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Architecture Masters Theses Collection

Theses from 2023 2023.

Music As a Tool For Ecstatic Space Design , Pranav Amin, Architecture

Creating Dormitories with a Sense of Home , Johnathon A. Brousseau, Architecture

The Tectonic Evaluation And Design Implementation of 3D Printing Technology in Architecture , Robert Buttrick, Architecture

Designing for the Unhoused: Finding Innovative and Transformative Solutions to Housing , Hannah C. Campbell, Architecture

Investigating Design-Functional Dimension Of Affordable Housing With Prefabrication On Dense Suburbs Of Chelsea, MA , Siddharth Jagadishbhai Dabhia, Architecture

Architecture of Extraction: Imagining New Modes of Inhabitation and Reclamation in the Mining Lifecyle , Erica DeWitt, Architecture

Utopian Thought and Architectural Design , Anthony L. Faith, Anthony L. Faith, and Anthony Faith, Architecture

Building Hygge In-Roads into Incremental Living , Tanisha Kalra, Architecture


Sustainable Architecture in Athletics: Using Mass Timber in an Old-Fashioned Field , Zach C. Lefever, Architecture

Off-grid Living for the Normative Society: Shifting Perception and Perspectives by Design , Patsun Lillie, Architecture

The Evolution of Chinese Supermarkets in North America: An Alternative Approach to Chinese Supermarket Design , Ruoxin Lin, Architecture

Refreshing Refinery: An Analysis of Victorian Architecture and How to Translate its Elements for Contemporary Architecture , Richard J. Marcil, Architecture

After Iconoclasm: Reassessing Monumental Practices and Redesigning Public Memorials in Twenty-First-Century Massachusetts , Lincoln T. Nemetz-Carlson, Architecture

Earthen Materials In Organic Forms: An Ecological Solution to the Urban Biosphere? , Rutuja Patil, Architecture

Adaptive (Re)purpose of Industrial Heritage Buildings in Massachusetts A Modular Strategy for Building a Community , Riya D. Premani, Architecture

The Food Hub as a Social Infrastructure Framework: Restitching Communities in Boston After the Pandemic , Connor J. Tiches, Architecture

Theses from 2022 2022

Equitable Housing Generation Through Cellular Automata , Molly R. Clark, Architecture

Beneficial Invasive: A Rhizomatic Approach to Utilizing Local Bamboo for COVID Responsive Educational Spaces , Megan Futscher, Architecture

Architectural Activism Through Hip-Hop , Micaela Goodrich, Architecture

Addressing Trauma Through Architecture: Cultivating Well-being For Youth Who Have Experienced Trauma , Megan Itzkowitz, Architecture

Buildings Integrated into Landscape & Making People Care for Them: Exploring Integrated Land-Building Ecosystems and the Lifestyles Needed to Support It , Sara Mallio, Architecture

Reimagining Black Architecture , Esosa Osayamen, Architecture

Prefabricated Homes: Delivery At Your Doorsteps , Obed K. Otabil, Architecture

Memory and Resistance , Cami Quinteros, Architecture

Mycelium: The Building Blocks of Nature and the Nature of Architecture , Carly Regalado, Architecture


Theses from 2021 2021

Creating New Cultural Hubs in American Cities: The Syrian Diaspora of Worcester, Massachusetts , Aleesa Asfoura, Architecture

Firesafe: Designing for Fire-Resilient Communities in the American West , Brenden Baitch, Architecture

The Beige Conundrum , Alma Crawford-Mendoza, Architecture

Cultivating Food Justice: Exploring Public Interest Design Process through a Food Security & Sustainability Hub , Madison J. DeHaven, Architecture

Physical to Virtual: A Model for Future Virtual Classroom Environments , Stephen J. Fink, Architecture

Detroit: Revitalizing Urban Communities , David N. Fite, Architecture

The Homestead Helper Handbook , Courtney A. Jurzynski, Architecture

An Architecture of a New Story , Nathan Y. Lumen, Architecture

Border Town: Preserving a 'Living' Cultural Landscape in Harlingen, Texas , Shelby Parrish, Architecture

Housing for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Creating an Integrated Living Community in Salem, MA , Tara Pearce, Architecture

From Sanctuary to Home in the Post-Interstate City , Morgan B. Sawyer, Architecture

Exploring the Use of Grid-Scale Compressed Air Energy Storage in the Urban Landscape , Connor S. Slover, Architecture

Bridging the Gaps in Public Conversation by Fostering Spaces of Activism , Karitikeya Sonker, Architecture

Re-envisioning the American Dream , Elain Tang, Architecture

Tall Timber in Denver: An Exploration of New Forms in Large Scale Timber Architecture , Andrew P. Weuling, Architecture

Theses from 2020 2020

Urban Inter-Space: Convergence of Human Interaction and Form , Clayton Beaudoin, Architecture

The Hues of Hadley Massachusetts: Pioneering Places for Preservation and Growth , Elisha M. Bettencourt, Architecture

Reinvigorating Englewood, Chicago Through New Public Spaces and Mixed-Income Housing , Givan Carrero, Architecture

Architectural Agency Through Real Estate Development , Hitali Gondaliya, Architecture

Multimodal Transit and a New Civic Architecture , Samuel Bruce Hill, Architecture

Rethinking The Suburban Center , Andrew Jones, Architecture

Resilient Urbanism: Bridging Natural Elements & Sustainable Structures in a Post-Industrial Urban Environment , Nicholas McGee, Architecture

Adaptive Airport Architecture , Yash Mehta, Architecture

Rethinking School Design to Promote Safety and Positivity , Emily Moreau, Architecture

The Built Environment and Well-Being: Designing for Well-Being in Post-Industrial Communities During the Age of Urbanization , Tyler O'Neil, Architecture

Brutalism and the Public University: Integrating Conservation into Comprehensive Campus Planning , Shelby Schrank, Architecture

Spatial Design for Behavioral Education , Madeline Szczypinski, Architecture

Theses from 2019 2019

THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITY: FOR REFUGEES , Raghad Alrashidi, Architecture

From Archaic To contemporary : Energy Efficient Adaptive Reuse of Historic Building , Nisha Borgohain, Architecture

(RE)Developing Place: The Power of Narrative , Kinsey Diomedi, Architecture

Rethinking Ambulatory Care Delivery , Senada Dushaj, Architecture

Photosynthesizing the Workplace: A Study in Healthy and Holistic Production Spaces , Kaeli Howard, Architecture

Museum Design As A Tool For A City , Cunbei Jiang, Architecture

Architecture and Wilderness: An Exchange of Order , Ashley Lepre, Architecture

Cross-Species Architecture: Developing an Architecture for Rehabilitative Learning Through the Human-Canine Relationship , Jake Porter, Architecture

Intermodal Transit Terminal: Integrating the Future of Transit into the Urban Fabric , Guy Vigneau, Architecture

Theses from 2018 2018

Bangladeshi Cultural Center: for the Bangladeshi Population Living in New York City , Sabrina Afrin, Architecture




Resilient Architecture: Adaptive Community Living in Coastal Locations , Erica Shannon, Architecture

Theses from 2017 2017

New York City 2050: Climate Change and Future of New York | Design for Resilience , Abhinav Bhargava, Architecture

The Performance of Light: Exploring the Impact of Natural Lighting in the New UMass School of Performance , Dylan Brown, Architecture

Regional Expression In The Renovation Of Remote Historic Villages , Jie chen, Architecture

An Incremental Intervention In Jakarta: An Empowering Infrastructural Approach For Upgrading Informal Settlements , Christopher H. Counihan, Architecture

UMASS Dining Hall. A Path to Resiliency , Lukasz Czarniecki, Architecture


HUMANITY IN A CHILDREN’S CANCER HOSPITAL , Sara Jandaghi Jafari, Architecture

Designing Symbiosis for the New Church Community , Evan Janes, Architecture

A Visible History: A Synthesis of Past, Present and Future Through the Evocation of Memory Within Historic Contexts , Nicholas Jeffway, Architecture

Creating A Community A New Ecological, Economical, and Social Path to Uniting a Community , Andrew Stadnicki, Architecture

Z-Cube: Mobile Living for Feminist Nomads , Zi Ye, Architecture

Theses from 2016 2016

Music and Architecture: An Interpresence , Rachel J. Beesen, Architecture

Intervening in the Lives of Internally Displaced People in Colombia , Amy L. Carbone, Architecture

Designing Waste Creating Space: A Critical Examination Into Waste Reduction Through Building Techniques, Architectural Design, and Systems , Courtney M. Carrier, Architecture

Umass September 11 Intervention , Mohamad Farzinmoghadam, Architecture

Merging Social Science and Neuroscience in Architecture: Creating a Framework to Functionally Re-integrate Ex-Convicts , Kylie A. Landrey, Architecture

From Shelters to Long Living Communities , Yakun Liang, Architecture

Building Hope: A Community + Water Initiative, La Villa de San Francisco, Honduras , Christopher D. Mansfield, Architecture


Innovation of the Residential Buildings and Community in the Emerging City Rongcheng , Xing Yu, Architecture

Art and Life - Make invisible visible in Cao changdi village, Beijing, China , peng zhang, Architecture

Theses from 2015 2015

The Dialogue of Craft and Architecture , Thomas J. Forker, Architecture



Design Of A Housing For Urban Artisan-Living Work , Fahim Mahmud, Architecture

Membranes and Matrices: Architecture as an Interface , Nayef Mudawar, Architecture

Building for the Future: Revitalization through Architecture , Rebecca N. Perry, Architecture

Developing Maker Economies in Post-Industrial Cities: Applying Commons Based Peer Production to Mycelium Biomaterials , Grant R. Rocco, Architecture

Design of Children's Event and Cutural Center in Osu, Accra, Ghana , Rudi Somuah, Architecture

Sustainable Design of Student Centers Retrofitting and Adaptive Reuse of UMass Student Union , Tianye Song, Architecture

Design/Build in Architectural Education: studying community-focused curriculum , Matthew K. Sutter, Architecture

Landform Architecture As Reconnecting Presence For Campus Complex Design , Yi Wang, Architecture

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architectural thesis market

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The Contemporary Public Market: A Sustainable Design Approach to Low-Cost Operating Public Markets in Oman



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10 Award-Winning Architecture Thesis Projects From Around The World

architectural thesis market

Neha Sharma

8 mins read

Architectural Illustration as a part of a thesis project.

It is always interesting to see the architecture thesis projects students come up with every year. With each passing batch, there is more knowledge passed down and a better base to begin. The result is a rise in innovation and creativity by students, and overall a better mix!

Architecture thesis is an ordeal all students are intimidated by. From choosing an architecture thesis topic all the way to giving a great final thesis review , every step is equally challenging and important. It is that turn in an architecture student’s life that pushes them to churn out their best. Therefore, it is inevitable to come across some life-altering design solutions through architecture theses across the world.

To identify and appreciate these exceptional final projects by architecture students, many organisations across the world like Archistart, Council of Architecture, etcetera, award recognition for excellence in architecture thesis and also grant financial support for further research to the projects worthy of being realised.

Read through the list of 10 such award-winning architecture theses across the world with links to study them in detail!

1. ISTHME // Le CHAOS SENSIBLE - Dafni Filippa and Meriam Sehimi

architectural visualisation of a mixed-use hub by B.Arch students

ISTHME // Le Chaos Sensible - Architecture Thesis of the Year 2020 (Source:

Starting from the most recent one, the award-winning thesis is a proposal of a mixed-use building in the capital city of Ghana, Africa, that aims to cater to a large spectrum of functions of the Ghanaian community, especially living, commercial, sports and leisure.

This culturally thoughtful architecture thesis project is an honest effort to celebrate the African spirit and empower the local community, which reflects in the ‘sensible chaos’ of the design.

2. INFRA-PAISAJE: New Landscape Architecture - Luis Bendezu

illustration of a landscape thesis project by a student

INFRA-PAISAJE: New Landscape Infrastructure for San Juan de Marcona - Special Mention: Architectural Thesis Award ATA 2018 (Source:

Landscape architecture manifests the connection between humans and nature. The landscape thesis project proposes a series of technical elements for the creation of a seamless landscape between the urbanised territory of San Juan de Marcona in Peru and the suburban parts, thus forming a cohesive townscape which converses with the coastline and brings active life to the otherwise desolate expanse of the region.

3. Water Exploratorium - Satyam Gyanchandani

architectural visualisation of a thesis design project by a B.Arch student

Water Exploratorium - Ace of Space Design Awards: Outstanding Student Thesis Award (Source:

Water is a life-giving resource and considered sacred across many cultures. To sustain life on earth, it is important to save and use it with utmost efficiency. The architecture thesis project showcases experiential design through and for water. It also tackles design challenges like infotainment by educating visitors on water conservation and creating a static built form for an element as fluid as water for a wholesome sensory experience.

Want to know how to come up with such fascinating thesis topics? Read: 7 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Architecture Thesis Topic For You

4. Architecture for Blind People - Mariagiorgia Pisano

multiple design solutions for the visually impaired

Between Light and Shadow: Architecture for Blind People - 1st Place: Architectural Thesis Award 2017 (Source:

Inclusive design offers a wide-spread net of research opportunities and is gaining much-needed recognition today!

Design for people with disabilities is dealt with empathy in this architecture thesis project, where the focus is exploring innovative design solutions for the visually deprived and getting the design of rehabilitation centres as close as possible to meeting their needs.

5. Mosul Postwar Camp - Edoardo Daniele Stuggiu and Stefano Lombardi

architectural digital collage for a thesis project by students

Mosul Postwar Camp - 1st Place: Architectural Thesis Award ATA 2019 (Source:

War does permanent damage to a person’s mental health. The survivors experience trauma, loss and even destruction of self-identity. The architecture thesis project proposes a postwar camp at Mosul, Iraq, aiming to create a place where people of various backgrounds can peacefully coexist and build a community based on humanitarian values to prevent war in the future.

architectural thesis market

6. Consolation through Architecture - A New Journey through the Abandoned Landscapes of Varanasi - Navin Lucas Sebastian

visualisation and architectural drawings of a thesis project by a B.Arch student

Consolation Through Architecture - COA National Awards for Excellence in Architectural Thesis 2016 (Source:

The intangible aspects of design are tough to pinpoint but necessary for the essence and feel of it. This urban design thesis project shows light on architecture’s influence on one’s emotions with the holy city of Varanasi in India as the backdrop. With a focus on issues arising due to the city’s cremation grounds, the thesis explores innovative and sustainable solutions for the same.

7. Unfinished Tor Vergata Scenario - Carmelo Gagliano

illustration of a part of an architecture thesis project

Unfinished Tor Vergata Scenario - 1st Place: Architectural Thesis Award 2020 (Source:

When it comes to building projects, the trend of the ‘unfinished’ is something Italy has been increasingly seeing in the past few years. The most popular unfinished public work is Calatrava’s Olympic Stadium, which is the main object for reuse in the proposal of a science museum at Rome Tor Vergata.

This architecture thesis project explores the existing building trends of the region, aims to reinvent the iconic building and become a scientific attraction for tourists and locals.

8. Chachapoyas Peri-Urban Park - Nájat Jishar Fernández Díaz

illustration of a part of an architecture thesis project

Structures for Incidents in Nature: Chachapoyas Peri-Urban Park - Special Mention: Architectural Thesis Award ATA 2019 (Source:

Growing urban areas are a concern as they slowly consume the ecology surrounding them. Chachapoyas (forest of clouds) in Peru faces a similar problem from the expanding urban confinements which are slowly taking over the beautiful landscapes for which the place is particularly famous.

The project aims to mend the damage by connecting every speck of open land available in the region and converting it into a network of green corridors, making for an interesting urban planning thesis!

9. Garden of Reconciliation, Kashmir - Jay Shah

graphic illustration of a miniature drawing for an architecture thesis project by a student

Garden of Reconciliation: Miniature Drawing - COA National Award in Excellence for Architectural Thesis 2018 (Source:

Cultural and political unrest in a region has always been the glue for controversies, leading to public tip-toeing around such topics. This bold architecture thesis project looks at the conflicted region of Kashmir, to analyse its cultural, social and artistic practices and then come up with an architecture program best suited for the region. This is traversed in the form of a mixed-use landscape that aims to find a solution and is not the solution itself!

Such theses usually require intensive site studies. Read: Site Analysis Categories You Need to Cover For Your Architecture Thesis Project to know more.

10. Adaptive Reuse of STP Grain Silos - Alila Mhamed

illustration of a part of an architecture thesis project by a student

Poudrière Community Hub - 2nd Place: Architectural Thesis Awards ATA 2020 (Source:

Adaptive reuse of spaces that have been uninhabited for a long time does true justice to the core values of architecture and design. This thesis project explores the creative redefinition of the old STP Grain silos complex, the first mill constructed as a part of the Poudrière industrial park in the present-day city of Sfax, Tuscany, Italy, by converting it into a mixed-use hub for art, commerce, trade, administration and collaboration.

Numerous amazing architecture thesis projects come to light every year and the list is not limited to this one! At the learning stages, people have the power to unleash their creativity without any limitations and such scenarios might just lead to the right solutions for the time and society we live in.

Giving your architecture thesis project? Check out our A-Z Architecture Thesis Guide!

Stay updated with interesting insights and episodes on architecture thesis projects with Novatr's Resources !

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architectural thesis market

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architectural thesis market

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AppLovin: Why This Mobile Ad Tech Is Taking Market Share

Michael Wiggins De Oliveira profile picture

  • AppLovin Corporation is expected to generate $1.2 billion in free cash flow in 2023, with potential to reach $1.4 billion or higher.
  • The company is experiencing attractive top line growth and gaining market share compared to competitors like Unity Software.
  • AppLovin's focus on its Software segment, which has high EBITDA margins and strong growth, makes it a promising investment option.

Social media,Social, media, Marketing, Thailand, Social Media, Engagement, Post - Structure,

Investment Thesis

AppLovin Corporation ( NASDAQ: APP ) is on a path towards reporting $1.2 billion of free cash flow in 2023. This is a very conservative estimate. I believe that AppLovin could make close to $1.6 billion next year, but to be conservative, let's stick with $1.4 billion. This means that AppLovin is priced at approximately 10x next year's free cash flow.

What's more, the business is delivering attractive top line growth, too. So, unlike other ad-tech companies, the business is not ''just'' surviving. It's actually taking market share for its peers, namely Unity Software ( U ).

Altogether, I believe this is a great business, that has the potential to be a rewarding investment into 2024. Let's get to it.

AppLovin's Near-Term Prospects

AppLovin is a company specializing in enhancing the performance of businesses, particularly those involved in mobile games and app development, within the app ecosystem. They provide unique tools and software designed to simplify the process for app creators, enabling them to increase user engagement and boost revenue generation.

The company's core focus revolves around determining the most effective advertisements and content to display to app users. They also offer comprehensive performance analytics to app developers, allowing them to assess their apps' success and optimize revenue streams, making it a pivotal aspect of their operations.

In addition to their core services, AppLovin offers a diverse portfolio of over 350 free apps, primarily mobile games. These apps leverage their proprietary tools and methodologies to achieve significant popularity and monetization through data analytics.

One integral component of AppLovin's business strategy involves an aggressive M&A strategy. Typically, I would look to avoid businesses that support their growth via M&A, as those businesses embrace high-risk acquisitions while oftentimes not being price-sensitive on those acquisitions.

However, given the significant amount of stock ownership that founder and CEO Adam Foroughi has in the company, I'm assured that Foroughi is determined to play the long game. And that's my mindset. too.

APP SEC filing

APP SEC filing

With this context in mind, let's discuss AppLovin's financials.

AppLovin's Revenues Are Growing

APP revenue growth rates

APP revenue growth rates

Unlike many ad-tech peers, AppLovin is still delivering some top line growth. To a substantial extent, its recent growth has come about through the debut of AXON 2.0, the latest iteration of AppLovin's AI decision-making engine.

Indeed, let's get some further context on the drivers of AppLovin.

APP segments author calculations

APP segments author calculations

What you see above, is that AppLovin's Software segment makes up more than 50% of the underlying. But what's particularly noteworthy is that this segment, which places ads on mobile applications owned by 3rd party publishers, is actually growing at a very reasonable rate.

AppLovin's Software segment is this business' crown jewel. This segment was up 28% y/y. Furthermore, AppLovin's Software segment competes with Unity Software's Grow Solutions segment.

And even though Unity's growth rates include a large acquisition it made last year, the organic growth of this business was 7% y/y in Q2. In other words, AppLovin's segment is taking substantial market share away from Unity.


That's why, even as the market has been particularly weak in the past month, AppLovin's stock has held its ground. I contend that investors realize that this business is meaningfully undervalued.

Focus on the Free Cash Flow

What makes AppLovin particularly compelling is that this founder-led business is focused on free cash flows.

AppLovin's Software business consistently makes higher than 60% EBITDA margins. Think about it like this, not only is AppLovin's Software business growing in the 20s% CAGR, but it's also incredibly profitable.

I maintain that within the next 12 months, AppLovin's Software business will make up close to 65% to 70% of AppLovin's business.

Moreover, including AppLovin's Q3 guidance, AppLovin is going to make $980 million in EBITDA. Therefore, we can safely estimate that AppLovin will make $1.3 billion adjusted EBITDA in 2023.

And if we take analysts' current estimates of 11% revenue growth for 2024, and keep in mind that the business will be significantly more profitable in 2024 given its Software Segment, this means that AppLovin should easily make $1.5 billion of EBITDA. Indeed, AppLovin stated during the earnings call that the business' EBITDA profile was abnormally strong in Q2 2023. On a more normalized basis, its EBITDA margins will moderate at mid-40%, which is still impressively high.

However, to add on a margin of safety, let's assume that in 2024 AppLovin ''only'' makes $1.4 billion. Again, this leaves this stock in the bargain basement at under 10x EBITDA.

The one downside here is that AppLovin has around $2.4 billion of net debt. Even though the business makes very strong free cash flows, this high debt level will in the very near term restrict its ability to make any further needle-moving acquisitions.

The Bottom Line

I estimate that AppLovin is on a path to generate around $1.4 billion in free cash flow in 2024. This estimate is somewhat conservative, and it's plausible that the figure could approach slightly higher.

This valuation implies that AppLovin Corporation is trading at approximately 10x next year's free cash flow, making it a compelling option for investors.

Despite the challenging landscape of the ad-tech industry, AppLovin is not merely surviving; it is thriving and gaining market share compared to its competitors, notably Unity Software.

The heart of AppLovin's success lies in its Software segment, responsible for over 50% of its operations and boasting a commendable 28% y/y growth rate. With its CEO's strong ownership in the company and a commitment to a long-term vision, AppLovin's strategic growth through acquisitions seems well-calculated, and its focus on free cash flows makes it a promising prospect for investors.

The core Software business, with consistently high EBITDA margins exceeding 60%, is expected to dominate AppLovin's portfolio, driving substantial profitability.

In conclusion, I believe this medium-cap stock could deliver some attractive returns in 2024.

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architectural thesis market

This article was written by

Michael Wiggins De Oliveira profile picture

Michael Wiggins De Oliveira is an energy specialist whose primary focus is capitalizing on “the Great Energy Transition” - the confluence of decarbonization, digitalization with AI, and deglobalization - to achieve greater investment returns. Through his 9+ years analyzing countless companies, Michael has accumulated outstanding professional experience in the energy sector and a following of over 40K on Seeking Alpha.

Analyst’s Disclosure: I/we have a beneficial long position in the shares of APP either through stock ownership, options, or other derivatives. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. Any views or opinions expressed above may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank. Our analysts are third party authors that include both professional investors and individual investors who may not be licensed or certified by any institute or regulatory body.

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    Undertaking I, Vinit Modi The author of the thesis titled Re-Thinking & Re-Imagining Ideology of Markets Hereby declare that this is an independent work of mine carried out towards Partial...

  17. REDEVELOPING A PLACE FOR LOCAL VENDORS : A case of 'Kudla market

    The Architectural Design Thesis "REDEVELOPING A PLACE FOR LOCAL VENDORS" A case of 'Kudla market', Mangalore, Karnataka RUDRI JOGENBHAI TANK (2016-2021) BACHELOR OF ARCHITECTURE A.A.E.R.T....

  18. Design Dissertation- Public Market Redevelopment

    DESIGN DISSERTATION- PUBLIC MARKET REDEVELOPMENT by Mumuksha patel - Issuu Read DESIGN DISSERTATION- PUBLIC MARKET REDEVELOPMENT by Mumuksha patel on Issuu and browse thousands of other...

  19. Market

    Top architecture projects recently published on ArchDaily. The most inspiring residential architecture, interior design, landscaping, urbanism, and more from the world's best architects. Find...

  20. Notification of the start of public discussions. The architectural and

    Notification of the start of public discussions.<br> <br>The architectural and planning concept of the improvement of the park at the intersection of Sovetskaya Street and Karl Marx Street is presented for public discussion.<br>Electric steel of the Moscow region.<br>Public discussions are held in the manner prescribed by the order of the Administration of the city district Elektrostal of the ...

  21. Moscow Metro International Architecture Competition

    The 3rd International Idea Competition for Bcome 2022. International Design-A-Sock Contest. 2A Continental Architectural Awards 2022

  22. Action 44, Moscow, Russia

    Adres: BOSB Mermerciler San. Sitesi 4. Cadde No: 7 34520, Beylikdüzü / İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

  23. ELKAR, OOO Company Profile

    Industry: Scientific Research and Development Services , Nonferrous Metal (except Aluminum) Production and Processing , Cutlery and Handtool Manufacturing , Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing , Forging and Stamping See All Industries, Miscellaneous Durable Goods Merchant Wholesalers , Commercial physical research, Primary nonferrous Metals, nec, Hand and edge tools, nec ...

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    Urupong. Investment Thesis. AppLovin Corporation (NASDAQ:APP) is on a path towards reporting $1.2 billion of free cash flow in 2023.This is a very conservative estimate. I believe that AppLovin ...