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10 Best Gift Ideas for PhD Research Supervisor on Completion of Your PhD

dissertation supervisor gift

Completing a PhD is a significant accomplishment that requires years of hard work, dedication, and support. Along the way, your supervisor plays a crucial role in guiding and mentoring you, providing feedback and advice, and helping you navigate the challenges of research and academia.

When it’s time to graduate, it’s only natural to want to show your appreciation and gratitude to your supervisor for their contributions to your success. One way to do so is by giving a thoughtful and meaningful gift that reflects your appreciation and acknowledges the significance of the achievement.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore a wide range of thoughtful and unique gift ideas that are sure to make your supervisor feel valued and appreciated. From personalized stationery to a membership to a prestigious society, we’ve got you covered with practical suggestions and expert tips. So, whether you’re a student seeking inspiration or a colleague looking to express your thanks, read on for our top recommendations on the best gifts for research supervisors.

I. Personalized Gifts: A Unique Way to Show Appreciation to PhD supervisor

Ii. books: a great way to show appreciation to phd supervisor, iii. gift cards: flexibility and convenience for phd supervisor, iv. artwork: a unique and impactful gift for your phd supervisor.

  • V. Handwritten "Thank You": A Heartfelt Way to Express Gratitude to PhD supervisor

VI. Personalized Stationery: A Practical and Thoughtful Gift for your PhD Supervisor

Vii. bottle of wine: a classic way to show appreciation to your phd supervisor, viii. jewellery: an elegant way to show appreciation to phd supervisor, ix. digital devices: a gift that can enhance productivity of research supervisor, x. membership to a prestigious society: one beneficial gift for a research supervisor.

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Completing a PhD is a major accomplishment that requires dedication, hard work, and support from many people. Among these supporters is your PhD supervisor, who has likely played a pivotal role in guiding and mentoring you throughout your academic journey.

As you approach the end of your PhD program, it’s important to take the time to express your gratitude and show your appreciation for your supervisor’s contributions.

In this post, we will be sharing some thoughtful gift ideas that you can consider giving to your PhD supervisor to express your thanks.

Your PhD supervisor has likely provided you with personalized guidance throughout your academic journey, so why not return the favour with a personalized gift? Personalized gifts are a thoughtful and unique way to show your appreciation for your supervisor’s help and support.

These gifts demonstrate that you have taken the time and effort to create something special and meaningful just for them. Additionally, personalized gifts can serve as a lasting reminder of the mentor-mentee relationship that you have built during your PhD program.

Here are some examples of personalized gifts that you could consider giving to your supervisor:

  • Customized Pens: A pen is a practical and useful gift that your supervisor can use daily. Consider a high-quality pen with their name or initials engraved on it.
  • Personalized Mugs: A mug is a classic and versatile gift that can be customized in various ways. Consider a mug with a personalized message or photo printed on it.
  • Photo Frames: A photo frame with a memorable photo of you and your supervisor can be a sentimental and meaningful gift. Choose a photo that captures a special moment or memory from your PhD program.
  • Engraved Plaque: An engraved plaque with a personal message of appreciation can be a meaningful and long-lasting gift. Consider having a plaque made with your supervisor’s name and a heartfelt message thanking them for their guidance and support.
  • Personalized Tote Bag : A personalized tote bag with your supervisor’s name or initials can be a stylish and practical gift. Consider a high-quality tote bag that your supervisor can use to carry their academic materials or other personal items.

By choosing a personalized gift, you can demonstrate your gratitude in a unique and meaningful way. Your supervisor will appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort that went into creating a gift that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Books are a great way to show appreciation to your PhD supervisor. Particularly if you choose a book that is related to the field of their expertise, it can demonstrate that you value the knowledge they have imparted on you throughout your studies. Additionally, books are a thoughtful and lasting gift that can be revisited over time and continue to provide value.

By choosing a book that aligns with your supervisor’s field of expertise, you can demonstrate that you value their knowledge and contributions to the field. Additionally, reading the book yourself and discussing it with your supervisor can be a great way to continue your intellectual growth and maintain your relationship beyond the completion of your PhD.

If you’re not quite sure what to get your PhD supervisor, consider a gift card. Gift cards offer flexibility and convenience, allowing your supervisor to choose a gift that is tailored to their interests and preferences. Additionally, gift cards can be a great way to show your appreciation without worrying about choosing the “perfect” gift.

Here are some suggestions for different types of gift cards that may be appropriate:

  • Restaurant Gift Card : A gift card to a local restaurant or cafe can be a great way to treat your supervisor to a nice meal or coffee break. Consider a restaurant that your supervisor has mentioned enjoying in the past or a new restaurant that they may be interested in trying.
  • Spa Gift Card : After the stress and hard work of completing a PhD, a spa gift card can be a great way for your supervisor to relax and unwind. Consider a spa that offers massage, facials, or other services that your supervisor may enjoy.
  • Online Store Gift Card : An online store gift card can be a great option if you’re not quite sure what your supervisor would like. Consider a store that offers a wide range of products, such as Amazon or Etsy, to give your supervisor the flexibility to choose a gift that suits their interests.
  • Bookstore Gift Card: If your supervisor is an avid reader, consider a gift card to a local bookstore. This allows them to choose a book that aligns with their interests and preferences.
  • Experience Gift Card: Consider a gift card for a unique experience, such as a cooking class, wine tasting, or hot air balloon ride. This allows your supervisor to create a lasting memory and enjoy a new experience.

By choosing a gift card, you can give your supervisor the flexibility to choose a gift that suits their preferences and interests. This allows them to enjoy a gift that they truly value and appreciate.

Artwork can be a unique and impactful gift for your PhD supervisor, as it can serve as a visual reminder of your appreciation for years to come. When choosing artwork, consider the supervisor’s interests and tastes, as well as the decor of their home or office.

Here are some suggestions for choosing artwork that your supervisor may appreciate:

  • Commission a Local Artist: Commissioning a local artist to create a custom piece of artwork can be a meaningful and personal gift. Consider choosing an artist whose style aligns with your supervisor’s tastes, and work with them to create a piece that reflects your appreciation and gratitude.
  • Choose a Relevant Piece: If your supervisor has a particular area of expertise or interest, consider choosing artwork that reflects that. For example, if your supervisor is an expert in environmental science, consider a landscape painting or nature-inspired piece.
  • Consider the Decor: When choosing artwork, consider the decor of your supervisor’s home or office. Choose a piece that will complement their existing decor and be a standout feature in the room.
  • Think Outside the Box: Artwork doesn’t have to be limited to paintings or drawings. Consider unique or unconventional pieces, such as a sculpture or a mixed media piece, to add a unique touch to your gift.

By giving artwork as a gift, you can provide your supervisor with a meaningful and lasting reminder of your appreciation. Consider commissioning a local artist or choosing a piece that aligns with their interests and decor to make the gift even more special.

V. Handwritten “Thank You”: A Heartfelt Way to Express Gratitude to PhD supervisor

Sometimes the simplest gestures can be the most meaningful. A handwritten thank you note can be a heartfelt way to express your gratitude and appreciation for your PhD supervisor’s guidance and support throughout your academic journey. Here are some tips for writing a thoughtful note:

  • Be Specific: Include specific examples of how your supervisor has helped you, such as their guidance on a particular project or their mentorship throughout your studies.
  • Keep it Personal: Write the note in your own voice and use personal anecdotes to make it more meaningful.
  • Express Gratitude: Make sure to express your gratitude and appreciation for your supervisor’s contributions to your success.
  • Consider Including a Gift: To make the note even more special, consider including a small gift, such as a gift card or a box of chocolates.

By taking the time to write a handwritten thank you note, you can show your supervisor how much you truly value and appreciate their support. Adding a small gift can make the gesture even more special and memorable.

Personalized stationery can be a practical and thoughtful gift for your PhD supervisor, as it not only shows your appreciation but can also be useful in their professional life. Personalized stationery sets can be customized with the supervisor’s name, initials, or even their university logo, making it a unique and personalized gift.

When considering personalized stationery as a gift for your supervisor, it’s important to choose high-quality materials and designs that reflect their professional image. Here are some examples of personalized stationery sets that you could consider:

  • Personalized Notepads : Notepads with your supervisor’s name or initials can be a useful and practical gift that they can use in their daily work.
  • Personalized Pens : Engraved pens can be a stylish and functional gift that your supervisor can use when signing important documents or conducting meetings.
  • Personalized Letterhead : Customized letterhead with your supervisor’s name and university logo can be a great way to help them make a professional impression in their correspondence.
  • Personalized Business Cards : Business cards with your supervisor’s name, title, and contact information can be a valuable tool in their professional life.

By giving your supervisor personalized stationery, you can provide them with a practical and useful gift that reflects their professional image. Consider customizing the stationery with their name, initials, or university logo to make it even more special.

A good bottle of wine or whiskey can be a classic and sophisticated way to show appreciation to your PhD supervisor. It can also be a great way to celebrate the completion of a PhD or other special occasions.

When choosing a bottle of wine or whiskey as a gift, it’s important to consider the supervisor’s preferences and tastes. Here are some tips for selecting an appropriate bottle:

  • Research the supervisor’s taste preferences: Try to find out if the supervisor has a preference for a certain type of wine or whiskey. You can also consider their taste preferences for other drinks, such as beer or cocktails, to help guide your decision.
  • Consider the occasion: If you’re giving the gift to celebrate a special occasion, such as the completion of a PhD, you may want to choose a higher-end bottle to mark the significance of the event.
  • Choose a high-quality bottle: Whether you opt for a bottle of wine or whiskey, it’s important to choose a high-quality brand that reflects the supervisor’s professional image.
  • Presentation matters: Make sure the bottle is presented in an appropriate manner, such as in a gift bag or box, and include a note expressing your gratitude and congratulations.

Some examples of popular and high-quality bottles of wine or whiskey you could consider include:

  • Chateau Mouton Rothschild: A renowned Bordeaux wine that is often considered a collector’s item and a symbol of sophistication.
  • The Macallan: A well-regarded single malt Scotch whiskey that is known for its high quality and complexity.

By giving a good bottle of wine or whiskey as a gift, you can offer your supervisor a sophisticated and thoughtful token of appreciation. Remember to consider the occasion and the supervisor’s preferences when selecting the perfect bottle.

Jewellery is a timeless and elegant way to show appreciation and recognition for the hard work and dedication of your PhD supervisor. Gold, silver, and platinum are particularly significant metals that can add meaning and symbolism to your gift.

When choosing a piece of jewelry for your supervisor, it’s important to consider their taste and style. Here are some examples of different types of jewelry that may be appropriate:

  • A watch : A classic and practical gift, a watch can symbolize the importance of time and the value of the supervisor’s contribution to your education and career.
  • A necklace : A beautiful and feminine gift, a necklace can represent the supervisor’s supportive and nurturing role in your academic journey.
  • Cufflinks : A sophisticated and professional gift, cufflinks can symbolize the supervisor’s guidance and leadership in your academic and professional pursuits.

Each metal also has its own symbolism and meaning:

  • Gold: Gold is often associated with success, achievement, and excellence. Giving a piece of gold jewelry can symbolize the supervisor’s invaluable contributions to your academic and professional success.
  • Silver: Silver is often associated with appreciation, gratitude, and generosity. Giving a piece of silver jewelry can represent your deep appreciation for the supervisor’s mentorship and support.
  • Platinum: Platinum is often associated with prestige, exclusivity, and sophistication. Giving a piece of platinum jewelry can symbolize the supervisor’s exceptional knowledge and expertise in their field.

Some examples of high-quality and meaningful gold, silver, or platinum jewelry you could consider include:

  • A gold watch from Rolex : A classic and iconic piece of jewelry that can symbolize the supervisor’s invaluable contributions to your academic and professional journey.
  • A silver necklace from Tiffany & Co. : A beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry that can represent your deep appreciation for the supervisor’s guidance and support.
  • Platinum cufflinks from Cartier : A sophisticated and elegant piece of jewelry that can symbolize the supervisor’s exceptional knowledge and expertise in their field.

By giving a piece of gold, silver, or platinum jewelry, you can offer your supervisor a meaningful and lasting token of appreciation that will be treasured for years to come. Remember to consider the symbolism and meaning of each metal when selecting the perfect piece of jewellery for your supervisor.

Research supervisors often rely on technology to manage their workloads efficiently. Consider gifting them a digital device that can enhance their productivity and make their life easier.

Some popular digital devices that make great gifts for research supervisors include tablets , e-readers , and smartwatches . For instance, a tablet can help supervisors easily manage and review research papers, while an e-reader can provide a more convenient way to read academic journals and books. A smartwatch can also be a useful tool for keeping track of time, setting reminders, and managing notifications while working.

When choosing a digital device as a gift for your research supervisor, consider their preferences and the specific needs of their work. Make sure to choose a device that is compatible with their existing technology and software. Additionally, consider purchasing a protective case or screen protector to help keep the device safe and secure.

Here are some examples of popular digital devices from Apple :

  • iPad (tablet)
  • iPad Mini (tablet)
  • iPad Pro (tablet)
  • Apple Watch (smartwatch)
  • MacBook Air (laptop)

These devices offer a wide range of features and functionalities that can help research supervisors manage their workload efficiently and effectively.

Overall, gifting a digital device can be a practical and thoughtful way to show your appreciation for your research supervisor’s hard work and dedication.

One thoughtful and beneficial gift for a research supervisor is membership in a prestigious society. Joining such societies often means access to the latest research, networking opportunities, and chances for publication and collaboration. It can also help to build the supervisor’s professional reputation and credentials.

For instance, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is a professional association that serves technical professionals in a range of fields. An IEEE membership offers access to IEEE Xplore Digital Library, which contains articles, papers, and conference proceedings, as well as IEEE Spectrum magazine, industry standards, and many other resources.

Likewise, the American Chemical Society (ACS) is a society for chemists and related professionals, offering a wide range of resources, including access to scientific journals and networking opportunities. Similarly, the American Physical Society (APS) is a society for physicists, and offers access to Physical Review journals and other resources.

When choosing a society to gift, it is important to consider the supervisor’s interests and goals. You may also want to check if they are already a member of any societies, to avoid duplication. A membership to a prestigious society is a valuable and long-lasting gift that can support the supervisor’s future research and professional development, and show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

Before you Close This Post….

You might have completed your PhD and celebrating your success. In the meantime, you may be in search of better career opportunities with PhD Degree in your hand. You can visit my blog post on Exciting Career Opportunities for PhD Researchers and Research Scholars , which will guide you to the bright career opportunities for PhD graduates.

Choosing a gift for your PhD supervisor is an excellent opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation for their invaluable support and guidance.

Whether you opt for a personalized gift, a book in their field of expertise, a gift card to their favourite restaurant or store, a piece of artwork, personalized stationery, a bottle of wine or whiskey, a piece of gold, silver, or platinum jewellery or a digital device, the key is to choose something that speaks to their personality and interests.

By showing that you’ve put thought and effort into selecting the gift, you’ll make the gesture all the more meaningful and memorable. Remember, the gift is just one way to say thank you; ultimately, it’s the sentiment behind it that matters most.

So, take some time to reflect on all that your supervisor has done for you and choose a gift that truly reflects your appreciation and gratitude.

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Dr. Vijay Rajpurohit

14 Best Gifts for Professors or PhD Advisors (in 2023)

A search for “PhD Advisor Gifts” on Amazon will give you about 45 mugs and 3 t-shirts. Not a strong start. I’ve been through grad school, worked with many professors, and have a good idea of what they would truly appreciate as a thank-you gift. Here’s my hand-picked list below. 

This list is a compilation of my favorites from around the internet. Some are our own Genius Lab Gear inventions and some we’re just jealous we didn’t think of first! Some external links in this page are from affiliates, which means that any purchase of the items after clicking the link will result in a small monetary referral fee paid back to Genius Lab Gear at no cost to you. We appreciate your support which allows us to continue inventing and testing the best tools for scientists on the planet!

1. Academia Word Magnets

Academia is chock full of inside jokes, mannerisms, and cringeworthy habits that professors love to laugh about. These word magnets are designed specifically to let academics rant about their hardships, relish their big wins, and have a good laugh. These are perfect for the office refrigerator or the magnetic whiteboard, where sneaky students can leave passive-aggressive phrases for the advisor to find later. Get them on our site here and bundle them with other field-specific sets based on the professor’s field of study.

Also now available on Amazon .

professor PhD word magnets

2. The Pocket Scientist pocket ruler and equation reference

Your favorite PhD adviser will use this unique gift daily (and hopefully always remember you for it)! They can carry this credit card-sized ruler and scientific reference every day in the classroom or lab and use it for sketches in their office. We even laser-engraved the backside full of basic science equations and physical constants. See the product page for a full list of features we've packed in!

Available with free shipping from our website or from Amazon .

the pocket scientist professor pocket tool

The Pocket Scientist at Genius Lab Gear

The Pocket Scientist on Amazon

How to use The Pocket Scientist – Full Feature Guide

P.S. We also have versions specifically for Chemists , Physicists, and Engineers if those are a better fit for the person you have in mind!

3. Rocketbook Beacons to digitize their white board

How many times has your college professor scribbled an amazing brainstorm on a whiteboard and then lost it forever once the next student comes in to talk? 

Rocketbook is well-known for their reusable notebooks which have grids and QR codes built-in to quickly snap photos of and organize hand-written notes digitally. They recently added this GENIUS product to do the same thing with white boards. You put a triangle at each corner, then use their app to snap a photo, and it can flatten the image, enhance the contrast and automatically send it to your favorite note-saving app. Keep those moments of brilliance safe!

white board digitizer phd adviser gift

4. Funny Coaster Set for Teachers and Professors

Professors and students love to have a good laugh at each others’ expense. Give them the upper hand for once with some funny professor coasters . It’ll protect their desk while they put down their drink between sips, giving them plenty of time to admonish the lab work you didn’t get done this week. 

funny professor coaster gift

5. Wireless Laser Pointer and PowerPoint Presenter

Laser pointers are one thing you never think about until the moment you don’t have one that works. I personally own this one because it’s got everything you need, from the pen clip to volume buttons and slide control buttons. DinoFire has several tiers with different features, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

green laser pointer academic presentation gift

6. Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

For the advisor who always has a cup of coffee in-hand but doesn’t have a microwave in their office, this desktop mug warmer will save them time running back and forth several times a day. The best feature is that it turns on and off automatically when a mug is on top so it doesn’t waste energy! 

professor desk coffee mug warmer

7. Kensington Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse

Let’s be honest. Most college professors barely make it into the lab now, spending all of their time making presentations and writing grants at their computer. This new vertical mouse design is starting to catch on because it’s more ergonomic for people spending hours upon hours at the computer each day. They’ll thank you for finding such a unique solution that they probably didn’t know existed (and were too frugal to get for themselves). It’s “Treat yo’self” day for your professor. They deserve it. 

vertical mouse for phd graduate desk

8. Lab Coat Pocket Protector

A gift of nostalgic charm that is sure to resonate with their professionalism and accomplished academic life! The venerable Pocket Protector became a cultural icon in the 1960's and 1970's, but somewhere along the way the newer generation of STEM researchers forgot about them. Scientists need these back in their labs to stay organized, stay efficient, protect their lab coats, and finish their experiments without being late to lunch. So we researched and tested every type ever made to methodically solve each problem and come up with this refreshed design . Available in spruce green, sapphire blue, and faded pink - the top 3 colors voted on by our fans! You can even get it from our Amazon page if that's easier.

pocket protector gift for scientists and PhD advsiors

9. Novium Hoverpen 2.0

If your PhD advisor loves physics, astronomy, space, or technology then they will definitely appreciate having this on their desk. It’s a high-end refillable magnetic pen that hovers perfectly at an angle using magnets on all sides. The Novium Hoverpen 2.0 even spins in place for a mesmerizing power move when a student comes to office hours. 

magnetic hovering pen science professor gift

10. Personal Aeropress or Pour-Over Coffeemaker

If the office coffee is notoriously bad, the professor would definitely enjoy having a private stash and means to make single cups. I own both of these and use them all the time. The Aeropress makes the quickest, easiest single-cup you’ll find. You just need a way to heat up the water and a stash of their small round filters. There’s even a whole ecosystem of organizers for the Aeropress like this little bamboo desktop cabinet .  A Chemex Pour-over is good for 2-3 cup batches but takes a little more time and effort. 

aeropress personal professor coffee maker

11. Canvas Reusable Lunch Bag

For the professor who cares about conservation and sustainability, a top-notch reusable lunch bag will be a perfect fit . It’s double-stitched for strength, waterproof, and has no tiny pieces that could break off. Simple, casual, and sustainable. It’s always going to be appreciated. 

reusable canvas lunch bag for academic advisers

12. Scientist Quote Desktop Canvas

We're super proud of our little series of famous scientist quotes on canvas prints . These are 5"x7" and sit up easily on their own or can be mounted to a wall. This one sits next to me as I write, and helps me keep a sense of humility as I explore the unknown! 

Wernher von Braun science research quote canvas

13. Rat mood chart canvas print

Anyone who works with "rodent models" knows the struggle. Our Rat Mood Chart canvas print is a funny-but-sad-but-true representation of the what these little heroes go through in the name of science. 

rat mood chart for research labs

14. Professor Gift Bundle

If you can't decide by now, I can still help! Consider this decision made. I put together a Professor/PhD Advisor Gift Bundle just to make it easy for you. The gift set includes the Pocket tool and Word Magnets from above, plus a few fun science stickers. You'll save over 20% by bundling them together, so consider this decision made!

  • The Pocket Scientist ruler and equation reference
  • Academia Word Magnets
  • Science Basics Word Magnets
  • Starter Word Magnets (144 tiles of connector words)
  • Marie Curie sticker
  • Science is for Everyone sticker
  • Einstein quote sticker


What is the best gift for professors and phd advisors.

It can be quite a daunting task to find one in this vast sea of products where there’s just no shortage of options. However, you’re in for a treat as we’ve handpicked them for you:

  • The Pocket Scientist pocket ruler and equation reference
  • Physics Word Magnets for the fridge or office decor
  • Rocketbook Beacons to digitize their white board
  • Funny Coaster set for Teachers and Professors
  • Wireless Laser pointer and Powerpoint presenter
  • Smart Coffee Mug Warmer
  • Kensington Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse
  • Pocket Protector for lab coats
  • Novium Hoverpen 2.0
  • Personal Aeropress or Pour-over Coffee Maker
  • Canvas Reusable Lunch Bag
  • Scientist Quote Desktop Canvas
  • Rat Mood Chart Canvas Print
  • Professor Gift Bundle


Depending on the type of professor you're looking for, we've also curated specific niche collections especially for you! Check them out!

Gifts for Chemistry Professors Gifts for Physics Professors Gifts for Biology Professors Gifts for Science Professors

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