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1. Assidere Necesse Est : Necessities and complexities regarding teachers’ assessment practices in technology education

Author : Eva Hartell ; Inga-Britt Skogh ; Lena Gumaelius ; Richard Kimbell ; Kay Stables ; KTH ; [] Keywords : technology education ; primary education ; assessment ; classroom assessment ; formative assessment ; assessment for learning ; self-efficacy ; e-portfolio ; e-assessment ; engineering education ; STEM ; teknikundervisning ; teknikdidaktik ; formativ bedömning ; bedömning ; grundskola ; klassrumsbedömning ; bedömning för lärande ; betyg ; vurdering ; vurdering for laring ; Teknikvetenskapens lärande och kommunikation ; Education and Communication in the Technological Sciences ;

Abstract : This thesis focuses on teachers’ assessment practices in primary and lower secondary schools for technology education (Sv. Teknik). It is grounded in my prior experience as a teacher but also addresses the national and international research fields of technology education and assessment. READ MORE

2. Technology Platforms: Organizing and Assessing Technological Knowledge to Support its Reuse in New Applications

Author : Daniel Corin Stig ; Chalmers University of Technology ; [] Keywords : TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; technology management ; knowledge reuse ; technology platforms ; platform thinking ; core capabilities ; technology development ; technology reuse ; technology transfer ; knowledge management ; knowledge repositories ;

Abstract : Companies that develop a wide range of products often strive to exploit opportunities for synergy among them. Many products that cannot share components can still offer opportunities for synergy as they build upon the same technologies and know-how for their development and production. READ MORE

3. Urban drainage and climate change : impact assessment

Author : Karolina Berggren ; Luleå tekniska universitet ; [] Keywords : ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; VA-teknik ; Urban Water Engineering ;

Abstract : According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2007), the global mean temperature has increased by 0,7 °C during the last 100 years and, as a consequence, the hydrological cycle has intensified with, for example, more intense rainfall events. As urban drainage systems have been developed over a long period of time and design criteria are based upon climatic characteristics, these changes will affect the systems and the city accordingly. READ MORE

4. On sustainability assessment of technical systems : experience from systems analysis with the ORWARE and ecoeffect tools

Author : Getachew Assefa ; Björn Frostell ; Thomas Nybrant ; KTH ; [] Keywords : ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; technology assessment ; interdisciplinarity ; sustainability ; sustainability assessment ; industrial ecology ; substance flow analysis ; material flow analysis ; life cycle assessment ; Environmental engineering ; Miljöteknik ;

Abstract : Engineering research and development work is undergoing a reorientation from focusing on specific parts of different systems to a broader perspective of systems level, albeit at a slower pace. This reorientation should be further developed and enhanced with the aim of organizing and structuring our technical systems in meeting sustainability requirements in face of global ecological threats that have far-reaching social and economic implications, which can no longer be captured using conventional approach of research. READ MORE

5. Assessment and design of industrial manual handling to reduce physical ergonomics hazards : – use and development of assessment tools

Author : Carl Lind ; Jörgen Eklund ; Linda Rose ; Annika Vänje ; Esa-Pekka Takala ; KTH ; [] Keywords : ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; Ergonomics ; Human Factors ; Risk Assessment ; Hazard Assessment ; Screening ; Observation ; the RAMP tool ; Design ; Lifting ; Pushing ; Pulling ; Postures ; Usability ; Musculoskeletal Disorders ; Ergonomists ; Evaluation ; Reliability. ; Ergonomi ; Human Factors ; Manuell Hantering ; Riskbedömningar ; Screening ; Observation ; RAMP verktyget ; Design ; Lyft ; Skjuta ; Dra ; Arbetsställningar ; Användbarhet ; Belastningsbesvär ; Ergonomer ; Utvärdering ; Reliabilitet. ; Technology and Health ; Teknik och hälsa ;

Abstract : Despite efforts of reducing harmful physical ergonomics exposures related to manual handling, the occurrence of heavy or repetitive manual handling, and non-neutral postures is high in many occupational sectors. To reduce these exposures, interventions and job design strategies can utilize risk assessment. READ MORE

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dissertation technology assessment

Doctoral studies at ITAS

ITAS offers doctoral students all the possibilities of a multidisciplinary environment. Physicists, sociologists, environmental geologists, engineers, chemists, and many others study a multitude of different topics. This variety of disciplines gives them the opportunity to examine their own dissertation project from different perspectives. In addition, once a year every doctoral student has to give a presentation on the progress of his work in an internal colloquium at the institute. Since ITAS is located in the direct vicinity of numerous technical facilities of KIT, the expertise of researchers on site can also be used. This is especially relevant for works on systems analysis.

Apart from the academic supervisors who are often not members of ITAS, each doctoral student has an internal tutor who provides guidance and discusses the progress of the dissertation. The members of the project groups and other staff from the student’s research group are also helpful supporters. The main part of the working hours should be dedicated to research on the thesis subject, but participation in thematically relevant research projects is also possible. This helps to acquire the essential skills of research work. There are no obligations to get involved in teaching. But nevertheless, if the doctoral student wants to, this initiative is welcomed and supported.

ITAS also provides the opportunity to spend some time at an institute abroad. This can either be done by resorting to existing contacts or by establishing new ones. In addition, the institute also pays the travel expenses for attending congresses, conferences, workshops, etc. Such events should also be used to present papers on the dissertation project or reflect the newly acquired knowledge in conference proceedings since doctoral students are just like all other members of the institute invited to contribute to the scientific community. The Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists ( KHYS ) at KIT provides opportunities for further education, support for stays abroad, and general promotion of young researchers. Moreover, it is possible to participate in graduate programs. For example, ITAS currently is involved in the Helmholtz Research School on Energy Scenarios .

Doctoral students at ITAS are normally funded by KIT Campus North’s doctoral program and get a three-year contract.

Every year, the doctoral students at ITAS elect two of them as spokespersons. They are the contact persons for the students at ITAS and organize the exchange of thoughts between the doctoral students.

A list of dissertations made in ITAS can be seen here .

dissertation technology assessment

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Conceptualising, measuring and valuing the impact of Health Technology Assessment

Grieve, Eleanor (2020) Conceptualising, measuring and valuing the impact of Health Technology Assessment. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

How do we assess the impact of Health Technology Assessment (HTA)? Whilst high-income countries (HIC) may have led the way, lower-income countries are increasingly beginning to develop HTA processes to assist in their healthcare decision-making. Understanding how we might quantify the costs and benefits of investing in HTA is important to policy makers and donors. Very few studies have, however, estimated the benefits of the process of HTA in terms of its value to the health system. The global expansion of HTA, its variable implementation, the lack of quantified evidence on health outcomes, along with an increasing investment in these processes at the systems level in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) has generated greater interest from policy makers about the value and return on investment (ROI) of HTA. A lack of longer-term impact assessment (IA) may undermine its importance and value.

To fill this research gap, we have developed a methodological framework to estimate the ROI in HTA using net health benefits (NHB) as our measure of value. This is the difference between QALYs gained by an intervention and QALYs that could have been gained if the money required to deliver it had been spent on other interventions. We use a mixed-methods approach to quantify the value of HTA and to produce explanatory programme theory on the mechanisms by which HTA impact can be optimised. It is also important to consider opportunity costs when establishing HTA processes but which are often overlooked. The aim is to convey the concepts of potential and realised population NHB, and what we can attribute to the HTA process. Central to understanding this is the ‘value of implementation’ (VOImp). Theory-driven approaches will be used to generate and test contextual explanations for gaps between expected and actual gains in population health.

We envisage the use of this research will encourage accountability of spending decisions and help to optimise the impact of HTA in an era of investment and expansion, in particular, for LMICs, through better understanding of HTA’s role in delivering health outcomes and value for money at the system level. This research will offer a forward-looking model that LMICs can point to as a reference for their own implementation.

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Novel Approaches for Incorporating Social Values in Health Technology Assessment to Support Universal Health Coverage



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Engineering and Technology Management Dissertations and Theses

Theses/dissertations from 2022 2022.

Developing an Assessment Model for Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Using Hierarchical Decision Model: Case Study of Riyadh City , Mustafa Kamal Almuzel

Scenario Acceleration Through Automated Modelling: A Method and System for Creating Traceable Quantitative Future Scenarios Based on FCM System Modeling and Natural Language Processing , Christopher W.H. Davis

An Assessment Model of the Healthcare Entrepreneurship Ecosystem to Foster Solutions for Underserved Communities , Abdalilah Saleh Owaishiz

Maturity Model for Customer-Centric Approach in Enterprise: The Case of E-commerce and Online Retail Industry , Soheil Zarrin

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Assessment of the Blockchain Technology Adoption for the Management of the Electronic Health Record Systems , Saeed Mohammed Alzahrani

Information Security Maturity Model for Healthcare Organizations in the United States , Bridget Joan Barnes Page

Perceived Value of Technology Product Features by Crowdfunding Backers: The Case of 3D Printing Technology on Kickstarter Platform , Nina Chaichi

Technology Management Maturity Assessment Model in Healthcare , Amir Shaygan

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Exploring Policies and Strategies for the Diffusion of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for the Care of Senior Population , Hamad Asri Alanazi

Achieving High Reliability Organizations Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps - the Case of Offshore Oil and Gas , Ahmed A. Alibage

An Assessment of the Decision-Making Units' Efficiency in Service Systems , Maoloud Yakhlif Dabab

Evaluating R&D Projects in Regulated Utilities: the Case of Power Transmission Utilities , Edwin Garces

A Scoring Model to Evaluate Offshore Oil Projects: Case of Eni and Mellitah Oil & Gas , Abdulhakim Giadedi

Determinants of Green Purchase Intentions of Saudi Consumers , Amani Mohammed Kaadoor

A Market Diffusion Potential (MDP) Assessment Model for Residential Energy Efficient (EE) Technologies in the U.S. , Momtaj Khanam

Exploring the Factors Influencing Big Data Technology Acceptance , Mohammad Nayemur Rahman

Determinants of Student Information Technology Adoption , Hans P. VanDerSchaaf

Narrowing the Cognitive Distance Between Engineers and Customers: a Novel Approach, Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping , Byung Sung Yoon

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Development of a Readiness Assessment Model for Evaluating Big Data Projects: Case Study of Smart City in Oregon, USA , Husam Ahmad Barham

Evaluating Project Assessment Techniques for High-Profile Transportation Projects Development and Delivery: Case of State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) in the United States , Rafaa Ibrahim Khalifa

A Scoring Model to Assess Organizations' Technology Transfer Capabilities: the Case of a Power Utility in the Northwest USA , João Ricardo Lavoie

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Achieving Organizational Ambidexterity: an Exploratory Model, Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps , Yasser Alizadeh

Exploring Technology Forecasting and its Implications for Strategic Technology Planning , Yonghee Cho

Assessment of Technology Adoption Potential of Medical Devices: Case of Wearable Sensor Products for Pervasive Care in Neurosurgery and Orthopedics , Liliya Stepanivna Hogaboam

Opportunity Identification for New Product Planning: Ontological Semantic Patent Classification , Farshad Madani

Developing a Mixed-Methods Method to Model Elderly Health Technology Adoption with Fuzzy Cognitive Map, and its Application in Adoption of Remote Health Monitoring Technologies by Elderly Women , Noshad Rahimi

Assessment of Policy Alternatives for Mitigation of Barriers to EV Adoption , Bilgehan Yildiz

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Technology Assessment Model of Developing Geothermal Energy Resources for Supporting Electrical System: the Case for Oregon , Ahmed Shehab Alshareef

Technology Planning for Aligning Emerging Business Models and Regulatory Structures: the Case of Electric Vehicle Charging and the Smart Grid , Kelly R. Cowan

Development of a Technology Transfer Score for Evaluating Research Proposals: Case Study of Demand Response Technologies in the Pacific Northwest , Judith Estep

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Consistency Analysis for Judgment Quantification in Hierarchical Decision Model , Mustafa Sulaiman Abbas

Exploratory Study of the Adoption and Use of the Smartphone Technology in Emerging Regions: Case of Saudi Arabia , Fahad Abdulaziz Aldhaban

A Measurement System for Science and Engineering Research Center Performance Evaluation , Elizabeth Carole Gibson

Developing a Hierarchical Decision Model to Evaluate Nuclear Power Plant Alternative Siting Technologies , Marwan Mossa Lingga

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Technological Forecasting Based on Segmented Rate of Change , Dong-Joon Lim

Network Structure, Network Flows and the Phenomenon of Influence in Online Social Networks: An Exploratory Empirical Study of Twitter Conversations about YouTube Product Categories , Nitin Venkat Mayande

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Evaluation of Energy Policy Instruments for the Adoption of Renewable Energy: Case of Wind Energy in the Pacific Northwest U.S. , Remal Abotah

An Assessment Model for Energy Efficiency Program Planning in Electric Utilities: Case of the Pacific of Northwest U.S.A. , Ibrahim Iskin

Participation in Technology Standards Development: A Decision Model for the Information and Communications Technology Industry , Ramin Neshati

Exploring Capability Maturity Models and Relevant Practices as Solutions Addressing IT Service Offshoring Project Issues , Rosine Hanna Salman

Multi-Perspective Technology Assessment to Improve Decision Making: A Novel Approach Using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping for a Large-Scale Transmission Line Upgrade , Richard Chad Sperry

Green Index: Integration of Environmental Performance, Green Innovativeness and Financial Performance , Ilknur Mary Joy Nirmala Tekin

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

An Investigation of Fast and Frugal Heuristics for New Product Project Selection , Fatima Mohammed Albar

Extending Technology Roadmap through Fuzzy Cognitive Map-based Scenarios: The Case of the Wind Energy Sector of Pakistan , Muhammad Amer

Developing a Strategic Policy Choice Framework for Technological Innovation: Case of Chinese Pharmaceuticals , Leong Chan

The Impact of Social Capital on Innovation Intermediaries , Songphon Munkongsujarit

Innovation Measurement: a Decision Framework to Determine Innovativeness of a Company , Kenny Phan

The Impact of Knowledge Inflows on the Performance of National Laboratories in Technological Latecomer Countries , Pattravadee Ploykitikoon

Assessment of Solar Photovoltaic Technologies Using Multiple Perspectives and Hierarchical Decision Modeling , Nasir Jamil Sheikh

Bridging the Missing Link between "Top-down" and "Bottom-up": A Strategic Policy Model for International Collaboration in Science and Technology , Pattharaporn Suntharasaj

Strategic Evaluation of University Knowledge and Technology Transfer Effectiveness , Thien Anh Tran

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Examining Health Information Technology Implementations: Case of the Patient-Centered Medical Home , Nima A. Behkami

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

Study of the Performance and Characteristics of U.S. Academic Research Institution Technology Commercialization (ARITC) , Jisun Kim

Theses/Dissertations from 2009 2009

A Systematic Approach to Developing National Technology Policy and Strategy for Emerging technologies , Pisek Gerdsri

Theses/Dissertations from 2004 2004

Technology Forecasting Using Data Envelopment Analysis , Oliver Lane Inman

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dissertation technology assessment

An Evaluation of the Development and Effectiveness of a Hospital-Based Health Technology Assessment (HB-HTA) Program at the University of Washington Medical Center





    dissertation technology assessment

  2. (PDF) Designing the Urban Microclimate. A framework for a design-decision support tool for the

    dissertation technology assessment

  3. Examination system thesis documentation.

    dissertation technology assessment


    dissertation technology assessment

  5. (PDF) An evaluation of students' and lecturers' use of technologies: An engineering case study

    dissertation technology assessment

  6. Chapter 6 How Computer-Based Technology Can Disrupt the Technology of Testing and Assessment

    dissertation technology assessment


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