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Actual Evaluation Essay Topics

03 Jun 2023

Looking to unleash your inner critic? Evaluation essays are just the ticket! But let's face it, choosing the right evaluation essay topic can be as tricky as deciding what to order from a menu. This article will guide you through the process, offering many engaging evaluation essay ideas that will make your paper shine.

Key points:

  • An evaluation essay offers an opportunity to assess and critique a particular subject, such as a book, or a historical movie, based on specific criteria.
  • Selecting the right topic for your evaluation essay ideas is crucial to engage your readers and create an impactful piece.

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Writing essays

What are Evaluation Essays?

Evaluation essays are like the Sherlock Holmes of academic writing. Armed with the magnifying glass of critical analysis, these essays dive into a topic, assess its merits, and present an informed judgment. Writing an evaluation essay or crafting an evaluation piece serves as a platform for you to express your opinions supported by evidence and reasoning. Evaluative essay topics go beyond the surface, providing profound analysis that leaves readers nodding in agreement or pondering new perspectives.

For individuals who struggle to choose a topic for their evaluation papers, there is a way out. Platforms that provide essay help and guidance can have a huge impact, and you should try them out. They help you collaborate with writing instructors or professionals in generating evaluation argument essay topics or future essay ideas.

With so many unique evaluation essay topics, you can confidently begin your evaluation adventure. Whether it is to explore online relationships or to evaluate recent development in education, you are covered. When time is tight, or expert guidance becomes too demanding, you also have the option to buy custom essay papers. This ensures a high-quality, well-researched piece crafted by experienced professionals.

Basic Evaluation Essay Structure

Evaluation papers or essays involve evaluating and analyzing a specific topic, such as problematic behavior, health benefits, or cultural education. It could be an evaluation of a book, movie, teaching method, or even your favorite food.

Crafting a captivating introduction is a good way of how to start an essay , and it sets the tone as you start writing your paper and hooks your readers' attention. For instance, it can delve into the realm of “modern culture” or focus on the domain of multiple-choice tests. For example, did you know that certain photo editing apps have revolutionized the way we perceive art forms?

Next comes the thesis statement, the backbone of your essay. It could be an evaluation of how fiction films impact viewers. You could explore the impact of art on society, scrutinize communications online, or the effectiveness of teaching methods in elementary schools. You can also discuss how mental health issues affect online relationships. Your statement determines the remainder of your assessment.

Once you've set the stage, it's time to dive into the body paragraphs. Each paragraph should focus on a specific aspect or criterion of your evaluation. Don't forget the conclusion. This is where you summarize your main points and reinforce your evaluation. Remember, keep it concise and impactful!

How to Pick a Good Evaluation Essay Topic?

A great assessment essay starts with a great topic. It could be an argumentative essay on science fiction or an essay focused on the stand-up genre and its relevance to modern students’ lives. Let's examine three effective ways to pick a topic.

Exploring Uncharted Territories or Niche Interests

When selecting an evaluation essay topic, consider delving into a niche music genre or a famous art medium. Explore these unexplored places to demonstrate your topic expertise. You can consider the underappreciated work of a famous artist or a breakthrough overlooked by the mainstream scientific community.

Address Contemporary Issues

Evaluation papers or essays can serve as a platform to shed light on relevant social issues. Consider evaluating the factors contributing to social behavior difficulties among adolescents. Explore topics such as cultural shock in a globalized world or the impact of social media on interpersonal relationships. You could also evaluate scholarly journals or critique services like student lunch services.

Tap Into Personal Experiences or Process Analysis

Sometimes, the best topics can be found within the realms of our own experiences. Did a high school club leave a lasting impact on your learning abilities? Did an online radio station introduce you to a new and exciting genre of music? Process analysis essays are academic writing explaining how something is done or a particular process unfolds. Observe some examples of process analysis essay topics so you can understand what has been said.

Good Evaluation Essay Topics List

These topics will motivate college students/high school students, and professional writers to critically assess current society. These topics not only teach students valuable critical thinking skills but also highlight how students affect and contribute to general knowledge.

  • Race and Ethnicity in the United States
  • Hitler was influential, determined, and strategic
  • Importance of Sex Education
  • Brown v. Board: Lgal Changes in Respect to Segregation
  • Martin Luther King and the fight against racism in the US
  • Industrialization and imperialism
  • Starbucks Found in a Crisis
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • The Apparel Industry in the U.S.
  • France: New Gender Equality Obligations Established

Easy Evaluation Essay Topics

Here is a list of handpicked good literature topics that will ignite your curiosity and engage your critical thinking skills. These easy topics cover a wide range of subjects and are just a few clicks away from inspiring your next masterpiece.

  • How Do You Define Racism?
  • Homeschooling vs Public School
  • The Book is Composed of Two Sections
  • Edgar Allan Poe in Romantic Literature
  • Gerard Jones’ Biased Evaluation of Violence in Media
  • Self Evaluation and Supervision
  • Marriage in a World
  • Climate Change Training Course
  • The Importance of Evaluation in Counseling
  • Animal Welfare, Chickens: Factory or Field

Evaluation Essay Topics on History

There are several historical evaluation essay ideas to consider. They vary from major events that affected our global culture to examining the historical veracity of "saving private Ryan." These topics will intrigue you and give plenty of writing possibilities:

  • John F. Kennedy's Legacy
  • Barack Obama's Inaugural Speech
  • Main Issues Of Border Wall
  • After Civil Rights: Racial Realism in the New American Workplace
  • Cold War in China, Cold War in Cuba, and Space Race
  • Progressing the Civil Rights Movement with Aristotle’s Artistic Appeals
  • China-Australia Free Trade Agreement
  • What was the Harlem Renaissance?
  • Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War Summary
  • Mark Antony’s Described Julius Caesar

Evaluation Essay Topics on Government and Law

These topics cover the key characteristics of how we interact with society and the law. They also explore government and law by examining political marketing strategies on how some particular laws affect social behavior.

  • Brown V. Board of Education and Civil Rights
  • Criminal Profiling
  • The Significance of the Gettysburg Address
  • Race Relations have Improved in America
  • Temporary Labor Migrants
  • The Electoral College and How Popular Vote Doesn’t Matter
  • Jeffersonian Democracy
  • Granada Hills Charter High School
  • Transgender Individuals in the Military
  • The Segregation of Schools in the United States

Evaluation Essay Topic Ideas on Food and Restaurants

There is a variety of engaging evaluation paper ideas that allow you to critically assess different aspects of the culinary world. This genre of evaluative writing brings up a delectable world of food and restaurant topics that are great for essays.

  • The Authenticity Of Ethnic Cuisine In Local Restaurants.
  • The Effectiveness Of Restaurant Menus In Enticing Customers.
  • The Impact Of Online Reviews On The Reputation And Success Of Restaurants.
  • Sustainability Practices Of Farm-To-Table Restaurants.
  • Hygiene Standards And Food Safety Protocols In Fast Food Chains.
  • Use Of Technology In Enhancing The Dining Experience In Modern Restaurants.
  • Lunch Services In The American Secondary Education System.
  • Customer Service And Staff Professionalism In Fine Dining Establishments.
  • Nutritional Value And Healthiness Of Popular Fast Food Menu Items.
  • Social And Cultural Impact Of Food Delivery Apps On Traditional Dining Experiences.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Technology

As we delve into technological evaluation essay topics, you can choose to examine the merits, drawbacks, and overall impact of technological advancements. From artificial intelligence to social media, we have a plethora of ideas to explore.

  • Social Media Marketing As A Way To Promote Business
  • Pros And Cons Of Virtual Reality Gaming.
  • Assessing Online Clothes Shop For Its Contribution To The Fashion Sector
  • Evaluation of the Process of Creating Computer-Generated Graphics In Contemporary Art.
  • Technology's Role In Healthcare.
  • Cybersecurity Measures' Effectiveness.
  • The Culture Wars in the Digital Age: Impact of Technology on Cultural Values.
  • Ai's Role In Job Automation.
  • Impact Of Biometric Technology On Privacy.
  • How The Internet Changed Communication Patterns In Online Interactions.

Evaluation essays or paper ideas provide a wide range of subjects for students or writers to critically evaluate and express their viewpoints. These topics not only prompt you to navigate cultural differences and comprehend global cultures but also encourage you to appreciate any modern art form.

Whether analyzing the significance of Henry Ford's assembly line or exploring the education services of paper books, evaluation topics stimulate critical thinking and facilitate a deeper understanding of modern society. When it comes to writing an evaluation essay, these topics offer ample opportunities for exploration and the expression of one's opinions and perspectives.

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100 Evaluation Essay Topics

Who would look for evaluation essay topics? For the most part, it’s students who got an assignment and are looking for ways of fulfilling it. Writing a paper could be difficult, but it’s even tougher when you have no idea which theme to pick. Let’s clarify the definition first before moving on to other tips. Evaluation essay is a genre of writing where you express an objective opinion on something by reviewing its strengths, weaknesses, purposes, etc., coming to a single conclusion.

Such tasks are essential for students’ development because they help them understand how to be objective and express an opinion based on facts, not feelings. This skill is useful in academics as well as in regular life. But to succeed in an essay, you must know what topic to pick for it, and this is one of the most problematic areas that create a whole array of difficulties. We’re going to address them one by one to help you get inspired before writing an essay.

How to Go About Picking Review Essay Topics

When asking a student what they consider the most important part of writing essays, they usually list research, drafts, and writing itself. Almost none of them mention the topic, and it proves how frequently this aspect of work is underestimated. Essay theme determines everything, from how interesting research and essay writing could be to the grade. These are the guidelines one should keep in mind for making a correct choice.

  • Select a topic that makes you want to research it.  Passion for a subject is critical. If one finds something boring, essay will reflect this. If student feels indifferent, then it’ll be next to impossible to intrigue readers. Their perceptions as a writer always become a part of work. On the other hand, if one enjoys what they are doing, they will be able to select the most interesting bits of information for evaluations. So, think about preferences. Consider books you’ve read and have an opinion on, a movie you watched and ranted about last night, or an issue that you’d like to discuss overall. Remember: your interest is the biggest factor justifying an evaluation essay topic you select.
  • Assess your objectivity.  Yes, passion is everything, but it shouldn’t distract you from staying objective. If you are evaluating something for an essay, you should base your thoughts on facts, not hot emotions. Your analysis must demonstrate clear use of logic and reason, so if you feel you might be biased, better choose another topic.
  • Look at sources.  Check if there’s enough data that you could use for your topics for evaluation essays. If you wanted to focus on something rare or unknown, most sources might be too old or not credible. That won’t fit your goals, so you’ll need to make another decision. Always follow professors’ demands: if they told you to include 10 sources in an essay, then this is what you should do, and your topic must have enough material written about it. Ideally, as per academic criteria, each source should be created within the last 5 years, be peer-reviewed, and have a DOI assigned.
  • Do some brainstorming.  Talk with friends or professors. Suggest the ideas you have in mind and see what they’ll say to them. Maybe they’ll suggest a better essay topic option that you’ll love better or solidify your intentions — both could be helpful.

100 Evaluation Argument Essay Topics For Your Consideration

Would you like to know another effective way of finding a topic? You could try looking at lists composed specifically for this purpose. The one we developed below has 10 categories, so you could ignore some and pay attention to those you like. Use these topics as a sample you can transform or as direct basis for your future essay.

Evaluation Topic on TV and Movies

Do you like watching TV? Then you might find the following evaluative essay topics useful. Select a favorite, new, or underrated film or show for your review.

  • Pick a Film That Got Oscar and Evaluate It Objectively: What Is Special About It?
  • Level of Representation Among Well-Written Female Characters: Is It Appropriate?
  • Queerbaiting Before 2015 and After It: Are There Any Changes?
  • How Black Characters Are Treated in Movies and TV Shows
  • Do Homosexual People Get Enough Representation in Modern Times?
  • What Criteria Should Be Met for the Movie to Classify as Art House
  • Evaluate How Wars Are Depicted in American Films: Are They Realistic or Overly Dramatized?
  • Asexuals and Aromantics in TV Industry: Are There Any Major Characters With This Sexuality?
  • What Features Should a Movie Possess Be Considered a Comedy?
  • Do Sequels Tend to Be Successful or Not?

Sports Topics for Review

For many people, sportive activities are the main source of entertainment. These review paper topics will be to their liking!

  • How America’s Obsession with Soccer Affects Young People’s Personalities
  • Evaluate the Practice of Selling Players: Should It Be Considered Appropriate?
  • Pick Any Player From a Sports Team & Evaluate Their Performance
  • Should Tennis Be a Part of Every School Curriculum?
  • Is Big Height a Necessity in Playing Basketball?
  • Is Coaching a Good Motivator for Students or Is It More Harmful?
  • What Is the Best Food Sportsmen Should Eat to Keep Their Shape?
  • Is Watching a Game on the Stadium Different from Doing That on TV?
  • Do Sports Clubs Improve Sportsmen’s Performance & Chances?
  • How Can Dancing Be Assessed in Competitions?

Technology and Social Media Prompts

Social media platforms are everywhere — it is difficult to find someone without an account somewhere. So, look at these evaluation essay ideas because you might find them easy.

  • Can Everyone Understand How Basic Photoshop Works or Are Special Skills Needed?
  • Why Did Social Media Gain Such Vast Popularity?
  • What Does Virtual Reality Experience Entail & Is It Good?
  • Did the Option of Instant Messaging Affect People’s Communication Habits Badly?
  • Use of Technologies in Studying: How Does That Work?
  • Did Making Money for a Living Become Easier with Internet?
  • Learning Through Playing Games: Is It a Viable Solution?
  • Evaluate Any Social Platform That You Find Interesting
  • Analyze Whether Bullying Became Worse Due to Social Media
  • Did Friendships Become Stronger Under the Influence of Social Networks?

Evaluate Food and Restaurants

In food industry, there are lots of things to evaluate! Here are some options.

  • Pick a Famous American Restaurant & Evaluate Its Quality
  • What Is Your Favorite Food? Assess It Objectively
  • What Could Be Viewed as Good Customer Service?
  • Is Fast Food Really Dangerous for a Human Body?
  • A Cup of Simple Black Coffee: How Much Should It Cost?
  •  What Makes Starbucks Such a Popular Chain Worldwide?
  • What Could Be Called Traditional American Food and Why?
  • What Criteria Should Chinese Food Serve in America Meet to Satisfy Chinese People?
  • Food Sold at Your Local Market: How Diverse Is It?
  • What Should Be the Price for Average Mexican Meal?

Education Topics for Review Essay

There are good evaluation essay topics in the sphere of education: students can always relate to them.

  • Assess Quality of Education You Are Receiving
  • What Education Should a Person Possess to Become a Good Teacher?
  • How Many Subjects Must Pre-Schoolers Study?
  • Are There Enough Schools for Children with Special Needs in the US?
  • Which Parts of Population Could Objectively Afford Modern Quality Education?
  • What Environment Should Be Created for Children with Development Disorders?
  • Evaluate Quality of Secondary Education Offered in US
  • Is It Better to Study Abroad?
  • Evaluate Some Specific teaching Methods in Terms of Their Effectiveness
  • How Efficient Is It to Study by Yourself?

Culture Evaluation Essay Ideas

We manage to exist exactly because we follow cultural norms. Here is an evaluation essay topics list related to it.

  • Is Culture Getting More Diverse in America due to Immigration?
  • Could American Culture Be Called Moral?
  • What Causes Cultural Shock and How to Recognize It?
  • What Is the Effective Way to Instill Culture in Children?
  • Is Culture Behind Rap Music Violent?
  • What Characteristics Should a Person Have to Be Considered Culturally Educated?
  • Cultural Education in Schools: Is It Effective?
  • Could It Be Said That Online Culture Exists?
  • Is It Possible to Wage War Between Cultures and Preserve Morality?
  • How Does Westernization Affect Global Culture?

Art and Literature Topics

Do you enjoy books and feel breathless at the idea of seeing art? If so, you’ll enjoy these easy evaluation essay topics.

  • Assess Harry Potter on the Subject of Diversity
  • Is Love Described Believably in Twilight?
  • Pick a Popular Art Movement: What Impact Did It Have on Society?
  • What Should an Artist Achieve to be Considered Successful?
  • Movies Based on Books: Are They Effective More Often Than Not?
  • Are All Stephen King’s Book Equally Powerful?
  • Compare Several Films Directed by One Person: Do They Correspond to the Same Quality Level?
  • Can Short Stories Adequately Convey Plot Despite Their Size?
  • Assess Ending of a Random Book: Is It Powerful?
  • Pick and Evaluate Any Series of Paintings

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Review Topics For College Students

Here are some evaluation paper ideas that are popular among college students. Select one, modify to your liking and complete a unique essay.

  • What Makes Studying More Interesting for Students?
  • Assess Friendship You Had in the Past: Why Did It Fail?
  • Evaluate Your Relationship with a Friend: Are They More Loyal Than You Are or Vice Versa?
  • Could Having a Pet Help with Anxiety Disorder?
  • What Resources Are Most Effective During Studying?
  • Discuss Your School Performance: Were You a Good Student?
  • Analyze How Many Hours You Need for Sleeping Well
  • Could Your Bond with Your Family Be Called Close?
  • Discuss How Reading Helped You in Life: Was It Useful?
  • What Car Model Should Students Buy?

Ideas on Music

Music is a huge part of life for many people, so there are lots of good evaluation topics about it.

  • What Music Could Soothe the Nerves Most Successfully?
  • How Production of CD Discs Changed with Internet Rise
  • Can Music Industry Be Still Regarded as Lucrative?
  • Is Live Performance More Impressive Than Recordings?
  • Evaluate Any Popular Musical: Is It Good?
  • Focus on Old Musicals: Were They Effective in Terms of Performance?
  • How Well Does Music Enhance Ballet?
  • Could People Succeed in Becoming Popular Band Members?
  • Are Small Concerts More Impressive?
  • What Achievements Should a Person Have to Be Seen as Good Singer?

Review Topics about Famous Speeches

Presidents, politics, actors — they give speeches that make the audience react. Evaluation essay ideas below could help you look more into them.

  • Assess any of Trump’s Speeches: Is It Inspiring?
  • What Should a Good Speech Have?
  • Obama’s Final Speech: Could It Be Called Effective?
  • What Three Elements Are Vital in Efficient Speeches?
  • Believable Speech: What Criteria Must It Meet?
  • Martin Luther King’s First Speech: How Motivating Was It?
  • What Persuasion Tactics Give the Biggest Number of Benefits?
  • Evaluate Speeches Given by Hannibal Lecter in TV Show: Are They Really Convincing?
  • Assess an Instance Where You Presented Speech: How Good Was It?
  • What Should Speeches Be like to Stay in People’s Memory for a Long Time?

Find Great Evaluation Argument Topics and Make Success Closer

Like we said before, having a personal interest in a topic is vital for succeeding in writing about it. We hope that after looking through our list, you managed to make the decision. If not, don’t be concerned: there are other ways out. For example, you could ask for more serious kind of academic help. We would gladly offer individual evaluation topics or read your instructions before writing an entire essay in your stead. If you’re interested in this option, let us know. Contact us, explain essay guidelines, and we’ll deliver it just by the date you’ve set. This way, you’ll save time, effort, and worries while getting successful results.

Can’t come up with a topic for you paper? We’ve prepared a collection of essay topics for you

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Your Guide To Writing The Best Evaluation Essay

evaluation essay topics

What is an evaluation essay? An evaluation essay also referred to as critical evaluation paper or evaluative writing, is a form of academic writing that requires students to provide value judgments on specific subjects or topics. In the essay, you give your opinion about a specific subject and use evidence to support the arguments.

When you are faced with the task of writing an evaluative essay, the most important skill is learning how to evaluate the specific topic in a reasoned and unbiased way. You also need to have impeccable writing skills. Because developing these skills requires time, most students find it difficult to write evaluation essays. In this post, we are going to provide a complete guide for writing a great evaluative essay. We will also provide you with 50 hot evaluative essay topics for you to consider.

The Primary Criteria for Writing an Evaluation Essay

When you have the task of writing an evaluation paper, the first thing is thinking about the target audience. Why are you writing the essay? Then, use the following three criteria to identify the main points and support them.

  • Criteria : This is the principle you select to evaluate the subject or topic under consideration. Here, you should think of the best example of the item under review. For example, if the item under review is a hotel, the ideal option would have impressive accommodation, staff, reception, cleanliness, and food.
  • Judgment : The judgment element involves establishing whether your criterion was met. You simply need to ask: “Does the item under review meet the criteria for the best item?” The judgment aspect you are looking for might be content, use of sources, grammar, style, sentence structure, or spelling, among other things.
  • Evidence: When you provide specific judgments, you need to give evidence to support it. For example, when you review a movie and say that the sounds fall below par, you have to demonstrate using evidence such as publications, journals, or books.

When working on an evaluation essay, most students make the mistake of thinking that it is simply a review. While it is true that the two share some similarities, they are different.

For example, reviews tend to be more general and do not have an in-depth focus on title or content. Besides, reviews are mainly based on personal opinion, and there is no need for evidence.

Steps to Follow When Writing Your Evaluation Essay

Now that you understand the way to evaluate various aspects of an evaluation essay, it is time to get down and craft one. So how do you go about it? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to craft a winning paper.

Start by picking a great topic . As we already mentioned, the ideal topic should be the one that greatly interests you. To make your paper more interesting, consider writing to a specific audience.
Develop your evaluative thesis. This should come in the first paragraph or introductory part of your paper.
Now, work on the criteria, judgment, and evidence for every major point. These will be the building blocks for your essay.
Once you have the topic, thesis statement, criteria, judgment, and evidence, start writing your essay . In the introductory paragraph, start with a hook statement to capture the attention of the reader. Then, provide a brief background of the topic and a thesis statement.
In the body of your essay, every paragraph should highlight the criteria and judgment. Then, use supporting evidence in the form of statistics, examples, and quotes, among others. Here, you can also use opposing views to support your argument.
The conclusion is the last part of an evaluation essay. Here, you should restate the thesis statement and summarize the main points.

Special Tips for Writing Great Evaluation Essays

  • Make sure to focus on a specific target audience as opposed to making your essay general.
  • Consider using an evaluation essay example in your area of interest to learn more about writing a good essay.
  • Take some time developing good writing skills. You can do this by reading sample evaluation essays online or in your school library.
  • Make sure to proofread your essay carefully before submission.
  • When justifying an evaluation, be as candid as possible. Where possible, use counterarguments to make your essay look holistic.
  • Do not wait to work on your essay at the last minute. Start right away.

The Best Easy Evaluation Essay Topics

To make the process of writing your evaluation essay easier, it is advisable to look for a topic that is interesting to you. But it should also have ample supporting resources.

Evaluation argument topics for college students

In college, you can be required to write an evaluation essay no matter the area of study. This is a great way to demonstrate how critical you are about specific topics. If you are asked to select a topic for an evaluation essay, here are some great considerations.

  • How has social media affected relationships?
  • Evaluate the most recent horror movie that you have watched.
  • Evaluate the influence of smoking on a human brain.
  • Can you evaluate two academic resources that you use less often
  • Evaluate the disadvantages of distance learning.
  • Evaluating your academic performance during the last year.
  • Evaluate the performance of your best football team.
  • Select your most favorite actor in a TV series of choice.

Good evaluation topics in sports

In sports, it is not uncommon to get evaluation essays that require you to analyze individual players, managers, teams, or related aspects. Here are some great topics that you should consider in sports.

  • Evaluate the latest season of your soccer sports team.
  • What is the difference between watching a game on television and live?
  • Analyze the performance of your player of choice in golf. Is the player over or undervalued?
  • Evaluate the highest-paid star in basketball. How does the star affect the fans?
  • Evaluating the place of a professional football team in your region. How important is it in the community?
  • Evaluating the management of your school team: Is the coach helping or hurting players in other parts of their lives?
  • Evaluating the best sports club in your hometown: What makes it the best?
  • Women’s basketball vs. men’s basketball: What is the difference in watching the two?
  • Analyzing the experience of preparing to run in the decathlon. Why are decathlons becoming so popular?
  • Analyzing a recent tennis tournament or top two female players.

Evaluation argument essay topics on education

Education is a broad area of study and, therefore, there are endless topics that you can work on. Remember to go for a topic that is relevant and that you can easily get supportive evidence for the different arguments. Here are some great topic suggestions for you to consider.

  • A critical evaluation of facilities for kids with disabilities in elementary schools.
  • How do domestic abuses affect student’s performance in school?
  • Evaluating the merits and demerits of American secondary education.
  • Reflect on methods used by UK teachers to teach students with social behavior difficulties.
  • American education system evolution: A Critical evaluation.
  • America vs. European education curricula: Which is better?
  • Speculating on methods used to address problematic behavior in students.
  • Do living conditions have impacts on students’ performance?
  • Evaluating the phone plans by two top providers: Which is better for students?
  • How does your school handle bullying?

Evaluation paper topics list on technology

As technology evolves at a fast rate, many teachers give their students related evaluation papers to help them explore different aspects. This could be a direct evaluation of technology applications such as mobile apps or effects on other aspects of life. Here are some great topics that you should consider.

  • iPhone X: What are its merits and demerits?
  • A comprehensive evaluation of Android and iOS. Which is better?
  • Analyze two top photo editing apps: Which is better?
  • Evaluate the gaming experience with different gadgets: Which is more preferable?
  • Evaluating the role of digital books in the curricula today.
  • Analyzing the impact of media on media.
  • Top five reasons for using Twitter.
  • Facebook vs. Twitter: Which is better for new business marketing?
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of online advertizing in modern marketing.
  • Is cloud computing good for data storage?
  • Evaluating your most preferred browser: Why do you find it useful?
  • A closer look at your laptop or desktop: How effectively does it satisfy your needs?
  • Analyzing the implications of video games on students’ performance.
  • What is the future of technology in a college education?

Evaluation argument essay topics in arts and literature

Art, literature, and films are crucial components of our society. When you evaluate topics in such subjects, it is a unique method of sharing your thoughts, citing gaps, and advancing knowledge. So here are some great topics in arts and literature for you to consider.

  • Analyzing the difference between live performance and recorded music. What is the difference in sound quality?
  • Evaluating the three main themes in the play Macbeth.
  • Analyzing a historical movie. Does it capture the events correctly?
  • Evaluating an art movement of choice: How well did it perform?
  • Analyzing the end of the play Romeo and Juliet.
  • Analyzing a recent book that you have read: How effectively does the author use literary devices?
  • Evaluating a movie based on a book: How well does the video translate the scenes described in the book?
  • Evaluating the impact of stand-up genre on emerging culture.

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Now that we have demonstrated how you should go about writing an evaluation essay, it is time to get down crafting that winning piece. But if you still find it complex to craft a great paper, even with an evaluation essay sample, do not give up. It is time to seek professional writing help . Let the experts help you!

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Secrets of Writing an Excellent Evaluation Essay

05 July, 2020

14 minutes read

Author:  Elizabeth Brown

Many people prefer to check reviews on the movie or book before watching or reading it. The summary information and honest point of view on the subject matter are usually included in an evaluation essay. You just need to analyze both sides of the chosen criterion through thorough research, analysis of your thesis, and examination of your own values. To write a good evaluation essay, you should forget about your feelings and create an objective overview of the topic. That way, you will reveal the truth about the real worth of the particular subject matter.

Evaluation Essay

So, what is an evaluation essay? The answer to this question you will find out in this post.

What Is an Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation paper is a kind of essay in which you express your argumentative point of view on various topics. As a form of literary thinking, it is based on much more than just a quick judgment about a person, place, or object. The common standards of evaluation writing, such as clearance, objectivity, and coherence, are to be followed throughout the text. These standards help identify how well a subject meets up or falls short of the ideal. No wonder this kind of essay is widely used for scientific purposes when the comparison of two inventions or technologies is required. In an evaluation essay, all the arguments are delivered objectively, while your personal opinion is stated at the very end as a summary.

On the Internet, you can find lots of reviews with one sentence only: “This essay is fine.” Does it look informative to you? Can you rely on this kind of feedback? Let’s be honest, such a review can hardly provide you with a clear understanding of whether the subject is worth your attention or not. The main feature of an evaluation essay is that it contains details and evidence to support your point of view. Instead of discussing every observation, you just need to underpin your point of view with examples that will make your paper look convincing.

CJE guidelines

How to start an evaluation essay? What needs to be preconsidered? Every evaluation essay consists of three structural elements – criteria, judgement, and evidence. Let’s get deeper into details.

The criteria that you choose should evaluate a person or subject through the prism of their ideal version. What can their best features be? For instance, you would expect an interesting plot and professional acting from a movie. Once you have specific benchmarks in mind, they can be used to evaluate these points.

The judgement aspect is used to estimate whether or not the benchmarks have been met. For instance, you can start a movie evaluation from judging whether it aligns with the specific benchmark. Does it offer the quality acting you expect? Does it have gaps in the plot? These are only some of the possible options to consider.

Remember that you must develop clues to advocate your judgements. For instance, if you make the judgement that the movie quality does not meet your expectations, you should be ready to provide evidence. Without eligible evidence, your evaluation essay won’t look convincing.

When structuring your evaluation essay, it is crucial to address a different criterion in each paragraph. In that paragraph, you should reflect on each criterion, make the relevant judgements and provide supporting proofs.

How to Write an Evaluation Essay?

With this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to write an evaluation essay. Here are the major steps to be taken:

  • Choose your topic. Whatever kind of essay you are writing, you will have to take this step. Your topic can be offered by your instructor, as the case may be. But if you have to choose it yourself, you should consider a subject that you are familiar with. Thus, it will be easier for you to take an in-depth look at the subject and make a judgement on its value.
  • Create a thesis statement. This is an important element of your essay as it contains the general purpose of the evaluation. In the thesis, you need to reflect on the criteria being used to judge the subject matter and state its value. Your statement should look apparent and to the point. In the process of writing, you may revise it as your essay gets shaped.
  • Identify the criteria to be used for accessing the subject matter. Determine the benchmarks in your essay in order to make it interesting and engaging. The criteria you choose will depend on the subject of your evaluation. For instance, a movie will be judged using different points of reference than a book.
  • Find supporting evidence . Don’t forget that an essay is not just about your opinion. You will need to find some supporting information from trustworthy sources while making each judgement. Don’t think that stating the movie or book title is enough. Use some questions to find out answers that can help you collect more information. How can you evaluate the subject? What kind of readers are you focused on? Will you focus on good or bad sides of the subject?
  • Write a draft of your essay . All you need to do is to continue writing. As soon as you have something written on paper, you will rewrite or restructure it unless you are totally happy with the result.

Review, revise and rewrite. When a draft is completed, you will read over your work and make some changes if needed. You should be ready to rewrite your paper several times to get it just right.

Evaluation Essay Example

Here, you will find a well-written evaluation essay example that you can use for yourself:

  • https://academichelp.net/samples/academics/essays/evaluation/standardized-tests.html
  • https://www.examples.com/education/evaluation-essay-examples.html

Evaluation Essay VS Review

An evaluation essay is widely associated with a review paper. This is a common mistake many students make. Although the two types of paper have some similarities, there are more differences that set them apart. You can take a look at those differences in the table below.

Tips on Writing an Evaluation Essay from Our Experts

Following the quick tips below, you will find it easier to write an effective evaluation argument essay:

  • Provide the right amount of details: Make sure you explain your thoughts clearly and provide sufficient information to convince the reader in the correctness of your judgment.
  • Thesis sentence should reveal your actual opinion. If you want to build up the basis for your body, you can include the main reasons for your evaluation in the thesis sentence.
  • Know your target audience. By knowing your reader, you can adjust the plot to their specific needs. Whether you write for college students or professors, you will have to apply a bit different approach in the language choice.
  • Make some notes. By using a three-column note-taking method, you can organize your thoughts. The columns of criteria, evidence, and judgment will contain the relevant information which will not let you forget or mix facts.
  • Be opinionated . By sounding passionate in your evaluation essay, you will increase your chances of catching readers’ attention. The use of vivid nouns and engaging verbs will strengthen the effect produced by your paper. You should have a strong judgment of how the particular subject is either better or worse than other subjects of the same type.
  • Back up every judgement you make. Every time you make a judgment, you should be ready to use specific, interesting, and convincing reasons to make it up. For evidence, you can describe the subject, use funny stories, or compare and contrast some notions with a similar subject.
  • Provide counter-arguments. When you disagree with what most people think about the particular subject, it makes sense to provide some counter-arguments. This will make the narration more engaging for readers.

List of 50 Evaluation Topics

Since there are many people and objects you are able to assess, an evaluation essay can be written on a wide range of topics. To evaluate something, you will need to compare it with an example within a subject you have chosen. Some possible evaluation essay topics can be found below:

  • Analyze the dissimilarity between seeing a sporting event live and watching it on ITV.
  • Create a comparative assessment of watching a sporting event in a cafe and watching it without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • Evaluate the experience of watching a sporting event on your own and with other people.
  • Evaluate how a recent drama movie portrays the tragedies of real life.
  • Evaluate a classic criminal movie and what it states about the real crime rates in the modern society.
  • Evaluate your favorite Chinese restaurant.
  • Compare two popular Chinese restaurants in your city.
  • Appraise football or basketball from the perspective of a contestant or that of a watcher.
  • Analyze the way in which football or basketball has advanced over the last decade.
  • Discuss the influence of ESPN on sporting events.
  • Evaluate the coverage of the latest Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Evaluate a fancy restaurant for how it makes the customer feel after having the meal
  • Analyze the way in which a popular horror movie depicts people’s fears.
  • Assess a classic action movie and talk about its ideas regarding the functions of men and women.
  • Explore the change that occurred in recent war movies if compared to classic war movies.
  • How do drama books affect readers?
  • Evaluate a book about war and analyze whether it addresses current concerns associated with war and peace.
  • Evaluate the effects of online educational programs on students’ performance.
  • Do historical movies encourage history learning?
  • Evaluate an Italian cafe located in your city. What is the difference between the Italian and local food?
  • What makes a traditional Italian meal great?
  • Can hamburgers be healthy? Mention some details and provide relevant arguments.
  • How mental health issues affect students’ academic performance?
  • Analyze teachers’ responsibilities in terms of elementary students’ needs.
  • Evaluate the power of verbal encouragement as a motivational factor in the educational process.
  • Critically reflect on education services provided to children experiencing difficulties in learning.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of German secondary education.
  • Evaluate teaching methods used at the American universities.
  • Ways in which online libraries affect the students’ academic performance.
  • How well the film “BraveHeart” portrays historical events?
  • Analyze a movie produced in a foreign country and discuss how it reveals its national characteristics.
  • Assess Kate Winslet’s play in “Titanic” and discuss which means this actor applies to adapt to this role.
  • Make a comparison between modern and classic drama movies.
  • Assess the distinct approaches used to transfer data from a smartphone to a PC.
  • Make comparisons between various phone plans and determine which provider has the best deals for travelers.
  • Assess current information security methods. Which one is the most efficient?
  • Assess the key characteristics of WhatsApp.
  • Compare the use of several cloud systems that can be implemented by the movie hub website.
  • Estimate the chances of Facebook as a marketing resource.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of online advertising.
  • Assess the existing approaches to using the Internet in colleges.
  • Analyze the consequences of cultural shock.
  • Assess the negative sides of overwhelming cultural diversity in the United States.
  • Discuss the development path of rap and hip-hop music.
  • What is the impact of Buddhism on Indian culture?
  • Compare two popular social media platforms in terms of their  users, features, and benefits.
  • Evaluate the latest version of your favorite smartphone and estimate the positive or negative changes that will affect the industry.
  • Compare an educational approach in the military, Christian, or classical school.
  • Evaluate the SAT versus the ACT tests.
  • Compare the foreign policies established by a few states in the US.
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7 Steps for How to Write an Evaluation Essay (Example & Template)

In this ultimate guide, I will explain to you exactly how to write an evaluation essay.

1. What is an Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation essay should provide a critical analysis of something.

You’re literally ‘evaluating’ the thing you’re looking up.

Here’s a couple of quick definitions of what we mean by ‘evaluate’:

  • Merriam-Webster defines evaluation as: “to determine the significance, worth, or condition of usually by careful appraisal and study”
  • Collins Dictionary says: “If you evaluate something or someone, you consider them in order to make a judgment about them, for example about how good or bad they are.”

Here’s some synonyms for ‘evaluate’:

So, we could say that an evaluation essay should carefully examine the ‘thing’ and provide an overall judgement of it.

Here’s some common things you may be asked to write an evaluation essay on:

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Really, you can evaluate just about anything!

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2. How to write an Evaluation Essay

There are two secrets to writing a strong evaluation essay. The first is to aim for objective analysis before forming an opinion. The second is to use an evaluation criteria.

Aim to Appear Objective before giving an Evaluation Argument

Your evaluation will eventually need an argument.

The evaluation argument will show your reader what you have decided is the final value of the ‘thing’ you’re evaluating.

But in order to convince your reader that your evaluative argument is sound, you need to do some leg work.

The aim will be to show that you have provided a balanced and fair assessment before coming to your conclusion.

In order to appear balanced you should:

  • Discuss both the pros and cons of the thing
  • Discuss both the strengths and weaknesses of the thing
  • Look at the thing from multiple different perspectives
  • Be both positive and critical. Don’t make it look like you’re biased towards one perspective.

In other words, give every perspective a fair hearing.

You don’t want to sound like a propagandist. You want to be seen as a fair and balanced adjudicator.

Use an Evaluation Criteria

One way to appear balanced is to use an evaluation criteria.

An evaluation criteria helps to show that you have assessed the ‘thing’ based on an objective measure.

Here’s some examples of evaluation criteria:

  • Strength under pressure
  • Longevity (ability to survive for a long time)
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to get the job done
  • Friendliness
  • Punctuality
  • Ability to predict my needs
  • Calmness under pressure
  • Attentiveness

A Bed and Breakfast

  • Breakfast options
  • Taste of food
  • Comfort of bed
  • Local attractions
  • Service from owner
  • Cleanliness

We can use evaluation criteria to frame out ability to conduct the analysis fairly.

This is especially true for if you have to evaluate multiple different ‘things’. For example, if you’re evaluating three novels, you want to be able to show that you applied the same ‘test’ on all three books!

This will show that you gave each ‘thing’ a fair chance and looked at the same elements for each.

3. How to come up with an Evaluation Argument

After you have:

  • Looked at both good and bad elements of the ‘thing’, and
  • Used an evaluation criteria

You’ll then need to develop an evaluative argument. This argument shows your own overall perspective on the ‘thing’.

Remember, you will need to show your final evaluative argument is backed by objective analysis. You need to do it in order!

Analyze first. Evaluate second.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you’re evaluating the quality of a meal.

You might say:

  • A strength of the meal was its presentation. It was well presented and looked enticing to eat.
  • A weakness of the meal was that it was overcooked. This decreased its flavor.
  • The meal was given a low rating on ‘cost’ because it was more expensive than the other comparative meals on the menu.
  • The meal was given a high rating on ‘creativity’. It was a meal that involved a thoughtful and inventive mix of ingredients.

Now that you’ve looked at some pros and cons and measured the meal based on a few criteria points (like cost and creativity), you’ll be able to come up with a final argument:

  • Overall, the meal was good enough for a middle-tier restaurant but would not be considered a high-class meal. There is a lot of room for improvement if the chef wants to win any local cooking awards.

Evaluative terms that you might want to use for this final evaluation argument might include:

  • All things considered
  • With all key points in mind

4. Evaluation Essay Outline (with Examples)

Okay, so now you know what to do, let’s have a go at creating an outline for your evaluation essay!

Here’s what I recommend:

4.1 How to Write your Introduction

In the introduction, feel free to use my 5-Step INTRO method . It’ll be an introduction just like any other essay introduction .

And yes, feel free to explain what the final evaluation will be.

So, here it is laid out nice and simple.

Write one sentence for each point to make a 5-sentence introduction:

  • Interest: Make a statement about the ‘thing’ you’re evaluating that you think will be of interest to the reader. Make it a catchy, engaging point that draws the reader in!
  • Notify: Notify the reader of any background info on the thing you’re evaluating. This is your chance to show your depth of knowledge. What is a historical fact about the ‘thing’?
  • Translate: Re-state the essay question. For an evaluative essay, you can re-state it something like: “This essay evaluates the book/ product/ article/ etc. by looking at its strengths and weaknesses and compares it against a marking criteria”.
  • Report: Say what your final evaluation will be. For example you can say “While there are some weaknesses in this book, overall this evaluative essay will show that it helps progress knowledge about Dinosaurs.”
  • Outline: Simply give a clear overview of what will be discussed. For example, you can say: “Firstly, the essay will evaluate the product based on an objective criteria. This criteria will include its value for money, fit for purpose and ease of use. Next, the essay will show the main strengths and weaknesses of the product. Lastly, the essay will provide a final evaluative statement about the product’s overall value and worth.”

If you want more depth on how to use the INTRO method, you’ll need to go and check out our blog post on writing quality introductions.

4.2 Example Introduction

This example introduction is for the essay question: Write an Evaluation Essay on Facebook’s Impact on Society.

“Facebook is the third most visited website in the world. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg in his college dorm. This essay evaluates the impact of Facebook on society and makes an objective judgement on its value. The essay will argue that Facebook has changed the world both for the better and worse. Firstly, it will give an overview of what Facebook is and its history. Then, it will examine Facebook on the criteria of: impact on social interactions, impact on the media landscape, and impact on politics.”

You’ll notice that each sentence in this introduction follows my 5-Step INTRO formula to create a clear, coherent 5-Step introduction.

4.3 How to Write your Body Paragraphs

The first body paragraph should give an overview of the ‘thing’ being evaluated.

Then, you should evaluate the pros and cons of the ‘thing’ being evaluated based upon the criteria you have developed for evaluating it.

Let’s take a look below.

4.4 First Body Paragraph: Overview of your Subject

This first paragraph should provide objective overview of your subject’s properties and history. You should not be doing any evaluating just yet.

The goal for this first paragraph is to ensure your reader knows what it is you’re evaluating. Secondarily, it should show your marker that you have developed some good knowledge about it.

If you need to use more than one paragraph to give an overview of the subject, that’s fine.

Similarly, if your essay word length needs to be quite long, feel free to spend several paragraphs exploring the subject’s background and objective details to show off your depth of knowledge for the marker.

4.5 First Body Paragraph Example

Sticking with the essay question: Write an Evaluation Essay on Facebook’s Impact on Society , this might be your paragraph:

“Facebook has been one of the most successful websites of all time. It is the website that dominated the ‘Web 2.0’ revolution, which was characterized by user two-way interaction with the web. Facebook allowed users to create their own personal profiles and invite their friends to follow along. Since 2004, Facebook has attracted more than one billion people to create profiles in order to share their opinions and keep in touch with their friends.”

Notice here that I haven’t yet made any evaluations of Facebook’s merits?

This first paragraph (or, if need be, several of them) should be all about showing the reader exactly what your subject is – no more, no less.

4.6 Evaluation Paragraphs: Second, Third, Forth and Fifth Body Paragraphs

Once you’re confident your reader will know what the subject that you’re evaluating is, you’ll need to move on to the actual evaluation.

For this step, you’ll need to dig up that evaluation criteria we talked about in Point 2.

For example, let’s say you’re evaluating a President of the United States.

Your evaluation criteria might be:

  • Impact on world history
  • Ability to pass legislation
  • Popularity with voters
  • Morals and ethics
  • Ability to change lives for the better

Really, you could make up any evaluation criteria you want!

Once you’ve made up the evaluation criteria, you’ve got your evaluation paragraph ideas!

Simply turn each point in your evaluation criteria into a full paragraph.

How do you do this?

Well, start with a topic sentence.

For the criteria point ‘Impact on world history’ you can say something like: “Barack Obama’s impact on world history is mixed.”

This topic sentence will show that you’ll evaluate both pros and cons of Obama’s impact on world history in the paragraph.

Then, follow it up with explanations.

“While Obama campaigned to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, he was unable to completely achieve this objective. This is an obvious negative for his impact on the world. However, as the first black man to lead the most powerful nation on earth, he will forever be remembered as a living milestone for civil rights and progress.”

Keep going, turning each evaluation criteria into a full paragraph.

4.7 Evaluation Paragraph Example

Let’s go back to our essay question: Write an Evaluation Essay on Facebook’s Impact on Society .

I’ve decided to use the evaluation criteria below:

  • impact on social interactions;
  • impact on the media landscape;
  • impact on politics

Naturally, I’m going to write one paragraph for each point.

If you’re expected to write a longer piece, you could write two paragraphs on each point (one for pros and one for cons).

Here’s what my first evaluation paragraph might look like:

“Facebook has had a profound impact on social interactions. It has helped people to stay in touch with one another from long distances and after they have left school and college. This is obviously a great positive. However, it can also be seen as having a negative impact. For example, people may be less likely to interact face-to-face because they are ‘hanging out’ online instead. This can have negative impact on genuine one-to-one relationships.”

You might notice that this paragraph has a topic sentence, explanations and examples. It follows my perfect paragraph formula which you’re more than welcome to check out!

4.8 How to write your Conclusion

To conclude, you’ll need to come up with one final evaluative argument.

This evaluation argument provides an overall assessment. You can start with “Overall, Facebook has been…” and continue by saying that (all things considered) he was a good or bad president!

Remember, you can only come up with an overall evaluation after you’ve looked at the subject’s pros and cons based upon your evaluation criteria.

In the example below, I’m going to use my 5 C’s conclusion paragraph method . This will make sure my conclusion covers all the things a good conclusion should cover!

Like the INTRO method, the 5 C’s conclusion method should have one sentence for each point to create a 5 sentence conclusion paragraph.

The 5 C’s conclusion method is:

  • Close the loop: Return to a statement you made in the introduction.
  • Conclude: Show what your final position is.
  • Clarify: Clarify how your final position is relevant to the Essay Question.
  • Concern: Explain who should be concerned by your findings.
  • Consequences: End by noting in one final, engaging sentence why this topic is of such importance. The ‘concern’ and ‘consequences’ sentences can be combined

4.9 Concluding Argument Example Paragraph

Here’s a possible concluding argument for our essay question: Write an Evaluation Essay on Facebook’s Impact on Society .

“The introduction of this essay highlighted that Facebook has had a profound impact on society. This evaluation essay has shown that this impact has been both positive and negative. Thus, it is too soon to say whether Facebook has been an overall positive or negative for society. However, people should pay close attention to this issue because it is possible that Facebook is contributing to the undermining of truth in media and positive interpersonal relationships.”

Note here that I’ve followed the 5 C’s conclusion method for my concluding evaluative argument paragraph.

5. Evaluation Essay Example Template

Below is a template you can use for your evaluation essay , based upon the advice I gave in Section 4:

6. 23+ Good Evaluation Essay Topics

Okay now that you know how to write an evaluation essay, let’s look at a few examples.

For each example I’m going to give you an evaluation essay title idea, plus a list of criteria you might want to use in your evaluation essay.

6.1 Evaluation of Impact

  • Evaluate the impact of global warming on the great barrier reef. Recommended evaluation criteria: Level of bleaching; Impact on tourism; Economic impact; Impact on lifestyles; Impact on sealife
  • Evaluate the impact of the Global Financial Crisis on poverty. Recommended evaluation criteria: Impact on jobs; Impact on childhood poverty; Impact on mental health rates; Impact on economic growth; Impact on the wealthy; Global impact
  • Evaluate the impact of having children on your lifestyle. Recommended evaluation criteria: Impact on spare time; Impact on finances; Impact on happiness; Impact on sense of wellbeing
  • Evaluate the impact of the internet on the world. Recommended evaluation criteria: Impact on connectedness; Impact on dating; Impact on business integration; Impact on globalization; Impact on media
  • Evaluate the impact of public transportation on cities. Recommended evaluation criteria: Impact on cost of living; Impact on congestion; Impact on quality of life; Impact on health; Impact on economy
  • Evaluate the impact of universal healthcare on quality of life. Recommended evaluation criteria: Impact on reducing disease rates; Impact on the poorest in society; Impact on life expectancy; Impact on happiness
  • Evaluate the impact of getting a college degree on a person’s life. Recommended evaluation criteria: Impact on debt levels; Impact on career prospects; Impact on life perspectives; Impact on relationships

6.2 Evaluation of a Scholarly Text or Theory

  • Evaluate a Textbook. Recommended evaluation criteria: clarity of explanations; relevance to a course; value for money; practical advice; depth and detail; breadth of information
  • Evaluate a Lecture Series, Podcast or Guest Lecture. Recommended evaluation criteria: clarity of speaker; engagement of attendees; appropriateness of content; value for monet
  • Evaluate a journal article. Recommended evaluation criteria: length; clarity; quality of methodology; quality of literature review ; relevance of findings for real life
  • Evaluate a Famous Scientists. Recommended evaluation criteria: contribution to scientific knowledge; impact on health and prosperity of humankind; controversies and disagreements with other scientists.
  • Evaluate a Theory. Recommended evaluation criteria: contribution to knowledge; reliability or accuracy; impact on the lives of ordinary people; controversies and contradictions with other theories.

6.3 Evaluation of Art and Literature

  • Evaluate a Novel. Recommended evaluation criteria: plot complexity; moral or social value of the message; character development; relevance to modern life
  • Evaluate a Play. Recommended evaluation criteria: plot complexity; quality of acting; moral or social value of the message; character development; relevance to modern life
  • Evaluate a Film. Recommended evaluation criteria: plot complexity; quality of acting; moral or social value of the message; character development; relevance to modern life
  • Evaluate an Artwork. Recommended evaluation criteria: impact on art theory; moral or social message; complexity or quality of composition

6.4 Evaluation of a Product or Service

  • Evaluate a Hotel or Bed and Breakfast. Recommended evaluation criteria: quality of service; flexibility of check-in and check-out times; cleanliness; location; value for money; wi-fi strength; noise levels at night; quality of meals; value for money
  • Evaluate a Restaurant. Recommended evaluation criteria: quality of service; menu choices; cleanliness; atmosphere; taste; value for money.
  • Evaluate a Car. Recommended evaluation criteria: fuel efficiency; value for money; build quality; likelihood to break down; comfort.
  • Evaluate a House. Recommended evaluation criteria: value for money; build quality; roominess; location; access to public transport; quality of neighbourhood
  • Evaluate a Doctor. Recommended evaluation criteria: Quality of service; knowledge; quality of equipment; reputation; value for money.
  • Evaluate a Course. Recommended evaluation criteria: value for money; practical advice; quality of teaching; quality of resources provided.

7. Concluding Advice

how to write an evaluation essay

Evaluation essays are common in high school, college and university.

The trick for getting good marks in an evaluation essay is to show you have looked at both the pros and cons before making a final evaluation analysis statement.

You don’t want to look biased.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use an objective evaluation criteria, and to be generous in looking at both positives and negatives of your subject.

Read Also: 39 Better Ways to Write ‘In Conclusion’ in an Essay

I recommend you use the evaluation template provided in this post to write your evaluation essay. However, if your teacher has given you a template, of course use theirs instead! You always want to follow your teacher’s advice because they’re the person who will be marking your work.

Good luck with your evaluation essay!


Chris Drew (PhD)

Dr. Chris Drew is the founder of the Helpful Professor. He holds a PhD in education and has published over 20 articles in scholarly journals. He is the former editor of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. [Image Descriptor: Photo of Chris]

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I just wanted to ask whether the evaluation criteria has to be supported by evidence or can it just be a list of criteria that you think of yourself to objectively measure?

Many many thanks for writing this!

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Usually we would want to see evidence, but ask your teacher for what they’re looking for as they may allow you, depending on the situation.

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200 Excellent Evaluation Essay Topics

Throughout your high school years, you are likely to write many evaluative papers. In an evaluation essay you aim is to justify your point of view through evidence.

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In many ways it resembles a position paper or an argumentative essay. The difference is that in an evaluation essay you assess the characteristics of a subject . You base your evaluation on specific criteria. You also use well-researched evidence to support your argument. In other words, it’s a lot like writing a review.

Below you will find a variety of evaluation essay topics and tips. But first, be sure to check our custom writing service . Our team is always there to help you with any academic paper!

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  • Effectiveness of online education
  • Are news broadcasts still relevant?
  • The role of videos in digital marketing
  • Effect of team sports on job performance
  • Why are athletic scholarships important?
  • Is playing sports more engaging than watching it?
  • Have social media positively affected art promotion?
  • The role of technology in modern music production
  • The impact of the parenting style on children’s school performance

🎨 Art Evaluation Essay Topics

When it comes to art, you can analyze different art movements and artworks. It is also possible to write a review based on the impact of an artist. Or, you can critique an art piece , such as a sculpture.

  • Discuss the importance of jewelry for the Aztecs .
  • Assess the influence of Surrealism and Impressionism on society.
  • Evaluate Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.
  • Critique the role of technology in modern art .
  • Examine the Sistine Chapel ceiling painted by Michelangelo.

Evaluate an artwork.

  • How is the war represented in Picasso’s Guernica ?
  • Assess the use of social media as an art form.
  • What distinguishes Donatello’s and Michelangelo’s David sculptures ?
  • Analyze the female representation on The Birth of Venus .
  • Appraise Van Gogh’s painting technique used in The Starry Night .
  • How does Velázquez represent political leaders?
  • Review the color scheme of Goya’s Black Paintings .
  • Determine the meaning behind The Return of the Prodigal Son .
  • Discuss religious motifs in Rembrandt’s works.
  • Assess the impact of Realism on modern society.
  • Evaluate the atmosphere on Manet’s painting Olympia .
  • Analyze The Third of May 1808 and its historical background.
  • Examine the concept of time in The Persistence of Memory .
  • Review the humanistic representation in Raphael’s The School of Athens .
  • Evaluate The Nude Maja and The Clothed Maja .
  • What makes the Fayum mummy portraits exceptional?
  • Assess photography as an art form .
  • What are the historical aspects of Rubens’ paintings ?
  • Representation of nature on Romantic paintings .
  • Analyze the composition of Liberty Leading the People .
  • Determine the peculiarities of Renaissance paintings .
  • Examine the impact of the Neoclassical movement on art.
  • The importance of color in Joaquín Sorolla’s paintings.
  • Evaluate Fernando Botero’s animal sculptures in Medellín.
  • What makes Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings unique?

⚽ Evaluative Essay Topics on Sports

There are many aspects in sports that you can evaluate. For instance, you can discuss the spectator experience during a race. Other examples include analyzing a team’s or an athlete’s performance during a particular game.

  • Evaluate Ernesto Valverde’s work with the Barcelona team in the 2017/2018 season.
  • Examine Messi’s performance in the 2018 FIFA World Cup .
  • What distinguishes Real Madrid’s games with and without Cristiano Ronaldo?
  • What characteristics are necessary for playing basketball ?
  • Assess the rules of cricket.
  • What are the requirements for curling?
  • Review the volleyball program for kids in your city.
  • Discuss the ethical issues of pressuring children to play sports .
  • Swimming as a children’s sport.
  • What requirements should Olympic participants meet?
  • The experience of watching a game live .
  • What are the controversial aspects of athletic scholarships?
  • Review the sports available for people with disabilities .
  • Evaluate the health benefits of playing tennis .
  • Female representation in professional sports.
  • Analyze LeBron James’ performance in the 2018 NBA season .
  • What distinguishes Tiger Woods as a golfer?
  • The importance of one’s medical history for participation in marathons.
  • Serena Williams’s performance in the 2019 Wimbledon final.
  • What are the cheerleading requirements of your university?
  • The role of commentators in watching sports.
  • Review the equipment and training necessary for snorkeling.
  • Evaluate the experience of a car race spectator.
  • How do soccer fans in your hometown behave during game action?
  • Analyze lifesaving as a sport.
  • Health benefits of doing Zumba.
  • The importance of flexibility in gymnastics.
  • How a healthy diet affects sports training.
  • The impact of an athlete’s mental health on their performance.
  • Examine the benefits of dancing ballet .

🎓 Evaluative Essay Topics about School

If you’re an aspiring teacher, consider writing an essay on education. Consider comparing different teaching methods and exam types. Additionally, these topics may help you create a thesis proposal.

  • Efficacy of K-12 grading system .
  • How multiple-choice tests affect students’ performance.
  • Review the importance of holistic admissions for universities .
  • The Finnish educational system and its impact on kids.
  • How important is leadership in education?
  • The effect of liberal arts education on students.
  • Review the benefits of standardized tests.
  • Examine how power distance affects classroom interaction.
  • The importance of attending an international school .
  • The impact that homeschooling has on children.
  • What are the benefits of providing feedback to teachers?

Methods of evaluating teaching.

  • Are tutoring programs for children with disabilities effective?
  • Examine the impact of working while taking college courses.
  • Review the physical education program in your school.
  • The importance of sex education for high schoolers.
  • What are the pros and cons of having a college degree ?
  • Examine your school’s inclusivity .
  • Efficacy of nonverbal intelligence tests in assessing children’s development stages.
  • Why updating the school’s curriculum yearly is important.
  • Analyze how principals influence student achievement .
  • Examine the benefits of taking notes on paper.
  • Pros and cons of online teaching .
  • School detentions: effective or not?
  • How participation in community service influences students.
  • The reality of living in a sorority house.
  • Review the impact of joining a school club.
  • Evaluate how your school’s art program fosters student creativity .
  • The effects of using technology in second language learning .
  • Examine your school’s required reading list .
  • What are the qualities of a good teacher ?

🔬 Science Evaluation Essay Topics

Science is an excellent subject for an evaluation paper. You can choose to review scientific experiments or inventions. Keep in mind that these topics require in-depth research.

  • Evaluate the role of Southern blotting in molecular genetics.
  • Ethics of Pavlov’s classical conditioning experiments.
  • Are painkillers dangerous?
  • Examine the use of vaccines in children.
  • How electricity changed our society.
  • The impact of penicillin discovery on the scientific community.
  • Potential benefits of genetic engineering.
  • What are the effects of nuclear energy on the environment?
  • The legacy of Marie Curie’s radiation discovery.
  • Review the influence of genes on one’s personality.
  • Evaluate the benefits of x-ray use in medicine.
  • Analyze the risks of using a pacemaker .
  • Nikola Tesla’s contributions to science.
  • Review the influence of Newton’s laws of motion.
  • How Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone changed the world.
  • What are the main achievements of James Watt?
  • Alfred Nobel’s invention of dynamite .

Raymond Chandler quote.

  • Karl Benz’s first motor car and its impact on society.
  • Evaluate Philo Taylor Farnsworth’s electronic television .
  • Explain how Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity defined modern physicists.
  • The quality of first photographic images .
  • Review the challenges of the early Internet .
  • Egyptian papyrus paper as a writing material.
  • Assess Galileo’s use of the first telescope .
  • Can electric batteries be dangerous?
  • Discuss the role of microscopes in modern medicine.
  • Evaluate the ethical approaches to animal testing .
  • Pros and cons of typewriters.
  • How Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory challenged society.
  • Review the influence of Henry Ford’s assembly line on modern factories.

📚 Evaluation Topics on Literature

Literary works make for great evaluation essay topics. Consider critically evaluating a short story, a novel, or a poem. For your paper, you can choose to analyze an entire text. Or, choose a specific aspect, such as a character’s speech patterns.

  • The personality of Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of The Dancing Men .
  • What’s the role of symbolism in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House ?
  • How the setting in Frankenstein compliments the narrative.
  • Review the central conflict in The Lottery.
  • Evaluate the plot of Ray Bradbury’s All Summer in a Day .
  • Analyze Hamlet’s soliloquies in Shakespeare’s Hamlet .
  • The themes of Medea and Oedipus Rex .
  • How Edgar Allan Poe uses figurative language in The Raven.
  • What makes the narrator in Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief unique.
  • Raymond Carver’s Cathedral and its imagery .
  • Discuss Monsieur Lantin’s actions in The Jewelry by Guy de Maupassant .
  • The use of dialogue in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner .
  • Review the setting of Ambrose Bierce’s An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge .
  • The conflict in Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude .
  • Evaluate the main characters in The Maze Runner and Divergent .
  • Shakespeare’s use of the iambic pentameter in Macbeth .
  • Dialogue and descriptions in The Old Man and the Sea.
  • Realistic representation of society in Cipotes by Ramón Amaya Amador.
  • Analyze Vladimir and Estragon’s actions and inactions in Beckett’s Waiting for Godot .
  • What makes the rhythmic pattern in José Zorrilla’s Don Juan Tenorio peculiar?
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and Puritanism.
  • The function of the setting in Isabel Allende’s City of Beasts.
  • How Don Quixote subverts reality .
  • The narrator’s character development in Invisible Man .
  • Examine the theme of war in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway .
  • Interactions between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice .
  • How The Picture of Dorian Gray treats aesthetics and morals.
  • The Help by Kathryn Stockett and its historical background.
  • Review the external conflicts in Shakespeare’s The Tempest .
  • Hypocrisy in Tartuffe by Molière .

🎥 Evaluation Topics about Movies

If you are a film lover, then this section is for you. Write a critical review of a film based on cinematography, costume designs, or genre. If you want your essay to be strictly academic, choose amongst the most influential movies.

  • Evaluate the cinematography of A Trip to the Moon .
  • How well does the movie To Kill a Mockingbird represent the book?
  • Examine the influence of the original Star Wars trilogy on science fiction.
  • Critique the legacy of The Arrival of a Train .
  • How Gertie the Dinosaur revolutionized animation.
  • Assess the costume designs in The Wizard of Oz .

Audiovisual elements of a film.

  • What was the impact of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ?
  • Examine the use of music in Seven Samurai .
  • The Jazz Singer ‘s sound synchronization.
  • How did Nanook of the North influence documentary filmmaking?
  • Run Lola Run as a postmodernist film.
  • Analyze the controversy over Triumph of the Will .
  • How Godard’s Breathless breaks the rules of Classical film.
  • The philosophy of mortality in The Seventh Seal .
  • Review the cinematic choices in Her that convey Theodore’s loneliness.
  • Masculinity in Saturday Night Fever.
  • Bicycle Thieves and the theme of morality.
  • Examine the influence of Kurosawa on Western genre.
  • The role of stop motion special effects in early King Kong movies.
  • How A Beautiful Mind portrays schizophrenia.
  • Evaluate the influence of Psycho on thriller movies .
  • What makes the visual effects in 2001: A Space Odyssey timeless ?
  • How did The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly influence Tarantino’s movies?
  • The impact of Jaws on the natural horror genre .
  • Evaluate the portrayal of PTSD in Fearless .
  • Critique the graphic effects in Saving Private Ryan .
  • Analyze the use of CGI in Marvel movies .
  • How The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack compliments Star Lord’s personality.
  • Review the impact of The Matrix on science fiction.
  • The role of the sound effects in The Shining .

✅ Evaluation Essay: Step-By-Step Guide

  • First of all, choose a topic. It can be something that you can evaluate reasonably and without bias.
  • Then, write an outline. The evaluation essay follows the basic 5 paragraph format:

The evaluation essay follows the basic 5 paragraph format.

  • The main element of the introduction is the thesis statement. It should reflect the main idea of your essay. For an evaluative paper, make sure that your judgment or opinion about the topic is clear. Example: The sound in The Shining plays an important part in the movie’s success.
  • The next step is to develop topic sentences for the body paragraphs. Each topic sentence should focus on a different criterion about the subject. Creating topic sentences will guide your research while you gather information. Example: The sound effects in The Shining build up tension and create a suspenseful atmosphere.You can collect evidence by reading other people’s reviews or literature on the subject. The more data you have, the better you will support your position. Make sure to find information on the opposite point of view. Addressing it will make your research more credible. Example: Some describe the music in The Shining as too dramatic. It was intended to sound that way. It helps to convey the main character’s mental state.
  • In conclusion, summarize the main points of your essay. Restate the criteria and say whether you’ve proven the thesis. Example: We’ve analyzed sound effects and background music in The Shining. The results show that they’re crucial to the movie’s atmosphere.

Now you can start writing! We wish you good luck with your assignment.

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450 Evaluation Essay Topics & Ideas to Write About

Evaluation Essay Topics

Table of contents


Use our free Readability checker

Imagine that you're a judge presiding over a talent show. Your task is to watch every performance, evaluate it based on certain criteria, and then provide a verdict. This is what it feels like when you are dealing with evaluation essay topics. As a writer, you're presenting your 'judgment' about a certain subject and justifying it with convincing, well-researched evidence. 

But what ideas to come up with? Keep reading! This blog offers an extensive collection of topics for an evaluation essay. All these evaluative paper topic ideas span a wide range of categories, from technology to literature and beyond. So whether you're a student in need of an essay topic or just interested in evaluating things, this comprehensive guide will help you a lot.

What Are Evaluation Essay Topics?

Essentially, an evaluation essay is an extended review, similar to a position paper or an argumentative essay , but with an emphasis on assessing specific features of the subject. In order to evaluate something, you need to compare it with the best example of that particular thing.  

Evaluation essay topics should not be limited to the review of classic novels and movies. In fact, evaluation topics can cover a wide range of subjects from sports, politics, culture, social media etc. Our lives are filled with many things that can be evaluated: products, services, experiences, concepts, and more.

Categories in Evaluative Essay Topics

Before you ask how to write an evaluation essay , it’s essential to come up with an idea. As we said before, there are hundreds of things and ideas to evaluate. You can draw inspiration from the following evaluation paper topics. For convenience, we divided them into categories so you can easily access them.

Things to Evaluate 

How to Choose an Evaluation Essay Topic?

Selecting an evaluation essay topic can often feel as daunting as climbing a mountain. But with tips from our essay writer online , you can manage this task with ease. Just remember that a good evaluation essay topic is not only interesting and engaging. It should give you ample scope to define clear evaluative criteria. Otherwise, it will be difficult to come up with solid argumentation and examples. 

Here are some points to consider when choosing topic ideas for evaluation essay:

  • Align a topic with your interests Your first step is to pinpoint your area of interest. What subjects, industries, or phenomena make you tick? Maybe you're a movie buff with a penchant for film analysis, or a technology enthusiast who enjoys dissecting the latest innovations.
  • Establish a balanced scope Narrow the area down to a more specific topic. For instance, if you're interested in technology, you could focus on evaluating a particular social media platform, a trending app, or the impact of AI in healthcare.
  • Search for potential topics Look for evaluative essay topics that have ample resources available for you to base your evaluation on. The research will also help you understand the nuances of the topic, making it easier for you to create your evaluation criteria.
  • Stay away from vague subjects Try to come up with a specific aspect of the subject that you can evaluate and analyze.
  • Decide on your evaluation criteria Now it’s time to consider the criteria you'll use to evaluate your subject. These should be clear, fair, and balanced, allowing you to make a comprehensive assessment. For example, if you're evaluating a movie, your criteria might include plot, acting, cinematography, and originality.
  • Fine-tune your title Lastly, polish your evaluative topic. Make sure it's something you're excited to write about and confident you can assess thoroughly.

Top List of Evaluation Essay Topics 

Searching for the best evaluation essay topics and ideas? Look no further! This comprehensive list will guide you through a variety of subjects, from the latest tech releases to the world's biggest sporting events. These topics will inspire you to evaluate aspects in depth, balancing your personal perspective with solid evidence.

  • Manchester United's tactics in the current football season.
  • The organization and logistics of this year's Tour de France.
  • Serena Williams' performance in the recent Wimbledon tournament.
  • Watching a hockey match in a stadium vs at home.
  • The effect of participation in local basketball teams on youth development.
  • The suitability of Boston as a city for hosting major sports events.
  • How TikTok's features engage its teen user base.
  • Adopting veganism as a lifestyle.
  • Efficiency of remote learning methods in primary schools.
  • Apple's latest iPhone: Is it worth the hype?
  • Narrative structures in Stephen King's "The Institute."
  • Economic implications of fast fashion.
  • The practical uses of Artificial Intelligence in modern healthcare.
  • SpaceX's recent achievements in space exploration.
  • Viewing experience and content variety on Netflix compared to other streaming services.

Good Evaluation Essay Topics

Finding good topics for an evaluation essay is super easy. Check out this list and you'll surely spot a title that resonates with your interests. Remember, a good evaluation essay isn't just about your viewpoint, but about justifying it with well-researched evidence. So, after selecting a topic, make sure you have enough argumentation to support your viewpoint. And don’t forget that you can always count on our experts. Contact StudyCrub with “ write my college essay ” request if you need professional assistance.

  • AirPods Pro: Are they worth their price tag?
  • Comparing New York and Los Angeles as hubs for the music industry.
  • Home workouts vs. gym sessions: Which provides a better fitness experience?
  • Classic versus modern architecture in downtown Chicago.
  • Cybersecurity measures in popular online banking apps.
  • Influence of 'Farm to Table' concept on restaurant quality.
  • Is a degree from Ivy League universities worth the high tuition?
  • Strategies behind Amazon's global dominance in e-commerce.
  • Suitability of solar panels for residential use in Texas.
  • Tesla Model 3: Does it live up to its hype?
  • Comparing jazz and classical music: Which has more complex structures?
  • Measures adopted by Starbucks for promoting fair trade.
  • Effectiveness of Marvel's cinematic universe in capturing audience interest.
  • Graphic design trends in 2023: Are they aesthetically pleasing?
  • Performance of Zoom for corporate communication during the pandemic.

Easy Evaluation Essay Topics

Brainstorming topics for an evaluation essay doesn't always mean picking complex subjects that tie your brain into knots. Even the simplest, everyday phenomena offer fascinating insights when observed closely. For every student or keen observer, there are always easy evaluation topics to explore. Here they are:

  • Pros and cons of electric cars in urban areas.
  • Instagram vs Snapchat: Which offers a better user experience?
  • Effectiveness of noise-cancelling headphones.
  • How practical is online grocery shopping?
  • Does fast food live up to its convenience hype?
  • Comparing features of Android and iOS.
  • Pop music: How catchy is it really?
  • Pros and cons of digital textbooks.
  • Is online learning as effective as classroom learning?
  • Flexibility and comfort of work from home.
  • Quality of local public transportation.
  • Digital art vs traditional art: Which requires more skill?
  • Are reusable shopping bags truly beneficial?
  • Is a gap year beneficial for students?
  • Usability of Microsoft Office vs Google Workspace.

Interesting Evaluation Essay Topics

Turning your paper into an interesting read is easier than you think. It all starts with picking evaluation paper topics that spark your curiosity. Take a look at these evaluation essay topic ideas that definitely promise to add an interesting spin to your writing:

  • Eco-friendliness of bamboo toothbrushes.
  • Durability and function of wireless earbuds.
  • Pros and cons of living in a tiny house.
  • Are self-driving cars safe for public roads?
  • Organic food vs regular produce: A taste test.
  • How user-friendly is virtual reality gaming?
  • Effectiveness of meditation apps for stress relief.
  • Comparing city life and country life.
  • Handwritten notes versus digital notes.
  • Are online fitness programs as effective as personal trainers?
  • Quality and diversity of shows on Disney+.
  • Pros and cons of cryptocurrency as an investment.
  • Are audiobooks as engaging as reading?
  • How efficient are electric scooters for city commute?
  • Flexitarian diet: Is it a viable alternative to veganism?

Controversial Evaluation Essay Topics

When it comes to evaluation argument essay topics, controversy can be your best companion. It's the controversial topics that evoke fiery debates, incite different opinions, and test your ability to present balanced viewpoints. By choosing to evaluate such subjects, you get the chance to voice your take on them. Ready to challenge yourself and your readers? Here are 15 controversial topics for evaluation essays that promise lively discourse:

  • Effectiveness of gun control policies in the United States.
  • Is veganism truly beneficial or just a trend?
  • Evaluating the impacts of fracking on local communities.
  • Pros and cons of legalizing marijuana.
  • Are privacy concerns with social media valid?
  • The ethics of animal testing for cosmetic products.
  • How effective is the death penalty as a deterrent?
  • GMOs: Are they a risk or a necessity?
  • Is homeschooling as effective as traditional schooling?
  • Should vaccinations be mandatory?
  • Euthanasia: Ethical implications and acceptance.
  • The consequences of fast fashion on the environment.
  • How essential is the right to free speech?
  • Does the gender wage gap exist?
  • Is a college degree necessary for success in life?

Critical Evaluation Essay Topics

The world around us is full of topics that call for a critical eye. Writing a critical evaluation essay encourages you to scrutinize these subjects meticulously, revealing layers that may not be immediately apparent. Whether it's the fine details of a movie or the implications of a political policy, these topics will engage both your analytical skills and your reader's curiosity. Ready to delve into the depths of these evaluation essay ideas? Here are some themes that demand a detailed examination:

  • How effective are recycling programs in reducing waste?
  • An in-depth look at Google's data collection policies.
  • Effectiveness of United Nations' peacekeeping efforts.
  • The true impact of reality TV on society.
  • Pros and cons of implementing a universal basic income.
  • A critical look at censorship in the media.
  • Is artificial intelligence a boon or a bane?
  • Analyzing the promises and performance of electric cars.
  • Critiquing the use of CGI in modern films.
  • Implications of facial recognition technology on privacy.
  • Effectiveness of renewable energy policies in Germany.
  • Pros and cons of smartphone use in classrooms.
  • Analyzing the fairness of the college admissions process.
  • Critiquing the quality of mental health apps.
  • Is job automation a threat or an opportunity?

Best Evaluation Essay Topics

Choosing the best topic for your evaluation essay can significantly enhance your writing experience. It's about picking a subject that resonates with your interests and excites your faculties. We prepared some good evaluation topics to make the choice easier.

  • Modern public transportation systems.
  • Impact of smartphone usage on social interactions.
  • Sustainability practices in major fashion brands.
  • Real-world application and impact of virtual reality.
  • Online advertising strategies.
  • Are smart homes really convenient or just a novelty?
  • Traditional shopping vs. online shopping.
  • Safety measures in place for online banking.
  • User-friendliness of latest mobile operating systems.
  • Environmental impact of single-use plastic products.
  • Implications of AI assistants like Alexa and Google Home on privacy.
  • Evaluating the quality and nutrition in school cafeteria meals.
  • The impact of podcasting on modern media consumption.
  • An assessment of carbon footprint in the manufacturing industry.
  • Telemedicine in providing healthcare access.

Evaluation Argument Essay Topics

When dealing with evaluation argument topics, ensure you choose a subject that can be backed up with strong, persuasive evidence. You want to be able to make a clear argument and show that your viewpoint is well-informed. The best topics in this area are the ones that provoke thought and have the potential for deep analysis. Consider these topics for an evaluation argument essay:

  • Impact of social media on teenagers' mental health.
  • Is universal healthcare a viable option in the United States?
  • Are renewable energy sources capable of replacing fossil fuels?
  • Benefits and drawbacks of remote learning.
  • Ethical implications of using AI in law enforcement.
  • Does screen time have negative effects on children’s development?
  • Effectiveness of zero-waste lifestyle in reducing pollution.
  • Is telecommuting the future of work?
  • Carbon tax in mitigating climate change.
  • Role of video games in developing cognitive skills.
  • Is drone delivery an effective solution for reducing emissions?
  • Are digital wallets safer than physical cards?
  • Pros and cons of 5G technology.
  • Effectiveness of psychotherapy in treating mental disorders.
  • Vertical farming in urban areas.

Evaluation Essay Ideas for Students

Are you looking for evaluation essay topic ideas for a specific academic level? Don’t go any further. We went that extra mile and categorized all evaluation topics based on complexity. This way, you will be able to spot the topic for your particular grade or level.

Evaluation Essay Topics for High School 

High school is an excellent time to hone your writing skills and develop your analytical thinking. Evaluation essay topics at this stage should be engaging, yet manageable, allowing you to explore different viewpoints. Here's a compilation of good topics for evaluation essays tailored for high school students.

  • School uniforms and student self-expression.
  • Online learning during the pandemic.
  • E-books vs. physical books.
  • The shaping power of social media on public opinion.
  • Importance of extracurricular activities in school life.
  • Reality TV's influence on teenagers' perception of reality.
  • Nutritional value of school lunches.
  • Coding in school curriculum.
  • Video games as a tool for developing problem-solving skills.
  • Recycling practices at your school.
  • Part-time jobs: Beneficial for high school students or not?
  • Quality of career guidance in high schools.
  • Portrayal of teenagers in popular media.
  • Homework overload in high schools.
  • Anti-bullying programs in schools.

Evaluation Essay Topics for College Students

For college students, evaluation essay topics should be more in depth and demonstrate solid analytical thinking. Don’t miss out these evaluation essay topics for college:

  • Binge-watching culture among college students.
  • Effectiveness of gap years for academic and personal growth.
  • Craft beer culture's rise and impact on local economies.
  • Peer tutoring programs in colleges.
  • Does cohabitation before marriage decrease the chances of divorce?
  • Impact of influencer culture on consumer behavior.
  • Role of therapy dogs in improving student well-being.
  • Evaluating the 'Freshman 15' : Myth or reality?
  • Dangers and implications of deepfake technology.
  • Role of student activism in shaping college policies.
  • Implications of data mining on personal privacy.
  • Microtransactions in video games: A necessary evil?
  • Benefits and drawbacks of open-book exams.
  • Public art installations and their influence on community engagement.
  • Ethical dilemmas posed by self-driving cars.

Evaluation Essay Topics by Subject

Are you looking for evaluation essay topics based on a specific subject? Don’t skip this part! We have compiled ideas for quick reference. Pick the area that interests you most and look for suggestions. 

However, we understand that even with a compelling topic in hand, crafting an evaluation essay can be challenging. If you find yourself grappling with this task, remember you can always order an essay from our professional academic assistance service. Rely on our experts to get high-quality, tailor-made essays that meet your unique requirements.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Politics

Politics, as a field, offers a full assortment of issues good for assessment. From policies and political figures to historical events and contemporary debates, you will surely spot really nice ideas. Take a look at these topics for evaluation paper on politics, each opening a window for deep, thoughtful analysis:

  • Influence of social media on election campaigns.
  • Impact of lobbyist groups on policy-making.
  • Direct democracy : A viable political model?
  • Role of political satires in shaping public opinion.
  • Brexit: Triumph or tragedy for the UK?
  • Has the United Nations lived up to its mandate?
  • Evaluating political reforms in Saudi Arabia.
  • Populism's rise in global politics.
  • Role of whistleblowers in modern democracy.
  • Migration policies and their impact on national economies.
  • Women's representation in politics: Progress made so far.
  • Effect of political ads on voter perception.
  • Role of political debates in shaping voter choices.
  • Evaluating political bias in mainstream media.
  • Political implications of climate change policies.

Evaluation Paper Topics on Business Practices

Business practices, whether traditional or innovative, greatly influence the corporate landscape. Evaluating these practices can provide insightful perspectives on their effectiveness, ethics, and impact on various stakeholders. For those interested in the intricate world of commerce, here are some good topics to write an evaluation essay on:

  • Efficiency of remote work model.
  • Value of corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • Lean management practices in manufacturing sectors.
  • Ethical dilemmas in pharmaceutical marketing practices.
  • Profitability of eco-friendly businesses .
  • Significance of emotional intelligence in leadership roles.
  • Impact of flexible working schedules on employee productivity.
  • The disruptive force of Uber's business model.
  • Success of diversity and inclusion initiatives in tech companies.
  • Power of branding in shaping consumer buying behavior.
  • Effectiveness of loyalty programs in customer retention.
  • Intent behind corporate philanthropy: Social concern or image-building?
  • Amazon's influence on small and medium retail businesses.
  • Ethics in supply chain management: A case study.
  • Sustainability initiatives in the fast food industry: McDonald's as an example.

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Evaluation Essays Topics on Technology

Technology shapes our daily lives in profound ways, and it continues to evolve at a remarkable pace. From the latest gadgets and groundbreaking software to innovative tech concepts, there's an endless array of fascinating technology topics waiting for your insightful evaluation. For tech enthusiasts, we’ve compiled these fascinating evaluation essay topics on technology:

  • Efficacy of AI in customer service.
  • Virtual Reality: Revolutionizing entertainment or just a fad?
  • Cryptocurrency's promise for a decentralized financial future.
  • How successful is the electric vehicle market?
  • Google's search algorithm: An examination.
  • The evolution and effectiveness of smartphone cameras.
  • Cybersecurity measures in popular social media platforms.
  • Smart home technology: Convenience or unnecessary complexity?
  • The rise of telemedicine: A revolution in healthcare?
  • Cloud technology and data storage.
  • Success of online learning platforms during the pandemic.
  • Biohacking: Futuristic self-improvement or risky experimentation?
  • The implementation and effectiveness of facial recognition technology.
  • Smartwatches in daily life.
  • Solar energy technology.

Evaluative Essay Topics on Science

Scientific advancements continually challenge our understanding and drive our curiosity. For those keen on examining the frontiers of human knowledge, here are some interesting scientific topics to write an evaluation essay on:

  • Implications of gene editing technologies.
  • Efficacy of vaccines in battling pandemics.
  • Realistic prospects for Mars colonization.
  • Relevance of string theory in modern physics.
  • Progress in Alzheimer's disease research.
  • Impact and feasibility of renewable energy sources.
  • Quantum computing: Hype or future of computing?
  • Advances in stem cell therapy.
  • Prospects and ethical considerations for cloning.
  • Assessment of earthquake prediction methods.
  • Efficiency of modern water purification techniques.
  • AI's role in medical diagnostics.
  • Effectiveness of psychological therapy via digital platforms.
  • Progress in combating climate change.
  • Dark matter: Scientific enigma or cosmic reality?

Educational Evaluation Essay Topics

Education is a multifaceted domain with vast areas to scrutinize. It offers a range of topics for you to evaluate and present an informed opinion on. Consider these evaluation essay topics on education:

  • Impact assessment of standardized testing on students.
  • Homeschooling versus traditional schooling effectiveness.
  • Anti-bullying programs in modern schools and their outcomes.
  • Merits and demerits of experiential learning in universities.
  • How online learning platforms fare in the education landscape.
  • Arts in school curriculum.
  • Influence school uniforms exert on student behavior.
  • Evaluating public school special education programs.
  • Importance of life skills education in curricula.
  • Montessori method's contribution to early childhood learning.
  • Parental involvement in schools and its implications.
  • Peer mentoring programs in high schools.
  • Comparing STEM and STEAM curriculum models.
  • Vocational education in high schools and its value.
  • Efficiency of language immersion programs in schools.

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Evaluation Essay Topics on Literature

Literary works are often ripe with meaning. They can offer an opportunity to evaluate the significance of their content in relation to our lives. You can choose to assess different literary works, characters, settings or specific parts of the text. As an example, we invite you to select of these literature topics for evaluation essays:

  • Conflict exploration in George Orwell's "1984."
  • Probing Jane Austen's portrayal of female characters.
  • Decoding imagery in Robert Frost's poetic collection.
  • The use and impact of foreshadowing in Edgar Allan Poe's tales.
  • Understanding character evolution in Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird."
  • Theme assessment in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings."
  • Allegorical significance in George Orwell's "Animal Farm."
  • Irony's role in Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour."
  • Social critique in Charles Dickens's "Great Expectations."
  • Existential themes in Albert Camus's "The Stranger."
  • The nature of villainy in Shakespeare's plays.
  • Exploring moral dimensions in Herman Melville's "Moby Dick."
  • Gothic elements in Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein."
  • Narrative techniques in Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse."
  • Epic hero portrayal in Homer's "The Odyssey."

Topics for Evaluation Essays on History

History can make for an intriguing evaluation. Whether you're exploring influential historical figures, pivotal events, or transformative epochs, there's always a new angle to examine and assess. Take a glance at these evaluation essay topics that transport you to different moments in history:

  • Evaluating the French Revolution's impact and implications.
  • Unpacking Martin Luther King Jr.'s influence on the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Battle of Waterloo : Strategic analysis.
  • Dissecting Julius Caesar's leadership style.
  • Societal transformation amid the Industrial Revolution.
  • Berlin Wall's role in Cold War politics.
  • Tracing the Ottoman Empire's legacy in the modern Middle East.
  • Aftermath and effects following the American Civil War .
  • Examining motivations behind Christopher Columbus's voyages.
  • The Fall of Rome : Causes and repercussions.
  • Unraveling Joan of Arc's impact during the Hundred Years' War.
  • The Apollo Moon Landing – a triumph or staged event?
  • Nikola Tesla's role in shaping modern electricity.
  • The Treaty of Versailles: Its significance and consequences.
  • Evaluating the successes and failures of the League of Nations.

>> More ideas: History Paper Topics

Evaluation Essay Topics on Movies

Movies can generate powerful emotions, influence our thoughts, or simply entertain, and each movie has unique aspects that can be assessed. So, let's dive into the world of film and explore some intriguing evaluative essays topics.

  • Impact of 'Inception' on modern sci-fi genre.
  • Steven Spielberg's directorial style in 'Saving Private Ryan'.
  • Cinematic techniques in 'Parasite': a breakthrough in storytelling.
  • Character development in 'The Dark Knight'.
  • Emotional depth in 'The Notebook'.
  • Artificial intelligence in 'Ex Machina'.
  • Visual effects and their influence on 'Avatar’s' success.
  • Racial representation in 'Black Panther'.
  • Narrative structure in 'Pulp Fiction'.
  • Unpacking the feminist themes in 'Wonder Woman'.
  • Music in 'La La Land'.
  • Analyzing humor in 'The Hangover'.
  • 'Schindler's List': A look at its historical accuracy.
  • The symbolism in 'The Matrix'.
  • Suspense in Alfred Hitchcock’s 'Psycho'.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Music

Music offers an endless variety of genres, artists, and compositions to evaluate. From classical symphonies to modern pop hits, each musical piece has unique elements that can be assessed. Let's strike a chord with these music-focused topics that offer a symphony of evaluation essay ideas.

  • Influence of the Beatles on the 60's music scene.
  • Role of improvisation in Jazz music.
  • Bob Dylan's lyrics and their societal impact.
  • Evolution of Hip Hop from the 90s to now.
  • Michael Jackson's contributions to Pop music.
  • How Beyonce's music addresses gender issues.
  • The artistry of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'.
  • Musical diversity in 'Hamilton: An American Musical'.
  • The effect of auto-tune on modern music.
  • Impact of music streaming platforms on artists’ earnings.
  • Examining Queen's concert at Live Aid.
  • Significance of classical music in today’s world.
  • A look into K-Pop’s global success.
  • Influence of country music on American culture.
  • Analysis of Eminem's controversial lyrics.

Art Evaluation Essay Topics

Art is a broad domain, and its appreciation requires keen observation and critical analysis. Some worthwhile art evaluation essay topics include:

  • Salvador Dali's unique style in Surrealism .
  • How does Banksy challenge societal norms through his graffiti?
  • Impressionism vs. Realism: A study in contrast.
  • Color symbolism in Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' .
  • Frida Kahlo's self-portraits and their emotional depth.
  • Geometric shapes in Cubism .
  • Picasso's blue period: An exploration of melancholy.
  • Mona Lisa's smile: An enduring mystery.
  • The Gothic architecture of Notre-Dame Cathedral.
  • African culture in Basquiat's works .
  • Surreal elements in Magritte's 'The Son of Man' .
  • Pointillism in Seurat's 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte' .
  • Evolution of comic book art over the decades.
  • Abstract expressionism in Pollock's 'No. 5, 1948' .
  • Understanding the minimalism in Malevich's 'Black Square' .

Cultural Topics for an Evaluation Essay

The prompts below invite you to examine various cultural phenomena, their impact, relevance, and influence. Get ready to assess different cultures and their unique practices with these evaluation paper topics:

  • Impact of social media on modern communication culture.
  • Japanese tea ceremony and its significance in today's world.
  • Influence of hip-hop culture on youth fashion.
  • Culinary traditions of Southern Italy.
  • Changing dynamics of workplace culture with remote working.
  • Cultural diversity in Bollywood movies.
  • Latin dance forms and their representation of local culture.
  • Gender roles in Disney Princess movies.
  • Cowboy culture and its representation in Western films.
  • Impact of K-pop on global music culture.
  • 'Hygge' in Danish culture and lifestyle.
  • Celebrations and cultural significance of Dia de los Muertos in Mexico.
  • Cultural connotations in street art across the globe.
  • Food culture in New Orleans and its French and African influences.
  • Manga and Anime in Japanese popular culture.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Social Media

It’s hard to imagine our life without social media. From connecting with friends to staying informed on current affairs, our lives would be drastically different without it. Evaluating its impact and usage can help us understand the role of this technology in our society better.

  • Promoting small businesses on Instagram.
  • Fashion trends driven by TikTok.
  • Professional networking opportunities on LinkedIn.
  • Snapchat's ephemeral content strategy.
  • Political campaigning on Facebook.
  • Educational content on YouTube.
  • Is Reddit shaping the internet culture?
  • Disseminating breaking news via Twitter.
  • Wedding planning with Pinterest.
  • Community networking via WhatsApp.
  • Modern aesthetics shaped by VSCO.
  • Clubhouse as an audio-based social platform.
  • Fan culture and its promotion on Tumblr.
  • Gaming world transformation through Twitch.
  • User experience: Instagram vs. Snapchat.

Evaluation Essay Topics About Famous Speeches

Speeches are another medium of communication capable of inspiring, motivating, and educating the masses. Analyzing famous speeches can be an interesting take on examining rhetoric. Here are some evaluation essay topics about speeches for you to pick from:

  • Persuasive elements in Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream."
  • Imagery usage in Winston Churchill’s "We Shall Fight on the Beaches."
  • Emotional appeal in Nelson Mandela's "I Am Prepared to Die."
  • Rhetorical devices in John F. Kennedy's inaugural address.
  • Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
  • Review of rhetoric in " The Ballot or the Bullet" by Malcolm X.
  • Emotional appeal in Barack Obama's "A More Perfect Union."
  • Persuasion tactics in Hillary Clinton's "Women's Rights Are Human Rights."
  • Repetition as a rhetorical device in "Ain't I a Woman" by Sojourner Truth .
  • Margaret Thatcher's "The Lady’s Not for Turning".
  • An analysis of Steve Jobs' "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish."
  • Assessing Elie Wiesel's "The Perils of Indifference."
  • Reviewing Maya Angelou's "On the Pulse of Morning."
  • Evaluating Emma Watson's "HeForShe" UN speech.
  • Greta Thunberg's "How Dare You" at the UN Climate Action Summit.

Evaluative Essay Topics on Philosophy

Philosophy is a branch of science that seeks to explore the mysteries of existence. Topics in philosophy encourage us to adopt an analytical approach towards life and assess our beliefs based on reason and logic. As such, it provides many evaluation essay topics and ideas:

  • Evaluation of utilitarianism as a moral guideline.
  • Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative.
  • Plato's Allegory of the Cave under scrutiny.
  • Existentialism as viewed by Jean-Paul Sartre.
  • Stoicism and its footprint in modern psychology.
  • Nietzsche's "Ubermensch" concept.
  • Rene Descartes and his epistemology contribution.
  • David Hume's empiricism.
  • John Locke's views on personal identity under lens.
  • Heraclitus and his philosophy of change.
  • Assessing John Rawls' justice theory.
  • Arguments presented by Thomas Aquinas for God's existence.
  • Karl Marx's dialectical materialism.
  • Taoism as an Eastern philosophy.
  • Simone de Beauvoir's feminism in "The Second Sex": An analysis.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Psychology

If you are working on psychological topics , we’ve got great news. There is no shortage of topics for an evaluation essay in this field. You might want to examine various therapeutic methods, historic psychological experiments, or notable figures.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy in treating anxiety.
  • Sigmund Freud's theories and human behavior understanding.
  • Insights from the Stanford Prison Experiment on authority perception.
  • Carl Rogers' client-centered therapy.
  • Predicting behavior using Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
  • Virtual reality therapy for phobias.
  • Jung's theory of personality types.
  • Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiment.
  • Biofeedback therapy in stress management.
  • B.F. Skinner and the field of behaviorism.
  • Elizabeth Loftus' research on false memories.
  • Pavlov's classical conditioning in modern psychology.
  • Music therapy for mood improvement.
  • Alfred Adler's theories on superiority and inferiority complexes.
  • The Rorschach inkblot test and its significance.

Evaluation Essay Topic Ideas on Sports

Sports presents a variety of evaluative essay topics worth exploring. Look at unique training strategies, influential sporting events, or the role of various positions in a team.

  • Barcelona's football strategy in the recent season.
  • Planning and execution in the recent Olympic Games.
  • Naomi Osaka's style in the latest Grand Slam.
  • Watching a football match: stadium versus home experience.
  • Youth development through participation in community soccer teams.
  • Tokyo's preparedness for hosting significant sporting events.
  • New England Patriots' defensive strategy analysis.
  • Long-term health impacts of professional boxing.
  • Yoga for athlete recovery: an assessment.
  • Analysis of crossfit's rise in popularity.
  • Role of nutrition in high-performance athletes.
  • Surfing safety measures: a critical review.
  • Analysis of the rules in American football.
  • Women's representation in professional sports.
  • Importance of sports psychology in athlete performance.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Health and Wellness

When it comes to health, you can investigate many aspects. Here are just some of them:

  • Pros and cons of keto diet.
  • Zumba for cardiovascular health.
  • Meditation for stress management.
  • Vaccination campaigns.
  • Yoga's role in improving flexibility.
  • Green tea for weight loss.
  • Mental health benefits from pet ownership.
  • Sleep quality: Regular versus irregular schedules.
  • Tai chi for elderly health.
  • Role of probiotics in gut health.
  • Effectiveness of national anti-smoking campaigns.
  • Home cooking versus eating out.
  • Running versus cycling for cardiovascular fitness.
  • Organic produce: A health investment?
  • Regular check-ups: Preventive healthcare's significance.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Food and Restaurants

Food is a major staple in culture, and restaurants are always popular. Assessment of restaurants or food could easily give you lots of content to analyze and assess. Below we have attached some interesting evaluation essay topics for you:

  • Assessment of French cuisine's global influence.
  • Michelin star restaurants: Worth the price?
  • Local food movement's impact on restaurant quality.
  • Vegan diet's contribution to health and environment.
  • McDonald's menu: Health concerns.
  • Indian spices: A flavor revolution.
  • Starbucks' business model and customer experience.
  • Food trucks versus traditional restaurants.
  • Fast food and its contribution to obesity.
  • Sushi: An art or a delicacy?
  • Food delivery apps: Convenience or laziness?
  • Molecular gastronomy: A fad or future of cooking?
  • Farm-to-table restaurants: A sustainable choice?
  • Tapas culture in Spanish cuisine.
  • All-you-can-eat buffets: Value for money?

Evaluation Essay Topics on Fashion

Fashion is a highly regulated and vibrant industry with plenty of cutting-edge trends on offer. Evaluating these trends can provide you with interesting insights into the changing dynamics of this popular domain.

  • Minimalism trend in fashion.
  • Fast fashion's effect on the environment.
  • Versace's style evolution over the years.
  • Celebrity influence on fashion trends.
  • Plus-size representation in the fashion industry.
  • High street fashion versus luxury brands.
  • Fashion weeks: Seasonal trends or business promotion?
  • Ethical production in the fashion industry.
  • Vintage fashion: Nostalgia or sustainability?
  • Fashion in the 90s : An era of diversity.
  • Unisex fashion: Breaking gender norms.
  • Fashion's role in individual expression.
  • Haute couture : Art or impracticality?
  • Fashion magazines' impact on body image.
  • The 'little black dress': A timeless classic.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Environment

Environmental topics are of significant interest given the current global focus on sustainability. Here, you can explore the effectiveness of different conservation efforts, or assess the environmental impact of specific industries.

  • Carbon offsetting: True solution or band-aid?
  • Veganism's contribution to reducing carbon footprint.
  • Plastic ban: Impact on pollution levels.
  • Urban gardening: Contribution to city environments.
  • Conservation efforts in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Climate change policies in Scandinavian countries.
  • Fracking: Environmental cost versus economic benefits.
  • Solar energy: Viable for large scale use?
  • Ocean cleanup initiatives: Success or failure?
  • Deforestation and its relation to global warming.
  • E-waste: Challenges in recycling.
  • Hydropower plants : Environmental friend or foe?
  • Electric vehicles: Solution for pollution?
  • GMO crops: Environmental benefits and risks.
  • Zero waste lifestyle: Practicality and benefits.

Bottom Line on Topics for Evaluation Essays

Selecting an evaluation essay topic is an essential step in the writing process. While there are numerous subjects to consider, it is important to choose a topic that offers ample opportunities for critical assessment. As a final tip, always ensure you backup your assessments with solid evidence or examples.


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Analytical Essay Topics


165 Best Evaluation Essay Topics to Focus On

Table of Contents

While pursuing your school or college education, your instructors may ask you to submit an evaluation essay. In general, for preparing an evaluation essay, you must have a good topic. Typically, your supervisors will provide some essay topics for you to work on. However, at times, you will be given the liberty to select an evaluation essay topic of your choice. During such instances, instead of pressurizing yourself, simply take a look below. Especially, to help you handle the topic selection phase, here, we have suggested a list of the best evaluation essay topics and ideas on different themes. Also, we have explained how to choose a perfect topic and compose an excellent evaluation essay. Keep on reading to update your knowledge of evaluation essay writing.

Evaluation Essay Topic Selection

Let’s identify below some of the conditions that might help you choose good evaluation essay topics and write outstanding essays.

  • Firstly, you ought to search the internet for good evaluation essay topics and thereby make your task easy. Besides, the topics need to sound interesting to you as well as your readers. Also, working on it needs to sound inspirational for you and help you produce ideas.
  • Secondly, determine if your topic is narrow or broad as you might want the readers to understand the points of your essay. Moreover, attempt to stick to easy and common themes that might engage a huge range of audiences.
  • Thirdly, select only reliable sources like articles, books, and scientific publications. Perhaps, it’s better to use peer-reviewed articles and scientific journals as they provide more considerable information.
  • Lastly, ensure that any information you take is from up-to-date sources and recent. Generally, any information you take need not be older than ten years.

Evaluation Essay Topics

Evaluation Essay Topics

Evaluation Essay Writing

Now, let’s explore a few conditions that might help you learn how to write evaluation essay topics.

  • Simply, begin selecting the right evaluation essay topics and ensure that it drives your interest.
  • Also, make sure that you know the topic well or explore the topic well to offer relevant information on the subject.
  • Besides, ensure to have sufficient reasons to support your topic, possibly both good and bad sides of it.
  • Meanwhile, you also need to understand your target well, a few may not have any interest in your selected topic.

Other than this, you also need to explore a few other conditions about the formatting of your evaluation essay.

  • Firstly, you need to write your thesis statement and thereby define the objectives of your essay. Mostly, be sure to write your thesis statement in 1 or 2 sentences and write it as clearly as possible.
  • Secondly, you might work on the conditions, judgment, and evidence of your evaluation essay. Certainly, it plays a vital role and identifies unique products, services, or even places.
  • Meanwhile, you may also include a hook in the introduction of your essay and inform the readers about your objectives.
  • Moreover, in the body paragraphs start using conditions as well as judgments. Also, support your evidence through academic resources and quotes to make it credible.
  • Lastly, in conclusion, you ought to restate all the key points of the essay. However, don’t consider copy-pasting it from the introduction paragraph.

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List of Amazing Evaluation Essay Topics

If you are unsure what topic to choose for writing an evaluation essay, have a look at the list presented below. In the list, you will get 150+ amazing evaluation essay ideas on different themes.

Simple Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Examine the soccer program for kids in your hometown.
  • Analyze the impact of social media on social relationships.
  • Examine the latest movie you have seen.
  • Pros and cons of distance education- Critical evaluation.
  • IELTS versus TOEFL- Examine which is better for the students.
  • Role of sex education program in teaching students about sex and education.
  • Relevance of physical education in high school.
  • Discuss the impact of technology on the music industry.
  • Analyze the influence of video games on the young generation.
  • Future of Technology- Do you think it will develop or is there any progress in store for it?
  • Discuss the experience of playing video games on various platforms.
  • Laptop or Desktop computer evaluation- How does it work and does it satisfy your needs?
  • Evaluate the difference between live performances and recorded songs to disclose which one sounds better
  • Evaluate any Hollywood movie that is based on a book
  • Evaluate the traditional marketing tools and modern marketing tools

Basic Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Paris Saint-Germain and its performance over the last two decade
  • Dunkin Donuts in Los Angeles compared to McDonald’s in California
  • KFC in India compared to Burger King
  • Evaluate the quality and price of food and beverages offered by Domino’s and Pizza Hut
  • Compare the coffee shops such as Birch Coffee and Starbucks in New York City
  • Discuss the evolution of General Motors
  • How does the performance of Kevin Wayne Durant affect the profit his basketball team makes?
  • Impact of Educational Programs Broadcasted on television on the academic performance of high-school students
  • Develop a comparative study on the evolution of Nintendo Co., Ltd. and Apple Inc.
  • Evolution of McDonald’s
  • Develop a comparative study on the evolution of Pepsi and Coca-Cola
  • Evaluation of the role played by Tom Hanks in ‘Saving Private Ryan’
  • Evaluate the narrative and concept of Bicycle Thieves
  • Analyze the pros and cons of the smartphone you are using right now.
  • Explore a coffee house that you might want to attend. What do you think about its quality and why do you like it?

High-Quality Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Discuss your favorite restaurant, its price, and why the food served is delicious.
  • Online relationships versus traditional relationships- A comparative analysis.
  • Explore the last season of your favorite sports team. How well did they perform? Discuss the mistakes made.
  • Analyze a cosmetic product you like. Discuss its advantages and disadvantages. How frequently do you use it?
  • Discuss a classical book and why is it exemplary. Classic writing versus Modern writing.
  • Art Movement and its impact on society.
  • Discuss the latest movie remake of an original movie you have seen.
  • Discuss the impact of Human Rights Movements on the establishment of equal rights for all
  • Evaluate digital rights and their importance for mass media
  • Discuss the impact of psychological issues on students’ performance
  • Compare between Microsoft Teams and Slack to indicate which is best
  • Effectiveness of personal selling and direct marketing
  • Discuss the impact of Black Lives Matter on juror decision-making
  • Evaluate the life of African Americans after and before the American Civil War
  • Evaluate and compare whether ready-made food items offered in supermarkets are good alternatives to fast food items

Top-Notch Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Explore, a film based on a book. Analyze how they are different from each other or close to each other.
  • How practical is it to watch a Smartwatch?
  • Analyze the recent laptops, desktops, and tablet models.
  • How do you prefer to watch a movie? Theatre or a device?
  • Analyze the coach of your favorite sports team.
  • Women’s basketball versus Men’s basketball- A comparative analysis.
  • McDonald’s versus KFC- Compare, and Contrast.
  • Indian Food versus American Food.
  • What makes a classical movie unpopular or popular?
  • Discuss the different works of a director.
  • How to stop street gangs?
  • Analyze the health benefits of gaming.
  • Discuss the significance of wrong weather forecasts.
  • Evaluate the services offered at the gym.
  • Examine the various issues that most business organizations experience.

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Excellent Evaluation Essay Ideas

  • Health Care Reform- Compare the different versions.
  • Evaluate the concepts of Patient-centered care and Person-centered care in healthcare settings
  • Influence of the stand-up genre on the modern culture
  • Assess how the movie “The Great Gatsby” reflects the U.S. culture of those times
  • Evaluate the movie “Forest Gump” from the perspective of a U.S. citizen
  • Discuss the influence of films rated G or PG.
  • Analyze the influence of using self-driven cars.
  • Relevance of ad slogans in enticing the customers.
  • Attending a big concert versus attending a small intimate concert.
  • Bomb-sniffing bees and its evaluation.
  • Artist performance in different concerts- A comparative analysis.
  • Discuss two different versions of music- Compare, and Contrast.
  • Real Madrid and their performance.
  • Discuss the influence of the university’s soccer team on young men’s personalities.
  • Select a leading football player from your favorite team.

Trending Evaluation Essay Prompts

  • San Francisco Bay Area is a sporting place.
  • Rank American Playoff system.
  • Coaching perspectives at high school hurt the players.
  • Availability of Tennis for high school students in your community.
  • How to show romance in modern movies?
  • Discuss the influence of fiction films on the viewers.
  • Edson Arantes do Nascimento Diego Armando Maradona: Who is the best footballer of all time?
  • Dissect the pros of recycling plastic with a focus on ecology and global warming
  • Tom Hank’s play in “Saving Private Ryan”.
  • Cost of fast food in the nearby café.
  • Discuss the organizations at different bars- A comparative analysis.
  • Analyze the significance of the American Meals.
  • Evaluate Chinese restaurants using at least three conditions.
  • Android versus IOS- A comparative analysis.
  • Data transmission perspective from smartphone to laptop.

Intriguing Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Live music versus Recorded music- What is the difference in the sound quality?
  • Analyze the food at the local sporting venue- Enlist the best available food and its impact on the game-watching experience.
  • Examine the supermarket you mostly visit- Discuss the available product varieties, staff, and access if they are polite or rude.
  • Evaluate the swimming sport and compare it to other team sports. Discuss the benefits of swimming as a sport and compare it in terms of dedication and practice.
  • Discuss the significance of scholarships for college athletic programs.
  • Analyze competitive cheerleading- Differentiate it from sideline cheerleading.
  • Watching team sports versus watching individual sports like swimming, golf, gymnastics, or ice skating.
  • Analyze the coverage of the latest Olympics.
  • Explore the impact of ESPN on sports.
  • Examine a historical movie and discuss how it teaches history through drama, costume, and setting.
  • Analyze a drama and state how efficiently it demonstrates the dramatic condition.
  • Examine the work of music composers and how it embraces different films.
  • Explore a foreign movie and state how the movie portrays the culture of that country.
  • Select an actor or actress in multiple movies and discuss how it adapts to different roles. Identify the role in which he played the best.
  • Analyze a sequel and discuss if the second and third version has something new to add or not.

Miscellaneous Evaluation Essay Questions

  • Examine a gymnastic program or compare and contrast two different programs. Discuss the age or skill best served by the program.
  • Analyze the best sports club team in your hometown. Discuss why it is the best club team for families and players.
  • Explore tennis as a sport, the latest tennis tournament, or the current leading players.
  • Is Donut a healthy food? Provide evidence to support your answer.
  • The latest laws regulate the latest cell phone usage and automobile rides.
  • Examine two different photo-editing applications and discuss which the best is.
  • Discuss the impact of technology on teaching.
  • Evaluate which app is best for high school students.
  • Discuss the influence of mental health issues on the student’s performance.
  • Examine a number of films directed by the same person. Discuss the unique perspective that person brought to each production. Discuss the message that the director is attempting to convey.
  • Develop a comparative study on the evolution of KFC and Starbucks
  • Compare and contrast the marketing strategies of DunkinDonuts and Papa Johns Pizza
  • Evaluate the narrative and concept of ‘Forest Gump’
  • Evaluation of the concept of ‘The Dark Knight’
  • Evaluate the hidden meaning in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’

Exclusive Evaluation Essay Ideas

  • Examine the special effects in a variety of contemporary films. What causes them to be efficient or inefficient? Do you believe that certain movies use special effects solely to show off and fail to advance the story? Do you think this is a problem?
  • Examine a children’s film. Determine the message it is attempting to convey to children. Is there a positive impact from the film? Is that important?
  • Examine a G or PG-rated film. Discuss the manner in which it attempts to engage both adults and children. Is the film effective at capturing the attention of people of all ages?
  • Examine a sequel. Does it add anything new or innovative to the story? Or is it simply a replay of the original film?
  • Examine a foreign film. Discuss how the film portrays the cultural heritage of its country.
  • Examine the work of a film composer. Discuss how your preferred songwriter adapts to different films.
  • Make a comparison between an animated film and the real-life events that inspired it. Determine which medium is best for portraying that type of narrative.
  • Prepare a review for a remake of a classic or foreign film. Describe how the original plot has been adapted. Which film is superior? Which is better, the original or the remake?
  • Examine a historical film and consider how it portrays history through drama, background, and clothing.
  • Examine how a film based on true events resembles actual historical situations.

Popular Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Whatsapp and its key characteristics.
  • Discuss the cloud system implemented in Netflix.
  • How to promote business on social media- Discuss the strategies.
  • Discuss the influence of internet on the other media.
  • Online clothes shop promotion through Facebook.
  • Examine the current information security strategies and choose the best suitable for your gadget.
  • Evaluate the suitability of movies for children.
  • Analyze the entertainment value of a book.
  • How movies have withstood the test of time?
  • Elaborate on the educational value of a book.
  • Examine the moral value of a book.
  • Discuss the political, social, or moral messages communicated in a movie.
  • TV shows and their addiction.
  • Significance of plot lines in a TV show.
  • Pros and cons of social media for society.
  • Consider a classic musical. Discuss the reasons why it was liked or disliked.
  • Examine a drama film and debate whether or not a dramatic event is depicted effectively.
  • Analyze a film that was inspired by a book. Consider whether the film adheres to the original story. Is the film superior to the book?
  • Examine a movie star’s performance in various films. Discuss how they adjust to their various roles. Discuss the type of character that is best suited to them.
  • Analyze the influence of digital technology development on music production.

Outstanding Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Compare two contemporary romance comedies and decide which is superior.
  • Analyze an action-adventure movie and explain why you think the public would enjoy it.
  • Discuss how well a war film addresses the nation’s current questions regarding conflict and peace.
  • Consider how faithfully a movie stays to the source material. Which is superior?
  • Analyze a follow-up. Does the second or third movie simply repeat the previous one or does it provide anything new and original?
  • Examine a historical drama’s ability to impart historical knowledge through drama, setting, and costume.
  • Contrast a movie’s animated rendition with the same narrative told in real life. Determine which storytelling format is most suitable for that kind of narrative.
  • Look at a few of the same director’s works to get a sense of their vision for a project. What message is the filmmaker trying to convey?
  • Consider the lessons that a children’s movie offers young viewers. Does the movie have a good impact? Is that crucial?
  • What, in your opinion, is the finest example of this style of movie, television program, or theatrical production?
  • Evaluate the social status of women before and after the first wave of the feminist movement
  • Analyze the effectiveness of integrating ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in teaching and learning
  • Analyze the effectiveness of using IoT and AI in the healthcare delivery system
  • Comparative evaluation of ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ and ‘The Wild Bunch
  • Evaluate Bandura’s Social Learning Theory

Wrapping Up

From the list of ideas recommended above, choose any topic of your choice and craft an excellent evaluation essay with proper supporting evidence or facts. In case, you need an expert to offer you help with evaluation essay topic selection or essay preparation call us quickly. As per your needs, the finest academic writers on our platform will provide cheap and best essay writing help for all kinds of academic essays including evaluation essays. Specifically, taking Essay Writing Services  from our professionals online will aid you with submitting a plagiarism-free evaluation essay ahead of the deadline and achieving top scores.

Instead of pressurizing yourself, just book your order on our portal and get more ultimate benefits that our essay assignment help service offers.

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80 best evaluation essay topics for all levels.

February 4, 2021

Evaluation Essay Topics

One of the most important elements of writing a great essay is understanding what the prompt is asking you to do. When you write an evaluation argument essay, you are essentially asked to consider the reasons why you agree or disagree on a topic. One cannot be passive and say they do not like apples. He or she must explain why. This kind of writing is a hallmark in academia and is a skill every student should master.

Another element of writing a great essay is choosing a topic that one is wholeheartedly engaged in. Students should never write on subjects they do not care about. Good evaluation topics should be well-thought-out, researched, and questioned. If you’re not sure you can handle the essay topic assigned by teacher, you can use our writing services .

Best Topics for Evaluation Essay

Evaluation essay topics related to science, hottest evaluation analysis topics, easy evaluation essay topics, evaluation research topics for college-level courses, monitoring and evaluation research topics, employee evaluation topics.

Good evaluation essay topics should always reflect personal interests while pushing the envelope when it comes to academic research. It may not be so easy to come up with evaluation essay topics by yourself. So, we have put a handful of ideas for you to consider:

  • How effective are standardized tests in evaluating a student’s ability to process information?
  • What are the pros and cons of using a smartphone for academic purposes?
  • Should regulations be stricter when driving and using a cell phone?
  • Choose a local company and examine how it performs in a fiscal year.
  • How robust is the real estate market in your state?
  • How successful are professional athletes’ marketing campaigns?
  • Select an athletic shoe company and evaluate how successful it markets to teenagers.
  • How do high school team sports affect teenagers’ personalities?
  • How effective is the U.S. Election System?
  • How accurate are Census Surveys in the U.S.?

The evaluation topics cover a wide variety of areas should you want to work broadly. More specific evaluation paper topics are listed below and will likely require you to do more research.

When it comes to evaluation essay ideas, you should always turn to those that you are genuinely intrigued with. The more invested you are in your essay the more interesting your writing will be for your audience. Here are a handful of suggestions to consider:

  • Analyze the impact that contact sports have on the brain.
  • Evaluate different forms of modern music.
  • Evaluate the impact modern music has on society.
  • Evaluate the problems small business owners face.
  • Analyze the impact Covid-19 has had on society.
  • Evaluate the United States’ response to Covid-19.
  • Evaluate your state’s delivery of vaccines.
  • Analyze the impact Covid-19 has had on people’s mental health.
  • Evaluate how social media has affected how people receive news.
  • Evaluate a major news network’s reporting of current events.

Make sure you conduct adequate research on each of these topics. You need to back-up your claims for these evaluation paper topics with evidence and examples from trustworthy academic resources.

Some students confuse this type of assignment with other evaluation essay prompts. There is no difference. Students simply need to provide critical analysis of one of several evaluation paper ideas. The standard definition is to determine the significance or worth of something through an in-depth appraisal.

  • Evaluate the impact that celebrities have on youth.
  • Analyze how reality shows affect viewers’ personalities.
  • Analyze the rise of sex and violence among teenagers.
  • Evaluate the hidden messages in religious works.
  • Evaluate the impact religion has had in culture.
  • Evaluate the differences in child development philosophies.
  • Evaluate public school learning in your community.
  • Analyze the impact Kobe Bryant’s death has had in sports.
  • What impact has the BLM movement had around the world?
  • Evaluate the way the treatment of AIDS has evolved.
  • Evaluate the characteristics needed to grow a business.
  • In what ways has social media changed over the years?
  • Evaluate how social media has brought the world closer.
  • Evaluate how modern literature affects personalities.
  • Evaluate how impact modern drugs have on mental disorders.
  • Evaluate the texture of the educational system in the U.S.
  • Evaluate how the English educational system is different from the U.S.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of smaller classroom sizes.
  • Evaluate the success of online hiring processes.
  • Evaluate the impact of your city’s funding for the arts.

The following list of evaluation argument topics is ideal for anyone who does not want to spend too much time doing research or anyone that doesn’t have the time to do the research. These are all current topics that have plenty of reliable sources talking about:

  • In what ways do you determine if something is worth its value?
  • If you find a wallet, do you return its full contents to the owner?
  • How great are the Marvel Universe films?
  • Do you believe that the magical world of Harry Potter is real?
  • What effects has social media had on learning?
  • Do private school institutions offer better opportunities?
  • What are the benefits of getting a job as a teenager?
  • Are team sports important in high school?
  • How robust is the movie industry in the U.S.?
  • How accurate are historical films?

We recommend these evaluation argument essay topics be used when you are under time restrictions (e.g., procrastinated or have had other responsibilities to attend to). You should be able to get them done in a matter of hours if you execute a solid work plan.

When justifying an evaluation topics, you must always provide statistics and other informational data to support your analysis and claims. Simple online research may provide you with some background understanding, but you should base most of your argument on information gathered from credible resources. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Do documentaries broaden the minds of viewers?
  • Does traveling broaden the mind of people?
  • How important is it to travel abroad?
  • How accurately do we portray our nation’s founders?
  • How effective was the Civil Rights Movement?
  • How successful was the Affirmative Action Program?
  • What are the troubles students face when writing a dissertation?
  • Evaluate the rise and fall of a professional sports athlete.
  • Evaluate how different sports market their brands overseas.
  • What impact has social media had on students’ performance.

These evaluation essay topics with criteria may seem more difficult because they are intended for students that are in college. It’s recommended that anyone that takes up any of these ideas conduct ample research using both online and in-print sources from credible places.

These are a bit different from most topics for an evaluation essay you may have encountered in the past. This kind of assignment requires you to monitor something over time (week, month, year, etc.). Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

  • A city’s professional sports teams.
  • A shoe company’s overseas performance.
  • A U.S. President during the war.
  • A local city’s tax code.
  • Parking restrictions on busy streets.
  • A bakery’s success over a year.
  • A healthy eating campaign in schools.
  • The performance of a professional athlete.
  • Your favorite athlete’s social media presence.
  • Your neighborhood’s recycling program.

You can see how your options are endless. If you don’t see something you like on this evaluation essay topics list you can simply brainstorm some things you are interested in in general. Consider its success and performance over a period and you will have developed a great topic to monitor and to write about.

Have you ever wondered how an employer or recruiter makes his or her decisions about who they should hire or keep? These are some of the questions we received from actual decision-makers in the area of human resources:

  • How have you managed to deal with difficult situations at work?
  • If you see an employee doing something wrong, how would you react?
  • How do you take criticism of your performance?
  • What approach do you take toward working with others?
  • How do you manage workplace conflicts?
  • Are you willing to train others you know will replace your position?
  • Would you do something wrong to cover up for a coworker?
  • If you see a person in need stealing, would you call the police?
  • Do fast-food employees offer better service?
  • What is the best way to evaluate a candidate’s qualifications?
  • Some of these career research paper topics

These topics for evaluation paper are just a starting point. We can always provide you with more ideas. Just let us know what you need, and we will get our experts to customize ideas so that you meet your assignment’s requisites, and you succeed in writing one of the best assignments in your academic life.

dissertation topics

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  • How To Manage Stress In College: Top Practical Tips  
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120 Good Evaluation Essay Topics for Powerful, Thought-Provoking Writing

An evaluation essay is an academic paper that could be assigned almost on any college subject. It shares some similarities with a persuasive essay and a review. However, it is a standalone genre of writing with its unique features.

So, what is an evaluation essay? The primary purpose of this type of essay is to present a value judgment on a book, article, course, event, experience, cultural artifact, etc. Unlike a persuasive essay or a review, your viewpoint must be balanced and backed up by evidence elicited from a detailed analysis of the subject.

Topics for an evaluation essay can be just as diverse as for any other kind of paper. The trick is to find a suitable object to consider, choose the criteria you will use to make your judgment, and apply analysis to produce supporting evidence for your point of view.

Helping you with the first step is the purpose of this post. Here you will find 120 interesting evaluation essay topics on various subjects. Many of them are linked to the samples from our free database to illustrate how this topic can be addressed. Please note that there is no one correct opinion, especially when it comes to personal experiences. Treat those samples only as a model for structure and style and feel free to disagree with the viewpoints expressed.

Evaluation Paper Topics about Education

Opening our evaluation essay topics list is one of the most accessible areas for any student – education. As a student, you can assess your teacher, classroom experience, textbook, progress within the course, test experience, and anything in between. As an educator, you can evaluate the curriculum, your own performance, the work of your colleague, or even an entire policy. Choose a topic from this list or come up with your own, but don't forget to be objective.

  • Evaluation in childcare programs: an account of the experience
  • Evaluating the gaps for training intervention
  • Self-evaluation essay
  • Evaluate a textbook
  • Alternative approaches to curriculum evaluation
  • Evaluation of an evidence-based project
  • Kirkpatrick's early verbal learning evaluation
  • Written assignment evaluation
  • Critical self-evaluation of writing sample
  • Self-evaluation for university admission
  • Group process and peer evaluation
  • Writing skills progress self-evaluation
  • Evaluate a class you have completed
  • Evaluate your teacher or instructor
  • Evaluate the grading system in your school. What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • Evaluate a lesson you have attended as a student
  • Evaluate a lesson you have attended as a surveyor

Nursing and Healthcare Evaluative Essay Topics

Healthcare is one of the critical areas of public life and, as such, often a source of controversial topics, from universal healthcare rights to a choice to end one's life with medical assistance. That is why it is so essential to practice a balanced outlook in this sphere in particular. Thus, we are justifying an evaluation essay topics selection presented here.

  • Developing an evaluation plan for nurses
  • Alcohol and substance abuse evaluation plan
  • Evaluation of chronic diabetes self-care programs
  • The analysis and evaluation of nursing theories
  • Evaluating and redesigning policies to increase nursing retention
  • Evaluating the concept of euthanasia
  • Clinical practice evaluation
  • Evaluate a patients progress in a rehabilitation program
  • Evaluate your performance as a nurse for the last two weeks
  • Evaluate the emergency response team you are working with
  • Evaluate your experience with the family doctor
  • Evaluate your last visit to a hospital
  • Evaluate patient satisfaction with care and amenities in your clinic
  • Evaluate a public health awareness campaign
  • Evaluate health data management tools in your clinic
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of post-operative cancer treatments
  • Evaluate the efficiency of rehabilitation therapies used at your clinic

Miscellaneous Evaluation Argument Essay Topics

Still, having a balanced view doesn't mean you should discuss the issue absolutely dispassionately. You are entitled to your opinion and allowed to take sides in the evaluation – as long as you are honest about your motives for the judgment expressed. Here are some topics for an evaluation argument essay to practice a fair discussion.

  • Education evaluation: girls make better students than boys
  • Critical assessment of Mark Twain's "The Damned Human Race"
  • How much anonymity does network latency leak?
  • Evaluation of gardening as a hobby
  • Individual and group therapy, do you know the difference? an evaluation paper
  • Restaurant evaluation
  • Evaluate a team you work in. Is it effective? Why or why not?
  • Evaluate a local McDonald's restaurant. Do you think customers should continue to frequent it?
  • Evaluate the use of technology in your classroom. Is it beneficial? Why or why not?
  • Evaluate your experience with Microsoft and Apple. Which one do you prefer? Why?
  • Long-distance therapy: promising treatment methods for today and the future
  • Evaluate the college campuses you have visited. Do you think campus visits are important for making your application choice?
  • Evaluate and compare the political system of the USA and any other country of your choice. Which one do you believe to be more effective?
  • Evaluate the real estate market in your city. How does it compare to other areas?
  • Evaluate a place of sports in your life. Does it promote socialization?
  • Evaluate your relationship with your extended family. Do you believe it's vital to maintain kinship ties beyond one's nuclear family?
  • Is it better to be a single child or have siblings? Evaluate your experience growing up to back up your argument.
  • Evaluate a practice or feature adopted by your culture from another ethnic group. Would you consider it an appropriation, cultural exchange, or assimilation? Why?

Business and Management Topics for Evaluation Essays

With subject matter this vast, the proposed topics for evaluation essay range from a business analysis for top executives to a personal experience with a brand as a customer. The latter is a great opportunity to analyze your relationship with the products and services you consume and become more conscious of your choices.

  • Evaluate Barclays brand positioning
  • Ethical issues in performance evaluation
  • Business opportunity evaluation
  • Processes and evaluations in employment relations
  • Evaluation of Barnes and Noble
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Annual performance evaluation
  • Comparison and evaluation of business models (CQout and Amazon)
  • Abercrombie & Fitch marketing strategy evaluation
  • Dior brand analysis and evaluation
  • Evaluate a local business (marketing, customer experience, payment, delivery, etc.)
  • Evaluate a brand of food concentrates and its marketing strategy
  • Evaluate a new business idea
  • Evaluate a motivation system in your company
  • Evaluate market opportunities for a new product
  • Evaluate different fundraising strategies for a startup
  • Evaluate a rebranding/pivoting that a known brand has performed

Evaluation Essay Ideas on Art and Culture

Art and culture are among the most popular essay topics . They are very accessible and usually elicit a strong emotional response from people. As such, you may consider them to be relatively easy evaluation essay topics. However, don't forget that for a good evaluation, you should maintain impartiality and present both strengths and weaknesses of the artifact you are analyzing.

  • Evaluate a heritage fashion project
  • Evaluate a classical music concert
  • Evaluate a concert of your school performers
  • Evaluate a movie adaptation of a classic book
  • Evaluate a charity project
  • Evaluate a movie based on actual events
  • Evaluate a famous song and its cultural significance
  • Evaluate a music creator and its influence on the industry
  • Evaluate a style of music as a cultural phenomenon
  • Evaluate and critique "The Complete Green Letters" by Miles J. Stanford
  • A Television Show Evaluation
  • Evaluate a documentary on environmental issues
  • Evaluate a war memorial
  • Evaluate a local museum
  • Evaluate a book that was banned at any point in history
  • Evaluate modern art exhibition you have attended
  • Evaluate a VR tour or other distance experience by an art gallery, museum, or cultural center

Society and Politics Essay Evaluation Topics

The best practice for any subject area is to complete your evaluation essay topics with criteria for the analysis. However, it is absolutely vital for serious matters such as policymaking, government, social issues, and public service. The scope of these issues presents another challenge. Therefore, to make a paper manageable and reduce the time you will need for research, establish several points of interest that you would focus on within the topic. Only then, start looking for the supporting evidence to ground your point of view.

  • Evaluation of policymaking process in the United States
  • Evaluation of "Freedom From Fear" campaign against domestic violence
  • Process evaluations vs. outcome evaluations
  • Ethical, legal, and social issues in employee evaluation
  • The Australian AIDS programs in Papua New Guinea
  • Exclusionary rule evaluation
  • Evaluation essay on Jimmy Carter speech "Energy and the National Goals" delivered July 15, 1979
  • Evaluating the two models for less developed countries
  • Critical evaluation of an article "A Nation In Need of Vacation "
  • Evaluation of the article "Taking Preferences Seriously: A Liberal Theory of International Politics" by Andrew Moravcsik
  • Evaluate multiculturalism as a social policy: what are their benefits and risks?
  • Westernization as a cultural and political phenomenon
  • Evaluate a local non-profit organization
  • Evaluate local news outlet
  • Evaluate the civil service system in your area
  • Evaluate a social awareness campaign that targeted your demographic. Was it successful, in your opinion?
  • Evaluate how environmental issues are addressed on a local level in your area

Technology Evaluation Paper Ideas

The last example of evaluation essay topics on this list is dedicated to such a ubiquitous thing as technology. We have striven to cover a wide range of competency levels – from a layman user to a data architect.

  • Evaluation of a website using Nielsen's Heuristics
  • Evaluating information systems within Fastrek Plc
  • Assessment of local estate agent management system
  • Space research in the United States of America in the 1960s
  • Evaluation of laptops vs. desktop computers
  • Critical evaluation essay: on technology, language, and writing
  • Evaluation of consumer electronics
  • Usability testing, field studies, and analytical evaluation of a tech product
  • Evaluate ethical issues in technology
  • Evaluate your current laptop or computer
  • Evaluate a social media platform of your choice (UX, attractive features, issues, etc.)
  • Evaluate and compare two video games of the same genre
  • Evaluate a word processor of your choice
  • Evaluate a code created by your classmate or colleague
  • Evaluate a graphic editor tool
  • Evaluate a collaboration tool you and your classmates have been using
  • Evaluate a videoconference software

If the topic you find attractive isn't attached to a sample, don't get upset. We have plenty more free essays on any of the issues presented above and more. Look up the subjects in our catalog or search the topics by keywords – and don't forget that you can order your unique personalized sample from our expert writers. We also encourage you to check out our library of free resources, writing tools, guides, tips, and student news. Stay informed and love writing!

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Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart came to WOWESSAYS™ with a mission to put together and then slice and dice our vast practical experience in crafting all kinds of academic papers. Jana is an aspired blogger with rich expertise in psychology, digital learning tools, and creative writing. In this blog, she willingly shares tricks of pencraft and mind-altering ideas about academic writing any student will find utterly beneficial.

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Evaluation Essay

Barbara P

Evaluation Essay - Definition, Examples, and Writing Tips

Published on: Jan 12, 2020

Last updated on: Dec 19, 2022

Evaluation Essay

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In this blog, you will learn about the evaluation essay definition, topics, writing tips, and a lot more. Continue reading to get a better idea.

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What is an Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation essay is a type of writing in which the writer offers a value judgment about a specific topic. It is a composition that presents an overall view of a particular subject’s quality. Moreover, it provides a critical analysis and a complete evaluation of something.

The main purpose of an evaluation essay is to evaluate a topic and present an opinion about it critically. It also determines the condition, worth, or significance by careful appraisal and study.

This essay features the writer’s opinion, but if done correctly, it does not sound opinionated. Instead, it provides the facts and evidence to justify the opinions about the essay’s subject.

To write a good evaluation essay, you need to master critical evaluation and present the evaluation in an unbiased manner.

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Evaluation Essay Structure

The following are the four different ways to format and organize the evaluation essay.

1. Chronological Structure

It is the sequential organization that could be used for evaluating historical or current events. It tells how something works and assesses the effectiveness of a mechanism, procedure, or process.

2. Spatial Structure

The spatial organization structure is used for evaluating or describing art or architecture. Here, you will define one element of the artifact and move spatially to the next.

3. Compare and Contrast Structure

The compare and contrast structure is used to evaluate or review the culinary or music genre. Here the writer evaluates a subject by comprising and contrasting it with the known subject.

4. Point-by-Point Structure

The point-by-point structure is also used for culinary and music reviews. In this structure, you describe one element and then evaluate it, describe the second element and evaluate it, and so on.

How to Start an Evaluation Essay?

When you start writing an evaluation essay, you need to make sure that you grab the reader’s attention. For this, hook the reader from the beginning until the end to ensure that your essay’s opening is compelling and attention-grabbing.

Below given are a few steps that you should follow to start your evaluation essay:

  • The first step is to decide the topic of the essay. Choose a compelling and interesting topic that makes your reader want to read the essay.
  • After that, decide on the structure that you want to follow. It can be a chronological or point-by-point structure.
  • Properly introduce your subject.
  • Collect some background information to understand your subject.
  • Consider the criteria that you need to make your judgment.
  • Provide the basis of your chosen criteria.
  • Choose an interesting statement at the start of your essay to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Develop the  thesis statement  that revolves around your judgment.
  • Collect evidence to support your thesis.
  • Establish your point of view.

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How to Write an Evaluation Essay?

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to write an evaluation essay.

1. Choose the Topic

Deciding the topic of your essay is important. Make sure it's not just compelling and interesting but also informative so that you can find enough material on this subject for an entire essay.

2. Create an Evaluation Essay Outline

Professional writers always suggest that you should draft an evaluation essay outline before formally writing it. It helps in the writing process and keeps the content in a logical flow. Also, editing an outline is way much simpler than editing the entire essay.

When you create an essay outline, evaluate what should be added and removed. But if you do not follow this step and start writing the essay directly, you will have to do more work. It may include editing and revising the whole writing piece, which is more complicated than editing the outline.

A typical evaluation essay outline consists of the following sections.

  • Write the Introduction

The introduction is the first impression your readers will have of you, so it's crucial to make a good one. It should capture attention and excite readers, drawing them into what you have to say about this topic.

The following are the elements that you should consider while writing the introduction:

  • Start with an interesting hook statement so that you can get the reader’s attention.
  • Provide background information about the topic for the reader to understand the subject.
  • Establish the evaluation essay thesis statement. It sets out the overall purpose of the evaluation, so make sure it is apparent and to the point.
  • Draft the Body Section

The body of the essay consists of three paragraphs. Each paragraph holds different ideas related to one another and flows smoothly from start to finish, just like how a good story should be told.

Here are the important points that must include in the body paragraphs.

  • Start with the  topic sentence  that presents your judgment about the topic.
  • Present the supporting evidence to back up the topic sentence and your viewpoint.
  • Present the balanced argument to show impartiality.
  • Compare and contrast the subject to another subject to show the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Present the evaluation from many different perspectives while being both positive and critical.
  • Write the Conclusion

It is the final chance to convince your reader to agree with your point of view. Here, you are supposed to summarize and conclude the essay. Moreover, in this section, you present your final evaluation while concluding the overall evaluation. Keep in mind the following aspects while writing a closing paragraph of an evaluation essay.

  • Summarize the points and arguments that you made in the body section.
  • Justify your thesis statement.
  • Provide a concrete and secure conclusion to your argument by ultimately leaving the reader convinced by your evaluation.

3. Proofread, Revise, and Edit

After writing the essay, the final step is proofreading and editing. Thus, spend enough time reading your essay carefully. It will help you catch the unintentional mistakes you have made and recover them. If needed, revise your draft two to three times so that no error remains left.

Evaluation Essay Examples

Evaluation can be written on any topic, i.e., book, movie, music, etc. Below we have given some examples of an evaluation essay to provide you with a clear idea.

Evaluation Essay on a Movie - Example

Employee Self-Evaluation Essay - Example

Evaluation Essay Topics

For writing an amazing evaluation essay, the first thing that you need is an essay topic. Here are some amazing topic ideas that you can use for writing your essay. You can use them as it is or can mold it according to your preference.

  • Carefully compare and evaluate public schools and private schools.
  • Evaluate the online teaching and on-campus teaching styles.
  • Analyze and evaluate the Real Madrid football team and their performance.
  • Evaluate the smartphone or the computer you are using right now.
  • Compare and evaluate recorded music and live performance.
  • Evaluate how a university's football team impacts students' personalities.
  • Critically evaluate a remake of an original movie you have watched recently.
  • Analyze how the roles of females and males changed in recent romantic movies.
  • Evaluate your favorite restaurant, its food, aroma, and everything.
  • Compare and evaluate online friendships and traditional friendships.

After reading the step-by-step guide and examples, you must have learned the art of writing a good evaluation essay. But writing a perfect essay is not that simple; you need a lot of practice and experience to become a good writer. That is why we are here to help you write any type of academic essay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. what are the four components of an evaluation essay.

The four components of an evaluation essay are:

  • Introduction
  • Background information

2. What are the 4 types of evaluation?

The four types of evaluation are:

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Top Evaluation Essay Topics for Every Student

Evaluation papers impart judgments or specific views on different subjects. While writing one, you frame an argument, analyze it well, and use appropriate evidence to confirm it. In order to create a compelling essay, you must be familiar with various evaluation essay topics . Otherwise, you cannot develop your thesis statement.

The topic you choose must be relevant, meaningful, and significant. But for college students, it is often a difficult task to discover such topics. Don’t worry, we have written this piece to solve this problem of yours. Here, you will find the most compelling issues that will cover a variety of domains.

Table of Contents

What Is An Evaluative Essay ?

The primary aim of such an essay is to put forward an opinion on a body of work. While creating them, you must give a summary of the article you have been reading. After that, you should use a properly structured argument to offer a point. It’s essential to support this view with ample examples and evidence. Evaluation in writing is similar to persuasive essays . The difference lies in the fact that evaluative content shows a more balanced viewpoint.

A well-structured essay consists of the following elements.

  • Introduction – It’s an opening section with a small overview of your subject. Here, you must write the thesis line and how you will be assessing the topic in question.
  • Body – This essay includes at least five body sections. Each paragraph presents a specific point and has evidence to justify it.
  • Conclusion – This is the final paragraph. It summarizes the major points from the start to the end and restates the thesis line at the end.

Now you know how to write evaluation papers. Still, without good topics, you cannot prepare a compelling piece. They are listed in the succeeding parts below.

Effective Evaluation Essay Topics for College Students

You cannot find what you are really interested in writing till you analyze various subjects. That’s why here’s a list of the best topics from multiple categories.

Topics in the sports domain

The sports theme carries numerous subjects that you can evaluate. Find inspiration from these ideas.

  • Analyze the Rugby World Cup of the recent year.
  • How do the sports teams in colleges influence the personality traits of individuals?
  • Consider any one open area and evaluate it as a place for sporting events.
  • Discuss the techniques coaches use to train players in college.
  • Is there a link between performance in sports and academic success?
  • Analyze gender-based distinctions in college sports.

Discuss if there’s a connection between self-esteem and participation in

  • Sports and games.
  • Evaluate the parameters of Olympic sports.
  • How does toxic masculinity influences team sports activities?

Evaluative essay research topics on media and films

There are many subjects in the media domain you can study. You can analyze any theme from the ones here.

  • Assess a classic movie and discuss what it says about gender-based roles of that period.
  • Undertake a comparison of the latest movie of a genre with a classic one of the same genre.
  • Discuss a thriller film and evaluate the reasons for its wide appeal.
  • Assess a historical film for the way it puts forward history.
  • Evaluate a classic musical and argue about its popularity or unpopularity.
  • Assess a sequel and give your views on whether it replays the first film or brings something new.
  • Analyze the work of movie composers and how they adapt to various films.
  • Study the special effects in some latest movies and tell what makes them so good.

Evaluation essay topics regarding restaurant and food

There are various interesting topics about this subject. You can explore your interests and choose any one of the following areas.

  • Undertake a comparison of Mc. Donalds to a recently opened restaurant chain.
  • How is food priced in a café?
  • Is readymade food in supermarkets a feasible alternative to the junk food offered in restaurants?
  • What makes a restaurant meal great?
  • What makes up for great customer service at a restaurant?
  • The major differences between home-cooked food and that cooking at a fast-food restaurant.
  • Is there any difference between when the pizza is fresh and when it is delivered to you?
  • Does eating desserts at a high-end restaurant really worth it?
  • What accounts for the increase in the popularity of coffee houses?
  • Evaluate your favorite meal at a restaurant and discuss what makes it unique.

Topics related to technology

Technology is constantly evolving. So, you can create content that helps your teacher assess your evaluation and writing . Use any of these themes related to technology.

  • Assess the utility of a smartwatch.
  • Evaluate the present version of your smartphone and find why it is more efficient than the previous version.
  • Undertake an evaluation of apps similar in nature. Then write about the features that are most helpful.
  • Analyze the features that can make a specific gadget, such as a tablet or laptop, good.
  • Discuss the various phone plans in your locality and determine the one that is the best.
  • Evaluate the manner in which social media channels have impacted families.
  • Write your views about the trends in 3D films and the way they improve the movie experience.
  • Analyze the significance of gaming in the lives of students.
  • Discuss the ways different generations are utilizing technology.

Evaluation essay topics in the field of education

The American education system has changed a lot over the recent decades. Here are some thought-provoking themes in this sphere.

  • The rapid rise in mental health issues among children and how they affect their performance.
  • How does verbal praise boost motivation among students?
  • What are the drawbacks of the American secondary education system?
  • Can children with disabilities benefit from today’s education system?
  • What are the best techniques to deal with children who display problematic behavior?
  • Are U.S schools fully inclusive? If not, what are the strategies worth implementing?
  • Are year-round schools really effective?
  • Are American schools addressing bullying in an effective manner?
  • Analyze the effectiveness of software that teaches students something. Is it better than textbook learning?

Essay research topics related to art

If you are interested in the domain of art, there is plenty of things to analyze. For example, you can examine various artworks or art movements. You can also formulate your critique of a specific art piece. Here are some areas worth mentioning in this domain.

  • What impact has surrealism left on today’s society?
  • How is technology influencing modern art?
  • Discuss the role of social media as a medium to express one’s art.
  • Goya’s Black Paintings has an interesting color scheme. You can evaluate it as part of your paper.
  • What is the influence of Realism on today’s society?
  • Critically discuss the representation of females in the painting, The Birth of Venus.
  • Is it correct to consider photography as an art form?
  • How have Romantic images depicted nature?
  • What are some things that make Renaissance paintings stand out?

Topics related to science

Scientific inventions and discoveries are constantly changing the world around us. You can take up any recent scientific breakthrough and examine it from various angles. Here are some evaluation argument essay topics for you to gain inspiration from.

  • Discuss the dangerous side of taking too many painkillers.
  • The revolutionizing impact of electricity in modern society.
  • How does nuclear energy impact our environment?
  • How has Newton’s laws of motion impacted the scientific world?
  • Discuss the ethical methods of animal testing.
  • How did Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest challenge the prevailing beliefs in society?
  • What is the role of microscopes in the field of medicine today?
  • Critically assess the role of Einstein’s theory of relativity on Modern Physics.
  • What problems did the early internet has to face?
  • Was Egyptian papyrus paper an appropriate medium for writing?

Literature essay topics 

Literature topics make up for a thought-provoking paper. You can choose to assess a poem or a short story critically. Alternatively, you can also analyze the speech patterns of your favorite character. Take a cue from the topics below.

  • How does the setting of the novel Frankenstein positively contributes to the story?
  • Critically discuss the storyline of All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury.
  • Examine the main protagonists in The Maze Runner and Divergent.
  • The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway had very interesting dialogues. You can analyze them in your paper.
  • Analyze the role that the setting plays in the City of Beasts by Isabel Allende.
  • Discuss the manner in which Don Quixote warps reality.
  • Write about the interactions that take place in Pride and Prejudice between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth.
  • Study how aesthetics is treated in The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  • Explore the conflicts taking place in the Tempest by Shakespeare .
  • Write your views about the character formation of the narrator in the Invisible Man.
  • Explore the issue of war in Mr. Dalloway of Virginia Woolf deeply.
  • Critique the usage of dialogue in The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.

Simple essay topics

There are many simple yet interesting topics that help you compose a great essay. With them, it will not feel difficult to create a great evaluation essay example and present it to your teacher.

  • Why should humans actively engage in using technology?
  • What is the right age for introducing children to technology?
  • Is it right to legalize marijuana?
  • Is it correct to consume pills to suppress appetite?
  • What is the right age at which children can be permitted to watch violent movies?
  • Assess the popularity of pop vs. rock music .
  • What are some similar characteristics of the first and second world wars?
  • What is stopping the third world war?
  • Examine some of the best strategies to reduce violence among teenagers.
  • How does social media influence people?
  • Assess the disadvantages of technology in the daily life of people.
  • Is a gap year essential for students? Examine the drawbacks of a gap year.

Essay research topics about famous people

Many students new to college need to write papers about famous people. You can use these ideas and write a great essay.

  • Evaluate the impact of your grandmother on your life.
  • Assess the influence of your role model on society.
  • Discuss the legacy of Martin Luther King .
  • How has Bill Gates changed society?
  • How does Oprah Winfrey impact the thinking of young black females?
  • Analyze Joe Rogan and his impact on media.
  • What are the advantages of Lewis C.K. coming back to comedy?
  • Analyze the role of Trevor Noah as the host of The Daily Show.

Topics about religion

Evaluation argument essay topics on religion are quite interesting. You can get inspired by any of the following ideas.

  • What is the impact of Muhammad on the modern world of the present?
  • Discuss the impact of Hinduism on Indian culture.
  • What are the merits of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the 21st century?
  • Has religion declined in the past five decades in the west?
  • Does science make religion seem illogical to people?
  • Give your view about whether religion has had a positive or negative impact on human life.
  • Discuss if Islamophobia is increasing rapidly in western countries.

Tips to Choose the Best Essay Research Topics

Now you know about the range of different topics related to different genres. However, you can only create a good paper when you pick the right subject as per your interests. Here are some effective techniques that’ll guide you in your search.

Research deeply

Your topic selection should begin with deep research on the areas you find interesting. It’s because you can only get inspired by those areas in which you feel genuinely passionate. It will also make the task of writing a lengthy essay easier. Suppose you want to present your paper to a specific audience. In that case, it’s best to find their interests and choose a relevant topic.

Use only authentic information sources

It’s never a sound idea to start writing from the first website you see on a search engine. Make your paper rich by using data from sources such as books, articles, and scientific publications. Ensure that all the sources you choose are fully up-to-date. Ideally, they shouldn’t be older than ten years.

Do not choose a too broad or narrow topic

Many students make the mistake of choosing a very broad topic. It has a lot of research material. So, covering every aspect becomes nearly impossible. Similarly, if you choose a narrow topic, you won’t find enough material to frame your views. So, always find a theme that lies in the middle and is simple to comprehend.

A good topic is a key to creating a successful paper . Use this piece as a guide whenever you are looking for evaluation essay topics . You can also use the aid of professional writers from an assignment help service to complete your essay.

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160 Evaluation Essay Topics

If your instructor has asked you to write an essay that presents an opinion or viewpoint on a particular subject, it is an evaluation essay.

This type of essay can be written on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • A body of work
  • A piece of technology
  • A recent event

To write an effective evaluation essay, you must first understand what your position is on the topic. For example, if your chosen topic is a restaurant, you might write evaluate the following:

  • What do you think about the food? Is it delicious or bland?
  • Do they have friendly waiters and efficient service?
  • Where does the restaurant need improvement?

It is important to remember that you need to back up your opinions with examples. However, remember that while an evaluation essay can feature an opinion, it should not be opinionated. This means that your anecdotes should come from objective sources rather than just your subjective experiences.

For example, if you are describing a restaurant’s customer service, it would be helpful to find examples from reviews on the restaurant’s website. This way, there is a consensus among those who have been to the restaurant instead of just one person’s experience.

In addition to backing up your opinion with examples, you must use language that supports your viewpoint or opinion.

In other words, instead of saying, “I think the restaurant needs improvement,” try saying, “The restaurant lacks in customer service because the staff is not trained to handle a variety of customers.” This way, you sound more professional, and your opinion is not so readily apparent.

The Three Fundamentals of an Evaluation Essay

Every evaluation essay will require three key aspects to prove your point and give it value.

In an evaluation essay, it is essential to lay out the criteria used for the evaluation. These criteria will make up the bulk of your evaluation essay and should be well researched.

Criteria can come from two major categories, quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative criteria are objective measurements such as the number of tables in a restaurant or the length of time it takes to deliver an item.

Qualitative criteria are subjective and based on the evaluator’s opinions – for example, the decor in a restaurant or customer service.

After establishing the criteria, you need to determine and judge whether or not these criteria have been met. This can be done by writing a judgment statement.

For example, if your evaluation essay is about an ice cream shop, one of your key criteria might be the taste of their creations. You would then go on to judge whether or not the flavors and combinations taste good and match what you anticipated.

Now that you have set the criteria for analysis and the judgment of the experience, it’s time to present the evidence. The evidence can be presented in two ways – through statistics or anecdotes.

For example, if you are evaluating a restaurant that has been established for years, then it would make sense to present the statistical data that proves they have stood the test of time.

If your evaluation essay is about how cold an ice cream shop was when you visited in July, then you would present the evidence through your personal anecdote.

How to Write an Evaluation Essay

Evaluation essays are relatively straightforward to write if you follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Identify the criteria for evaluation. Determine what factors of the subject matter will be used to judge success or failure.
  • Step 2: State the criteria. Make sure your audience knows what factors will be used to judge whether or not the evaluation has been successful.
  • Step 3: Judge if the criteria have been met. Determine if you feel that these standards have been met based on the evidence.
  • Step 4: Present the evidence. Use quantitative or qualitative research to present proof that your judgment has been met.
  • Step 5: The last step is to summarize what you have evaluated, including whether or not you would recommend others experience it for themselves.

Following these steps will ensure that students can write an evaluation essay that resonates with their audience and gets their point across. If you are having trouble coming up with a topic to evaluate, check out the following list of 160 evaluation essay topics suitable for students at any level of education.

Evaluation Essay Topics About Sports

  • Evaluate the performance of a particular sports team and its prospects in the future.
  • Evaluate a sport and compare it to another sport. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?
  • Evaluate an athlete’s performance in a major competition and their overall career/statistics (ex: Serena Williams at Wimbledon).
  • Evaluate the division of sports in your country and its division of genders, age groups, etc.
  • Evaluate different levels of play (ex: high school, college, professional) and the differences you’ve noticed between them.
  • What is the most incredible sporting event that you have attended?
  • Evaluate the rules of a sport compared to another sport with different rules. Do you think that they are fair? Why or why not?
  • Evaluate the impact of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs on sports. What are the effects of their usage?
  • Evaluate whether or not you think that gambling should be allowed in the sport you choose and its impact on team success.
  • Evaluate an athlete’s performance in a major international competition and their overall career/statistics (ex: Usain Bolt at the London Olympics).
  • Evaluate the most important sports story of the year and how it affected the industry as a whole.
  • Evaluate whether or not you think that the Olympics should provide extra support for athletes with disabilities, disorders, etc., to participate at their own level.

Evaluation Essay Topics About Movies & Television

  • Evaluate the directing of a particular movie or TV show. What are the benefits and drawbacks of it?
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of ratings for movies (i.e., G, PG, PG13, R)
  • Evaluate how much influence producers have over actors during the filming process.
  • How has modern technology affected the way we watch movies/TV?
  • Evaluate the impact of movie reviews by professional critics on sales figures. What are their overall effects?
  • What do you think the future of media will be like based on current trends?
  • Evaluate an actor’s performance in a major movie or TV show and their overall career/statistics.
  • Evaluate whether or not you feel that movies are too violent these days, considering the violence shown on screen versus what is described in books.
  • Evaluate the technologies used to make movies versus how they are shown in theaters or on TV. Which do you prefer? Why?
  • Evaluate whether or not you feel that celebrities use social media too much, considering its overall effects.
  • Evaluate whether or not you think that actors should use social media for advertising their movies.
  • Evaluate the merits of the last movie you saw.
  • Evaluate the series finale of your favorite tv show.
  • Evaluate the series premiere of a new Netflix show.
  • Evaluate the selection of Netflix compared to the selection of Hulu.
  • Evaluate the popularity of Netflix compared to the popularity of Hulu.
  • Evaluate the number of advertisements on network television vs. cable television.
  • What is your favorite movie genre, and why?
  • Provide insight into this year’s Emmy Awards.
  • Evaluate the effects of reality TV on your generation.
  • What do you think is going to be popular next year?
  • What has been the most influential movie genre in history, and why?
  • Evaluate the rumors surrounding a new film and how they affect ticket sales.
  • Evaluate something you don’t like in movies (ex: movie reboots, sequels) and why (or why not).
  • Evaluate the impact of Netflix on network television.

Evaluation Essay Topics About Food

  • Evaluate an ethnic dish of your culture vs. another culture’s dish. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?
  • How has social media influenced the restaurant industry?
  • How has modern technology affected your eating habits?
  • Evaluate the quality of the last meal you ate.
  • Evaluate the merits of eating at the dinner table vs. eating in front of the television.
  • Evaluate the last restaurant you went to.
  • Evaluate the customer service of a chain restaurant.
  • Evaluate the menu of a popular chain restaurant.
  • Evaluate whether or not you feel that restaurants are too loud these days, considering the noise levels at different times.
  • Evaluate the Paleo food diet.
  • Evaluate whether or not you think that restaurants are held to higher health standards these days, considering the cleanliness of the facilities.
  • Evaluate whether or not you think food is becoming more convenient for customers with dietary restrictions.
  • Evaluate your favorite healthy meal and why it’s your favorite meal.
  • Evaluate the prices at grocery stores and determine which one is the most affordable.
  • Evaluate the quality of different fast-food restaurants considering the price.
  • Evaluate your favorite fast-food restaurant and why you like it.
  • Evaluate how much influence food companies have over our eating habits considering children’s marketing strategies.
  • What are the best foods to eat before/during/after exercise?
  • Evaluate restaurants that use sustainable practices.
  • Evaluate grocery delivery services.
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of fast-food chains.
  • What are your thoughts on meal-kit delivery services?
  • Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of fasting for religious reasons.

Evaluation Essay Topics About Technology

  • Evaluate the benefits of different crypto wallets.
  • Evaluate the benefits of using USB drives over cloud storage.
  • Evaluate the benefits of backing up your data in the cloud versus on a hard drive.
  • Evaluate the merits of different social media platforms and which one you prefer and why (ex: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat).
  • What makes a good password?
  • What is the best app for tracking friends and family?
  • What are some benefits and drawbacks of online shopping?
  • What makes an internet troll?
  • Evaluate the merits of using an iPhone instead of an Android.
  • Evaluate the best protective cases for mobile devices.
  • Which cell phone company has the best service?
  • Which cell phone company has the worst service?
  • Is it worth it to have a desktop computer?
  • Which battery lasts the longest in a cell phone?
  • Which sustainable light solutions offer the best indoor lighting?
  • What are some disadvantages of modern technology when it comes to the environment?
  • How is social media affecting how young people communicate in person?
  • Evaluate whether or not you think that Apple products are overpriced, considering the benefits they provide.
  • Evaluate whether or not you think that package tracking apps are worth using, considering the time you will save.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of using an online calendar.
  • Which digital payment system is easiest to use?
  • What are your thoughts on QR codes?
  • Evaluate whether or not you think that people take photos too often, considering the benefits it provides.

Evaluation Essay Topics About Travel

  • Evaluate your favorite travel experience and why it’s your favorite.
  • Evaluate whether you prefer to travel alone or with the company.
  • What are some benefits and drawbacks of using ride-sharing services?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying in hotels?
  • Evaluate which form of transportation is best considering the environmental impact.
  • Which airlines offer the best deals year-round?
  • What airlines have the best prices when it comes to luggage fees?
  • What is the most comfortable airline to ride with?
  • What are the benefits of taking the bus over flying in an airplane?
  • Is train travel better than air travel when comparing cost?
  • Which country has the best food?
  • Which country has the best healthcare?
  • Evaluate the differences in electric cars in different countries.
  • Evaluate the differences between tax refunds when traveling abroad.
  • Evaluate whether you think it is worth it to join a travel club.

Evaluation Essay Topics About School

  • Evaluate what makes your favorite school lunch stand out from all the others.
  • What are some benefits and drawbacks of personalized education programs?
  • What is the biggest challenge facing education today?
  • How can we keep students from dropping out of school?
  • Is it better to learn a trade or go into higher education (college)?
  • Evaluate how teachers can incorporate technology into lessons.
  • Should schools require uniforms?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of having so many after-school activities?
  • Is it better to have music, art, or physical education classes/activities in school?
  • Should schools offer one-on-one tutoring sessions?
  • How can we keep students more engaged in school?
  • Evaluate whether or not you think that homework is worth doing.
  • Evaluate whether or not you agree with dress codes in school.
  • Evaluate how we can help students properly manage stress and mental health.
  • What are some things we can do to help student-athletes stay focused?
  • Is it worth it to have online classes?
  • What are the best ways to make our schools safe for everyone?
  • Evaluate whether or not you think it is important for students to have a study group.

Evaluation Essay Topics About Services

  • What is the best tax preparation service?
  • Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of using a handyman for home repairs.
  • Is it better to use a maid service or clean the house yourself?
  • What are some advantages and disadvantages of hiring a lawn care service?
  • Should we have delivery services for groceries?
  • Do you think that there should be a fee for using self-checkout lanes?
  • What are some pros and cons of home security systems?
  • Evaluate whether or not you think that it is worth using a pet-sitting service?
  • Evaluate which moving company provides the best service.
  • What are some advantages and drawbacks of hiring a pool cleaner?
  • Is it better to have a doorman or not have one at all?
  • What are some benefits and drawbacks of using a locksmith?
  • Evaluate which company provides the best customer service.
  • What is the best hotel chain?
  • Is it better to buy all furniture from one store or shop at multiple stores?
  • What are some benefits and drawbacks of using same-day delivery services?

Evaluation Essay Topics About the Environment

  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of using reusable shopping bags?
  • What is the most significant environmental problem today?
  • Is recycling worth it?
  • Evaluate how deforestation is destroying our planet?
  • Evaluate whether or not you think it is worth using a wood stove?
  • Evaluate how safe nuclear energy is for our planet.
  • What are some benefits and drawbacks of using solar panels in homes?
  • Is it better to drive a hybrid car or not have a car at all?
  • What are some benefits and drawbacks of using a water softener?
  • Evaluate how decreasing our carbon footprint can help save our planet.
  • Is it better to use an electric stove instead of a gas stove?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of recycling?
  • Do you think that it is worth it to compost your food scraps?
  • Evaluate the impact that chemtrails have.
  • How safe is fracking?

Evaluation Essay Topics About Music

  • What are some benefits and drawbacks of listening to music while studying?
  • Is it better to attend a concert or watch concerts on TV?
  • Evaluate whether or not you think that digitized music is better than records.
  • Should there be age restrictions for certain types of music?
  • What are some pros and cons of listening to music while driving?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of playing musical instruments as a hobby?
  • Evaluate whether or not you think that concerts create higher ticket prices.
  • Should music be censored?
  • What are some benefits and drawbacks of making music at home?
  • Is it better to listen to music before studying or not listen to it at all?

These are just some of many evaluation essay topics. The key to writing one successfully is being able to take an objective and unbiased perspective to give an accurate assessment of the topic.

You’ll want to start with a thesis statement and keep in mind that it should be specific, concise, and straightforward. Be sure to support your thesis with evidence from various sources such as surveys, statistics, interviews, websites, case studies, or experiments.

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evaluation essay topic ideas

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List of 100 Evaluation Essay Topics – Most Exciting Ideas


What is an evaluation essay? It is a type of essay that provides judgments when justifying an evaluation essay topics. Do you know how to write an evaluation essay? Before you start writing your essay, you must learn about the evaluation essay outline. If you are having a hard time learning how to start an evaluation essay then you can always refer to a free evaluation essay. Here are 100 evaluation essay topics from our thesis writers that you can choose from.

Film Evaluation Essay

  • Make an evaluation of the difference between recorded songs and live performances. What can you say about the quality of the sound?
  • Watch and examine a historical movie. Determine if the events were properly portrayed.
  • Watch a movie and analyze its ending. Do you think it was a proper ending?
  • Evaluate a movie that is based on a book. Was the adaptation more similar to the original?
  • Watch a remake of an original movie and evaluate if there were a lot of changes. Was there a change in the plot of the story? Which one is better, the original or the remake?
  • Watch a few movies which have the same director. Do you think they are similar or different? Can you spot the same strategies that the director used in those movies?

Technology Topics for Evaluation Essay

  • Evaluate your favorite headphones. Is it an excellent product?
  • Make an evaluation of similar apps, for instance, on several photo editing apps. Which of them is the best?
  • What are the best features that you should look for when choosing an app? Is it easy to use?
  • Is it practical to buy a smartwatch?
  • Examine the latest models of laptops, desktops, and tablets.
  • What are the features that you are looking for when buying a smartphone? Are they worth buying?
  • Compare different types of phone plans and evaluate which plan suits your needs?
  • Analyze the latest strategies used in 3D movies. Do you think moviegoers would love having this experience?
  • Compare your experience in watching a movie in different devices such as television, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Do you prefer to watch a movie in a theater rather than on a device?

Evaluation Essay Topics List for Students

  • Analyze the effects of social media on families. Does it have good or bad effects on families?
  • Make an evaluation of the different methods of transferring data from a smartphone to a computer. Which of these methods is the easiest and the most effective?
  • Examine the different social media sites. Which of these interests you the most?
  • What makes social media appealing? What are its best features?
  • Compare your experience between using traditional textbooks and digital textbooks. Which one makes you more comfortable?
  • Compare your gaming experience on different devices. Which of these devices can give you the best gaming experience?
  • Compare the features and performance of the latest and previous versions of your favorite smartphone.

Critical Evaluation Essay on Sports

  • Compare your experience between watching a live game and watching it on television?
  • Make an evaluation of the fans that are watching the game. Can their actions distract or improve the game?
  • Evaluate the performance of the players. Which of them performs the best or the worst?
  • Assess your experience of watching a game by yourself and with your friends. Which would you prefer?
  • What can you say about the foods that are sold at the sports venue? What are the most typical foods that are sold there?
  • Assess the current star of the game. Can his performance affect the whole team?
  • Evaluate the coach of your favorite sports team.
  • Make an evaluation of the sports program for kids that are offered in your community.
  • Review the different types of gymnastics programs.

Evaluation Paper Ideas About Sports

  • Assess your experience between watching your favorite sport on TV and playing the sport itself.
  • Compare the difference between women’s basketball and men’s basketball.
  • Evaluate your experience in running a marathon.
  • Examine why a lot of people are interested in participating in a triathlon.
  • Make an analysis of tennis. What are the latest tennis tournaments?
  • What is the difference between sideline cheerleading and competitive cheerleading?
  • Which do you prefer, watching an individual sports game or watching a team sports game?
  • Make an evaluation of golf. Why do a lot of people would like to watch this sport?
  • What is the significance of scholarships to college athletes?
  • Evaluate the impact of ESPN on sports.
  • Make an evaluation of the latest Olympics.

Good Evaluation Essay Topics

  • A good restaurant evaluation essay would be about your favorite restaurant. What do you like about this restaurant?
  • When choosing a restaurant, which is more important, the food or the prices?
  • Analyze your favorite coffee house. Why do you keep on coming back to this place? Do you like the quality of their coffee?
  • Assess the latest cosmetic products that you bought. Do you like these products too much that you want to use them more often? What do you think are its pros and cons?
  • Examine the difference between traditional relationships and online relationships. How did they differ from each other?
  • Make an analysis of the latest romantic movie that you have seen. Was the portrayal of the characters effective?
  • Evaluate the performance of your favorite sports team? Did they commit any mistakes? Are you satisfied with the way they play their games?
  • Analyze the supermarket that you usually visit. Are they offering different varieties of products? Do you like the service that they provide to their customers?

Easy Evaluation Essay Topics on Education

  • How can mental health issues affect the performance of students in school?
  • Evaluate the different types of teaching methods used in schools.
  • Make an evaluation of the evolution of the American education system.
  • What are the best education services that should be provided to students who are having difficulties in learning?
  • Can the living conditions of students affect their learning abilities?

Speech Evaluation Essay

  • What is the difference between American and European education?
  • What are the best strategies for solving problematic behavior in students?
  • How can teachers meet the needs of their students?
  • Assess the facilities that are needed for students with disabilities.

Evaluation Essay Ideas About Food and Restaurants

  • What is the performance of your favorite restaurant when it comes to customer satisfaction?
  • Make a comparison between McDonald’s and KFC.
  • What is the difference between fast food and ready-made food sold in supermarkets?
  • Make a comparison of the different coffee shops.
  • Compare American food and Indian food.
  • Make an evaluation of the different Chinese restaurants.
  • Which restaurants are offering your favorite food?

Evaluation Paper Topics on Performance

  • How modern romance is depicted in the latest romantic movie?
  • Compare the difference between a classic romantic movie and a modern romantic movie.
  • Observe a war movie and determine if this can help in solving the current issues of war and peace.
  • Assess an action movie or an adventure movie and determine why it works well with the audience.
  • How a historical film effectively teaches history through its plot?
  • What makes a classic musical popular or unpopular?
  • Assess a foreign movie and how it effectively depicts the culture of that country.
  • What can you say about the sequel of a movie? Is it just the same as the original?

Evaluation Argument Essay Topics

  • Make an evaluation of the remake of a classic film. Was there an improvement on the original version?
  • Compare the difference between an animated version and the real-life version of a movie. Which one is better?
  • Assess a dramatic movie. Was it effective or ineffective in portraying the situation?
  • Compare the movie based on actual events with real history.
  • Make an evaluation of the performance of the actors and actresses in films. Are they effective in portraying their characters?
  • Assess the works of a composer for films? Can they easily adapt to different types of films?
  • Examine the different works of a director.
  • Make an assessment of several children’s films. What are the lessons that it teaches to the children?
  • Make a comparison of the artist’s performance on his various concerts.
  • Compare your experience of attending a big concert and a small intimate concert.

Evaluation Essay on Movies

  • What can you say about the special effects used in several films? Do you think they are effective enough?
  • What is the impact of films rated G or PG?
  • Compare two different versions of music. Which one is the best?

Evaluation Argument Essay

  • Make an analysis of an advertisement.
  • Compare the different versions of Health Care Reform.
  • Assess the different issues that most business firms face.
  • What are the impacts of using self-driving cars?
  • Analyze the importance of accurate weather forecasts.
  • Evaluate the services offered at your gym.
  • What can you say about the facilities in your local swimming pool?
  • Make an analysis of the favorite video game.
  • What is your evaluation of bomb-sniffing bees?
  • Do you think ad slogans are effective in enticing customers?
  • How can we stop street gangs?
  • Does gaming have any health benefits?

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Essay Assignment Writing Tips for Students of MBA, Masters, PhD Level

120+ Unique Evaluation Essay Topics and Ideas for College Students

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Are you a college student? Are you under the pressure of your evaluation essay assignment papers? This blog will discuss some unique evaluation essay topics and ideas for college students. A successful evaluation essay should have an introduction that outlines the criteria to be evaluated and the conclusions you intend to make. Additionally, the introduction should provide a thesis statement that states the overall opinion of the subject being evaluated.

Evaluation Essay Topics

What is Evaluation Essay?

The purpose of any evaluation essay is to present any opinion or viewpoint on a particular subject or body. It needs to provide an article summary by using a well-structured argument. You need to present your own viewpoint supported by evidence and examples.

How to Write an Evaluation Essay? Step-By-Step Guide

  • Select your topic: As in any essay, choosing a good topic is the very first step in writing an evaluation essay. Your college professor will often give you an evaluation essay topic. Sometimes, you are given the freedom to choose the essay topic on your own. In the latter case, you are always advised to choose a topic that you are already familiar with. It would help if you did an in-depth analysis of the subject for your judgment. Thus, it would help if you choose your subject topic on which you have good knowledge.
  • Writing a thesis statement: This is the key element in your essay, setting the real purpose for its evaluation. In your thesis, you need to state the criteria that are being used for judging the item. This part is very important in Evaluation Essay Writing work.
  • Determining the real criteria: It is used to assess the product. Here, you need to choose a number of different benchmarks for making your essay writing interesting. Your chosen criteria will vary as per what you are evaluating.
  • Looking for supporting evidence: It is always essential to remember the essay is not just your opinion. You also need to look for all the supporting clues from trustworthy sources for all your judgments.
  • Drafting an essay: First, make a draft of your essay. It would be best if you did a lot of writing at this stage. Here, you can also cancel some writing and rewrite it in a better way.
  • Reviewing, revising and rewriting your essay: After completing your first draft, you need to read over your whole work and make the necessary changes. You always need to be prepared to rewrite the essay many times to make the best of it.

How to Choose a Relevant Topic for an Evaluation Essay?

  • It needs to be relevant and interesting.
  • The subject needs to be common to the majority of your readers
  • It needs to be meaningful and creative
  • The essay topic should not be very much common but should be more interesting.

List of Best Evaluation Essay Topics & Ideas

Unique evaluation essay topics.

  • Drug abuses and remedies
  • Rehabs for alcoholics and drug addicts
  • Domestic violence
  • Child abuse at home and school
  • Loneliness in old age
  • Mental health
  • Global terrorism
  • Defence sector
  • National border protection
  • Financial risks
  • Money laundering
  • Counselling for dysfunctional families
  • Student Counselling
  • Modern education
  • Offline vs online education
  • Covid vaccination
  • Covid prevention
  • Overseas travelling

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Some commonest evaluation Essay Sports Topics

  • Performance of real Madrid
  • Rugby world cup event
  • Make your dream football team
  • Pros and cons of watching sports at home, field and in bars
  • Impact of university soccer teams on young men’ personalities
  • Ideal sporting places
  • Is Andre Agassi’s play underestimated or overestimated
  • How do the sports find to influence a player’s performance/
  • Essay on ranking American playoff system
  • How does the performance of basketball player Kevin Durant affect sports money?
  • Analyze the performances of college and university-level sports teams
  • Essay on Boston Celtics
  • Proper coaching for national-level sportsmen
  • Is tennis available for high school students in your locality?

Some common Essay Topics on Movies, Plays, and T.V. are as follows

How have the male and female roles changed modern romantic films?

  • How to show romance in modern movies
  • What is the impact of fiction films on viewers?
  • Movies on war and peace
  • Impact of television on students
  • Are the historical movies really evident in history?
  • Effects of education-based programs on the minds of the students
  • What type of movie needs to have a sequel?
  • Movies shot in a foreign nation and their importance
  • Effect of the “Harry Potter” movie on a child’s mind

Some popular evaluation Essay Topics on Technology are as follows

  • Effect of IT (Information Technology) and digital marketing in the modern society
  • Online vs offline jobs
  • Advantages and disadvantages of satellite technology
  • Evolution of computers- from desktop to tab
  • How to use technology effectively for constructive purposes?

Some evaluation essay topics colleges are as follows

  • The atmosphere and ambience of a restaurant
  • Service quality
  • Price and value
  • Entertainment
  • Design, colours, feeling
  • Waiting time
  • Cleanliness
  • Uses of smartwatch
  • Uses of iPods, apple laptops etc.
  • Features of the latest version of your smartphone
  • Is there a necessity to use various apps on a smartphone?

Essay Topics Related to Food and Restaurants

  • Nutrition and calorific value of various food items
  • Impact of vegetarian diet
  • Uses of consuming genetically modified food items
  • Negative effects of junk foods
  • Ill effects of fast food
  • Food safety
  • Obesity and food allergy
  • Food additives

Evaluative Essay Topics 2022

  • How is SAT reliable?
  • Use of online education
  • Are the news broadcasts still relevant?
  • Role of videos in digital or online marketing
  • Effect of team sports on job performances
  • Are athletic scholarships important?

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Evaluative Essay Topics 2023

  • What makes studying interesting to students?
  • Why your friendship broke up?
  • How does the loyalty of a friend matters to you?
  • Can a pet help you with an anxiety disorder?
  • What are the effective resources while studying?
  • Discuss your school performance and if you were a good student
  • How many hours do you need to sleep
  • Do you have close bonds with your family?
  • What car model is ideal for a student?
  • How can reading help you?
  • Importance and effect of reading habits in children as well as adults

Essay Topics on Health

  • Why do we need to stop food waste?
  • What man can conceive can achieve
  • Water sanitation and hygiene
  • Affordable care act suggestions
  • Impact of social media on food
  • Allopathic vs alternate medicines

Essay Topics on the Internet

  • Role of the internet in addiction
  • Effect of the internet on student lives
  • Internet’s effect on media and journalism
  • The necessity of Internet Censorship.

Essay Topics on Culture

  • Importance of cultural identity in any individual
  • Culture as a political instrument in today’s world
  • Eastern vs western culture
  • Role of culture on people with mixed originals
  • Religious views on culture

Life Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Evaluate how cell phones have changed your life
  • Explore the online relationships
  • Scrutinize online communication
  • How do parenting styles affect students?
  • Care and attention for the elderly people in a family
  • Daycare for the old people

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Art Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Evaluate the performance of your favourite band in their concert
  • Scrutinize niche music
  • Evaluate any famous artist
  • Elaborate on a famous art museum

Evaluative Essay Topics about School

  • Class education vs online education
  • Effect of modern education
  • Effect of COVID on school education
  • Free education vs paying one
  • Effect of school timings and shifts on students

Science Evaluation Essay Topics

  • The global effect of drones on modern life
  • The global effect of the internet
  • Work from home on a laptop vs office work
  • Effect of modern weapons on warfare

Evaluation Essay Topics on Literature

  • Moral message in a book
  • Educative value of books
  • Various books for different age groups
  • Entertaining value of books
  • Book with a standing test of time
  • Screen adaptations of the book
  • Merits of shifting from paper to e-books
  • Book reading vs online reading
  • Text books vs novels and storybooks

Top 10 Controversial Evaluation Essay Topics

  • The Impact of the Death Penalty on Crime
  • The Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Foods
  • The Effectiveness of Gun Control Laws
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of School Vouchers
  • The Implications of Social Networking on Privacy
  • The Impact of Spending Cuts on Public Education
  • The Effect of Foreign Aid on Developing Countries
  • The Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture
  • The Merits of Free Trade Agreements
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Education

If You Have Discovered the Topic but Still Need Some Help?

The Choice of Topic for the evaluation essay is a crucial step to start the writing. However, if you still consider starting challenging, you can get assistance from our Professional Essay writing help. Our team of Skilled and experienced writers can help you to complete an essay from scratch. Contact us for an additional query at casestudyhelp.com.

You need to carry out a lot of study and research work to write the best evaluation essay on any of the topics mentioned in the blog. Thus, it is always better for you to avail the best online evaluation essay writing service from a top provider. Casestudyhelp.com  is the number one choice for you in this regard.

Thus, join us very soon via our website.

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Louis Hill

Hi, I am Louis Hill, the author of this blog. I am a well-experienced academic writer. We’ll help make your writing shine.

Top 210+ Interesting Engineering Research Paper Topics of 2023

Top 120+ best ideas for research paper topics 2023, best economics research topics and ideas for students in 2023, top 80+ human resources research topics for 2022, 210+ fascinating entrepreneurship research paper topics.


150 Amazing Evaluation Essay Topics to Deal With

Table of Contents

Have your instructor asked you to write an evaluation essay? If yes, then you must have a good topic for essay composition. Usually, your instructors will suggest some essay ideas for you to work on. But, at times, you will be given a choice to choose the evaluation essay topic on your own. In such a situation, the list of evaluation essay topics and ideas recommended in this blog will be helpful to you. Moreover, if you want to know more about how to pick an ideal topic and write an excellent evaluation essay, then keep on reading.


What is an Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation essay is a common type of essay that will allow you to present your argumentative viewpoints on numerous topics. Mostly, this type of argumentative essay  will provide an instant judgment about an object, person, or thing.

While writing an evaluation essay, you should initially find out an argument suitable to your topic, and then present your pieces of evidence to prove your argument. If you want your readers to understand your viewpoints, then try to compose your essay as per the 5 or 7- 7-paragraph structure that includes key components such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Specifically, an evaluation essay should be crafted according to the aspects of three structural elements including criteria, judgment, and evidence.

Criteria – On what aspect you are about to evaluate your topic

Judgment – Analyze whether all the criteria are satisfied or not

Evidence – Proof to advocate your judgment.

Note that, to write a convincing evaluation essay, you should highlight all your arguments with examples rather than just discussing each and every observation.

Steps for Identifying a Good Evaluation Essay Topic

The success of your essay mostly depends on the topic you choose to write about. So, you should make sure to analyze and find a perfect topic carefully. In case, you have no idea, how to identify an ideal evaluation essay topic, then during the topic selection phase, execute the below-mentioned steps.

  • Firstly, identify the field of your interest. It can be anything related to education, science, technology, and so on.
  • Secondly, from your preferred subject, gather several evaluation essay topic ideas.
  • Thirdly, analyze all the gathered ideas and ignore the ones that do not have the scope to present a detailed evaluation.
  • Fourthly, once again refine the shortlisted ideas and from it pick one topic that you feel is right for you.
  • Finally, confirm the topic only if it meets the essay writing guidelines shared by your teacher.

After you have chosen a topic for your evaluation essay, discuss it with your instructor and get approval. Having a discussion with instructors prior to writing the essay will help you to improve the quality of your writing and score top grades.

Evaluation Essay Topic Selection Tips

Sequentially, executing the steps outlined above will help you to identify a topic. But to pick the most ideal topic, adhere to the tips that are shared below.

  • Choose a topic from the subject that you are familiar with.
  • Select a topic that is easy for you to search for and gather extensive information for evaluation.
  • Go with a topic that is informative and interesting for your target readers.
  • Give preference to the topic that has plenty of credible sources for reference.
  • Avoid choosing frequently discussed topics.
  • Pick the latest or unique evaluation essay topic.
  • Choose a topic that is not too vast and too specific. Narrow down your topic, if it is too wide.

List of the Best Evaluation Essay Topics

Here, we have compiled a list of the best evaluation essay topic ideas on different categories such as education, food, culture, film, sport, and many more. If you run short of ideas or need any original evaluation essay topic, then explore the entire list and pick a topic that is comfortable for you to present your evaluation.

Education Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Evaluate the different types of teaching methods used in schools.
  • Analyze the necessity of standardized tests.
  • Evaluate how mental health issues affect the performance of students.
  • Examine how multiple-choice tests affect students’ performance.
  • Compare and evaluate the freedom of speech on school- and college campuses.
  • Evaluate the fine arts program at a high school.
  • Analyze the impact of joining a school club.
  • Assess the facilities available in elementary schools for children with disabilities.
  • Examine the benefits of taking notes on paper.
  • Discuss whether the living conditions of students affect their learning abilities.
  • Examine how cell phones have changed your life.
  • Explore online relationships.
  • Scrutinize communications online.
  • Write a critical analysis of student lunch services at school
  • Evaluate the Relevance of Homework in Today’s Educational System.
  • Analyze the Different Leadership Styles in Student Councils.
  • Examine the Bullying Policies in High Schools.
  • Analyze the Benefits of Multilingual Education.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Arts

  • Evaluate the use of social media as an art form.
  • Discuss the impact of Realism on modern society.
  • Analyze the peculiarities of Renaissance paintings.
  • Evaluate Fernando Botero’s animal sculptures in Medellin.
  • Assess the impact of the Neo-classical movement on art.
  • Critique the role of technology in modern art.
  • Explain photography as an art form.
  • Discuss the importance of jewelry for the Aztecs.
  • Analyze the representation of nature in Romantic paintings.
  • Evaluate the influence of Surrealism and Impressionism on society.
  • Evaluate the performance of your favorite band at their last concert.
  • Scrutinize a niche music genre such as polka or folk.
  • Evaluate a famous artist.
  • Examine a famous art medium such as sculpture or oil painting.
  • Explore the impact of Renaissance art on modern culture.
  • Ponder the Symbolism in Dali’s Surrealist Paintings.
  • Discern the inspirations behind the Gothic Art Movement.
  • Probe the effect of Digital Art on Traditional Art Forms.

Science Evaluation Essay Prompts

  • Assess Galileo’s use of the first telescope.
  • Evaluate the ethical approaches to animal testing.
  • Explain the influence of Newton’s laws of motion.
  • Evaluate Nikola Tesla’s contributions to science.
  • Review the influence of Henry Ford’s assembly line on modern factories.
  • Assess the impact of penicillin discovery on the scientific community.
  • Have a closer look at Philo Taylor Farnsworth’s electronic television.
  • Examine the use of vaccines in children.
  • Evaluate the impact of coronavirus vaccination on pregnant ladies.
  • Analyze the effects of nuclear energy on the environment.
  • Development of self-driven cars.
  • Analyze the influence of genetic engineering on modern agriculture.
  • What are the impacts of robots on our lives?
  • Analyze the role of stem cells in revolutionizing medicine.

Technology Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Evaluate how different generations use technology.
  • Analyze how the development of digital technologies changes music production.
  • Examine the role of digital books in modern students’ lives and compare whether they are better than paper books.
  • Evaluate the safe surfing guidelines for children.
  • Examine two different photo editing apps and identify which one is the best.
  • Speculate on changes in socializing stimulated by the development of digital technologies.
  • Analyze the effects of Robots on society.
  • Discuss how cell phones and other technology have changed social manners.
  • Examine the recent trend in 3D movies.
  • Assess the effectiveness of using media and technology in teaching.

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Internet Evaluation Essay Ideas

  • Formulate marketing strategies to promote business on social media.
  • Assess the various approaches to using the Internet in colleges.
  • Explore the cloud system that is employed by Netflix.
  • Examine the effect of the internet on other media.
  • Analyze how the internet changed communication patterns in modern society.
  • Explore the effect of the Internet on the learning process.
  • Analyze the key characteristics of WhatsApp.
  • Assess how cloud computing is a good choice for data storage.
  • Examine the role of Facebook in the promotion of an online clothes shop.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of online advertising.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Politics

  • Assess the link between religion and politics
  • Analyze and write about politics in media.
  • Explain how politicians deal with environmental issues.
  • Have a closer look at the political decisions that have changed history.
  • When and how did the politics originate?
  • Examine the reasons why many Americans hate politics.
  • Assess how populism works.
  • Write about the world’s top political figures
  • Explore the divisions in government parties.
  • Research and write about the government and the biochip.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Literature

  • Analyze the main characters in Maze Runner and Divergent.
  • Examine the use of dialogue in ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’.
  • Review the external conflicts in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
  • Analyze the themes of Medea and Oedipus Rex.
  • Assess the theme of war in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway.
  • Review the setting of Ambrose Bierce’s Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.
  • Analyze the personality of Sherlock Holmes in ‘The Adventure of The Dancing Men’.
  • Evaluate the plot of Ray Bradbury’s All Summer in a Day.
  • Analyze Hamlet’s soliloquies in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  • Evaluate any of your favorite plays written by Shakespeare.

Culture Evaluation Essay Questions

  • Evaluate how Westernization affects global culture.
  • Have a closer look at Trendy Youth Culture
  • Analyze the influence of the stand-up genre on modern culture.
  • Trace the origins of rap.
  • Analyze the consequences of culture wars.
  • Critically evaluate the consequences of the crisis of multiculturalism.
  • How to cultivate a culture in children.
  • Evaluate the strategies for cultivating a good culture in children.
  • Write about cultural education in schools.
  • Explore the consequences of cultural shock and its reasons.

Sports Evaluation Essay Ideas

  • Evaluate the health benefits of playing tennis.
  • Examine the role of commentators in watching sports.
  • Evaluate the rules of cricket.
  • Speculate the experience of a car race spectator.
  • Review the sports available for people with disabilities.
  • Assess the several types of fans for different sports.
  • Analyze Serena Williams’s performance in the 2019 Wimbledon final.
  • Examine the conduct of a team with a new coach.
  • Assess Messi’s performance in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  • Evaluate the different types of gymnastics programs.
  • Evaluation of Brazil’s performance in FIFA World Cup 2022
  • Evaluate the use of neuro-linguistic programming to help athletes improve their results
  • Examine the physiological and psychological aspects of doping in sports
  • Analysis of the reasons why F1 does not have doping scandals like others
  • Evaluate the role of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile

Evaluation Essay Topics on Movies

  • Examine the influence of the original Star Wars trilogy on science fiction.
  • Analyze the controversy over the Triumph of the Will.
  • Evaluate how fiction films impact viewers.
  • Examine the influence of Kurosawa on the Western genre.
  • Analyze the use of music in Seven Samurai.
  • Review a historical movie and explain how the costumes and settings reflect the times.
  • Evaluate the influence of Psycho on thriller movies.
  • Discuss how a recent romantic movie portrays modern romance.
  • Analyze the use of CGI in Marvel movies.
  • Assess children’s films and determine the lessons they teach to the children.
  • Watch a remake of a classic film and assess whether many changes were made. Has the story’s storyline changed at all? Which is superior, the remake or the original?
  • Watch a handful of the same director’s films. Do you believe they vary or are they similar? Can you identify the similar techniques the filmmaker employed in the films?
  • What characteristics do you prioritize when choosing a smartphone? Do they merit purchase?
  • Compare several phone plan options and decide which one best meets your needs.
  • Examine the most recent techniques utilized in 3D movies. Do you believe moviegoers would like this activity?

A Few More Evaluation Essay Prompts on Movies

  • Compare the differences between watching a movie on a television and other other media.
  • Analyze the spectators that are attending the game. Can they disrupt the game or make it better?
  • Analyze the players’ performance. Who performs the best or worst among them?
  • Evaluate the differences between watching a game alone and with friends. Which one would you choose?
  • What do you have to say about the foods served at the sporting event? What foods are most frequently sold there?
  • How realistic animations or special effects are used in Hollywood movies?
  • Evaluate the reasons that made W. Griffith’s Civil War epic “The Birth Of a Nation (1915)” a controversial movie
  • Examine the roles played by the actors in the movie ‘Poison’ (1991)
  • Evaluate whether a nation should have a government-paid television station like BBC (UK), CBC (Canada) or similar
  • Critical evaluation of the movie “The Shawshank Redemption (1994)”.

Interesting Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Analyze the influence of veganism on human health.
  • Evaluate the impact of GMOs on food security.
  • Assess the influence of dystopian literature on society.
  • Decipher the impact of the fashion industry on body image.
  • Examine the role of quantum computing in future technology.
  • Explore the influence of music education on cognitive development.
  • Assess the role of nutrition in academic performance.
  • Evaluate the impact of Cybersecurity measures on personal privacy.
  • Assess the economic impact of the Olympic Games on host cities.
  • Analyze the power of travel review websites in trip planning.

The Bottom Line

Out of the different topic ideas suggested above, choose a topic of your choice and compose an informative evaluation essay. In case, you are unsure of how to compose an evaluation essay or need expert help with finding a good topic for your evaluation essay, then approach us immediately. In our team, we have essay helpers who are talented in providing assistance for topic selection, writing, and proofreading of all types of essays including evaluation essays. Most importantly, by getting essay help from our experts, you can complete your work on time and score an A+ grade.

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evaluation essay topic ideas

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