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How to Create an Effective Thesis Statement in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a thesis statement can be a daunting task. It’s one of the most important sentences in your paper, and it needs to be done right. But don’t worry — with these five easy steps, you’ll be able to create an effective thesis statement in no time.

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

The first step is to brainstorm ideas for your paper. Think about what you want to say and write down any ideas that come to mind. This will help you narrow down your focus and make it easier to create your thesis statement.

Step 2: Research Your Topic

Once you have some ideas, it’s time to do some research on your topic. Look for sources that support your ideas and provide evidence for the points you want to make. This will help you refine your argument and make it more convincing.

Step 3: Formulate Your Argument

Now that you have done some research, it’s time to formulate your argument. Take the points you want to make and put them into one or two sentences that clearly state what your paper is about. This will be the basis of your thesis statement.

Step 4: Refine Your Thesis Statement

Once you have formulated your argument, it’s time to refine your thesis statement. Make sure that it is clear, concise, and specific. It should also be arguable so that readers can disagree with it if they choose.

Step 5: Test Your Thesis Statement

The last step is to test your thesis statement. Does it accurately reflect the points you want to make? Is it clear and concise? Does it make an arguable point? If not, go back and refine it until it meets all of these criteria.

Creating an effective thesis statement doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these five easy steps, you can create a strong thesis statement in no time at all.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


a good thesis statement on gender inequality


Thesis Statement On Gender Inequality

Arlie hochschild the second shift analysis.

In Arlie Hochschild’s “The Second Shift: Working Families and the Revolution at Home,” she explains what exactly the Second Shift was and its effects on the average American woman. How Hochschild explained, the second shift was another way of describing the labor performed at home in addition to the paid work performed in the formal setting. This was not a major issue, before the Women’s rights movement, because it was expected of the women to take care of the home and children, however, as women became more and more involved in the working world, the expectation for them to work at home or take a “second shift” did not change. Women were still expected to take care of the cleaning, the appointments, the children, and several other things that are meant to keep up the home. Policies are in dire need to be created to alleviate the stress placed on the working women.

Harriet Ann Jacobs Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl

Many women are often victims suffering from physical abuse and political injustices. Society portrays them as submissive and silenced. Even though now women are able to join the workforce, they are still getting paid less than men. Despite America’s status as a civilized country, the degradation persists in too

Gender Pay Gap Essay

Annotated Bibliography Quast, L. (2015, November 22). The Gender Pay Gap Issue Is Fixable -- But May Require Bolder Actions To Overcome. Retrieved from Forbes.com: http://www.forbes.com/sites/lisaquast/2015/11/22/the-gender-pay-gap-issue-is-fixable-but-may-require-bolder-actions-to-overcome/2/ It is reported by the Economic Policy Institute that although women had made tremendous records entering into workforce and gain great successes in education, but their wage is 83% comparing to men. The world forum also released a report in 2015 that women now make as much as men earned a decade ago.

Gender Pay Gap Thesis Statement

Gender equality: the pinnacle concept that American society is not-so desperately trying to achieve. Many Americans have convinced themselves that gender equality was remedied by the Nineteenth Amendment and the Second Feminist Movement, and have not considered the thousands of steps that are left on the journey. In recent years, a matter of public interest has been the gender wage gap, stating that women are earning significantly less money than men for doing an equivalent amount of work. Critics of the effort to “break the glass ceiling” claim that a pay gap does not exist, and that if it does, it is because women either do not work as hard, have to tend to their families, or hold lower paying jobs. However, the gender pay gap has been proven to exist in a variety of different forms,

Gender Roles Synthesis

Directions: Please type your entire synthesis essay on this document. Be sure to leave time to proofread your essay to avoid losing points for grammatical errors like capitalization. Gender Roles in society is used to label a specific gender to have one specific role. Men are supposed to be the dominant one to go to work all day and put food on the table. Meanwhile, the women are the ones staying home and caring for the children.

Sexism In The Workplace Essay

Women. Women’s involvement in the working world have contributed to many items that would be missing from the world today; if they had not been allowed to work.. Women have struggled with sexism in the workplace since before they were even given the chance to try to work. They were taught from a young age that their job was to provide children, cook, and clean for their husbands, while the husband worked and provided the money. What men did not know however was that women were capable of so much more(Jewell, Hannah).

Gender Inequality Essay

Equality among people justifies the development of human civilization. The history witnesses how people mistreated the others and how other people fought for freedom. It proves a permanent truth that the more civilized the people are, the less inequality would be promoted. However, there was no one period in the past, even now, without inequality completely. The slavery issue in the West and the gender inequality in the East both brought unimaginable damage for not only the groups of people who were mistreated, but also the society which is supposed to be peaceful, fair and justice.

Gender Equality And Sustainable Development

It is important to link gender equality and sustainable development for a number of reasons. How can we achieve a sustainable future, and reach our development goals if half of the world’s population has their rights, capabilities and dignity ignored? Women’s knowledge should be used to help achieve these goals, they should be viewed as central actors, not victims. Furthermore, to be effective, policy actions for sustainability must redress the disproportionate impact on women and girls of economic, social and environmental shocks and stresses. The lives of girls and women have changed dramatically over the past quarter century.

Thesis On Gender Equality

Aubrey Rose A, Barangot English 27B Title Gender Equality: An Established Human Right Thesis Gender Equality and Stereotypes Inroduction The gender equality has been accepted and acknowledged as human rights’ principles since the adoption of charter of United Nations in 1945. Most of the international agreements such as ‘the Millennium Development Goals (2000)’ and ‘the World Conference on Human Rights (1993) have highlighted and stressed the grave need for nations to take appropriate actions against such discriminatory practices. To give clarity to this research, the researcher uses the following definitions: “Everyone has a fundamental right to live free of violence.

Essay On Gender Inequality In India

Introduction In India, discriminatory attitude towards men and women have existed for generations and thus it affect the lives of both genders. Although the constitution of India has granted men and women equal rights, but gender gap still remains. Female discrimination violates human rights. These are mostly seen in family land sharing among sisters and brothers.

Gender Gap In Economic Participation

When traditional mindsets are prevalent in society, even if advancements are being made to try to engage women to join the workforce, society will continue to force traditional gender roles onto both men and women. This places burden on women who are pressured to both meet cultural expectations as well as progress in their careers. This inhibits women from participating actively in the workforce, thus the gender gap in economic participation will not be

Essay On Wealth Inequality

It is proven that gender does contribute to a difference in wages in society and there for another cause of wealth inequality. The U.N. has found that gender discrimination is still a significant factor in holding many women and children around the world in poverty. In many countries, there is a gender income gap in the labor market. For example, in America, statistics show that “The median full-time salary for women is 78 percent of that of men”; despite the fact women make up half the workforce. One of the reasons women earn less income/money in their lifetime is usually because they are single mums and/or have more people/family to support on their

Essay On Gender Equality

Gender Equality is the only way forward. What is gender equality? Gender equality is achieved when all genders enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society, including economic participation and decision-making, and when the different behaviors, aspirations and needs of women and men are equally valued and favored.

Essay On Gender Equality In The Workplace

The United States is currently facing an economical problem that involves males and female differences within the workplace. Males are given bigger and sometimes even better rewards for doing equal amounts of work as their female counterparts. Females are frequently not receiving the same wage even if they can complete the same job of a male. Also, females are less likely to get promoted within their job if they are competing against a male. A source states, “Women are now more likely to have college degrees than men, yet they still face a pay gap in every single education level,

Gender Issues In Cooperatives: A Literature Review

Gender role refers those tasks and responsibilities of men and women as determined by a particular society. The society expects both men and women to perform their roles in the culturally acceptable manners. For example, the socialization process moulds women into the role of subservient mother and wife’s preparing food, looking after children, fetching water as well as to low status productive activities such as trade in the informal sector. While it is considered appropriate for males to work in income earning or productive activities (Etsegenet, 1999). 2.6.3.

More about Thesis Statement On Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality Thesis Statement

“Gender inequality exists to some extent, in most areas of society, in all countries of the world”. Geographically examine this statement. Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on the gender. It arises from differences in socially constructed gender roles, behaviors, and activities and attributes that a given society deems appropriate for men and women. For two years Iceland is the number one country for gender equality followed by Norway in second, Finland third and Sweden fifth – showing that the Nordic countries are the best for gender equality.

The gender equality gap is measured by looking at politics, education, employment and health. According to recent studies the highest representation of women in parliament was in Europe, in which 20. 56% of parliamentary people were female, and the lowest Oceania in which 7. 5% of parliamentary people were women. Women’s political empowerment is very important, and small loans can help improve it. More power means an increase in confidence to change and challenge gender relations. Economically it will mean women have increased access to markets, and increased control over income, assests and resources within the home.

Kuwait is an example of a country trying to solve gender inequality issues and increase women’s empowerment politically, socially, and economically. Women in Kuwait have been given the right to run in local and governmental elections, as well as vote in elections. Sub-Saharan Africa is another area in which women’s empowerment is being promoted. This time through giving women mobile phones to help improve their lives slightly. Statistics show that within Sub-Saharan Africa 300 million fewer men than women have mobiles. So the plan was to issue 150 million mobiles to women across the region.

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It is thought that mobiles can help with literacy, health programs and project awareness, developing small businesses, and gaining financial independence. Education is also another area in which gender inequality is trying to be beaten. By improving women’s educations statistics show that Fertility rates and Infant and child mortality numbers will decrease, while women’s labour force and women’s children going to school will increase. Gender inequality in education correlates with ethnicity and religion, domestic responsibilities, cultural restrictions and less economic power.

Examples of gender inequality within education are in Pakistan and Yemen. In Pakistan the Taliban was restricting women’s education. 125,000 girls have had to abandon their education after 180 schools were torched and 900 school closed down. Taliban are brutal, they behead, assassinate political figures and destroy homes. A recent example might be the fourteen-year-old Malala who was shot in the head by the Taliban on her way home from school because she was trying to promote women’s rights. In Yemen being the lowest global rating of gender inequality means they’re heavily investing in this sector.

The International Development Association (IDA) are working to increase access to and the quality of education, as well as promoting it to women nationally. They’re encouraging female teachers, which will increase ‘social acceptance’. 1000 new female teachers were introduced in 2008 alone, and they successfully attracted girls to schools. As well as 100- new female teachers, 4000 classrooms and 200 schools were built, and 80 of the original schools were repaired. All of these efforts have worked, as the illiteracy rate has halved from 90% in 1999 to 45% in 2009!

Other areas in which gender inequality exists are within culture and government, migration, health, employment, birth ratios and legal rights and land ownership. Not all countries with gender inequality issues are third world countries. Infact, some are the most developed. Places like China, Switzerland and The United Kingdom all suffer from gender inequality. This might show that gender inequality does exist to some extent in all countries of the world, not just less developed countries because they don’t have the money to over come the problem. China’s a very good example of the birth ratios gender inequality issue.

It is estimated there that men will outnumber women by 30 million by 2020. And in 2005, china’s birth rate was 119 males to every 100 females, in some provinces it went up to 140 males. According to feminist writers in China, it is because Chinese people would rather have a son, as they’re considered more useful, they also say that son preference is seen as blunt gender discrimination. Overall it’s common for one to think that the statement “Gender inequality exists to some extent, in most areas of society, in all countries of the world” is very much true.

All the evidence points towards geographically spread gender inequality worldwide, not just certain countries in which one might assume to suffer from gender inequality. Yemen, Ethiopia, Kuwait and Sub-Saharan Africa are all strong examples of less economically developed countries suffering from gender inequality, and UK, Switzerland and China more economically developed countries also suffering from gender inequality – however all are affected by politics, education, employment and health.

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Gender Discrimination Issues and Interventions

Introduction, gender discrimination causes, potential solutions to the specified social issue.

The identification of gender discrimination is a social issue that requires much attention from public opinion. Thesis statement: gender discrimination is a social construct that prevents women from progressing, and the main beneficiaries are insecure men who fear competition in different life aspects.

Describing the background of the problem. The majority of women encounter challenges while trying to receive equal wages for their job or having a good job position (Korpi, Ferrarini, & Englund, 2013). Gender discrimination is a significant topic as it relates directly to women’s opportunities in workplaces.

In the workplace, gender discrimination is caused by the sexism of decision-makers. For example, wage gaps, poor leadership opportunities, and limited promotions may be noted as the contextual issues of such discrimination (Stamarski & Son Hing, 2015).

The advocates of gender discrimination declare that the role of women is to care about the home and raise children. Since it is a matter of perception, gender discrimination is illogical and non-relevant.

Time spent with children is perceived by men as rest. At this point, fathers tend to prefer spending more time with their sons and investing in them rather than daughters.

Policies that foster gender inequality. The selectivity of women in the workplace is promoted by policies that allow determining the required gender of applicants (Korpi et al., 2013). At the same time, there is a lack of policies that establish work-family reconciliation that makes females even more prone to discrimination.

Fatherless households as one of the reasons for gender discrimination in the family. Female children from such families are more likely to face unemployment, a low income, and teenage pregnancies.

Change of perceptions as the way to address the problem. The reviewed literature shows that gender discrimination mainly depends on the dominating perceptions practiced in society. It is worth paying one’s attention to the development and implementation of the state social and economic programs aimed at combating women’s discrimination and including the employment plan for women (Stamarski & Son Hing, 2015).

The implementation of new policies to foster equality. Therefore, it is essential to elaborate new policies, focusing on the promotion of women’s equal rights in the workplace. For example, policies regarding job applications and hiring as well as wages should be equalized with those concerning men (Korpi et al., 2013).

It is also important to ensure the preventive and educational work, namely, the introduction of programs for the legal education of women to explain their rights and fundamental freedoms enclosed in the norms of the US and international law.

To solve this problem, it seems to be useful to consider it from the sociological point of view. Women should be encouraged to more actively protect their labor rights, do not be afraid to apply to the prosecutor’s office, the state labor inspectorate, or the court. They should not write applications for unfair dismissal at will if an employer forces them, but first consult with labor law specialists.

In conclusion, it is expected to focus on the results revealed in the course of the research. In particular, one may suggest that the government should pay more attention to the education of women in the field of labor legislation and protection of rights. In addition, women are expected to become more active in ensuring their rights and striving to contribute to equal treatment.

Korpi, W., Ferrarini, T., & Englund, S. (2013). Women’s opportunities under different family policy constellations: Gender, class, and inequality tradeoffs in western countries re-examined. Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society , 20 (1), 1-40.

Stamarski, C. S., & Son Hing, L. S. (2015). Gender inequalities in the workplace: The effects of organizational structures, processes, practices, and decision makers’ sexism . Frontiers in Psychology, 6 (1400), 1-20.

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Effective method to read a process flow chart, essential oils and cough: are they really effective, thesis statement: gender inequality.

In the world there is no country where women earn as much as men

Although in many countries over the past century, women gained many rights, gender inequality in the workplace. Essay covers a problem even in the most developed countries. On the planet there is no country where women and men in similar positions receive the same salary. “Women make up about half of the population of the Earth and deserve to receive the same access to health care, education, earnings, influence and political rights as men,” write the authors of the report of the world economic forum. Our argumentative essay on gender inequality is dedicated to clarify this topic for you.

The closest to gender equality are the Nordic countries

The first place among the countries that is most successful struggling with inequality, is Iceland. The top five includes and other developed countries of Northern Europe: Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. There is a gap between the different floors overcome 80% of it might have to do with developed innovative economy and a high standard of living in these countries.

Nicaragua and Rwanda are fighting inequality better than many developed countries

Sixth place in the ranking is unexpectedly of Nicaragua. A small and poor country in Central America ahead of the US, UK and other countries of the developed world, because there’s a lot of women who get higher education are engaged in professional work and participate in government. Immediately after Nicaragua is Rwanda she received a high rating, because in the local Parliament there are more women than men. There is a thesis statement on discrimination. You can easily find it by googling.

This is largely due to the indicators, reflecting the involvement of women in the political life of the country. According to analysts’ estimates, only 16 % of parliamentarians and 7% of government officials were women. In addition, the low place in the ranking was influenced by the income gap between men and women.

Chad, Pakistan and Yemen countries with the highest levels of discrimination

One of the last lines of the ranking is Chad, where few women have the opportunity to receive higher education and almost all managers, lawyers and officials are men. Pakistan fell to last place due to the large inequality between men and women in the economic sphere, while Yemen came in last place due to rupture in the amount of earnings and inequality in education and politics. Social inequality essays nicely tell us about more detailed.

The world situation has improved over the past nine years, and changes occur in the most unexpected regions

“World economic forum” has started to publish statistics in 2006 since then the authors of the report regularly interview CEOS of companies from around the world about the wage of their subordinates and to measure other indicators reflecting the situation of women in society. Changes occur very slowly over nine years, the overall situation of women on the planet has improved by only 4 %. However, studies show that most countries are moving in the right direction. The positive dynamics noticeable in 105 of the 142 countries included in the report. The situation is improved not only in developed countries. A lot of essays on gender inequality were written, and you might be interested to dive in them.

' src=

By Katelin Robbins

a good thesis statement on gender inequality

Ethical Issues: Gender Inequality in the Workplace essay

Gender inequality in the workplace has always been an issue of concern. According to researchers, “gender inequality in the workplace is often attributed to the preponderance of men in positions of power”(Penner & Toro-Tulla, 2010, p. 83). Some people believe that men should earn more than women, while other people suggest that it is necessary to promote gender equality in the workplace because this issue is ethically significant. For example, recent research shows that the levels of gender wage inequality are different in different workplaces, depending on the gender of the owner (Penner & Toro-Tulla, 2010).  In other words male and female owners have different attitudes toward the issue of gender inequality in the workplace (Penner & Toro-Tulla, 2010). The issue that will be discussed in this paper is ethically significant because it refers to gender ethics. When men and women are treated differently, it is unethical, especially when they perform the same tasks, which require the application of the same skills, knowledge and experience.  Although equal treatment of employees is one of the major requirements of the U.S. Constitution and many statutes, the area of gender equality is still vague. According to researchers, “organizational culture is characterized by its particular narrative structure of gender citizenship and by the voices and silences that confront each other over gender inequalities”(Gherardi, 2006, p. 180).   Thesis statement: Gender inequality in the workplace is an ethically significant issue which requires adequate solutions because it leads to unethical discrimination of women. As a rule, women’s discrimination influences their motivation, leads to poor interpersonal relations and inadequate corporate culture.

            To start with, gender inequality in the workplace is ethically significant because it influences women’s motivation to perform their tasks in a proper way. Many studies point out to the fact that “gender inequality is embedded in the workplace” (Smith, 2014, p. 53). For example, women’s experiences regarding gender inequality in the working environment are based on lower job security, lower wages compared to men, lack of respect, lack of benefits or inadequate benefits, and “vulnerability to sexual harassment and abuse” (Smith, 2014, p. 53). As a result, women have poor motivation to perform their duties. They have no interest to develop new ideas and use their creativity in decision making process. In other words, women have negative attitudes toward unethical gender discrimination in the workplace.

            Moreover, gender inequality is an important ethical issue because it affects interpersonal relations to a great extent.  If women are treated inequality, they often have poor interpersonal relations with other employees (both men and women). Many men consider that women should not be in the leadership position. This assumption is wrong because many women demonstrate their best skills, knowledge and experience, which can be used in leadership roles (Aaltio & Mills, 2003).  Undoubtedly, if women realize that their abilities are ignored, they do not want to develop effective interpersonal relations in the workplace. This fact means unethical discrimination of women leads to certain work-related problems that can affect not only their performance, but also the overall productivity of the company.

            Additionally, the issue of gender inequality in the workplace is ethically significant because it influences the overall success of the company in the competitive market. Unethical companies have poor corporate culture, which leads to improper business relations at all levels. According to researchers, women who are continually discriminate in the workplace demonstrate no interest in promoting corporate culture. Actually, any male-dominated corporate culture is ineffective in today’s business environment because international business encourages gender equality, without differential rules for men and women (Smith, 2014; Aaltio & Mills, 2003). According to researchers, “we do not need to face gender empowerment ourselves to be able to understand gender inequality issues, but we need intelligence to describe and essentialize cultural processes that outline gendered organizational reality” (Aaltio & Mills, 2003, p. 15). Corporate culture should reflect the organization’s policy regarding women’s rights.

Thus, it is necessary to conclude that the issue of gender inequality in the workplace is ethically significant because it refers to gender ethics. There are three major reasons that show that the issue of gender equality in the workplace is ethically significant. First, gender inequality in the workplace is an ethically significant issue because it has a strong impact on women’s motivation. If women are not motivated to perform their tasks, they act unethically. Second, gender inequality is an important ethical issue because it affects interpersonal relations in the workplace to a great extent.  Third, the issue of gender inequality in the workplace is an ethically significant issue because it affects the effectiveness of the company’s corporate culture. A corporate culture is based on the established ethical principles, which prohibit any forms of discrimination of women in the workplace, including lower wages compared to men’s wages, sexual harassment, stereotyping and prejudices.

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Gender Inequality Essay


500+ Words Essay on Gender Inequality

For many years, the dominant gender has been men while women were the minority. It was mostly because men earned the money and women looked after the house and children. Similarly, they didn’t have any rights as well. However, as time passed by, things started changing slowly. Nonetheless, they are far from perfect. Gender inequality remains a serious issue in today’s time. Thus, this gender inequality essay will highlight its impact and how we can fight against it.

gender inequality essay

  About Gender Inequality Essay

Gender inequality refers to the unequal and biased treatment of individuals on the basis of their gender. This inequality happens because of socially constructed gender roles. It happens when an individual of a specific gender is given different or disadvantageous treatment in comparison to a person of the other gender in the same circumstance.

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Impact of Gender Inequality

The biggest problem we’re facing is that a lot of people still see gender inequality as a women’s issue. However, by gender, we refer to all genders including male, female, transgender and others.

When we empower all genders especially the marginalized ones, they can lead their lives freely. Moreover, gender inequality results in not letting people speak their minds. Ultimately, it hampers their future and compromises it.

History is proof that fighting gender inequality has resulted in stable and safe societies. Due to gender inequality, we have a gender pay gap. Similarly, it also exposes certain genders to violence and discrimination.

In addition, they also get objectified and receive socioeconomic inequality. All of this ultimately results in severe anxiety, depression and even low self-esteem. Therefore, we must all recognize that gender inequality harms genders of all kinds. We must work collectively to stop these long-lasting consequences and this gender inequality essay will tell you how.

How to Fight Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is an old-age issue that won’t resolve within a few days. Similarly, achieving the goal of equality is also not going to be an easy one. We must start by breaking it down and allow it time to go away.

Firstly, we must focus on eradicating this problem through education. In other words, we must teach our young ones to counter gender stereotypes from their childhood.

Similarly, it is essential to ensure that they hold on to the very same beliefs till they turn old. We must show them how sports are not gender-biased.

Further, we must promote equality in the fields of labour. For instance, some people believe that women cannot do certain jobs like men. However, that is not the case. We can also get celebrities on board to promote and implant the idea of equality in people’s brains.

All in all, humanity needs men and women to continue. Thus, inequality will get us nowhere. To conclude the gender inequality essay, we need to get rid of the old-age traditions and mentality. We must teach everyone, especially the boys all about equality and respect. It requires quite a lot of work but it is possible. We can work together and achieve equal respect and opportunities for all genders alike.

FAQ of Gender Inequality Essay

Question 1: What is gender inequality?

Answer 1: Gender inequality refers to the unequal and biased treatment of individuals on the basis of their gender. This inequality happens because of socially constructed gender roles. It happens when an individual of a specific gender is given different or disadvantageous treatment in comparison to a person of the other gender in the same circumstance.

Question 2: How does gender inequality impact us?

Answer 2:  The gender inequality essay tells us that gender inequality impacts us badly. It takes away opportunities from deserving people. Moreover, it results in discriminatory behaviour towards people of a certain gender. Finally, it also puts people of a certain gender in dangerous situations.


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Gender Equality - Free Essay Samples And Topic Ideas

Gender equality stands as a paramount issue demanding constant attention and action. Examining and writing essay examples on gender equality provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by individuals and communities alike. This opens up the view that gender-based violence is a widespread problem and that it is necessary to provide equal rights for all. By writing persuasive and argumentative essays about gender equality, we can address important issues and advocate for a fairer society. Also, composing a gender discrimination essay will provide a platform for creating a more inclusive and equal world.

When you start writing an essay on this topic, you need to learn about the experiences of marginalized groups. For example, feminist views help us to see the discrimination that exists in society. By providing strong thesis statement examples and sharing real-life stories, you can expose unfair treatment. This will help shed light on the challenges women face in social, economic, and political aspects of life.

Moreover, creating interesting titles for essays is important. All of them should capture the essence of the research paper. To make the essay well-organized, it’s helpful to create an outline. It acts as a roadmap, organizing the main ideas and evidence logically. It typically includes an engaging introduction, background information, key arguments, counterarguments, and a meaningful conclusion.

Research different gender equality essay topics for your studies. These can include reproductive rights or representation in leadership positions. Pursuing gender equity requires collective efforts from individuals and communities, both within and beyond the borders of America.

Gender Equality and Crime

The court and the Judiciary, in general, are guided by the basic principles of justice to all. Judges usually give rulings based on the rule of law with the intention of protecting the public, deterring crime, rehabilitating law offenders, punishing offenders and offering reparation to the victim. The principles of justice mean fairness, protecting the rights of all regardless of gender, race or religion. However, gender equality has been a significant issue for many years, and there has been a […]

Gender Equality is your Issue too

Public speeches and rallies have served as an important tool for the feminist movement throughout history; from the Seneca Falls Convention to the 2016 women’s march, and everything before, after and in between, rhetoric has given women the ability to use their voices when they had not much else. Although some women called upon men to listen to their words and consider their requests, the feminist movement and rhetoric relied on those whose rights were being fought for: women. Suffragists […]

Gender Wage Gap and Gender Equality

Although men and women have made great strides for gender equality in recent years, the economic pay gap between men and women still persists. The Gender Wage Gap refers to the general gap between what similarly qualified men and women are paid for the same job. It is most commonly measured in the median annual pay of all women who work full time compared to a similar group of men. However, whichever way it is measured, the gender pay gap […]

When do we Know when we have Achieved Gender Equality?

Social change, by definition, refers to any significant changes over time in how people behave and the norms and cultural values that are predominant in the culture. Some significant social changes through history include the industrial revolution, the abolition of slavery, and the feminist movement. The social changes that we are facing now comprise of issues such as interracial marriage, same-sex marriage, and legalization of marijuana. Interracial marriage, for example has had a major shift forward with 86% of Americans […]

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Gender inequality in the workplace has been an ongoing issue for decades now. Men and women have never been on the same page when it comes to work. Women have always been known to be more of caregivers and men have been given the tougher tasks. Gender stereotypes have always played a major role in assigning women to lower paying and lower status jobs in comparison to men. Discrimination against women can occur in many ways throughout the workplace, such […]

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Religion’s Role in Gender Equality

In today’s society and looking back, gender equality is something that the human race, in general, has struggled with since the beginning of our existence. Modern society likes to blame certain groups more for the gender inequalities we are facing than others. More often than not the finger pointing ends up turning to religion. In the Western World individuals often accuse Muslims of oppressing women, when Christianity, historically speaking has not been leading the way in gender equality. That being […]

Diversity in Psychology: Absence of Gender Equality, Cultural Diversity and Inclusion in Psychology

As a field that explores human experiences, psychology has been pushing to include diversity in its education, research and services. The discipline has been ensuring to include multicultural approach and diversity while emphasizing topics such as individual and cultural differences (Gallor, 2017). As of recent, psychology has been focusing on integrating social justice in its field, specifically academically and in training future professionals. Psychology textbooks and courses lack the of coverage of race, racism, and other forms of oppression, however, […]

Women’s Rights in the United States in the 1970s

In the 1940’s-1960’s, there was a blurred distinction between clinical and sexual exams within the medical field (Wendy Kline, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry). For example, many male doctors would provide pelvic exams as a means to teach women sex instruction, and were taught to assert their power over their patients. This led to women instituting new training programs for proper examinations, creating a more gentle and greatly-respected method of examining women and their bodies. There was also an increase […]

Rhetorical Analysis on “United Nations Address on Gender Equality”

On September twentieth of twenty-fourteen, Emma Watson gave the speech “United Nations Address on Gender Equality,” taking on the raw topic of gender equality of not just women, but both genders. Watson was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the UN and is an actress. Her goal is to persuade her audience that both genders suffer from inequality and deserve to be recognized as equals. Using intelligent adjectives and phrases, she must advocate to hard-headed men and inspire them to want change […]

Gender Equality in to Kill a Mockingbird

For centuries, there was always the mindset that men are superior to women. They were known to know more, do more and be the primary figure in all circumstances. Gender equality was not a widely known and controversial topic until the early 2000’s. Even with movements popping up, gender inequality still persisted. Females were expected to do ‘lady like things’; these things include: staying at home to clean, wear dresses and stay out of trouble. In the book To Kill […]

Issue of Sex-Selective Abortion

Sex-selective abortion is the practice of ending a pregnancy due to the predicted gender of the baby. It has been occurring for centeriues in many countries many people believe that males are more valuable than females. This practice has been happening in many Asian countries but even in the US many Asians still hold strong to those beliefs. Due to these beleifs there is a huge shift in sex ratio in Asian countries. People are using the technology to determine […]

Title IX and Gender Equality in Sport

Introduction Sport is one of few arenas that individuals expect to be judged only by their ability and athleticism; however, when gender is considered, there is still a great deal of inequality. Researchers, scholars, and participants in sport have been debating the need for more representation of women and equal opportunities in sport for decades, and there have been some strides taken to level the playing field between men and women in sport.   As a Christian it is our […]

The Impact of Women’s Movement on Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

Abstract The women's movement is a social movement that opposes discrimination and violence against women, enables women to obtain their due social status and rights, and realizes gender equality. In a patriarchal society, striving for women' rights related to guarantee women's rights in race, gender, property and freedom of marriage and career; eliminating prejudice and stereotypes against women, and facilitating gender equality in politics, economy, culture, society and family. This paper briefly describes the impact and purpose of women's movement […]

Gender Equality and Gender Equality in Sport

Gender equity has been a problem in society since the beginning of your time. over many years, women faced issues with equity in relationships, education, their career, and athletic opportunities. Gender identity is the personal sense of one’s own gender. This identity can correspond with the assigned sex at birth or can be completely different. this subject is incredibly controversial and may cause several disagreements. Gender plays an enormous role in each society round the world. However, one would possibly […]

Overcoming Barriers to Gender Equality in the Workplace

Women have helped shaped this country into what we know it is today. Women may provide a sense of comfort. They may provide a sense of power. Why is it that women are sexually harassed in the workplace? Could it be because of men seeking dominance? Could it be that men are aggressive? Why does being a female affect whether or not one will be hired? Is it because women are seen as overly emotional? Is it because men view […]

Gender Equality in the Workforce

Our world has progressed over time in many aspects such as technologically, politically, and socially. The right to vote, equality in public areas, and freedom of speech and press common protected civil rights that exist today. However, there are still many subconscious aspects of inequality in society that often times go unnoticed or aren’t protested against as much. Men and women, though created equal at birth, are put into different spectrums based on society’s norms. So no matter how far […]

Modern Problem of Gender Equality

The perception of young men and women concerning gender roles in society has been improved and changed through various studies and events. A suggestion exists that in every society, men and women should be differently engaged in activities, be moved by different motivations, and even cloth differently. The paper focuses on how different gender messages from articles affect the perceptions about gender among audiences like children and adolescents. These messages can cause these adolescents and children to either resist or […]

Japanese Women: Fighting for Gender Equality

For many years women all over the world have had to struggle with gender inequality. While some countries have taken monumental steps to better the problem, some are still behind; for instance, Japan. Japanese women must overcome the oppression that they meet when compared to their male counterparts, rather it be economical, political, or social. Throughout Japan’s history Japanese women has always been at the bottom. They have always fought for their right to be treated as equal to men. […]

Role of Men and Women in Society

Both men and women are constrained by the binary gender system. Men and women are labeled in society. Men are made to prove themselves in society. To show just how powerful they are and that they are expected to do more than women. Society label men as independent people. That they do not need help from other people especially women. In the binary system the masculine side is valued whereas the feminism side is undervalued. The hierarchy favores men over […]

Pakistan and Gender Equality

Gender equality change must be made in the curriculum for the lower-middle class schooling system for the prevention of poverty and child mortality in Pakistan. This is a crucial time for this whole world with Women’s empowerment and Pakistan has a long way to go since its independence from India as an Islamic state to show support to all the women around the world. Pakistan had failed to make adequate advancements in a number of key gender policies. (According to Thomas […]

Gender Equality in the Eye of the Societ

"In recent years, gender equality in the eye of the society has become the utmost concern of many. Arguments have arisen as to what degree of consideration each is to be given, and unto what extents the other should be held against the other. Notably, the gender equality argument is one that does not seem to find a final conclusion any time soon, and with the rise of human rights activists and feminists who always give the topic a fresh […]

LGBT Community and Gender Equality in America

In America, the LGBT community is surrounded by queer excellence and promotes pride to those who support gay rights. However, the new liberal mindset of people regarding characteristics such as race and sexual orientation would not be possible without the relentless protesters and dedicated activists who fought hard to make their views heard through a movement that would greatly impact and shape the future of this country. The word “equality” has been used a lot over our recent fight for […]

Personal Thinking : Gender Equality

“I want equality and all that, but I don’t really consider myself a feminist”- me two years ago This is something I used to say quite frequently before I came to college. For so long I had fallen victim to the stereotypes society gave to feminists, most likely by men. I was convinced that they were the liberal hippies that refused to shave or wear makeup, so while I wanted equal rights and equal pay, I didn’t really want to be […]

“Of Mice and Men” Sexism

Of Mice and Men is about a duo that is the greatest duo that roamed the 1930’s. Sexism is shown when Lennie told Curley's wife to go away because he didn't want curly to get mad. Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of gender. “The government and society were dispelled by the new deal.”Sexism in the great depression was when women were not doing big jobs like today's society and people has a strong bias towards […]

Movement Towards Gender Equality

The movement towards gender equality has slowed down significantly. Many times there are major roadblocks that often times goes unseen. Women are now half of the educated labor force population and earn the majority of advanced degrees. Women have begun to do well in universities. Considering how well they are doing and how the are progressing up the work ladder they have been running into biases problems that tend to derail them. The higher a women is in a ladder […]

The Relationship between Gender Equality and Democracy

The relationship between the Islamic world and the West is centered around conflicts that involve equal treatment of women rather than democratic governance. In the paper, “the Relationship Between Gender Equality and Democracy”, the author’s state, “...found that citizens of Muslim societies are significantly less supportive of equal rights and opportunities for women and have significantly less permissive attitudes toward homosexuality, abortion and divorce than those living in Western, democratic countries.” (Rizzo, Helen, et al. pg1152) These ideas are explored from […]

Promoting Gender Equality in Muslim Contexts

The asymmetrical relationships of power between the genders represent, still nowadays, a transversal constant in the different cultures: in fact, social exclusion, the material and symbolic subordination of women on the part of men represent, globally, a common point between different historical periods and cultures. Indeed, in the globalized world, if on the one hand women tend to be a fundamental resource, on the other, they risk to become a hostage to identity policies and nationalist claims. In many contexts, […]

Disparity between Women and Men in Sports

To inform my audience about disparity between women and men in sports in terms of salary gap, media converge and opportunities. Gender inequality in sports which explores disparity in resources, rewards and reassurance provided to men but are not prevalent to women in the sports context. In both subtle and explicit ways, women face numerous boundaries in taking part in sports, which keep women and young girls from receiving the various rewards that can be gained from playing sports and […]

Analyzing Rape Culture and Sexism in Society

Issues with sexism and rape culture in our society are extremely detrimental because they increase the likelihood of sexual violence, which significantly negatively effects women. Sexism involves the idea that men are the dominant or superior sex. This ideology becomes evident through types of social and economic imbalance based on gender, which creates systematic limits based on gender (O'Brien). Rape culture often stems from sexism. It is the existence of environments that influence and normalize sexual violence and attitudes towards […]

Feminist Critique in Pygmalion

George Bernard Shaw makes Pygmalion an excellent example of feminist criticism in a piece of literature. Throughout the play, we see male dominance over the females. He depicted how being a lady during the Victorian era changed how you were treated, and women were to act a certain way--the stereotypical lady-like way. In the play, men were dominant over Eliza. Thus, changing her and her way of living making her dependent on them. Although most readers see George Bernard Shaw’s […]

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Essay About Gender Discrimination In the world of technology’s an invention people in some countries still think the women’s are weaker than men’s .women’s are discriminated at many places like as: In school In sports In workplaces and In societies likewise, some people think the girls should not be educated because the independent girls would not listen to orthodox societies. This essay will discuss why societies are not accepting women in all sectors and why people are discriminating women’s. What is gender equality? The equal rights and laws between women and men in the society, such as social talks and taking the decision in family, and need in which were everyone is equally treated. (ÉIRINN) What is sex discrimination? Their ways were people can treat u differently because you belong to different sex or gender (commission) Pregnancy discrimination act Before 1985 USA women boycott the law, they were not allowed to work during their pregnancy periods as they want to but due to law, they were not allowed to then USA government made a law in 1985 if women’s feel comfortable working at that period they are allowed to work (Siegel, 1985). Discrimination at the workplace Discrimination at the workplace in many ways likewise, women are not allowed to work at main departments or as a departmental head. They are just allowed to be and receptions and as a working lady who’s clearly the offices and things. Even if some company has women’s as departmental head or head of any sector as soon as she becomes she has been fired or kicked out of the work because people think that she is pregnant she will not able take does work(Gregory, 2003). Also, there is a lot of wage gap in women’s and men’s at doesn’t matter even if they are working on some post. In the USA because of the wage gap and discrimination in 2000, there were 46.5% women’s working and which decreased to 11.5% 2010 and research says that theirs might be 75 places only left for the women in approximately 5000 companies. Discrimination at school Not only women’s but also, girls are being discriminated at higher secondary school even if girls have got higher marks/ grads then boy, the girl will not get the job what she deserves, however, the boy will get a job which he didn’t deserve, not only this she will not be paid properly what girls worth (King, 2000). Discrimination at sports In 1972 were was only 1 girl from 27 higher schools us who played sports as a piece of evidence in 2019 slowly women start taking Partin university sports, schools sports and also in the Olympics. additionally, as a result, and modern culture and as Scotia is changing on today’s date there are 55 million women patriation in women’s Olympics, in which 43% are in running, 55% in volleyball, 41% in soccer ball as a result of avicides we can see that women are only discriminated in some sectors (A.Lopiano Ph.D., 2000) Treatment of a woman in modern life Rape molest is referenced as murderous madness. For example, a 10-month-old got raped in Afghanistan, men were hag to death. After that in the mid-1990s, 100 of women were the victim of rape. In 2000, A Colombian girl her eyes was token out also their nails and her breast were cut off after that a Colombian made a rule that not to give any rapist a chance and they will be directly hung to death. (Marsh, 2006) Violence That is domestic violence happing in the world. People in some countries as well as in my countries they believe in dowry, therefore the many resources behind the home acts of violence in dowry system i.e. if girls parents are not giving money, things, cars or anything that boys parents ask for then they would not accept that girls and they will harass and make her feel uncomfortable in different ways, even they won’t treat her as a family member, as a result, they ( boys side ) also will hurt her. (Bowman) Acid attack A cruel of girls this is mainly happening because of girls rejecting boys for married or being a relationship. this attack mainly happens in countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Cambodia. It is researched that this attack happens because of failure, loss of honour, loss of ego and result in the shame. In this act, there are substances use such as nitric, hydrochloric acid or sulphuric. This act is so difficult for the women to go through, it feels is the heel. and research says that between10% to 50% of women has gone through this experience (Welsh, 2009) Sexual harassment Clearly, sexual harassment is asking for a favour to a people and in return person can get what they want to like: job, money and etc . This discrimination has to been faced by many women in film/ entertainment industries (Paludi, 1991). Women in Canada refused to give sexual harassment to a CEO she was fired and not afford many jobs because she was refusing sexual harassment. (Smith, 2010) Why girls feel discriminated against and left out However, even in the 21st century, some people tell that as their mother, mothers’ mother and three generations have not to work they are also not allowed to work. Not only at home but also at school girls are being discriminated against, In some school girls are not allowed to play some sports and they have been asked to just sit and watch, In fact, the government in some countries as well as in my home country says that girls should get educated, and after seeing this type of cases in my countries I think is better girls are not educated. Clearly, there have some cases that if girls get ahead of a boy, boys’ ego is hurt and they try to hurt girls (gergory, 2003) (King, 2000) A solution to sex discrimination Finally, To this problem government and people both have to change their thinking, on one hand, the government should make laws and rules for rape, domestic violence, and sexual harassment as while, on the other hand, people should stop thinking that girls can’t work or cannot be independent, and the government also stop companies to do wage gap, at sport, at pregnancy and school, Also Sales of Acid and harmful chemicals should be stopped. In case of the wage gap between sex/ gender, the government might decide their wages on age. Conclusion To conclude this essay, cause of sex discrimination are : Pregnancy discrimination act , discrimination in sports, discrimination at workplace and discrimination at school, Aside from this girls are negatively treated by society and people in different ways : rape, acid attack’s, violence’s and sexual harassment. On my opinion as I have Said in solution that people and government both have to take act against it.

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