so many different business operations in various areas, such as finance, communications, administration, and IT, that picking a single topic may seem challenging.

business research paper topics

Leave your worries behind, because here you’ll find an extensive list of top business research topics for your next writing assignment. They’re sure to inspire you to develop a unique and exciting topic, but you can also use many of them as your main headline. Some of them may seem a bit general, but you can narrow them down further.

What Are Some Good Business Research Topics?

When it comes to business, every topic is important. There’s not a single subject or topic that doesn’t carry great significance for proper business management.

Still, certain topics may be more interesting to read and learn about, which is one of the essential factors for getting a high grade. You want to wow your professor and showcase your knowledge and understanding of the subject.

So, what can you write about? It comes down to your expertise, interests, and preferences, but here are some ideas that present the most opportunities for business research.

Anything pertaining to the global economy is always a hot business research topic. It allows you to include international research and address many different organizations, from startups, small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises and conglomerates.

Other exciting topics are political science research topics , including international relations, public policy, comparative politics, public administration, government research, and much more.

Social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, sustainable development, resources management, and technology and innovation management are other notable topics you could use for your business research paper. They’re some of the hottest and most in-demand areas of business research these days.

How to Find Business Research Topics?

Finding a good business research topic takes time and effort since there are so many areas to choose from. Following these tips will expedite the process and help you make the right choice:

  • Explore recent trends and developments - Look into the latest business reports, news, articles, presentations, and other relevant sources within your chosen business field to get an idea of the hottest trends, issues, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Make a list of engaging topics - Select several options that you’re interested in and that allow you to highlight your strengths. Then, focus on the one you’re most passionate about, ensuring it’s not too broad or narrow. For instance, if you’re into accounting research paper topics , you could narrow your focus to electronic personal accountancy services or manage in-house and outsourced accounting teams.
  • Conduct research - If there’s not enough information about a specific topic, you may not be able to produce a high-quality research paper. So, make sure the one you choose comes with numerous credible sources, including recent statistical data, to support your claims.

Interesting Business Topics for Research Paper

We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting ideas you could cover in your research paper. Before choosing a topic, read your assignment to make sure you properly understand the requirements, then select from our examples a topic that is directly related to your studies.

  • Business in the digital era
  • Remote employees – challenges
  • Why franchising is a smart business solution
  • Internet advertising and its popularity
  • Cheapest countries to invest in
  • Differences in business ethics laws
  • Latest changes in leadership
  • Social media presence for companies
  • International business languages
  • Making profits from war

Business Research Topics for College Students

For college students faced with business research papers to write, these are our best ideas for topics.

  • Business differences in developing countries
  • Impact of startups on local economies
  • Management approaches in different cultural places
  • Business risks calculation
  • Family-owned companies
  • Monopolies on a market
  • Differences in international copyright laws
  • Internet versus offline advertising
  • Consumer behavior changes in critical times
  • Outsourcing workforce – pros and cons

Business Research Topics for MBA Students

As a successful MBA student, you need to impress your professors with your knowledge. Choose a topic from below, and you will accomplish this easily.

  • Current trends in consumer behavior
  • Innovative management
  • Company rituals and corporate culture
  • Negotiation and diplomacy
  • Effective advertising
  • International trade trends in the USA
  • Geo-arbitrage and business success
  • Advantages of increasing brand awareness
  • Social media as a new market
  • Healthy work environment and employee diversity

Economics Research Topics

good research topics for international business

For undergraduates in any economic field, writing college papers is difficult. To help out students like you who want to buy research paper online , we worked on this list of ideas good for a proper research assignment.

  • Property rights comparison
  • Tax brackets versus the fixed tax rate
  • Demand versus production
  • Analyzing consumer behavior
  • Labor unions legislation changes
  • History of economic thought
  • Trade embargo and sanctions
  • Profit maximization principles
  • Agricultural business
  • Real-estate economics

International Economics Paper Topics

When it comes to international economics, you can write about almost anything. For a compelling research paper, you can refer to one of the following trends.

  • The European Union economic model
  • International trade sanctions and restrictions
  • World economics development
  • Changes in business models due to wildlife protection laws
  • How cultural differences affect economic models
  • Economic power according to race and ethnicity
  • Energy markets potential
  • Foreign investments and their impact on the local economy
  • Correlation between immigration and unemployment rate
  • Impact of tourism growth on local economies

Econometrics Research Topics for Undergraduates

Econometrics involves math, measurements, and statistics, but that does not mean it has to be boring. These topics below use econometrics to refer to important real-life issues.

  • Income versus life insurance
  • Income inequality and poverty correlation
  • Trade impact on economic growth
  • A cross country analysis of minimum wage laws
  • Effects of inflation on national savings
  • Barriers on trade – pros and cons
  • Economic factors affecting homelessness
  • Variation in housing prices across cities
  • Youth unemployment – historical variations
  • Education expenditure and average income correlation

Business Management and Administration Research Topics

good research topics for international business

Are management or administration your business specialties? If you are going to write a paper to cover these areas of research, you can take your inspiration from our list of topics.

  • Smart practices to increase motivation among employees
  • Women leadership
  • Managing conflict in a team
  • Networking between business and companies
  • Organizational crisis management
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Causes of low employee retention rate
  • Management in startups versus multinational companies
  • Strategies for team-building
  • The relation between wages and employee productivity

Strategic Management Topics for Research

To find a focused, narrow topic for your paper on strategic management, look at our well-researched examples.

  • Strategic management practices in retail
  • Management practices in family-owned companies
  • Non-profit organizations leadership styles
  • Limitations of strategic management
  • Public-sector strategic management
  • Challenges of effective strategic management
  • Technological innovations and their role in management practices
  • Women in top strategic management positions
  • Impact of the social media era
  • Financial versus strategic management

Project Management Research Topics

Project management relies on human psychology, productivity rules, and other interesting aspects. You can surely find a passionate topic to delve deeper into our list of ideas.

  • Defining project leadership
  • Effective management practices
  • Managing innovation in entrepreneurship
  • Project scheduling and control
  • Contemporary approaches in project management
  • Work organization systems
  • Global leadership
  • Project risk management
  • Information value in project management
  • Effective organization changes

Finance Research Topics

This is our list of finance research topics for excellent papers on financial concepts.

  • Role of corporate investments in local economic development
  • Microfinance companies fighting poverty
  • Financial developments in Asian countries
  • Comparison of banking systems
  • Financial challenges of companies in emerging economies
  • What causes financial crises
  • Why mutual funds are popular
  • Cryptocurrency trends
  • Private equity investment – pros and cons
  • Security for online banking and transactions

Marketing Research Topics

For marketing students looking to learn how to analyze a market, we prepared a list of ideas for writing engaging college papers.

  • Is pharmaceutical marketing ethical
  • Purchase behavior – gender differences
  • Impulse buying and effective advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Black Friday analysis
  • Social media influencers and brand awareness
  • Telemarketing success rate
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Cultural differences affecting advertising
  • Ecological awareness in advertising

International Business Topics

Create an original research paper on an international business starting from one of these excellent topics.

  • Internet marketing for global companies
  • Causes of failure on the international market
  • Small companies with global appeal
  • International business leadership
  • The impact of cultural differences on business
  • How war affects companies’ profits
  • Most successful international brands – case studies
  • Top business languages
  • Changes in international trade
  • Global monetary environments

Business Ethics Research Paper Topics

Business ethics is a challenging but rewarding study field to cover in your research paper because it allows you to ask some important questions about morality and responsibility.

  • Ethics and social responsibility in entrepreneurship
  • Role of moral principles in business decision making
  • Unethical business environments
  • Honesty as a company policy
  • Ethical codes in successful companies
  • Ethical mistakes that led to business bankruptcy
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Moral judgments with negative business impact
  • Ethics for management versus staff
  • History of business ethics

Business Law Topics for Research Paper

To find topics that can motivate and inspire you, we put together a list of the most interesting research directions in business law today.

  • Benefits of non-disclosure agreements
  • How copyright law affects various business enterprises
  • Negotiation laws in international trade
  • Stopping employees from joining rival companies
  • Laws regarding marijuana-based businesses
  • Business corruption cases
  • Comparison of alcohol consumption and sale laws
  • Government officials’ direct involvement in business
  • Environmental protection laws that affect business
  • Offshore companies and taxation laws

Managerial Economics Topics for Paper

Learn all the intricacies of managerial economics by exploring this list of intriguing topics of research.

  • Understanding managerial economics for global managers
  • Managerial economics for self-educated entrepreneurs
  • Real-world business solutions contrasted to theoretical managerial economics
  • Developing business strategies based on managerial economics
  • Management styles – impact on decision making
  • Implications of managerial economics for the agriculture industry
  • Gender impact on business strategies for top performance
  • Organizational hierarchies
  • Effective managerial economics models for service industries
  • Managerial economics – recent theories

Organizational Behavior Topics For Research Paper

Who can write a research paper for me ? If your subject is organizational behavior, check our list to find a topic, and professional service can help you write the paper.

  • Artificial intelligence and its ability to reduce recruitment bias
  • Outsourcing tasks to freelancers and contractors
  • How to design an office for high productivity
  • Changes in corporate culture due to globalization
  • Job performance analysis
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Handling employee misconduct
  • Time management
  • Organizational behavior management
  • Workplace scenarios

Business Communication Topics

Business communication is one of the most important processes handling sharing information, whether it has to do with employees, customers, or other people outside a company. That’s why business communication ideas are some of the most interesting to tackle.

  • Interpersonal communication
  • The role of communication in business negotiations
  • Interactive online communication
  • The impact of internal business communication on reputation
  • Intercultural communication in global business ventures
  • Internal business communication vs. external business communication
  • Effective channels and mediums for business communication
  • Business communication vs. general communication
  • Business communication: basic elements, strategies, and practices
  • Business communication through documentation

Argumentative Business Topics

When writing an argumentative business research paper, you have an opportunity to address a topic from a unique standpoint and present your own opinion on the matter. You need to make a strong argument and present hard evidence to support your claims.

That’s one of the most exciting ways to write a research paper, especially when it’s about something you’re passionate about (as it should be). Here are some of the best argumentative business topics to choose from.

  • Just-in-time manufacturing: should the system be avoided?
  • Mergers vs. acquisitions: what strategic alliance is better?
  • Employee performance and motivation: monetary incentives vs. fringe benefits
  • Can you teach leadership? Learning from best practices
  • Engaging consumers through social media campaigns
  • Labor market: monopolistic exploitation to maximize profits
  • Should businesses be market-focused or product-focused?
  • The negative implications of animal testing for businesses
  • How entrepreneurs help build democracy in service-oriented businesses
  • Performance-based pay: an effective motivator or stress inducer?

We hope that our list of business research topics has helped you find inspiration for your paper so that you can get down to business right away. If you need any research, writing, editing, or formatting assistance, we’re available 24/7 for all your needs.

Here at StudyClerk, we have a brilliant team of qualified and experienced writers who can help you write a well-researched, organized, unique, and compelling paper. You have the freedom to choose a writer and request unlimited revisions to ensure you get superior content. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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good research topics for international business

Home » Blog » Dissertation » Topics » Business » International Business » 99 International Business Dissertation Topics | Research Ideas

good research topics for international business

99 International Business Dissertation Topics | Research Ideas

By Liam Oct 12, 2023 in Business , International Business | No Comments

Welcome to our comprehensive post on International Business dissertation topics tailored for aspiring scholars at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. Crafting a thesis is a crucial milestone in your academic journey, and selecting the right topic is paramount to its success. International Business, a dynamic and multifaceted field, offers a vast array of research […]

international business dissertation topics

Welcome to our comprehensive post on International Business dissertation topics tailored for aspiring scholars at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. Crafting a thesis is a crucial milestone in your academic journey, and selecting the right topic is paramount to its success. International Business, a dynamic and multifaceted field, offers a vast array of research areas encompassing global markets, cross-cultural management, trade policies, and more.

In this blog post, we will delve into an assortment of compelling dissertation topics that not only align with the burgeoning trends and challenges of the international business landscape but also provide valuable insights for students seeking to make a meaningful contribution to the field. Additionally, we’ll explore synonyms of environmental economics, a vital subfield of International Business, to inspire innovative research ideas. Let’s embark on this academic exploration together.

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List of international business dissertation topics:

Safekeeping and business management of accounting records- an evaluation of policy and practice.

Evaluating the effectiveness of international trade agreements in promoting economic growth: a cross-country analysis.

How does international human resource management reflect the corporate strategy from an international perspective?

International human resource management : best practices for managing a diverse global workforce.

Business sustainability in global corporate environments- a study of current practices and forecast trends for the solo entrepreneur.

Examining the impact of cultural diversity on team performance in international business settings through quantitative psychology .

International business resilience in times of geopolitical uncertainty: strategies for managing risks and uncertainties.

Examining the relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and economic growth in African nations.

Globalization and income inequality: a review of trends and policy implications.

The role of multinational corporations in promoting sustainable development in emerging economies.

The implications of global economic integration on income mobility and wealth distribution: a review of recent trends.

Internationalization of family businesses: challenges and strategies for sustainable growth in global markets.

The influence of cultural differences on negotiation styles and outcomes in international business transactions.

A review of changes in competitive strategies as businesses go global- data from the literature.

Impact of exchange rate volatility on international trade: a study of the UK and EU markets.

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions: evaluating factors affecting success in the global business landscape.

The changing face of agricultural business management across the world and what it means for the future of the planet.

Trade imbalances and their implications on global economic stability: a review of recent trends.

The role of women in international management- challenges and practices.

How do public disclosure policies impact business operations management in a globalized world?

The changing trends of business activities across Europe- identifying the changes and predicting future trends.

The banking system and security challenges within an internationally mobile system of transactions.

The role of cultural diplomacy in promoting international business relations and partnerships.

Digital transformation in international marketing: adapting strategies for a globalized digital landscape.

Knowledge and power management in international business management- a study.

Evaluating the impact of trade wars on global supply chains and international trade.

Analyzing the implications of Brexit on trade and investment in the UK: a post-EU membership perspective.

Evaluating the impact of environmental regulations on international business sustainability: a cross-industry study.

Assessing the impact of e-commerce globalization on traditional retail businesses: a case study approach.

A study of the issues and difficulties faced in managing a globally diverse workforce.

The role of global economic organizations in shaping international trade policies and regulations.

The impact of political instability on international business operations and investment decisions.

Sustainable business practices and their impact on consumer preferences in international markets.

The implications of climate change on international business operations and strategies.

Global talent management : strategies for attracting and retaining top talent in multinational corporations.

The implications of trade agreements on foreign direct investment flows: a comparative analysis.

Brexit and financial services: a review of challenges and opportunities for the UK banking sector.

Trade liberalization and its impact on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets.

The role of government policies in promoting renewable energy investments in emerging markets.

The role of international business in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The implications of trade liberalization on labor market dynamics: a comparative analysis.

The influence of culture on cross-border mergers and acquisitions: a comparative analysis.

The rise of ethical consumerism and its implications for international marketing strategies.

Social media applications and relevance to international business management- a review.

The role of cross-border e-commerce in promoting international trade and market expansion.

The effect of global supply chain disruptions on firm performance: a post-COVID-19 analysis.

The impact of global economic downturns on foreign direct investment: a review of historical events.

The role of government policies in promoting international competitiveness of the UK automotive industry.

The role of international entrepreneurship in economic development and poverty reduction: a comparative analysis.

The role of international business in achieving the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Technological innovation and its impact on global business models and industry disruption.

The role of strategic alliances in enhancing global competitiveness: a case study analysis.

The influence of global economic integration on corporate strategies: a case study approach.

International market entry strategies for technology-based startups: a comparative study.

Evaluating the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility practices in enhancing firm reputation: a global perspective.

An investigation into the personal qualities of a successful international entrepreneur.

Mobile devices and business management- assessing the requirements of businesses and technological solutions.

The role of international business in addressing global health challenges: a case study approach.

Level of service quality between international entrepreneurs and small partnerships.

Analyzing the effectiveness of cross-cultural advertising strategies in sports marketing for global sports brands.

A systematic review of the impact of culture on international business management.

Globalization and its impact on income distribution: a review of global trends and policy implications.

What are the global challenges that managers of international businesses face? A literature-based review.

The impact of corporate governance on stakeholders’ firm valuation: a comparative review between developed and developing countries.

Business management practices of South Asian and Asia-Pacific Tigers- an international perspective.

Tracing the historical evolution of a multinational and the role of business management in this evolution.

International business ethics in the era of AI and automation: addressing ethical challenges in a technologically advancing world.

The influence of cross-cultural communication on global business negotiations: a comparative analysis.

Research in international business- a review.

Foreign market entry modes: a review of entry strategies and their effectiveness in different global contexts.

Sustainable supply chain management practices and their impact on company profitability: a review of global case studies.

Market entry strategies for emerging economies: a review of challenges and success factors for multinational corporations.

The rise of blockchain technology and its impact on international business transactions and supply chains.

The innovation department in an international business environment- evaluating the degree of competition and competitiveness.

The rise of e-commerce and its impact on traditional retail: a global market perspective.

The impact of trade agreements on export competitiveness: a case study of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The role of ethics and corporate social responsibility in shaping international business strategies: a review.

Global market entry strategies: a comprehensive review of successful and unsuccessful multinational ventures.

The influence of international trade agreements on access to medicines and healthcare in developing countries.

The role of multinational corporations in promoting gender diversity and equality in the workplace.

Intellectual property rights and international trade: implications for innovation and economic development.

Exploring the relationship between foreign aid and economic development in developing countries: a cross-country study.

The influence of global megatrends on future international business strategies: a foresight analysis.

Sustainable business practices and their impact on global supply chain management: a case study analysis.

International joint ventures: a comparative study of success factors in Asian and European markets.

The impact of digitalization on global marketing strategies and consumer behavior.

The role of international financial institutions in promoting economic stability and growth in developing countries.

The influence of organizational culture on international business performance: a comparative study.

The impact of digital transformation on global logistics and supply chain management .

An evaluation of the comprehensive impact of technological innovation on business management practices- case study the UK.

Management of waste from mining operations – a sociological and legal perspective.

The impact of cross-border taxation policies on multinational corporations’ profit repatriation strategies.

Cultural intelligence and its impact on successful cross-cultural business negotiations: a global study.

The impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on global trade and investment patterns: a comprehensive analysis.

The role of multinational corporations in bridging the digital divide: a cross-country analysis.

International entrepreneurship and innovation: a comparative study of entrepreneurial ecosystems in different countries.

The impact of global financial crises on international trade and investment: lessons from the 2008 financial crisis.

A critical analysis of the influence of political risk on foreign direct investment decisions: a cross-country perspective.

Technological advancements and international business strategy: a review of the impact on market penetration and expansion.

There you go. Use the list on international business dissertation topics well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics-related blog posts for the future or looking to get help with dissertation writing , send us an email at [email protected] .

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Topics Base

Everything begins with an idea!

International Business Research Paper Topics

International business is any business that runs in two or more countries. Some higher institutions offer international business as a course that teaches students how to run businesses in the international market successfully. Students who study the course or other related courses will sometimes have to do international business research and write papers on whatever international business research paper topics they discover. We have noticed that a lot of students find it challenging to get topics for their international business research paper, which is why we want to help them get the best topics.

As you read on, you will find some interesting international business research paper topics. Go through the business research topics for college students and select the ones that you are comfortable with. All the topics you find here are simple enough for students, so you wont need to do excess research before you know what to write about the topic you choose. We added both popular and unpopular international business research paper ideas to make students have many options to choose from.

Top International Business Research Paper Topics

The options when writing a research paper about business are endless. And to narrow them here are some examples of business research topics you can use as inspiration, or just use when writing your international business essay. These international business research paper topics should be of assistance.

  • There are predictions that the demand for cloth will drop greatly for the rest of the year. Explain this prediction
  • How can weather conditions influence international businesses?
  • The mobile technologies of China have advanced more than that of the US. Mention the factors that contributed to the development of China’s mobile industry.
  • Do you think that every big company must be present in social media
  • Could the political behavior of a particular country affect international businesses?
  • Mention some companies that succeeded in the national market but failed in the international market. Why do you think they failed?
  • Mention some of the most successful start-ups that the world has witnessed in the last five years. Examine the most important factors that led them to success
  • Large American companies now have the tendency to change the suburbs of a city. How can you explain this?
  • What strategies can make a small scale business go global?
  • What kinds of companies can flourish even in the condition of war?
  • What strategies do governments use to stabilize currency during crises?
  • The way foreign exchange market work
  • The ways Brexit impact the economics of the EU
  • How has the strategy of Apple changed since Steve Job’s death?
  • The British government has turned down the offer on a nuclear power station. What could be the economic consequences of this decision?
  • Mention six types of small businesses that are certain to bring a return
  • How can the global team be adequately managed from one control center?
  • The ways marketing strategies change when promoting only one product in different regions
  • Should a creator promote his or her business personally or hire an experienced manager to develop a start-up?
  • Terrorism affects the economics of a nation in general. Are private businesses affected in particular too?
  • The challenges that multinational corporations face
  • The ways immigration has impacted the economy of the United States over the last six years: explain how immigrants affect the economy of the US in general
  • The quantity of strikes has reduced in Britain since 2015. What factors led to this decrease?
  • Explain the factors that made the prices on houses to increase after Brexit
  • What kind of businesses can an individual operate totally from home and earn a huge amount?
  • What types of companies should mandatorily contribute to health care budgets?
  • Give examples of big international companies that will likely go bankrupt if they don’t change their strategy soon
  • What consequences will the developing countries face if all countries live only on their manufactured products
  • Mention other languages aside from English that could serve as international languages for business
  • Mention some effective ways of predicting the US recession
  • What are the common mistakes that make many start-ups fail?
  • How does corporate governance affect international business?
  • How can government interventions assist international businesses?
  • What were the best advertising campaigns in 2019?
  • What makes a product to have a varied response when it is introduced in various parts of the world?
  • The strategies that a company need to succeed in the international market
  • How small scale businesses can compete with large scale businesses on the international market
  • How can terrorism affect the international market?
  • The ways dollar affect the international market

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International Business Dissertation Topics

Published by Owen Ingram at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On August 15, 2023

Most students find it difficult to select the perfect international business dissertation topic for their dissertation project. In fact, many students end up choosing very narrow and specific topics due to the vastness of the field and the growing issues within the field of international business.

We understand that choosing a suitable international business dissertation topic may not be a straightforward task for many students, so we have compiled a list of the perfect international business issues you can explore and address as part of your research.

We aim to empower our students with the knowledge and abilities needed to choose an international business research paper or dissertation topic. At Research Prospect , we help students with their research proposal and the full dissertation paper.

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The Best International Business Dissertation Topics

  • MNCs’ use of a standardised approach to business strategy
  • Impact of the coronavirus outbreak on global business operations
  • Management and globalisation governance appendix
  • Factors affecting MNCs’ decision about their corporate political approach in emerging economies
  • effects of corporate globalisation on their foreign business activities
  • MNCs and the consequences of culture
  • Effects of the evolving international legal environment on MNCs
  • MNCs’ methods for entering emerging markets
  • Challenges to the global banking system’s security brought on by Toyota’s Total Quality Management
  • Foreign workers’ challenges and opportunities in a global strategy
  • The value of English as an international business language and the reasons Chinese companies win contracts in Africa
  • A quantitative study of the Canadian Honey Industry
  • the US auto industry’s expansion under the Trump Administration
  • fake honey’s effects on the world’s honey business
  • Management quality in global markets
  • Coronavirus and BREXIT’s effects on the world’s aviation sector
  • Impact of corporate privatisation on worldwide marketplaces
  • Branding’s function in the global tourism sector
  • Information technology management for global businesses
  • Effects of efficient human resource management in global businesses
  • Impact of efficient channels for corporate communication in global companies
  • Acceptableness of government engagement in creating CSR restrictions
  • Result of senior management interference in a company’s plans
  • When accidents are every day, can the economic model for developing driverless cars still be viable?
  • How social media branding gives companies a competitive edge in the age of globalisation
  • Value ramifications of multinationals’ cross-border expansion trends in emerging markets
  • How do public disclosure policies affect corporate operations management in a more globalised society?
  • The elements affecting the success of building firms in the United Arab Emirates
  • Important aspects for Carrefour to succeed in the current global market
  • financial options for developing small and medium-sized businesses
  • The impact of legislation on the marketing and production of tobacco.
  • Is the government gaining revenue from the war?
  • Companies that are successful both nationally and internationally.
  • It is acquiring knowledge of the global IT market and sector.
  • The impact of artificial intelligence on the workforce.

How Can Research Prospect Help?

Research Prospect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service!

Final Words

Choosing the best international business dissertation topic in your graduate programme is a prerequisite to writing a first class dissertation paper.

Are you having trouble deciding what to write about for your dissertation or how to choose a topic? Search no further; we can assist you not only with the topic selection but the full process.

We have 1000s of satisfied customers when it comes to writing a dissertation . It’s your time to put your trust in us to provide you with the best topic and dissertation on international business that you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find international business dissertation topics.

For international business dissertation topics:

  • Study global economic trends.
  • Analyze cross-border challenges.
  • Explore trade and market dynamics.
  • Research cultural influences.
  • Examine multinational strategies.
  • Select a topic aligning with your expertise and career aspirations.

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Top INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Project Topics and Research Materials for Final Year Students


INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Project Topics and Research Materials – PDF/DOC

Here are Top 21 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Project Topics and Research Materials in PDF/DOC:

Problem Of Financing International Trade.

Impact Of Exchange Rate On The Economic Growth. A Case Study Of Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company Enugu

Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On The Economy. A Case Study Of Nbc Plc Enugu

Relevance Of Insurance Policy In International Purchasing. A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc Aba

Impact Of External Debt On Economy.

Influence Of Multinational Companies In The Economic Development. A Case Study Of Guninness Nigeria Plc Benin City

Foreign Investment Under Structural Adjustment Programme (Sap).

Role Of Public Relations In Improving International Trade. A Case Study Of Eleganza Plastic Industry Onitsha

Naira Exchange Rate Depreciation And Domestic Inflation.

Critical Appraisal Of The Strategies Of Exportation Of Made In Nigeria Goods. A Case Study Of Nigerian Export Promotion Council

Impact Of Globalisation On Management. A Case Study Of Nitel Enugu

National Effects Of Exchange Rate Changes On Foreign Debt Service.

Procedures And Problems Of International Purchasing In Economy. A Case Study Of Stallion Motors Transamadi Port Harcourt

Impact Of Foreign Capital In Enterpreneurship Development. A Case Study Of Imo State

Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Economic Growth.

Effect Of Fluctuating Foreign Exchange Rate On Currency. A Case Study Of Central Bank Of Nigeria, Enugu Branch

Foreign Direct Investment And Its Impact On The Development Of Economy.

Role Of Banks In International Trade.

Impact Of Exchange Rate Fluctuation On International Trade (Export).

The United Nations And Conflict Management In Africa: Examining Its Achievements And Failures.

Exchange Rate Fluctuation And Export Performance.

Good and Relevant INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Project Topics and Research Materials/Ideas

Here are some Good and Relevant INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Project Topics and Research Materials/Ideas for Students:

  • Globalization and Multinational Corporations : Analyzing the impact of globalization on the strategies and operations of multinational corporations (MNCs).
  • Cross-Cultural Management : Investigating how cultural differences affect leadership, communication, and decision-making in international business settings.
  • Foreign Market Entry Strategies : Examining different approaches MNCs use to enter foreign markets, such as joint ventures, acquisitions, or greenfield investments.
  • Global Supply Chain Management : Studying the challenges and best practices in managing global supply chains, including logistics, sourcing, and risk management.
  • International Marketing Strategies : Assessing the adaptation of marketing strategies across countries, including product, price, promotion, and distribution.
  • Political Risk Analysis : Analyzing the impact of political instability, policy changes, and government regulations on international business operations.
  • Trade Agreements and Tariffs : Investigating the effects of trade agreements (e.g., NAFTA, EU) and tariffs on international trade and investment.
  • Ethical Considerations in International Business : Examining ethical dilemmas faced by MNCs in foreign markets and the role of corporate social responsibility.
  • Emerging Markets : Researching opportunities and challenges in doing business in emerging economies like China, India, or Brazil.
  • International Finance and Exchange Rates : Studying the dynamics of foreign exchange markets and their impact on international financial management.
  • Global Business Negotiations : Analyzing negotiation strategies and tactics in cross-cultural business settings.
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) : Investigating the motivations and consequences of FDI flows between countries.
  • Global Innovation and Technology Transfer : Examining the role of innovation and technology transfer in international business competitiveness.
  • International Trade and Economic Growth : Assessing the relationship between international trade and a country’s economic development.
  • Global E-commerce and Digital Marketing : Researching the growth of online businesses across borders and digital marketing strategies for global audiences.
  • International Human Resource Management : Studying HR practices, such as staffing, training, and compensation, in the context of global workforces.
  • Sustainable Business Practices : Analyzing the adoption of sustainability initiatives by MNCs and their impact on global supply chains.
  • Crisis Management in International Business : Investigating strategies for handling crises like natural disasters, political unrest, or pandemics in global operations.
  • Market Entry in BRICS Nations : Focusing on the market entry strategies and challenges in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.
  • Global Mergers and Acquisitions : Examining trends and drivers in cross-border mergers and acquisitions.
  • Exporting and Small Business Growth : Assessing how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can use exporting to expand globally.
  • Global Tourism Industry : Studying the impact of tourism on economies and exploring sustainable tourism practices.
  • Foreign Market Assessment : Analyzing market research and assessment methods for international expansion.
  • Intellectual Property Protection : Investigating the challenges and solutions for protecting intellectual property rights in global markets.
  • Global Business Ethics : Examining ethical dilemmas and corporate social responsibility in international business.
  • Global Entrepreneurship : Researching the characteristics and challenges of entrepreneurs in the global context.
  • Global Outsourcing and Offshoring : Assessing the trends and implications of outsourcing and offshoring of business processes.
  • Economic Integration and Trade Blocs : Studying the impact of regional trade agreements like the European Union or ASEAN on international trade.
  • International Economic Sanctions : Analyzing the effects and effectiveness of economic sanctions imposed by countries on others.
  • Global Retail Strategies : Investigating the strategies employed by multinational retailers in various global markets.

Free INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Project Topics and Research Ideas

Here are some “free INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS project topics” that you can consider:

  • The Impact of Globalization on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): A Comparative Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Challenges in International Business: A Case Study of [Select Country/Countries].
  • Analyzing the Role of Multinational Corporations in Emerging Markets: A Focus on [Specific Industry].
  • The Influence of Political and Economic Factors on International Business: A Comparative Study of [Country/Countries].
  • Evaluating the Strategies of Global E-commerce Companies in Penetrating New Markets.
  • The Effect of Trade Agreements on International Business: A Case Study of [Select Trade Agreement and its Impact].
  • Global Supply Chain Management: Challenges and Best Practices in [Your Chosen Industry].
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in International Business: A Comparative Analysis of [Two or More Companies from Different Countries].
  • The Rise of E-commerce in Emerging Markets: Opportunities and Challenges for International Businesses.
  • Impact of Technology on International Business Operations: A Case Study of [Technology-Driven Industry].
  • Exploring the Role of Cultural Intelligence in International Business Success.
  • The Effect of Currency Fluctuations on International Trade: A Comparative Study of [Currency Pairs].
  • Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures in International Business: Success Factors and Challenges.
  • The Role of International Financial Institutions in Facilitating Global Business Transactions: A Case Study Approach.
  • Green Business Practices in the International Context: A Comparative Analysis of [Eco-Friendly Companies].
  • Evaluating the Impact of Tariffs and Trade Barriers on International Business: A Case Study of [Specific Trade Scenario].
  • The Influence of Cultural Differences on Negotiation Strategies in International Business.
  • International Market Entry Strategies: A Comparative Analysis of [Entry Modes] in [Selected Industry].
  • The Evolution of Global Business Models: A Study of [Industry] Over the Past Decade.
  • The Role of International Human Resource Management in Managing a Diverse Workforce: Lessons from [Multinational Companies].

Trending and Latest INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Project Topics and Research Materials/Areas

Here are some Trending and Latest INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Project Topics and Research Materials/Areas for Students:

  • Analyze the effects of globalization on businesses and economies.
  • Investigate how globalization affects the competitiveness of firms in various industries.
  • Examine the market entry strategies of multinational corporations (MNCs) in emerging markets.
  • Compare the success of different market entry modes, such as joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and greenfield investments.
  • Study the adaptation of marketing strategies for international markets.
  • Explore the role of culture in international marketing campaigns.
  • Investigate the challenges of managing diverse teams in multinational organizations.
  • Analyze the impact of cultural differences on leadership and decision-making.
  • Examine the impact of trade policies and agreements (e.g., WTO, NAFTA, TPP) on international business.
  • Investigate the role of e-commerce in global trade.
  • Study the strategies for optimizing global supply chains.
  • Analyze the resilience of supply chains in the face of disruptions (e.g., COVID-19).
  • Explore the integration of sustainability practices in international business operations.
  • Assess the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on global firms.
  • Analyze the effects of political instability and government policies on international investments.
  • Study risk management strategies for dealing with political risks.
  • Investigate the motivations behind FDI in different regions.
  • Assess the impact of FDI on host countries’ economies and societies.
  • Explore the role of technology transfer in international business.
  • Analyze the factors that facilitate or hinder global innovation networks.
  • Examine ethical dilemmas faced by multinational corporations operating in different cultural and regulatory environments.
  • Investigate the enforcement of ethical standards in global business.
  • Study the management of currency risk and financial instruments in international business.
  • Assess the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on multinational corporations.
  • Analyze the legal frameworks governing international business transactions.
  • Investigate the implications of trade disputes and international arbitration.
  • Focus on the opportunities and challenges of doing business in specific emerging markets (e.g., BRICS countries, Southeast Asia, Africa).
  • Assess strategies for market entry and expansion in these regions.
  • Explore the influence of emerging technologies (e.g., AI, blockchain) on international business operations.
  • Investigate the role of digital transformation in global supply chains.

How can I get a free INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS project material?

Chapter one of the entire INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS project topics here are free. You have to donate a token and support this website in order to download full INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS project material.

What is the best INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS project topic?

All the listed Topics on this page are good INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS project topics. The best project topic for your INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS research depends on your own interests, the availability of resources and the relevance of the topic in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS field.

How can I download any of the listed INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS researched project materials in PDF or DOC?

Click any of the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS project topics to open, and click on “donate & download” to download full content in pdf or doc editable format.

How long does it take to get any of the 21 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS project topics complete material?

The time it takes to receive complete project material of the above INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Topics depends on which payment method you choose. With instant payment method, you can download any of the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Project Materials instantly while; bank deposit or transfer takes less than One hour to download full INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS research material.

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